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700 Elfin Maidens, Lost

[ Taken from the unpublished memoirs of Karlos Mendoza, this passage concerns Mendoza’s visit to Hades during the forty second year of the reign of Theodore XXI. It documents the many strange and unholy things he witnessed, particularly the fate of the seven hundred daughters of Kya, Queen of the Northern Elves. These hapless maidens had passed bodily into that land of shadows beneath our world, much to the horror of Kya, and the dismay of their suitors amongst the angelic host. This extract has been reproduced for the reader’s edification - Editor ]

....that evening we arrived at the city of Dis, where the dark heart of Hades beats. In one of the palaces there, we dined with Misopogon, who was a great prince amongst the devils. On the table before us were plates of cured manticora teats and freshly ordained bishop fish. And we picked the tender shoots sprouting from the flanks of a vegetable lamb that walked amongst us.

That night we consumed wine pressed, from golden grapes, by the blessed feet of Bacchus himself. We sipped this rich **** from skulls procured from the bonefields of Qadesh. Such were the lavish delicacies on offer. Even so, to my private wonder, our princely host only had appetite for common lettuce and a jug of briny water.

Each of one of us was offered a toad, anointed and crucified. We naturally declined. Our devilish host in his wisdom, understood our concern and did not take offence.

After dinner, Prince Misopogon spoke of many grotesque and unholy things. Of special interest to us was the fate of the seven hundred elfin maidens who had strayed onto his lands.

Of this delicate matter our host said:

"When the daughters of Kya first came to our land, we flattered and deceived them and promised them much. In due course we seduced them into making a pact with us. Now they are forever obliged to honour that pact and be under my authority.

"So it came to be, that on the break of each day, every elf maid must come to the great pit that lies outside my city, where they must submit in body to the citizens of Dis. In that pit, my devils subject those young ladies to a carnality forbidden by the holy law of your upper world."

Also of interest to us was what Misopogon said of his people’s history:

"During the morning of the world, there came to be a number of angels who had committed a great sin against their High Lord Archon. One of these angels had made a discovery which would, for him and his kin, bring about a dreadful fall from grace.

"This angel, who was named Borboriel, one night came to his wife’s chamber to perform his marital duty. Earlier that evening he chanced to observe her defecating in their garden and he noted that the huge stool she had passed was similar in size and shape to his erect phallus. With this in mind, he was curious to know if her bowels would be able to accommodate him. He turned his wife over onto her belly, and he tried his cock in her anus. He found it too tight for his entry so he anointed his organ with holy oil and found, with care, he could slip it all the way into her rump.

"Borboriel felt a strong inclination to make the same swift thrusts of his cock into her backside as she was customed to receive in her vagina. The angel proceeded to enjoy his wife in this manner until his seed was all spilt.

"As they both found this method of union satisfying, she would continue to submit to him in this manner throughout the green season. At first they kept their conduct a secret, for this act, as you know, is forbidden and shameful. Indeed, it was a gross abomination for those two dwellers of the upper realms to do this kind of thing. Later, Borboriel passed on their secret to his most trusted brethren.

"The practice became popular amongst a number of the angels. And they practised furtively, knowing that if some higher power discovered them, the punishment would be harsh.

"It came to pass that at the end of the green season, the crops failed, and the High Archon of the realm fell sick. It pained the Archon that he did not know what sin had caused such misfortune to fall upon him and his lands.

"He did not know that much angelic seed was being spilt into barren vessels. So he sent spies into the world to find causes for his woes. Needless to say the High Archon eventually received news of his angels’ crime. In his rage he lost all reason and took it upon himself to rid the transgressors from the upper realms.

"To spite them, the Archon made them into devils, denied them their wives, and forever cut them off from their birthright. They became monstrous to all who beheld them. He turned their wives into swine which he sold them to the ruler of a neighbouring realm.

"This is how the devil race came to be. By holy decree, they were forbidden coitus via the fertile vessel. From that day to this, contact with that part would cause them to wither and decline. And they too, like the crops in the field, would perish. Furthermore, they were exiled in the shadow realm of Hades, which in those days, had few female inhabitants. As none of these wenches wished to forsake natural intercourse, they were not willing replace the devils’ wives. They could not be tempted with gifts nor would they make harlots of themselves.

"Fated have to have no wives, the devils would eventually die without leaving heirs and their bloodline would end. However, they chose to defy their fate and sought a new way to multiply their numbers. This was when the great hero of our people, Lucifer, rose to the heavens to steal the means of self creation from the Old Ones. And from that day on, the devil race was strong and many...."

Then Misopogon became weary. He cut short his telling and retired to his private quarters, leaving us ignorant of Lucifer’s discovery.

Our party left the city of Dis as the interior sun rose above Mount Belias. Our guides led our party to the great pit that Lord Misopogon had mentioned. There at the pit edge, we came to a viewing platform which overlooked the vast arena below us. It was here where we witnessed Kya's beloved daughters submit themselves to the devils.

