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06-29-2006, 03:03 AM
Authors name: Cuminatrice (inatrice@hotmail.com)
Story title : Just One of Those Days


Just One of Those Days (MMF, F/m+, exh, shemale/F, ws)
By Cuminatrice (inatrice@hotmail.com)


A day full of flashing and exhibitionism, with lots of
hot sex resulting from it.


Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Amanda,
though I sometimes use the shortened version Mandy. I am
thirty-three but my sexual awakening didn't really occur
until I had turned thirty. Previously I had been a
generally shy and quiet girl with a steady and normal

However that all changed when I discovered that Richard,
my boyfriend, was not only cheating on me with dozens of
women, but was also cheating on me with men as well! He
said I had not been exciting enough for him, so he had
sought his many pleasures elsewhere with others. He
wanted me for a dutiful little housewife and had not
considered that I could be taught to please his lust. The
break-up was upsetting and left me dazed and confused for
quite a time.

Once I had recovered from the shock and pulled myself
together I decided to prove him wrong and discover the
pleasures of the flesh for myself, reinventing myself
along the way. I was not unattractive, being tall, slim
and blond with an elfin shaped face and full lips.

I had always been quite a big girl "up top" and have now
had surgery to make my boobs self supporting whilst
increasing the bust size to an EE cup which goes well
with my slim gym toned figure. I've also had electrolysis
to remove all the hair around my pussy and give it the
totally shaved look. I have always had a prominent mound
and having no pubic hair emphasizes this as well as
making the gold ring piercing my clit very visible.

Over the last three years I have transformed myself from
a shy country girl to a voracious blond sex slut with
pierced nipples and clitoris, little heart tattoo's above
my pussy and bum that say "Fuck me" and a passion for
exhibitionism and dirty sex of nearly all kinds.

My wardrobe has changed too, no longer is it filled with
staid conservative clothes, but with revealing mini
skirts and see through dresses. I had emptied my knicker
drawer into the bin, resolving never to wear them again
and now never wear bras unless they are a 1/4 cup to show
my breasts off better or are part of a Basque or corset.
I had purchased a large number of waspies, corsets and
suspender belts to wear with expensive stockings and
stiletto heeled shoes. I dress to please others and
myself and to show my body off to best effect.

As I said these changes took place over three years and
during this time I came out of my shell, experimenting
with many and sometimes multiple partners. I tried most
things that were suggested to me and have become very
proficient at oral, anal and straight sex.

My only criteria are that sex must satisfy me! Along the
way I discovered the joys of flashing and how it can lead
to encounters with new partners. I also discovered my
bisexuality, both for the enjoyment of myself but also
for others. The journey has been one of discovery and I
am still now finding new things to excite me.

On the day in question, I was going shopping, so I had
showered, sprayed Chanel No19 over my body and dressed
with care, as I was determined that I was going to have
some fun. I had chosen a skirt and blouse outfit made
from a translucent green silk, the skirt being of a
flared wrap-over type, fastened only at the top and
coming to mid thigh. The blouse was very low cut loose
fitting and wrapped over with just one button at waist
level. It allowed a clear view of my breasts when I bent
over or if the viewer was to one side of me. Together the
skirt and top left my midriff bare, exposing the gold bar
through my belly button and gold waist chain. I completed
the ensemble with matching green lace topped hold-up
stockings and gold tipped stiletto-heeled sandals and a
gold ankle chain.

The effect was stunning, a very high-class whore. My
large breasts were nearly visible through the translucent
blouse and the large gold nipple rings I had put in that
morning could be seen through the thin material as I
walked. The skirt flared and occasionally parted giving a
flash of stocking clad thigh. I checked myself in the
mirror before going out and was pleasantly surprised to
find that with the light behind me the skirt and blouse
became completely transparent and my nudity beneath was
revealed. Otherwise I was covered just enough for
decency, but sexy enough to attract attention.

I set out towards the station, having decided to take the
train instead of driving to town. It was a warm summer's
day and the strong breeze tickled at my naked pussy and
tugged at the skirt, occasionally exposing my stocking
tops and more as I walked. Drivers of several cars
passing me gave me second glances. At the station I
purchased a single to town and climbed the bridge to
cross to my platform. As I climbed I was aware that
anyone following me would have a full view of my naked
behind and stocking tops.

I crossed the bridge and as I descended the other
staircase, the breeze caught my skirt, opening it at the
front, briefly revealing my shaved pussy and clit ring to
the passengers on the platform, two young student types.
I got an appreciative smirk from them both and could feel
their eyes follow me as I went to a seat and sat down.

