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12-05-2007, 03:12 AM
Hello, I am starting this thread for some of my naughty fantasies that I have turned into a chapter by chapter story. I hope you enjoy Rena, and all of her many adventures as much as I have enjoyed creating her. She is a little part of me, and a lot of what I fantasize about.

If you have any suggestions, or ideas about what you would like to see in The Housewife Diaries, please PM me, and I will try to 'whip' something up for you!

Thank you for the time you take to read this. And if you take the time to read this, please take a moment to just post a thumbs up or thumbs down to it.

In advance, I am grateful for your feedback.

Filthily Yours,

12-05-2007, 03:16 AM
I'm starting this diary today, of all days...
because I've just found out that my husband
is cheating on me. As you can imagine,
I was a bit shocked but really- do I care?

He has left me alone for months at a time,
traveling about to sell steel engine parts for
automobiles to all of the major car production
plants around the nation.

I have had to keep myself entertained in whatever
way was available.
Now, for some perverse reason, the exposure
of his affair inspires me to document the things
I have done to find comfort in this small town,
in and out of my lonely bed.

First, Dear Diary, allow me to formally introduce myself.

I am Rena Denton. Wife of Howard Denton (afore mentioned geek).
No children, no pets, no heart. Well, if I had a heart it broke
so long ago that I can no longer remember it.

I am beautiful, self proclaimed of course.
Men whisper it as they cum in me, but I don't always
believe that. I wasn't always a whore, you know. But
of course, you don't believe that, do you?

My body is one that has always
attracted attention, from the time I turned 12.
My features ensure that once they get done looking
at my full breasts and tight ass, that they can't help
but stare into my icy blue eyes, or at my plump red
lips, or at my firecracker red hair.

But, that is enough about me, let us get down to the
reason why we're both here. For fucking. Plain and simple.

12-05-2007, 03:34 AM
Well spill the beans little vixen. You have caught my attention.

12-05-2007, 03:52 AM
In April, the bathroom faucet broke. Hot water poured like a river down the drain.
When I phoned Howard, he told me to call a plumber,
that he couldn't do anything for me while he was in Wyoming.

A knock sounded at the door, opening it,
I was surprised to find a young man in tattered jeans
on my porch. I smiled, " Hi. Can I help you?"

"Uhh yea, I'm Joshua Grant, from Grant's Plumbing.
You called about a leaky pipe?" his eyes roved down to my slightly sheer bathrobe.

I'd taken the chance that I would get a semi-sexy plumber and
not a fat dump of a man with too little belt and too much ass crack to share.

"Well, I'm surprised, you seem awful young to own your own plumbing business."
I grinned, spinning my long red hair back over one shoulder to allow
Joshua the full view.

"Nah, I'm the owner's son. Well, let's see what you've got going on,
and see if we can get it fixed up."
He stepped into the house, I turned and followed watching the jeans
stretch across a beautifully sculpted ass. The tear in his jeans on the upper
thigh gaped with each step,
I could see a feathering of blonde hair against tan skin.
The back of his head had a jagged scar running through
the dirty blonde hair.

"See, leaking like Niagra! " I laughed, tilting my head back to look into the
extraordinarily green eyes the beautiful man child had.

"Yeah, I see. It'll just be a few minutes, looks like your wall pipe has probably
just been stripped out and needs to be replaced."
That smile again. He was truly tempting me.

"Ok, if you'll excuse me, I have to change and then I'll be right back."
I smiled over one shoulder, watching him watching my ass sway.

The bedroom was just behind the bathroom, so I pushed the door closed,
leaving it open just an inch or two,
should Joshua be tempted to peek.

I hurriedly undid my robe, hanging it on the hook beside the closet door.
I peeled off the thin nightie I was wearing,
and tossed it into the clothes hamper.

"Uh, ma'am, I have to run to the truck and get a bigger wrench,
I'll be right back!"

I heard his boots clunk out of the house.
I snuck back to the door and opened it a few more inches,
Joshua would be walking straight towards my room when he came back.

I stood in front of the mirror, my curling,
copper hair pulled to the side, brushing it slowly.
My naked body gleamed white in the mirror, my upthrust nipples hard and aching.
The blush spreading from around them onto my chest
and up my neck. Curse of the redhead.

The curve of my abdomen and hips giving me a
woodland nymph's physicque. I smiled, he was mine.

