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Wealth is not a burden. Part I : The rape and love of Madeline.

Since I was only young I knew I was many things, but most of all I knew I was a pervert. Although in modern times this is not so rarely come by as in the time which my story first takes place, when I was 16, being the early 1960’s. But in those days perversion and pedophilia was rare or were just disregarded either for the reasons of, depending where you are in the world, a) The thought of children having sex was unthinkable and b) incest and child sex were often come by and not seen as it is today.

This is true in most aspects and thankfully I grew up in the area described by b). I grew up in a well-to-do family, my dad owned multiple businesses located throughout the US, and my mum was mostly a stay at home cook but later traveled with my dad leaving me with a clueless nanny.

As I was saying I knew I was a pedophile which was probably obtained as I knew my father was also one. He was known to have sex with our maid’s and nanny’s, which all hired by himself were never over the age of 17 or 18. My mother ignored this fact, maybe because she was more pleased with the money he had brought into the family and didn’t want to jeopardize their marriage, he took advantage of this.

Unlike my father I was unsuccessful in roping a girl until I was the age of 16. Her name, what does it matter, but it was Madeline. She was newly recruited and placed in the older Nanny’s hands whilst my parents were away, as I overheard them discussing. It all started as another boring day, the sun was beating down and burnt your skin with even the smallest amount of time outside. One of the very few disadvantages of living in Southern America in a small farming community. So there I was, bored, rich and the house under my rule in a lawless country.

This was when I spotted Madeline; she was following her mother around as she fed the dogs we held on our large estate. Our estate, unlike most neighboring, was not for farming although we had a few large barns that held few horses and dogs that our maids would feed. Then we had the house which strictly no one lived in as maids simply didn’t have the right to live in their masters home. We had a small cottage for our maids to live in, which had only 3 small bedrooms, two for our permanent younger maids and the newly hired older nanny.

The dogs barked and leaped up when the two approached, Madeline dragging slowly behind. They threw the food around the dogs, they then eagerly ran around eating any they could find in-between the dry grass. One of the dogs ran up to the nanny and jumped on her trying to get its way to the food bag in her hands but she beat it off easily using her free hand. It then admitted defeat to the nanny and spotted Madeline, it ran over and this time easily knocking over the small 14 year, leaving her smashing into the ground cutting her hands on the ground. She sat there with tears welling in her eyes, easily seen from the porch on the front of the house as she was only a few yards away, and began to sob at the look of blood trickling down her hands. The dog reaped its reward and began tearing and eating the dog food from the bag.

The nanny came over and looked at Madeline’s hands then slapped her across the face with a loud “Smackk!”. Madeline seemed to have expected it and tried to dodge out of the way but ended up taking the full blow on her nose, and she fell back with blood beginning to trickle from her nose. I wasn’t shocked or surprised at the way the nanny acted with her daughter I knew about the treatment of children if you weren’t in a rich or respected family, and had witnessed it few times myself.

I walked off grinning a small bit, feeling king of the world. Knowing that I was a master to then, I was invulnerable.

I soon sunk back into boredom, sitting around reading a few books that my dad kept in his library suitable for people my age. Which was mostly cartoons and fictional novels. I ran out of books quickly and searched the large room for more. I was unsuccessful in my quest to find more, but came across something vastly more interesting. In my searches I came across a book labeled “Photo’s”. I had never seen this before, and I opened the booklet, and to my surprise the book had blank pages with pictures taken by a instant camera pasted onto them, of young girls. The first two were a maid that currently worked here, one was of her completely naked laying on the floor of the maids bedroom, as if she was asleep or passed out. They then followed with more vulgar pictures of close ups of her tits, ass and pussy. The next page shocked me a little bit, they were of the same maid but she was tied up laying on the floor with her legs spread apart. This really drew my attention and I continued to look at the pictures on the following pages of the same girl tied up and posed in certain positions.