I gave them a further treat as I slowly and precisely
crossed my legs, letting the skirt fall open as if by
accident. I quickly wrapped the skirt over again and bent
over to put my ticket into my handbag, my breasts and
pierced nipples becoming visible to them for a brief
moment. I really had their attention now, which is what I
had hoped for and when the train arrived they followed me
into the same compartment and sat opposite me looking
furtive and nervous.

The were both fit looking teenagers and the way they were
looking lecherously at me I knew they would be willing to
comply with my wishes. I was getting wet with
anticipation as the train pulled out of the station. It
was one of those compartment trains with no corridor, so
there was no chance of being disturbed.

I started to warm them up with another slower leg
crossing, this time they were in no doubt as they had a
full on view of my naked shaved pussy and pierced
clitoris. If they were paying attention they should have
been able to see the little heart tattoo just above the
crease of my pussy with its message of invite.

This time I left the skirt opened and slid my leg back on
my knee so my pussy was in full view, my lips opening,
exposing the inner wet pink folds. As I did this I put
one hand into my blouse and started to play with the
large gold nipple ring on my left breast, popping it out
so they could see. The other hand I slid down between my
by now wide spread legs tweaking my gold clit ring and
slipping two fingers into myself. My pussy was wet and
wanted cock! They were completely absorbed, watching my
display and started when I asked, "Do you want to play

The both stammered "yes" and asked what did I want them
to do. I told them they could release the considerable
boners tenting the front of their trousers for a start so
I could check the goods and they soon had their pants
down and their hard cocks in their hands. I took off my
blouse and opened the skirt fastening so that it fell to
each side of me on the seat.

Now totally naked apart from the stockings, I lay back
blatantly playing with myself and asked them to strip off
completely and come and sit with me. The train was by now
well out of the station and we had a good half-hour to
the next stop. As they sat down I took their cocks in my
hands and felt their hardness for the first time.

They were both big boys for their young age and were not
shy about the large erections sticking up from their
laps. I bent over each in turn wanking them and licking
their pricks, tasting the drops of pre-cum oozing form
their slits. I sucked them both, taking turns and wanking
the other till I felt they were ready to spurt.

I then told one of them to lay on the floor with his
prick pointing up towards the ceiling. Getting onto my
knee's I straddled him, easing his large hard prick into
my now sopping wet and aching pussy. When he was fully in
and I could feel my clit tickled by his pubic hair, I
motioned to his friend to kneel behind me and told him to
read the tattoo above the crack of my bum.

He quickly got the message and I soon felt the head of
his prick nuzzle against my crack. Reaching behind me I
guided his prick until it was positioned where I wanted
it against my little rosebud and told him to push. I felt
my sphincter muscles resist and relaxed myself to let the
huge tip of his prick past, that done the rest slipped
into my greasy hole filling me, stretching it. I had
taken the precaution of squirting lube into my arse
before going out, in anticipation of what was happening

Now I had them where I wanted them I started to rock
backwards and forwards on their two cocks, enjoying the
feeling of the two of them filling my holes, touching
through the membrane separating the two passages. My
breasts dangled into the face of the lad lying on the
floor and he grabbed them sucking on my nipple rings,
giving them slight tugs of exquisite pain. The feeling
was tremendously erotic, being fucked in the pussy and
arse by two strangers on a train. We continued slowly
fucking like this while I enjoyed the marvelous
sensations coming from my lower body.

My orgasm, when it came was wonderful, sweeping over me
in waves of pleasure, my pussy contracting and squeezing
the prick inside it and my arse contracting around the
hardness contained within it. The two boys came in unison
quite quickly afterwards flooding my pussy and bum hole
with warm semen.

They collapsed in a naked heap as I quickly cleaned
myself up with some tissues from my bag and dressed, as
the next stop, my intended station was soon coming up. As
the train pulled in I got off, leaving them exhausted on
the floor, blowing them both a kiss and thanking them as
I left. They were still lying exhausted, naked on the
floor when a party of schoolgirls decided to go to that
compartment. I heard the schoolgirl screams and laughed
at their predicament as I left the station.

I walked out of the station and proceeded into town,
feeling satisfied with my exploits so far that morning.
As the purpose of my trip was supposed to be shopping I
decided that first of all to get some shoes, as there was
a good shop on the high street.

I entered the shop and browsed for a while checking out
what staff there was at the same time. There was a young
male assistant and a slightly older female, who appeared
to be in charge. I picked out a pair of very high-heeled
patent leather laced boots and asked the male assistant
to get me a pair to fit.

I had deliberately given him a size below my own so that
he would have to help me on with them. When he returned I
sat on one of the fitting chairs and he sat before me to
assist with the boots. He took my sandal off and started
to put the boot on my right foot, lifting my leg to do
so, with the result that my skirt fell open on that side.