I heard him come back inside then, heard his steps in the hall.
Closer. Closer. Three more steps.

I heard his sharp intake of breath.
I turned, dropping the hair brush to the plush baby blue rug.

"I'm, I umm sorry." He turned his head to the side, but I moved forward,
I could see the bulge in his jeans, the flush on his cheek bones.

I leaned against the door frame, pulling the door wide so that he
could see all of me. His eyes raced from my nipples to the thin fiery
red path of curls leading down to the juncture of my thighs.

He looked at my face, his look one of panicked surprise.

"How old are you Josh?" I whispered, my voice already husky
from desire.

"Um, I'm 20, ma'am." His eyes were now riveted to my breasts,
bouncing from tip to tip, his pupils dialated.

That little obstacle cleared, I leaned forward tracing my fingers
down his cheek, to grasp his chin, firmly.
I pulled until his gaze met mine, stepped forward to press against
his tense frame. His hands shook as they came to my sides,
his palms were so hot they scalded my cool skin.

I licked his lips lightly, pressing my tongue against
the seam until he opened. Flicking my tongue inside
I could taste the Big Red he'd been chewing earlier.
His lips were soft, moving slowly against mine, his tongue twisting,
tasting me as I tasted him.

"Touch me Josh." I whispered it softly against his mouth.
I placed my hands over one of his and slid it up to cup my breast,
the tips of his fingers rough against my sensitive nipple.

"I've never...umm" He stuttered into silence as he stared at his
hand on my breast.

"I know, it's ok. Come on." I gave his arm a little tug and
pulled him toward the big canopy bed in the center of the room.

My knees hit the back of the mattress, I relaxed letting myself fall back.
I held onto Josh's arm and he fell with me, landing with his knees on either
side of my thighs. His face was so close I could see the blonde whiskers
lining his jaw.

I arched my back, pressing my breasts against the slightly rough t-shirt he
wore. I could feel some sort of spackling on it, scraping my soft skin. I slid
my hands between us, and he inhaled sharply. I traced my fingers down his
sides to tug at the hem of his shirt. Josh raised his body so that I could pull
the shirt off, and over his head. I threw it at the wall and heard it slide to
the floor.

A giggle escaped me at the sheer terror on the boy's face.

"Relax, baby. Get up and take your pants off so I can feel all of you."
I rubbed slowly against his swollen groin, could feel the shaft pressing
through the denim of his jeans.

Poor Josh, his mind must have shut down, because he still didn't move,
so I wiggled up and began unbuttoning his jeans. It must have triggered
some thought in his brain because he jolted back off of the bed and bent
to tug at his boots hurriedly. He jerked off his socks and threw them at
the boots, then practically ripped his jeans off. When he got to his boxers he
stopped and looked at me, the question still present in his eyes.

"These too?" he croaked.

I nodded and smiled. His boxers fled faster than anything else,
but he simply stood beside the bed once they were off and stared at me.
I crawled to the edge of the bed, my plump breasts swinging like pendulums
as I reached for his rigid cock. He was truly beautiful everywhere, the light
blond faded from his flat dusky brown nipples down to a thin line that
crowned above his impressive tools.

I traced my fingertips across the head of Josh's surprisingly thick cock.
Leaning forward, I licked it lightly, hearing his gasp I

smiled and sucked the mushroom tip into my mouth. His hands went to my head
and he pushed them into my thick hair, holding my head softly.

Swirling my tongue under the ridge around his cock, I felt him tense and
groan. I knew that he was probably too close to cumming to continue my play.

I pulled away and saw a sad look of disappointment cross his face.

"Just a minute sweetie, we need a few things. Come lay down." I patted the
bed invitingly and went to the small stand beside the bed. I pulled out a thick

black band made of elastic, a condom and a bottle of liquid KY.

Kneeling in front of the prone Josh, I began to thread the band around the
base of both his cock and balls.

"What is that?" he whispered.

"Just a little something to ensure things last as long as we'd like."
Finished with sliding the ring around Josh's thick cock, I began licking the tip playfully,
his groans urging on my naughty play.

I leaned back, unwrapping the condom and stretching it with my fingers. He
grinned, boyish now in his glee at finally getting laid. I drizzled a thick line of

the KY down his cock, coating it like a beautiful glazed donut.

"Aaaah! It's so cold." He pushed his head back into the pillow, clenching his

hands in the satin comforter.

