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Prisoner To Her Whim Ch. 01
by LovingTongue

Volunteer Edited by PoliteSuccubus

Alan had no idea what hit him. One moment, he pulled off the road and called home to warn his friends that he needed to rest in order to avoid falling asleep at the wheel. Then, he woke up, to find he was on his back, on some sort of narrow table - perhaps a well padded exercise machine bench. He could tell right away that he was inside a house, nearby a warm fireplace.

And that his hands were cuffed to something on the floor. His feet were also bound.

Oh, and he was also totally naked. A familiar scent filled his nose, too - he realized he had been bathed.

And that's when he heard the tinkle tinkle of dishes being put away, somewhere to his right.

"Oh shit," he groaned, looking around in an attempt to discern just how much trouble he was in.

"Ah," a female voice called, "you're awake at last."

Alan turned his head to the right, and saw a woman turning sideways to look at him.

She was brunette, with long hair, and appeared to be in her 30s. She was wearing a long skirt, blouse, and fuzzy slippers.

"Wha..what's going on?" the man asked, giving his restraints a bit of a yank. It was obviously futile.

She turned her body towards him, revealing, for one thing, her ample bosom. She had opened her blouse to tweak her nipples earlier, and did not care to cover herself up now. "Oh, don't try to get free," she said, "you can't. I've brought you here so I can use you for a while."

Alan was utterly incredulous about all of this, but he tried to be civil and calm, lest this woman do something even more insane to him. "Use me?"

"Yes," she said, walking over towards him. "Then I'll put you back under, and send you on your way."

"Uh..." he ventured to ask, "how about, like, hanging out at a bar? There's tons of horny sucke-er, I mean dudes, who'd.. be..."

His voice trailed off as she came over and touched his growing erection. Her fingers slid up its flaccid, but rapidly stiffening length, as she moaned.

"Mmmm, good." she said, bending down to lick his cock-head. "Full of cum."

"Fuck.." he groaned, as she felt his balls and continued to lick around his cock.

Then she turned to look at his face again. "Why drive 50 miles to a bar, when you men drive right by me all the time? Besides, none of you like eating pussy. I practically have to force you down there."

Alan couldn't help but agree with her on that. He hated putting his face down there. He wasn't a hunter - he didn't eat what he shot, as his high school buddies would have put it.

But then, he realized what she was getting at. Oh shit...

"I've been playing with myself for years," she said, as she picked up a remote, and then straddled his waist, her skirt draping over his body as she stood over him. "Now I'm going to have a man for once. I'm gonna use your face to masturbate me to some good, satisfying orgasms."

Oh fucking *shit*...

Lifting her skirt with one hand, she moved up a bit until she was standing over Alan's stomach. He could now see her belly, and her trimmed mound. Then, she bent her knees a little, and with two fingers, she spread her long slit, revealing the wetness of her pussy and pussy lips.

He stifled a groan as she circled her clit briefly. He didn't know if voicing his disapproval wouldn't get him hurt, or worse, and if the worst she was going to do was rub her pussy on his face and all that, then he would certainly pray it only went that far.

"I bet you get all kinds of blow jobs from women," she said, as she gyrated her hips. "Don't you?"

"Well, yes..." he said, "I love 'em!"

Suddenly, he realized what she was getting at, and cursed himself for falling in line.

"Of course," she groaned as she slid a finger into herself. "And I bet you don't eat her out in return, do you?"

He saw his way out, and took it. "Sure I do. Why wouldn't I?"

She sneered. "You're such a poor liar."


"You have two ways to go, mister." she said, sternly. "I'm going to have as many orgasms as I can take. If you're a good pussy licker, you can serve me well and make this go quicker. If you're lying, or you're just not good at it, you can count on smelling my pussy all over your face for a long, long time tonight."

Alan tried to be confident as he replied, "I'll try my best to get you off, quick."

She laughed. "What, so you can make my pleasure as brief as possible? Sorry, but I'm going to make sure that doesn't happen."

He didn't dare even groan with disgust.

Her voice became huskier with arousal as she dug around inside herself with her finger. "Even if you can make me cum quicker, I'll slow it down. I'm going to enjoy your face under my pussy."

His hopes fell, and she could see it in his face as she moved up a little bit more.

"But I'm nothing if not a very clean woman," she said, sliding another finger between her nether lips and arching her back a bit, pushing her pussy forward.

Alan could see right away what she was getting at. As she pulled hand back, she held a few rose petals between her fingers.

He couldn't help but get aroused from seeing that.

"Yes..." her voice drifted off as she dropped the petals onto his chest and then spread her pussy lips again. Then, her voice found focus and a purposeful tone again. "I'm not only going to make your face my playground, I'm gonna conquer you and make you like having your face buried in pussy."