He had a clear view above my stockings, though as yet he
could not see as far as my pussy. I pulled the skirt back
into place as though embarrassed by the exposure. He
struggled for a while to fit the shoe and then decided to
go and get a larger size.

When he returned I let my skirt fall open even further
than it had before, by moving my other leg apart while he
was lifting my foot to fit the boot. With my foot up on
the fitting stool he could see everything, my naked
pussy, the gold clit ring and the tattoo invitation. He
started to break out into a sweat, so I again covered my
legs, but leaned forward saying "its so hot in hear, is
there somewhere I could cool off?" As I had leant forward
he had the perfect view inside my blouse and could see at
least one nipple with its gold ring quite clearly.

Clearly flushed he suggested that the stock room was
cooler and led me through into it. I leant back against a
set of shelves putting my foot up on a pile of boxes and
swept my skirt open, at the same time unbuttoning the
single fastening on my blouse, letting it fall open. I
asked him if he liked what he saw and he stammered "yes"
in response. I squatted down in front of him with my legs
well spread and unzipped and unfastened his trousers,
pulling them down.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that he was going
"commando", having no underpants. His cock was already
half hard and was even in that state very large, hanging
a good nine inches and quite fat. I took it in my mouth,
working my tongue around the head and feeling it stiffen
as I sucked. By the time I had sucked him for a few
minutes his prick was enormous, it had gained at least
two more inches in length, although not much more in

I asked him if he'd had many girls and he said no, those
he had taken out were scared of the size of his dick when
they saw it and would not have sex with him. I told him
they did not know what they were missing, removed my
skirt and blouse and lay back on the floor spreading my
legs apart, opening myself to him.

He pushed the head of his prick against the opening of my
sex and I felt an ecstatic feeling as he filled my wet
hole. He kept pushing gently until I felt his pubic hair
against my mound. His prick felt wonderful, stretching my
pussy and filling me. He then started gentle thrusts
backwards and forwards, building up to a quick rhythm.

This felt fantastic, as he was so large, filling me
completely and so far. I came within seconds and as he
kept going I came again twice more. I breathlessly asked
him if he had ever fucked a girls arse, he hadn't so I
said he could fuck mine. He pulled his come-slicked cock
out of my pussy and I lifted my legs back towards my head
exposing my puckered little rosebud for him.

He pushed his swollen head against my hole and my muscles
gradually relaxed letting him slide into my bowels, I was
still well lubricated from the previous bout of anal sex
on the train. It felt huge, larger than any, I had taken
up there before. He was very excited by this and was soon
pumping hard into me as fast as he could.

I played with my clit ring, stimulating myself as he
pumped my ass hole and quickly came in waves of complete
pleasure. He was so affected by my coming that he gushed
what seemed like gallons of hot sperm into my bowels. He
pulled out of me and knelt back looking at the come
dribbling from my gaping hole to his now softening penis.

I was quite well satisfied with his performance, however
just as we were puling ourselves together, in walked the
other older female assistant. Seeing our nakedness, my
wet spread pussy and the come flowing from my bum she
smiled and said she thought something was going on. She
had apparently seen my blatant flashing and was jealous
of her colleague having all the fun.

I said I welcomed anyone joining in and she answered by
dropping her dress to the floor. She had only a thong on
underneath and she removed this and lowered herself over
my face. Her pussy was well trimmed and shaved around her
lips and clit. I eagerly licked at her stimulating her
clit and darting my tongue as deep into her as I could
get it. I licked right under her dipping the tip of my
tongue into her anus as well.

While I was doing this, her colleague was licking at my
pussy and arse cleaning up the cum leaking from it. He
was obviously recovering from his previous climax as the
next thing I knew my legs were pushed back and his penis
was pushing against my anal orifice again. This time it
slid in without any resistance and he was soon pounding
away with gusto.

So there I was, laid on the floor of the shoe shop stock
room with one assistant sitting on my face having her
pussy licked out and my arse well and truly fucked by her
male colleague. What fabulous depravity, but there was
still more to come.

The lad came, shooting his come into my arse for the
second time, filling me with gooey spunk and the girl on
my face came with a shudder, pulling back and then
letting a fine stream of golden piss jet into my open
mouth. It was sweet tasting and I swallowed in ecstasy,
not realising until afterwards what it was and that I had
added another experience to my list.

