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Mandy’s dreams were instant replays of her day. Reliving the orgasm she’d gotten as she slid down the mountainside, she jerked awake shivering. The tension in her body was great. Running her hand down the front of her body she whimpered as she found the chastity belt instead of her pussy. The feel of the dildo’s filling her drove her crazy. Mandy needed to orgasm, needed relief.

Trying to flex her muscles against the dildos didn’t help, but drove her need higher. Laying back on the bed she tried to get her mind off the ache in her pussy. Then it happened, the defining thought that told her she was almost past saving. ‘I need Eric,’ her breath caught, as the thought flitted through her mind.

Why would she think such a thing? Mandy was independent. There was no way she needed a man to be happy. Surely there was no way she needed to be dominated to be whole. Thinking back she realized there was a chance she’d been wrong all this time.

Mandy had never orgasmed harder than when Eric was in control of her body. No matter what boyfriend or hot round of sex she thought of, it never compared to what she experienced in the last day or two with Eric. As she thought of him she wondered what was in store for her tonight. There was a treat involved, but she had no idea what it might be.

Almost as if her thoughts called out to him, Eric was coming down the stairs. Mandy sat up eagerly, then blushing she realized what she’d done. The smile on his face told her he knew it too.

He didn’t speak as he unhooked her from the bed. He led her out to the middle of the floor and attached her to the hanging bar as he had that same morning. The only difference was her feet were left free.

Eric slapped her ass hard enough to make her groan in pain. Grabbing her face he kissed her hard. This didn’t help the ache in her pussy. Walking away Mandy tried to see what he was doing. Coming back to stand in front of her he put down a pail full of black paint.

“Do you have any idea what this is?”

Mandy looked down for a moment, then up at him, “Paint master?”

The word ‘master’ rolled off her tongue easier than ever, and Mandy felt another part of her slip away into a dark recess she’d never realized was there. Eric realized it as well, and chuckled softly.

“Very good, Mandy, but it’s latex body paint. We’re having a special dinner tonight. You aren’t going to be eating with us, but you’ll be there. I’ve got to get you dressed.” Taking a roller he dipped it in the paint and rolled it across her hard nipples. “Seems someone needs some attention.”

Eric’s hands moved down to her belt. Tugging it lightly Mandy moaned as made the dildos move. She heard the keys jingle, and the belt clattered to the floor. Reaching between her legs he pulled both dildos out leaving her feeling empty.

Smiling Eric ran his hand over her clit. The sensation made her shift from foot to foot as she moaned. “That beautiful sound. Almost as beautiful when you scream for me. You’re so close to being perfect.” Nuzzling her neck he nibbled along her neck to her ears.

Running his finger deep inside her pussy Mandy turned her face to him. Closing her eyes she moaned into his ear as his finger moved rapidly across her g-spot. Mandy could feel her muscles twitching and a familiar warmth begin to grow in her quivering pussy. Gasping for breath, she stood shaking as her orgasm was on the verge of breaking.

As suddenly as his attention started it stopped. Whimpering in pain, she looked to him pleadingly. Stroking her cheek he whispered, “Have to make sure you’re ready for our guest.”

“Guest master?”

Holding a finger over her lips he smiled, “You’ll see in a short bit. Now let me finish dressing you.” Going back to the paint he began to roll out a pattern on her body. Looking down she could see it appeared she was wearing a bikini. Taking a small detail brush he painted a mask on her face. The drying latex made her skin feel tight as she waited on it to dry.

After what seemed forever Eric brought her a mirror. The delicate work he did on her face surprised her. It seemed to sweep over her face like feathers. It accented her eyes. Eric kissed her, and smiled. “Almost ready, you’ll be the entertainment tonight my little slave.”

Heart pounding in her chest she tried to imagine what he was going to do with her now. He had walked away for a moment. When he returned he slipped a black ball gag in her mouth and cinched it down as tight as he could. Reaching up and taking her arms loose he held his hand out to her. Taking it nervously, she let him escort her up the stairs.

The dining room was full of people. They were all finely dressed and sipping wine. Mandy stopped for a moment, but the look from Eric made her keep moving. There was a small step stool on the side of the table. Motioning for her to step up on it, he smiled as she stepped up on the table.

There were whispers around the table about her beauty. Mandy blushed, and waited for her next instruction. Eric smiled up at her, “Lay down on your back, legs spread.”

Mandy looked around the table in fear, but the greater fear was when she looked back at Eric. The sudden worry of disappointing him nagged at her. Mandy really didn’t understand what was happening to her. Laying down, she watched as he pulled out straps and pulled her body taught across the table.

