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House of Dark Pleasure

by Gloria Day

Little did Doris know when she took the secretarial job offer from
Romily Manor, the nature of the duties she was to perform. She hadn't
counted on being a paid playmate for Mildred Wynton's twenty-five-year-old
retarded son. Her horror deepened even further at the realization that she
had to share her voluptuous body with the degenerate doctor and Mrs.
Wynton's lascivious chauffeur. Mrs. Wynton was the mistress of the manor
in name, but it was Doris's lush young body that held the title!


The needle plunged into Doris's arm again, and she lay very still on the
bare mattress, her eyes open but unseeing, and the voices and sounds in the
small room were just a garbled cacophony to her drugged ears.

"That'll keep her for four or five hours," said the heavy-set man of
medium height and middle years.

He removed the needle from the syringe, replaced them both in a small
case and snapped it shut.

"Thank you, Doctor Marston," said the tall, gaunt-faced woman,
emphasizing the Doctor because Basil Marston wasn't a doctor any more: not
since a zealous medical association had removed his name from its list
because of unethical behavior or professional misconduct as they viewed his
illegal operations and indiscriminate use of prohibited drugs.

"I don't like it," the ex-doctor muttered now, looking at the young girl
on the bed.

A tousled lock of brunette hair had fallen onto her forehead, making
Doris Dainton look younger than her twenty-three years. Her big, brown
eyes--usually luminous and alert--were dull and listless, and her
five-foot-one, one-hundred-pound body slumped, rather than lay, on the bed
in the upstairs room in the bleak, rambling mansion in a remote part of

"You don't have to like it," said Mildred Wynton, coldly. "You just
have to do what you're told." She jerked her head toward the door. "We'll
go downstairs now." She turned to the fourth occupant of the room, forced a
parody of a smile onto her face. "It's all yours, Willis, dear." She moved
to the bedroom door, opened it, half-pushed Basil Marston into the
corridor, then her smile became a leer as she added to her son: "Enjoy
yourself, Willis." Her eyes flickered to the drugged girl again, and she
moistened her lips as she finished in a whisper: "If you need me--just
call." Then she moved out of the bedroom quickly, clicked shut the door
behind her.

"It--it's horrible," muttered Basil as he descended the narrow stairway
behind Mildred.

"Don't be ridiculous," she snapped over her shoulder. "It's not
horrible at all." She reached the foot of the stairs, moved toward the
old-fashioned but well-furnished sitting room. "Just because poor
Willis--my son, remember, is somewhat unattractive to girls is no reason
why he should be denied the ... the normal pleasures of female ..." she
hesitated, then, "... company."

"Company!" Basil spat out the word, stared at the severe but not
unattractive woman of forty-five. "He doesn't want company." He moved to a
sideboard, poured whiskey from a decanter than took a big gulp as though he
needed it very badly. "That--that freak--he's like a lust-crazed animal.
All he wants is ..."

"Don't call my son a freak!" Mildred's voice rose quiveringly high with
anger. "He--he's just--just a little backward--just a little undeveloped
in some ways." She snatched up the decanter, poured herself a generous
drink, lifted it to her lips.

Basil watched her, a sardonic expression on his dark, still-handsome
face. "In some ways," he repeated, bitterly, "just some ways!" He drained
his glass.

Willis Wynton stared at the softly curved, lusciously inviting girl on
the bed. An evil smile of anticipation crossed his misshapen face, and he
drooled, saliva trickling down to his chin as his eyes drank in the sight
of young and helpless female flesh that lay at his mercy.

He had a peculiar build, his legs being too short for his massive,
bull-like torso and his arms--as if to make up for the brevity of his
legs--were too long, causing his hands to dangle close to his knees.

He swung his hands loosely, now, as he moved toward the girl on the bed.
His forehead, covered with a mass of long, black hair that hung down, was
too wide--while his chin was too narrow, making the thick, sensuous lips
seem out of place. His pointed tongue darted out, slicked at the edges of
his mouth as he stared at Doris.

She was wearing a white-nylon blouse and short leather skirt; her feet,
shoeless now, and legs, were encased in sheer pantyhose.

Willis reached to the top of her blouse, unbuttoned it, then gripped the
thin fabric of her brassiere. He tugged at it gently, then seemed
surprised when the flimsy garment ripped off. His eyes squinted as he
stared at the twin mounds of soft, fragile flesh--then he slowly stroked
Doris's breasts.

A low, guttural sound came from deep in his throat as he caressed the
silky smoothness. Then he jerked himself back, grabbed at his crotch as
though in pain.

His fingers trembled as he undid the front of his pants, then the huge,
swollen organ thrust out and he wrapped his hand around the bulbous head of
it, bent himself forward from the waist.

Doris lay unmoving, unseeing, unaware.

Willis stood by the head of the bed, his animal-like penis just inches
from the drugged girl's face--then he pushed his pelvis forward, guided his
shaft until its slitted ball of lust was touching Doris's cheek. He weaved
his organ back and forth on the delicate softness of her cheek.

Low sounds of pleasure came from his throat as he performed his lewdly
intimate action, and thin dribbles of moistness slid from the slitted mouth
of his penis and oozed over Doris's cheek.

Suddenly, he dropped to his knees beside the bed, pressed his face over
the girl's unfeeling body, encircled a small, pointed, pink nipple with his
mouth, sucked it with sickening pleasure.

"Oooh, Maaamaa--Maamaaah," he mumbled, sucking and licking with wet,
squelching sounds. He drew his head back abruptly, letting the
saliva-slicked nipple slide from his lips with a plop. "You're not Mama,"
he mumbled, sounding more like a child than the twenty-five-year-old man
that he was. "You're what--what Mama got for me " an infantile smile
spread across his face, "... for me to play with." His hand caressed his
penis as he spoke. "Mama said--enjoy yourself." His smile became wider.
"I can do what I like--whatever I like." He reached down to the hem of the
leather skirt, lifted it. "I--I know what I like to--to do--" he panted.

The pantyhose stretched tightly over Doris's belly and hips, so thin
that the dark triangle of her pubic hairs was clearly visible. Willis
clawed at it, and a long fingernail ripped at the crotch, tearing through
the fragile silk, shredding it open until it was slitted from the waist to
where it disappeared between her smoothly fleshed thighs.

Willis's eyes fastened on the thatch of dark foliage, then he touched
it, stroked it gently at first, then more roughly.

His penis reared when his hand went lower, probed between the exposed
thighs, found vaginal lips that were soft and wet and felt inside them.

"Nice pussy," he drooled, rubbing his finger in Doris's intimate
moistness. "Soft, wet pussy!"

He drew back, breathing heavily through his nose. "I--I'm going to do
it," he muttered, panting with excitement. "Mama said I can enjoy myself."
He began ripping off his clothes with frantic haste, keeping his eyes on
the small pink opening between Doris's thighs. "I'm going to push my cock
inside your pussy!" He giggled, highly like a girl, then dragged off his
remaining clothes.

His chest, belly and legs were covered with thickly matted hairs and
below his massive penis, huge balls were encased in tightly stretched

He cupped his gross testicles, moved to the foot of the bed, stared up
into Doris's vulva. "Fuck," he muttered. "I--I'm gonna fuck!"

He stretched out a long arm, gripped one of Doris's feet, moved it
toward the side of the bed--then did the same with her other foot.

The silk-encased legs formed a gleaming V to the shredded slit at the
crotch. Willis panted as he stared up into the wet pinkness. "Fuck," he
mumbled again.

He climbed over the end of the bed, breathing heavily, and crawled
between the outstretched legs. His hairy thighs pressed against Doris's
soft silkiness. He reached under himself, gripped his throbbing shaft,
steered it toward the wet, waiting opening.

His breath panted onto Doris's face as she lay still, as though she were
a doll.

The hard, round ball of lust pried at the vaginal lips.

"Small," Willis complained, "so small!" He jerked his body angrily, and
Doris's belly quivered under the thrust. The head of his penis probed
again at the small, tight vagina--then Willis jerked his shoulders upward.
"Let me--" he panted into Doris's face, "--let me do it!" He dragged a hand
upward then slapped the drugged girl's face. "You--you gotta--" he moaned
in childish rage. "Mama said I could!" He slapped Doris's face again, and
her head rolled with the blow. A deep pinkness suffused her cheek where
the palm of his hand had hit.

He reached under his body again, with both hands this time; gripped
Doris's thighs, spread them apart into an agonizing, strained split. "I
wanna fuck--" he half-cried.

His body lurched again--and this time the end of his shaft penetrated
the slithery vaginal opening and slid inside.

"Oooheeh--ooheeeh!" Willis shrilled as he felt the soft walls gripping
his lurching organ. "Inside--oooheehh--my cock's inside!" He squirmed his
whole body with lustful delight.

"Squeeeeze!" he squealed. "Squeeze my cock, nice tight pussy!"

He drove himself inward, causing the stretched vaginal walls to be
forced open even more widely. Doris's body jerked upward as he thrust
inward. He pressed his face onto Doris's, groped for her mouth with his
wet, slavering lips--then kissed her with slimy hunger. "I--I don't need
Mama to help me," he mumbled when he drew his head back, "I can do it
myself all by myself!"

His throbbing organ, swelling and pulsing, thrust inward again--then
withdrew, slid in, slipped out. "Oooheeeh," he shrilled,

He screwed his organ in and out with ever-increasing strength and speed.
Doris's body had become a jerking mass of tortured flesh as his climax

"Squirt--" he screamed suddenly, "I'll squirt inside you." He dragged in
a gasp of air as his organ contracted, expanded. "Right inside your pussy
all so hot so wet--" he babbled as his crest neared. "Aaaargh!" He let out
a deep groan then writhed his body wildly. The slitted lips in the rounded
head of his organ opened, emitted a scalding spurt of juice, then
closed--opened again, spurted again. "Ooooheeeh aaargh! Fuck--fuck your
hot pussy!" His voice went high, then racking tremors shook his body as he
expended the last squirts of his juice.

The long shaft softened, reduced in size, became limp.

Willis lay on top of Doris, breathing deeply, languorous with satiation.
"Nice pussy," he mumbled, licking at Doris's face like a cat. "Nice soft
cunt! Hot pussy!" He smiled, idiotically. "Hot an' wet!"

He let his penis slide out of Doris's vulva; then he squirmed himself
down to the foot of the bed, stared in between her grotesquely stretched
open legs. "White inside--" he mumbled. "--my white stuff all inside!" He
smiled, as though he'd performed a clever feat. "Nice fuck--nice pussy
fuck!" He stroked the insides of her thighs, then fondled the wet tissue
inside the lips of her vagina.

"Again," he said slowly. "Mama said--enjoy yourself--I'm gonna do it
again--" He started to stroke his reawakening penis with expectant desire.
"Again an' again--" he mumbled, "I can do it again an' again--as many times
as I want!"

The shaft was stiffening, so he guided it to the vaginal entrance again.
This time it was easier; Doris's vulva was still curled open from the
previous onslaught of his huge penis--it slid in smoothly, sensuously,
stretching the abused and fragile tissue without effort. Willis grunted in

* * *

Downstairs in the sitting room, Basil Marston slammed down his glass.
"D'you realize what time it is?" he snapped to Mildred. "He's been up
there with that--that poor kid--for four hours!"

She didn't even glance up from the book she was reading.

Basil leaned forward, spoke urgently. "It's midnight." He tapped the
face of his watch. "That stuff'll be wearing off!"

Mildred looked up this time. "Oh, Basil--let the poor boy have his

"Fun!" Basil looked startled then angry. "D'you call raping a young,
drugged girl fun?"

Mildred snapped shut her book. "Don't act so goddamned righteous." She
paused, then: "After what I know about you--"

"Don't go into that--" he muttered.

She gave him a cat-like smile. "If I did go into that, there'd be
criminal proceedings against you--not just being struck off--"

"I said--don't go into that," said Basil, more loudly. He took a deep
breath. "Like I just said--that stuff'll be wearing off."

"What was it anyway?" asked Mildred curiously. "Just what exotic
solution did you inject into that girl?"

"Exotic is right," he muttered. "It's some stuff they use in the Far
East when someone's in agonizing pain--it dulls everything--deadens the

"Some herbal remedy--" Mildred's voice was disdainful.

"Hardly that," Basil said. "It's strong--can be deadly--stuff."

"But it just lasts four or five hours?"

"Depends on the dosage," he murmured. "That's all I gave her." He
glanced at his watch again. "By God--isn't that long enough for that
damned stud to do his thing"

"Don't call him a stud," said Mildred. "He's just--just a normal,
developing male--with normal instincts." She dropped her eyes as she spoke.

"Normal!" Basil gave a mocking laugh, then stopped suddenly. "You'd
better go an' drag your normal son off his latest victim!"

Mildred glared at Basil angrily, then got to her feet. "I suppose I'd
better go up." She smoothed down her skirt. "Willis'll have to carry her
back to her room before she comes to--it wouldn't do to have her come round
in the attic!"

"Is that what you got her out here fox asked Basil," so that your son
could rape her, abuse her an' amuse himself with her body?"

"No!" Mildred spoke, emphatically. "I really needed a secretary--that's
why I advertised!"

Basil shook his head in anger or despair as Mildred swept from the room.

Chapter 1

Doris Dainton had come across the small advertisement when she was
scanning the classified ads in a New York paper. Though she already had a
job--had held it for six months, in fact--with a New York realtor, she
still continued to glance, al beit casually, at openings for secretarial

Secretary, the ad had said, for country estate management, rental, etc.
Top salary, accommodation and board in fine old Maine residence. Age
21-25, single and unattached. Please enclose recent photo with application
to Mrs. Mildred Wynton, Romily Manor, Romily, Maine.

Doris had read it twice, then thought about it. She was the right age,
twenty-three, and she was single--and, she added to herself with a trace of
bitterness, completely unattached.

Since Bruce had walked out on her two weeks ago, she couldn't have been
more unattached! So maybe, just maybe, a change of scenery would be good
for her morale.

She sighed. There'd probably be lots of applicants, and there was
little chance that she'd be selected. Nevertheless, Doris wrote a careful
application, enclosed a snap (Bruce had taken it during the summer) and
mailed everything off.

Two weeks later, when she had almost forgotten about her application,
she got a reply.

And what made this reply different was the fact that a money-order to
cover her train fare with an extra ten dollars for expenses was enclosed
with the letter.

I'd like to meet you, Mrs. Wynton had written, and if you like Romily
and everything else is satisfactory, then ...

Doris had read the letter very carefully, then decided that a trip to
Maine, all expenses paid, would not be a bad idea, so she'd phoned--as Mrs.
Wynton had also suggested then made the journey on the Saturday following.

She was met at Romily station by a George Bateman, her employer's
chauffeur, and was driven to Romily Manor.

The Maine countryside had looked wonderful after the noise and dust of
New York, and the manor itself was one of those delightful early American
residences that never seemed to change.

"There really isn't a great deal of work involved," Mrs. Wynton had
said. "And since my husband died several years ago, I've managed
everything myself--but now I feel I'd like to have someone take charge of
everything for me." She'd laughed. "Maybe I'm getting lazy in my old

Mildred Wynton didn't look so old, Doris had thought, though her manner
was that of a much older person.

What she'd learned of the job, Doris had liked. There were a dozen or
so houses on the estate which had been rented to the same people for
years--and half a dozen more which were rented out seasonably.

When Mrs. Wynton mentioned the salary, Doris's eyes had opened wide.
It was higher than she was getting in the city--and all her living expenses
would be taken care of here, too!

"Do you have any family?" she had asked, hesitantly, thinking that there
might be more work involved.

"Just my young son," said Mildred Wynton.

"Oh!" Doris had wondered. Young son! Would I be expected to baby-sit,
too? Is that the fly in the ointment?

"How--how old is your son, Mrs. Wynton?" she had asked, wondering if
she was being too bold.

"Twenty-five--" Mrs. Wynton had startled Doris by answering. "He's
very delicate and stays in his room most of the time."

Doris had nodded. If she has an invalid son, that could explain why she
wants someone to help with the estate; it could also explain why I haven't
seen any other members of the family.

* * *

She had told Mrs. Wynton that she would think about it; thanked her for
the pre-paid trip and promised to call her, but by the time the train had
rolled from lush countryside to the unprepossessing outskirts of the city,
Doris had already made up her mind.

She had phoned Mrs. Wynton on Sunday, given her notice at the office on
Monday, and by the following week was ready to make her move.

George Bateman met Doris again, touching his cap respectfully when she
alighted from the train, then carrying her meager luggage to the waiting

It was an old car, Doris realized as they drove toward Romily Manor.
Old but well-kept--then she glanced at the back of the driver's head. It
would be hard to say how old George Bateman was, Doris decided; he could be
anything from thirty-five to fifty. His skin was tanned, and his body,
short but well-muscled, looked tough and durable like the countryside they
were passing through.

Doris frowned. He looked out of place behind the wheel of the ear--he
seemed more like an outdoors man.

"Do you work for Missus Wynton full-time?" she asked now.

He jerked his head as though he was surprised at being addressed, then:
"Yes, Miss--" he slowed at a crossing, then went on: "I work on the grounds
as well as drive."

She nodded. It was as she thought.

"Miss--it's Miss Dainton, isn't it?" the driver asked.

"Yes," she told him, "Doris Dainton." She smiled.

"Did you--" he asked very slowly, "--meet young Mister Wynton when you
were here before?"

"Why no," she said. "He's an invalid, isn't he?"

George Bateman made a sound that could have been a laugh, then: "He's
all right sick, but--" his eyes flickered to hers in the driving-mirror,
"he's not exactly an invalid."