We lay there for a while, then cleaned up and dressed. I
decided to buy the boots, but asked that they be
delivered in a couple of days when I knew the shop was
shut for half day. I kissed both of them, thanking them
for the fun and hoping they would both be making the

I stepped out into the sunshine feeling great, the
morning had been a great success so far, seducing two
teenage students on the train followed by a fabulous
bisexual session in the shoe shop. That had culminated in
swallowing the girl's piss having made her cum, something
that I had never done before but which seemed so
wonderfully decadent and erotic at the time.

I wandered down the high street, wondering what might
come next, then spotted a boutique and thought a change
of clothes might be in order as the outfit I was wearing
had been in the wars a bit. I went in and started to look
around at the clothes and investigating who was in
attendance. This turned out to be two youngish men and
with some disappointment I got the impression that they
were gay. "Oh well, you can't have everything" I thought,
how wrong was I to be proved by subsequent events.

I went back to looking for a new outfit and discovered a
nice looking business suit, comprising a jacket with a
single button fastening and a short skirt with a slit up
one side at the front, both in a fine black silk weave
material. The jacket looked as though I could get away
without a blouse, though it would be very revealing and
low cut. I took it to try on.

The changing area was one of those booths with "cowboy"
type doors that only just covered your modesty, coming to
shoulder height and knee level. I stripped, removing my
stockings as well and tried the suit on. The skirt was a
perfect fit, tight enough to show the curve of my behind
to perfection and with the slit showing just the right
amount of leg to tease and please.

The jacket was also a perfect fit, with the single button
in just the right place just below breast level. It fell
so that the swell of my bust was well revealed above,
without being too flashy and my gold belly button stud
just peaked through below above the waist of the skirt as
the jacket moved. It was perfect for a business meeting I
had later in the week.

I went out into the main part of the shop to look in the
mirror and one of the two assistants came over asking if
I wanted any help. From his admiring glances and comments
I changed my earlier opinion that he was gay and came to
the conclusion that he and his partner might be bisexual.

To test this I inadvertently undid the single jacket
button as I turned in front of the mirror, so that the
jacket fell open exposing my breasts to him. The look of
lust he gave was enough to convince me. His partner had
also seen and came over asking if there was a problem
with the fastening, but the look in his eyes also was of
desire. I said there was no problem, removing the jacket
completely and undoing the skirt letting it drop to the

I stood there in front of them, completely naked, in full
view of anyone walking past the shop window and asked if
they saw anything they liked, apart from each other. They
both stepped forward and their hands were all over my
body, feeling my breasts and exploring my pussy and bum
hole all at once. I said, "Whoa boys, this isn't fair,
you aren't showing me anything." They quickly stripped
out of their clothes.

I was pleased to see that they were both well equipped
and were rapidly hardening. I asked if they were bisexual
and they said yes, they were lovers but also liked girls.
They came forward to me again and I held their pricks in
my hands. I told them that I would like to see them
sucking each other before having them myself.

The readily agreed and assumed a sixty-nine position with
each other's cocks in their mouths. I played with myself
while they did this, watching the Homo-erotic display,
excited at the thought that we were in full view of
passers by on the street and they had not even put the
"Closed" notice on the door, so anyone could walk in and
see us.

I told the two guys I was hot and wanted their cocks and
they stopped their sucking and came over to me, their
hard cocks sticking out in front of them.
I reached down and took each one in hand, squatting down,
legs spread to suck them myself. I noticed they were
kissing each other, tongues virtually down each other's

I lay back on the floor with my legs up and said I wanted
a cock I my arse and for the other one to fuck the arse
of the one screwing me. They soon complied and I was
treated to a rough anal fucking with the rhythm dictated
by a man fucking another man fucking me. This was
fabulous, the feeling of the two of them fucking me
together. We all came together, my arse being filed
again. I was really getting to like anal sex and could
come even though my pussy had not had anything near it.

After we recovered I said that I would have the suit and
looked around for something to wear for the rest of the
day, I browsed, totally naked in full view of the shops
windows, but this seemed like nothing after what we had
just done. I found a little black dress with skinny
straps and a very low cut front and back. It was very
short, I would not be able to wear stockings with it and
it buttoned down the front. It was perfect; it was tight
enough to show my figure off and left very little to the
imagination, particularly that I had no underwear for
sure. I would be able to remove it quickly, should I wish
to flash at anyone. I decided to wear it then and had the
boys pack my other clothes for collection later.

I wandered out into the afternoon sun and wondered what
mischief I could get up to next. It was not long in
coming. I spotted to schoolboys walking towards me ogling
my breasts and legs as I walked towards them, quite a lot
of both were on show. I turned into a narrow alley
leading off the street, indicating to them that they
should follow.