Damn, she's crazy... he said to himself. But while he was thinking this, he also could not help but watch as more petals appeared at the entrance of her pussy, slowly pushing their way out. In fact, he was transfixed.

"Mmmmm..." she moaned, as her muscles clenched and pushed, forcing the stemless rose out of her pussy. More petals fell out onto his chest, until finally, the base of it plopped out, bouncing off him and onto the floor.

"There," she said, breathing out deeply at last, sliding her hands up her sides. "I took a nice long bath, and filled my pussy with that rose. I made sure it smells good for you. I know how much you men hate the scent of a horny woman up close."

Alan cracked a smile, once again betraying himself.

And she saw it.

"Yes, I knew you'd like that little show." she said. Her long skirt fell down, draping over her body and his, hiding her pussy from view.

Alan's unintended smile snapped back to a look of fear and disgust. But it was too late; she didn't believe that look any more than he did. Just as soon as he tried to feign absolute non-consent, he caught himself straining to see her pussy, now that it was covered again.

"Don't worry, you'll see it again." she said, watching him.

He was beaten, and he knew it.

"And now that I've taken care of the smell," she added, reaching over to a table beside him, "let's take care of the taste."

Alan looked, and saw her take into her hand a large strawberry.

"Yes..." she said, raising the fruit to her lips. "I'll make your first lesson in eating pussy, a delicious one."

He gasped as she licked it, and he realized what she was now up to.

"Oh, right," she said sarcastically, "you said you've done that before. We'll see."

With that, she moved up further. Alan watched as the veil of her long skirt approached, and then enveloped his face, as she planted her feet on either side of his head.

She lifted her skirt to look down at his face. "Okay, here's how it goes. You do exactly as I say. Simple, right?"

Alan whimpered, "Yeah.. whatever you say."

"Good. Now.." She reached down and brought the strawberry to her pussy lips, rubbing it against the length of her slit, and against her clit.

Then, she pushed it into her pussy, slowly, until it was all the way in. Her entrance closed up as she removed her fingers; her vagina had swallowed the strawberry whole.

After a soft moan, she said, "We'll let that soak for a while in my juices. Right now I need a quick orgasm. I'm tired of using my fingers and having sex with myself. So I'll use your face this time."

With that, she let her skirt fall again, and in the relative darkness underneath, he could still see her bending her knees as to plant her pussy onto his face. Her slit was longer than with most women that he'd seen before; her pussy lips fairly enveloped his mouth. But as much as he hated being in this predicament, the smell of rose petals delighted him, as her wet flesh mashed into his mouth and nose.

"Mmmmm, yes..." she moaned, as she pushed down on his face. He could feel her shifting, as she bent over to reach for something. The seat he was on, lifted a bit, pushing his face up more into her pussy. "There we go... that'll do just fine."

She rubbed herself firmly, dragging her moist, wet mound forcefully across his nose and lips. She took long, slow, deliberate strokes, and he could feel his face getting moist from her juices.

"Oh yes... I'm going to wipe my pussy with your face.. get it nice and frothy and messy with my cum..."

Alan groaned with disapproval.

"Oooh, moan again like that. Louder."

He hesitated, as she jerked her hips, grinding her clit on his nose.

Then, she pushed down, harshly on his face. That caught him by surprise.

"I said, moan. Loudly, right into my pussy."

Quickly, Alan tried a deep moan. It wasn't a real, enthusiastic moan, and she could tell.

She bounced her pussy hard on his face again. "You jerk! Open your mouth and moan."

Not wanting to piss her off any more, he opened his mouth and, as she rested her pussy on his open lips, he moaned again.

"Oooooh..." she gasped, gyrating on his mouth. "Oh yes, just like that!"

Alan moaned strongly, sending vibrations up through her pussy, rumbling in her belly.

"Oh fuck..." she hissed, mashing herself into his face. "How many women have you forced to deep throat your cock and gulp down your awful tasting dick snot, huh?"

Alan tried to protest - he'd never been deep throated, and most of his girlfriends spat, not swallowed - but his voice was muffled.

"Oh, shut up," she growled between clenched teeth. "Just moan and make me feel good." Alan forgot himself as he swore to himself that he would find this place again, and burn it to the ground.

Preferably with her in it.

And then he was brought back to reality when she bounced her pussy hard on his face again. "What did I tell you to do, young man? Open your mouth and moan for me."

Alan struggled against his restraints. Angrily, she mashed her pussy hard onto his face and tried to smother him. "Cut it out, jerk! Open your mouth!"

Alan kept struggling. Finally, he shouted, even though his mouth was muffled.

Now fully roused to anger, his captor ripped the buttons to forcibly open her skirt, and took it off. "Alright, mister," she hissed, "you're going to learn one damned thing from me -"

"Yeah," he retorted, now free to speak his mind.