I then came to a page which really put the icing on the cake, another previous maid that we had here tied to a pole with whip lashes all over her naked body, especially around her large tits, and what looked like a large round chair leg stuck out of her puccy. I stared at this picture for a while, it was just a piece of art.

I spent the last few hours of sunlight looking through the rest of the booklet, which included many maids which most had been tied up but some posing naked for the camera. It was most satisfying reading it but even more so the idea of doing it myself. One thing led to another, I thought of the idea of raping Madeline.

I brainstormed ways to do this, and which to go about them until I had a well thought out plan. And it would soon come into play…

One of the younger maids, one that I noticed in a few pictures, stood in the kitchen cooking dinner for me as requested. I entered the kitchen and watched her cook for a little bit until I gained the courage to walk over to her. She glanced at me then continued working. I circled around her pretending to be focused on the food she was preparing. She was sum 1 foot smaller then myself, as I was fairly tall. I easily could peer over her head. I walked up beside her and without second judging grabbed her ass. She flinched a bit but continued working, after glancing at me nervously. I grinned at her reaction, she knew her place, and knew the food chain. I was the master and she was a maid. She was but a replaceable something to make my life better.

I kept my hand placed on her ass. I then began to rub it roughly through her baggy old shorts. She still continued to prepare my meal. I then placed both my hands on her ass and rubbed them up and down. They were plump and round, shaking beneath my large hands. They were amusing but my attention was more drawn to her quite big breasts. “Remove your shirt” I whispered from behind her. She glanced over to me nervously but then did as I said, removing her shirt and placed it onto the bench. She began preparing again, I walked over to the other side of the bench and watched her gleefully as she prepared, her breasts bobbing around. She acted comfortable enough and soon delivered my meal to me. I sat there, my eyes fixed on her milky white tits, and she knew that. She placed my plate before me with steak, salad and pasta on it and then began washing up the utensils. I ate and continued to stare at her as she moved throughout the kitchen. I finished and she soon took my plate, washing that up to. I kept watching amusingly as she finished washing up and began to leave to her cottage. She went to pick up her shirt, “No, id rather you walk around like that from now, only in the night. Through the day you can wear your shirt and I expect you to make me dinner from now on”. She glimpsed at me, then nodded, and left the room with her shirt in her hands.

I watched her as she crossed the yard and into the cottage, still with her shirt off as she entered. I giggled to myself, then began searching the house for the utensils I would need for the following day. I soon rounded up all I needed and then walked down to the shed and arranged everything as I planned.

I awoke the next day to the smell of bacon wafting through the house. I left my room and paced to the kitchen, and entered it noiselessly. Inside were the older nanny and Madeline. “Who’s this” I said to the older nanny. “A new recruit of your fathers, I was left in charge of her until she is ready to replace one of the others” She said, without looking directly at me as eye contact is a sign of being equal and is considered rude from a servant to a master, although glances are fine. “What is her name”. The maid looked taken aback then quickly replied, “Madeline”. Madeline whilst this was happening continued to get ingredients for the older nanny.

Madeline was quite short, maybe a few inches below the other maid from last night, lightly tanned with brown shining hair, a clean and soft looking face and a great body. She had two small rounded breast already protruding from her chest and a killer ass. I watched them for a while, I was tempted to demand Madeline to join me in my room but no that would be no fun. I had to take her innocence, steal it. The way a master treats a mere maid.

I ate my meal in a hurry, “Nanny I want you to have a break today, allow Madeline to take over all your duties. If she cannot complete them by sundown then send her up to me for punishment. Do you understand”. She looked at me as if reading me, then nodded. “As you wish, master”. I left the room feeling proud for the fact I was taking control, the same way my dad did.

The sun rose quickly and the heat came once again. I went outside onto the porch, holding the picture book. I sat down in a comfortable chair and looked through the pictures again, and half watched Madeline as she followed the directions that the nanny had given her. As the day progressed eager consumed me, I left the booklet on the porch and headed to the shed where I would wait. Although it was still at least half an hour before she would enter.

