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Okay I have a thing for Buffy/SMG though I like her better as a vampire...
The last image is a full size render bonus, think of it as Vampire Buffy 3.0

Kiss Of The Spider Demon

Buffy’s plans for the evening hadn’t included doing any slaying. She was taking the night off to chill with Xander and Willow at the Bronze and possibly do a little casual boy chasing to boost her morale; hence she was wearing thigh length boots, a black mini skirt and a pink sweater with a neckline that practically reached her navel. It was the kind of look that meant Buffy had waited until her mom had gone out herself before she got dressed herself. She hadn’t even bothered with a purse so she didn’t have so much as a pocketknife on her…


…That was why when Buffy spotted something unnatural scuttling away up an alley
she was sorely tempted to just ignore it. The thing was headed in the opposite direction, straight out of town in fact, so would it really hurt if I just made like I was looking the other way when it went past? She wondered silently.
The Slayer shook her head because she already knew the answer to her own question; she would be on a guilt trip for months if the thing took out some innocent bystander that got in its way, "Can't I even get one night off?" she asked the universe in general, and as usual received no answer.

Trailing the thing proved a frustrating process; Buffy couldn't get close enough to see the demon properly but the nasty hadn't completely managed to shake her as she pursued it through the woods on the outskirts of town, a small miracle really considering the heels on her boots weren't really intended for a hike in the woods.
Buffy was on the brink of giving up to save the boots from being ruined when she finally figured out where the demon was going; the cave system just beyond the woods, "We should dynamite this place and save ourselves a lot of trouble," she muttered to herself as she cautiously approached the entrance.
There was a bend in the tunnel only a few feet inside the opening and when Buffy stuck her head around it she saw that someone had hung lit torches from the wall to give it a really eerie look; which let Buffy get a good look at the creature for the first time and she had suppress an eeewww! As she took it in…


…The demon stood on two legs and possessed a sort of human looking head and
body, which had a subtly female shape but it also had six more limbs; arms that ended in hands with inhumanly long and flexible fingers. The eyes of the thing were more cat than spider and it had long dark spiky looking hair hanging down its back. The mouth of the spider thing was distorted by a pair of fangs that jutted out from the lips and curved down like a pair of knives set into the upper jaw.
The rather spidery look of the creature was what had given Buffy her moment of disgust. She quickly put the queasiness down because since there was no way of sneaking up on the thing so a bold front was called for. Buffy squared her shoulders and stepped into the light, "Wow you were running away so fast I didn't think I'd ever catch up with you." The announcement was made with an air of casual confidence that steadied Buffy's nerves and hopefully would do the opposite for the demon.
In that Buffy was disappointed; the creature simply stood watching her for a moment before speaking. Its words were punctuated by the tongue clicking across the back of the fangs, "Not running away. Saw you, wanted you here, you wanted to come, easy to let you follow."
"Oh." Buffy couldn't hold back the bemused reaction despite the damage it did to her ego, it doesn't know you're the Slayer, the more business like part of her mind reminded Buffy forcibly. She decided to take advantage of the creatures complacency so without warning Buffy sprang forward and dropped down, intending to knock the creatures legs away with a sweeping kick.
The plan failed because the demon leapt straight up. It flipped over in mid air and landed behind the Slayer. Buffy rolled away before its multiple arms could grab her and sprang to her feet facing the monster again. It advanced on her and Buffy countered with a punch combo. Again the creature jumped before she could connect, this time Buffy spun round to meet the creature’s move. The spider demon was smarter than that however; it had jumped up and clung to the roof of the cave. As soon as Buffy turned it dropped right back onto the same spot it had jumped from and this time before Buffy could react it bent its head to her neck and bit the Slayer with its mandibles. The attack barely broke the skin but it was satisfactory for the demon, which hastily scuttled away before Buffy could retaliate…


…The Slayer yelped with pain at the nip and turned round with her fists balled up,
intending to squash this bug flat. As she took a step forward she realized something was very wrong, it felt like she was pulling her feet out of mud and with each pace the mud became thicker until when she was still three feet from the spider demon she came to a complete halt. Her mind was clear and urgently willing her limbs to do something; with precisely zero result.
The demon stayed as still as Buffy for a few seconds. It had been surprised she had managed to move as far as she did but once it was sure she really was paralyzed it nodded and advanced, "Strong, good, good." It murmured as it reached for her.
Buffy was helpless as more arms than she cared to count scooped her up off the floor and carried her further into the cave. As her head lolled to one side she saw a swathe of shimmering threads thickly covering a stretch of wall from floor to ceiling. It didn't have any of the classical shape but Buffy knew a web when she saw one and her heart sank.
The demon rearranged her in its arms so that Buffy’s back was to the web with her arms held in a pair of demonic hands and another pair grasping her waist. That left the creatures legs and remaining arms free so it could scuttle up the web, which it did despite the weight of the Slayer in her arms.
With Buffy dangling several feet above the floor the spider demon stretched out the Slayer's right arm and leant it's head close to the wrist. It opened its mouth wide and strands of silk flowed over the bare skin, binding it to the rest of the web like it was welded there. With the wrist held the demon tore the sleeve open to the elbow and sealed that joint to the web as well before removing the sleeve from the sweater altogether and wrapping more silk around the shoulder and armpit. Moving across Buffy’s body the creature repeated the same procedure with her left arm and then across her neck before finishing off the remains of the sweater and dropping back to the floor…


