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Janssen looked at his creation one last time, one final check, before flipping the On switch. It was damn near perfect. Every line, every curve, was in place. He felt an enormous sense of pride this time. All other failed attempts were forgotten. This time he knew it was right.

Even prior to activation he started to feel aroused. After all, he had modeled this construction after his perfect fantasy, each component engineered to his ideal. The legs were long and shapely, with strong upper thighs. The waist was narrow, the stomach flat and toned. The breasts were large and full, yet not oversized, firm and uplifted, with shapely nipples. The face was rounded, pretty and sexy, the lips full and moist. The eyes were hazel colored, framed by elegantly curved eyebrows. The hair was shoulder length, a deep dark red tone that somehow elicited deep longing within him.

He bent down and reached between the thighs again, unable to resist a final inspection of his ultimate handiwork. He ran his fingers through the inner folds, soft and supple, yielding to his touch, then penetrated slightly, feeling the firm walls that tightly enveloped him. There was no reciprocal movement yet, but he felt himself getting hard. The time was actually here. Seconds away.

Janssen took one final breath, then reached around behind the neck, just underneath the hairline, and with one quick movement, pushed inward. There was a small click.

As he looked up he felt the eyes on him, exploring him. It … she … blinked. Actually blinked. Then another, a very natural movement. For a moment he forgot his arousal and felt a kind of purely scientific pride. Then instinct took hold and he bent his face inward toward hers, their lips meeting. She opened her mouth slightly and he felt her tongue, moist and firm, inside his mouth, exploring. He pressed his mouth against hers, harder. He felt her arms move and then her fingers were caressing the back of his head, pulling him harder against her.

He understood her programming, but this, the pure visceral impact of her sexuality, was astonishing to him. He pulled his mouth away from hers, and she was breathing hard, looking at him with perfectly simulated lust in her eyes. She took his hands and placed them over her breasts, and he found himself cupping them, stroking them, teasing the nipples which were hardening with his every caress.

She was looking deeply into his eyes. “Professor Janssen?” she said softly.

It was the first time he had heard her speak directly to him, something other than the simulated voice tones he had meticulously programmed into her perfectly modulated synthesizer. “Yes?” he responded with a small smile.

“Do you … uh …,” she started to say, looking down shyly in that perfectly staged innocent sexy look. “Do you like my body?”

“Yes,” he replied quickly. “Very much.”

“Would you like to make love to me?” she asked, her voice becoming slightly more husky in tone, a very appealing quality.

“Oh yes,” he answered, and then he was pushing her backward onto the carpeted floor, moving on top of her. He parted her thighs with his arms and thrust himself between them, feeling her folds enveloping him, first the tip then deeper and deeper inside her. Janssen knew this first time would not last long. He was already so hard, so excited, so close.

“Yes Professor Janssen,” she cried breathlessly, “take me.” She wrapped her legs around him, with great strength, and pulled him in even deeper.

“Ohhh,” he exclaimed. He felt her breasts firm against his chest, her mouth on his neck, her hair brushing against him as they moved. Then he was thrusting hard, slamming himself against her with each stroke. He felt the incredible need for release. He drove into her, again, again, again.

Then he was cumming, shooting inside her, filling her. Her inner walls spasmed around him, pulling him, milking him. His orgasm seemed to go on forever. It was incredible.

Finally their spasms subsided and he collapsed against her, panting heavily. She held him tightly, letting him breathe.

After a few moments he raised himself up and looked into her eyes. She was watching him, her face without emotion. “How was it?” she asked impassively.

He smiled at the question. Very clinical. “Well,” he replied thoughtfully, “physically it was great. But then I take most of the credit for that.” He paused. “But uh, behaviorally, you’ve got a lot to learn.”


It was evening when Janssen returned home from work. He was tired and hungry after a long day at the lab. He was surprised as he entered the house. The lights were dimmed and he could see candlelight flickering in the living room. He started to get excited.

It had been two weeks since the initial encounter. He had made two major changes in that timeframe. The first change was to build in the capability of actual sexual stimulation, leading to, he hoped, a real female orgasm. That was key, he thought, to a truly shared sexual experience.

The second change was highly unpredictable. Over the past two weeks he had downloaded a digital copy of every porn movie he had into her core processing unit. He wanted her to have a wealth of experience to draw upon. He hoped it would work.

Slowly he moved down the hallway and entered the large room. She was there, reclining on the sofa, dressed in the flimsiest of red negligees.

“Hello,” she said, drawing the word out slowly.

