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06-29-2006, 02:52 AM
Auctioned for Reality
by KarenKay (karen@karenkay******.com)


A young white wife signs up to do a reality show where
her and other wives are auctioned to be taken to an
Island and paired off with black men for the purpose of
impregnation. (FFM, bi, reluc, mc, voy, intr, rom)


Cindy had butterflies in her stomach as she waited for
her ride that would take her away from her husband and
her home for the next several weeks. She stood in front
of the living room window wishing that she had never
agreed to doing this silly thing in the first place.

Gary walked inside from the backyard and walked up
behind his wife and said, "Honey. Are you sure you want
to go through all this? We can always give the money
back they gave us and call it all off."

Cindy turned and grabbed her husband's arm and leaned
over and gave him a kiss and said, "Gary. We already
spent most of the money on a new truck and we signed
the contract and I'm afraid they would take legal
action if I backed out now."

Before they could discuss the matter any further, the
limo pulled into the driveway and Cindy turned to her
husband and said, "Honey. Make sure you eat while I'm
gone and I'll call you every day."

Gary gave his wife a hug and a long kiss than took her
hand as they walked out the front door to the waiting
limo. The driver was holding the back door open for her
as they made their way out to the waiting car.

Gary kissed and hugged his wife for several minutes
until the driver finally said, "We're going to have to
be going here soon."

Cindy got into the back seat as Gary kissed his wife
one more time and backed away and said, "I love you."

Cindy replied, "Honey. I love you too and I'll call you
as soon as I can and let you know I'm all right."

The driver shut the door and got into the car and
backed out of the driveway. Cindy had rolled the window
down and was waving at her husband as he watched the
car pull around the corner and got onto the main

Gary waited until the limo was completely out of his
site before he turned and walked back into the house.
Gary walked directly over the kitchen counter and took
the contract they had signed and sat down at the table
and began looking it over for the hundredth time.

It all started several weeks ago when Cindy got laid
off from her job at the accounting firm after four
years. She had heard about this opportunity from a man
that worked at the mall. Gary had remembered how Cindy
had told him how the man approached her with a clip
board in his hand and said that they were looking for
certain type women to do a new reality show and that
she was the type they were looking to sign.

The man had told Cindy that they were going to pay
twenty-five thousand dollars if she was one of the
lucky women they choose for their show. He explained to
Cindy that she had an opportunity too win up to three
million dollars.


A week later, they got a phone call from their agency
that said that Cindy had been selected to participate
and if she was interested than she would have to sign
the contract that day.

They were so excited that both Gary and Cindy made an
appointment for them to come out to the house that
afternoon and everything was signed and sealed when the
presented a check for twenty-five thousand dollars.

They went out that day and bought a new pickup truck
with most of the money and the following week, Cindy
was taken to their doctor and given a complete

Cindy had said they gave her the most complete physical
she ever had and they said that because of their
insurance policy with the show that she could not take
any medication that wasn't prescribed by their doctor.

This included Cindy's birth control prescription which
they exchanged for a prescription that their doctor
prescribed. They were also concerned with her weight
and said she was exactly the size they wanted her to be
and wanted to make sure she stayed on a strict diet to
maintain that weight.

They explained to Cindy that she would be involved in
the project for the next twelfth to sixteen weeks
depending if she followed through every procedure that
she would be expected to do.

Gary was flickering through the pages at everything
they made her sign and was concerned with most with was
the last page. It was very confusing to understand and
Gary had wished he had hired an attorney to look over
the documents.

Gary focused on one particular page which seemed to
detail the fact that Cindy had to obey all of their
rules and agree to any demand upon their request. There
was also a statement which went into detail that if a
request was not carried out on a timely matter that
they had the right to detain Cindy until any and all
procedures were enacted and complete.

Toward the bottom of the last page, there was a note
that was underlined that stated that the contract was
legal binding and transferrable to new ownership.

Gary scratched his head wondering exactly what that
sentence meant as he leaned back in his chair wondering
how Cindy was doing at that moment.

Cindy had been driven from their Southwest Florida home
just inside Tampa city limits when the driver pulled
the limo off the expressway ramp and into a service
station and stopped.

A tall woman with red hair was standing outside the
limo and the driver opened the door for her and she
climbed into the back seat next to Cindy.

The woman extended her hand out to Cindy and said, "My
name is Cheryl and I'll be your assistant for the first
phase of our program. I'll need you to put this
blindfold over your eyes until we reach our secret

The driver got back into the car and Cindy could hear
the tires squeal as they pulled away. Cheryl seemed
very nice as she reassured Cindy that everything was
fine and they would be at their secret location within
a few minutes.

Cindy could feel the car making some sharp turns than a
sound of a garage door opening and the car moving again
until a few seconds later, Cheryl said, "Cindy. We are
here and you can take your blindfold off now."

Cindy stepped out of the car which had been driven into
what appeared like an underground parking garage. Cindy
followed Cheryl toward an elevator than waited as the
door opened and a man was standing inside and smiled at

Cindy smiled in return as Cheryl introduced her to the
man whose name was Jeff. Jeff said he was in charge and
they were going to go up to Cindy's room. Once the
elevator reached the desired floor, they stepped off
and Jeff said, "Cindy. I'll see you later. Cheryl will
take you to your room and give you some details on how
to prepare yourself for our first event."

Cheryl walked Cindy down a long hallway to one of the
doorway's and knocked and a few seconds later the door
opened. A woman was standing their smiling as Cheryl
said, "Hello Lisa. How is everything going so far, are
you feeling more relaxed than you did when I saw you

Lisa responded and said, "Yes. I'm not as nervous as I
was when we arrived today."

Cheryl replied, "Lisa. This is Cindy and she will be
your new roommate and you can show her where everything
is located and explain everything I told you when you
had arrived. Cindy's dress and shoes are in the closet
next to yours."

Cindy walked in the room as Cheryl said, "Cindy. We
will be delivering your lunch up here to your room and
both of you ladies can eat than we'll have a makeup
artist come up and prepare you both for our first event
this evening."

Cheryl smiled at Cindy as she closed the door leaving
the two women alone as Lisa said, "It's really nice to
have someone here to talk to, and I was getting upset
being alone in here."

Cindy smiled and replied, "I was very nervous myself
and wondered when I was going to meet someone else that
signed up to do this reality thing."

Cindy went on to say, "I've only been gone away from
home for a couple hours and already miss my husband."

Lisa smiled and said, "What's your husband's name and
how long have you been married?"

Cindy replied, "His name is Gary and we've been married
for four years now. Are you married?"

Lisa said, "Yeah. My husband's name is Tim and we been
married for almost four years and I miss him too."

Cindy and Lisa talked while Lisa showed her the room
and both women found out that neither had any children
and thought it was funny that both of them were almost
exactly the same size and age.

They were both twenty-seven years old, five-six in
height and both had blonde hair and both had similar
figures. They laughed when they compared their sizes
and found out that they both took a 36D size bra.