Rubbing my hands back and forth along his cock, I proceeded to warm up the
lubricant for him. As I fisted his swollen cock slowly, I slid the condom over
and down his throbbing shaft, stopping only when the ring of latex hit the
base of his phallus.

Eager now and panting for long awaited sexual release, I mounted him,
holding the tip of his cock to my soaked pussy. He half sat up, gasping as
I surrounded him, his tanned hands coming to my swaying breasts.
He clasped both of them, as if to steady himself,
but only moaned when I drew myself off and then slammed back
down on his cock.

Pressing his face to my aching nipples, Josh began to suckle like a hungry
child. I swung my hair back to allow him breathing room, and began to
bounce, rapidly on his prick.

"Fuck me Josh. God, just like that! Suck my tits, aaaah! Oh fuck, oh fuck me!"
The throbbing in the slick walls of my cunt was too much I bucked,
twisting my fingers in his short hair, and pulling, as I screamed my orgasm to
the ceiling.

"Oh god, please, I'm gonna cum..ugh" He groaned and thrust wildly
into my spasming cunny, trying to cum but not yet realizing that the thick band at
the base of his tools was preventing his release.

"Not yet! No! Don't you dare stop!" I screeched at him, unable to hold back
the second flood of my juices.

"God damn you!" He bellowed, grabbing for my hair, and jerking my face down
to his. The fever glowing in his eyes should have frightened me, but I knew I
still had control. Reaching between us I tugged at the thick, black band
causing his frustration. When it popped free, I pulled my hand away,
seeing to my horror, the condom also twisted about my fingers.

" Josh, stop, the condom! Stop!" I tried to pull away but he was a man and
not a boy. I struggled but he grasped my hips, his fingers digging
into the sensitive white flesh and bruising.

"No you whore! I'm going to cum! Aaaaah fuck!" He rammed his swelling shaft
into me once..twice, harder than before. Then the white hot heat of his cum,
splattering out onto my fuck stretched cunt walls stopped all logical thought.

For a moment, I lay atop his chest, panting- trying to understand how things
had gotten so completely out of control. Then I slid from his limp grasp,
and stood on the carpet beside the bed.

I picked up his boots, clothes, and threw them at him, earning a satisfying yelp.

"Get out! Now! Get out of my fucking house!" I screamed like a shrewish fishwife,
something I never wanted to be.
He jumped from the bed, mumbling something about crazy bitches.

I chased him from the room, squealing at the top of my lungs.
I slammed the bedroom door behind him, and heard
the front door slam a few moments
After that, I could hear nothing for my own sobbing.

That is when it all began, with a half-man, half-boy child who came inside my
body, marking me a whore. I realized afterwards that the semen was not
nearly so much my problem, as the allure and shame of being a whore. I wanted it.
Every man, every cock, I wanted them all.

Another tale tomorrow my dear, dear diary.

12-05-2007, 03:54 AM
hehe Blueshark, took me longer to spill than I thought. Turns out my great editing doesn't really apply to the site! So long as your attention is caught, I will do my very best to keep you fascinated. :p

12-05-2007, 02:16 PM
This was an exceptional story you've been working on
and shared.

I'd say that no matter what, simply because it's well
written and has all the erotic elements and flow that
a fine adult story should have.

It gives good detail, a logical sequence in the storyline
that is believable and draws the reader in as it should.

Bravo on this one Char.

12-05-2007, 04:19 PM
Dear Diary, I am in lust. Fascinating watching her mind work and develop ideas as she goes along. Thanks for sharing

12-06-2007, 03:31 AM
Thank you Scorpio & Blueshark for your very nice comments. I am working on chapter 2 already, so keep an eye out for filthy Rena!


12-06-2007, 04:26 AM
Dear Diary,
I came as I wrote all of the filthy things I have done. I can't
help but want to experience it time and again. Howard called
today, apologized profusely for fucking around on me, asked
me if I wanted him to come home. I told him I wasn't ready
yet, to face him or the situation. Ha! If he only knew.

Two weeks after my little 'incident' with Joshua the plumber, I
was past my wits end. For a while, I couldn't stand myself for
cheating, for being a whore. But, then I started to masturbate
imaging all the different ways I wanted to be fucked by
different men. That led me to take a little trip into town away
from this stone cold house.