"What's the matter with him?" Doris was startled.

George shrugged. "He's like, well backward--"

Doris's eyebrows went up. "You mean--retarded?"

George didn't answer for a while, then: "You'll find out soon enough,
Miss." He swallowed. "Missus Wynton wouldn't want me to talk about
her--her son!" And he finished the drive to the manor in silence.

The massive front door of Romily Manor was opened by a buxom woman of
some thirty years.

"Welcome to Romily," she said to Doris, her pleasant face smiling. "I'm
Mabel Williams, the cook--Mrs. Wynton is resting and she asked me to show
you to your room."

Doris smiled in reply, murmured a few words, then followed the cook
through the high, spacious hall. George Bateman followed with Doris's

The wide stairway curved in a majestic sweep from the back of the hall
to the mezzanine. Doris's, room overlooked the carefully manicured grounds
at the back.

"This is a beautiful room," said Doris, surveying the deep pile on the
floor, expensive drapes and the invitingly soft modem bed.

"You have your own bathroom," said Mabel, opening a door at the side of
the room, revealing a fully equipped bathroom.

Doris nodded with pleasure, then asked: "And is this a closet?" She
indicated another door at the side of the bathroom door.

The cook shook her head. "That's just a spare room--the door is always
locked," she said briefly.

Doris glanced at the door casually, noticed the transom above--curtained
from the other side, then turned away, dismissing it from her mind.

* * *

On the other side of the door, Willis Wynton stood on the seat of a
chair, peered through a small chink in the curtains. He licked his thick
lips when he saw Doris's curvesome figure, then waited, wriggling with
impatience, for Mabel and Bateman to leave the bedroom.

When the door had closed behind the two servants, Doris dropped onto the
satin-covered bed and let her body sink into the softness.

Willis's body became tense. Doris's brief skirt had worked up while she
was squirming on the bed, and he could see the thin silk of her pantyhose
straining across her crotch. A glimpse of darkness, like brunette pubic
hair, was visible through the silk. Willis's hand slithered down to his

Suddenly, Doris slid her legs off the bed, then scrambled across to her
luggage and dragged a suitcase onto the bedside chair.

She opened it, took out a dark-green dress and looked at it quizzically.
After a moment, she threw the dress onto the bed, snapped shut her suitcase
and started to unbutton her blouse.

Willis's lips became dry, and he slid out his tongue, wet them with
jerky, excited licks.

Doris's flesh looked soft and smooth as she shrugged out of her blouse,
then she unhooked her brassiere, threw it onto the bed and cupped her
braless breasts.

Willis could see the pink tips of her nipples oozing between her
fingers. He swallowed with an effort.

Doris had moved in front of the full-length mirror; now, she stared at
her reflection as she gently caressed her milky-white mounds. Her lips
pursed into an expression of pleasure as she felt the satiny-soft flesh
squirming under her fingertips.

Reluctantly, Doris slid her hands off her breasts, reached to the waist
of her skirt, unzipped it and slid it off.

Willis held his breath.

Her buttocks were tightly encased in the silk of her pantyhose, then she
slipped her fingers in the waistband, slithered the silkiness of her hips
and limbs.

He could see the cleft in her bottom opening and closing as Doris leaned
forward--Willis's hand groped at the front of his pants, unfastened
them--then gripped the thick shaft that protruded.

Doris turned around, showing the thick thatch of hair on her abdomen;
showing, too, wet pink lips that rubbed against each other as she moved.

Willis's eyes were glued on the white, shimmering thighs and the
exciting red slit between. His hand moved slowly, caressingly, as he
massaged his swollen organ.

Doris picked up the green dress, held it in front of her naked body,
scrutinized herself in the mirror. Her back was to Willis, and he could
see the ripples running up and down her thighs and her buttocks as Doris
swayed herself slightly.

His excitement increased; his hand moved more quickly.

She walked back to the bed, green dress in her hand, then sat on the
edge, staring at the dress thoughtfully. After a moments she dropped onto
her back, legs dangling over the side of the bed, and let the dress slip
out of her hand.

Her thighs parted, then she stroked the insides of her legs with slow,
lingering movements. Gradually, her hands moved higher--her thighs parted
more widely--and Willis could see the red slot of Doris's sexual cavern
stretching open.

She touched a wet vaginal lip with a fingertip--then a tremor ran
through her flesh. Her eyes closed, then she jerked up her heels until
they were propped on the edge of the bed. Her knees fell apart and she
stabbed a trembling finger into the wet sponginess of her vulva.

Willis watched the finger sinking into the soaking tissue, and the vulva
seemed to suck it, draw it inward deeper and deeper as though it was a
hungry mouth.

The round ball at the end of his penis expanded, throbbed painfully. He
closed his fingers on it, squeezed with sex-excited strength.

A slim, pink spire slid up from the top of Doris's sexual slit, and she
used her other hand--to touch it, press it, squeeze it with exquisite
pleasure. Her mouth opened and closed as she drew in gulps of air.

Willis's breath panted from his nostrils, and his body stiffened as he
slithered his hand from the swelling base of his shaft to the hard, round
ball at the end. His knees had begun to tremble, and the chair that he
stood on vibrated gently with each movement.

Doris had lifted her buttocks, and her finger thrust in more deeply,
pulled out soggily, dragging clinging tissue with it. Her clitoris had
enlarged, and she tormented it with her finger and thumb, pinching it,
pulling it and squeezing. Her hips began to undulate up and down.

Willis's body began to sway in sympathy with the girl on the bed; he
gripped the cheeks of his bottom tightly together, pressing forward with
his scrotum, feeling the thrills flicker through the length of his sexual
shaft. Small drops of moistness dripped from the slitted lips in the mouth
of his organ. He made low, wet sounds of lust and desire as the sweat
broke out on his body.

Doris was masturbating with frenetic movements; her knees had spread
open like the petals on a flower, and between--her sexual bud was squirming
and writhing as she teased it and pleased it, tormented and titillated it
with soft, then vicious, manipulations.

Willis could feel his excitement crescendoing to an obscene climax. His
hand gripped tightly as his organ writhed of its own accord, and he felt
the spasms wrenching through the shaft.

Doris's eyes opened, then dilated and she drew in her cheeks, biting
them with her teeth as she squeezed on the tip of her clitoris. The jerks
started: shattering through her flesh; making her thighs writhe--slap
closed then pry open--as she dug deep inside her soaking vulva. Suddenly,
a high wail came from her lips reaching Willis's ears and bringing his
excitement to an unbearable peak--as she orgasmed and fluid seeped from her
vagina and dampened the cover on the bed.
Willis choked back a groan as his penis jerked sickeningly; then he
leaned back from the waist, precariously, as he felt the thick, painful
spurts squirting from the spitting lips in the grossly enlarged head of his


"Urgh--" he groaned, orgasming violently. "Urgh-girl-cunt urgh!"

He saw Doris's body relaxing; her eyes closing as satiation spread
through her body. Vaginal fluid still trickled from within her, and Willis
watched it, muttering to himself: "Ah'm gonna fuck you, girl-cunt-gonna

Then he stepped down off the chair, legs shaky, body trembling, and
squatted on his haunches. His penis, huge but limp, dangled between his
legs like a vicious but dormant snake. "Gonna fuck you, girl-cunt--" he
muttered over and over.

Chapter 2

"So she's the secretary," said Mabel Williams to the chauffeur.

He shrugged, gave a sardonic smile. "That's what Mildred says--"

"I didn't see her when she was here before. She's a pretty young girl,"
said Mabel.

They were talking in the kitchen. Mabel was preparing a meal, while
George Bateman was sipping at a glass of beer.

"Naturally," he said, "she wouldn't have got one that wasn't nice
looking." He took a gulp of his drink, then muttered, "Sexy figure, too--"

Mabel answered with her back to the chauffeur. "I suppose--" she
paused, then: "D'you think--think that she's got her for him?"

George shrugged. "What else?"

Mabel continued with her work, then she murmured: "I feel kinda sorry
for her, though--" she hesitated, then: "I'm glad in a way--"

George jerked his head up: Mabel's face was red. "I suppose it'll make
it easier for you," he muttered. "Take some of the load off you." His
voice was bitter.

Mabel's flush became deeper. "Something like that," she whispered.

"The son-of-a-bitch!" George spat out the words. "Why d'you let him?"

Mabel didn't answer his question. "D'you know what he did to me last
night?" she asked in a shocked whisper.

"You don't hafta tell me," George muttered.

Mabel put her lips close to George's ear and whispered: "Up the back of
me," she hissed. "Right into my bottom--" she panted with emotion, "he--he
pried open the cheeks and stuck his big thing in me. I--I thought it was
going to tear me wide open ... or burn me." Mabel's hand went behind her
and she stroked the ample flesh of her buttocks tenderly, as though she
could still feel a gross organ piercing into her anal canal. "His stuff,"
she mouthed, "was scalding hot spurtin' right inside me."

"Why?" George forced out the word. "I mean--why up the back?"

Mabel hung her head, breathed out the shame-filled words. "He ... he
said he wanted somethin' tight, somethin' that'd wrap around his
cock--squeeze the stuff outa him." She looked down and her voice went even
lower. "He ... he said I was too loose--that he didn't get the same kick
outa--outa screwin' my pussy any more!"

"The bastard!" George's face was white. He reached out for Mabel,
encircled her waist with his arm. "Why--why'd'you let him?"

Mabel stroked George's head absently. "You--you know why--you know what
they--what she--pays me!"

He didn't answer.

"How much d'you think I'd get for just being a cook?" she asked,
bitterly. "You know that I hafta do it." She bent down, looked into
George's face. "And you do things, too, George--she makes you do things,
doesn't she?"

"That's different," he muttered. He slipped his hand under Mabel's
skirt, found bare thigh-flesh, then slid his fingers inside her panty-leg,
caressed her. "I hafta do it--to keep my job!"

Mabel heard his words but she was thinking of something else. "I
suppose that's why they got her," she murmured.

George didn't follow her. "What?"

"This young girl--this secretary--I suppose that's what she's for! He
wants a nice snug cunt to fuck so his dear mother gets him one--"

"He's a dirty bastard--an' his mother's a bitch," mouthed George. "We
oughta stop it--we oughta tell her." But his words lacked conviction.

Mabel shook her head. "You know we can't do that," she sighed.
"Anyway, I guess she's bein' well paid for it."

George squeezed Mabel's fleshy buttocks, then drew his finger up the
cleft. Mabel winced. "Does that hurt?" George asked.

Mabel smiled. "Not when you do it."

"The bastard," said George again, remembering. "I'd like to castrate
the son-of-a-bitch."

She reached down to George's crotch, squeezed at the fleshy mass there.
"I'm glad you're not castrated," she said with a half-giggle.

He managed a grin. "You'll be gladder still tonight."

"Don't brag," she murmured, then she asked: "I wonder if this girl'll be
willing to do what they want."

"Whether she's willing or not, she'll do it." George looked at Mabel.
"They have ways you know that you oughta know that!"

"You mean the doctor--"

"He isn't a doctor any more--he was struck off. Mildred knows somethin'
about him--that's why he does what she tells him."

"I suppose--"

"He'll be screwing that young cunt tonight," George spoke slowly.
"Squeezin' his cock into that snug, tight pussy."

Mabel drew in her breath and her pelvis jerked forward. "You're getting
me excited talking like that!" she whispered.

George pressed his fingers into her buttocks, pulled her body against
his so that she could feel the hardness of his penis jammed into her flesh.

"D'you hafta wait until tonight?" she whispered.

He shook his head, slathered his lips on her cheek.

Mabel pulled herself back, her face red with excitement. "In here," she
murmured, dragging George to the side of the kitchen. "We can go it in the
pantry." She opened the door to the small storage room. "No one but me
ever goes in here." He slid into the tiny place, let Mabel click closed the
door behind them and stared at her in the dimness. She lifted her skirt at
the front, then clawed at her crotch with urgent fingers.

George watched her panties slide down and when the thick growth of pubic
hair became visible, he ripped his pants open and dragged out his swollen

Mabel's glance veered down onto the still thickening shaft, then she
jammed her buttocks on a low shelf so that she was in a half-squatting
position. Her thighs spread open and the wet, pinkish tissue was revealed.

"Wet, screwin' cunt," George muttered, taking a shaky step closer to the

"Don't talk--just fuck!" Mabel slid her fingers down, pried open the
lips of her vulva.

George moved between the open thighs, feeling Mabel's hands on his belt,
unfastening it, letting his pants slip down then her fingers were clutching
his buttocks and pulling his body closer to her, into her with hungry

He gripped the shaft of his penis, steered the jerking head into the wet
mass of sexual tissue. The walls of her vulva gripped the sides of his
cock, sucked it up and into her body.

"Urgh, Mabel," George groaned, "you hot, hungry pussy!"

She pressed her mouth on his, sucked and bit at his lips as she felt the
hard shaft penetrating her. "Long, hard cock," she slavered. "You're
filling me all of me; you're fucking inside my belly!"

She jerked herself down, and the stiff cock pressed up more deeply.
"Like that," she moaned, writhing herself. "Fuck me like that!"

George's knees trembled when he bent them to let his organ slide down,
then he drove inside again, deeper and deeper, feeling the vaginal walls
undulating against his throbbing shaft. "Oooh, you sweet fuck," he
mumbled, trembling with excitement, "you're suckin' the strength outa me!"

"Keep fuckin'," she said, her voice ragged. She tried to squeeze her
thighs together to heighten the sensation and the movement of her thigh
muscles tightened the grip of her vulva.

"Oooh, that!" George panted, feeling the wet grip of the soft but strong
walls of his cock. "Keep holding my cock like that!"

He lurched himself upward, his cock making wet, sensuous sounds as it
thrust through the soaking tissue; then he dragged the shaft down, felt
Mabel's body quivering against his as the thrills throbbed through her

"Oh, Georgie--don't stop!" Mabel panted out the words breathlessly and
squirmed her buttocks on the edge of the shelf as she sucked at his cock
with her pulsating pussy.

George could feel the head of his cock expanding and contracting and
fiery slivers of juice began to spasm inside his organ.

"Mabel," he gasped, "I'm gonna--gonna blow-blow!" His voice rose and his
in-and-out movements became frenzied.

"Georgie-Georgieeeeh!" Mabel tried to stifle the squeal that rose in her
throat as his swollen organ jammed against the tip of her stiffening
clitoris. She wriggled herself urgently, working the hard clitoral tip on
the swelling, throbbing shaft.

Thrills flickered through her vaginal walls then cascaded through all
parts of her sexual flesh. "I'm coming!" she gasped, then her teeth bit
onto George's lower lip as she orgasmed, jerking her pelvis and feeling her
vulva quiver with a spontaneous reaction.

"Urgh, Mabel--Mabellll!" George's voice rose high as burning spurts of
juice squirted from the lips of his cock, splattering against the soggy
tissue at the top of Mabel's vulva, scalding her, thrilling her and making
her flesh shiver until she lifted her feet off the floor, wedged herself on
the edge of the shelf and wrapped her legs around George with her heels
jammed into his buttocks, pulling him ever deeper inside her sexual cavern.

At last, her mouth moved away from George's, her teeth relinquished
their grip on his lip and she panted, "You lovely big cock, oooh,
Georgie--you drive me fuckin' wild!"

"Soft screwin' pussy," he mumbled, feeling the last dregs of juice
trickle from the end of his cock. "Your cunt was just built for fuckin'!"

She gave a breathless giggle, leaned against him, feeling his softening
shaft sliding out of her. "I came, Georgie," she whispered. "You always
make me come--an'--" she hesitated, then buried her face on his shoulder so
that her words were muffled, "an' now, will you suck me, Georgie?"

"Hungry pussy," he muttered, "always ready for more!" But he obeyed,
letting his body drop down until his face was level with her belly. She
opened her thighs eagerly, then reached down and stretched the lips of her
pussy wide open. The pink, tensed head of her clitoris slid out and George
took a deep breath, bent his head and opened his mouth.

"Like that!" Mabel breathed as his lips encircled her clitoral tip.
"Suck it into your mouth--tickle it with your tongue--bite it, Georgie!"

He gripped the squirming muscle with his teeth, pulled it away from its
warm, wet slot.

Mabel made low ecstatic sounds and entwined her fingers in the hair on
George's bent head.

"Stick your tongue up my pussy," she begged in a whisper.

He drove his tongue into her, tasting the saltiness of the mixture of
his and her come-juice, then sucked at her clitoris again.

Bubbling moans poured from Mabel's lips and she rocked herself, slowly
and sensuously, as George licked, sucked and bit with thrilling sexual

"I'm gonna come again!" The words spurted from Mabel's lips; a violent
shiver shattered through her body and she almost jerked her clitoris from
the grip of George's teeth.

"Now!" she gasped, straining herself back, increasing the tension as
George's teeth pulled at her clitoris. "Now, now, NOW!"

Her voice rose to a squeal, then meaningless babbles of sound ran from
her lips in a torrent as she orgasmed with frenzied intensity.

George released the grip of his teeth, felt the head of the clitoris
throbbing wildly against his lips then a shiver ran down his spine as the
pantry-door opened and an ice-cold voice said; "So this is where you are!"

Still groveling on the floor, George twisted his head and stared at
Mildred Wynton.

She was standing in the pantry doorway, face white, eyes glittering.

"Did I interrupt you--or had you finished?" she asked in a coldly
sarcastic tone. Her eyes flicked down to George, focused on his limp
penis--then she glanced at Mabel, first at her face then at her
curled-open, soaking vulva.