They were served lunch which consisted of large salad's
and after they had eaten, they had been instructed to
place their clothing into two bags which had been
marked with their names A note inside their bags said
that they had to take everything off including any
jewelry they were wearing with the exception of their
wedding and engagement rings.

Both women were hesitant when they also read that their
purses had to be included with the other items and
would be returned at the end of the program.

The ladies took their showers and dried their hair and
put on the only garment other than the dresses that
were supplied to them. They were pink matching satin
halter chemises' which barely covered their ass cheeks.

The women were both measured for size during their
exams and the articles had been carefully selected for
them prior to their arrival.

Within the hour, a Spanish woman arrived who took their
bags out of the room and shortly there after, the
makeup artist came in and carefully worked his magic on
the women. Lisa and Cindy were very attractive and
really didn't need to wear much makeup but this man
seemed to be bringing out special highlights in them
that made them look sexy.

The women laughed when he finally finished with them
and left the room because they knew he was gay the way
his mannerism had been.

The Spanish woman came back into the room and told them
it was time for them to get dressed and retrieved the
dresses for them that had been hanging in the closet.

The woman waited as the ladies slipped the chemises'
off and started helping Cindy with her dress first.
Both dresses were pink in color and were made out of
polyester. Cindy thought the dress was ripped along the
hem but the Spanish woman said the dresses were called.
"Handkerchief dresses."

The dress left Cindy's arms bare and was low cut
leaving her breasts exposed almost down to her nipples
plunging down and lifting them at the same time.

It had a low waist line and the skirt section was sort
of pleaded and the hem was cut at different lengths
which was the reason why it was called a handkerchief
dress. It fit tight on Cindy and the material was very
thin which made her nipples poke out.

Cindy stood in the mirror and adjusted the dress as the
woman helped Lisa into her matching dress than watched
as the woman retrieved matching pink heels.

The heels were pink, five inch heels with crisscross
style with a side buckle that lopped around the ankle.
Both women sat on the edge of the bed and put on the
heels as Cindy asked, "Are there matching panties' that
we should put on?"

The woman replied and said, "No madame. This is how
they want you to dress for the first event tonight."

Cindy replied, "But someone could easily see under the
material of this dress because it's so thin and if
there is a breeze than they we see everything!"

The woman replied in a thick Spanish accent and said,
"Madame. I'm only doing my job. I don't make the

Cindy was speechless as she glanced at Lisa waiting to
see her reaction to the woman's comment when there was
a knock on the door and Cheryl walked in and told the
woman she could go and walked over to Cindy and Lisa
and said, "Please sit down on the bed and I'll explain
what is going to take place this evening."

The ladies sat down watching Cheryl as she stood it
front of them and continued. "Ladies. Our first event
will be the auction tonight. You will be brought out
onto a stage where the bidders will have a chance to
see you. After you have paraded around, the auctioneer
will start the bidding for you. I want both of you to
walk around and act seductive and keep smiling at the

Cindy and Lisa both sat on the bed with their mouths
wide open as Cindy said, "You mean you expect us to go
out in front of a bunch of people dressed like this and
act seductive for them. Cheryl. I'm a married woman and
so is Lisa and I can't do something like that."

Cheryl cut Cindy off from saying anything else and
said, "Remember. You both signed on to do what we ask
of you and you were paid in advance to participate."

Cheryl folded her arms and continued to speak. "Now I'm
going to tell you what's in it for both of you. You
will be paid 10 percent of whatever the highest bid is
and that means for your benefit that you both should
walk out there on that stage and act as seductive and
happy as possible to entice the bidding to go up as
high as possible."

Lisa asked, "Do you mean that if the bidding goes to
one thousand dollars than we get one hundred each?"

Cheryl smiled as she replied, "That's right. I can
assure you the bidding will reach into the millions
which will make it very beneficial to both of you."

Cindy than asked, "What will happen after the auction?
What will they do with us?"

Cheryl laughed and said, "Don't worry. Nobody is going
to hurt you if that's what you're worried about. There
will be thirty women auctioned off tonight and both of
you will be auctioned off together. The bidder may
purchase other women and wherever you end up, you will
all work as a team and compete for extra money."

Cheryl motioned for the ladies to stand and said, "OK.
Now if you are finished with the questions we will walk
out the stage area and wait until it's your turn. Just
remember that the other woman will be trying to get the
highest prices from the bidders as well so be very
competitive when you are out on the stage and don't
hold anything back."

Lisa looked at Cindy to see if she was going to ask
anymore questions than spoke up herself and said, "This
dress is very short and people will be able to see
everything if the stage is elevated enough."

Cheryl replied, "Lisa. That's the whole idea to let
everyone take a look at what you have so the bidding
goes high. Don't be ashamed, all the women here tonight
are married and will be dressed similarly to what you
both are wearing."

The wives were nervous as they followed Cheryl to the
elevator and got off on a lower floor and walked down a
long hallway and turned at the end and walked through a
door which was the back stage area.

There was a group of woman standing on one end and as
Cheryl had mentioned, was dressed as seductively as
they were dressed. Some women were blonde and some
redheads and a few brunettes as well.

They were all dressed in a pair just like Cindy and
Lisa were dressed and the ladies could hear the
auctioneer talking out on the stage. The auction was
already underway as they heard the auctioneer yell out.

Cindy and Lisa watched as two blondes walked through
the curtain with a man as they were escorted past them
and out the door.

Those two women had already been auctioned on the stage
and two more women were on their way through the
curtain as Cindy and Lisa waited their turn.

Cheryl was talking to every woman waiting in line and
than walked in front of Lisa and Cindy and said, "OK.
Your going to go on stage as soon as those two women
are finished so be prepared and remember what I told
you to do and smile while your out there and give them
something to make them bid up your price!"

Cindy waited until Cheryl had walked away and turned
toward Lisa and said, "I don't know if I can do this,
I'm so nervous."

Lisa took Cindy's hand and replied, "I'm nervous too
but if we have to do this than lets go out there and
make us some money. It will be over in a few minutes

Minutes later the wives heard the same words from the
auctioneer. "Sold."

Cindy and Lisa watched as two redheads walked past them
with a mail escort and Cheryl motioned for them to walk
through the curtain and out onto the stage.

The wives walked through the curtain and Cheryl held
their hands as she walked them to the center of the
dark stage and whispered. "Ladies. The spot light will
come on in a couple minutes so get ready and good

Cheryl left them standing on the stage in the dark and
all they could hear were the many voices in the crowd
waiting for the light to be turned on. Suddenly the
spot light came on and the crowd of mostly men began to
cheer as the women tried to smile and hold a sexy pose
for them.

The auctioneer began to speak and said, "OK. Please
welcome our next two wives, Cindy and Lisa who are
identical in size at five-six with beautiful full
breasts which measure 36D and as some of you can see,
they are garmented to be natural blondes. They are both
twenty-seven years old, healthy and very fertile."