And then, he caught himself again.

He smiled, and told a lie.

"I was....smelling your pussy and I wanted to ask you if I could lick you."

The angry look on her face, turned to amusement. "Hmmm.... you're either a good liar, and you know just how much trouble you're in, or you're learning your place. Smart play, either way."

You dumb ass, he said to himself. Ever heard of GPS? Or Lowjack?

"Now," she said, "yes, you can lick me. But not now. Open your mouth and moan into my pussy so I can cum on your face."

She placed her pussy back over his mouth, and he parted his lips, and gave her a loud, strong moan as she asked.

"Oooooh," she sighed, grinding herself again on his face, cupping her large breasts. He could see her slightly plump belly above him, as her pussy began to leak out her juices.

"Do you know how awful it tastes when your cock drips in our mouths as we're sucking you off?" she said as she ground her clit into Alan's nose. "It tastes like a cross between warm, stale beer and snot. And you expect women to taste it and even drink it - and do it with a fucking smile, too!"

Alan continued to moan as he could taste the juice from deep within this woman's vagina, oozing into his mouth. It had a distinct strawberry flavor to it. He could tell, by her ranting, that it was unwise to spit out this thick liquid she was depositing in his mouth.

"I know my pussy is dripping." she said, looking down as she pinched her nipples. "Don't swallow it. Let it pool in your mouth so you can taste it."

She looked down as she mashed her clit against his nose.

"Don't swallow. Breathe through your nose!"

That went without saying. The liquid oozing from her pussy was pooling in his mouth, and it made it impossible to breathe without swallowing first. He had to breathe through his nose if he wanted to comply.

She felt the breath through his nose on her clit, and that did it for her. She moaned. "Oh God, yes, that's it.. breathe out on my clit, it makes my pussy drip."

He realized what kind of a pickle he was in; he had to keep her juices in his mouth as she demanded, which meant he had to breathe through his nose, and his breath was stimulating her clit and making her wetter. Which meant her pussy would be dripping even more into his mouth. It was awful enough, but even worse that he kind of liked the taste.

He liked the taste of pussy lube, for God's sake.

After a while of breathing in and out with his nose under her clit, as she gyrated on his open mouth, she pulled her pussy back from his mouth and commanded, "Okay, now swallow my cum."

Relieved, Alan swallowed the thick liquid that had collected in his mouth. He expected an awful aftertaste, but that never came.

She watched as he swallowed and said, "Good. You men seem to have all kinds of myths about pussy juice, but really, it's just as safe to drink as semen. And you prefer your girlfriends to swallow, don't you?"

Alan lied. "Uh, no, spitting is just fine wi-"

She didn't even care to hear him out. She planted her pussy back on his mouth unceremoniously, and said, "Whatever. Close your lips. I'm going to give you a facial."

She leaned forward to grip a handlebar in front of her, and began to pump herself slowly across his face.

"You should be grateful," she said, looking down as she slid her pussy up and down, from his chin to his nose, and up over his eyes. "Unlike you, I'm making sure my pussy smells good, and my cum has a good taste. You men don't care if your crotch is sweaty and smelly. And you sure as hell don't care what we think about that nasty tasting sperm you so desperately want shoot off in our mouths."

Alan was helpless to move as he was being used by his captor for her pleasure. He could see her very wet pussy, and feel the juices she was depositing all over his face.

"And what's the point of ejaculating all over a woman's face?" she continued. "Hmm? What's the fucking point? To show how much you dominate us? To mark your territory, like some caveman?"

She circled and gyrated her hips around on his nose, until he could feel warm liquid run down his cheeks.

"Well I guess I should be grateful, myself." she said, pulling back a bit to look at the wet mess she left on his nose and lips. "At least you mark your territory with your sperm, and not the way animals do."

Alan couldn't fucking believe this woman.

"But I've a good reason to soak your face," she said, as she looked down. "Your face needs to be lubed just like your cock, so I can get some pleasure when I'm thrusting."

No wonder this woman can't get any men, he thought to himself, as she continued to watch streamers of thick liquid connecting her pussy to his face.

"Fuck..." she groaned. "This isn't going to work. I need another."

With that, she twisted slightly to the side, taking another two strawberries in hand.

"I need something big inside me to help me get off."

She licked the first strawberry, coating it in her saliva, and then quickly brought it down to her pussy, which was still directly above Alan's face. Then, she pushed firmly, until her pussy swallowed it as well. She moaned as she pushed the third one in until it was barely visible, and then grunted as she clenched her ass; her muscles pulled, and Alan watched with absolute astonishment as her pussy gulped it deep into her without any further help from her hands.

"Ahhh," she sighed with relief. "My pussy got a little hungrier than I thought."

"Fuck," Alan said admiringly, under his breath.