The door creaked as I opened it and disappeared into the darkness. I closed the door behind me then turned on my torch. It dimly lit the large room which was larger then I remembered. I walked over to the light switch and turned it on. The light flickered on within seconds. I turned off the torch and then went around re-checking my placements from last night. Everything was there and was perfect. The floor was layered with hay, and the room held a few horses which would lead Madeline into the shed, for they needed feeding. On the sides of the room lay horse riding equipment, saddles ect. I walked around making use of the time by setting out a path where to do what. Soon enough I heard the shed close to the one I was in, door close. I grabbed up the sack used to keep hay bails in and bolted over to where the light switch was, and turned it off. The light disappeared instantly, and I backed up to the wall, about a foot away from the switch. I held my breath.

“Creeeaaakkk!” opened the door. A sudden blast of light entered the room, but only lit up a small amount of what was able to be seen by the light above, for example myself. She walked across, obviously knowing her way after a few days of doing this, to the switch. She made light footsteps and I easily saw her approach. She moved her hand up to turn on the light and that’s when I pounced. I jumped into the air then using the downwards momentum I thrust the bag over her, which slid down over her shoulders but stopped. She let out a yell, muffled by the bag, then began franticly pulling it off which proved hard for her as it was tightly wrapped around her shoulders. I grabbed the shackles from the hay bail on whick I was waiting on and grabbed Madeline’s hands. She pulled them out of mine before I could put the shackles on her. She continues pulling at the bag and screaming. I grabbed one of her arms firmly and clicked one of the shackles over it. She screamed again. I quickly grabbed her other hand and then closed the shackle onto it. She was now bound.

She was jumping around now, running around and screaming still. Her hands were locked tightly in the shackles so she had no hope of taking off the bag with them. I walked up to her and roughly placed my hands on her shoulders and pulled her to the ground. She hit the ground hard, but I didn’t notice or care as I was collecting the rope which I previously placed. I walked back to her with the rope in my hand, she was sobbing a bit and trying to get on her feet. I grabbed her by the legs and began tying the rope around them. She kicked at me but I overpowered her easily, and finished the knot. She lay on the ground helpless, but still screaming. I flicked on the light. “Creeeaaakkk!” I shut the door.

I picked up the body of Madeline, and she rocked and moved as much as she could but I was able to keep her easily. I dragged her along the ground to the area I had marked out. I pushed her to the ground and she hit her head with a “thud!” on the ground. She was startled for a second which I took advantage of, I jumped on her. I placed my elbows on top of her shoulders and my knee’s on her thigh’s which made her scream out in agony. I applied this pressure for around 2 minutes until her arms and legs were fairly bruised and caused her pain to move them. She continued to flinch but stopped after a few seconds because of the intense pain coming from her shoulders and thigh’s. I laughed silently at her. I moved down onto her again, but this time avoiding leaning on her. I placed my knee’s either side of her hip, she felt my presence and moved a little but was trapped under my weight. I looked down at the small faded brown t-shirt which was stained with all sorts of foods and god knows what else. I grabbed at it and ripped it off her, literally.

She whined in pain as the shirt came off and was now a big mess in my hand. I threw It away and looked down at my reward, two round handful sized tits sat there in front of me. She was so innocent, so untarnished. Until I was finished with her. I grabbed them with both my hands and massaged them, she flinched at first but then accepted my hands and was powerless under me. I heard small sobs and I continued to bounce them around in my hands but ignored her.
I pinched the nipples until they stood erected, then lowered my head to her. I sniffed her, savoring the meal to come. I looked down at her erect nipples and then began moving my tongue over them, from one to another. They felt rock hard in my mouth as I lightly licked them. I then began to get a little more brutal and bit the ends of her nipples making her gasp. I laughed again under my breath. I licked her tits for a while then bring my head back up I went for the jackpot. I shifted down, placing my knee’s either side of her legs. I grabbed her shorts and worked them down to where I sat, revealing a white pair of panties, nothing overly sexy but the sight was unbelievable, I grabbed her panties and pulled them down as I did the pants.