Cindy and Lisa stood trying to smile and understand why
the auctioneer was being so personal about their body's
but got distracted from their thoughts as the
auctioneer began the auction for them.

The auctioneer began saying. "OK. Now that you have
seen the merchandise, who will start the bidding at
five hundred thousand . . . I got five hundred, . . .
Who will make it seven-fifty . . . OK . . . One million
. . . Who will give me a million?"

Cindy and Lisa moved around on stage giving the bidders
a good look at them as the auctioneer continued on.
"Who will give me four million? . . . Got four, now
five million . . . Yeah . . . Now who will give me
seven million . . . ?"

The wives kept listening as the auctioneer continued
with the bidding than spoke directly to the ladies and
said, "Give them a peak at your bush and let them all
see your both natural blondes."

Cindy and Lisa didn't have to do a thing because the
stage was rigged with little jets of air that squirted
up from the floor which made their dresses raise giving
the bidders a complete look at their bodies from the
waist down.

The bidding had shot up to fifteen million dollars and
Cindy and Lisa continued to smile and turn around so
everyone could see them. The air shot up from the floor
again and the bids went even higher as the ladies stood
and waited for the auctioneer to yell out that they had
been sold.

Within the next two minutes the price had reached
twenty million dollars and the auctioneer began his
ending speech and said, "Is there anyone else in on the
price of twenty million? ...Do I hear twenty-one
million anywhere . . . going once . . . twice . . .
Sold for twenty million dollars?"

Cindy and Lisa tried to look around to see who the
winning bidder was that paid so much for them but the
light went off and a man with a flash light walked out
onto the stage and escorted them back behind the

As they walked away, two more women were being taken
out onto the stage to be auctioned. The man took them
back to their room and just before leaving he turned
and said, "Cheryl will be back shortly to explain what
is going to happen next."

Cheryl walked into their room shortly after and had a
cell phone in her hand and explained that she wanted
them to call their husband's and let them know they
were all right and tell them it would be at least a
week before they would be able to call them again.

Cheryl also told them not to mention what had taken
place that evening because they wanted to keep
everything a secret. Cindy and Lisa took about thirty
minutes each with their husband's on the phone and were
soon taken back down to the parking garage to the
waiting limo again.

The driver was standing next to the car with the door
open as Cindy and Lisa approached and they turned back
at Cheryl when they reached the car and waited for her
to tell them where they were going.

They didn't have to wait for an answer because Cheryl
told them immediately and said, "You will be traveling
to your new owner tonight and I just wanted to tell you
that you did well tonight up on the auction platform.
We will be sending checks out to your husband's in the
morning for the amount of two million dollars for each
of them."

Cheryl gave them both a hand shake and wished them well
over the next few weeks as Cindy and Lisa got into the
limo. They were startled to find four other women
seated with them in the back of the long limo along
with a man who smiled at them and said, "Welcome
ladies. I'm Don and you will be joining these ladies to
your new owner."

Don had all six women put blindfolds on while they
drove away from the building and told them to leave
them on until he said it was ok to remove them. Cindy
and Lisa felt more relaxed with the other four women
riding with them in the car. Although nobody said a
word until Don told them it was all right to remove the
blind fold.

Cindy and Lisa noticed the other woman were wearing the
same style dresses only in black and red with matching
heels. Two of them were redheads' and two were
brunettes. It seemed as if whoever did the bidding
wanted to have a pair of each. The women were all
laughing and joking about it too as they drove down the
expressway to the airport.

Everyone exchanged names as they drove to the airport.
Lisa and Cindy were introduced to the two redheads
first whose names were Jeanette and Betty. Next they
were introduced to Diana and Mary, the two brunettes.

They arrived at the airport and boarded a chartered
plane and it took nearly four hours to reach their
destination which was kept a secret as well as the
location they were at in Tampa. Wherever they were
taken, it was a tropical place which had a private
airport large enough to accommodate the plane they had

They were taken by limo down a dirt road and they
couldn't see anything other than trees and what looked
like a jungle because it was so dark. The limo pulled
up to a large iron gate which opened automatically than
the limo pulled in and up to a large mansion.

The women were taken from the limo and Don escorted
them to the front door of the mansion and said,
"Ladies. This is the place that you will be calling
your home for the near future. I hope you enjoy your
stay here and I will introduce you to Stella."

A woman walked out of the darkness from the dark night
and walked up the stairs toward them and thanked Don as
he walked back to the limo and drove off. Stella was a
dark-haired woman in her forties. Very tall and slim
with long black hair and she walked in front of the
women and smiled than said, "Welcome ladies. Let me
take you inside and show you your rooms. I know it's
been a long day for you today and we have many things
for you to do tomorrow so you must get some rest."

Stella took them inside the large mansion and the women
looked around at its large size and beauty. There was a
grande circular stairway which Stella walked them to
and said, "I', going to take you straight up to your
rooms and will give you a tour of the mansion

When they got up to the second floor, each wife was
given their own suite and Cindy and Lisa gave each
other a hug before they entered their own suite for the
night. It had been a long day and the women had no idea
what was planned for them tomorrow or for that matter
what the plans was for any of them over the next few


The women were allowed to sleep in late the next
morning and unlike when they first arrived at their
first room, they found their suites well stocked with
supplies including a robe instead of the skimpy outfits
they had to endure before and during the auction.

Cindy had just finished the breakfast that had been
brought up to her suite when Stella made her first
appearance that morning and greeted Cindy and said that
she had already spoke with the other women.

Stella made sure that Cindy had finished her breakfast
which consisted of fruit and cereal and said, "Honey. I
want you to remove your robe for me please."

Cindy had a look of surprise on her face as she starred
at Stella but Stella made another comment before Cindy
could disapprove and listen to Stella as she said,
"Cindy. Your going to get more accustomed to nudity
while you're here with us and when I start your
conditioning, you will soon learn that nudity is
perfectly natural."

Cindy stood as Stella walked completely around her and
touched her ass and said, "You are very firm and toned,
you must work out while your home?"

Cindy replied, "Yes, I work out almost every day at

Stella bent forward when she looked at her patch of
hair on Cindy's pussy mound and said, "I'm going to
explain the same thing to you as I did the other women.
A woman's body should be displayed as seductively as
possible and we need to enhance every possible area
that will stimulate a potential lover. I want you to
shave your pussy fur off for me and I expect it to be
smooth and soft to the touch."

Cindy starred at Stella and said, "I thought I wasn't
going to be able to see my husband for a few weeks?"

Stella smiled at Cindy and replied, "Honey. Your very
right about that but I wasn't speaking about your
husband. I don't want to talk any more about that
subject right now. There is an electric shaver, and
hair remover in your bathroom so I want you to take
care of that patch of fur and I will be back to check
on your progress within the hour."

Stella quickly walked out the door leaving Cindy
standing naked and in deep thought about what this
woman had just said to her. She didn't mind shaving but
she was definitely going to speak to the other women
and see how they felt about her attitude.