“Uh … hello …”

“Delilah,” she replied, completing his response.

He wondered which film that name had come from. “Hello, Delilah,” he said, with a small expression of amusement. “Listen I’m, uh, just gonna grab something to eat.”

Delilah leaned forward, her legs spreading just a bit. “But Professor Janssen, I’ve got something for you to eat right here.” Her left hand moved up to cup one breast, her right hand slipping between her thighs. He watched her fingers caressing, stroking. She arched her back and let out a soft moan, “ohhhhhh.”

His hunger forgotten, Janssen moved toward the couch and sat next to her, then leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss on the mouth. Her tongue moved out quickly and softly licked his bottom lip, then moved away. Delilah leaned back, a look of surprise on her face.

“Why, Professor Janssen, I thought you’d just come over to fix my pipes. You know, just a helpful scientist who is skilled at examining a girl’s plumbing and getting her water flowing.”

Wow, just how bad was that porn he’d downloaded? He decided to play along. “Sure miss, be glad to help,” he said sincerely. “But I think you may have a serious problem.”

“What’s that?” she asked innocently, her lips parted in a perfect oval. God she was beautiful.

“Well,” he said, adopting a clinical tone, “everyone knows that plumbing gets blocked over time. It builds up pressure. Needs release. The best way to unblock is to run fluid through the pipes.”

“Oh?” she said in mock ignorance. “How do we do that?”

“Well miss, my best advice is first to get some fluid flowing in one direction. Then we would do some snaking of the pipe using some kind of, uh, long instrument. Then finally we’ll blast in some fluid in the other direction. If we do it right, you should get just the flow you need.”

“Could you show me, Professor? I’d be ever so … grateful.”

“OK,” he said, moving her nightgown aside, exposing her pussy. “It’s like this pipe here.” Slowly her parted her pussy lips, then inserted two fingers inside her.

“Ohhh,” she moaned softly. She started to breathe more heavily. He could see her breasts rising and failing beneath the filmy bodice of her nightgown.

“Sometimes,” he said, “you need to get the pipe lubricated first.” And with that he bent down and began slowly licking her outside pussy lips, stroking them with his tongue, probing inside and caressing her clit, again and again. He could feel her getting wet.

“Professor,” she said, breathing harder now. “I think it’s working.”

He raised up and kissed her on the lips, hard, his tongue snaking into her mouth. “Do you taste your lubrication?” he asked.

“Oh yes,” she replied. “Tastes good.”

“You’ve gotta keep the juices flowing,” he continued, “by working every area of the system.”

“Such as, um, my tits?” she asked, lowering her nightgown and exposing herself to him. Again he was startled by their perfect shape, her nipples rising, stiffening.

He cupped her tits in his hands, then bent down and started to lick her nipples. Then he sucked them, one and then the other. Sucking, then lightly pulling at them with his teeth. Still sucking, he reached down and once again thrust his fingers into her pussy. She was getting very wet now.

“Oh my god, Professor. That … is … so … good. Uhhhhhhhhh.”

She reached forward and undid his belt, then unclasped his trousers. “I think you need to get ready for the pipe snaking part,” she said. She yanked his pants and underwear down in one quick motion, and he sprang free.

“Let’s use your cock,” she said, then leaned over and ran her tongue across his balls, then slowly up the shaft. He was already hard, and a small amount of pre-cum oozed from the tip. Quickly she licked it, then stuck the tip of his cock in her mouth, enveloping the head in those perfect lips.

“Yesss,” he said. “Suck my cock.”

With that she took his whole length in her mouth in one quick motion. He felt the head hit the back of her throat, then she was deep-throating him, her hand jacking the base while her mouth enveloped him. As she sucked she was humming, high-pitched, and the vibrations were incredible. His cock thickened, and he felt himself getting more and more excited.

Again and again, she ran her mouth, her throat, up and down his cock, her tongue putting just the right amount of pressure against him, milking him, the vibrations teasing him. It was unbelieveable. He knew he couldn’t last long.

“Oh … my … god …” he exclaimed. He was close now. “Oh … ohhhh … ohhhhhhhh …”

Just as his cock started to throb, she pulled her mouth away and aimed it at her tits, continuing to milk the shaft with her expert hand. His first shot of cum hit her perfectly between her breasts, then he came again and again and again, spraying her tits, his cum running slowly down the swell of her breasts, across the nipples, then dripping down onto her stomach. A small amount ran into the cleft between her legs, dribbling across her pussy lips. She reached down and pushed the fluid inside her, then scooped up more from her tits and placed it into her mouth.