With a grin, she turned and glanced over her shoulder. Looking back at him, she said, "I'm glad you like the show."

Alan sighed. He was busted again. Now she was probably thinking he was enjoying his predicament.

Note to self, he thought. Run over the bastard who invented the term Stockholm syndrome. Twice, just to be sure.

"But I'm not here to entertain you," she said sternly, leaning forward again to grip the bars. With that, she bent her knees and plopped her pussy back onto his face.

Alan could hear the squishing noise of her mound as she started to pump her hips. Her wetness spread all over his face as her pace started out slow.

"Ohhhh.." she moaned, taking slow, long, full strokes across his face. Her pussy began to smell more and more musky, like a horny woman's scent, as the aroma of roses wore off, but Alan knew better than to anything but breathe through his nose, and deal with the experience of smelling her pussy.

The smell wasn't bad, though, even as her pussy juice oozed liberally down his cheeks and nose. It felt very soft, since her mound was well trimmed.

The slurping noise got even louder, as she became satisfied with the wetness of his face, and began to push down harder, and thrust faster. He could hear her grunting with pleasure as she had her way with him, cussing through her clenched teeth.

Back and forth, side to side, and back and forth again, her hips circled and pumped on his face with no concern for him whatsoever. She didn't even seem to care if he licked her, or otherwise did anything; he was cuffed and helpless, and could lay there like a lump on a log at the moment, for all she cared.

His face was just exactly where she needed it, to serve just exactly the purpose she intended. The best he could do, was hope to endure this and pass through this ordeal as quickly, and in the best health, as possible.

"Oh, yes, oh yes..." she moaned as her thrusts became more forceful. Her pussy slurped loudly, messily as she worked her way towards her long-awaited release. The true smell of her pussy became more obvious, as she pumped at a feverish pace.

"Oh yes, yes yes.......yessssssssssss..... oooh, ooooh!!"

Alan could see her breasts shaking as she fucked his face. Her slightly plump belly heaved above him, and he found himself admiring her belly button. This woman had a great body.. she was just bitter, and angry.

But now, she was becoming satisfied. At his expense.

Her body suddenly tensed, and he heard her cry out. She mashed her pussy into his mouth and nose, and with a loud "ahhhhhhhhhh!" her orgasm struck her.

"Mmmmm YES!!!"

She gripped the handlebars tight as her body jerked hard against him.

"Oh, my God!!" she screamed. Alan felt a rush of warm liquid ooze down his cheeks, lips and chin, as her pussy gently spilled on his face.

"Ohhhh yes! Ohhhhhhhhh yes!! I'm cumm--mmm--mmming..!"

She jerked her pussy against his nose and lips a little bit more.

"Ohhhh fuuuck..." she exhaled, pumping in full, slow strokes again, as her orgasm began to subside. "Mmmmmmm..."

Alan watched with absolute amazement that he simply could not deny, as her belly stopped heaving, and her body slacked slightly; her pussy settled back onto his lips.

"Oh, wow..." she continued to moan incoherently, gyrating, relaxing a bit.

Alan moaned again, his voice muffled by her pussy.

After a few moments, she looked back down, a bit winded, and more than a bit satisfied. Then, she pulled back to admire the results of her orgasm. "Damn..." she said, still catching her breath. "Your face looks a lot better with my cum all over it. Maybe you men have a point about those facials."

12-01-2007, 02:11 AM
Alan cracked a fake smile. Recognizing his patronizing attitude, she frowned and became stern once again.

"Alright," she said, "open your mouth. Now."

Alan looked up at her and parted his lips. She carefully placed herself on his open mouth, and spread her labia.

"Drink from my pussy," she ordered, as she began to flex her muscles.

Her butt clenched, and Alan could hear the squishing sound as her vagina churned the strawberries inside her.

"Yess..." she moaned, as she ground her pussy into his mouth. "Here it comes..." Alan felt the warm, strawberry flavored liquid ooze out of her pussy, between his lips, all over his tongue.

"Mmmm, yes, it's coming.. taste it!"

She clenched again, and another wave of her thick pussy juice flowed into his mouth.

"Fuck... it feels so wet down there.."

She pushed more firmly on him and gyrated a bit, then reached down and began to rub her clit. Her juices mixed with the strawberry's juices, and ran out in pulses, collecting in Alan's open mouth.

She began to notice he was breathing through his nose on her clit again. She pulled back once more, and looked down, into his mouth. "Mmmm.. good. You're learning. Now swallow my cum."

He closed his lips and swallowed the tasty mix of her own natural liquid and the strawberry juice.

"And you didn't even wince," she said with a grin. "You're starting to like drinking from my pussy."

Before Alan could think to say anything, she pushed herself back over his mouth. "Good. I hadn't masturbated for a while, so all that pussy juice I deposited all over your face, had been in me for a while. But I think this is a fresher load coming out now."