…Satisfied that Buffy wasn’t going to come crashing down the spider demon examined Buffy’s boots for a moment before it located the zips and peeled them off, taking Buffy’s stockings right along with them. As soon as it had disposed of the footwear the demon pulled Buffy's right leg a couple of feet to the left and bound the ankle and then the knee in rapid succession.
As the demon pushed up her skirt and applied the silk across her right thigh Buffy felt a tingle in her spine that would have been a shiver if she wasn't frozen, there was something sensual about the feel of the silk on the delicate skin of her inner thigh. She tried to ignore it but the feeling was if anything strengthened by her attempts to resist when the creature worked its way round to the left thigh.
When the creature finished Buffy felt faintly ridiculous, as if she had been freeze framed in the middle of some cheerleading move. That feeling was quickly replaced by outrage, and just a little panic, as the demon tore apart her miniskirt and examined what was left of her clothing. It hesitated for a moment at the sight of Buffy's pink lacy underwear and stroked the panels of the bra and panties curiously. It was a purely momentary reprieve however. A series of rapid clicks of the mandibles severed the straps and cups of the bra and the thin waistband of the panties. Buffy felt another tingle run down her spine as the mandibles brushed her skin and the long fingers pulled away the fabric leaving her completely exposed…


…With the Slayer naked and helpless the demon clambered up in front of her again so they were face to face. This time it held on by only one hand and its feet; the five free limbs began to explore every inch of Buffy's body; exploring and appraising it. Two went straight to her full ripe breasts and began squeezing and kneading them while several of the flexible fingers teased her pink little nipples into hard peaks.
The third hand performed the same sort of massage on her pert toned butt, sliding around the cheeks and squeezing them with the same rhythm as the hands on her breasts. One finger pressed between the cheeks and rubbed against the delicate puckered flesh of Buffy’s sphincter for a moment before pushing into her ass. Buffy had been braced for pain but aside from a moments discomfort there was none, in fact the gentle wiggling and probing of the finger was almost pleasurable, Buffy wouldn’t admit anymore than almost even to herself.
The fourth limb ran its slender fingers up and down her spine and caressed the nape of her neck with a touch that would have put the finest masseuse to shame before moving over Buffy’s hips and belly and then back again.
The last free hand slid between Buffy’s thighs, tracing the outlines of her pussy and teasing out her clit. Again the demon's fingers demonstrated their inhuman dexterity as two continued to play with the clit while another pair slipped inside her and explored the warm wetness, and there was getting to be a lot of wetness now.
The sheer number of touching hands threatened Buffy with sensory overload and the clicking of the demons mandibles increased in frequency as well, "Very good girl, soft and firm, good, good."
As it finished speaking it moved its face close to Buffy's and slipped its fangs between her lips; using them to open the Slayer's mouth in a wide 'O'. The demon opened its lips and a long black tongue flicked into Buffy's mouth and began to wrap itself around Buffy's own pink little tongue. I'm being French kissed by a demon…

…Buffy tried to use the surrealness of the situation to distance herself from what was
happening but it was impossible. The things hands were hitting all the right spots and the way her breathing was beginning to pant and the wetness between her thighs had to be giving away to the demon how much it was making her body respond. In fact Buffy couldn't even stop herself writhing in the things grasp.
The sudden realization that she able to move again sent a surge of excitement through Buffy; which was a mistake as it simply enhanced the sensations she was experiencing, still if she could work her way loose...
The spider demon also sensed her movement and broke off its kiss, "Touching makes heart fast, blood quick, clears poison, makes girl ready."
"I'm not 'girl' I'm Buffy, I'm the Slayer." Buffy whispered hoarsely as she struggled to retain some semblance of dignity.
The spider demon stared at her and clicked its mandibles in what Buffy guessed was an excited manner, "Not good girl, Slayer Buffy perfect girl. Now will make perfect Buffy really ready."
With that the demon spun end for end, placing its head between Buffy's thighs. There was barely a seconds interruption in the massaging from the hands and now that long mobile tongue joined in; driving between the lips of Buffy's pussy, darting and flicking inside her, deeper than any man had ever been, touching places that had never been touched before…