From the platform we saw the elfin maidens arrive, wearing the veils and snowy white gowns of vestal virgins. As they entered the arena, they were led individually by their attendants to a small tumulus at the centre. An officiating devil, who was dressed in the manner of a cardinal of our holy church, was seated upon a high throne on top of the mound. On a low table before him, amongst a heap of scrolls, books and bones, stood a great silver chalice engraved with names to horrible even now to mention. Here the maidens were disrobed and presented naked to the mock cardinal. This vile creature blessed each elf lass, whilst his assistant anointed their bosoms, bellies, buttocks, pudenda and thighs with consecrated oils.

At the bottom of the pit, there were rows of couches arranged in great concentric circles around the central throne. All upholstered in black velvet, these couches numbered seven hundred. On these sumptuous couches, each fair maid laid herself belly down, ready to receive a monstrous devil. They chanted prayers to their ancestral gods as they waited, whilst their attendants, prepared the required orifice with vaseline. Seven hundred devils, all fiendish inhabitants of Dis, were then released into the pit. Each one of these beasts stationed himself behind a prostrated elf, disrobed and invoked Priapus.

Of the physiology of these demonic fellows, I shall say that it appeared to us to be manifold, composite and phantastic. Amongst their ranks we saw strangely coloured dragon-men scaly like snakes, libidinous goat-men covered with filthy white hair and jackel headed fellows, black as soot. Their appearance appalled us, but we had to agree with our guides that these creatures possessed an uncanny beauty which was in keeping with their world.

A team of scribes moved around the pit, taking note of each pairing. This data they entered in a great ledger, that lay at the foot of the central throne.

When the preliminaries where done, the elves spread apart their thighs and lifted up their rumps, assuming the most undignified posture. To our outraged wonder, the elf maids provoked the devils’ lust by undulating their backsides perversely, crying out to the Horned Ones such brazen obscenities as:

"Come to your whore, o devil, and find your pleasure in her sewer!"

On hearing these calls, each devil, now fully aroused, mounted his appointed elf, penetrated her and rode heavily upon her tender backside. In that great pit of heaving flesh, we watched the devils bugger the elf maids, with a lustful vigour which was horrifying to behold.

Occasionally, we would see a devil unsheathe his cock from his maid's arse and kneel down and perform an depraved act known in Hades as the Obscene Kiss. This involved him, kneeling down and placing his mouth upon her anus, licking and kissing it enthusiastically.

Whenever a devil’s seed was spent, he would withdraw from his elf lass and insert a crow’s feather in the vacated oriface. This feather of shame, protuding from her rump like a black tail, marked the elf as free to leave, having done her duty for the day. The devil would then declare his act of buggery a veneration to his supreme master.

As we witnessed these shameful deeds from the visitors’ gallery, in the full light of the interior sun, we made our official reports to the pontificate We wrote of the sad fate of Kya’s seven hundred daughters; how those elfin maidens, once pure and virtuous, were deceived then debased. They were, before all eyes, made into wretched harlots.

By noon, the last devil had finished and returned with his kin to the city of Dis, where they continued, in churches and temples, the worship of their master.

Many of the elves stayed for awhile, still prostrate on the velvet couches, each one with black feather between her lily white buttocks. The attendants rubbed fragrant oil into the backs and thighs of their sodomized mistresses. A multitude of servants, carrying wine jugs and baskets full of pies and cakes, came into the arena and distributed their wares amongst the maidens. We then left them in that shameful place and continued on our expedition.


Our party traversed the desolate gravel plains of Hades. We moved in the silence of the dead and all about our heads swarmed woeful spirits. But we did not meet a soul to converse with until we came across an oasis of rich greenery. This was the garden of Dogfaced Herman, and his wife Perrenelle. Miraculously, they kept that garden green in that sulphurous realm of shadows, and for that reason the devils envied them.

Perrenelle was an woman of winsome grace and fine features. Woven into her auburn hair were she smoky grey hel flowers. Her monstrous husband, a creature which we first took for another devil, was a man with a hound’s head. We first saw them on a lawn, she was getting down on her hands and knees.

The dogman acknowledged our presence, and then raised up her linen skirts to expose his wife’s milky white buttocks. He put his muzzle to her arse and sniffed. Then with great enthusiasm, he began to hump her.

Perrenelle’s stance remained curiously dignified and proud as she bore the vigorous thrusts of the absurd creature. She then greeted us, her countenance being so brazen and lustful, that some of the more sensitive members of our party, who were all ready shaken by the morning’s spectacle, had to avert their gaze.

The elf apologised for her husband’s behaviour. She explained that his manners were such, that he would not refrain from humping her, even for the sake of visitors, until he was fully satisfied.

Perrenelle continued to speak with us in her sweet, beguiling voice, whilst the dogman only made sounds befitting a hound. She told of the crops she and her husband cultivated in their garden, and how she could get a good price for her wares in the market of Dis.

