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12-04-2007, 12:56 AM
Ok, not usually my genre but WTF. The story was stuck in my mind for a while. Give feedback if you have the time.

I think dating at 40 is harder than when you are 20. Not only do you still have the stupid insecurities but now most everyone dating has baggage and emotional poison that is carried into each new encounter. With that in mind, I guess I understand how I got my dumb ass into this mess. Damn I should have known better.

It started with several flirty emails and phone calls, thanks to the on-line dating site. After I saw Ginny's picture I decided we should meet for a coffee. If her picture was true to her likeness and she really was as funny as she seemed, my dating drought would quickly be over. Her brown eyes and smile hit that place inside of me that made me want to know more. Even though she appeared about ten years younger than me, she assured me it didn't matter. I was hesitant, but hoped that just maybe I might have some kind of a future with her.

I am a simple guy. I cook, take care of myself, pay my bills, volunteer when I can and am generally liked by most people. My problem is my luck with women. In my past relationships I have run the field of every dysfunctional emotional disorder a woman could have. It is freaky but put me in a room with 10 beautiful single women, 9 of which are emotionally healthy and available and I will pick the tenth that has a psychosis only a therapist can deal with. I don't know why but that has been my luck. Since my co-workers think I deserve a good woman, I trudged through the fiasco of on-line dating to find Ginny.

The first time I saw her in person, I was struck. Ginny is about five feet, four inches and probably about one hundred and five pounds. She has short straight dark brown hair that is thick enough to stick to your fingers when you run your hands through it and her eyes are dark as a hawk's.
I love the depth of feeling when looking into deep brown eyes. Her bright smile lights up her face showing a full mouth of bright white. Her teeth are just crooked enough to show she is not vain enough for caps or cosmetic dentistry. I like that kind of humility in a woman. And her lips. Ummm, her lips are full and naturally deep pink, moist and firm. Her kiss was unequally the best my mouth had tasted. So I was smitten from the neck up. When I noticed her tight little curvy figure, I was hooked. I know a small C cup isn't huge but on her tiny frame, her bosom was fantastic. She knew how to dress and the v neck of her little black dress nearly made me hard at first glance. Had I been her age, my cock would have been straining at my jeans when she reached our her long slender hands to shake hello. I remember how strong her grip was. She was a powerful little gorgeous woman and I liked her immediately.

Our first couple of dates went well. We flirted, laughed and had lots of fun. I could feel the sexual tension but was careful not to press too quickly. In the past I learned the hard way that passion too quickly only makes things clouded and fuzzy. There were times when she seemed a little emotionally needy but I figured she may have been a little nervous or wanting to make a good impression. She hinted about past failed loves and did share that she and her mom had been left by her father. I didn't put much in to any of that because what home isn't broken these days, at least broken in some way? I was getting to know her a bit and I did like her. I hoped it was mutual because she was so fucking hot. And she did seem to like me.

It is hard to get to know someone well if all I can think about is getting her naked. So I went slowly. At least I though I was moving slowly. On our fourth date the wine and good conversation led us to the entrance of her house and when I heard her unlock the door as we kissed I knew I was being invited in.

The moisture of her lips pressing against mine led to her tongue pushing into my mouth. The heat and intensity of her kiss guided me to press my body tightly against hers. Our bodies melded into a mass of quivering nerve ending wanting to be touched. Our jackets hit the floor before the she could put the lights on. We bounced against the wall, and found ourselves pressed against a desk. I lifted her with out strain onto the top of the desk and moved in between her legs to continue our make out session. My hands found the side of her face and I remember hearing her coo as it caressed her pretty face. I worked my hand through her hair as she locked her ankles around my ass. She pulled me into her with her strong little legs. I knew we were going to explore more of each other's bodies,
and took her breast in my other hand. As I squeezed a bit harder, she moaned with pleasure.

“Rick, let's take this to the bedroom ok?

“Damn you are an amazing kisser.”, I said as she took my hand and led me down a set of stairs to the basement.

“Your bedroom is in the basement?”

“Yes, it is cooler down there and from the start of this, we already have enough heat.”

I laughed a little, “Should we stop.”

“I am not done with you yet.”, she said with a giggle.

We walked down a long hallway in the basement. We passed one closed door and she told me that was her office. As we passed the second, she said that was her workshop. Immediately across the hall from her workshop was the door that led to her bedroom. She opened the door into her room. It was very simple with just a dresser, a couple of nightstands and her bed. She had candles on the nightstands and all over her dresser but she didn't have the usual accoutrements that I was used to seeing in a woman's bedroom. There were no wall hangings, pictures of her family or any decorations when I think of it.

