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There was no telling how many hours Mandy endured the endless orgasms forced on her body. The only way she had to mark time was when the orgasms became painful for a bit before going numb again. She wasn’t sure but she thought she might have dozed for a few moments once she became almost numb to the sensations.

Sound of the door opening broke into the fog surrounding her mind. It didn’t rouse her completely but something told her there was someone else there. Opening her exhausted eyes she looked into Eric’s face as he smiled at her. His hands ran over her overly sensitive nipples making her shiver.

The dildo in her mouth shoved forward and Eric cut off the motor leaving it shoved deep in her throat as he walked around and did the same with the other motor that drove the dildo in her ass. “Seems you’ve been punished long enough. Your eyes are glazed over.” Eric laughed and kissed her cheek before he pulled the dildo out of her mouth.

Mandy tried to say thank you, but her throat was raw and she couldn’t speak. Eric laughed at her and walked around to remove the other machine from her ass. His finger reached inside her now hugely stretched asshole. There was no resistance as he slipped three fingers inside her easily. Before removing the stand that was inserted in her now fucked dry pussy, he unhooked her collar. Taking the wire leads out of the dildo he then pulled the stand out from under her.

The only thing holding her up were the ties on her fingers, as her legs gave out from exhaustion. Eric lifted her face and looked into her eyes, a smile creeping across his face. Nodding as if he saw something he approved of he dropped her head. Mandy didn’t have the strength to hold her head up on her own.

Dehydrated, starving, and sore, she hung there limply as he ran his hands over her body, checking the results from his punishment. Slowly he undid the ropes on her fingers. As soon as the last rope let go of her she fought to stay upright. Eric lifted her, and carried her to her cell.

“Well, my little slave, you have a full day in store for you. I’m going to let your body rest. I think you learned your lesson. I have such treats for you. Things that will make sure you never leave me. Not that I think you want to, but after this if you even decide you do, it will be very hard to.” Eric kissed her hard, his tongue sliding inside her mouth, “Rest for a bit. Then I’ll get you dressed, and we shall go to see a friend of mine.”

Mandy dozed off without a thought to what he said to her. The experience she had last night left her bereft of thought or strength. It seemed like she’d only been asleep a few moments when Eric’s hand on her clit brought her bolting up right. Her body was so sore the slightest touch seemed a million times stronger than it really was.

“Good you’re awake. Time for you to get dressed,” Eric pulled her off the bed onto her still shaking legs, “Remarkable you can walk at all after twelve hours of such punishment.”

Mandy looked at him shocked. It had been twelve hours? That meant it had to be well into the afternoon. Smiling at her expression he led her over to the sawhorse, and leaned her against it as he picked out clothes for her. Coming back out of the closet he didn’t seem to be carrying much.

Pulling her from against the horse, he held open a white button up silk shirt. The soft material felt good against her sensitive skin as she slowly slipped into it. Turning her back he slipped the same corset on her from the day before. It lifted her breast high and proud. Mandy blushed realizing they would be going out in public from what Eric had said.

The skirt he held up was black leather, and matched the corset. It laced up the sides showing off her long legs nicely. The skirt barely covered her ass. Eric moved her back to the sawhorse and lifted her foot. The heels he slipped on her were four inches easily. The strap on the shoe tied up her leg to mid calf. When he finished Eric pulled her hair up in a tousled ponytail high on her head. Once he had her hair out of the way he attached a thin black leather choker, and put a small gold padlock on it.

Leaving her hair up to show off the collar Eric attached matching leather cuffs to her wrist. It was obvious where ever they were going it wasn’t going to be a secret just what she had become. Fight as hard as she may, there was no doubt in her mind of what she had become. A slave, a fuck toy, and she was enjoying it. Watching him add the locks to the cuffs she sighed at her hopeless situation.

“Now, we’re ready to go.” Eric walked to a small panel in the wall, and exposed a small sink. There were a few glasses, and he poured her some water, “I want to be able to hear your voice later.”

Handing it to her he laughed, and she got a cold feeling in her stomach as she drank the water. After the first drop hit her throat she sighed in relief. Clearing her thought she was able to make a small noise with some effort. Nodding his approval he put the cup back and ran his hand along her face, before taking her hand to lead her upstairs.

Once they were on the main floor Eric lead her out the front door to the waiting limo. He motioned her into the huge back seat first. Once inside he fastened her hands behind her to a clip in the seat, then attached her collar to another on the headrest.