I said to her that we are strangers in her strange land, whose business is to document the sins of Hades on behalf of the Pontificate. We had already witnessed that the devils loved to feast upon lettuce, but she told of how the devils would also spill their semen upon these unholy vegetables. They would then do their master’s work by ascending to the surface world. Here they would go to convents and abbeys and tempt the good sisters to consume their lettuces. In this way, many a chaste nun was possessed by unclean spirits and given up to abomination.

Of her self, woman told us that she had once been a temple virgin in the upperworld. She said:

"Because I had offended my Goddess, my marriage to a stray dog was arranged. This was to be my punishment. After our wedding ceremony, my fellow priestesses saw to it that we mated regularly. I lived as the wife of this beast for many a year. After some time, I noticed that on each occasion we mated, he took on some of the likeness of a man. I had grown to love my husband dearly, so, for his safety, I hid him from my people. I knew, if they beheld his new form, they would destroy him. When I could hide him no longer, we had to escape and find sancurary in this place of devils. And here, in Hades, his transformation was completed, and he became the handsome fellow he is today."

After the dogman had filled her with his seed, and he had withdrew his manhood from her, he stood and spoke to us. Perrenelle translated dogman’s barks. He hoped our wives’ cunts yielded to us the same satisfaction that his bitch’s arse gave to him. The couple then bid us farewell and together they went into the garden to tend their crops.

And we continued on our tour of Hades. Later that afternoon, we saw a daughter of Kya walking ahead upon the path. This creature was most comely and her golden hair was, like a boy, cropped short. And her limbs were long and slender. She was naked and we saw that she wore, like a tail, a black feather in her rump. And a black cord was fastened around her left lily white thigh. Tattooed on her right arm were the words:

"Property of all the devils, if found please return to Dis."

We could tell that she was one of the fair elves who had been buggered at the pit. My party was curious to know how well she endured the punishing treatment the devils had dealt her. So we went up to her and we conversed with her. She told us that she had come from the pit and was now returning to her lodgings to be amongst her books.

The elf maid seemed to be quite unconcerned by the nature of her defilement. She even informed me that she found the buggery to be gratifying. She told us:

"When my appointed devil began to thrust his great cock in and out of me, the bliss was all pleasure and pain mixed up. The experience of it was like opening my bowels and swiftly passing a great number of huge stools. But the pleasure was like this multiplied many times. When his icy cold seed came into me, it made me judder and shiver to feel it inside me. And I felt my heart pump hard within me. Now I still feel that demon seed move hither and wither inside my body.

"Now my ritual duties have been done, I can set the remainder of the day aside for study. I am much disposed to the study of ancient books. Some of my dear sisters came this lower realm in the belief that, by basking in the light of the interior sun, they will keep young and fair. Others came here because the devils promised to them all the jewels and riches of Hades. And this place is a refuge from all the war and strife that plagues the upperworlds. All of us have witnessed many strange wonders in this country. Myself, I also came to stay amongst the devils for one more reason. In this land, I am privy to a great body of wisdom which would be forbidden to me in the upper realms. For these reasons, my sisters and I descended to this infernal place to make our pact with Misopogon, Lord of Dis."

I was troubled to hear these words. To think that the daughters of Kya would willingly forsake the love and guidance of their queen and make whores of themselves, unsettled my heart. However, there was another matter of which she spoke, and this was strange indeed. I learned from my informant that she strove further than her sisters towards a more wondrous fate. Of this she said:

"These rewards, that the devils offered to us, are no longer enough for me. My goal lies beyond these turtle realms. From this world of secrets, I stolen a great secret, which until now only the devils had known. When they found out I was taken to the great pit. They stripped and bound me to post and they walloped my backside. And then they laid me down on the ground so they could use me to piss. Then the devils took turn to squat over my body and defecate on me.

"In this way they made a mockery of me and I became the laughing stock of this land. Even so, they cannot take away what I know. Of my secret, I am only prepared to tell you this. We, creatures of these realms, are only thoughts in someone else’s mind, to be subject forever of this mind for its own enjoyment. The more thoroughly this mind rules us with its words the more thoroughly it can take its pleasure in our deeds. We are slaves to its will but we can be our own masters if we find a route out from these realms of restriction."

It saddened me much to hear such ill wisdom from this naked elf before me. I gave my reply to the young nullifidian. I told her of the rule of law, the guardianship of the Pontificate, the great chain of being and of the terrors lurking in the mirror realms.

All this I told the elf, but she just laughed and mocked my earnestness. To us, the elf maid made a proposition, saying that, as strangers in her land, it was lawful that she should be hospitable to us and pleasure us. She danced lewdly before us and tried to caress us. The brazen creature tempted us but we found, by invoking the Pontificate, the strength not to yield to her in sin. When the elf knew her advances were futile, she went on her way.

Our party continued on its tour and together we saw many more wonders. However, for the remainder of our tour, the elf’s perplexing words still weighed heavily upon my soul. When the time came for us to leave the land of Hades, our guide brought us back to the gates. Here we lay down, closed our eyes and performed the required mysteries. Then we opened our eyes and we were back in our own familiar realm....

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