As I turned the corner I quickly unbuttoned the dress,
taking it of and putting it into my handbag. I turned to
face the entrance to the narrow alley naked with my legs
apart, hands on hips and waited. As the boys tuned into
it they gasped in surprise and astonishment, confronted
as they were by a six-foot tall naked Amazon.

I told them to come to me, unzip themselves and get their
cocks out. They did and I was pleasantly surprised at the
size of them. I knelt down and took them in turn into my
mouth sucking until they were hard, but not letting them
come, not yet. I told one boy to lay down and was soon
impaled on his youthful penis. The other boy I told to
get behind me and penetrate my arse. He was unsure about
this, but I guided him into position and told him to just
push. After all the anal sex I'd had that day he just
slipped straight in.

I told them to fuck me, but they were inexperienced, so I
had to build the rhythm up for them. It was not very long
before I felt them both stiffening and the feeling of
warm underage spunk shooting into my cunt and arse. I
didn't need to come, the perverted feeling of having
popped their boyish cherries was satisfaction enough.
They slipped out of my holes and fumbled their softening
pricks back into their pants.

I quickly wiped the excess cum from my pussy and bum
cracks and dressed. I asked them if that had been their
first time and they said yes and they had enjoyed the
experience. I told them to keep it to themselves. We
parted, them walking away quickly down the high street
and me standing there wondering what perversion would
come next.

I decided that I would call into a adult cinema club that
I had become a member of and have a drink and a rest. It
was down a quiet little side street not far from the
centre of town. On the way there I was wolf whistled at
by a group of builders and was nearly tempted to go over
and give them a real show, but on reflection decided
against it for now.

As I arrived at the club I noticed a Mercedes parked
outside. I went in and found one other occupant in the
bar, a wealthy looking businessman who was just getting a
drink as I walked in. Both he and the hunky looking
barman gave me a long once over, taking in my sexy little
black dress and my apparent nakedness under it.

I didn't realise it at the time, the light from the open
door made the dress transparent as they looked at me. I
went to the bar and got a drink, making my way to one of
the small private film cubicles. These had a couch for
three people and were concealed from the rest of the club
by a wall. The film had already started and there were
two men and a woman on screen. She was blond, like myself
and wearing red lingerie, but without panties. She was
sucking the two naked men in turn.

As the film progressed to normal fucking, there came a
surprise for me. The woman took both men into her pussy.
They were big boys and stretched her wide. I found this
quite a turn-on and had by now unbuttoned my dress and
was masturbating furiously and playing with my breasts as
I watched.

I became aware of someone watching me and realised that
the businessman come into the cubicle and was looking at
my blatant display. He asked if I liked what I was
watching and I told him wasn't that obvious. He said to
wait a minute before coming and that he would be back.

I was by now in a high state of sexual frenzy and
desperately needed to come. The man came back, this time
with the barman, who had stripped naked. He was huge, his
prick was at least 10 inches long and fat, even in a
relaxed state.

I had to have him, and threw my dress off and knelt
before him, grabbing that big cock to suck. As I did this
he grew even larger in size until I was presented with
his hardness in all its glory, about a foot long and very
thick in girth. I didn't know if I would be able to fit
him in, but was determined to find out, so I laid back on
the couch with my legs spread and waited for him.

He knelt between my legs and pushed the huge smooth head
of his prick against my sopping wet lips and slid gently
into me. Oh, it was glorious. He filled me so completely
and I was able to take his whole length inside me. He
started to pump in and out, the top of his prick touching
my clit ring and stimulating it. Whilst this was going on
the businessman had undressed and now presented me with
his hard prick to suck. It too was large, though not
quite as big as the barman's.

So there I was, being fucked by the biggest prick I had
ever encountered and sucking on another when he said to
me did I want to try what I had seen on the film. I
thought why not, though I had no idea how they would both
fit into my pussy as it seemed stretched to its limit
with the barman inside there. We repositioned with the
barman on the floor and me astride him, filling my juicy
cunt with his huge erection.

The businessman knelt behind me and started to slide his
prick in above the barman's. it was painful to start with
as my stretched pussy struggled to accommodate them both,
but the further he got into me the easier it became and I
started to enjoy the sensation. The fucked away at me for
what seemed an age, both coming in unison with gallons of
hot spunk pumping into me.

It was a fabulous sensation, laying there filled with two
huge pricks and with hot creamy cum filling me. The two
of them gradually softened and slipped out of my abused
pussy. We recovered and dressed, I decided to pass on a
drink with them feeling that the anonymous sex had been
fun enough but that I didn't want to get too friendly.

By now it was early evening, the day had seemed to go so
quickly with all the sex that had happened. I was passing
a wine bar that had recently opened and decided to pop in
and see what it was like. I went to the counter and
ordered a large red wine. There were a few other
customers and I noticed a couple of young women sitting
at a table not far from me looking at me.