I pulled into the adult toy store at the far end of our crappy
little, single red light, town. My silver eclipse spun the dust
from the store's gravel drive up, and I heard a hillbilly shout a
curse from his vantage point on the tailgate of his truck.

I smirked as I watched him come to stand on the sidewalk in
my rearview. I extended one stocking clad leg, digging the
heel of my black fuck me pumps into the rock and dirt.
Standing, I resisted the urge to tug at the hem of my 4 inch
black leather skirt. But no turning back here. I wanted to be
the whore, and I didn't care who could see my bare ass.

I strutted past the hillbilly, who had now been joined by a few
of his leering friends on the sidewalk. I stopped at the door to
the adult toy shop, pulled it halfway open.

"Ya'll doing allright today?" I amped up my southern drawl for

"Yes, ma'am!" a chorus of gruff male voices answered. A few
of them took that oppurtune moment to adjust their cocks
through the front of their overalls.

My eyes wandered down to each of their hands in turn, and
back up to their faces. Smiling, I went into the adult store.

"Hello." Came the sqeak from a diminutive woman behind
the counter. Her black bee hive hair bobbled as she adjusted
her glasses to get a better look at me.

I knew how I looked, I'd certainly stared in the mirror long
enough before leaving the house. My top was silver, slinky,
and had two straps in the back as its only closure. The front
of the thing gaped just above my ample cleavage and the
bottom landed just above my studded belly button. The black
rose dangling there, glinting in the afternoon sun. My nipples
pushed through the thin shimmering material, the studs
through each bud burrowing through the shirt to leave
nothing to the creativity of someone's mind. What you see is
what you get.

I walked towards the back room, "Are the movies shown
back there?" I asked of the short clerk.

Bobble, bobble, her head went up and down. Yes.

I pushed aside a black curtain smelling of grease, and
something else. Something musky and animal-like.

Before me were 5 booths, each with the back facing towards
the door. A red curtain covered the entrance to each little
cubby and I could see boots of a male persuasion in two of

I had read ****** about the 'fuck holes' to be found in rooms
just like these. I wondered if I would find one here. I strutted
to the far end of the room, my heels clicking on the tacky
grey tile.

Opening the curtain there, I stepped inside the very last
cubby hole. It was located beside one man, but farthest from
the door, just in case anyone overheard what I was up to.

I cleared my throat gently as I sat down gingerly on a very
scrungy wooden stool.

Some shuffling of boots sounded from the booth next to
mine. I turned my head to see a large eye peering at me
through a hole even with my head.

"Gentlemen, I have been alone so very long. I am almost
positive the movie in the booth next to mine will be better
than any of the others." Once again, I pushed my deep south
accent to give them the impression that I was just a silly
southern bumpkin.

The sounds of movement, and the slide of denim next to me
drowned out anything else I might have said. The hole next
to my head was suddenly filled with a large weeping,
engorged cock head.

The purplish tip of the strangers cock winked at me in the
dim room. I smiled and slid my hand around the thick shaft,
pulling the skin back to examine the pouting mushroom head
carefully. Deciding everything looked safe, I slid forward on
my stool, placing my other hand carefully on the one semi-
clean spot I could find on the wall.

I licked the head gently, running the tip of my pointed tongue
around and beneath the ridge.

"Ahhhh" came the low moan from the man in the next booth.

I removed my hand from his cock, slipping it into the hole I
had cut in my pantyhose for ease of access.

I slipped two fingers into my throbbing pussy, as I mouthed
the length of my friend's cock. As I reached the very base of
his cock, I flicked my tongue out to trace the outline of the
tops of his balls.

Furiously pounding my fingers in my cunt, I began sliding the
cock in and out of my mouth, working my neck to let him hit
the soft inner side of my cheek, sliding back and down my
throat. Then back out. And in.

So caught up in my game was I that I never realized
someone had approached my booth until the curtain was
jerked aside.

I pulled my mouth from the engorged organ of the man in the
next stall, and gaped at what appeared to be a county
deputy. The star pinned to his white t-shirt giving away his

"Officer, umm.." I mumbled, searching my brain for some
sort of excuse to keep me out of jail.

The cop just grinned, and shook his head.

"No need for that sugar, I'm not here to arrest you, unless
you like to be cuffed?" his chuckle made it clear that I was in
the best kind of trouble.