I didn't think too hard on it as Ginny was helping my cock to grow with her tight little ass grinding against me. I leaned over to kiss the back of her neck and as I did, her hand reached around to feel the flesh that was outlining my jeans. She was making me want her more. My lips kissed her warm flesh and my hand found her swelling nipple even through her blouse and bra. She wanted me as much as I wanted her. I took a couple of steps, pushing her further into the room. She spun around quickly, kicked the door closed and scampered to the nightstand. She reached her hand into the top drawer and after a little shuffling came up with a lighter. She lit several of the candles.
We didn't speak. She came to me, grabbed my hands and pulled me towards her as she sat down on the bed. I was standing well above her when she took my ass in her hands and kind of hugged my groin. Her head was flat against my groin and she just held me there. My member was fighting to get its way out of my jeans but for almost a minuet she just held me there. I felt silly and it was a little strange but, hey who isn't strange when it comes to sex. I adjusted her grip with my hands and knelt down. Placing my hands on her thighs I look up into her eyes to make sure she was ready. The look in her eyes let me know she was. I approached her soft lips again and pressed my mouth to hers. I couldn't stay crouched like this for too long and was glad when her body gave way to me and we fell towards the bed. We continued to kiss while my hand found her tummy under her blouse. Her skin was hot and beginning to get sticky with sweat. I caressed her breast over her bra and she unbuttoned my jeans. The buttons of her blouse were next, my zipper went down. I unhooked her bra, she took off my shirt. I began to trail my mouth down the nape of her neck towards her wanting hard nipple and she thrust her hand into my boxer shorts. Just about the time my mouth found her nipple, her hand encircled my shaft. We were moving fast and passionately. I knew there wouldn't be time for oral sex, not this time. She wanted to fuck and I needed to fuck her.

Ginny sat up and removed her open bra and blouse. She let out a heavy sigh and said, “Rick, I need to know something.”

“Um, yes I am STD free and tested regularly.”

“Thank you but that's... I want to tell you something.”

“Go ahead,” and I meant it but hoped it wouldn't take long because I was sitting next to this beautiful topless angel and the head of my cock was poking out from under the elastic band of my boxers.

“I like you, a lot. I have dated a bunch of assholes and thus far you are the best man I have ever been this far with. I don't want to freak you out or anything but...”, she paused.

I was thinking if she says 'I love you' I am leaving. Damn if I found another basket case I am done. No more women.

“Rick, do you promise you will be here in the morning?”

That was the big question? Hell yes I will be here. She was hot and from how passionate she had been until the last half of a minuet, I was going to fuck her when we woke up too. “Ginny, I have no where more important to be.” She looked into my eyes and resumed our tongue fuck.

I figured that was that because she encouraged me to take my jeans and boxers off. She slowly slid her hand up and down the shaft of my very hard cock as we continued to kiss. I unhooked her slacks and slid them down her legs. No panties, that is always a good sign. My eyes locked onto her freshly shaved pussy I was happy. I noticed she still had her heels on and moved to remove her black leather strappy shoes. As I unhooked the buckles she said, “I just knew your cock would be perfect. It isn't too small or too big and thick enough to make me cum.”

Damn, she was a little bit of a dirty girl packaged in the body of a doll. I was feeling like the luckiest man and feeling very great full for the internet. 30 years old is old enough for a woman to really know how to fuck. I knew I was in for a fantastic night with a woman I really wanted to have a future with. Why wasn't this one off the market?

I lay nearly on top of her, kissing her and feeling her hot skin urge me back to the extreme passion we had felt just before she asked me if I was going to be there in the morning. Her legs were spread open and my hard cock pressed against her thigh while I suckled her hard nipple. I loved the way her breast felt in my mouth.

With all of the patience and restrain I could muster I moved my body directly on top of Ginny and allowed my cock to brush against her pussy. My cock could feel the heat and I knew she was wet, but wanted to make sure. Never move too fast I reminded myself. I continued to kiss her, caress her breast with one hand as I slid my other hand towards her pussy. My fingers approached her when I felt her moan in my mouth. My hand slid down a bit more to find the bare folds of her pussy. She was hot and slippery. I traced my finger in circles around her clit and slipped one inside, just a little. Her body was ready. Somewhere in my head I wanted her to think I was the best fuck she ever had so I worked a little harder towards her orgasm than mine.