They were both stunningly beautiful, both very busty, one
a brunette and one blond like myself and dressed in a
similarly provocatively sexy way. However, I had a
feeling they were lesbians from the lustful way they were
studying me, stripping my few clothes with their eyes. I
slipped on to a barstool giving them both a good view of
my long legs as well as a quick flash of my bare pussy
before smoothing the hem of my little dress down.

The blond one got up and came over and asked if I wanted
to join them, I said why not. They introduced themselves
as Nikki and Louisa and after some desultory conversation
we got on to sex, I told them a little of some of my
encounters. They asked me straight out if I wanted to go
home with them and have some fun. This was too good to be
true after the day I'd had and told them that they would
be the cream on the cake.

Nikki, the brunette, laughed and I noticed that she had a
quite sexy husky voice. She said I could be in for a
surprise if I had few inhibitions, I replied that after
fucking two schoolboys in the street what were
inhibitions. We finished our drinks and left the wine bar

Walking down the street I noticed the admiring looks we
got from the men we passed, we did look sexy together,
three tall leggy girls with big boobs low cut tops and
short skirts, we could have pulled anyone we wanted in

They took me to their flat, a short walk away in a rich
part of town. The flat was open plan and very luxurious
in a sparse modern way, with large undraped windows.
Other buildings overlooked it and any activities would be
clearly seen from them. A very large futon style bed,
with mirrors above and behind it dominated the main room.

They got me a glass of sparkling wine and we sat on
sofa's that were arranged around the bed, as if for
spectators. They were talking about sexual preferences, I
said I was completely open about it liking sex with men
and women and in any and all holes. Nikki asked if I had
tried something in between.

Thinking she meant strap-on dicks I said I was fine with
that. She smiled and got up, walking to the bed and with
her back to me slid her dress off her shoulders and
slowly dropped it to the floor. She had an all over tan
and from what I could see, a terrific figure, the swell
of her big breasts visible as she half turned towards me.

Louisa also slipped her dress off and walked over to me.
She had large firm breasts and a completely shaven pussy
with a prominent clitoris. She also had a dragon tattoo
that started above her slit and wound its way around her
body. She said "close your eyes and wait for a surprise".
I did and she kissed me, undoing my dress at the same
time, so that we were all naked.

I heard Nikki walk across to me and was amazed at what
happened next. A warm hard penis was presented to my
mouth for sucking. I hadn't heard anyone else come in so
opened my eyes to find out where it had come from.

Imagine my surprise to discover that it was Nikki's
prick, she was a shemale! It was long and beautifully
smooth and she also had a dragon tattoo, a little one on
her belly with the tail coiling round her prick. She was
shaved and her balls hung in a smooth sack below her
hardness. I had never been with a shemale before so
decided that this was an opportunity not to be missed.

I took the head of her prick in my mouth and sucked as if
on a man. She sighed and said I was good at that. I told
them I wanted both of them to fuck me and for Louisa to
get the biggest strap-on they possessed.

While she went to find it I asked Nikki to fuck my arse,
which wanted some satisfaction. Her prick was nearly as
large as the barman's had been, which surprised me as I
had always thought that the hormones taken by shemales
reduced the sex organs. Nikki said she had stopped having
decided not to go through with the "change" as she
enjoyed fucking with her prick too much and already had a
hole for a pussy, her arse.

She pushed me onto the bed and pushed my legs back
exposing my bum hole. The head of her enormous hard on
pushed at my opening and the sphincter muscles resisted.
Not for long though, as I had had a fair bit of anal sex
that day and my arse was by now quite relaxed, she pushed
past into my bowels. What a terrific sensation, that huge
penis filling my arse and as I looked down the bed it was
not a man inside me but an apparently gorgeous woman.

Louisa came back wearing the biggest strap-on I had ever
seen, it was as big as Nikki's prick, if not bigger. She
looked at us and said that my pussy would have to wait as
Nikki's arse was to good to miss. Saying that she knelt
behind Nikki and without any hesitation or lubrication
shoved the plastic dick into her. This had the effect of
pushing Nikki's dick further into my anal duct, filling
me completely.

I felt her balls slap against my bum cheeks as Louisa
started to fuck her arse, her giant dick pumping into me,
the three of us fucking in unison. Nikki played with my
clit ring with one hand while tweaking a nipple ring with
the other. The perverted sex was so turning me on that I
was soon at the point of orgasm.