"Did you enjoy that, Mabel?" Her voice was like ice.

"Ma'am, I--I--" Mabel's face was scarlet.

"Come to my room tonight, Mabel," Mildred's voice was soft but
frightening. "You haven't been spanked for a long time--too long, it would
seem." Mildred's tongue flicked out and she touched her lips. "It's time I
whipped that soft, fleshy bottom--you're getting spoiled."

"But, Ma'am I--"

"Bring my small riding whip to my bedroom tonight at the usual time,"
Mildred interrupted. "I'll punish you before you go to bed." Her eyes went
onto George's face. "It's too bad you can't do these things on your own
time, George. I don't pay you to suck Mabel off whenever she--or you--gets
the urge!"

He stared at his mistress in silence.

Mildred's hand dropped onto her belly, and she massaged herself very
slowly. "However; since that's what you enjoy doing, George--" she paused,
licked her lips again, then: "Come to my room after I've punished
Mabel--and you'll get what you deserve."

She turned, took a step into the kitchen then snapped over her shoulder:
"And now that you've finished your fucking get on with the work I pay you

They listened to her heels tip-tapping across the floor then looked at
each other in eloquent silence.

Mabel spoke at last. "Cold-fish, dirty bitch!" she whispered.

George nodded very slowly. His penis moved of its own accord and he
gave it a surprised look then encircled it with his hand, squeezed and felt
the shaft coming alive, throbbing within his fingers. "She's a bitch all
right," he murmured, then added almost inaudibly: "A hungry, fuckin'
bitch!" His cock jerked inside his hand and he tightened the grip of his

* * *

Mildred Wynton was passing down the corridor when Willis exited from the
spare room. She drew back in surprise, then her eyes flickered to the next
demand she gave a sly smile of understanding.

"You've--you've observed her?" she asked softly.

Willis nodded his head, then grinned like an idiot.

Mildred walked to her bedroom at the far end of the long corridor, and
her son followed her like a pet dog.

"You liked her?" she asked Willis, closing the bedroom door behind them.

He grinned again. "Yum-yum!" he mumbled.

Mildred sank onto a chaise lounge in front of her dressing table, took a
cigarette from a silver case and snapped a lighter.

"What was she doing?" she asked, blowing smoke from her nostrils.

Willis made movements with his hands as though he was taking off

Mildred smiled through the smoke. "Undressing?"

"Um," said Willis, saliva trickling from the corner of his mouth, "all
off all naked--"

"Really!" Mildred sounded interested. She stared at her son, then her
eyes went onto his pants--with the tell-tale white splotches on the front.

"You played with yourself," she said softly, "while you were watching

The misshapen young man's face flushed scarlet, then he hung his head,
mumbled, "Ya, Mama--ah'm sorry, Mama--"

"It's all right, Willie dear," she said softly, "I understand." She
reached towards him, patted his arm affectionately as though he was a very
young child.

She smoked in silence for a moment, then stared at Willis and asked,
curiously but softly, "What did she do after she'd undressed?"

His face flushed even redder, then he grinned. "The same, Mama"

"The same?"

He nodded vigorously. "Same as me, Mama."

Mildred drew in her breath. "You mean she was--was--" her voice had
become tight, "playing with herself, too?"

"Um, um, Mama--" he stretched out a finger, pointed it. "In and out,
Mama all naked on her backspin and out!" He made stabbing movements with
his finger.

Mildred leaned forward. "Between her legs?" she asked in a whisper.

Willis stood with his legs spread, bent his knees, then made stabbing
movements toward his crotch with his finger.

"Um, Mama--up her cunt!" He grinned again. "Up her fuckin' cunt!"

She winced, then: "I wish you didn't use that word, dear, but--" her
voice trailed off.

Willis had clutched at his crotch while he was speaking; now he caressed
himself lewdly through his clothing. Mildred noticed it.

"I suppose that it was watching her do that--watching this girl diddle
herself--that excited you, dear?" she whispered.

He bent himself slightly forward, gripped the bulge in his pants.

"All red--" he blurted, "all red an' wet." He looked into his mother's
eyes. "Water came out--thick water."

"She orgasmed," whispered Mildred, wriggling her body as though she was
uncomfortable. "She made herself come--"

"Um," said Willis, "me, too--"

Mildred drew on her cigarette until the tip was red. "You'd like to--to
play with this girl, wouldn't you, Willis?" Her voice was low, throbbing.

He wriggled with excitement, squirming himself in his clothing like a
child that wanted to pass water. "Um-yum-yum, Mama--"

She nodded her head slowly.

"When, Mama?" His voice was jerky with excitement. "When can I fuck,
Mama? Fuck her wet cunt, Mama?"

She winced again, half-closed her eyes. "We'll see," she said slowly.
"I'm having Basil for dinner tonight."

Willis looked pleased. "Doctor Basil?"

Mildred smiled. "Yes, dear, Doctor Basil Marston."

Willis dragged his hand off his crotch, made a jabbing movement with his
fist. "He--he'll stick it--" he mumbled, "the--the needle--stick it in
her. He swallowed, half-choked with excitement, "Make her go half-asleep
like he did with--"

"We'll see," interrupted Mildred, still smiling and nodding her head,
"after dinner, Willis, dear--we'll see!"

Chapter 3

Doris took her time about dressing for dinner. "There'll be a guest,"
Mabel Williams had told her, and added: "Mrs. Wynton eats at eight."

She showered, then relaxed on the bed in her bathrobe, and wondered
about the sudden spasm of sexuality that had flooded her body when she was
undressing and teased her until she had succumbed to its urging and spread
herself on her back on the bed and masturbated to a devastating climax.

Bruce! She murmured to herself. No more Bruce!

She thought about it for a moment, then remembered the bleak countryside
that surrounded Romily Manor, and added to herself: No more anybody!

She had got used to the regular sessions of lovemaking that she had
enjoyed with Bruce--and she had enjoyed them, enjoyed them more and more as
their affair had progressed--and she wondered now, how she would manage
without him.

Whatever his other shortcomings, Bruce had been a very satisfying lover.

There was always somebody, she tried to reassure herself, for every
hungry girl there was a man--at least one man! But this wasn't populous
New York, she had to mentally add. This was a remote part of Maine!

Doris sighed; dragged herself to her feet and started to get dressed for
dinner. She should have considered this aspect of leaving New York before.
It was a little late to worry about it now!

"Doctor Basil Marston," said Mildred Wynton, introducing Doris at the
dinner table, "and this is my son, Willis."

Doris noticed the slightly defensive note in Mrs. Wynton's voice when
she introduced her son, and she stared curiously at the odd-looking

"How do you do--" Doris stretched out her hand diffidently.

"Hi'ya--" Willis mumbled; his long arm reached forward, and she stared
with mingled horror and fascination at the huge hand, its back covered with
hair, that seized hers in a strong grip.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Dainton," said Basil Marston,
smoothly, touching her hand with his.

He was a handsome man, Doris decided, glancing at the deeply tanned,
slightly saturnine face with its firm lips that curved now in a welcoming

His eyes rested on her face with more than casual interest, and Doris
wondered, absently but automatically, how old he was. Somewhere between
forty and fifty, she'd suppose.

* * *

The dinner was served by Mabel Williams, and--Doris noticed with
surprise--George Bateman.

"There's been a mild epidemic," said Doctor Marston casually, during the
course of the meal, "at a village a few miles from here and everybody has
to be inoculated against it--"

"Epidemic!" Doris sounded alarmed.

Basil Marston made a depreciating motion with his hand. "Nothing
serious, Miss Dainton, I assure you--it's merely an Asian virus, very rare
for this country--and I've brought the necessary vaccine--"

Mildred Wynton cut in. "I asked Basil to bring it over for you, Doris,
then you could be inoculated like everyone else."

Doris blinked, thinking about it. She always hated having any kind of
shots--but if everybody else had had them ... She gave a small sigh of
resignation and murmured, "I just hate having things stuck into me." Then
she wondered why Willis sniggered into his soup.

She glanced at the malproportioned young man, noticed how he slopped
soup and crammed crusts of bread into his mouth.

He eats like an animal! she thought, then: He looks like an animal,

Willis became aware of her scrutiny, and Doris saw his face flush
brick-red. A piece of bread slipped from his hand, and he slithered down
in his chair, groped under the table for it.

He was seated opposite his mother, on Doris's left, and after his head
had disappeared under the table Doris imagined she felt something brush
against the bare thigh-flesh above the tops of the full-fashioned stockings
she had donned for dinner.

She started. Surely he hadn't touched the insides of my legs!

Willis's face seemed redder than ever when his head reappeared.

I must have imagined it, Doris told herself, I must have!

* * *

Willis was the first to finish his soup, and he sat, hands on his lap,
waiting for the next course.

Doris became aware that he was staring fixedly at her; the rigid gaze
from the dark, close-set eyes embarrassed her, and her napkin slipped from
her nerveless fingers. She murmured something then bent under the table to
retrieve it about to straighten up, something caught her eye that made her
freeze. Willis wasn't sitting with his hands in his lap as she had
supposed. His pants were unfastened at the front, and he was gently
caressing the longest, thickest penis that Doris had ever seen!

She raised her head quickly, blood flooding her face then draining out,
leaving her cheeks pale and wan. Her soup spoon clattered nervously
against the side of her bowl.

He is like an animal in even more ways!

* * *

Doris ploughed through the meal mechanically, listening to the
conversation between Doctor Marston and Mrs. Wynton with half an ear, and
answering absently when she had to. Her mind was on something else ...
something that was gross and long and thick, that was held in a hair-backed

She glanced at Willis's face. He was still staring at her--and his hand
had dropped under the table again.

A strange shiver ran through her body. Is he still playing with himself
while he stares at me? Is his huge hand still wrapped around his monstrous

The thought horrified--yet at the same time, perversely thrilled--her!

He is horrible, she told herself. He is monstrous! Then she wondered:
How would it feel to have such a huge mass of male muscle and stiff tissue
thrust into my vagina!

Her face flushed at the awful thought! How could I even think about
something as grotesque as that?

* * *

"Sure you won't have some wine?" asked Mrs. Wynton.

Doris had declined it before, but this time she changed her mind. "Just
a little, please." She drained the glass and didn't demur when Doctor
Marston refilled it.

The thing that I've seen! She picked up the fresh glass of wine, drank
it, thirstily.

"After the doctor's given you your shot--we'll show you around the
manor," said Mrs. Wynton. "You may find it interesting."

But Doris wasn't listening to the last part of the sentence. She was
thinking of the needle and the shot!

"Will ... will it hurt?" she asked, nervously.

Basil Marston's deep, reassuring voice answered her. "You'll hardly
notice it."

Gently, he took her elbow, led her to a corner of the room. "Won't take
a minute," he told her, taking a needle and syringe from a small black case
on the side table.

As usual, Doris turned her head away; then she was scarcely aware of the
tiny prick before he spoke again. "That's all there is to it!"

She turned, smiling her relief. "I--I didn't know you did it!"

"Like I told you," he said, leading her back to Mrs. Wynton.

* * *

There was a small room which Mrs. Wynton used as an office, on the main
floor of the manor. "You can rearrange things as you like," Mildred Wynton
said. "I'll leave everything up to you--I'm dreadful at office work,

Doris stared at the desk and papers. It would be kind of nice to have
her own place where she could work as much--or as little--as she wanted.

"It all looks very neat," she said, indicating the big, bare desk and
filing cabinets.

Mildred Wynton laughed. "That's because I cleared it up for your
benefit, Doris."

There was a large, well-stocked library on the main floor, too, as well
as two small sitting rooms and a large lounge with an open fireplace.

"My husband was an amateur astronomer," said Mrs. Wynton, leading the
way up to the top of the manor. "He converted this part of the attic into
a small observatory."

Doris looked around her with amazement. She'd never seen this kind of a
place in a private home before. The mass of telescopes and other optical
instruments fascinated her.

She moved towards a large telescope with its own mirror, then staggered.
"I--I feel kinda--kinda dizzy--" she mumbled.

She was vaguely aware of a sound like a snigger from Willis, then Mrs.
Wynton took her by the arm. "Sit down for a moment, Doris dear," she said,
sounding suddenly very solicitous. "There's a small room here that my
husband used as a bedroom--" and she led Doris into the small attic room
with its bleak bed and bare mattress ... then Doctor Marston gave her the
second needle and she remembered nothing further.

Chapter 4

Doris started to regain consciousness very slowly. She was lying on her
back and there was a great weight pressing down on her body.

Where am I? she asked herself hazily. What kind of a dream is this?

She tried to move but the huge mass on top of her prevented it; she
realized then that her legs were stretched widely open, her thighs were
apart and there was something moving on top of her, between her legs, and
... She shivered: There's something INSIDE ME! Doris tried to turn--but
couldn't. It's right inside my pussy--filling me like I've never been
filled! She tried to struggle frantically but the swollen penis pinned her
to the bed as though she were a fly.

The huge column inside her vulva churned upward and Doris could feel her
vagina being stretched and strained wider and wider open. Oh, my
God--what's happening?

The gross rod slid down and the walls of Doris's vulva undulated against
it. It's fucking me! A monstrous cock's fucking my pussy!

She tried to open her eyes but all she could see was a red haze. Am I
dreaming? Is this real? A thrill ran through her belly as the massive
organ pressed against her clitoris. I'm having a dream an exciting
sex-dream that's going to make me come!

She gave up the effort of trying to understand, let her eyelids drop,
shut out the red haze--then the thrills came again, more strongly.

The huge snake in her pussy was squirming wildly, pressing against all
parts of her vulva at the same time. The tip of her clitoris was dragged
inward by the thrust of the giant cock and as the shaft writhed, fierce
throbs of ecstasy rocked through her sexual tissue. She felt the air
panting from her lungs and her breasts, flattened against the mass of flesh
on top of her, ached when she tried to move them. Her body jerked up the
bed as the rod drove in deep again; she could feel wetness seeping out of
her pussy, trickling down the walls of her vulva then wetting the tops of
her thighs each time the cock pulled down.

A violent thrill rocked up to the top of her belly and she groaned; drew
in her pelvis--making the cock press more strongly against her clitoris.
I'm going to come--I've never felt like this! This dream is the most--the
wildest--I'm coming!

Her clitoris was a crazy bobbing spire of sexuality as she started a
wild orgasm. Right from my clit to my pussy--then round to my bottom and
more--I'm coming all over!

Doris's lips opened in a soundless scream; she orgasmed, again then
again, jerked her thighs and felt her vaginal lips closing, hugging on the
alien snake that was fucking her with excruciating strength.

It's going right through main at the front and out of the back! I've
never been fucked like this--not in a dream or for real!

Willis made a high, whining, animal-like sound as his orgasm started
again. The hot juice flowed to the end of his cock in ragged, uneven
spurts--then squirted, scaldingly, inside her straining pussy.

I'm all wet inside! I'm coming and I'm all wetted hot inside my pussy!

The violence of Doris's orgasm increased; a damp sweat covered all parts
of her skin. She wanted to cry out, squirm herself frantically but felt as
though she was still in the grip of a dream. The sexual spasms became
unbearably intense as her orgasm reached an impossible peak--then the
limits of Doris's endurance were passed, and she dropped into
unconsciousness again.

* * *

Willis was still lying on top of the unconscious girl, his softening
cock sliding slowly from her saturated pussy, when Mildred and Basil came
to the bedroom door.

"Still doin' his thing!" Basil muttered angrily when he saw the position
of the figures on the bed.

He hurried up to Doris's face, then reached down and drew up her eyelid.
"Still unconscious," he murmured to himself, then added: "Poor kid!"

"Don't waste your time feeling sorry for the girl," said Mildred coldly.
"She doesn't know what's happening--and would probably enjoy it if she
did." She spoke to her son. "Willis, dear--get off her now. It's time to
stop; you can play with her again tomorrow!"

Willis turned a slack face towards his mother, then gave a weak grin.
"Fucked her, Mama--I fucked her pussy!"

"Yes, dear," said Mildred. "Now get off her--come down and have your

Reluctantly, Willis squirmed himself to the foot of the bed, his penis
dangling limply. He reached down, held his organ gently, then looked at
his mother and smiled. "I did it twice, Mama--I fucked her cunt twice!"

"Yes, dear," said Mildred again. "Now get dressed and come downstairs."

Basil listened to the conversation with an expression of distaste on his
face. When Willis had dragged on his pants and shirt, then let his doting
mother lead him from the room, Basil turned his attention to Doris again.

She was lying very still, eyes closed, lips parted as she breathed
deeply through her nose.

Absently, Basil stroked her cheeks. She was still, gave no sign of
awareness. He noticed her breasts, touched the pink tips very gently and a
tender smile crossed his face.

"You've got virginal breasts, Doris," he murmured, "but you're not a

As he spoke, his eyes moved down her body, stopped at the top of her
thighs. Her legs were still stretched open and the insides of her thighs
were sopping wet. Basil bent, stared into her vagina. It was curled open,
making a wide, red sexual mouth and its lips were saturated with a creamy

Basil touched it with a fingertip, sliding his finger on the edges of
wet tissue. "Poor little pussy," he whispered. "You've been well
fucked--too goddamned well fucked!"

He touched the clitoris, and Doris flinched. "So aware!" he murmured.
His face became excited: "I must examine you--fully and completely--and
test you!" He thrust his finger deep inside her vulva, savoring the feel of
warm, wet sensuality. "You must come to my office tomorrow, Doris, little

Then Basil stooped, lifted Doris in his arms, and carefully carried her
downstairs to her bedroom.