As soon as he finished he leaned over and whispered in her ear, “These guests will touch and use you as they see fit. You’ll orgasm when they say or I say, but first, dinner will be served.”

With a clap of his hands dozens of women came out of the kitchen and circled her. Slowly they covered her body with various foods. Arms were draped with strips of tender fish, her firm breasts cradled a bowl of warm sauce for dipping, while they laid various sushi dishes across her stomach. Thinking they were done, and this wasn’t so bad Mandy tried to relax. Then she felt them sliding things in her pussy. Mandy couldn’t lift her head to look without knocking everything off.

The people at the table began to talk softly among themselves. As she lay covered in food a thrill ran through her. These people were talking about her body, and seeing her nude. Her heart was pounding.

Eric stood as other things were brought out of the kitchen. “Dinner is served my friends. Sample everything here, and I do mean everything,” Eric reached up and pulled something from her now dripping pussy. Smiling at her he licked her juices off the chopsticks, “Seems she’s well done.”

The table laughed at his little joke.

Mandy was ok till a woman stood and began to pick things off her body to eat. Juice ran down her arm where the strips of tuna were removed. The woman leaned forward and licked the juice off her arm. Mandy shivered softly, as the woman smiled at her, then reached down for a pair of chopsticks. Her hand rubbed against Mandy’s clit. If the straps had been any looser everything would have gone in the floor.

One by one the guests filled their plates, and explored her body. Their hands roamed over her skin. Fingers pinched her nipples, tongues licked her stomach, and mouths sucked her fingers softly. Mandy lay exposed to the cool air, shivering with the after affects of the hands on her body.

Eric walked up to her, and whispered in her ear, “You’re doing well my slave. Let’s see how you handle the rest of the night. Then we’ll see about your treat.”

Mandy looked at him wide eyed. What else could happen? They had eaten already.

Eric straightened, and smiled at his guests, “Feel free to sample my newest acquisition. What’s mine is yours.”

Mandy panicked and pulled at the straps as various people at the table stood and came to surround her. Watching as dozens of hands reached for her Mandy tried to scream ‘no’ and thrashed her head back and forth.

Suddenly her pussy felt full, all she could see was two arms stretched towards her pussy. The fingers began to work inside her. The screams faded into moans. The other guests found places for their hands. There wasn’t one sensitive area on her body untouched.

Mandy lost herself in the flood of sensations, until a mouth clamped down over her clit. Arching her back Mandy began to orgasm harder than ever as over a dozen people violated her body. As she opened her eyes she looked up to see Eric standing over her. Reaching down he undid the ball gag. Slowly he knelt down in front of her and forced his cock down her throat.

Eric pushed so deep into her throat she began to gag. Grabbing her hair he fucked her throat hard. After a few moments she adjusted to the pounding he was giving her and began to enjoy it.

Mandy was so absorbed in what Eric was doing she didn’t notice what was going on around her. The guests unstrapped her legs for a moment to reposition them. One of the men pulled the strap for her feet to the top of the table, pulling her head to her feet, and bending her in half.

Just as Eric began to unload in her throat, she felt someone slide deep into her pussy. Moaning around Eric’s dick as one of the guests began to fuck her, seemed to drive Eric crazy. He began to thrust into her harder almost choking her. Mandy managed to groan as someone lifted her hips higher and slipped into her ass.

Never had she felt like this before. It felt right. She was Eric’s fuck toy. It was what she wanted, and nothing had ever felt so right to her. With this realization Mandy began to orgasm harder than she ever had before in her life.

Eric pulled out of her mouth after shooting another load down her throat. Standing there watching her orgasm he smiled at her.

The men that had been fucking her pulled out before they came spraying her stomach and ass with their loads. Mandy loved the warmth of it covering her. Eric stepped away from her as she lay there panting from the pounding she’d just taken.

Stroking her face gently Eric leaned over and whispered, “You’re mine, all mine.” Straightening he turned to speak with the guests. People were asking to use her for their next meal. Eric politely turned these people down saying he was greedy and was keeping her exclusively for his own use. Clapping his hands several of the other females on the waiting staff walked over. Eric offered to share them, which seemed to satisfy his guest.

Mandy lay on the table still folded almost in half as Eric escorted the guests out. It seemed like a lifetime before he came back. Untying her he helped her sore body off the table. “How do you feel Mandy?”