…"Oh god stopppp!!!" Buffy groaned, she couldn't stop bucking her hips and panting
as tongue and hands worked her to a higher and higher pitch. She was on the brink of a climax when it all suddenly did stop.
"No' you have to..." finish eating my pussy. Buffy barely managed to cut herself off; horrified that she had been about to beg the thing to carry on screwing her.
The demon spun round to look her in the face again, the look in the Slayer's eyes told it what her words hadn't, " Buffy ready now." It announced solemnly.
Buffy felt two of the hands slipping fingers inside her and slowly, gently stretching the lips of her hot, wet, pussy apart. She looked down; and saw a thick slimy tube with a rounded tip sliding down from the demon's hips and curving up towards Buffy's.
Buffy's gaze swiveled back to face the demons "You can’t, you oooohhh!" The words melted into a moan as the tip of the tube slipped inside Buffy and the demon squeezed her breasts hard.
The tube was muscular and worked its way deeper and deeper into the Slayer with a writhing motion; aided by the copious juices Buffy was helplessly lubricating it with. As it drove the tube deeper the demon spoke to Buffy, softly, tenderly, almost lovingly, "See? Can Buffy, need perfect Buffy, time for new ones, time Buffy take new ones. Perfect Buffy perfect mother" It stifled Buffy's answer by locking her into another of its inhuman kisses. At the same moment the tube pressed against Buffy's cervix. She was so aroused and bewildered that she barely felt it as the tip pushed through and into her womb…


…Buffy did feel it as a ripple ran up the tube and something hard moved up the tube
and through her pussy lips. Buffy’s pussy spasmed and squeezed on the tube, helping to push the hard lump further up the ovipositor, drawing it deeper inside her. Buffy knew what the lump had to be, knew what the demon wanted but she couldn’t control her body response; she was climaxing and she couldn't deny it, couldn’t even try. She had to have it and her orgasmic shrieks were only partly muffled by the demons tongue in her mouth. Buffy's pussy squeezed tight around the tube and something cold and soft popped into her belly.
The spider demon released Buffy's mouth and brushed the hair from her sweat streaked face, "Knew Buffy could, Buffy wanted, Buffy took. Now Buffy take all."
"All?" Buffy's panting reply was equal parts apprehension and anticipation.
"All." The demon asserted. As it spoke Buffy felt more ripples running up the tube, this time there was nothing to muffle her cries of pleasure and even less desire to try, "Ohhhh yeahhhh allll! I'll take all!!!" She cried as the last of her control crumbled.

In the end 'all' turned out to be the six eggs, six eggs all safely planted inside Buffy; with more than a little help from the Slayer herself. Buffy had squeezed and bucked to encourage them inside so she could orgasm again and again. That was part of why Buffy felt so weak and compliant after the creature had finished the other part was the way the way the demon treated her. It might have been easier to work up some rage and adrenaline if the spider demon had gloated and taunted Buffy. Instead it was caring and solicitous. It fed her, cleaned her, massaged her, and spoke to her tenderly, I finally find someone who wants to take care of me and have babies and it’s a freaking demon. The coldness of the eggs had faded in a few minutes. They had warmed in her belly and begun to stir, a gentle wiggling sensation that slowly grew in intensity. Perhaps it was simply that the sensations tricked her body into releasing certain hormones but a couple of times she had fallen asleep and woken up feeling positively maternal towards the young growing inside her.
Buffy had feared she would be hung up like a tapestry for weeks or months so it was something of a blessing when she realized her belly was beginning to swell within hours of being implanted, or at least she thought it was hours, her time sense was royally screwed up. Thus she was purely guessing that it was a couple of days later when she felt something beginning to change in the wiggling, it became stronger, more purposeful.
The sensation still wasn't painful but it did set Buffy to writhing in her bonds. The Demon spotted the movement and knew what it signaled, "It's time now perfect Buffy, young grow quick in Slayer, time now."
Buffy didn't need to ask for what as the demon began to massage her belly and press fingers inside her pussy again. The first of the young found the exit and Buffy cried out in pain as her cervix was stretched open. The wriggling as it moved down the way was nothing like as pleasurable as when it went in but at least it didn't do an 'Alien' on me, Buffy reminded herself…


…As the infant demon emerged Buffy saw it looked like a segmented worm. As soon as the spider demon had its offspring in its hands it wrapped it in a cocoon o silk and used more to fix the infant to its chest. When the last one had worked its way out and was safely attached to the creature it turned its attention to the Slayer.
Buffy braced herself; she wasn't going to sacrifice whatever last shred of dignity she had left by begging. She needn't have worried, the spider’s mandibles didn't go for her throat, they snipped through the silk binding her to the web and the demon cradled her as she fell forward. It lowered her carefully to the floor of the cave and bent over, "Buffy perfect, come back some time and grow more babies." It pushed its mandibles and tongue into Buffy’s mouth once more; the Slayers tongue answered it willingly until the demon let go and raced around the bend in the cave; disappearing from sight.
When Buffy was finally able to move several thought vied for immediate attention; how to explain away her absence, how to turn the shreds of her clothes into some sort of covering, anything to avoid the one thought that bayed the loudest, to call after the creature, take me with you! A lot of days would pass before that urge went away.



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