He knelt on the floor pushing the few inches of my skirt up,
revealing the soaked, gaping hole in my panthose, as well as
my drooling cunt.

"Well, keep on sucking darlin. He looks to be getting kind of
impatient." With a nod of his head, he indicated the cock still
potruding from the wall.

I leaned back to my task, swallowing the cock whole as I
eyed the cop between my thighs warily.

He leaned forward and sniffed deeply of the heady scent
surrounding my crotch.

"MMmmm delicious!"

He began to wiggle two fingers inside of my tightening pussy.
I moaned around the man's cock who was now furiously
thrusting in and out of my mouth.

Leaning forward again, the cop pushed his hat off his head
and let it roll down his back to the floor, revealing a headful of
thick dark brown hair. He was considerably younger than
what I had first taken him for. He was 30 at the most.

He looked into my eyes for one long moment, and swiped his
tongue the entire length of my slit. He began suckling my
swollen clit hungrily, as though pulling a nectar from me.

The man began bucking into my mouth, gasping loudly from
the next booth. I held my lips into a tight circling, giving him
just the right amount of pressure and friction to bring him to

The first few spurts of the hot white goo erupted into the roof
of my mouth, I struggled to swallow but lost all thought as I
bucked my hips up, into my tormentors mouth, feeling the
first shards of my orgasm splintering apart.

As the cock in my mouth exploded fully, releasing a gush of
hot salty liquid, I let it run down the sides of my mouth,
dripping onto my chest.

I writhed and twisted beneath the cop's talented mouth as he
drove me to my peak with his tongue lashing. When I could
bear it no more, I screamed, and threw back my head, hitting
it hard on the wall behind me.

I slipped from the stool to lie in a puddle at the officer's feet.
He stood, smiling down at me with my cum covered face and
clothes. The other man stepped around the corner of my
booth and smiled down as well, as he zipped up. I couldn't
help but notice the star pinned to his shirt, too.

"Well, I guess we'd better get back to patrol before dispatch
figures out we ain't been answering that damn radio for an
hour or more." Spoke the man who I'd just sucked off.

"Thank you for the good time darlin. Your movie was a hell of
a lot better than the shit we were watching." They both
chuckled their way out the door.

I stood, gingerly, touching the back of my head to check for
permanant damage.

Not bad for my first trip into being a 'real' whore. I smiled as I
readjusted my clothes, and continued smiling as I strutted
back out past the hillbillies on the sidewalk to my little silver

The whistles followed me down the road, and I knew that I
was hooked. Nothing would ever satisfy me quite like this
rush, anymore. I knew it in me, just like I knew I wouldn't stop
this game I played. Not now, not ever.

12-06-2007, 05:30 AM
good stories cant wait to read the rest

12-06-2007, 06:42 AM
great story thread, well written can't wait for more. Thanks

12-06-2007, 06:35 PM
A little booth action going on here.

You've got the right stuff goin' on here girl.

Damn nasty little tale you're weaving up and
this new addition really cums on strong.

Bravo to you!!!

12-06-2007, 11:13 PM
Thank you for the kind comments, and I'm glad everybody has enjoyed. I am thinking up a new story scheme, trying to get creative. But my brain is trying to crash on me after a long day at work!



12-09-2007, 06:20 PM
Dear Diary,

I'm so horny that it hurts, but I've still
not completely adjusted to my dual sexual life. I
am unsure whether it is safe to continue doing
as I have, or whether I will get caught by
Howard, or someone will tell him. I want it,
though, that painful rush towards orgasm in the
most filthy, illicit of ways. I dream erotic dreams,
I want and need to be fucked like the whore that
I am.

April 28, 2007

I ventured out of the house, just to see if I would
be brave enough to find someone to fuck.
Deciding that secrecy was more important than
boosting my ego, I wore a knee length denim
skirt with a tattered slit in the front. I wore a loose
eyelet white tank top, as the weather was
already scorching hot. Easy access should I find
that special man, but not so easy that I got

Strolling into the one fashion clothing store in
this little crappy ass town, I looked around at the
clothes they had for sale. I always wonder where
this store gets it's ideas about fashion. No one
has wore jumper overalls since the 80s.

While I was shopping, I noticed an odd figure
towards the back of the store. In a black
trenchcoat, big black boots and a dusty hat, it
was immediatly clear that this was not a townie.
Following along as closely as I dared, I tried to
get a peek at the man's face. He was so tall, and
his hat blocked the view, so that I couldn't even
make out the side of his face.