Before my face was a little slice from heaven. Her slit was pink and completely bald. I took in the scene for a second and then bent down and sniffed. She smelt musky, a quite unusual smell but rather good. I moved my head closer to her slit and kissed it lightly. She shifted uncomfortably below me. I kissed again, deeper and more passionate this time. I moved my tongue over her slit then began licking her folds slowly and deeply. I used my fingers to part them and found her clit in front of me. I licked deeply again, moving the tip of my tongue over her clit. She shuddered under me but made no attempt to move.

I repeated this and then focusing on her clit began sucking at it, licking and probing my tongue all around. She began breathing faster. I picked up speed and began probing deeper and harder. After a few seconds she came, moaning out loud and shuddering once more. Her juices leaked out of her pussy onto my fingers. I sniffed them, the same musky smell from before. It was heavenly.

I moved down again to her snatch. I collected as much of her juices as I could then added a little but of my spit to make lubricant. I rubbed my fingers over her slit, focusing on her hole this time. I moved them up and down then I pushed. She wouldn’t open for me, so I began spitting on her snatch and then collected it up with my fingers and pushed again at her hole. This time it parted easily and I continued the pressure. My fingers sunk and sunk as I continued the pressure.

I soon had my finger down to the knuckle. I pulled it out and then added more spit. I placed two fingers on her hole and pushed down again. My fingers sunk rapidly down, her vagina walls rapped around them tightly though, I easily pushed down to the knuckle once again. I pulled my fingers back out and then pushed in again and again until I was satisfied that she was loose enough for penetration.

I stood up and walked around to her legs. I bent her knee’s and placed the upwards, allowing me access to her cunt. I bent down, ready to get into position, when she kicked up at me. Her foot struck true, right into my chin, which sent shivers over my body and then soon the taste of blood in my mouth. The bitch! I spat the blood out of my mouth on top of her. She attempted to kick me again but this time I was ready for it and dodged it easily. I was tempted to scream out and slap the bitch but that would give away who I was, that was mostly part of the fun. I searched the room until I found something to punish her, well three things actually. I went back to where she was and laid them on the floor. Before me lay a whip, leather with a lead end for horses I think, a long wooden stick, kind of like a cane, and a large bag of salt. The salt was quite pointless, for now, so I picked up the whip. I stood before her shaking naked body holding the whip threateningly, although she did not know it.
I held the whip holder tight in my hand then thrust the whip in the air then brought it back down, colliding with her stomach with a loud “Craccckkkkkk!”. She let a muffled scream out and began rolling around on the floor in pain. After a short time she stayed still long enough to send another blow, which landed on her right ass cheek. She howled out again and rolled over to her front again. She tried to curl into a ball, which proved impossible because of her currently tied position. I laughed silently. I pushed her onto her back, then went back to her legs and faced her knee’s up again so I could access her cunt. She sent another kick wildly into the air, brushing past my shoulder as I was bending down. I back off, then sent another whip down onto her, I would like to say precisely aimed but it was totally by accident, straight onto the folds of her cunt. She threw her body off the ground a few centimeters but didn’t scream as all the breathe was pushed out of her. I picked up the salt bag and ripped it open. Salt spilled out of the bag onto the ground, I took merely a pinch of it then dropped the bag.

I threw myself down onto her again, by placing my knee’s either side of her stomach, I was faced towards her legs. Her cunt was covered in blood from the whip wound. I moved my hand down and sprinkled the salt onto the cut that was located in her folds. I rubbed the salt around and then she felt it. She screamed out again but was crying fairly hard and she was under the bag, so it sounded like a choking weeping sound. I continued to rub it around, and she continued to scream. I stopped and stood back off her. I moved around to her legs again and placed her knee’s upwards for the third time. Like I suspected she didn’t dare to kick again. I laughed under my breathe again.