She gyrated her hips some more, as Alan gazed at her belly button.

For some reason, he loved looking at it. The slight plumpness of her belly turned him on, too. The true, musky flavor of her cum was obvious even mixed with the strawberry juice. It was a strange, but delectable taste; unconsciously, he lapped at her pussy hole to get more.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned, "that's it, go for it. Taste me."

Alan again realized he'd betrayed himself, all too late; to keep her happy, he lightly flicked her puckered entrance, scooping out the thick liquid oozing from her.

"Oooh yes," she said, "now lick my pussy clean."

Slowly, he began to lick her pussy lips up and down.

"Good.." she moaned, "lick it all up."

His tongue slid the length of her slit, back and forth, wiping her as she gyrated her hips. When she figured he was done, she told him to stop, and then she stared into his eyes. "Now that my pent up juice is gone, I'm going to get ready to make some fresh drink for you. First, I need to get these used strawberries out of me. Hold your mouth open and eat them as they come out of me."

She grunted as she clenched her butt, once and then twice, then paused to check between her legs. Frowning, she ordered, "Suck. Suck me to get them out."

Alan began to suck on her pussy hole, as she pushed down on his open lips. Right away, the first one plopped out of her, right into his mouth. It was mashed and slightly gooey from her own natural juices, and very delicious.

"Ahhhh..." she moaned. "There goes one." She continued to rotate her hips. "Damn, that feels so nice and slick. I must have soaked it really good inside my pussy."

The second one came out as Alan sucked firmly on her. He quickly ate that one. What should have been an utterly nasty and disgusting experience, was actually turning out to be quite enjoyable.

Except, of course, for his inability to move.

He took his time eating and enjoying the taste of the second strawberry.

And then, his captor smiled down at him, rotating her pussy playfully on his mouth, and said, "Tastes great, doesn't it?"

"Mmmmmm," he moaned, licking her pussy.

"Oooh... let me pump out the last one for you.."

There was no point in playing games anymore. His senses betrayed him at every turn, until the whole idea of his not liking this situation, was losing credibility.

The slick taste of the last strawberry lingered in his mouth, even as the third one finally dropped out of her pussy. She jerked her lips and clenched her eyes shut.


He saw her stiffen briefly as she pushed her pussy down on his mouth and had another, less intense orgasm. Her insides contracted so intensely he could hear the squishing sound; and at the same time, a load of liquid spurted into his mouth - the rest of the juice squeezed out of those strawberries, by the taste of it.

"Ahhhhhh..." she moaned, circling and jerking her hips. "Ooooh... God that made me cum."

After another moment or so, she opened her eyes and looked down. "Wow.... damn, that turned me on. Fuck... I want you to do that again."

Alan wasn't about to say it, but he was actually looking forward to more of this. His heart raced as he watched her reach over in that familiar direction again. He turned his head to look. She wasn't paying attention to that, as she took three more strawberries, and some of the partially-melted ice they were sitting in.

"Yes," she sighed, "let's do that again..."

Her hand slid the ice down over and between her breasts, to her belly. The ice melted slightly, leaving a wet trail down her body, as it reached her nether lips.

"Mmmmm..." she groaned, pushing the ice cube into her entrance. Her pussy swallowed it easily. "Ooooh, that's cold."

She moved directly over his face and watched the liquid drip out on his nose and lips. "But it won't be for long!"

Alan watched her pussy drip on his face for a while; then, she reached down and added another ice cube, then a third. She wiggled her hips as if she were shivering.

"Ever wonder why your girlfriends were so frigid, young man?" she moaned, as she licked one of the strawberries. "It's because you wouldn't give them what they really wanted."

Alan unconsciously licked his lips to get at the taste of the mixture of pussy juice and melted ice on his mouth.

"Oh, not yet," she said with a warm smile. "You'll get to taste me again, and soon. But first.." she brought the strawberries down to his lips. "Take one of these on your tongue."

She lowered one strawberry onto his tongue. He knew exactly what to do; he balanced it there, while she spread her wide, thick pussy lips open again. More liquid from the melting ice cubes, dripped out of her.

She watched as she sat down onto his mouth, and his tongue pushed the strawberry until most of it was inside her. The narrow end pointed outwards.

"Mmmmm, good." she said, raising herself back up. For his viewing pleasure, she clenched, and her pussy sucked and swallowed the strawberry whole. "There we go." she wiggled her hips, enjoying the feel of the fruit sliding further up inside her as her muscles pulled inwards. "You know exactly how to do it. You might be good at this, after all... with a little training."

Alan stayed quiet as she put the second strawberry on his tongue. "There... now, push that one into my pussy."