“Mmmmmm,” she said. “Good. Very good.” She licked her lips.

She looked him in the eyes. It was the most seductive look he had ever seen. “Now Professor,” she said, “I think it’s time you gave my pipes a good, uh, reaming.”

She was still stroking his cock. Even though he had just cum, he wasn’t really softening. She was steadily working him back to a full erection. The sight of her, of her perfect body, of his cum still dripping off her tits, her eyes longing for him … it was incredibly stimulating. He was actually getting hard again. He had never recovered this quickly.

“I need you, Professor,” she said in a deep demanding tone. “I need you to fuck me.”

She pushed him back on the couch and straddled him, taking his cock in her hand and guiding it to the entrance to her pussy. “I’m gonna ride you, Professor. I’m gonna fuck you till I cum all over your hard cock.” She was in full porn speak mode now. “I’m gonna milk your cock dry with my fuck hole.”

And with that she sunk down over his cock, enveloping him inside her. “Ohhhhhh,” she cried out, then started to rise up and down his shaft. With each stroke his length came out of her, almost completely, then she swallowed it up again.

“Do you like the way my cunt feels on your cock?” she asked him boldly. He nodded, too excited to speak.

Her hips moved forward with each stroke. He knew she was stimulating her clit on the base of his shaft. “Yeah baby,” she cried, “fuck me … Fuck me … Fuck me hard!”

He thrust his hips upward to meet each of her downward strokes, their bodies slamming together. He had never felt so hard, so long, so deep inside a woman in his life.

“Come on, Professor. Drive your big dick inside me. Make me cum. Make my cum juices flow all over your fucking hard cock!”

She intensified her movements and he matched her motion, thrusting up inside her, slamming against her. Faster and faster and faster. He felt her cunt muscles spasming against his shaft, sucking him.

“I want your seed inside me, baby,” she cried. “I want to feel your jizz soaking my fucking twat. Come on baby. Ohhh … ohhh … ohhhhhh.”

He raised his hands up and cupped her breasts, caressing them as she thrust against him.

“That’s it baby,” she said. “Feel my tits while you fuck me. Feel your spunk still drying on my hard nipples. I want that spunk inside me baby. I want you to shoot in my snatch. Fill me with your fucking jizz.”

He was getting close now, but he so wanted her to cum. He grabbed her around the waist and began to pull her down harder against him with each stroke, thrusting up against her even harder.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh,” she cried out. “Ohhhhh baby, you’re gonna make me cum! You’re … uhhhhhh … gonna … ohhhhh yessssss …” She was breathing fast and hard now, grunting with every thrust. He knew he couldn’t hold out much longer.

“FUCK ME!” she cried again. “FUUUCCCKKK!” And then he knew she was cumming, her whole body tensing against him, her cunt muscles spasming around his cock. He felt his own cum build, then erupt inside her, spraying her again and again.

“Cum in me baby!” she exclaimed, a look of complete satisfaction on her face. “Shoot your hot seed inside me!”

And he was still cumming, his spasms slowly subsiding, her cunt milking every last drop from his shaft.

Finally he was spent. She leaned down and kissed him, long and hard, then rose off of him. “Thank you Professor,” she said. “I believe you definitely showed me how to get fluids moving through a pipe. When’s my next lesson?”

“I need to rest a bit first,” he replied.

“Ready whenever you are,” she said.

She’s learned well, Janssen thought to himself. But I need to expose her to more than just porn. Give her some perspective. Maybe just a bit more social culture.



Janssen was tired as he walked in the door. He put down his briefcase and walked into the living room. Delilah was there, sitting in front on the television, in a flannel bathrobe. Jerry Springer was on. Again.

“Hello Delilah,” he said softly. She didn’t look up.

“Anything you need?” he asked. “Pipes clogged?” His smile was rueful.

“Pipes?” she sneered. “One of your sexual references, no doubt. You’re just the master of seduction, aren’t you? Maybe you should try taking me out once in a while. Or would some jewelry on my birthday kill you? Eh?”

Then her attention was back on the screen. He wouldn’t be getting lucky tonight. No big shocker there. He trudged slowly down the hallway toward his den. He was working on something, some new programming. But the old would have to be wiped clean. Completely clean. He smiled at that thought.

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Very good story...thanks

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Very cute story. It reminded me of my ex in a lot of ways. Thanks for writing it.

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Thanks for the new addition...good stuff

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Very good. Leaving it so you could possible expand in the future. Thanks

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Nice progression, good imagery. I liked it. Thanks