She was still unconscious when he placed her on her bed. He stripped
off her shredded pantyhose then dampened a towel in the wash basin and
wiped the outside, then inside, of her vagina.

She submitted to his ministrations without a sign of life. Basil
searched among her clothes until he found a shortie-nightie, which he took
to her bed. Carefully, he removed her torn brassiere and blouse then
slipped the nightie over her head.

He had scarcely completed his task when Doris's eyelids flickered, then
opened. A small frown of puzzlement creased her forehead.

"Where am I?" she blinked at Basil.

He sank onto the edge of her bed. "You're all right, Doris--you're at
Romily Manor."

Doris sighed, remembering. "But what's happened? Why am I here in
bed?" She looked down at herself in surprise.

"You fainted, Doris," Basil said smoothly, "it happens that way
sometimes, after a shot--you remember the shot I gave you?"

She nodded slowly. "Yes, I remember."

"There's nothing wrong. You'll feel fine in the morning; just have a
good sleep--then in the afternoon, come and see me at my office." He pulled
a card from his pocket, thrust it into her hand; then took it back, placed
it on her bedside table. "You're all right, Doris, but I want to examine
you--make a few tests."

Doris nodded again; a dream expression on her face, then she reached
under the bedclothes and he saw her cheeks get red.

"What is it?" he asked, quietly.

She lowered her eyes, then whispered. "I--I was dreaming."

He nodded.

She opened her eyes wide. "A--an awful kind of dream."

"What, Doris?"

"You're a doctor," she said. "I can talk to you?"

He nodded again.

"It--it was like--like a sex dream," she whispered, flushing. "I--I
dreamed that--that--" she broke off, looked embarrassed.

"Dreamed you were with a man?" Basil prompted.

She nodded her head eagerly. "Yes. Isn't that awful?"

"It's quite normal. Did you have an orgasm?"

"Yesss--" she hissed. "Oh, did I ever!"

"That should relax you, Doris. You'll sleep well tonight."

Her hand moved under the covers, then she met Basil's eyes with a
puzzled expression. "But--but I feel as though I've really had a man
inside me--like all open--you know what I mean?"

Her face was flushed.

"Dreams can be very vivid," Basil reassured her.

"I--I'm sore down there--Doctor, my pussy's all sore as though I've had
a--a big thing inside me!" Her voice was a whisper.

"But you don't hurt?" he asked.

"Not hurt--but sore and--" She hesitated. "Aroused?" he asked.

Her flush became deeper, then she nodded. He saw her hand move under
the covers.

"Do you masturbate, Doris?" he asked quietly.

She bit at her lips, closed her eyes.

"Do you?" he persisted.

Doris didn't answer.

Suddenly, Basil whipped the sheets down. Doris was lying with her
thighs slightly parted and her hand was over her crotch. Two fingers had
spread open her vaginal lips and a third finger was pressing on the head of
her clitoris.

"Just sometimes," she whispered.

"That's normal," Basil said. "You should make yourself come whenever
you feel like it--it'll relax you."

"Yes," she nodded eagerly, "it always relaxes me--helps me to go to

"If you feel like it--do it," he said.

"Yes," she said, her eyes still closed, cheeks still red.

Basil took a small vial from his pocket and shook out a pill.

"If you find it hard to sleep tonight--take one of these." He placed the
pill beside his card on her bedside table.

"Thank you, Doctor."

"Will you be an right now?"

"I think so." She opened her eyes, smiled at Basil then pulled up the
sheets over her nakedness.

Basil smiled at her, then stroked her face very gently. "You're a very
pretty girl, Doris. I hope I'll see a lot of you while you're here."

"Yes," she said, smiling.

"Comfortable?" He slid his hand under the covers, let it glide down her
body to the soft, warm flesh of her thighs.

She flinched, pressed her legs together, when his hand went near her
crotch; then he took his hand away.

"Remember what I said--if you can't go to sleep."

"You mean?" Her eyebrows were raised.

He smiled, got to his feet. "You can take the pill--or make yourself
come--or both."

Doris gave a nervous laugh. "A doctor's never told me to do that

"I mean it," he said. He moved toward the door, then said over his
shoulder, "Don't forget to come and see me at my office tomorrow

"If Missus Wynton doesn't need me!"

"Don't worry about that. I'll tell her."

"Good night, Doctor."

"Good night, Doris," he answered, exiting.

Chapter 5

The white, fleshy half moons of Mabel's buttocks stared into Mildred's
face as the cook positioned herself over the back of the low chair.

Mildred's eyes glittered and her tongue snaked out to moisten her dry
lips. She was wearing a leather skirt which was so brief that Mabel had
caught a glimpse of dark pubic hair at Mildred's crotch each time the
mistress of Romily Manor moved. The halter was leather, too: a thin strip
that barely concealed the firm, well-shaped but not overlarge breasts. Her
breasts rose now, as Mildred drew in a deep breath.

"You deserve to be disciplined, don't you, Mabel?" Mildred hissed.

Mabel nodded her head. From past experience she knew better than to
speak. All that Mildred wanted from her was obedience--and the use of her
soft, naked flesh upon which to vent her weird, sadistic obsession.

When Mabel had entered Mildred's bedroom, the mistress had indicated the
familiar chair and Mabel had bent over it, exposing her bare bottom and
hoseless thighs for her employer's delectation.

Mildred toyed with the short whip that Mabel had obediently brought her,
moved closer to the waiting flesh, then snapped: "Open your thighs more,
Mabel--let me see that precious pussy that you adore having sucked. Bend
your knees; relax, my dear; enjoy what I'm going to do!"

Mabel stifled a moan, forced her legs to relax and let her thighs part.
A trickle of moistness slid from her vulva and ran down the inside of her

Mildred stooped, stared into the red sexual maw. Mabel's vaginal lips
were still curled open as though they had not fully recovered from the
sexual session in the pantry. Mildred looked into them, then reversed her
grip on the whip--prodded the butt end into Mabel's vagina.

Mabel flinched, instinctively tightening the cheeks of her bottom,
gripping the butt, preventing it from entering her.

Mildred jerked the whip angrily. "Relax, Mabel--don't try and stop me!"

A bubbling sound oozed from Mabel's lips. "Don't hurt me, Ma'am--please
don't hurt!"

"Relax your legs and your bottom," Mildred hissed.

Shivers of fear ran across Mabel's flesh; then her buttocks grew limp,
opened--and Mildred drove the butt of the whip into her cook's vulva.

"Now, isn't that nice?" Mildred slurred as she drove the two-inch wide
butt between the vaginal lips.

Mabel took short, jerky breaths as the leather butt penetrated her.

Mildred squirmed around the butt-end, watching the wet tissue clutch at
it, ooze out when she pulled down, drag in when she inserted it more
deeply. Her hand went to the front of her short skirt and she reached under
it, caressed herself as she watched the palpitating vulva.

"You've got a big, wet cunt, Mabel--" Mildred slurred. "D'you like
having it fucked?" She jerked the leather butt in deeply.

Mabel felt herself pressed against the back of the chair as the whip-end
went in. "Y-yes, Ma'am--" she whispered.

Mildred turned her weapon, twisted it until it was squashed against
Mabel's clitoris. She saw the cook become tense.

"You like having your pussy sucked off, don't you, Mabel?" Mildred

"Uuuuh, yes--aah, yes, Ma'am!" Mabel groaned. The leather butt was
titillating her clitoris, bringing on early thrills.

"You like what I'm doing?" Mildred asked in a whisper.

She pressed the leather gently against the head of the clitoris, dragged
it down, pushed up with careful, skillful movements.

Mabel arched her back, savored the delicious pleasure of hard leather
caressing her sexual tissue. "Y-yes, Ma'am--" she panted, rotating her
buttocks gently in cadence with the turns of the butt.

Mildred's eyes glittered more wildly. Suddenly, she withdrew the
butt-end, reversed her grip--then brought the thong down on Mabel's
writhing, waiting buttocks with all her strength.

The sound of the slap echoed around the bedroom.

"Eeeeeh, Ma'am you're cutting me!" Mabel's frenzied squeal blended with
the sound of whipped flesh as Mildred slashed down again.

Two red lines appeared on the fleshy buttocks; Mildred watched them turn
white, then red again and she squeezed her thighs together and rocked
herself back and forward, tightly and tensely, as though she was
experiencing great excitement. Her hand rose again and the whip slashed
down, cutting the skin, drawing a streak of blood from the victim's bottom.
Mabel squealed again and the sound seemed to increase Mildred's excitement;
she rocked herself more quickly, slashed down a rain of blows on the
helpless cook's bottom.

Mabel's squeals had changed into a frightened whining sound. She was
flattened on the chair back, buttocks protruding obediently, flinching at
each slash, and a stream of water was trickling from her vulva and forming
a small pool on the carpet.

Mildred gave an extra hard slap, noticed the water between the cook's
feet, and taunted: "You can't hold your water, Mabel--you can never hold
your water. Take that--" she slashed down with all her strength, "for
soiling my carpet--and that!" The whip lashed down again and Mabel's bottom
became a quivering, trembling mass of abused flesh.

Mildred stopped her punishment as abruptly as she'd started it. She
stepped back, leaned against the end of her bed, breathing deeply through
her nose. "Get out, Mabel--I'm through with you."

The cook straightened herself, painfully, letting her skirt drop into
place, then reaching under it, caressing her marked buttocks tenderly.

Mildred smiled into her tear-streaked face. "Hurt, Mabel?"

Mabel nodded, and swallowed the lump in her throat.

"You like having your pussy sucked better'n that, eh?" The words were
vicious and Mildred dragged up the front of her skirt as she spoke, exposed
profuse pubic hair and red slitted lips below. She inserted a fingertip in
the slit, probed inside herself as she went on talking. "That's all,
Mabel--for now--" She laughed, too high. "There's always a next time,
isn't there, Mabel?"

She watched Mabel limp towards the bedroom door, then as she was
exiting, Mildred raised her voice, called: "Come in, George--it's your turn

George, his face white, shambled into the bedroom. He kept his face
averted from Mabel as he passed her in the doorway.

"Close the door," said Mildred in a different kind of voice.

He obeyed her, then stood, very still, waiting.

"Mabel must have enjoyed what you were doing to her in the pantry this
afternoon," said Mildred quietly, watching George's face and sliding her
fingertip up and down her sexual slit as she spoke.

George didn't answer.

Mildred walked to her bed, sat down on the edge, still tickling herself.
"Spanking Mabel always excites me, George," she said in an ordinary tone of
voice. "Makes me feel hot--worked up--aroused."

He said nothing, just watched her, warily.

Mildred let her head drop back onto the bed; lifted her feet and propped
her heels on the edge. Her knees fell apart and the red maw of her vulva
was exposed to George's eyes.

The whip dropped from her hand, then she reached to her vulva, used both
hands to spread open the lips so that George could see the red spire of her
clitoris oozing out of its slit.

"Suck me off, George--make me orgasm with your tongue, your mouth and
your teeth. You know how I like you to do it!" Her voice was muffled as
she spoke with her cheek pressed into the bed.

Slowly, George moved forward on leaden feet.

"Do it good, George," said Mildred as he dropped to his knees at the
side of the bed, "and maybe I won't beat you too hard--after!"

He thrust his head forward, clamped his lips on the wet, salty tissue,
sucked it into his mouth, chewed on it, squeezed it between his lips then
tongued it expertly, searching for and finding her clitoris then drawing it
into his mouth and caressing it with his tongue and nibbling it gently with
his teeth.

"You do this so well, Georgie," purred Mildred, writhing herself with
pleasure. "I think that this is the real reason I employ you'd pay you so
goddamned much!"

He pulled the slender stem with his lips, drawing it as far inside his
mouth as he was able, then closing his teeth on it, holding it so that he
could titillate the clitoral tip with his tongue.

"Oooh, Georgie--delicious!" Mildred drooled.

She raised and lowered her buttocks very slowly, savoring every
delectable thrill.

"Drive your fingers in and out of my pussy while you suck me," she

She lifted her pelvis to accommodate him, and he reached up with his
hand, held two fingers together, drove them into her moist slit.

"Oh, that!" Mildred mumbled ecstatically. "Oh, that an' that!"

She used her heels to lift and lower her pelvis, letting his fingers
drive into her more deeply. Sensual ripples flickered across her belly as
her flesh thrilled and George's mouth became filled with a wet mass of
pulsating, churning tissue.

"This--this is--is heaven!" Mildred panted. She was moving herself
closer and closer to the edge of the bed, walking herself on her buttocks
like feet, making her knees push up higher, thighs parted wider.

"Oh, now, Georgie--now!" Mildred's voice was ragged as her orgasm
commenced. Her body jerked, her shoulders lifted, smashed down on the bed,
then she was closer and closer to the edge. "Orgasm, Georgie--I'm
have--having an org--orgasm!" She jerked herself forward, pressing her
crotch against George's mouth until he leaned backwards, more and more
until his balance was lost and Mildred fell on top of him, her orgasming
pussy still clamped on his mouth as George fell onto his back.

The orgasms drained out of her; Mildred slumped forward, thighs gripping
George's cheeks as his lips still chewed, tiredly, on her sexual tissue.

A long sigh escaped from Mildred's lips. "So good, Georgie, so
goddamned good!"

She started to drag herself to heir feet, separating her cunt from his
mouth with a squashy plop.

"Stay where you are, Georgie," she murmured. "Just unfasten your pants
and lie on your face--I'll strap you where you lie."

Her legs were shaky as she stood up, and her hand trembled when she
picked up the whip off the bed.

George's pants were halfway down his hips when Mildred turned around.
"Quicker!" she snapped with a sudden change of mood. "Don't make me wait
when I want to strap you!"

George was half turned over when she slashed down. The vicious blow,
delivered through a red haze of lust and desire, missed its target and
snapped against George's neck. He made a low sound, then dropped onto his
side, unconscious.

Mildred stared at him blankly, then shook her head as though to clear a
fog away. "George," she murmured, dropping the whip then crouching down
beside him, "what have I done?"

Anxiously, she felt at his pulse, then let out her breath in relief.
"You're all right, George--" She gave a nervous giggle of relief. "I just
knocked you out, is all!"

He had rolled onto his back and she stared at the dragged-down pants and
flesh of his belly and thighs. The matted tangle of pubic hair was clearly
visible, and below it, like an awakening snake, his penis dangled.

Mildred's expression changed as she stared at it. Slowly, her hand
moved and she cupped the flesh-encased balls below the shaft. The organ
began to move, become thicker, longer. Mildred squeezed the balls;
George's cock twitched.

She drew in her breath, wet her lips as though she were hungry or
thirsty, then gripped the shaft at the base, encircling the round thickness
with a finger and thumb.

Mildred's lips parted, she wet them again, then lowered her head until
she was over George's abdomen. Her finger and thumb squeezed, the cock
swelled and her face went lower until she could suck the organ into her

With her lips clamped on the shaft of the cock, Mildred changed her
position, straddling George, her pelvis over his head. She let her weight
go down on him, her belly on his chest, her thighs on either side of his
face and her pussy inches away from his open mouth.

She pushed his pants lower then cupped his balls with her hands, sucked
the smooth cock more deeply into her mouth, slithering her tongue over the
tightly stretched skin on the sides, onto the rounded head and tickling the
slitted lips in the tip with the end of her tongue. George made a small

Mildred opened her mouth wider, let her lips slide down the shiny sexual
shaft. She could feel small pulses beating beneath the skin. There was
salt mixed with the musky, male taste of his organ. She sucked with
sensuous pleasure.

George groaned, opened his eyes.

Mildred lifted her lips off his cock, then reached down with her mouth,
licked the whole length of his penis. It reared, jerked.

George could see Mildred's vulva close in front of his eyes; he groaned
again, felt his confusion lifting.

She made small nipping caresses with her teeth down the entire length of
his cock, then she encircled it with her mouth again, gliding her lips over
the rounded head, then moving her face up and down as she sucked it like a

George closed his eyes at the thrilling sensation; this was pure
delight. He opened his eyes again, saw Mildred's vulva just inches away and
reached for her buttocks, scrabbled at her flesh as he tried to draw her
closer to his face.

She felt the movement, sucked his cock more strongly, then wriggled her
pelvis back so that it was poised over his mouth.

George parted his lips, let the curled-open pussy squash down. It was
wet, warm and palpitating. He drew the mass of tissue into his mouth.

Mildred's lips became more sensuous, more thrilling, more excited.
George's penis had swollen into a stiff shaft of sex-aroused muscle and
flesh; each time her tongue flicked at the head of it, the whole organ

Suddenly, George's entire body stiffened; Mildred heard him dragging in
breath with wet, sexy sounds as he kept his lips glued onto her vulva. His
pelvis jerked up, and she felt his shaft expand in her mouth. For a second
it was very still--then hot spurts squirted from the lips, hitting the back
of her throat, scalding it and making her gag as she swallowed frantically,
sucking every last drop of sex-juice out of the spitting organ and tasting
it with her tongue before she swallowed and felt the fiery fluid dribbling
down her throat.

His lips fell off her vulva, and she heard him sucking in air. She
rested her face on his thighs, feeling his cock resting against her cheek
and softening every second.

"Uhhh, Mildred," said George, weakly, "so fuckin' good--that was the

She turned her head, looked at him as he lay prostrated on his back. A
smile fringed her lips, and when she spoke, there was a ring of whiteness
all around the edges of her mouth.

"Not all the things I do are bad."

He gave her a tired smile. "Some of them, but not all!" he sighed. "It
was so goddamned good--so fuckin' good, Mildred!" He closed his eyes as
though reliving the ecstasy.