As she pushed down, he pushed his tongue up. Her pussy gulped the sweet offering into her depths all too eagerly; it disappeared right away. She gasped with shock as it filled her unexpectedly fast. "Oooh! Damn.." she looked down, checking. "My pussy is a little too hungry today."

Silently, she gave him the third strawberry. As she lowered herself again onto his tongue, she said, "Yes, a woman is not going to be so frigid when you concentrate more of your efforts on serving her, instead of just yourself."

This time, some of the strawberry remained outside again; she moved her pussy up so he could clearly see her hole, and then clenched. Her vagina pulled and swallowed the fruit until her entrance closed, and it disappeared.

Then, she reached down and rubbed her mound. "There we go. My pussy feels perfectly full and wet now."

Alan licked his lips again, trying to savor more of the flavor of her on his tongue.

"Go ahead and lick my pussy for a while," she said. "Taste me."

Eagerly, he reached up and lapped at her pussy lips, licking the length of her long slit, as she gently, but firmly, pushed down onto his mouth. He stimulated her clit as he breathed through his nose, rasping her mound back and forth, licking the taste of her own natural, musky liquid, mixed with melted ice and strawberry juice.

"Oooh," she hissed through her clenched teeth, "yes! Like that!"

She began to thrust her hips, pumping her pussy slowly across Alan's mouth, as his increasingly willing tongue caressed her.

She gasped, and then jerked with surprise as she felt liquid shoot from her pussy. Quickly, Alan opened his mouth and caught most of it. Finding his lips open under her, she instinctively pushed down and sought to enjoy his lips against her own pussy, and felt more juices working their way down. Carefully, she planted herself on his mouth - with his help - and relaxed her entrance.

"Mmmmmm," Alan moaned, enjoying the flavor as she squirted in his mouth again. Eagerly, he licked her pussy some more. As she ground herself on his lips, he moaned strongly, his voice vibrating through her depths.

"Oooooh... fuck!" She jerked hips as her insides clenched again. She intentionally relaxed and let her pussy spill once, then twice, into Alan's mouth. She could feel his lips moving as he eagerly drank her juices.

Looking down, she told him, "You're turning me on. Make me cum okay?"

He moaned and said, "Sure!"

She smiled and said, "You can do it with your tongue if you...ooh!!"

She didn't have to say more; Alan flicked her clit with his tongue, and as her pussy jerked, he kissed her labia as well.

"Oooh, do that!"

She pressed her pussy lips round Alan's lips as he sought to kiss her puckered entrance as well. She felt him suck her pussy in hopes of getting a strawberry; she didn't resist. She felt the pressure inside her and clenched her muscles, trying to push. The strawberry slid back down through her slick walls, and as Alan slid his tongue into her hole, he caught it and pushed it back in.

"Ooooh!" she jerked on his mouth, her eyes wide open as she looked into his eyes. "Oooh honey, do that.. that...yes...!"

Again, the strawberry pushed down, and again, he pushed it back into her with his tongue. She bent her knees and pushed down on his mouth, then raised up. Her pussy spasmed as she breathed harder.

"Ohhh...ohhh!" she cried out, jerking herself on his face. "Oooh baby! Your face.. let me ..."

She began to thrust herself back and forth across his face, as Alan moaned approvingly. Her full pussy lips enveloped and caressed his lips, nose and chin as it passed over them. Her pussy leaked and leaked a delicious mixture of juices into his mouth and on his face, as she settled into a steady, rapid rhythm.

No longer concerned with resisting her, Alan stuck out his tongue, flat and wide, for her clit. She found his tongue waiting for her, and instinctively began to slide her clit against it.

"Oooh, baby, yes! Just like that..."

Then, she put her hands on her hips and pumped her hips fast, driving her clit into his mouth and nose as she rode his face with reckless abandon.

"Ohhh fuck... yes, make my pussy cum!"

It wasn't long before she suddenly bent over, gripping the handlebars, and clenched her legs, grinding hard on his face as she cried out and came.

Alan opened his lips in anticipation, and got exactly what he hoped for; when her muscles contracted, her pussy squirted a copious and warm mix of melted ice, strawberry juice, flavored by her own cum, right into his thirsty mouth.

She gasped for breath as she climaxed, her clit grinding desperately against his nose, her pussy pumping out waves of mixed juice all over his face and into his mouth. She tried to oblige him by cumming in his mouth, but once her juices spilled across his face, it felt all too good just thrusting herself all over his wet lips, nose and chin. The ride was smooth, slick, and provided just the right kind of stimulation for her to launch into another orgasm right on top of the one already raging inside her.

Alan moaned loudly as she repeatedly flooded his face and smeared her cum all over with her thrusting pussy. She felt his voice rumbling through her, and moaned right along with him. His tongue licked her pussy lips like a lollipop, lapping up every drop he could get. Even when her hips stopped moving, his tongue didn't.