Deciding that I could get out of trouble by
screaming, should he turn out to be a weirdo, I
nonchalantly followed him into what I prayed was
a deserted men's restroom.

As I rounded the corner facing the urinals, I got
my first look at his face. His eyes were a deep,
dark midnight blue, and the look in them was
ruthless. His hair was straight and black and I
could see wisps of it sticking out from beneath
his hat. His face would have been handsome,
save for the long jagged scar that crossed one of
his high cheek bones, disappearing beneath the
hat. Something I hadn't noticed while following
him, he was clearly an Indian. His skin was a
burnished copper that only a native could have.

This certainly took things to a new level. I had
been raised a proper southern girl, we didn't mix
with other races or cross breeds. But God he
looked good, and mean. I wanted his cock in me
so much that I could already feel the slickness of
my arousal on the tops of my thighs.

Coming full face with the mirrors above the
urinals, I was pleased to see that it was just the
loner and myself in the bathroom. His head
jerked as I walked slowly in, our eyes capturing
each other in the mirror as he finished pissing
and began to zip up his jeans.

Swaggering slowly towards me, he never took
his eyes off of mine. When he reached me he
stopped, and placed his giant hands on his hips.

"Can I help you Agiya? You seem to be lost."

The look in his eyes told me that he knew I
wasn't lost at all. So I made no attempt to
explain, I simply went to my knees in front of
him. And reached out to unzip his jeans. His
hands settled over mine to still their busy action.

"Why so eager for the finish line when we have
just begun the race? We can have so much
more fun, you and I, before that time comes."

English was clearly not his first language, but on
his tongue it sounded lyrical. I gazed up at him
as he tugged on my arms to pull me to my feet.
Dazed with my need, I watched as he turned the
lock on the bathroom door, the deadbolt sliding
firmly into place.

No turning back now. I'd have to get through
him, and the locked door to get away. Not that I
really wanted to get away.

He held out one thick, brown hand to me, and
whispered something that I couldn't understand.
Placing my hand in his, he began pulling me
towards the only stall in the men's room. He
tugged me inside and pushed the door closed
behind him. He removed his coat, covering the
toilet with it.

Without the coat, it was clear that he was not as
lean as I had thought. Corded muscles showed
through the thin fabric of his grey undershirt. His
arms looked like small tree branches as they
came around my waist, pulling me against his
hard form. His mouth found mine, thick soft lips
brushing, pushing against mine.

I began to sink into his kiss, my eyes drifting
close and his tongue slipped deftly between my
lips. I went limp in his arms, revelling in the feel
of him all around me.


I was brought rudely to reality by the stinging
slap he delivered to my ass as we kissed. I
jerked and attempted to pull away from him. I
didn't like this sort of thing. He held tight, pulling
me closer, his mouth coming down on my neck
and began suckling. I started to relax again,
enjoying the sensation he was creating with his
mouth to my throat.


"Hey stop it! I don't like that shit."

" Trust me, you will like it." His deep chuckle
coursed through me, making me shiver with fear
and longing.

"Turn around and show me that little bottom."

When I did not immediately do as he asked, he
slapped my ass again, this time harder than
before. I turned quickly around, and felt his hand
at the back of my neck, pushing me forward over
the toilet. My hands found purchase on the wall,
as his knee slid between my thighs, pushing
them apart.

He raised my skirt slowly, and I heard his sharp
intake of breath when he realized I had nothing
on under the denim. His hand descended again
on my bared ass cheek. I gasped, biting my lips
to keep from crying out. Again, and again,
alternating between the globes of my ass, he
slapped me. I began to feel a burning heat in my
painful cheeks, but still I held my mouth tightly
closed, trying not to cry. Hot tears rolled down
my face as the pain began to sear my ass. My
cunt started to weep, the stick liquid running
rampantly down my thighs. Some animal part of
me loved being beaten like this, even as my
mind rebelled against it.

" I can see how wet you are little one. Your body
gives you away. Did you think I would lie?
Surrender and I will hit you no more. Give it to
me, and I will stop." He taunted me in a sing
song voice, the husky timbre causing me to

Another slap landed on my swollen bottom and I
cried out, too weak to scream. I felt my knees
begin to collapse and knew I was falling, but then
his hands were there, lifting me in his arms. He
spread his coat on the stall floor. He laid my limp
body on the coat, face down. He began adjusting
me so that my ass was in the air, my damp
cheek pressed against his coat.