Sensing this Nikki slowed the rhythm down keeping us
there for a gorgeous moment before exploding inside me,
the feeling causing me to slip over the edge into a
massive climax. Nikki seemed to come forever, gallons of
spunk filling my arse. She withdrew her softening prick
and the come dribbled out of my enflamed hole onto the
sheet. I gasped that I didn't know that shemales could
come like that and she said that's why she had stopped
the change and decided to live the middle life.

Louisa said she needed satisfaction, both her holes
needed something to fill them. I took the huge strap-on
from her and put it on as she lay down on the bed,
spreading her legs and playing with her clitoris. I leant
forward over her shoving the plastic prick between her
lips and started pumping it into her. We kissed, our
tongues exploring each other's mouths until Nikki's cock
came between us. We took it in turns licking and sucking
on the hardening organ and licking her shaved ball sack
and anal hole.

Soon she was back to full glory and we changed positions
so that I was on the bottom and Louisa was astride the
strap-on with her arse exposed to Nikki. She then impaled
Louisa with her huge dick. Both holes filled to capacity
Louisa started to rock backwards and forwards,
frantically fucking on the two dicks. She climaxed almost
immediately, but carried on fucking to a Second Coming.

Nikki wasn't finished though and stripped the strap-on
from me and drove her prick straight into my pussy, her
tongue seeking mine as she fucked me. We didn't need long
before I was in the throws of an ecstatic orgasm and she
was exploding inside me again, filling my second hole
with come. I lay on the bed with come leaking from arse
and pussy and wondered what could better the experiences
of the day so far.

There was a ring of the doorbell and Nikki rose from the
bed leaving Louisa and myself sprawled naked and
exhausted. Naked herself and with her large breasts and
big semi-hard penis pointing out in front of her she
walked across the wooden floor like some perverted Amazon
sex goddess, her stiletto's making a clicking sound.
Without any caution she opened the door wide, not only
exposing herself but also Louisa and me to whoever was

There were two men outside, both tall and handsome, one
white and the other black. They smiled, taking in the
whole view of a strikingly beautiful naked shemale and
two gorgeous naked women. It transpired that they were
friends of Nikki and Louisa and had been invited round to
fuck me. The evening had just got better.

It was getting dark outside and Louisa put on some
lights. I asked if they were worried about being seen by
anyone in the surrounding buildings and she said that
they always put on a show in the evening for a couple of
watchers in the next block, it was part of the fun. Nikki
said she knew that there was a voyeur with a telescope in
a flat opposite, she had met him in the shops. This
turned me on as it looked as though he was going to get a
good show this night.

Mike and Barry, the two male friends came in and straight
away got undressed. I was impressed with the size of
Barry's penis, but completely stunned by Mikes. It was
true what they said about black guys! He had a huge cock,
it was at least a foot long, hanging down soft. I
couldn't wait to see it hard and feel it inside me. While
I was admiring the two boys Nikki explained that they
were bisexual lovers and long time friends who were in to
most kinks I could think of.

I got up from the bed and went over to them. I took both
their penises in my hands and started to wank them.
Squatting down I sucked on Mikes and was rewarded with a
dribble of pre come. He said something else would
surprise me if I kept sucking. He hardened quickly and I
was astounded at the size of him, but not as much as by
what happened next.

Just as I thought he was about to come in my mouth I felt
a gush of fluid hit the back of my mouth. It wasn't come,
but pee. A warm golden jet that I was swallowing, such a
turn on that I was wetting myself at the realisation of
what was happening. I'd had a brief experience earlier in
the day with the shoe shop, but this was different.

I had a hard cock in my mouth while tasting his sweet
piss. Barry said he too was ready to pee and I moved to
take him in my mouth. He pulled back and said he wanted
to pee on me not all into my mouth. So I felt his golden
rain from my face to cunt, drenching me and dripping onto
the polished wooden floor in a puddle beneath my
squatting figure.

Nikki came over and joined in, with a sweet jet from her
glorious prick spraying over my naked body, soaking me
and the floor in a stream of golden piss. It was an
extremely decadent feeling, the piss dripping off my
erect nipples, running over my belly and bare pussy.

Nikki took my hand and stood me up, taking a sopping
nipple in her mouth and licking the sweet piss from my
breast, while shoving all the fingers of one hand into my
soaking pussy. She told me I was wet enough for her whole
fist. She went and got a towel for me to dry off and put
another over the puddle on the floor. I went and sat on
one of the sofas to watch the action that was taking
place on the bed.

Whilst Nikki had been pissing on me the two boys had
joined Louisa on the bed and they were involved in a
three-way suck session. Mike was face on into Louisa's
pussy, while she sucked Barry, who was deep throating
Mike. How he was taking that huge penis I did not know,
though I expected to find out later. Nikki joined me on
the couch and I started playing with her flaccid cock.
Even relaxed it was larger than most whole men I'd had
and was very impressive for a shemale.