“Can’t have you trying to dive out at the red lights.” Eric smiled, and ran his hand over her pantyless and sore crotch making her whimper. “Oh yes, what’s going to happen to you will be twice as enjoyable with your body so sensitive.”

Mandy’s throat was still too sore to try to talk much, so she sat silently in the limo watching the mountains fly by the windows. Expecting to head back towards the town where she lived, she was surprised to find they were headed towards a larger city east of where they lived. Eric was on his cell phone doing business the whole time they drove, leaving Mandy to her thoughts.

Seemed almost impossible it was only Sunday, Mandy had arrived to a different part of Eric’s world on Friday evening. That night had changed her life, forever it appeared. Saturday he had made her do things she never dreamed of, let alone imagine she would enjoy them.

Looking down her body, she caught herself thinking about how sexy she looked in the clothes he’d picked out for her. The urge to have others see her was eating at the back of her mind. Remembering all those strangers hands on her last night made her heart pound, and the thought they had wanted her for themselves made her sit a little straighter in the seat.

The building the limo stopped at was plain, with no sign to tell her what it was. The door was a dark wood. It was obvious this wasn’t a place someone just walked into without an invitation. Eric undid her hands and collar before stepping out of the car. Holding his hand out to her he headed towards the door. The door opened before they reached it. The man holding the door was huge, muscle bound, and not someone Mandy wanted upset with her.

The man motioned towards the back of the lushly decorated waiting area. Eric moved through the room, pulling her along like he knew exactly where he was going. The room they walked into looked like a tattoo parlor. Nothing like what she expected from the room outside. No one was in the room. Eric sat her in one of the tattoo chairs, and Mandy knew it was not a typical tattoo parlor when he locked her cuffs into the waiting locks on the arms.

Eric put her legs in the stirrups at the bottom of the chair, and locked them into the built-in manacles. Hitting a button the legs lifted and spread exposing her pussy to anyone happening to come in the room.

Mandy panicked for a moment, “Master, please, what’s happening?” Her voice a mere whisper as she spoke.

“You’ll see soon enough.” Eric left the room, and came back in mere seconds with a slim nicely dressed man. “This is my new slave, I want some special things with her. She’s going to be with me for a long time.”

The slim man didn’t say anything as he slipped on a pair of latex gloves, his head shaved and eyebrow pierced. The clothes didn’t seem to fit the alternative person he seemed to be, but Mandy had seen odder combinations in her life. The man began to examine her smiling, as he stood back. “That is the most perfect pussy I’ve ever seen. What all do you want done?”

Rubbing his hands together Eric walked over to her and bent over to point. Mandy couldn’t see what he was pointing at directly, but what he said sounded painful. “I want the clit and hood pierced, labia’s two rings a piece, solid, want them soldered shut. Then I want a ring top and bottom of the pussy opening, very small, don’t want them getting hung on things when I don’t want them too.”

Mandy’s heart was pounding and the man Eric spoke to was nodding as he starred at her. Eric continued, “The last thing on this part of her is I want one small ring in her anus. Now,” Eric reached up and opened her shirt far enough to let her ample D cup breast hang out, “I want both nipples pierced, with extenders immediately. Nice breasts, but little nipples.” Eric stepped back to look at her for a moment. “Pierce the tongue once you’re done, we’ll talk about the tattoo’s I want on her.”

Mandy began to freak. Pulling at the restraints she whimpered as the man began to gather rings. Eric approved the sizes as he laid each one out. Mandy saw the four for her labia were at least eight gauges. The solder was a cold one so there was no fear of burning her. Mandy strained harder as the man walked over with the piercing needles.

Reaching out to her sore body he roughly grabbed her clit. Pushing the hood back he gathered a piece of the skin and quickly stabbed the needle through it. Mandy screamed despite her throat. Looking at Eric she saw a sick delight in his eyes. The next pain was worse as the needle slid through her clit. Mandy bucked against the chair as she screamed again. The man rubbed her clit lightly, changing her scream to a moan.

Giving Mandy a moment to catch her breath he took a huge needle and slipped it though the left side of her labia. Tears poured down her face as he stretched the hole bigger and bigger before slipping the ring in. Mandy was sobbing as he finished the fourth ring.

Eric walked over and began to play with her nipples as the man soldered the rings shut. “Shhh,” he whispered as she cried, “You’ll love it once it’s done.” Eric’s hands distracted her from the pain, as he rolled her nipples between his fingers.