"Ssssh it is alright. Don't cry, I won't spank you
any more. " He whispered against the back of
my neck as he undid the tie to my shirt.

I felt his hands, rubbing lightly against my
bruised ass and then felt his hot breath there as
he laved the welts I could feel, but not see, with
his tongue. He caressed and rubbed me until I
felt as though I might go to sleep, except for the
throbbing deep inside that I still felt, pulsing expectantly.

His hands slipped beneath me, lifting my chest
and grasping my breasts in each of his meaty
palms. He rubbed them in circles, stopping to
lightly pinch a nipple every few seconds. I began
to grind my hips back, against the rough denim
of his jeans, and the hard cock I could feel
pressing to be free.

"I will give you what you want and need little one.
I will make you feel something you have never
felt before. The uganawu. The heat, little one, I
will sear youe soul with it."

I heard the zipper on his jeans, then the rustle of
denim as he pushed pants down. I tried to look
out of the side of my eyes, to see him, but all I
could see was one dark brown muscular thigh. I
felt the heat of him then, his whole lower half
pressed against my ass and thighs. I wondered
vaguely what he meant by something I had
never felt before, but lost all train of thought as
his hand cupped my pussy.

I felt the press of his cock head to my cunt as
he slowly pushed in and then slid back out. He
grunted, either in appreciation or strain, I could
not tell. But then he slammed his cock home,
completely inside of me. I moaned, feeling
stretched, too full, to accomodate the sheer
length of him. He slid slowly, in and out, his hips
rotating each time he thrust into my soaked cunt,
stretching the entrance.

"Now it is time to show you the heat, little one.
Just relax, and you will come to love it."

"What do you mean?" I whispered in the quiet of
our little hideaway.

"There are no words to describe the pleasure
that can be had in this way, if you trust me I will
show you." I nodded. "Good, then just relax."

I was afraid, but I wanted to feel the heat he
kept talking about. And strangely I did trust him,
he had been brutal but also caring and kind.

His hand slipped around to my clit, burrowing
into the slick folds of my pussy. He pressed two
fingers inside of me, his last finger caressed my
anal ring as he rubbed my clit furiously with his
thumb. I wanted to scream my orgasm to the
ceiling, but knew I could not, and bit down on my
lip until it bled.

As I came down from my earth shattering
completion, I felt his hands, hot and rough on my
raw ass. Felt him press the firm globes apart, as
he rubbed the length of his cock up and down
my slit. His cock fully coated with cream, I felt it
press against the tight ring of my anal canal.

I whimpered in expectation of searing pain in my
ass, but instead I felt the slick heat of his cock,
pressing slowly into my second hole. He
stretched me beyond anything I had ever known,
the slick walls of my ass clenching around his
swollen shaft. He pumped into me, once twice,
slowly. Then I felt a gush of air and pressure as
he pulled the shaft of his cock from my anal
tube. I heard him take two deep breaths, and
then he rammed his cock deep inside of me in
one long thrust.

He became wild, shoving his cock madly into
my stretched asshole, pumping until I felt him
begin to swell even more. His first blast of cum
hit deep within me, burning the walls of my fuck
tube as he continued pistoning out of me. When
he slumped forward, and jetted even more thick
spunk into me, I fell onto the floor, my knees
unable to hold me anymore.

It was then that I heard the banging on the
bathroom door, shouts echoing in the hall
outside. My stranger jerked away from my prone
body, and began to re-dress quickly.

"We have over stayed our welcome, I think. Let's
go out of this window, before they find a way in."

He pulled me up by my arms and pushed me
towards the window, I struggled to pull my shirt
back up and my skirt down. I could feel the
warm, wet liquid pouring from my abused ass,
out and down the backs of my thighs.

We made a hasty get away, with one last
crushing kiss, my stranger rode away on an old
battered looking Indian motorcycle, the dust trail
making my eyes water. Or perhaps it was the
what-ifs that made me cry. What if he could have
stayed? What if I could have went with him?

But as you recall, I have no heart, so it was
surely just the dust.

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Wonderful, Char! teasingly hot! :D

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Fantastic Char. Thanks for getting your creative juices flowing. They sure helped mine to cum out. Thanks bunches.

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