When she realized more juices were sloshing around inside her pussy, she pulled up a bit above his face. "Oh, let me see something.. hold your mouth open.."

She watched Alan's mouth and her pussy, as she clenched her butt and her vaginal muscles with a soft grunt. Sure enough, another flood of mixed liquid spurted gently from her depths, splashing in Alan's mouth and on his face. Another tight clench brought a smaller flood. She gaped in awe and total arousal as she watched her pussy shoot out its load right onto her captive lover.

Chewing on her lip, she gave it another squeeze, watching the juice drip copiously, then sparsely. "Oh, fuck..." she gasped. "Oh my God, that is so erotic!"

Alan couldn't believe this woman. She was incredible. The sight of her pussy shooting out that sweet liquid at his face and mouth, made him groan with pleasure and desire.

It would be a tragic waste to hurt her, once he got free, or if someone caught up with him via GPS. He'd just have to find the right moment to warn her.

His captor, meanwhile, was enjoying herself, settling her pussy back down onto him. "Ooooh," she moaned, gently massaging his face with her mound, "there you go... mmmmm, lick me clean.."

She settled on his mouth as his tongue lapped the length of her pussy, back and forth. She could feel him sucking the moisture off her mound when he was done, and smiled down at him approvingly.

"Ahhhh.. that was wonderful!" she sighed, reaching down to caress his hair. Jerking her hips slightly, she said, "I can still feel the strawberries inside me. I guess they're quite thoroughly soaked in my juices now, aren't they?"

"Yeah," he said, smiling up at her, licking his lips.

She reached down, spread her labia, and placed herself firmly on his lips. "Okay, let's work on getting them out."

She watched as Alan sucked her pussy in earnest, causing the strawberries trapped in her pussy, to slide down. She spread her legs as far as she could to open her pussy up and relax her muscles, but Alan kept moaning, and causing her insides to clench; fortunately, that helped push, rather than pull, and the first one came close enough for his tongue to catch.

"Mmmm..." she cooed as she pinched her nipples, feeling the first fruit leave her pussy with a slick pop. "Oooh, there goes one.." She gently massaged his face with her pussy while he ate the strawberry, then settled so his mouth could give her labia a long, slow, passionate kiss.

"Ooooh!" she gasped, surprised by the sudden wave of pleasure that shot through her. "Oh baby I'm gonna cum... again!"

The strawberry hit her g-spot on its way out, and that was all she needed for another orgasm. She fucked his face quickly, and came with a loud groan, followed by a few soft moans. Her pussy clenched tightly, squirting more mixed strawberry cumjuice onto his face. Warm liquid ran down his cheeks, onto the floor. She could feel it on her feet, and underneath as she inadvertently stepped in the growing wet spot on either side of the exercise bench. But she didn't pay it any mind, as her orgasm continued to rage through her depths.

"Mmmmm... mmmmmmm!!" she moaned, fucking Alan's face hard and fast for a few moments. Finally, her spasms subsided, and she settled onto his mouth again, as she let out a deep, happy sigh.

Again, he sucked her pussy and licked inside her, breathing out on her clit through his nose. She pulled and pinched her nipples as she cooled down, letting the second strawberry leave her pussy on its way to his waiting mouth.

And again, she came, this time sitting firmly on his mouth so he could drink the liquid squirting out of her. It was almost all strawberry juice now, from the remaining fruit trapped inside her. The remaining ice cube liquid trapped behind the strawberry, poured into his mouth when he got the last fruit, and brought her to yet another gentle, less intense orgasm.

Finally, her pussy - and her stamina - were both drained, and after he licked her relatively clean, she dismounted his face to the right, pulled over a chair and a towel, and sat down close enough to kiss his lips.

"Mmmm," they both moaned as their tongues played. She admired Scott's soaked face, and the taste of her in his mouth.

Finally, she just looked down at him and smiled.

"So..." she said, catching her breath. "Do you like the taste?"

Alan looked up at her. "Damn.. like it? I love it. Where have you been hiding all my life?"

She stroked his hair. "Here. Taking care of my father until he passed away from cancer."

His look turned sympathetic. "I'm sorry about that."

She sighed. "It's okay. I've been alone most of my life. Romantically speaking. Except for the occasional break, here and there, to date whatever selfish..." She paused. "Nevermind..."

Alan thought to speak up, but then she stood up. "You've been the most incredible lover I've ever had." she said. "I guess I don't need to tell you how good you made me feel.

He smiled proudly.

"There is," she said, "one more thing I want to do, though.."

With that, she walked back over to where his cock was standing straight up, throbbing, aching, and dripping with precum.

Alan's mouth fell wide open as she straddled him, aimed his cock straight up, and sat down on it, burying him to the hilt inside her wet pussy.