She turned herself, crawled up to his face, then bent her head, kissed
him on the lips, twisting her tongue in his mouth.

"You taste that?" she asked. "That's your come-stuff, I'm giving it
back to you, Georgie--your fucking stuff!"

"It tastes good," he muttered. "You taste good--even if you are a
sadistic bitch!"

Mildred looked angry for a moment, then she laughed.

"Why'd'you hafta knock me out?" He massaged the side of his neck,

She laughed again. "You won't believe it, but it was an accident!"

He shook his head in disbelief.

"But what I did afterward was nice," she murmured.

"Yeah," he sighed, "goddamned nice!"

"You wanna do it again that way--or d'you want to fuck--just plain old

He made a wry face, then: "Any way you say, Mildred--any little thing
you want, just say it. You're my fucking mistress!"

She pulled him on top of her, opening her legs so that he fell in

His mouth went onto hers again, and she kissed him back as sensuously as
he had kissed her. He felt his penis reviving and he steered it into her
still-wet pussy.

She jerked her mouth off his, spoke: "You're goddamned right I'm your
mistress, an' don't ever fuckin' forget it!" And she pressed her hungry
pussy onto his stiffening cock.

Chapter 6

Mrs. Wynton had been explaining Doris's duties to her; now they were
sitting in the small office where Doris would do most of her work, when
Mabel Williams tapped at the door then entered.

"Would you like your coffee in here, Ma'am?" she asked in a subdued

"Yes," said Mildred, then asked, "would you like a coffee, too?"

Doris nodded, glanced at her watch. It was eleven o'clock on her second
day--and first morning at Romily Manor. Doctor Marston wanted to see her
that afternoon, she remembered.

"I'll tell Mabel to bring you coffee every morning at this time if you'd
like it," said Mildred.

"That would be nice," said Doris. The cook had looked different from
the day before, she thought idly. Her eyes were red-rimmed as though she'd
been crying, and she walked slowly, painfully, as though she'd been hurt.

"Is--is she all right?" she asked now, hesitantly, wondering if she was
being too forward.

Mildred raised her eyebrows, asked: "Mabel?"

Doris nodded. "She--she looks, well, different."

Mildred looked at Doris thoughtfully before she answered. "She was
disciplined last night."

Doris showed her surprise. "Disciplined?"

Mildred smiled. "I'm very old-fashioned, Doris. If any of my employees
misbehave, I prefer to punish them--rather than discharge them."

Doris stared blankly at her employer.

"Don't you think that's better?" Mildred said, smoothly. "I pay very
well and I'm sure my employees would prefer trivial discipline rather than
losing their jobs."

"How--how do you punish them?" Doris asked in a low voice.

Mildred laughed lightly. "It depends upon the occasion." Her eyes
flickered over Doris's shapely figure. "Have you ever been spanked?"

Doris flushed, then murmured, "Only when I was small.

Mildred nodded. "It didn't hurt much, did it? A few light spanks on
the bottom don't hurt anyone--and can do a lot of good. They make you
aware of your mistake and remind you not to make the same error again."

Doris looked confused. "I--I don't know--" she murmured.

"I'm sure you're very conscientious," said Mildred, "but just supposing
you neglected your work for no good reason, wouldn't you prefer to have a
few light slaps on your bare bottom instead of being discharged and having
the headache of finding another job?"

Doris gave a nervous laugh. "I--I've never thought about it," she
admitted. "I don't know how I'd feel!"

Mabel tapped at the door then and entered with two cups of coffee on a

Mildred patted Doris's hand. "Then don't worry your head thinking about
it now; it'll probably never be necessary. D'you like sugar in your

"Yes, please," said Doris absently, still seeing an image of herself
lying face down on Mrs. Wynton's lap and the woman's hand slapping down on
her exposed, naked bottom. Or would she use a strap or a cane? Her cheeks
flushed at the thought, then to her own surprise, she felt a flicker of
sexual excitement. How would it feel to expose my soft, sensitive bottom
to the eyes of this frightening but fascinating woman? It has been so long
since my daddy spanked me ... How had it felt? How would it feel?

"You're not dunking your coffee," said Mildred.

Doris's flush deepened then she picked up her coffee and sipped at it.

"Not worrying about anything, I hope," said Mildred.

Doris set down her cup. "Why no, Mrs. Wynton nothing at all."

"If you have any problems--any kind of problems--I hope you'll confide
in me," said Mildred. "I'm always ready to help my staff." She smiled,
sipped her coffee, then: "I may seem strict to you, but I'm very loyal to
my staffs long as they're loyal to me."

"I have no problems," said Doris quietly, then she added: "Oh, I've just
remembered, Doctor Marston wants to see me this afternoon--will it be all
right if I take time off?"

"Of course. The doctor mentioned it to me last night." Mildred gave
Doris a searching look. "Just what does he want to see you for?"

Doris shrugged. "I don't know some kind of tests, he said."

Mildred drew in her breath. "I see--the tests--it had to be the tests."
She gave a sharp laugh. "Is something wrong?" Doris looked up.

"No nothing's wrong, Doris," said Mildred, rising to her feet. "It'll
be quite all right for you to take the afternoon off and visit my dear
friend, Doctor Marston." She moved to the door, then said over her
shoulder, "I think two o'clock would be the best time--you know where he

"He gave me his card."

"I'll have George drive you over--be ready right after lunch," said
Mildred, leaving the room.

* * *

The big car was waiting outside the manor when Doris ran down the front
steps. Lunch, with Mrs. Wynton and Willis, had been a very quiet affair.
The low-browed young man had kept his beady eyes fixed on her all through
the meal, making childish chuckling sounds to himself as he slopped the
food into his mouth. Like the night before, he had kept groping under the
table until Doris--consumed by a horrible curiosity--had deliberately
dropped her napkin, bent to retrieve it and taken the chance to stare under
the table. With an effort, she had restrained a gasp. Willis's pants were
open again, and his hairy hand was holding his huge organ--so close that
Doris could see the slitted lips in the gross, rounded head of it opening
and closing as he caressed it obscenely just inches away from her legs.

When she straightened herself, Doris's cheeks were pale. The thing is
so huge! She swallowed some food with an effort. It would split a girl
wide open--it would tear my little pussy apart if it thrust into me!

Color came back into Doris's cheeks as she remembered her sensual dream
of the night before after she'd fainted. Was it the thought of this
massive cock which caused me to dream so vividly, orgasm so wildly?

She felt a small moistness at her crotch, and squeezed her thighs
together, tightly, guiltily as though her excitement was visible.

Mrs. Wynton was the only one of the three of them who carried on a
conversation during the meal; Willis was too busy staring at Doris,
squeezing and caressing his cock--and, before the meal was over, reaching
an obscene climax and orgasming a jagged stream of yellow juice onto the
dining room carpet, while he gave breathless, jerky groans--and Doris
herself was too engrossed with her own erotic fantasies to pay much heed to
her employer's words.

Doris was glad when the meal was over and she could hurry up to her
room, prepare herself, then run down to the waiting car and chauffeur.

* * *

"Doctor Marston's," she said to George.

"Yes, Ma'am," he said, politely, adjusting his rear-view mirror so that
he could see Doris's leg and thighs under her short skirt.

The car slid forward smoothly; George's eyes flicked to the mirror.
She's not wearing pantyhose today! He stirred in the driver's seat.
Doris's bare legs and thighs were visible up to her crotch. Skin-tight
silk briefs, white and clinging, and each time she moves her legs I can see
strands of dark hair poking out from under her panties!

George's hand slipped onto his crotch and he felt the hard mass of
muscle there. I'll bet she's got a tight, snug pussy! Unobtrusively, he
squeezed the swollen head of his cock. Unless that bastard, Willis, has
already got into her!

The car turned off the main highway onto a sideroad. Pretty face and
figure--I'll bet her pussy's soft as satin, as tight as a creamy glove!

"Is it far, George?" Doris asked.

He jerked his head, took his hand from his crotch guiltily as Doris slid
to the edge of her seat to speak to him.

"Just a few minutes, Miss," he answered, huskily.

Doris sat back and her skirt stayed dragged up. Her panties are so thin
I can see her dark hairs through them! I always like a girl with a hairy
cant always get a hard, a big hard, when the girl's young and hairy and
wet! I'll bet she's wet and warm inside as juicy a young morsel as I've
ever seen!

He stopped the car outside a remote building that was more like a lodge
than a house.

"We're there, Miss," he told Doris. "Doctor Marston's."

He slid out of the car quickly, opened the door for her then watched her
buttocks work as she minced up the short path to the front door of the

Just the sight of her from the back excited him. I'm gonna screw that
sweet pussy as soon as I get the chance, Miss Dainton, he promised himself
and Doris beneath his breath. I wanna fuck that tight cunt before Willis
ruins it with his monstrous, beast-like cock! You better believe me, he
fingered himself through the thick material of his uniform pants, I'm gonna
squirt in your hot, wet pussy!

Doris had rung the bell; now the door was open and George watched her
enter before he got back in the car to wait for her.

* * *

"I'm glad you could come," said Basil Marston, leading Doris into a
small room at the back of the lodge.

Doris looked around her curiously; this wasn't like the doctors' offices
she was used to in the city.

"Is this where you see your patients?" she asked.

Basil hesitated, then: "As a matter of fact, Doris, I'm not practicing
now--kind of retired--I just see patients as a favor to friends."

"Like Mrs. Wynton," said Doris.

He gave her a sharp glance, but her expression was guileless.

"Yes," he said, his voice dry, "like Mildred Wynton."

He stopped at a high, cushion-covered bench that was more like a
masseur's table than the conventional examining couch in most doctors'

"How did you sleep last night?" he asked quietly.

Doris leaned against the bench. "Fine," she smiled into his face. "I
didn't need to take the pill."

He smiled back at her. "Did you need anything else?"

Doris flushed then dropped her eyes, remembering his words about making
herself come if she wanted to.

"I don't know what you mean," she mumbled.

"Yes, you do," he persisted. "Did you play with yourself before you
went to sleep--did you tickle your clitoris and orgasm after I left you
last night?"

The color in her cheeks deepened. "Yes," she whispered, "I--I had to--I
wanted to so much after--after the--the dream I'd had!"

"That's all right, Doris," he said, his voice warm and understanding.
"You don't need to be shy with me. It's quite natural and
normal--especially for a very highly sexed girl like you."

She lifted her eyes. "Highly sexed?"

He nodded. "Very."

"Am I highly sexed? How do you know that?"

He smiled. "You're shy as well, but I'd believe that you have very
erotic thoughts and feelings--isn't that true?"

She flushed again then frowned. "I don't know, Doctor, really I don't

"But you feel very passionate sometimes, don't you Doris? You feel that
you want some form of sexual outlet?"

"S-sometimes," she admitted.

"That's why I'm going to examine you--find out your sexual threshold."

"W-what!" Her face was shocked, eyes frightened. "Why?"

"I'm doing research. I'm very interested in the extent and intensity of

Doris's mouth dropped open, then she gave a nervous laugh. "Interested
in orgasms--" She laughed again. "I guess you are at that!"

"Scientifically," he said.

"Of course." Her voice was dry.

"Clinical orgasms," he added.

"Yes," she said, "I suppose."

He pointed to the bench. "Will you lie on your back on this couch?"

Doris's face paled and she looked frightened.

Basil took a step closer, wrapped his arm around her shoulders.
"Nothing to be frightened about, Doris. I won't hurt you and you'll find
it a very pleasant examination--very satisfying, I know."

His words bent a little thrill through her body. Just what will he do?
Is he going to make me orgasm? A sensuous ball of expectancy formed in the
pit of her stomach.

"D'you want me to undress?" she whispered.

He looked at her very seriously. "Are you wearing panties?"

She nodded then said, "Of course."

"Then take them off--and, if you're wearing one, your brassiere."

Doris smiled. "I don't need one." She kicked off her shoes then reached
under her skirt, slipped her fingers in the elastic waistband of her briefs
and slid them off.

Slowly, seriously, she handed the tiny briefs to Basil. He dropped them
on a chair, nodded toward the couch and Doris climbed onto it.

She sat on the edge for a moment, looking at his face. "Are you--" she
paused, swallowed, then: "Are you going to climb on top of me?"

He stared at the sheen of dampness on her legs: she was sweating and

"No," he told her, "I'm not going to climb on top of you; there are
other ways--very enjoyable ways--of bringing you to an orgasm."

She flushed again then leaned back, flattened herself on the couch and
closed her eyes.

Basil stared at the young figure of the girl for a moment, holding his
breath, admiring the upthrust breasts, slim waist and deliciously shaped
legs which stretched down from the hem of the skimpy skirt, then he reached
to the front of her blouse, unbuttoned it and exposed the white, throbbing

Doris's eyes opened and her color deepened. "D'you hafta do that?"

He nodded, smiled reassuringly, then drew his fingertip across the
nipple of a breast very gently. Doris stiffened, then the nipple protruded
and hardened.

"Why'd you do that?" she asked in a whisper.

"Testing," he said softly.

She smiled, closed her eyes again.

He moved down the couch. "Open your legs," he urged gently. "Part your

She kept her eyes closed but her legs and thighs parted widely. Basil
raised the short skirt to her waist, bared her thighs, belly and the dark
triangle of hair at the base. He let his eyes rest on the brunette foliage
for a moment, then his gaze went down to the inverted tip of the triangle
and the slight mound with its thin slit down the center and the pouting
vaginal lips on either side.

He reached down, placed a finger on either side of the slit then
stretched it open. The lips curled open, showing pink, wet tissue within;
at the top of the slit, the pea-size clitoris was visible. He touched it
... Doris drew in her breath with a hiss and tiny quivers ran across her

"Lift up your knees," said Basil softly, "and let them fall apart."

She did as he told her and he watched the vagina ooze open. Bending his
head, he stared up into her vulva then moved his hand lower, opened the
cheeks of her bottom and exposed the anal opening.

He touched the small red star with his fingertip. Doris flinched, drew
in her breath loudly but said nothing.

"Did you ever have anything in there?" he asked her.

"No!" she shot out the word.

"A man never put his penis in your anus?" he persisted.

"No, no, no," she said, sounding angry. "I'd never let a guy stick his
cock in me there!"

"But you yourself," he asked quietly, "didn't you ever touch that little
hole with your finger--when you were playing with yourself--didn't you

She twisted her head to one side. "May--maybe just touch is all--"

"Just put your fingertip in very gently?"

"Yes," she whispered.

"And pull it in and out?"

"Maybe--just--just a little!"

"And you enjoyed it?" he asked.

"I--I--" she broke off.

"It increased the thrills," he went on, "while you were teasing your
clitoris with one hand you pushed your finger in and out of your anus and
it heightened the sensation?"

"Oh yes," she breathed, lifting her knees higher as she spoke, "it's
like wild when I do that!"

"You get a thrill at your anus, too?"

"You mean in my bottom?"

"Yes," he said.

"Ohh," she sighed, "all inside my bummie--it feels like on fire--the
thrills run from my pussy to my clit, then shoot out of my bottom--it
shatters right through me, I blast like crazy!"

Basil inserted his fingertip inside her anus, felt the wet, warm walls
hugging it and was aware of the throbbing inside the arousing flesh.

"You'll like this test," he promised her, withdrawing his finger
completely then lightly touching her clitoris. "I'm going to run a very
mild current--a mild electrical current--from your clitoris to your anus."

Doris tensed her body, opened her mouth to voice a protest. Basil
leaned over her face, spoke softly, persuasively. "You're going to orgasm
with more intensity than you ever imagined in your wildest, most erotic
dreams, Doris. You're going on cloud nine and you'll love every sensual
second of your trip!"

"You--you won't hurt?" Her voice was frightened.

"Anything but--" he promised her.

He wheeled the small table beside the couch, and Doris lay still, her
head turned, watching him. That black box with things attached to it,
Doris asked herself, what will it do to my pussy?

There were two cables with small suction cups at the end; Basil attached
them to each of Doris's nipples. The cups fitted over her breasts, holding
them with their own suction, and a spongy pad inside them pressed lightly
on her nipples. The slight contact made her nipples get hard and Doris
breathed hard with excitement, making her breasts rise and fall, but the
movements did not dislodge the rubber cups.

Basil took another cable from the box on top of the wheeled table; the
cable had a slim electrode attached to the end of it. He stretched the
electric cord until it was between Doris's thighs, then, telling her to
raise her knees and part them, he eased open her anus and slid the
electrode inside.

"Hurt?" he asked, solicitously.

"No-no--" she murmured.

"I put cream on it before I inserted it," he told Doris. "Can you feel
it inside you?"

She moved herself a little. "Yes," she told him, "but only just."

"Wriggle your bottom," he told her.

She squirmed herself, then nodded. "Now, I can feel it!"

"Good," he nodded, moved beside the table, put his hand on a black knob.
"Tell me what you feel--if anything." He turned the knob very slightly.

Doris lay still for a moment, then her belly contracted and she
half-lifted her buttocks.

"Now!" she said, breathlessly.

"What d'you feel?" he asked, eagerly.

"In--in my bummie--it's like warm--jerky an' warm!" Her voice was
excited and saliva drooled from the corner of her mouth.

"Does it hurt?" he asked quickly.

She shook her head. "Oh now--it's like nice all warm an' nice!"

Basil nodded, turned the mild current off.

"It's gone now," said Doris.

"You'll have it again, later," he promised, smiling at her and reaching
to another control.

"Tell me what you feel."

Doris shook her head, she wriggled her breasts from side to side.
"My--my nipples are getting hard," she whispered.

"Yes?" He turned the control again.