Cindy finished removing her bush until she was soft to
the touch just like Stella wanted and walked back into
the bedroom and picked up the robe and started to put
it on when Stella walked in and said, "Wait. I can't
see what kind of job you did on that patch of fur if
you cover yourself with that robe."

Stella walked close to Cindy and without any warning,
she put the palm of her hand on Cindy's pussy and
gently rubbed it across her skin than reached further
between Cindy's legs making sure that Cindy did a good

Stella backed away and said, "Cindy. I'm very proud of
you because you feel very soft and you look very
inviting. Please sit down in the chair and relax and
let me explain a few things to you."

Cindy sat in the chair as she watched Stella moving
closer to her until she stood directly in front of
Cindy and began to speak. "You'll be taken on a tour of
the mansion this afternoon with the other women and we
have one rule here that you must obey at all times. You
will not be allowed to speak to any of the other women
unless we give you permission. Do you understand me?"

Cindy looked at Stella and said, "Does this mean that I
can't even talk to Lisa when I see her?"

Stella walked next to Cindy and reached out and
massaged her breasts with her fingers gently sliding
them across Cindy's smooth skin than finally replied to
her question and said, "Honey. You must remember why
you are here with us. We are playing a game here and it
involves you and the other women. The five women are
your competition and if you speak to any of them you
might give away your strategy."

Cindy was confused as she listened to Stella and said,
"What exactly are we in competition for anyway?"

Stella laughed and replied, "Honey. I will explain
exactly what you are competing for as we progress with
your conditioning. Remember the large sum of money that
you won during the auction?"

Cindy smiled and shook her head as she listened to
Stella. "Money. The end results will be more money for
you and your husband but what you and the others will
be competing for to achieve that goal will be explained
in due time."

Stella sat in the chair next to Cindy and continued.
"You were instructed not to have sex with your husband
as soon as you had your physical and they gave you a
brand-new prescription of birth control pills. Do you
have that packet of pills with you?"

Cindy smiled and said, "Yes. My birth control pills
were the only thing that I was allowed to bring with

Stella smiled and said, "Good. Did you follow the
strict rule printed in your contract about not having
sex with your husband for those four weeks?"

Cindy shook her head that she did and said, "He wanted
to have sex but I told him how much the money meant to
us right now."

Stella laughed and said, "Good. Now let me explain to
you what will take place today."

Stella was still admiring Cindy's breasts as she
continued her speech. "Cindy. In a moment I'm going to
take you into your large closet we have for you which
are well stocked with dozens of articles of clothing
for you to wear. I will have you choose things for you
to wear during your tour of the mansion. I want you to
pick out things that enhance your figure and I want you
to show as much skin as possible."

Cindy acted confused again as she asked, "I understand
we are competing and you are waiting to tell us what we
are competing for besides the money but can you tell me
why we are required to dress in something so skimpily?"

Stella smiled and replied, "When you tour the mansion
today you will see that we have many men that work here
that maintain the grounds and the interior of the
mansion. Today you will learn how to compete for their
attention over the other five women. You will be
allowed to speak to the men and if you find yourself
attracted to any particular man than you should focus
most of your attention to that individual."

Cindy gasped and replied, "Stella. I'm a married woman
and I can't allow another man to touch me."

Stella replied and said, "Honey. Remember that your in
competition here and the way you react compared to the
other women will determine how well you do. Now lets go
and see what we can find for you to wear because I have
two other wives to speak with before we take our tour."

Stella and Cindy were standing in the closet looking
through the racks of clothing when Stella picked out a
black mesh boudoir gown with under wire cups which were
very sheer and completely transparent and came down to
the knees. It had tiny spaghetti straps and the under
wire bra would hold Cindy's tits up and together to
form an outstanding cleavage.

Stella smiled and said, "Honey. Put this on for me and
we'll see how you look and I'll pick out a pair of
heels for you."

Cindy walked out and put the garment on and stood in
front of the full length mirror as Stella walked out
with a pair of black heels which were five inch heels
with straps around the ankle.

Cindy sat down and slipped the heels on and stood in
front of the mirror again as Stella walked around her
checking out every feature and said, "Honey. This will
be a great garment to start with today and we'll dress
you in something more exciting tomorrow."

Cindy was hesitant wearing the shire material in front
of strange men and said, "Stella. I know we are playing
a game here and you want me to compete with the other
wives but anyone can see my pussy under the thin
material and my nipples are exposed too. If my husband
ever found out I dressed like this in front of other
men he would kill me!"

Stella put her arm around Cindy and said, " Honey. We
have six wives here competing for the same thing and
they all have the very same concerns that you have."

Stella continued to talk as she lowered her hand to
Cindy's ass and gently gave her cheeks a squeeze as she
said, "Cindy. Nobody is going to tell your husband
about anything that goes on here at the mansion. I want
you to go out there today and get accustomed to wearing
revealing and seductive garments and practice flirting
with the men you are in contact with today and we will
talk tonight about your experiences and progress."

Cindy tried to smile as she listened to Stella as she
continued and said, "Cindy. Go into the bathroom and
pick out a perfume from the many bottles we stocked for
you and make sure it's something that makes you feel
sexy because I want you to continue to wear the same
perfume each day because the men here will relate that
smell with your beauty."

Stella walked toward the door and turned back and said,
"I'll come back in get you shortly and we will take the
tour of the mansion."

Stella returned to Cindy's suite and had already picked
up the other wives and they were all waiting in the
hall as Stella came into the bedroom and walked up to
Cindy smelling her perfume and said, "Honey. You smell
good enough to eat. Now, come and join us while we take
our tour of the mansion."

Stella stopped just before they walked into the hall
and turned to Cindy and said, "Remember. You are not
allowed to speak to any of the other woman. You can
smile or wave or even hug them but absolutely no

Cindy walked into the hall with Stella and the other
wives were standing in a group and she immediately saw
Lisa standing with them and walked over and gave her a
hug. Lisa hugged her back and smiled and they other
woman hugged her as well.

She was checking out what the other women were wearing
and seen that Lisa was dressed in black transparent
boudoir gown which appeared to be made out of spandex
because it clung to her body. It came down too almost
to Lisa's ankles and split all the way up to the crotch
area. The material went all the way up around her neck
with a thin spaghetti strap around the neck.

Lisa's nipples were poking through the thin material
and she could also see her pussy slit was exposed and
had been shaved. She wore matching black heels which
were spiked like her own.

The other wives were dressed just as sexy and each of
them had their own personal style and the scent of
perfume was strong as the woman stood waiting for
Stella to begin the tour.

Stella smiled at all of them and said, "Ladies.
Remember your poise and smile at the gentlemen that you
see today."

Stella walked the down the end of the hall where there
was a large room with windows on three sides and
overlooked a clearing at the side of the mansion. There
was a black man standing in the room dusting off the
tables with a towel. The women were all embarrassed and
naturally tried to cover themselves forgetting what
Stella had told them.