The pain in her ass was quick and not too bad with Eric’s hands on her. The man stood, and went to change his blood covered gloves. Mandy felt faint as he came back with two more barbells, and what looked like little caps with holes for the bars to go through. Eric moved his hands as the other man grabbed the right nipple, and wasting no time slid the needle through. Mandy screamed a little but not much compared to earlier. Slipping on the cap she immediately felt the pull on her nipple, leaving no doubt in her mind that her nipples would soon be much longer after this treatment. The other one was done just as quick.

The next thing she knew the man was slipping a piece in her mouth and prying her jaw open. Pulling her tongue out he centered the needle and before she could react he was done with her tongue. Immediately it felt like her tongue was twice its size.

The man looked at Eric. “All these need a few days before you do much with them. To keep the swelling on her tongue down make sure she takes ibuprofen, and wash all of them with salt water. Now you said tat’s, where and what?”

Undoing the corset Eric pointed directly between her breasts, “First thing I want is a tattoo here, of my name with property of above it. Then I want Eric’s pussy tattooed above her pussy.”

The two walked away to discuss any artwork to go with the words, leaving Mandy shaking and sobbing in the chair. He was right, with those tat’s she could never leave him easily. It would cost a fortune to get the tattoo’s removed, and the holes in her labia would probably never heal.

Eric came back and kissed her. “This is just the beginning of your make over my slave. There will be more tattoos later, and more piercings if I see fit. You’re nothing more than my plaything, and you will be treated as such.”

Eric kissed her again, as the tattoo gun started. It felt more like a knife edge than needles as the man did the tattoos as instructed. The black and blue letters glaring against her pale white skin as Mandy was stood up.

Her pussy was so sore, as she walked bow legged over to the mirror. Eric smiled, as she looked at the huge rings hanging off her labia. Turning her he buttoned her shirt over the bandage the man had placed on her chest. Then he pulled her skirt down. To anyone looking at her now, there appeared to be nothing different about her.

The feel of the rings moving as Eric led her deeper into the building sent shivers through her body. Eric watched her closely as they walked. Reaching out he brushed his hand across her nipples making her gasp in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Laughing softly he turned another corner bringing her into a room that she thought might lead to more pleasure rather than pain.

The beauty salon was brightly lit, and full of smiling women. Eric told them to be gentle that she’d just left the other room. The women nodded and babied her as they sat her in a chair.

Eric spoke with the woman who seemed to run things. The stylist was oohing and ahhing over her hip length auburn hair. Eric walked up, and ran his hands through it.

The woman in charge frowned at him. “Come on you have to admit,” Eric laughed, “what I’m going to use her for it’ll just get in the way. It’s not like I asked you to scalp her. Just make it more manageable. To the middle of her back, it’s not that much. I also want it blonde.”

Mandy couldn’t imagine herself blonde. She always loved her hair, now he was going to cut it.The Mandy she knew was slowly disappearing under his guidance. He had said it was time for her to disappear, and as the women lead her to the sink to wash her hair she knew that was exactly what was happening.

The feeling of the woman washing her hair relaxed her, Mandy even managed to stay relaxed as they lead her back to the chair and began to cut almost twelve inches off her hair. Eric ordered the cut hair be turned into a wig for when he wanted a red head on his arm.

Dying her hair seemed to take forever. When it was finished and dried she looked like a natural blonde with all the highlights and touches to her hair. Eric ran his fingers through it almost drooling. “You were beautiful with those green eyes and red hair, but as a blonde you are breath taking.” Eric smiled at her, and she blushed as she looked in the mirror unable to argue with him.

The woman talked with Eric for a few moments before he took her hand and led her back to the front of the building. Stopping just inside the door he sat her down at a desk full of papers.

Mandy looked down at the papers. They were legal documents. Glancing over them, she felt her heart sink and something click inside her. They were name change papers.

Bezit was the name on the papers. Looking up at Eric she frowned. “Please, don’t do this,” Mandy begged, as she looked at him, “I’ll stay with you, never leave, just please don’t erase who I am.”

“I’m not erasing who you are.” Eric stroked her cheek. “I’m making you the person your soul longs to be. I’m bringing out the real you. Do you want to know what the name means? Or where it’s from?” Eric sat next to her, and pulled her to him.