"They're hot--it's like little stabs running through my breasts an'
they're warm. The--the cups are sucking my breasts pulling them out an' I
can feel the nipples--ooh, I'm getting excited--they're getting harder and
harder--" She shook her breasts, licked at her lips, opened and closed her

Basil turned off the current.

"You'll have more of that later, Doris. Are you enjoying this test?"

She opened her eyes, smiled at him. "Yes, oh yes, but--" her lower lip
trembled, "but I'm kinda afraid--what're you gonna do next?"

"What d'you think?" he asked, stretching another cable from the black

"My--my pussy--you're gonna tie something on my pussy?"

There was another electrode attached to the end of this cable, too, held
in place by a thick rubber strap which had suction cups at either end.

"Yes," said Basil, "it's time for your pussy!"

He clamped a suction cup on either hipbone so that the rubber strap
stretched over the top of her vaginal slit. He adjusted the position of
the electrode so that it was directly above her clitoris, then tightened
the strap so that the end of the electrode was pressing on her clitoral

"Feel that?" he asked.

"Yes," she whispered.

"What's it touching?"

"My--my pussy--"

"But what part of your pussy?"

"My--my jumpin' bean--my--my clit!"

"Yes," he said, "your clitoris." He turned the dial of an indicator at
the top of the box, watching Doris's face as he slowly increased the

"Oooh, that!" Doris squealed suddenly, lifting and lowering her pelvis.
"Right into me--right through my jumpin' clit!"

"Hurt?" he asked.

Doris squirmed herself. "No, oh no--do it again, Doctor!"

"Later," he promised, turning the dial back to zero.

Doris turned her head, swiveled her eyes as Basil picked up the slim
rubber sheath.

"What's that?" she whispered.

He smiled. "Something to keep your pussy warm."

"You--you're gonna put it in inside--push it into me?"


She looked puzzled. "It--it's like small, isn't it, Doctor?"

He laughed. "You like big penises?"

She flushed, closed her eyes.

He leaned close, asked: "You like big cocks in you?"

"The things you ask, Doctor!" she protested, trying to sound shocked.

"Doris, d'you like big cocks up your pussy?"

"I--I haven't had so many--many cocks in me--" she opened her eyes,
stared at Basil, indignantly, "an' none of them big, I mean, real big."

He held up the sheath, pressed a button at the end of it and the sheath
expanded, becoming longer and thicker. "I can make this as thick as you
like, Doris." His voice sounded excited for the first time. "I'm pushing
it in your pussy then making it get bigger--you tell me when it's the size
you like."

She blinked rapidly. "Is--is it hard? Will it hurt me?"

"It's pliable but hard enough. It won't hurt but it'll expand until
it's pressing against all sides of your pussy, filling you completely, and
it'll touch every sensitive spot inside you as I pull it and push it in and

"Oh, Doctor!"

Basil took a tube of salve, squeezed some onto his hand then smeared it
on the sheath. "I'll make it soft and lubricated so that it'll slide in
and out easily and smoothly; it'll adapt itself to the contours inside your
vulva, pressing evenly all over, touching everything, thrilling you quite

He held his breath, bent over her as she opened her thighs and lifted
her buttocks with trembling eagerness, then inserted the end of the sheath
between the shivering lips of her vagina.

"I'm pushing it in, Doris," he whispered, "and when it's all inside,
I'll press the button, make it get bigger and bigger until you tell me to

"Okay, Doctor, okay!" Doris's voice was high with excited anticipation.

The sheath slid through the curled open lips, piercing its path into the
shivering tissue until its rounded end was flush with the top of Doris's

"It--it's at the back of my pussy--" she said, quaveringly, "but it--it
can get thicker if--if you Like!" She lifted her hips, slowly rotated her
pelvis as Basil touched the button and made the sheath expand.

Doris closed her eyes, held her breath as the thickness increased; every
now and then she'd make a wet, sensuous sound as a fresh part of her
sensitive vulva was titillated by the expanding sheath.

Basil watched the slit stretch open; the soft labia lips curled outward,
showing wet, pink tissue until it seemed that the opening could not
possibly get wider.

"Is that enough?" he asked, his finger ready to press the button and
halt the expansion.

"Just--just a little bit more, Doctor. It's like--like nothing I ever
imagined. I've never been so filled before!" Doris's voice was dreamy and

"All right," she said at last, and Basil pressed the button, then slid
the sheath, sluggishly, tissue clinging to its sides, down the quivering
vulva then pressed it upward again.

"Oh that, Doctor, oh that!" Doris raised her pelvis, tightened her belly
into stiff ridges of tension as the sheath penetrated her.

Basil reached to the controls, switched on the power for the

Doris gave a low squeal of ecstasy when she felt the vibrations on her

"Feel it?" Basil whispered.

"Oh yes, on my breasts--the tits are all hard!" She shook herself,
making her breasts swing from side to side, but the pads stayed in place.

Basil increased the power. Doris squealed again, more loudly this time.
"It's like wild! Oh, Doc--you're driving me crazy. My nipples are on
fire!" She twitched and jerked her whole body.

He manipulated the sheath, squeezing it in high, dragging it down slowly
with sensual twistings.

"Inside my pussy--ooooh, all over it, every wet part!" She lifted her
pelvis, undulated it and moaned. A dribble of saliva was trickling from
her mouth and running down her chin until it dripped onto her neck.

Basil reached to the control for the anal electrode, turned it on.

Doris's buttocks jerked, and Basil, still holding the sheath in her
vulva, let his hand move with her body.

"Inside my bummie. Eeeeh! It's all hot!" She bounced her buttocks up
and down on the couch but the electrode was not dislodged.

He reached down and under her, pressed the electrode more deeply into
her anus; her squeals became shriller.

"My bottom, Doc--the cheeks are shaking like jelly--oooh, up my bummie,
right up the wet hole. The jabs are shooting right into me!" Doris's voice
was a sensuous torrent of sound.

Basil reached for the control for the electrode on her clitoris,
gradually increased the power.

A new note came into Doris's voice; a pulse in her forehead started
flickering wildly. The saliva that spewed from her mouth became thicker.
She lifted her knees high, then pulled them back into her belly. Basil
changed his grip on the sheath, reaching under her drawn-up legs, squeezing
the length of the rubber tube to the top of her sexual sac.

"My clit!" Doris screamed. "It's outa control!"

Basil glanced at it; the electrode was bobbing wildly on Doris's jerking
clitoral head. Each time the electrode touched and sent a sharp stab of
current into the tiny muscle, Doris's face twitched, her knees pressed into
her belly and the contraction of her muscles in her vaginal walls forced
the sheath downward with intense pressure.

Each time the sheath was forced down, Basil jammed it back up, and a
fresh squeal of pleasure and pain would spew from Doris's lips.

She rolled herself upward and backward and Basil saw her anus stretching
open with the electrode projecting; he placed his finger on the end of it,
pressed it in to the limit. Doris shrieked and her buttocks became a mass
of quivering jelly.

He reached to the box, increased the power in the anal electrode. Her
shrieks changed into a babbling stream of obscenity.

"It's shooting up my ass I'm coming inside it! My bottom's on fire;
that goddamned fire in my ass is making me blow. Eeeeh, Doc--I'm coming in
my ass! It's fuckin' me inside my bottom an' I'm creamin'! Eeeeeeh!"

Basil swung over the dial, and the current in the clitoral electrode
went up to near its limit.

Doris's belly became a shivering mass of vibrating muscles and nerves.
He saw the clitoris quivering madly on the end of its stem, then Doris
reached down, pressed her fingers into the base of her belly and pushed
upward with her pelvis. "Fuck," she screamed, pressing her clitoris
against the electrode. "Fuck my clit, you little metal rod, fuck an' fuck
an' fuck!" She writhed in a sexual frenzy. "Doc!" she screamed, "fuck my
pussy with that rubber--make it get big an' bigger, all inside me--all over
my goddamned pussy--I'm orgasming all over. Oh Doc--eeeeeh, I'm coming in
every fuckin' part of me!"

Suddenly, Basil released his grasp of the rubber sheath; leaving it
thrust inside Doris's pussy, pressing against the utmost end, and stood
beside the couch. His eyes were excited as he watched the squealing,
writhing and orgasming girl--then he turned to the controls, switched them
all full on.

Doris's gyrations became even more frenetic. Her arms waved in the air
wildly, then she reached to her crotch, scratched at her clitoris,
squeezing it, pressing it against the electrode with maniacal strength.
Her bottom bounced up and down, and each time it squashed onto the couch,
the electrode up her anus went in more deeply.

"Eeeeh, Doc," she screamed. "Up my fuckin' ass, it's creaming me. I'm
comin' all over, Doc, I'm goin' crazy!"

Basil watched the trickle of red and white fluid seeping from her anus
as she writhed in sexual agony. His breath came more quickly, then he
reached to his own crotch and unfastened his pants.

Doris's eyes rolled wildly; she was unaware of the man standing beside
the couch, holding his enlarged cock in his hand.

Suddenly, Basil reached to the black box and cut off the power in all
the attachments. Doris continued to writhe, jerk and moan with frenzy.

He seized the dead electrode in her anus, yanked it out of the wet,
squirming hole. Her bottom still quivered, the cheeks opened and closed of
their own accord.

He detached the electrode which had danced its dance of sexuality on her
clitoris. The slender spire still jerked, writhed and bobbed. Basil
pulled the sheath from inside the palpitating pussy. Her vulva still
quivered, the lips remained curled open even after the thick sheath was

Basil jerked the suction cups off her breasts; the nipples were red and
iron-hard. He touched them--and Doris jerked frantically. "Squeeze them,
Doc--they're aching, please squeeze them!"

He took a nipple between a finger and thumb with either hand, squeezed
with all his strength. Doris drooled; the unbearable pressure thrilled
her. She jerked out her legs, straightened them, but her belly still
throbbed; the lips of her vulva still opened and closed, sucked in, pushed
out with wet, squashing regularity.

Each time she lifted her legs in the air, Basil could see the anal hole
squirming open, clenching shut, and he saw too, the thick, reddish white
fluid that flowed out.

"Doc," Doris gasped, her face white, "I'm still--urgh--orgasming, still
coming. Make me stop, Doc--it's like too much. I can't stand it any
longer!" Her abdomen jerked up, crunched down onto the couch.

Basil licked his lips, held his penis gingerly between a finger and
thumb. "I've turned the machine off, Doris--it'll take a little while for
the effects to wear off your body."

"How long," Doris panted, "how fuckin' long?"

Basil watched her clitoris vibrate crazily; then he saw by Doris's
expression that she was having a more voluptuous orgasm than ever; he
reached down, inserted his finger in her vulva, felt the walls hug it,
release it then hug it again with a sweet, sensuous strength.

"Not too long," he said quietly; gripping his penis as though he was
holding it back.

"I'm coming again, Doc--I'm havin' another fuckin' orgasm!" Her voice
was tortured. Her whole body jerked, then she seized her nipples with both
hands, pulled and twisted them with frantic insistence.

"Watching you like this excites me," Basil said slowly, his voice filled
with restrained excitement. "I can see your pussy jerking and squeezing
its walls together and I want to stick my cock in it ... you don't mind if
I do, Doris?"

"Turn, urgh--turn off the current, Doc, please!"

"It's already turned off, Doris, like I told you. You'll keep orgasming
for a little while longer. I can't stop it." Basil watched her jerking
body for another second, then added, "Your threshold is quite something,
Doris. You orgasm most intensely!"

Doris's eyes dilated. "Don't I know it!" she gasped, starting to rock
into another shattering orgasm. "What're you gonna do to stop me, Doc.
Eeeeh, Doc--I'm coming again an' it's hurting my pussy now--watcha gonna

Basil licked at his lips. "I'd like to lie on top of you, Doris, insert
my cock in your pussy and let you jerk and writhe and twitch until I

"I'm going crazy an' you wanna fuck my cunt?" her voice went high.

Basil pursed his lips. "All I'd have to do is lie on you, Doris, and
that squirming pussy of yours would do the rest."

"Oh, Doc!" Doris jerked herself up and down. "It's like fire running
from the hole in my bottom to my pussy. I'm coming again, Doc. I'm
orgasming--I can't stop coming!"

Wildly, Doris rolled from side to side on the couch. Her legs threshed
the air and her arms waved, then she parted her legs to the limit, placed
her fingers over her still-bobbing and weaving clitoris. "I--I can't
stop!" she panted, saliva running from her mouth in a stream.

Slowly, deliberately, Basil climbed onto the end of the couch and slid
his way up to her body. Her legs were outstretched on either side of him
and when he let his weight go down onto her he could feel the violent
shocks still tearing through her flesh. He reached under himself, seized
his penis, guided it between her thighs. Her pelvis was jerking so much
that it was difficult to steer his organ into her vulva, but when she
raised herself as another orgasm rocked through her, he stabbed inward
quickly with his erect cock and penetrated the writhing, squirming lips of
her pussy.

The soft vaginal walls vibrated violently against his stiff cock.

"Oh, Doris," he moaned, "you're the most!"

"Urgh," she groaned, "you're in me, I can feel your cock--you're gonna
fuck me!"

Basil lay very still, "You're fucking me, Doris!" He gave an excited
laugh. "This is heaven, Doris--just lying on your delicious, electrically
charged body and letting your throbbing, jerking cunt suck every drop of
juice from my cock!"

He held the cheeks of his bottom tightly together; savored the thrills
that coursed through his flesh, as the soft, strong walls of Doris's
quivering pussy caressed, squeezed and hugged on his cock.

"Doris!" he shouted suddenly, "I'm going to come--I'm going to come
inside you!"

"I--I've come so many times that--urgh, Doc--I'm coming again. Eeeeeh,
Doc--all in me, you're coming inside me--I can feel the hot, burning stuff
in my pussy! Doc, eeeeeeh!"

The groan throbbed from Basil's throat as the juice was sucked from the
sexual depths of his body. The intense orgasm drained him of strength.
Doris was still vibrating, still experiencing a waning series of lesser and
lesser orgasms as he dragged his drained body off hers.

Weakly, he stood beside the couch, watching her face, twisted and
contorted with passion, excitement and fatigue as she shook, jerked,
orgasmed and started the sensuous chain again.

Basil glanced at his watch then sank onto a chair beside the couch to
wait until the tortuous sequence of electrically induced orgasms came to an

* * *

Doris was weak and trembling when the sensual spasms abated

"Oh, Doc," she moaned, weakly, "it was so much so fucking much, I feel

He got to his feet. "I'll get you a drink," he said. "You need one."

"Oh, my God--yes."

He poured her a stiff brandy and she drank it straight, gagged, then
blurted, "Why did you hafta do that?"

Basil had fastened his pants, adjusted his clothing after his torrid
sexual experience on top of the quivering girl and now he looked at her
with raised eyebrows. "Didn't you want a drink?"

She gave a sarcastic laugh. "I didn't mean that ... Why did you have
to fuck me?"

Basil looked at the girl who had seemed so shy when she entered the
lodge that afternoon. It was a phenomenon that he had noticed before: his
electrically induced orgasms seemed to remove mental as well as physical

He forced a smile on his face. "How could I resist you?" he murmured.
"You were lying there so sexually desirable, with your little pussy jerking
like mad as you orgasmed again and again--how could I resist such a soft,
sweet fuck--and, Doris, it was the most. The utmost most!"

Despite herself, Doris smiled. "That doesn't sound very professional,

"I didn't mean it to sound professional--you were quite irresistible,
Doris." He gave her another smile, then sounded professional when he asked:
"And how do you feel now?"

She sighed. "Drained all drained out. I--I never came so much in my

"But do you feel satisfied?" he asked.

She nodded, then gave a shaky laugh. "I oughta feel goddamned
satisfied! If I don't feel satisfied after all those orgasms then I never
will be!" She shook her head in wonder. "I've never been flying so high in
all my life." She wriggled herself. "My bottom's sore--I even came inside
my ass--and my pussy's still throbbing and twitching whenever I move." She
fondled her still-naked breasts. "My nipples are still on fire. I've only
got to touch them to feel the start of a thrill."

"It'll wear off," said Basil.

Doris was recovering fast. "I don't know whether I want it to wear off
completely," she said, smiling. "It's pretty nice to feel thrilly and sexy
like I do right now!"

Basil smiled then glanced at his watch. "It's four o'clock. Your
chauffeur is waiting outside."

Doris's expression changed. "George! I'd forgotten all about him.
Gee, Doc, I'd better get going."

She picked up her briefs, struggled into them, then buttoned her blouse.

Basil escorted her to the door. "I hope you'll come again," he murmured
before he let her out.

She nodded, then gave a giggle. "Don't you think I've come enough
already, Doctor?"

He smiled after her as she wiggled down the pathway to the waiting car
and George, who jumped from behind the wheel and opened the car door with

She reacted, Basil decided, closing the door and returning to his study,
more voluptuously than anyone I ever tested! I would certainly like to
test her again. His penis moved, rubbed against his clothing as he
mentally added: And fuck again, of course!

* * *

Doris pressed herself against the back of the seat. What an experience!

George glanced at her face in the car mirror as he started the engine.

"Are you all right, Miss?" he asked, then added, boldly: "What was it
the doctor wanted?"

Doris could feel the lips of her vulva pressing against each other each
time she took a deep breath.

"Just--just tests," she mumbled.

"Oh," said George. He knew about Basil Marston's tests. He could
imagine some of the erotic things the ex-doctor had been doing. His penis
reacted at his thoughts, then he wondered again when he would have the
opportunity to sample this fresh, young pussy.