Stella smiled and quickly responded and said, "Ladies.
Please. This is a good time to practice because there
is only one man standing in here. When we go down to
the first floor, your going to see dozens of men all at
once. We need to practice what I taught you now."

Stella shocked them all when she called out to the
black man and said, "Bill. Would you come here for a

The wives watched as Bill came closer and stopped and
starred at them and waited for Stella to speak. Bill
wasn't wearing a shirt, only a pair of satin red pants
with sandels. His broad shoulders and large arms were
rippling with muscles.

Stella walked next to him and put one hand around his
shoulder and the other on his chest and said, "All of
our men are well built here like Bill and none of them
are shy and Bill happens to love white women, don't you

Bill talked with an accent as he replied, "Yes Mam.
That's correct."

Stella rubbed his chest with the palm of her hand as
she said, "Bill. Look at how well they are all dressed
today. I bet your getting yourself excited looking at
all of these white women. Why don't we take a look and
see how excited you are getting?"

Stella took hold of the elastic around Bill's satin
pants and gently tugged the material down until his
pants fell to the floor and the ladies gasped and
turned their heads away as Bill's large black cock came
into view.

Stella said, "Ladies. Please relax and enjoy the view
and remember what I taught you?"

Stella reached down and took hold of Bill's cock and
wrapped her tiny fingers around it's large girth and
gently stroked him and said, "Ladies. Look at this
wonderful specimen I have in my hand. Has anyone ever
seen a black man naked before?"

The women were all shaking their head that they hadn't
as Stella smiled and said, "Which one of you would like
to touch his cock and introduce yourself to Bill?"

There wasn't anyone that came forward to volunteer as
Stella looked at the ladies and said, "All right. I
guess I'll just have to pick one of you. Jeanette.
Would you come here and stand on the other side of Bill
for me?"

Jeanette's legs went weak as her name was called and
she was trembling with fear as she held her hand over
her mouth.

Stella saw that Jeanette was terrified and quickly
responded and said, "Honey. Please don't worry and
relax. Bill is on only human like the rest of us and he
is very gentle and will not hurt you. Now come closer
and get acquainted with him."

Jeanette slowly took a step forward as her body shook
and Betty put her hand on Jeanette's shoulder and
patted her as if to give her courage as she walked to
where Stella had told her to and waited for Stella to
speak again.

Stella smiled at Jeanette and said, "Now you see that
wasn't very hard to do, was it?"

Jeanette was still too nervous to reply but looked at
Stella and gave her a little smile as Stella said,
"Jeanette. Give me your hand."

Stella reached down and took Jeanette's hand and said,
"Now I want you to take your hand and gently wrap your
fingers around his cock."

Jeanette was trembling and closed her eyes as Stella
moved her hand and placed it on Bill's cock and said,
"OK. Honey. Now wrap your fingers around him gently."

Jeanette's hand was slowly moving as her fingers began
to circle around the huge black penis as Stella helped
her along by giving her fingers a little squeeze than
said, "Wonderful! Now open your eyes and take a good
look at what you are holding in your tiny white hand."

Jeanette opened her eyes and glanced at Bill's cock as
she held it in her hand as Stella said, "Feel how hot
Bill's cock is in your hand? Can you feel how hard he
has gotten while standing here with you and the other

Jeanette was trying to speak but was very nervous than
finally replied, "He feels very hot."

Stella knew that Jeanette had taken a big leap when she
verbally responded and said, "Terrific. 'Now I want you
to slowly stroke it with your hand and tell me how it
feels to you."

Jeanette slowly moved her hand on the cock than
hesitantly replied to Stella and said, "It feels very
big and hard and I can feel his pulse on my fingers."

Stella spoke in a low sexy voice now and said, "I bet
Bill is much larger than your husband's cock Can you
tell me how large Bill is compared to your husband?"

Jeanette slowly replied, "He's more than twice the size
of my husband's."

Stella smiled and replied, "That's what I figured and I
never want you to be afraid of Bill nor any of the
other men here at the mansion. Jeanette. I want to tell
you how proud I'm of you and how well you are following
my instructions and advancing ahead of the other wives
so well. Now that you see that Bill is a very gentle
and attractive black man, would it be all right if I
let him touch you?"

Jeanette was afraid to answer Stella and just nodded
her head in agreement as she closed her eyes again.
Stella smiled and replied very calmly and said,
"Jeanette. I want you to look over at Bill now."

Jeanette slowly turned her head and saw that Bill was
looking in her eyes as he smiled at her and she smiled

Stella smiled and continued in a soft sexy voice and
said, "Honey. I want you to tell Bill that it's all
right for him to touch you."

Jeanette hesitated and nervously smiled at Bill and
said very softly. "You can touch me if you want to."

Everyone watched as Bill moved his hand over to
Jeanette's belly and placed the palm of his hand on it
and slowly lowered it until his large hand was covering
her pussy mound through the thin material.

Stella helped her along again and said softly. "Put
your hand over his now and push his hand tight against
your body."

Jeanette did what Stella told her and moved her free
hand over Bill's and pushed the palm of her hand
tightly against his hand as she closed her eyes.

Everyone watched as Bill slowly moved his hand over
Jeanette's pussy mound while she kept her eyes closed
and parted her lips as she felt the large hand touch
her in her most intimate area.

Stella spoke softly again and said, "Honey. I'm so
proud of the way you have followed my directions and
now that you see that Bill is not going to hurt you and
is very gentle. All of our men here have been trained
in the art of pleasing a woman and they will obey your
every command. Most important, they have been strictly
trained not to proceed without a woman's consent so you
never have to worry about being raped while you are

Stella smiled at Jeanette and said, "You may thank Bill
for being so gentle with you now."

Jeanette nervously smiled at Bill as she moved her hand
away from his erection and said, "Thank you very much!"

Bill moved his hand away from Jeanette as he smiled and
said, "You're a very beautiful woman and maybe I'll see
you again very soon."

Stella looked at the other wives and said, "I would
like each of you to come forward and introduce yourself
to Bill and feel his cock and give him permission to
touch you like you saw Jeanette."

The women took turns standing next to Bill as they each
introduced themselves and felt his cock and hesitantly
allowed him to touch them just like they saw Jeanette
do with Bill. Cindy watched her friend Lisa as she
touched Bill and waited for her turn.

Cindy would be the last woman to stand next to Bill and
as soon as she saw her friend Lisa move away, she
walked forward and stood along the side of Bill and
slowly reached down and took the big cock in her hand
and began to stroke it.

Stella was watching Cindy and said, "You see. You're
going to be just fine while your staying here."

Cindy looked up into Bill's eyes and softly said,
"Would you like to touch me?"

Bill smiled in return as he started to move his hand
over her belly and slowly slid his hand down until he
cupped her mound and gently moved his hand around as
Cindy moved her free hand and placed it over his like
they other women had done.