I fucked her with my finger a little more making sure my digit was dripping with her fluid. I slid it out and brought it to our kiss. I knew if she took it in her mouth, I had the right girl. I broke our kiss a little and when she realized what I was doing, she kissed her finger and my lips at the same time. While continuing to kneed her soft titties, I slid my hand back down to her wanting sex. I probed her pussy a few more times to make sure my finger was soaked. Again sliding it out slowly, teasing her body a little, I directly moved towards the hood of her clit. I pressed my slippery finger against her hidden clit and could feel it swell. Her body was gyrating under me, her breath quick and deep. I continued to tease her clit and pussy lips when she ordered, “Rick, Fuck me now.”

Being a good boy I did what I was told. I slid the head of my cock up her slit twice to make sure the entry would be smooth. I pressed the bulbous head against her love opening. With a gentle thrust, I allowed the head to enter her body. Ginny was clawing at my back and her ankles, again locked together at my ass, were desperately trying to pull me in. I resisted, but not much. With each thrust, I allowed a little more of me to penetrate her hot hole. An inch, another inch after about three minuets I slid all seven and a half inches of my cock into her. With rhythmic persistence, I began to fuck Ginny. I was going to make her cum before me. I adjusted my angle just a little so the head of my cock would slide against her G spot every time I pushed into her. Our pubic connection caused her clit to be stimulated when I was deep inside and as I pulled back dragging my cock head across the velvety flesh of her orgasm area, I felt her body tense. Moving my hand to her lower tummy, I pressed down as we fucked. I knew it would cause her pussy to feel me more intensely. Her legs pulled me in, her hands held me tight and her fingernails tore my flesh.

Our bodies bounced against the mattress for a while longer when her breath quickened and her moans turned to squeaks. I felt her pussy began to constrict my thrusting and when I took full awareness of her pending orgasm, moved my finger down to her swollen clit. Her pussy squeezed tight and my body responded. The jism came from my balls and burst out the head filling her. We collapsed together in a pool of sweat. The nearly mutual orgasm was good, and a good start to a relationship.

“I would offer you a glass of water or a beer, but my legs are shaking still.”

“I think we are good at this Ginny.”

“Fuck Rick, I think you are great at this, I didn't do anything and you fucked me to orgasm. I don't remember that happening the first time, ever.”

“I think we can do better.”

Ginny smiles a wry smile and slid over to kiss me. She rolled me on my back and climbed on. She got me hard again and we fucked. Again and again that night our bodies responded to our desires. We did just about everything the first night. We fucked for about five hours and passed out in each other's arms about 3 am. It had been a great night.


I slept a dreamless sleep. My body was spent and my mind as well. I felt I had the one, the right woman that makes everything in life better. As I slowly, very slowly woke I felt high. My mind wouldn't focus. My vision was blurry and something was wrong. I couldn't tell where I was or what day it was. I felt like I had been on a good drunk but I don't remember drinking that much. In the back of my throat I had a metallic taste and for the life of me I couldn't make my body move. I began to get a little frightened.

“Ginny? Are you there?”

“I'm right here. You are alright. We moved to my workshop. I wanted you to be more comfortable while you are here.”

“Why can't I focus my eyes?”

“I don't know? Just give it a second.”

I could tell something was wrong with me but I didn't want to freak out until I knew the reason. I adjusted my breathing and settled my body down. I waited a few minuets and blinked my eyes rapidly. The light was coming in more clearly now. I saw Ginny standing above me, she was stroking my hair. When my eyes gained full focus, I looked down and saw a tube sticking out of my arm. I closed my eyes and threw my head back to the pillow. “What the fuck is going on Ginny?”

I knew I was fucked. I had an IV in my arm at the house of a woman I met on the internet. I reopened my eyes to see how bad it was and tried to scream when I noticed the bloody bandages on the stubs that were formally my hands and feet. No noise would come out, my speech was stifled. The bitch had cut off my hands and feet, but why. Sobbing I looked into her psychotic face and I think she understood my question. Why?

With a smirk Ginny said, “I wished you would have promised to be here in the morning.”

12-04-2007, 02:33 AM
now thats one crazy story......but I liked it, it was very good
keep em cumming

12-04-2007, 05:45 AM
reminds me of that movie "Boxing Helana." Good story thanks Blueshark

02-09-2008, 12:43 PM
yikes! nice :) kinda gave me shivvls

Deputy Duffy
03-01-2008, 03:57 PM
good story and I liked the ending....

08-03-2008, 02:55 AM
wow kinda reminds me of mercy

12-26-2008, 10:22 PM
Very interesting! I didn't expect the ending at all. With the title "Damn Penis" was I supposed to infer that because he followed his urges, he ended up on her workshop bench? I think it would have been better with some foreshadowing. Maybe he could have worried a little more?
Sexy, hot girls can get away with anything, can't they?