Doris wriggled uncomfortably. The vibrations which had pulsed through
her pussy for so long were having an unexpected effect upon her. She felt
an urgent need to pass some water.

"George," she shouted when the sensation became unbearable, "stop the
car right now!"

The chauffeur brought the car to a jerky halt. They were still on the
small side road, a considerable distance from the main highway.

"What is it, Miss?" he asked, anxiously. "Are you sick?"

Doris flushed with embarrassment. "No--I--I have to--to do something,
George, I can't wait--" She struggled with the door handle.

Understanding flooded George's face. He whipped open the door, glanced
around him then nodded toward a clump of bushes.

"Over there, Miss--it's far enough, from the road!"

Her flush deepened but Doris gave him a grateful smile as she hurried to
where he had indicated.

George waited five seconds then hurried after her.

* * *

He positioned himself carefully, very cunningly.

Doris had her back to him and he could see everything clearly through
the opening in the bushes. She lifted the back of her skirt, lowered the
white briefs that he had admired during the drive over, then she crouched
and he watched the thin stream of water spurt down from the fringe of

The white, naked buttocks with the sweet cleft between them, and the
fringe of dark, wet hairs that was visible below the satiny bottom excited

So close! So fucking close!

He clutched at the front of his pants then plunged round to the front of
the bushes and confronted a startled Doris as she was about to drag up her

She stood still in surprise, skirt lifted, exposing her pubic hair,
fingers holding the waistband of her briefs below her knees.

"Miss--Miss Dainton," he stammered. "I--I couldn't help seeing you
and--and I--I--" He groped at his pants, ripped them open, let his organ
burst out. His breathing was loud and labored. "I wanna fuck you, Miss
Dainton--I--I can't help myself, I wanna fuck your wet pussy!"

"W--why George, I--I--" Doris was off-balance, lost for words. She
stood as if petrified while the thick-set man with the huge, exposed cock
in his hand, staggered toward her.

"I hafta, Miss Dainton," he gasped. "I just hafta!"

He reached to her body with his free hand, groped at her crotch until he
found her still-wet vaginal lips.

"It's wet," he mumbled, "like I knew it would be--it's wet!"

She could feel his hot breath on her face as he pressed against her;
then she lost her balance, falling backward, feeling his fingers prodding
at her pussy, feeling it, squeezing it and arousing her barely-subsided
excitement and desire.

He dropped on top of her; his hard penis jammed against her belly and
she knew that no matter what she did he would fuck her ... and she didn't
care because the residue of electrical stimulation was still flickering
through her flesh.

"I've gotta do it, Miss Dainton," he groaned, reaching underneath his
body, seizing his swollen cock and steering it between her thighs.

Doris said nothing, but she allowed her legs to part as he squeezed
himself between them.

Her pussy was still vibrating gently, and when the head of his organ
penetrated her vaginal lips, she gave an involuntary gasp.

"I--I don't want to hurt you, Miss," George muttered, feeling her pussy
clutch at his cock, squeeze it and drag it inside the soft, sexual cavern.
"I--I hafta do what I'm doing!"

He drove himself inward, pulled out with sweet, sucking undulations and
Doris let her sensitive, charged-up sexual organ respond. I'm going to
orgasm again!

The shocking but thrilling thought zoomed through her mind as she felt
her vulva hugging his jerking cock. She lifted her pelvis, pressing her
excited clitoris against his shaft as the chauffeur neared his climax.

"I can't help it, Miss Dainton, I can't help it!" he wailed, rocking
himself madly, driving his cock blow inside your sweet cunt!" he shrilled.
"I'm coming! Ugh, Miss Dainton, now!"

His thick-set body vibrated; shocks shattered through his flesh and
Doris felt the hot, thick squirts of sticky wetness spurting inside her
pussy ... as a fresh orgasm racked through her erotic flesh.

"Ooohh," she moaned, "ooohh!"

The thrills in George's body waned. "I--I'm sorry, Miss," he mumbled,
thinking Doris was moaning with pain. "I--I couldn't help myself!" He
rolled off her limp body, and Doris turned her head then twisted herself
onto her face.

He stared down at the naked bottom. It stared up at him, whitely,
accusingly. He moved his hand to stroke it then stopped himself

"You--you're such a sweet piece," he half-sobbed, "such a juicy young
morsel, Miss Dainton--I couldn't resist you!"

He moved his hand again, and this time he allowed himself to stroke the
white, unresponsive bottom.

"I--I hate myself, Miss Dainton," he sobbed. "I shouldn't have done
what I did. I hate myself!" His hand stroked the satiny flesh; then he
drew his fingertip up the delicate cleft.

The anal opening was wet and warm, he felt it with his finger-and as he
touched it, his excitement was aroused anew.

"Soft little ass," he murmured, stroking the flesh, touching the tiny
star. "Nice little hole, so wet and warm." He thrust his fingertip in and
felt the anal walls vibrating against his finger. His penis reared.

He grabbed at his organ as though he was trying to prevent it from
performing without his permission, but it twisted and lurched inside his

"Ooooh, Miss Dainton," he moaned, "I can't stop myself!"

His whole body trembled but he rolled himself on top of the young girl's
body and let his iron-hard cock reach for the red anal opening.

Fresh shock shattered through Doris's body when she felt the weight go
down on her back. Again! He is going to fuck me again! She squirmed
frantically, but it was hopeless. She was more powerless lying on her face
than she would have been on her back!

The end of his penis probed at the small opening. Like a young rosebud,
the lips were pursed open. The electrode which had been inserted so
sensuously and caused such voluptuous spasms had left a residue of
eroticism within the soft, hugging anal canal.

George drove in with all his strength. He had expected that the young,
unused tissue would resist his enlarged organ, but the palpitating,
still-aroused flesh received his cock with a smooth, sucking motion. He
penetrated deeply, and Doris gave a moan.

She could feel her anal walls sucking and hugging the snakelike,
twisting intruder. It was the first time she'd had a cock inside her anus,
but the sensation was not unpleasant. Instead of rending and tearing her
as she would have expected, the shaft slid in easily, titillating sensitive
walls and sending delicious thrills rippling from her bottom to her pussy
and spiraling around her clitoris.

George let the air spurt out of his lungs. This sweet, young ass was
sucking his cock with sensuous delight. He'd never thrilled so intensely
to any sexual experience.

His balls tightened inside the fleshy sac; he felt the sex-fluid
streaming to the base of his cock, jerking down its length then spurting
from its spitting tip.

"Argh!" he groaned as the scalding juice squirted into Doris's virginal
anus. "You luscious little ass! Argh, Miss Dainton--I've fucked your snug
and juicy ass!"

He rolled off the young, used and abused body, and dragged great gulps
of air into his parched lungs; then belated remorse flooded his being.

"I--I couldn't help it, Miss Dainton--I couldn't help it!" he sobbed.

Doris turned herself very slowly. When this carnal man had spurted
inside her bottom, she had experienced a searing, thrilling orgasm like
she'd never had before. But, George didn't need to know that!

She made her voice bitter. "You raped me!"

George's face twisted. "M-Miss Dainton--I--I couldn't help it. You're
so tempting, so delicious, I--I--" he broke off, restrained his sobs with
an effort.

Doris sounded as though she was going to cry. "You--you fucked me in my
pussy squirting all your horrible stuff, and then--" she broke off, checked
her tears. "You did it up my bottom, tearing me, hurting me--why d'you do
this to me?"

George lifted a hand to stroke her then stopped himself. "Please, Miss
Dainton, I'm sorry. It--it's because you're so desirable, so lovely--I
couldn't help it. You're the most desirable woman I've ever seen!"

Despite the man and the circumstances, Doris felt a small flicker of
pleasure at the blurted words. Am I so irresistible? She stopped herself
from smiling with an effort, and managed to make her voice severe when she
said: "What'll happen to you when I tell Mrs. Wynton what you've done to
He dropped his eyes, shuddered then muttered: "Oh, Miss Dainton--she'll

whip me, then fire me. I'll be finished!" His face was white with remorse.

"After what you've done," said Doris very slowly, "there's nothing else
I can do."

George shivered. "Miss, you--you can do anything you like to
me--anything at all, but please don't report this to Mrs. Wynton!"

"But what else is there for me to do?"

A glimmer of hope came into George's eyes. "You--you can punish me
yourself, Miss Dainton. You can do anything you like to me to make it
right. I'll let you do anything to me: I'll do anything you say--anything,
Miss Dainton!"

She made her voice puzzled. "Punish you?"

He nodded eagerly. "Like Mrs. Wynton does she punishes the staff
instead of firing them."

Mrs. Wynton's words in the office came back into Doris's mind:

"How does Mrs. Wynton punish you?" she asked.

George answered very quietly. "Beats me with her hand or a strap or a

"Beats you?"

He nodded, dropped his eyes. "Other things, too." He swallowed, "She
makes me do things for here--to her--"

"Like what?"

His voice dropped to a whisper. "She makes me kiss her; suck her pussy
until she comes!"

A crazy thrill shattered through Doris's belly.

"And then she'll beat me," George went on. "Stick the butt-end of her
whip in me then make me suck her--" his voice went even lower, "in all
places; all kind of ways!"

Doris was silent, keeping her eyes shielded to hide the gleam of

"You can do what you like to me, Miss; as long as you don't tell Mrs.

Doris licked her lips.

"You can beat me until I bleed--"

"I wouldn't want to do that," Doris whispered.

"I'll do anything you like to you--I'll suck your pussy all night if--if
you'd like it! I'll suck you anywhere, do anything, Miss Dainton--any
fucking thing!"

Doris got to her feet, pulled up her panties. They were shredded at the
crotch. She glared down at George and he got to his feet like a dog that
was about to be whipped.

"I won't talk to Mrs. Wynton--not immediately, anyway," said Doris,

George gave her a sheepish and grateful smile.

"Now help me back to the car," Doris snapped. He sprang to her side,
took her arm and helped her over the rough terrain then whipped open the
car door, helped her inside.

"Later, I'll decide how to punish you," said Doris when George was back
in the driver's seat, "--decide what I want to do to you--or have you do to
me, if anything."

"Thank you, Miss Dainton," George said hoarsely, "I'm very sorry for
what I did, and I'm grateful to you."

"I won't forget what you said--or did," Doris said severely. "From now
on you'll do anything and everything I tell you!"

"Oh yes, Miss Dainton. Anything-any time!"

"I'll remember," said Doris in her new voice of authority. "Now, drive
me back to the manor!"

"Yes, Miss," George said submissively, driving toward the highway.

Chapter 7

"Are you all right?"

The cool question made Doris pause as she was hurrying through the hall
at Romily Manor on her way to her room to freshen up, and compose herself,
after George had dropped her off at the front door.

"W-why yes, Missus Wynton," Doris stammered.

The mistress of Romily Manor surveyed Doris's flushed face, over-bright
eyes and keyed-up manner.

"What did--" she paused, "the doctor want to see you about?"

"Oh," Doris's flush deepened, "just--just some tests." She dropped her
eyes as she spoke.

"I see," Mildred said very softly. She took a deep breath, then: "Well,
you'd better get along upstairs, prepare yourself for dinner. Willis and I
will be waiting." She turned, entered the dining room as Doris hurried up
the stairs.

* * *

Willis was standing at the old-fashioned bay window, his head crouched
forward as he stared into the grounds. He didn't turn, but he must have
heard his mother's footsteps, recognized them, because he asked, "Is she

"Yes," said Mildred, crossing the room and standing beside her son.

He made a choked, cackling sound and Mildred glanced at his face. His
mouth was half open, jaw slack and his tongue protruded slightly. "My
doll," he mouthed, drooling, "my Doris-doll to play with!" Saliva dribbled
down to his chin as he slurred out the words.

"Yes," said Mildred, "I suppose you'll play with her." Her eyes went
down and she added, "Right now, you're playing with something else. Oh,
Willis, do you always have to have an erection?"

She stared at the huge, stiff organ that protruded from his open pants;
he was holding it in a hair-backed hand, squeezing, caressing, making the
slitted lips in the massive head ooze open then close.

"I wish you wouldn't do that in here, dear," she murmured, her eyes
still on his swollen shaft. "Someone might walk in." She turned her head,
jerked her eyes towards the door, then glanced down again. "It's so big,"
she whispered, "always so big!" Her hand moved down and she encircled the
rounded head with her fingers.

Willis made a sound like a sob, took his hand off his penis and gave his
mother a grateful look. "Play with it for me, Mama! You play with it so

Mildred squeezed the throbbing shaft, felt the pulsing under her
fingers, then sighed. "How many times have you done this today?"

Willis arched his back with pleasure as his penis twitched under
Mildred's gentle caresses. "You mean, squeeze my cock? Make it shoot

"Yes," she murmured, standing very close, gliding her hand from the base
of his organ to the tip. "How many times today?"

"Just-just two times, Mama," he panted, throwing his head back, opening
his mouth wider as her fingers manipulated erotically. "This-this
morning," he gasped, "when I--I watched her getting out of bed, getting

"You were in the spare room, watching through the transom?"

"Ya, mama, oh yah! She sleeps all naked, so white--an' her pussy's all

"I suppose it is," murmured Mildred, sliding her hand under Willis's
cock then cupping his balls.

"Nice, Mama; I like it when you squeeze my balls."

"You masturbated when you were watching Doris getting dressed?"

"Yah, Mama," he groaned, feeling the knowing fingers slide onto his
penis again, "Oh, yah--an' again at lunch."

Mildred made a sound that could have been resignation or exasperation.

"I thought you were doing that at lunch time!" she sighed, still
stroking his excited cock. "Oh, Willis dear, I wish you wouldn't spurt all
over the dining room carpet--I've just had it cleaned!"

He gave a breathless, cackling laugh as his cock jerked in her hand.
"Again, Mama--I'm coming again!" He reared his head back, opened his mouth
and gulped in air as his cock retracted, lurched forward and shot a stream
of thick juice onto the window-pane and floor.

Mildred's body tensed with excitement: she pressed herself forward,
gripped the jerking cock with clenched fingers until every last droplet was
expended, then she let out her breath, took a step back and removed the
handkerchief from Willis's breast pocket.

"You've done it again, Willis," she said, resignedly, wiping the
stickiness off her hand. "I'll have to go and wash before dinner."

"Nice, Mama, so nice!" He gave her a half-witted smile as he stood
there, long but softening penis dangling from his pants. "You always do it
so nice, Mama."

A smile lightened Mildred's expression. "I'm glad you enjoyed it,

She moved toward the door, but Willis called after her: "Mama!
Tonight--can I play with Doris-doll tonight?"

Mildred hesitated; stared at her son with a frown.

"I wanna fuck her tonight, Mama--fuck her wet cunt!"

Mildred pursed her lips. "Well, maybe dear--"

"Is Doctor Basil coming for dinner, Mama? Then can he stick his needle
in her, make her sleepy so I can fuck her?"

"No, Doctor Basil's not coming tonight, dear, but--" she pursed her lips
again, "perhaps you won't need any help--she's been having some tests,
and," her voice dropped down as though she was talking to herself rather
than Willis, "she'll be feeling very passionate--I know what those tests do
to your vulva and clitoris all worked up and hot and probably wanting some
sexual release ..." her voice faded off, then she jerked her head, stared
at her son. "I'll talk to you after dinner, Willis--in the meantime,
behave!" The smile she gave her son took the sting out of the words.

* * *

Naked, Doris walked from her private bathroom into her bedroom. Her
hands moved continually, stroking her breasts, caressing each stiff nipple
in turn, then her belly and the flesh on her inner thighs. Each time her
fingers strayed toward the pink, warm lips that curled open so suggestively
beneath the wet thatch of pubic hair, she restrained them with an effort.

Damn that doctor and his tests! Doris walked to her wardrobe, selected
a dress. Each time she moved she felt her vaginal lips undulating, and her
clitoris felt like a wriggling, hungry worm. I feel so goddamn hot--I'd
like to lie on my back on my bed and squeeze my clit 'til I blow!

Her breasts were so upthrust that a brassiere was superfluous, so Doris
dragged the dress over her head. She reached for a fresh pair of panties
to replace the ones that George, with his lewd actions, had ripped, then
changed her mind.

Doris stood still for a minute, thinking; and as she thought, her hand
slipped under the front of her short dress and she caressed the waiting,
hungry lips with a fingertip.

Willis with his huge cock! He'll be groveling under the table at
dinnertime, staring under my skirt then making himself come ... This time,
I'll give him something to see. I'll drag my skirt high, hold my knees
apart and let him feast his lecherous eyes on my pantiless pussy!

Doris giggled aloud at her thoughts. He'd probably shoot right through
the tabletop! And what would dear Mrs. Wynton do then?

Suddenly, she stopped giggling. He might get so worked up that he'd
come to my room and rape me! She felt her clitoris twitch at the thought.
That huge cock, forcing its way into my pussy--it would be awful! I
wouldn't want that ... or would I--why is my clit bobbing like crazy?

Doris let out the breath, pulled her hand from under her skirt with an
effort. Anyway, Mrs. Wynton wouldn't let anything like that happen to me!

She combed her hair carefully, took a tissue and dabbed, daintily,
between her thighs until most of the moistness was gone, then, after
arranging her face into an expression of demure modesty, Doris went coyly
downstairs to dinner.

* * *

"The Maine fresh air seems to be doing you good, Doris," said Mildred
during dinner. "You look positively radiant today!"

Doris flushed, gave her employer a quick glance to see if she was being
sarcastic, but Mrs. Wynton looked innocent and sincere.

"Thank you," she said. "I'm afraid I haven't done much work yet to
justify the generous salary you'll be paying me."