Stella smiled and said, "That's my girl! Would you like
to go a little further ahead of the other wives while I
have Bill here with us?"

Cindy wasn't prepared to hear anything additional from
Stella as her heart dropped as she hesitantly shook her
head and agreed.

Stella smiled and said, "Good. Slowly pull the material
of your pretty gown up and allow Bill to touch your
bare pussy."

Cindy slowly took hold of the material and slowly
lifted it up until her entire gentile area was exposed
and looked at Stella and saw her nod her head and
looked at Bill and smiled and said, "Would you like to
touch me down there?"

Bill didn't waste anytime moving his hand onto Cindy's
pussy and slowly massaged her as Stella said, "Honey.
Take you hand and touch it and tell him to feel your
pussy slit."

Cindy placed the palm of her hand on Bill's and said,
"Go ahead and touch my slit."

Stella couldn't believe she had said it but was
thrilled that Cindy followed her instructions and
allowed Bill complete access to her beautiful body.

Stella watched Bill touch her than said, "Bill. Isn't
Cindy a very beautiful woman?"

Bill replied, "Yes Mam. She is very pretty and very

Stella looked at the other wives and said, "See. Now
you know why I wanted you all to shave the fur off your
pussy's. Men love the feel of a smooth white pussy."

Stella continued to speak and turned back at Cindy and
said, "Can you give me a comparison of the difference
in size of Bill's cock compared to your husband?"

Cindy looked at the cock and back at Stella and said,
"I think it's more than double the size of my husband's
and maybe three times as thick as my husband."

Stella smiled and asked, "Cindy. Have you ever screwed
a black man?"

Cindy shook her head that she didn't and kept her
fingers wrapped tightly around Bill's penis as he
continued to rub her pussy.

Stella was very pleased at what she was watching and
decided she would take a chance and proceed further and
hoped that Cindy wouldn't freak out on her.

Stella spoke to Bill again and said, "Bill. Can you
feel Cindy's pussy getting wet?"

Bill replied, "Yes Mam."

Stella looked at Cindy and said, "Honey. Let go of
Bill's cock now and take both of your hands and lift
your gown up and expose yourself up over your belly."

Cindy did as she was instructed and lifted the thin
material and exposed her belly and waited for Stella to

Stella smiled and said, "Honey. You're a very beautiful
woman and I'm so proud of you right now. Bill. Take you
hand away and bring your fingers to your mouth and
taste Cindy."

Bill tasted his fingers and smiled at Stella as she
reached out and rubbed his shoulder and said, "I'm
going to give you permission to kiss Cindy's belly and
I want you to slowly work your way toward her pussy and
give her gentle kisses on her pussy mound."

Stella walked around and put her arm around Cindy to
comfort her and said, "I want you to watch how gentle
this man will be with you."

Bill lowered his head and began to gently kiss Cindy's
belly and slowly worked himself toward her pussy and
kissed her softly like he had been instructed and
nothing more.

Stella could feel Cindy trembling as she held her arm
around her and said, "Honey. Your doing very well,
Stella is right here next to you and I want you to feel
safe and relaxed as you allow Bill to kiss your most
intimate area."

Stella felt Cindy's body tense as Bill continued to
place little kisses around her pussy and Stella decided
to go a little further and leaned next to Cindy and
whispered in her ear and said, "Would it be all right
if I told Bill to take a few licks of your pussy?"

Cindy thought for a few seconds than nodded her head in
agreement as Stella smiled and as she held Cindy really
tight and said to Bill. "Bill. Cindy wants you to taste
her pussy and give it a few licks with your tongue."

Bill didn't need anymore direction as he slowly began
to lick Cindy's pussy mound causing her body to shiver
when she felt his tongue. He took a few gentle licks
and raised his head and stood up straight and waited to
be directed from Stella again.

Stella spoke to Bill and said, "Bill. Did Cindy taste
as good as you thought that she would?"

Bill replied, "Yes Mam. Cindy tasted very good."

Stella still held Cindy while she glanced at the other
wives and said, "As you can see, you will be very safe
while you stay here at the mansion. Every man who works
here has been trained to obey a woman just like you saw
Bill do to Cindy and the rest of you a few minutes

Stella looked at Bill and said, "You may pull your
pants up and get back to your work and thank you very
much for your cooperation with us today."

As soon as Bill went back to work, Stella smiled at the
wives and said, "As you saw and learned, our men have
been trained to respond to a woman and obey every
order. You must not ever be afraid of them because they
will not touch you or do anything else to you unless
they have your permission. Once we finish the tour, I
want you to feel comfortable walking up to the men and
getting yourself acquainted with them today."

Stella walked the wives down the stairs and there were
several men working in the entranceway of the mansion.
The women starred at the men who were all black and
wearing the same satin pants like Bill's.

They followed Stella into the large ball room and their
were more black men cleaning the floor as the women
walked through and into the large dinning room. There,
they saw several more black men polishing the
silverware and china as they moved through the room and
into the kitchen and saw four black men preparing food.

Stella turned to the wives and said, "These men are
preparing our lunch which we will enjoy in the dinning
room after we finish our tour."

The women followed Stella back through the dinning room
and through the ballroom toward another large room
surrounded with windows that had a magnificent view of
a large pool outside. There were several black men
cleaning this room as well as men out next to the pool.

Stella took the wives out to the pool area which had a
spa and the pool was large enough for hundreds of
people to swim at the same time. Palm trees lined the
edge of the pool area and their were woods surrounding
the entire complex which was absolutely gorgeous.

The ladies glanced around at the black men who were
working on the grounds as they were taken back into the
house and into the dinning room for their lunch. The
ladies were formerly served by black men and were given
salads with shrimp and fish and chicken.

Once they finished lunch, Stella walked them back out
to the pool and walked toward a building where they
found a huge gym where they saw more than thirty black
men lifting weights and working out on the floor. The
wives were surprised to see that the men were all nude
as they worked out.

Stella stood in front of the wives and said, "Beginning
tomorrow, you will be given time each day to come and
work out with the men. They are all highly trained on
the machines and will help you keep yourself toned
while you are here. You will be required to work out
completely in the nude like you see these men and you
will be required to spend at least two hours here each

Stella took the wives into a small room where there was
a large corner sofa and she directed them to sit while
she pulled out a small chair and sat in front of them.

Stella sat and started to speak to the wives and said,
"I'm going to be completely honest with you and tell
you a little secret. As you know, you all have been
selected to participate in our reality program. Your
problebly wondering why we are not filming while you
are here."

Stella continued to speak. "Well. We are filming
everything you do hear at the mansion because there are
hidden camera's placed everywhere and pickup every
angle and hear everything that we all say,"

The wives had a surprised expression on their faces as
Stella quickly said, "Ladies. Remember that you did
sign up to do a reality program and this has been done
many times on television recently so you shouldn't be

Stella saw Cindy beginning to cry and she said, "Honey.
Tell me what's the matter."

