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The rape and humiliation of the Jones's.

This story is for a very special lady, and she knows who she is. I would just like to say that you inspired me to write this piece of work and I therefore dedicate it entirely to you.

Ted Jones was a fifty-eight year old has been, his company of 25 years standing had finally fallen and gone into liquidation. It had taken almost all of Julia's, his wife, jewellery to clear the majority of his debts; the rest were covered by the company public liability insurance.

Ted was fifty-eight, married for thirty years to his long suffering wife, Julia who was nine years his junior. Yes sure enough the sex life in the beginning was exciting but it had petered away to once in six weeks if she was lucky. Ted always blamed the pressures and stress of his company failing as being behind his lack of sexual interest but Julia was seriously beginning to think he had simply fallen out of love with her.

The Husband and wife were just sitting down to an evening meal when unbeknown to them, the gang slipped in through the forced window at the back of the property.

Suddenly the dining room was filled with people as gang of four members burst into the room, Two immediately pinned the husband to his chair and the obvious leader demanded to know where the valuables were kept. Weakly the woman tried to explain that there were no valuables as her husband had sold them off to pay the debts of his failing business.

The tall rather ruggedly handsome six-foot leader, stood menacingly beside her and as he looked down he could not help but notice her exposed cleavage and the hint of lacy bra her top displayed to him.

One of the gang, a coloured guy leaned on to the table and picking up Julia's discarded fork began to sample the food on her plate. He too stared at her bust line but for different reasons to the leader, for from where he now leaned he could see the prominent swelling of her aroused nipples.

The coloured guy said "Boss, what we gonna do now, if there is no money and shit, we have wasted our time and that ain't funny!"

The leader responded, "Well we will have to be paid in services if they ain't got no goods, worth nickin!"

Both Julia and her Husband Ted suddenly looked worried when they heard that, Julia quickly begged them to just leave and nothing more would be said or done about the matter.

Just then Ted started to open his mouth to say something when a black hand slapped him across his face and a second black male suggested he shut the fuck up unless he was spoken too. The idea of fucking this good looking woman of maybe forty or so years began to form in Ray's mind and as Leader of this gang he would have to make the decision as to what would happen next.

Suddenly Leroy, the first of the coloured guys, said, "Hey Man, is your old bitch a good fuck, does she give good head and I bet she loves anal sex!"

Ray snapped at Leroy to shut the fuck up and instructed the other two to find something to tie up the couple. Soon Bob was tied to his chair with his hands behind his back and a tea towel placed as a gag over his mouth. The two then turned to Julia and was just about to start to tie her up when Ray ordered them to stop.

Leaning close to Julia's face and in a menacing tone he informed her, Do as you are told with out hesitation or your old man will be lucky to live through tonight. Nervously she looked at her husband and nodded.

Ray told her to stand up and show him to their bedroom, she cautiously walked a little in front of Ray as she led him upstairs. Climbing the stairs gave Ray the perfect opportunity to admire the fine ass of the woman in front of him. Pointing out the master bedroom and the ensuite facilities as she went. Ray laughed as he told her he was not interested in the buyer's walk through tour.

Once inside the master bedroom Ray demanded to see her jewellery box, tipping it onto the dressing table he dismissed its contents as worthless. He turned to Julia and demanded to know where the good stuff was kept. She shunned his question and received a harsh slap for her silence.

Suddenly Ray grabbed her and in doing so her blouse ripped spilling her generous tits out on to better view, Now through the sheer lacy bra, Ray could not only see the hard nipple but also the deep red areola around it. Her nipple must have stood half inch proud of her abundant tit flesh.

Damn this woman was getting him hot as instant flashes of what he would like to do to her shot through his fevered mind.

Literally dragging Julia back down to the dining room and pushing her in the general direction of her husband, Ray announced to the rest of the gang that there was no value in the shit she had just shown me. The gang all ogled the state of her blouse and especially the tits the tears were now displaying much more freely.

Ray then spoke quietly to Leroy who produced a five-inch knife; he immediately held it to Julia's throat as Ray instructed Jed, the other coloured guy to remove the gag from Ted's mouth. Ray then snapped, "If you don't want Leroy here to mark your woman, where is the goods, you little fucking shit!"

Ted responded by pleading with the gang not to hurt his wife, he reluctantly revealed the location of a small wall safe which contained the last of their money, some five thousand dollars. Small pittance for a company that took twenty-five years to develop and was in its hay day worth more than five million dollars a year. Ray eagerly pocketed the cash and rifled through the rest of the contents but found nothing else that was of value.

Leroy hinted that he would love to fuck the white bitch before he left and everyone noted the look of distaste on both Julia's and Ted's faces. Ray then barked order's to the remaining two members of the gang, "Jed and Tim untie Ted here and make him strip off all his clothes, and I mean all of them."