"FUCK!" she gasped, biting her lip as she felt his girth fill her up. Alan groaned and clenched his teeth. "Oh my GOD that feels good..."

Alan jerked and leaked pre-cum inside her right away; it was then that he realized how much he had been turned on by this whole affair.

"Oh that feels goooood..." she gasped, carefully bending down to plant her hands on his chest.

"Fuck.." he groaned, watching her heavy breasts bouncing, trying to hold back as she began to pump her hips up and down on his, massaging and milking his manhood inside her. He clenched his teeth, but then she bent down to kiss him, and broke his concentration.

His pleasure came to a quick boil, and he raced past the point of no return. Unable to free himself, he couldn't push her off.

His captor felt him throb inside her, and then swell, as he started to cum. She'd planned to come off of him, but when she felt his warm, thick cock bulge and stretch her, it felt way too good. She sat down firmly and held him tight with her muscles.

Alan let out a desperate, helpless groan as they kissed. His toes curled up, and his cock lurched, and he shot a long blast of cum deep into her.

Suddenly, she reared her head and let out a loud "Ahhhhhhh!" and came with him. His cum spurted and spurted far into her pussy as she ground her hips against him, jerking, her clit mashing into his pubic hair as they came together. Alan got a good view of her ample bosom as she leaned back and shuddered, and that did it for him. He closed his eyes and relaxed, and flooded her uninhibitedly.

They both cried out with pleasure, as Alan filled her with his warm seed, shooting for distance deep within her. Her fingers dug into his pecs as she milked him relentlessly. Alan gasped with the relief of his incredibly intense orgasm, watching her breasts as she mashed her pussy against his cock, holding him in her depths until his balls were drained.

With a loud groan, she fell onto his chest and licked her way up his neck to his lips.

Then, they smiled at each other, as she took his comfort into mind, and dismounted again, taking her seat next to him, at crotch level while holding one hand under her crotch.

12-01-2007, 02:11 AM
CONTINUED - by LovingTongue * Prisoner To Her Whim Ch. 01

"Oh fuck.." was her first two words that weren't a groan and a grunt. "I feel so full, at last."

Alan caught his breath and gasped, "I'll say.. I've never, ever cum that good before."

Checking the wetness in her hand, she licked her palm. "Mmmm," she moaned, "I can understand why."

Alan chuckled. "Eating pussy turned me the hell on."

She giggled. "See? I knew you'd come to enjoy it."

He nodded. "Yeah, I sure did."

She licked her fingers clean. "Aren't you glad I took you?"

"Mmmmm..." He moaned. "I am, now."

She smiled. "Good." With that, she bent down and licked his cock-head. "First, let me lick you off..."

With that, she licked his cock from his balls to the tip, cleaning their juices off of him with her tongue. Alan sighed and watched with a smile.

She licked her lips when she was done, and gave his cock-head a parting kiss. "There. You deserved that."

"Fuck..." Alan groaned, at a loss for words.

She giggled. "That's what you get when you learn to serve a woman's needs." She put a finger to her lips, and left the room. A moment later, she came back with something in her hand. Quickly, she unlocked his cuffs, first the ones on the right, then the left.

Then, she stood up and said to him, "There...I've set you free."

Not entirely surprised by her move, Alan nonetheless got up, with her help.

She stared into his eyes without saying a word.

He looked around, and stepped forward to give her a kiss. Just to see her smile.

She stepped into his arms, her breasts mashed soft and warm against him, and he embraced her for an even closer, more passionate kiss.

When they stepped back, they admired each other's naked bodies for a moment, before he spoke.

"Hey... what's your name?"

She blushed. "Debbie."

"I'm Alan," he said, taking her hands. "Oh and, uh, my friends know how to track my car in case I get lost or my car breaks down... or I get drowsy. They'll home in on me eventually."

Her mouth fell open.

"Is my cell phone nearby?"

"Cell phone?" she blinked, confused by his question.

"I put it in my coat after I called. And left it on in case someone called."

Her eyes bulged. "Oops."

He nodded. "Someone woulda found me eventually." he winked.

After a moment of shocked silence, she pointed. "It's in the bedroom. With the rest of your clothes."

He chuckled. "Don't worry, Debbie. I can call off the dogs easier that way."

"Your car's just outside." she said. "If that'll help."

He nodded. "A lot," he reassured her. With that, he left and made a phone call.

A few minutes later, he returned.

"Are you going home?" she asked.

"I should, soon." Alan replied, his voice trailing off.

She smiled. "Alan... can I go with you?"

He flashed that all too familiar, wish-come-true smile. "Why, sure. You trust me?"

She giggled and massaged her pussy a bit, bringing her moist finger up to lick it. "No less than you trusted me."

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Great stuff....thanks for posting it

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Great Story well written... thanks for sharing it here.

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i read the entire thing<33 wonderful!

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good story

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