Cindy wiped her eyes and said, "Will my husband see
what I did with Bill this morning? He'll kill me if he
ever watches the tape of what I did."

Stella replied, "Honey. Your husband will never see you
do any of that because this program will not be
televised like other reality shows that you see. I
cannot tell you all the details at the moment but I can
assure you that none of your husband's will ever see
anything that goes on here at the mansion."

Stella continued to speak and said, "Let me move onto
our next phase and explain what I would like you to do
today and how you will be rewarded."

Stella stood while she continued. "Now that you know
that none of these men will hurt you or touch you
without your consent and we are watching every move
that both you and the men, I'll tell you what we have

Stella sat back in the chair and said, "Since we are
recording you, we would like to see you walk around the
entire complex and get acquainted with as many of the
men as you can. We will be going through the tapes each
day and you will be given points that will earn you
money as a reward."

Stella smiled and said, "You will be given points for
each man you speak to and if we see a man touch you, we
will give you points on that as well and depending on
where the man touches you will depend on how many
points you get. A kiss will earn many points and
touching a man will earn points as well."

Lisa raised her hand with a question and said, "What if
for some reason a woman were to be more intimate with a

Stella interrupted Lisa from speaking any further and
said, "Ladies. I don't want to frighten anyone nor do I
want you to feel as if we are forcing anything on you
but do you remember what you did with Bill this

The ladies all shook their head's remembering what had
happened as Stella continued. "Ladies. Every one of you
earned points for that little display and Cindy jumped
ahead of everyone allowing Bill to lick her pussy which
means that the rest of you need to catch up to her."

Stella lowered her voice as she continued. "Ladies. Do
you all feel comfortable with me speaking about this
now or would you rather I stop now and allow you to
make your way around with the men?"

The ladies looked around at one another than back at
Stella as she smiled at them and said, "Good. I thought
you would be interested in proceeding. I want every one
of you to remember that you are here to have a
wonderful time and we want each one of you to feel free
and single and enjoy the men as much as possible. We
are all adults here and we all have needs and desires
and we understand you all love your husband's but don't
think they might not cheat on you while you are away!"

The wives looked around at one another when Stella
pointed that out to them and waited for her to

Stella said, "Ladies. Your husband's were perfectly
aware that you signed on to do the reality show and it
clearly stated that you would do anything we asked of
you while you are with us."

The women were still very nervous thinking about what
Stella had said about their husband's cheating on them
and they were all caught in deep thought as Stella
spoke. "Ladies. We'll talk more about this tomorrow so
for now I want you all to enjoy your day and mingle
with the men you see around the complex. Remember. We
will be tracking every move and counting points"

The wives walked out of the small room with Stella
remembering that they couldn't speak to each other but
Stella added one more thing and said, "I would
recommend that everyone split up in different
directions to give you some space. Enjoy your day!"

Everyone walked out of the gym and began to walk in
different directions once they were outside. Nobody
stayed in the gym, problebly because the men were
working out in the nude and the wives weren't ready to
stand and talk to a naked man yet.

Cindy watched Lisa and three of the other women walk
into the house and only she and Diana walked out around
the pool. Cindy wondered what the other women were
thinking about everything that Stella had told them.

Cindy looked around to see where Diana had gone and
noticed she was talking to a man near the spa as she
slowly walked next to the pool. Cindy had wondered why
all the men were black and thought that maybe they had
been taken by plane to an Island near Jamaica or

Cindy noticed a man smiling at her so she stopped and
worked up enough nerve and walked to where he was stand
and introduced herself. "My name is Cindy."

The man extended his hand out to Cindy and responded in
a Jamaican accent and said, "It is a pleasure to meet
you. My name is Jeff."

Cindy and Jeff talked until another man walked near
them and introduced himself as Steve and before long,
Cindy had a small group of men around her talking and

Cindy spent nearly two hours next to the pool with the
group of men and noticed that Diana had walked into the
house and Lisa and Betty had walked back outside and
was talking to some men.

Cindy excused herself and decided to see whom she could
find inside the mansion and walked into the ballroom
where several men were seated. She sat next to two of
the men on a sofa and talked and was soon joined by
several others.

Cindy and the other wives spent the day walking around
and speaking to as many men as possible as Stella had
suggested. After eating a formal dinner in the dinning
room with the other wives, Cindy focused her attention
on a man named Paul she had met near the pool.

Paul and Cindy found a quit area in the sunroom and sat
and talked while one of the men acting as a waiter
brought them something to drink. Paul, like the other
men at the mansion was wearing only the satin pajama
style pants.

Cindy didn't know where the other women had gone and
couldn't worry about them because she knew they were
problebly talking to one or more of the men themselves.
Paul was being very nice to her and as Stella had
mentioned about all the men here, nobody tried to touch
her nor did any of them say anything nasty to her. It
seemed that they did smile at her and tried to get her
attention by walking close to her and making sure she
saw them.

Of all the men she met so far, Paul made Cindy feel the
most comfortable in the vulnerable situation she was
put in.

Cindy had so many things going through her mind at the
moment concerning her husband, making money with
points, the way she had to dress in front of these men
and some concerns about her husband being faithful to
her while she was away. She knew Gary loved to have sex
and they had already gone four weeks without sex.


Later that evening, Cindy was back in her suite and
after taking a shower and getting into bed she lay
their wondering where the camera's in the bedroom were
hidden. She remembered what Stella had told them about
being filmed throughout the day no matter where they

She had a nice evening with Paul and although she
didn't earn many points that evening, it gave her a
chance to get comfortable with one of the men and at
least she made a new friend today.

Cindy woke up the next morning with the event with Bill
on her mind and she felt guilty about letting that man
touch her. Cindy felt that she was pressured because
the other women were watching her but she had to forget
about it.


During the next several days, the wives were allowed to
do anything they wished except for the two hours a day
they had to spend working out in the nude at the gym.
All the wives felt uneasy about doing it but got easier
each day they went.

It didn't matter what time she had gone to the gym
because she wasn't allowed to speak to the other women
anyway. Cindy did think it was strange that Stella
hadn't given them a pep talk in seven days. Cindy
figured that they wanted the wives to make friends with
some of the men and they did.

After a week Cindy did make a few friends because now
she had Paul, who was the first man she liked and Toby,
who she met on the second day and Jack who helped her
in the gym as friends and felt very comfortable hanging
out with them.

Jack had been teaching her how to tone her body and was
very informative in the gym but it was strange seeing
him naked every day. Cindy couldn't help but think that
these men were all picked because they were muscular
and she had noticed that all the men she saw naked,
they were well endowed.


The next morning after breakfast, Stella finally
grouped the women together in the small room in the gym
and the first thing she did was congratulate Diana and
Lisa for accumulating the most points over the past
seven days.

Stella looked directly at Cindy and said, "Honey. You
seem to be lagging behind this past week. I know you
earned some points on your first day but you hardly
accumulated any during the following six days."