So Tim the youngest member of the gang grabbed Ted and soon had him stood upright, "Come on you fat bastard, get the clothes off or your bitch gets an extra hole for someone to fuck!" he snarled in Ted's direction.

With panic on his face and trying not to look at his wife, still being held at knifepoint, he began to remove his clothes. When he was down to his pants and vest, the two coloured guys began to deride him about wearing y-front pants and granddad vests.

Once totally naked they turned their attention to his less than average cock, shrivelled up as it was and looking less than two inches in length. Ray ordered him to be retied to the chair, stressing the fact that his hands should be tied behind the back of the chair and his thighs to the arms of the chair. This really exposed his poor cock to further ridicule.

Leaning in close to Ted's face, Ray said, "You know, I hope you like cock because Leroy and Tim are bi-sexual and love to fuck white pathetic white boy-pussy." Ted blushed but his cock gave him away as it jerked and lengthened about another half-inch.

"Leroy and Tim, Show him what real cocks are supposed to look like!" Ray asked.

Quickly Jed took over holding the knife to Julia's throat as Leroy and Tim stripped off their trousers and pants. Tim stood directly in front of Ted and held up his eight-inch flaccid cock for Ted's approval. Laughing, Leroy then exposed his nine and a half inch cock again it was still soft but unlike Tim's fat white cock, Leroy's was a black mamba snake in his hand.

Even Julia swallowed hard at the sight of these two impressive cocks although I suspected her real turn on was the size and colour of the big black cock of Leroy. By now Ted's small four-inch cock was at full mast and received further ridicule from the two gang members now displaying more than double poor Ted's length of man meat.

It was Jed who first commented, "Look the little white wanker is aroused by the sight of other men's cock's, just imagine how he is going to react when watches then fuck his white bitch wife senseless!"

The group agreed although Julia did try her best to look away, I noticed her breathing had become haggard and much faster than it had been before being shown these two cocks. I instructed Leroy to take over from Jed whilst he and I undressed to join the party. Soon Jed had revealed his cock of eight inches in length whilst slack, and I soon displayed my seven-inch flaccid cock.

I took the knife from Leroy and moved towards Ted, instead of holding the knife to his throat, I held the tip of the blade against his cock and joked, "just a tiny slip and this tiny cock would be no more!" I then ordered Julia to dance a sexy striptease for us adding "If you refuse you will be able to wear your old man's cock around your neck as a necklace."

To imaginary music she began to sway as she tried her very best to seductively reveal her charms. With choruses of get em off, she was soon just down to wearing her bra and French lacy panties. Suddenly Jed sprang to his feet and producing another knife, he leapt towards Julia, slipping the blade between her tits and with a quick upward movement he split her bra cups in two and the decimated bra slipped to the floor amid roars of laughter from the other gang members.

Julia froze as she felt the cold steel between her breasts, almost fearing that he had intended to cut her. She did not feel any more confident when she felt the cold steel of the blade pass between her hips and the side of her exclusive French knickers. She was dismayed when she felt a sharp tug on the elastic sides and her panties give way and slip to the floor. Tim uttered the words every member of the gang had been thinking, "Look this slutty bitch shaves her cunt for the poor little cock of her husband!" this was met with howls of laughter at the stressing of little cock.

Leroy then asked, "What order are we going to fuck the bitch!" and was slightly annoyed at the reply given him by Ray. "The smallest cock fucks her first, that way her cunt is still tight enough for everyone to get full benefit!" Ray announced.

Leroy not to be out done then said, "Well in that case, you will have no objection if I get a little cock sucking from her old man as he prepares my cock for plunging into her well used cunt!" Ted now swallowed hard and blushed, was he really going to have to suck a black cock in preparation of it fucking his wife's cunt. Again the gang member's all giggled at the discomfort of Ted and the wide-eyed stare of his wife Julia.

Racing through Julia's mind was the fact that she now knew she would have to satisfy four extremely large cocks far larger than anything she was used to and much worse to her sense of respect was the fact that she would have to do so to two black cocks, something she had been brought up to think of as taboo.

As Ray's was the smallest of the gang member's cocks, he was to go first and ordered Julia, to suck him to full erection and warned her that she had better do a good job or she would be punished beyond her endurance. Reluctantly she knelt in front of Ray and making eye contact with her husband she slowly opened her mouth and allowed Ray to push his semi hard cock inside. Ted saw his wife's cheeks bulge as the cock went deeper inside her mouth and he almost came thinking of her having to do this to four suck monster cocks and two of which were the dreaded black man's meat.

His attention was soon diverted however as Leroy suddenly warned him to open his mouth and he too suddenly felt the unmistakable texture of a hard cock making contact with his tongue and throat. The two remaining gang members began jibing Ted about him being a nature black cocksucker. Julia however was now busy concentrating on giving her best head and hoping that her trial would soon be over. Secretly she began to enjoy the sensations of having her mouth fucked by a nine-inch rock hard white cock and just hoped she would be allowed to swallow the mother load when it came.