Nodding Mandy choked back tears. Eric sat her up. “It’s Dutch for possession. You’re my possession, in body and almost in mind, soon to be in soul. You’ll not know how to act without me, how to function without my instructions or my touch.” Handing her the pen he smiled. “Let me make you whole, be my Bezit.”

Reaching out Mandy took the pen. The papers gave the government authorization to erase all record of Mandy Grimes. Her parents would be told a false story about her whereabouts, and all proof of her existence would cease to be. Eric had a lot of powerful friends to remove her from the world totally.

“No last name?” She asked.

“Noticed that huh? No, no last name.” Eric smiled. “Perhaps one day if you earn it. For now you are to be my possession and that is all.” Eric pushed her hand towards the paper. He watched her with a passion in his eyes as she signed the paper in front of her.

If her mind and soul had been a puzzle he would have just fit another piece into place. It would have reverberated with a resounding thud as it would have fell into place. Mandy couldn’t believe she had signed the papers, but for some reason it felt right. It was right to be his possession. Getting her seated in the limo, he practically hummed all the way back to the mansion.

Turning towards the stairs, Eric stopped her. “No Bezit, this way.” Taking her by the arm he led her upstairs. She was confused, even more so when he took her into his room.

Eric sat her on the bed, and reached underneath, pulling out a small cot. “This is where you will stay from now on. Have no fears, there will be plenty of visits to my play room, but I want you here whenever I want you.”

Before moving her off the bed he undressed her and laid her back on the soft comforter. His hand roamed over the new piercings sending shivers over her body. Slipping a finger in her pussy he pulled and tugged at the different rings, as he worked on her g-spot. The sensations running through her body were amazing. The pain was sharp, but the pleasure overtook it and left her orgasming on the bed. Eric laughed softly and licked her clean before he pushed his fingers in her mouth.

Eager to please him, least she have to go back to the dungeon, she licked them clean. Quickly he pulled out a large gold lock and looped it through the four large labia rings. The lock effectively kept her from touching herself. Heart pounding she tried to calm herself, ‘Bezit, it’s ok. You’re his, he’ll never harm something that’s his, not permanently.’ Gasping as she thought of herself with the new name he’d given her.

Her heart wanted nothing more than to please him. Gasping out loud she felt another lock was attached to the ring in her clit then locked around the other lock closing her completely off. Without prompting she looked up at him. “Thank you master.”

“I knew this was the key.” Eric stood back, and laughed. “Bezit, you are the most perfect slave I’ve ever had. I knew when I saw you that you needed to be dominated, controlled, owned, made to depend on another for your every need.” Eric kissed her passionately. “I knew what you needed to be complete, and I wanted to be the one to give that to you.”

The Mandy who had come here mere days ago was gone, and Bezit was all that was left. The need and urge to do nothing but please him was all that mattered. It was all she needed.

There was nothing in this world she wanted more, because she’d never felt whole before. Bezit loved this man for making her whole, for making her what she truly needed to be. The approval she saw on his face was all she wanted to see from him when he looked at her.

Lifting her from the large bed he laid her on the cot. There were shackles on each corner to hook her to, and another pair to hold her knees down as well. Lying spread eagle and unable to lift her legs she felt herself get damp.

Eric stroked her body, and ran his fingers lightly over the now uncovered tattoos. “So beautiful and all mine, in every way. Good night Bezit, I can’t use you much over the next few days so your body has time to heal.”

Straining at her bonds Mandy moaned.

“Have no worries,” Eric smiled, “although you most likely won’t leave that bed, your needs will be seen to. I will take good care of you, you’re my most precious possession, my Bezit.” Kissing her forehead, he slid her under the bed, and left her in the dark to dream.

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oh yeah, tats, piercing and new do, makes for a hot submissive ready for spanking, after she wakes up from her drawer

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I really like how Mandy's evolved through the direction
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This metamorphosis from moth to butterfly and
the D/s being the cocoon from which she was reborn.

Each new task a building block to create the ultimate
expression of who she is.

Bringing to the surface what has always been hidden
away within.

Very well detalied and shown in grand style in written form.

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great story freedom, you really put a nice touch on this one, you left it wide open to keep going or even close it there very nice touch. (I hope you keep writting this story)
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Not sure about chapter 6...guess we'll see what responses I get and what I can come up with...glad you like it

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wow I love this story, wish I had me a Mandy....I mean Bezit. Great story you should keep it going

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