Stella glanced at Lisa next and said, "Honey. You were
the most daring so far and I thought for sure that you
were going to take that man back to your suite but you
seemed to change your mind at the last minute. Can you
tell me how you felt and what possibly went wrong to
make you change your mind?"

Lisa had no idea Stella was going to question her in
front of the other women but she wanted to be honest
and said, "I was kissing Rob yesterday and than I told
him to touch me than I touched his penis and than I
looked at my wedding ring and froze."

Stella nodded her head and than asked Diana. "Honey.
What happened with you and that good looking man you
were making out with last night?"

Diana replied, "I felt the same way that Lisa felt when
I saw my wedding rings and thought about my husband."

Stella wrote something in a note book than said, "Here
is what I have planned for all of you so listen to me
carefully. Since your wedding rings are getting in the
way of making progress than I'm going to offer bonus
points to any woman that decides to remove her wedding
band and engagement ring from her finger."

Stella continued. "I'm going to make this more
interesting for each one of you. The first woman that
removes her weeding rings will get the most bonus
points than the second will get a little less than the
third and so on."

The woman looked interested when they heard that all
they had to do was to remove their rings and they would
get points.

Stella smiled as she looked at the expressions on their
faces and said, "There is going to be a big catch with
this offer. Any woman that removes her rings will only
have twenty-four hours to proceed to the next level
otherwise she will lose every point she has earned from
the very beginning and will have to start over."

Lisa asked, "What do you mean when you say we have to
proceed to the next level?"

Stella smiled and said, "Well that's going to be
everyone's ultimate goal and the next level means that
your going to have sexual intercourse with a man."

The woman sat looking nervous until Lisa said, "Does
this mean that we should leave our rings on our fingers
unless we really plan on having sex with a man?"

Stella replied, "That's exactly what I mean by the next
level. I don't want anyone to remove their rings unless
they plan on taking a man to their suite and having him
spend the night with you."

Stella continued. "Are all of you remembering to take
your birth control pills?

Stella saw the woman shaking their heads that they were
and said, "Good. Every one of these men having been
tested for disease and also for potency and they are
all very potent."

Stella finished the meeting and gave them one more
reminder. "Ladies. I'll be speaking to each of you
individually within the next two days and if you should
decide to progress to the next level before we talk
than good luck and have fun."

The wives spent another day with their men like they
had for the past week and Stella knew that she would
have to give them a little help so she monitored them
carefully that day to see where they might have a
weakness and the following morning she decided to speak
to a couple of the wives and started with Cindy.

Cindy was combing her long blonde hair when Stella
walked into her room and said, "Good Morning."

Stella walked toward Cindy who was still naked and
placed her hand on Cindy's ass and massaged her cheeks
than reached around in front and ran the palm of her
hand over Cindy's pussy and said, "I see that your
keeping yourself smooth for that special time."

Cindy smiled and said, "I spent most of the day
yesterday with Paul."

Stella smiled at her and said, "Yes. I was watching the
tapes and you earned a lot of points yesterday when you
played with his cock. Do you feel comfortable with

Cindy replied, Yes. Paul is really nice to me and he
said he really likes me."

Stella put her hand on Cindy's pussy and gently ran her
fingers across her skin than moved her finger along the
slit and felt a slit wetness on her finger and said,
"Paul's got a very large cock doesn't he?"

Cindy nodded her head that he did and felt Stella
moving her finger into her pussy slit and closed her

Stella whispered to Cindy and said, "I could see his
cock and it's much thicker and longer than Bill's cock
you touched last week which means he must be massive in
size compared to your husband. It's been more than five
weeks since you had sex hasn't it?"

Cindy kept her eyes closed as Stella continued to move
her finger into Cindy's pussy slit and moaned and moved
her hips forward. She was getting hot and Stella knew
that Cindy must have had the idea of screwing Paul on
her mind when she came into the room.

Stella whispered again. "Honey. Do you want to remove
your wedding band this morning? "

Stella felt Cindy's pussy getting soaked as she
continued to move her finger into the tight opening and
with her free hand she reached up and massaged her
breasts and squeezed her nipple and repeated. "You want
to fuck Paul and feel his big black cock inside you,
don't you?"

Cindy still had her eyes closed and her head was tilted
back as Stella removed her finger from Cindy's pussy
and massaged her mound than her belly and said, "Cindy.
I want you to remove your rings for me and go down and
get Paul and bring him up here and fuck him for me."

Cindy didn't answer Stella but placed her hand over
Stella's on her pussy and pressed her hand onto

Stella put her arm around Stella and held her left hand
with the other and said, "Why don't you take your rings
off and put them in the drawer so you can put out that
fire you have burning inside your pussy?"

Cindy finally responded and lifted her hand and took
her right hand and took hold of the diamond ring and
twisted it off her finger along with her wedding band
as Stella smiled and said, "Honey. Let me take the
rings and place them in a safe place for you."

Cindy gave her rings to Stella who walked over to the
dresser and placed them in a jewelry drawer and walked
back and took Cindy's arm and said, "Honey. Let's go
and pick out something nice for you to wear for Paul."

Stella searched the closet for something completely
differently and found a pink ruffle-cup baby doll which
had a flyaway style front which exposed Cindy's belly.
There was a matching thong but Stella decided to dress
her in the baby doll only and searched for a pair of

Stella gave Cindy the baby doll and said, "Honey. Go
and put this on while I find a pair of heels for you."

Stella walked out of the close with a pair of pink
heels that slipped on Cindy's feet but didn't have any
straps. Stella said, "I picked this pair because they
will be easy for you to take off when that time

Cindy was now ready as she stood next to the bed as
Stella said, "Cindy. Go and get me your perfume so I
can put it on for you."

Cindy walked back into the room and gave the bottle to
Stella and she squirted the perfume on Cindy's tits
than another on her pussy mound and said, "That should
do the trick."

Stella took Cindy's hand and said, "Let me walk you
down the stairs. These shoes are a little tricky and I
don't want you to fall."

The women walked down the stairs and started to look
for Paul and found him out near the pool. Stella walked
Cindy out near her man than whispered in her ear and
said, "Go get him."

Cindy walked toward Paul who saw her coming and
immediately began to smile when he saw her. Stella
watched from a distance as Cindy put her arms around
the man and gave him a long passionate kiss than saw
Cindy talking to Paul and watched as Paul put his hands
on her bare ass.

Stella smiled because she knew that Cindy would have
had to order him to put his hands on her ass. Stella
watched as Cindy took him by his hand and walked back
into the house. Stella followed them into the house and
saw them walking up the stairs.

Stella smiled as she hurried into the monitoring room
and sat down at the control center and punched the
numbers that would activate the camera's in Cindy's
room. Stella had to watch as this young white wife got
her first taste of black cock.


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for those interested i found more of this story posted on literotica just search for KarenKay in the members list