She was suddenly shocked when the cock was snatched away from her mouth and she was forced on to her hands and knees as Ray climbed behind her and thrust his cock towards her cunt, his first miss-timed thrust was poorly aimed as it caught her anal ring and she first feared he intended to fuck her arse, but the second thrust found it's mark and her cunt was speared by the throbbing member.

AS Julia was receiving a vigorous fucking from Ray, Ted was still sucking on Leroy's big black cock and Leroy was telling him that his seed was probably the most potent in this area as only a couple of months ago he raped a sixty year old woman and she got pregnant from just one fuck. He teased that she and her husband enjoyed it so much that she has offered herself to him and his friends on a few occasions since claiming her husband's poor equipment was no longer enough to satisfy her.

He added to Ted's discomfort by saying "Your white bitch of a wife would go down really well at a brothas gathering!" stressing the go down part as he laughed in the face of a dejected Ted.

Ray now sensed his impending climax as his balls twitched and the sensations shot along his cock and his spunk spewed forth deep inside Julia's cunt. The final couple of spurts arced up high and splatter Julia around her shoulder area. Ted had no doubt that she had taken the majority of the load deep inside her cunt, an unprotected cunt at that.

Jed immediately swapped places with ray and slipped his cock in to her well-lubricated cunt, it only took a few more thrusts from him and Julia was screaming out her first orgasm of the night. Suddenly with out any contact being needed Ted's cock shot forth a shower of its white jism, coating his belly and thighs in the sticky mess of white goo. Everyone scolded him for being a useless wanker who could not even contain his excitement till he was touched.

Ted was even more humiliated when Leroy suddenly pulled his cock from his mouth and let loose a cannon load of spunk all over Ted's face. It went up his nose, in his eyes and almost coated his hair in thick white strands. Suddenly Tim produced a digital camera and began snapping the scene around him adding, "Just in case you think about reporting this as a rape, your pictures would be printed out and posted on every lamp-post and front door on this street. Then everyone would know what a cock sucking queer you really are!"

Ted knew they were beaten and just wished their ordeal was soon to be over, but his wife had other ideas, for she was now getting into the fucking of her life and surprised Ted when she blurted out that she hoped her weedy husband would have the decency to licked her cum coated cunt out before the guys left.

She was now in constant throes of ecstasy and kept begging to be fucked harder and harder as she suddenly eagerly accepted Jed's black baby making seed deep inside her womb to mix with Ray's load deposited earlier. Tim now replaced Jed as Jed made Ted lick his cock clean and even threatened to fuck Ted's virgin arse for a laugh.

Ted's cock sprang back to life as he pretended to be forced to lick this black cock covered in cum and his wife's cunt juices. Julia was now out of it as her climaxes were every few seconds as she rolled from one orgasm to the next in ever decreasing circles. She willing accepted her third load of spunk up her cunt and let out a long low mewing sound as she felt her biggest cock of the night prise her cunt even wider, never in her life had she ever thought that sex could be this great and adding to this was the deep seated bias against black cock as impressed upon her by her parents. She actually found herself wanting to become pregnant to a black man's baby and to have something to raise and help her remember tonight by for the rest of her life.

Her mind began to fuddle as she saw shooting stars and mind-blowing explosions of colour and light. In fact she passed out at one point just as Leroy unloaded another load of white sperm up her cunt.

Thinking their trials were now at an end, Ted breathed a sigh of relief until, Jim and Jed pushed his chair over so he was laid on his back and they then lifted the limp figure of Julia up and placed her with her cunt directly above Ted's mouth. Without even being told to he set to work licking and sucking her cunt clean of the mixed sperms and cunt juice, this caused even further orgasm's to rack Julia's limp body.

Just before the gang left they all took turns at fucking her anal ring for good measure only this time Ray chose to go last. As it got to Ray's turn he got the guys to stand Ted's chair up right again and place Julia on his lap. Leroy even managed to slip his hand between them and positioned Ted's rock hard cock at the entrance to Julia's cunt before pulling her down on to it. So with the weedy cock up her cunt, Ray inserted his into her anal ring and fucked her for all he was worth. Ted could feel every thrust of this cock up his wife's anal chute and the sensation soon had him shooting his cream up her cunt. Finally Ray deposited his load up her arse and took a final set of pictures showing her well fucked and her husband apparently in full agreement and participation of the events.

The gang grabbed their clothes and left as the exhausted couple collapsed into the sleep of the dead. Next morning Julia woke up to find herself still sat upon her husband's stiff cock and after riding him to full climax she rose and suddenly remembered the events of the previous night. She half expected it to be a dream till she saw her husband was still tied to the chair and she realised it had all taken place as her memory now replayed it to her.

The outcome was that she did in fact become pregnant and both her husband and her decided it was best to keep the child, a lovely half cast boy with a massive cock. Even as a baby his manhood was way above the size of Ted's.

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