I moved up next to her crutch, then began removing my clothes. She heard me doing so and begin to weep again. My cock was erected fully, all 7” of it, I was ready and she was ready if she liked it or not. I moved closer to her and lined my cock up with her snatch, just like I saw in many pictures in the book. I leaned down placing my hands either side of her, my cock head was sitting on her entering, bloods was trickling down onto it. I looked down at her tits that were right under my head, then smiled, with one huge push I entered her puccy.

My head entered quite easily and the rest followed. Her vagina walls clenched around my cock extremely tightly which felt awesome as I kept pushing in. I pulled out and then back in, pleasure rolled over my body. Oh god this was so good. I pulled out and then back in faster this time and then built up a steam. I thrust into her quite fast, ignoring her weird groaning and crying sounds. I arched my head lower and began nibbling on her erected nipples while I thrust in and out and in and out. Her cunt was on fire as I reached my peak. I pulled my head back up and then thrust in. I exploded inside her, my eyes rolled and my body was engulfed in ecstasy. My cum spurted in her and mixed with her juices and blood. I rolled off her and onto the barn floor.

I lay there getting back my breathe. Before long I was fully recovered but my body felt weird, as if it had just released a huge amount of tension. I rolled over and looked at her. Such a beautiful sight. She was laying there still gasping for breathe. I stood up dizzily. I picked up her shorts from the ground and forcefully put them on her again. I couldn’t do the same with top as it lay in shreds on the ground.

I untied her feet and dragged her along the ground to a horse pen. Inside was no horse, so I opened the door and dragged her inside. She didn’t try to stop me. I rolled her over onto her stomach. I untied her hands a little but still made them bound. I stood up and looked down at her. I went back outside the pen where she was before, a small trail of blood led from a larger blood stained area on the floor. I picked up the metallic object from the ground and went back to the horse pen. I aimed it at her. I pressed the trigger, it went off with a small click.


I flipped the books pages until I came to the end of the pictures, I picked up the paste and placed the picture that I took with the instant camera in the horse pen, with her bound and sitting with her bleeding puccy and red bitten tits facing me. I looked up as the sun was fading, out from the shed near the house came Madeline. She had covered herself with what once resembled her shirt. She looked around, then began walking to the small cottage. The older nanny came out to meet her. Madeline was almost in tears again, as the nanny looked at her torn up shirt and all round ragged look and smell of sex. Madeline began to speak but the nanny simply questioned her, I guess why the jobs weren’t done before sundown. Madeline began to whimper and speak but the nanny just turned her head and then walked away. When the nanny came to the cottage she turned around giving Madeline a filthy look then said something to her.

Madeline walked over to the front of the cottage and picked up the dog feed from where it was stored out the front. She then walked off to where the dogs lived and began feeding. I laughed out loud this time.

Soon enough dinner came. I was sitting looking through the pictures again, there were around half of the pages of the blank, ready for me to fill. The maid came in topless as I requested. She was lightly pink from sunburn. She came in and shot me a quick glance and then began making dinner. I looked at her large tits bouncing around as she walked around. I stood up, she nervously glanced at me. I went over to her where she was working. She was wearing nothing but a small brown skirt made of light cotton. I pushed my fingers under them and slowly pulled them down, she shivered at my touch and then quickly began cutting up more food. I pulled them down all the way. Her ass was to die for. It was small and creamy sitting there before me, begging to be touched. I didn’t even bother looking at her reaction when I began to play with it, it felt as good or even better then it looked.

She continued to cut up things, even though she had already cut up three carrots where I usually only eat a half with my meal. I noticed the cooking oil on the bench top. I picked it up, she eyed my movement as I did so, and then pulled off the cap. I began pouring some of the oil over her shoulders and then down onto her ass. I placed the bottle back, then began rubbing it all over her body, she wasn’t cooking anymore. I pulled her away from the bench and continued rubbing it all over. I pushed her softly to the floor, she laid down. I rubbed her tits once more with the oil, making them extra smooth. I moved down to her snatch. It was unlike Madeline’s as her hole was a lot looser and she had a lot more hair.