I told her so and she thanked me with a kiss, her tongue
searching my mouth while again I found her hand filling
my wet pussy. She worked at it until I realised she had
been as good as her word and had gotten her whole fist up
me, stretching my pussy. This had turned her on and her
prick was back to its full glory.

I asked if she could fuck my arse while leaving her hand
inside me and with a bit of manoeuvring we managed to
position ourselves on the couch to do so. I felt the
large bulb of her penis push against my abused rectum,
the muscles by now too relaxed to give much resistance as
she entered me. I was filled to stuffing and was soon
coming frantically in ecstasy. She withdrew her fist to
allow her to really pump my arse hole, soon climaxing
herself with what seemed like gallons of hot sperm
filling my bowels.

The action on the bed had moved on, with Louisa being
double penetrated, Barry laying on the bed with his prick
up her pussy while Mike was behind her with that mammoth
prick pushing into her behind. I didn't know whether her
cries were of pain or ecstasy. Mike kept pushing until I
could see that he was fully inside her up to the root. It
was an impressive sight.

They started fucking her with what seemed like little
regard for her pain or pleasure. Nikki moved round so
both Barry and Louisa could suck her prick. I watched the
action in amazement, knowing that I would soon be getting
some more. In the meantime I played with my pussy, using
the strap-on dildo that was lying on the couch next to
me. Then I had an idea.

I put on the strap-on and joined in the action. I decided
that Mike should be the first to receive it and knelt
behind him pulling his tight muscled buttocks apart. He
realised what I was about to do and urged me to shove it
straight in and fuck him hard. These people were into
more extreme sex than I had experienced and I was really
enjoying it. I did as I was bid and shoved hard so that
the dildo entered Mike all the way. I withdrew slightly
and started fucking him with energetic rhythm.

Meanwhile he was ploughing into Louisa's arse with the
same rhythm and she was screaming to a massive orgasm. My
actions in Mike's bum must have pushed him over the edge
as he came, exploding inside Louisa. He and I pulled back
from the bed, me looking for all the world like Nikki's
sister with the huge dildo sticking out from my pussy.
Louisa jumped off Barry and started sucking him until he
too climaxed all over her face, just as Nikki spurted her
come over Barry's.

We had a rest and some drinks for a while, watching porn
video's on the huge TV screen. Some of them were of the
two girls, but in others they had guests as well. Nikki
told me that there were two camera's, trained on the room
and they had been filming since we came in. I said to get
the tape to show the boys what we had been up to before
they arrived and to stick new tapes in for what came

I really wanted to experience Mike's gigantic prick and
said so. Nikki said that they could do better than that,
there were three pricks present and she said huskily that
I should try all of them at once, two in my pussy and
Mike up my arse. I didn't think I could fit them all in
but she and Louisa persuaded me to try. Barry lay out on
the bed and I straddled his dick with my bum in the air.
Nikki positioned herself behind and pushed her big prick
in alongside Barry's, stretching my aching pussy to its

More was to come as Mike positioned himself in front of
Nikki and started to shove his huge tool up my arse. He
had to proceed slowly at first stretching my anal duct
and pushing in alongside the other two cocks already in
my pussy, separated by the thin membrane between the two

Once he was in me they started a rocking motion, sliding
in and out in unison. The feeling was fabulous, nothing
like I have ever felt. I was filled to capacity. Louisa
came and offered her pussy for licking and I obliged her.
I was in ecstasy and loving it, knowing that he filthy
decadent gangbang was being filmed and also possibly
being watched from the adjacent apartment block.

I must have had at least three amazing climaxes when I
felt the first spurt of semen in my pussy, then another
and finally a huge gush of come in my arse. My sexual
tormentors collapsed in a heap leaving me with come
dribbling out of both my holes and down my legs.

I was exhausted and lay down on the sofa. The others
recovered after a while and I was treated to the sight of
Barry being arse fucked by both Nikki and Mike. Then Mike
fucking Nikki and himself taking it up the arse from her
and all three of them fucking Louisa again, finishing
with her being pissed all over and gulping down loads of
golden rain.

Tired and finally satisfied the evening drew to a close,
we showered and dressed and I left them to find a taxi
for home, having made a date for further perverted sex
later that week. Needless to say I easily got a taxi
home, dressed as I was in the tiny black dress.

I didn't even have to pay, as I stripped in the back of
the cab rode home naked, pulling my pussy apart for the
driver to see in the mirror. He got a blowjob when we
arrived in lieu of the fare.

The End

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