Looking down Mandy thought for a moment. “Complete somehow master. All I want is to be yours. I’ve never felt so right before.” Looking up she saw him smiling.

Eric reached out and touched the latex on her body lightly sending shivers through her, “I knew you’d see reason quickly.” Taking her hand he led her downstairs. “Now let’s get you washed off.”

Eric walked her over to the grate he’d made her use the bathroom on the other morning. He made no move to bind her as he instructed her to hold still. Eric walked to the other side of the room and turned the water on. It came at her in two directions and was ice cold. Mandy fought to stand still as the cold water hit her with enough force to make her fall. The water stopped and Eric gave her soap, telling her to wash. Once she was done the water came back rinsing her. The water had been strong enough to wash her clean but the latex still covered her body.

Eric stood looking at her for a moment. Mandy was shivering from the ice cold bath. A smile snaked across his face as he walked towards her. Taking her over to the middle of the floor he stopped and kissed her lightly. Mandy was facing the steps leading to freedom. Yet she never made a move to go up them.

Now was the perfect opportunity, while Eric was busy behind her. The thought of leaving him scared her. How would she ever find someone to make her feel complete if she left?

Eric’s hands suddenly wrapped around her waist pulling her to him, “Very good my slave. You didn’t try to leave. Hope you rested well earlier, sleep won’t be coming anytime soon.”

Attaching a chain to her collar he pulled it tight so she was on her toes. Mandy’s heart was suddenly pounding. Eric carried what appeared to be a stand over and settled it beneath her. The dildo he attached to it appeared to have wires running from it. Positioning it he raised the stand till it was as deep in her as it would go.

Mandy moaned loudly as it forced her higher on her toes. Trying to balance was hard, if she slipped she’d be suspended by nothing but the collar. Panic gripped her for a moment, but she managed to calm herself.

Taking her left hand Eric slipped thin ropes around each finger and thumb, then tied them to the far wall. Repeating the process he did her right hand. Now if she fell not only would she get caught on the collar it’d pull her shoulders out of socket.

Mandy was whimpering, Eric had promised her a treat. This didn’t seem like a treat to her. “Master, thought I was going to get a treat tonight?”

“You’ll get a treat when you can follow orders.” Eric laughed loudly. “No one at the table told you to orgasm, but you did anyway. No this is punishment. You’ll have to earn your treat later.”

There was no point in arguing. Mandy knew it would just get worse if she did. Eric brought out a box and attached the wires from the dildo to it. Two more wires he attached to sticky pads and attached to her nipples.

“Seemed to enjoy what happened upstairs so much think we’ll repeat it for you.” Eric placed a stand with what appeared to be a small motor on it in front of her, then attached an eight-inch dildo to it. Sliding the arm out he placed it in her mouth. Flipping a switch it began to fuck her throat, making her sway on her toes. “Oh no can’t have that. I’ll have to fix that.”

It was quiet for a moment, then something pressed against her ass. Suddenly another machine was pumping into her, balancing her. Mandy tried to scream as Eric flipped the switch on the box in the floor. Her body was receiving electric shocks as she stood there.

“Perhaps you’ll learn to follow orders. I’ll see you sometime tomorrow. And feel free to orgasm all you want. The moisture makes the shocks harder. Good night.” Eric headed for the stairs. “Oh and I’ll have to give you a new name. Can’t chance anyone from the restaurant recognizing you at one of our get togethers, probably dye your hair too. Yes, I think it’s time Mandy disappeared, and my new slave was truly born.”

Mandy looked at him in a panic. Never had she dreamed he’d even take her name away from her. The realization when he’d said ‘all mine’ hadn’t just meant physically. It was then she knew her training was to be mental as well as physical. Something in her mind told her it would come to a point where she forgot who she was.

Eric walked up the stairs. “I’ll see you sometime tomorrow. I have a lot of meetings. Enjoy!”

The machines distracted her from her thoughts as she stood there watching him walk up the stairs until he disappeared. The shocks began to feel good. They were making her muscles twitch. It wasn’t long before all the sensations had her on the verge of orgasm.

Mandy began to suck at the dildo in her mouth, wishing it was Eric so she could feel his warmth sliding down her throat. Trying to moan as she orgasmed was impossible with the dildo fucking her throat. Eric had been right the wetter she got, the stronger the pulses in her breast and pussy became.

Orgasm after orgasm seemed to rock her body, til her mind went numb and she faded off into her own little world where nothing mattered but the next orgasm. Time faded from her mind, and nothing else seemed to exist but her body and the sensations in it.

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