I picked her up making her stay in a crouching position. I went over to where I left the book and picked up the camera. She looked at me as I aimed the camera at mid level with her body, and snapped. The picture came out, she was looking at the camera with that sexy innocent look, her tits were glistening under the light, from the oil, and her puccy was wide open with oil dripping down it.

I smiled at the picture, then faced the real thing. I made her pose sexily in lots of spots in the kitchen, some of her cooking, some with her bending over. I then went for the cream of the crop, I made her sit on the bench in the corner. I picked up a cucumber from the bench, rubbed it with oil, then went over to her. She sat back ready for me to place it in her pussy. Instead I made her go in a doggy position and she looked back facing the camera. I took a picture, then I went up to her and pushed the cucumber into her pussy, quite easily. I then took more pictures from all sorts of angles. I pulled it out, she began to get out of the position but I placed my hand on her back signally for her to stay there. She did.

I picked up the bottle of oil again and poured it over her ass. It dribbled down all over her creamy backside. I rubbed her ass again, then moved my finger and pushed it into her ass. It was easy but she was very tight here. She panicked a little but stayed still as began fingering her ass. I soon had three fingers moving easily into her. I still had the cucumber in my hand. I placed it at the opening of her ass, I pushed it in forcefully. She gasped as it slid in.

I took few photo’s with her. She made me dinner as I watched entertained, as she walked around with her oily and sexy body. I ate my dinner and then retreated back to the porch. Soon came the older nanny with Madeline behind her. “She did not complete her choirs on time, Master.” The older nanny said with her head hung in disappointment. I looked at Madeline, she looked back at me respectfully and apologetic, “Inside miss Madeline”. She walked inside. The older nanny then walked back into the dark.

I spent the night sleeping with Madeline, I awoke a few hours later with her in my arms, then we fucked again. She was not like the other maids from the photo’s she was not as stiff as a board, she did not sit there being fucked she and I made love. After that night I respected her and took her as my daily companion. The older nanny saw this and began treating her well.


2 months later my parents came back. I realized that my Madeline was in danger of my dad.

As they arrived, me and Madeline stood there awaiting… Me towering over her, she stood there as sexy as ever although with a protruding stomach, she had recently become pregnant. I never thought of this, but the idea was very appealing and I liked the change to her. We treated each other well and were quite in love.

My parents were quite overwhelmed with this new coming, and my dad interacted with me more after he studied his book again. He soon had all the maids replaced with new 13-16 year olds, except the old nanny to put them in place. Of coarse this didn’t include Madeline as she was now my partner and was treated like royalty from the other maids and stayed my room with me in the house.

I had a eye for the new maids, and so did my dad. He slept with one constantly, so I targeted one of the two left over. I had sex constantly with a small tanned black haired girl named Elora. I treated her nothing like I did Madeline, I was forceful and brutal. But soon Madeline walked in on us, and although I could have sex without any threat, I felt like I had cheated.

This was the day that changed my life, Madeline was more forgiving then I had taken her to be. Soon enough the three of us were engaged in a passion filled sex life, Madeline and I were loving with each other and forceful with Elora she was nothing to us.


3 months later I stood there with my two heavily pregnant companions. Madeline and I grew compassionate and loving with Elora once she pronounced she was pregnant. She stayed in our room nightly too and we had a very sexual and love filled relationship. As with my dad, he went off to America with my mum for long trips. He had impregnated the other two girls, which we found out as soon they left. The old nanny kicked them out of the farm, with a large amount of money between them, as orders of my father and he left me another present two new maids. One 14, one 15.

Although at this point in time I was wrapped up enough handling my two girls, I did not desire them, they were just good to have around and I knew one day I would fuck them both..

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