"Don't worry about that, Doris dear," said Mildred. She gave a light
laugh and added: "You'll earn it!"

Willis sniggered, crammed cake into his mouth. So far, Doris had
noticed, he has not stooped under the table once! No sooner had the
thought left her mind than Willis dropped his napkin, bent low to get it
and his head disappeared under the table.

Feeling wicked, Doris dragged her skirt up to her crotch, parted her
knees then, casually, let her hand fall onto her lap, glide lower and lower
until her fingers were touching her wet vaginal lips. Slowly, she spread
them open with her fingers.

Sounds of panted breath came from underneath the table while Mildred and
Doris chatted desultorily.

Finally, Mildred snapped: "Willis! What on earth are you doing under
there?" And Doris saw her move as though she was giving her son a kick.

Slowly, Willis's face came into view; his skin was beet-red and his
forehead was bathed in sweat. His lips slavered and he took deep, painful
gulps of air.

"Ma--ma napkin, Mama--" he croaked. "I--I dropped it, Mama--" He
wriggled in his chair, never taking his eyes off Doris.

She saw his hand go under the table and his body started squirming.
Mildred gave him a sharp glance. "Willis," she murmured, half-closing her
eyes, "Willis, please!" Suddenly, Mildred started talking to Doris with
great animation about the latest news, the weather, the Maine countryside
... until Doris realized that she was trying to distract her attention
from Willis, who was obviously, and with great, panting enjoyment,
masturbating under the dinner table.

* * *

George rubbed himself against Mabel when she came back into the kitchen
after serving coffee in the dining room. "I feel like it," he mumbled. "I
want you to suck me off!"

Mabel whirled, her face angry. "I saw you--when you were serving her

He drew back. "What!"

"That girl, Doris Dainton, you were staring at her legs--and more!"
Mabel took a jerky breath. "The little bitch had her skirt pulled up to
her belly, an' you leaning over her, starin' at her thighs an' the bit o'
hair she got in between!"

"You're crazy!" George snapped, but he tried to loosen his pants at the
crotch as he spoke.

"It's her got you worked up--that's why you've got a hard. You an' your
fuckin' cock!" Mabel sneered viciously.

George colored with anger; he took a step closer then reached up to her
head, grabbed her hair and pulled until she went down onto her knees,

"Suck it!" He ripped open his pants with his free hand, pulled out his
cock and thrust it into Mabel's face.

Mabel moaned with pain as he cruelly twisted her hair, then babbled:
"All right, George--stop pulling, you're tearin' my hair out by the
roots--stop pullin', I'll suck your fuckin' cock!"

Her face moved forward, mouth open, and her lips seized the red, swollen
ball at the end of his shaft.

"Urgh, that's better, urgh!" George rocked himself very slowly as
Mabel's head bobbed back and forward. "Oh, suck it--keep suckin'!" He
squeezed the cheeks of his bottom together, pressed his pelvis forward and
took loud, rasping breaths.

They were so engrossed that neither of them knew that anyone had entered
the kitchen until Mildred spoke.

"This seems to be a habit at this time!" Her voice was cold and angry.

Mabel's lips plopped off George's cock, and the organ stuck out stiffly
as George froze, then it jerked, spurted-and Mildred watched the white
blobs squirt out then drop onto her kitchen floor.

"All over the kitchen floor," Mildred muttered, watching the opaque
blobs. She half-closed her eyes, mumbled: "All over the goddamned manor!"

Her lips tightened, grimly, then: "Needless to say, I'll see you both in
my room tonight before you go to bed. In the meantime," she added,
sarcastically, "I came to ask for some more coffee--like everything else in
this place, the bell doesn't work!" She turned, walked stiffly out of the

White-faced, George stuffed his damp penis back in his pants, fastened

Mabel picked up the coffee-pot, tried to blink away her tears before she
moved unsteadily into the dining room.

* * *

As soon as Mildred had left for the kitchen, Doris leaned down, looked
under the table. Willis's pants were yawning open, and the flaccid but
still huge cock dangled down limply. She straightened herself, smiled at
the slack-jawed young man.

"It's hot, isn't it?" Doris said, brightly.

Willis, mouth still open, nodded dumbly.

Doris rose to her feet, moved round the table until she was beside the
slumped, thick-set figure. His eyes followed her as though she was
mesmerizing him. "May I?" Doris said, reaching for his napkin and taking
it from beside his empty plate.

His jaw dropped a little lower. His eyes watched what she was doing.

"When it's hot like this," said Doris, wadding the napkin into a ball,
"I sweat so much." She lifted the front of her short skirt, exposing her
belly, thatch of brunette hairs and wet, pink lips below; then she opened
her knees and thighs, wiped at the warm vaginal lips. "My pussy gets so
hot and sweats," she whispered to Willis with a giggle; then she returned
his napkin, let her skirt drop into place and was sitting, primly demure,
in her place when Mildred returned to the room.

There was a dazed expression on Willis's face as his lips moved and he
struggled to speak. "Glug," he managed. "Glug, glug--wet cunt--glug!"

"Willis!" Mildred reprimanded, "please don't use vulgar language, dear,"
she turned to Doris with a strained smile. "He doesn't realize what he's
saying, Doris; don't pay any attention."

Doris just smiled, shyly.

Mabel approached the table with the coffee.

"And bring me my favorite liqueur," said Mildred.

"Yes, Ma'am," said Mabel. She returned with a tray, bearing three
glasses and decanter of Creme de Menthe.

Mildred poured the drinks herself, handing one glass to Willis, another
to Doris.

"That's all," she said to Mabel, "don't forget to see me tonight."

"I remember, Ma'am," murmured the cook.

"George, too," said Mildred.

"I'll tell him, Ma'am," Mabel whispered. Doris sipped her drink,
savored the sweetness.

"They're such devoted servants," said Mildred, lifting her glass. "They
do anything I tell them!" She drained her drink.

"I'm sure they do," said Doris, thinking of what George had said about
his mistress that afternoon. She finished her drink, felt it warming her
belly and flowing lower. She squirmed; the liquor seemed to reactivate the
electricity in her body; she felt throbs in her abdomen, then in her pussy
and all at once she felt that she wanted to pass water. That reminded her
of George ... The thing he did to me! I pressed my thighs together, his
big cock squeezing into my pussy--then into the little hole in my bottom.
It should have hurt--but it thrilled me instead--thrilled me so intensely!
That thick, long cock!

Doris lifted her eyes, stared across the table, met Willis's stare. He
had gulped his drink, now his mouth was open and his eyes were fixed on her

"Mama," he blurted, drooling at the mouth. "Tonight, Mama, I wanna do
what I said, Mama-my doll, Mama, I wanna f--"

"Willis!" Mildred cut in. "We'll talk later." Her eyes blazed at her
son and he lapsed into a brooding silence. "Now, Doris," said Mildred with
a change of tone, "won't you have another drink?"

"Well," Doris seemed to hesitate, "I'm not much used to liqueur--if I
have much more, I won't know what I'm doing!"

"Let us worry about that," said Mildred, refilling Doris's glass

Willis gave a wet, drooling snigger, picked up his napkin and smelled
it--then began to suck it, loudly, with his thick, sensuous lips.

Chapter 8

"He's a little backward," said Mildred, "but very affectionate and
loving." She laughed, gently. "Sometimes he reminds me of a big, friendly
dog that wants to paw you and lick you all over."

Doris half-choked over her drink. He'll do more than paw me if he gets
half a chance!

They were sitting, Mildred and Doris, at the dining room window, sipping
their third glasses of liqueur and watching Willis as he ambled about,
aimlessly, in the grounds of the manor.

Mildred took out a cigarette, lit it without offering one to Doris.
"He's a very--" she drew in smoke, expelled it, "virile boy," she said,
carefully, "very strong and well-developed in some ways. It's hard on him
sometimes, being cooped up here. He has no--no outlet for his--his
energies; it makes him nervous at times, and excitable ..." Her voice
trailed off and she sipped at her drink, thoughtfully. When she spoke
again, it was as if she was changing the subject. "How do you like being
here, Doris, at Romily Manor?"

The liqueur had made Doris feel relaxed and mellow; her body still felt
sexually excited and thrills continued to ripple, at unexpected moments,
from her belly to her clitoris, but she was getting used to her state of
sexual arousal and the constant sensation of eroticism was becoming
intensely enjoyable.

"I like it here, Mrs. Wynton," she told her employer, "but I haven't
done much work for you yet."

"You will in time," said Mildred. She smiled at the young girl; noticed
how she was holding her thighs pressed tightly together, and how tiny
ripples ran across her flesh from time to time.

"You're a very pretty girl, Doris; very attractive."

Doris glanced at her employer, flushed, then: "Thank you, Mrs. Wynton.
It's kind of you to say that."

"It's perfectly true, Doris. You have a wonderful figure--a very
enticing figure." She paused, added: "You don't have to call me Mrs.
Wynton my name's Mildred."

Doris nodded, sipped at her drink again. The liqueur was going to her

"Have you a passionate nature?" Mildred asked very softly.

"Well," Doris hesitated, "I--I don't know maybe I have."

"When I was your age I was very passionate," Mildred laughed, "still am,
in fact." She kept her eyes on Doris's face until Doris met her gaze. "I
still enjoy my diversions," she said quietly. "I have ways of appeasing my

Doris glanced at Mildred's set expression, then emboldened by the
drinks, she said: "By disciplining your staff?"

Mildred's mouth relaxed, then she laughed. "That's one of my foibles."
She leaned forward, spoke eagerly. "I have some discipline to administer
tonight--would you like to watch?"

The little thrill spiraled round Doris's navel then zoomed down.
"H-How?" Her voice was excited.

"I have to punish my cook and chauffeur for performing an unspeakable
act in the kitchen this afternoon; if you'd like to be an observer, you can
come to my bedroom tonight."

What would I do? The exciting question flickered in erotic circles from
Doris's mind to her belly, making her tighten her abdominal muscles,
squeeze her thighs together even more tightly. What weird act would this
cool woman perform upon the helpless flesh of her servants?

"I--I think I'd like to," she whispered, "but--but wouldn't they mind my

"Mind?" Mildred echoed, "George and Mabel? It doesn't matter whether
they mind or not--I'm the mistress of Romily Manor!"

"Of--of course," murmured Doris.

Mildred turned her head, stared through the window. "Where's Willis?"

Doris strained her eyes in the dusk. "He's at the far end of the
grounds, standing beside a tree," she peered through the gloom, the seems
to be moving himself back and forward, I don't know what he's doing."

"I can imagine," said Mildred, drily, getting to her feet and moving to
the door. "Don't forget, Doris, be in my bedroom about ten o'clock!"

"Y-yes, M-Mildred," said Doris, calling her employer by her first name
for the first time. "I'll be there!" And she felt a crazy feeling of
erotic anticipation coursing through her body.

* * *

Willis was talking to a tree in the grounds. "I'm going to fuck my
Doris-doll's wet cunt," he told the tree, pointing his exposed cock at the
trunk, "with this," he added. "My cock--my big cock. She wiped her pussy
on my napkin; I saw her, it was all wet, her pussy, an' she wiped it then
gave me the napkin." He smiled slyly, squeezed his thickening shaft. "I
smelled it after, an' it smelled of cunt, Doris's cunt, so I sucked it--an'
tonight I'm gonna fuck it!" He slithered his hand up and down his jerking

* * *

Doris glanced at her watch; it was five minutes to ten. A fresh tremor
of excitement flickered through her flesh. It's time to go to Mildred's
room and watch the performance! Doris giggled; she felt high with liqueur
and anticipation. She passed her hand across her breasts, felt the nipples
hard and stiff. I feel so worked up that I may come--really orgasm--just
by watching Mildred spanking their naked bodies!

Her thighs felt damp, so she dried them with a wadded tissue, then
hurried to her bedroom door.

* * *

"Come in, my dear, come in," Mildred said when Doris tapped at her
bedroom door.

For a moment, Doris stared in surprise at her employer. Mildred had
changed her clothes; she was wearing her short leather skirt, high leather
boots which came above her knees and skimpy leather halter.

She became aware of Doris's gaze, and laughed. "You like my outfit?"
She spun around for Doris's benefit.

The leather skirt lifted as she spun, and Doris saw that her employer
was nude beneath the leather. Above the high boots, her bare legs gleamed
and Doris was surprised at how well-shaped, firmly-fleshed they were. Her
naked buttocks were rounded and fleshy, and Doris detected faint lines
across the whiteness as though the mistress of Romily had, herself, been
disciplined some time in the recent past. Who disciplines the
disciplinarian? she wondered.

"Well?" Mildred asked when Doris didn't answer the question.

"It looks well, exciting!" Doris said.

Mildred smiled with appreciation. Her eyes were over-bright and there
were two red spots, high on her cheeks, which gave the appearance of her
having a fever.

"I'm glad you think that," said Mildred. "That's how I want to
look--that's how I feel." She moved up to Doris, wrapped her arm around her
shoulders as she led her into the bedroom. "You look nice, Doris, but--"
she looked into her face, spoke intimately, "I have something to give you
something that I don't wear any more. I think it'll fit--and suit

She rummaged in a drawer, then took out a flimsy piece of silk, held it
up in front of Doris's face.

"It's a shortie-nightie for a baby-doll!" She laughed very softly, held
it against Doris's body. "Put it on!"

Doris was startled. "Right now?"

Mildred nodded eagerly.

Shyly, Doris struggled out of her dress. Mildred drew in her breath
when she saw that Doris was completely nude beneath. "Your figure, Doris
darling, is completely delicious!" Her eyes roved hungrily over her
employee's young flesh. "Turn around," she whispered.

Doris turned; Mildred focused her eyes on the rounded bottom.

"You've got the most delightful little bottom, Doris darling," Mildred
laughed, breathlessly. "You make me want to dream up an excuse to spank
that tempting flesh." She moved up to the young girl, let her hand drop on
her buttocks, stroke gently then probe in the cleft. "You're adorable,
Doris," she whispered, touching the anal orifice with her fingertip, "so
very, very sweet!"

Doris's face was hot; she picked up the baby-doll nightie with fingers
that trembled. "I--I'd better put this on," she murmured.

"Oh, yes," whispered Mildred.

The nightie was so short that its hem was above the base of Doris's
pubic triangle, and when she turned, the crevice of flesh that crossed in a
delightful hollow below the rounded bottom was clearly visible.

"I'm so glad you're here!" Mildred said devoutly, pressing her hand
between her own thighs and leaning forward as though she was holding
something inside her crotch, "so very glad!"

The tips of Doris's red nipples were visible through the transparent
silk, and the rustle of the fabric made her think of static electricity.
Electricity! All inside me--I've had electrodes in my pussy and up my
bottom. No wonder I'm excited, worked up and passionate. I want to play
with my clit, tickle my pussy--I'm so goddamned excited I want to orgasm
right now!

"You look very tense!" Mildred murmured. Doris nodded, then swallowed.

"You're ready to watch the discipline--is that what's exciting you?"

"Y-yes, partly--and--" Doris hesitated.

Mildred nodded in understanding. "This afternoon--the electrodes
haven't worn off--"

Doris was startled. "You--you know?"

Mildred nodded again. "I know about Basil's tests." She gave a short
laugh. "Well have to see what we can do--" She let her voice trail off.
"Shall I call in the--" she hesitated, then laughed and said: "victims?"

Doris flushed, nodded. Mildred went to her bedroom door, opened it,
said, "You can come in now--both of you!"

Doris watched as Mabel and George ambled into the room. The chauffeur
didn't look like the same aggressive man who had raped her--double-raped
her--in the bush that afternoon.

"Get the punishment stool, Mabel," Mildred snapped.

Mabel shivered with fear. "Oh, no, Ma'am--not that, please not that!"

Mildred picked up a short whip off her dresser top, shook it,
menacingly. "Don't make me angry, Mabel!"

Mabel shivered again as she went to a closet, dragged out a bizarre
piece of furniture. It was something in between the kind of vaulting horse
that was used in gymnasiums and an old-fashioned praying pew. The top was
covered with leather and it had four sturdy, sloping legs.

The cook dragged it into the center of the bedroom, then stood, shaking,
beside it.

"Now undress, both of you completely!" Mildred snapped.

Doris's eyes flickered wildly from the disrobing figures to the weird
contrivance on the floor. There were leather straps, with cuffs attached,
fastened to each leg. What in the world are they for? Doris wondered.
Her eyes skimmed back to the cook and the chauffeur.

Apart from startled glances when they had first entered the room, the
two servants had ignored Doris's presence in their mistress's bedroom.
Now, Doris observed the rolls of fat and flesh that shook on Mabel's body.
Her breasts were too full, hanging down low when she removed her brassiere,
and the nipples were over-large with flattened tips as though they'd been
pinched, bit or abused too many times. The gross cheeks of her bottom
spread open when she bent to remove her panties, and Doris stared at the
folds of flesh, the wide cleft with a growth of hair between and the back
of her slitted vulva, its darkish-red lips spread open obscenely.

George was naked now; his body was firm rather than fat and his buttocks
were muscled instead of flabby. Doris stared at his flock. The gross
organ that had ravished her young pussy, then slid into her bottom and
spewed its hot load, was limp now; dangling in front of the slack,
low-slung balls.

Mildred took her eyes off Mabel, scrutinized George. "What's the matter
with that?" she asked, prodding his cock with the butt of her whip. "It
wasn't all soft like that this afternoon when Mabel was sucking it off!"

Doris drew in her breath. So that was what Mildred had caught them
doing! She looked at George with a different expression. Didn't he ever
have enough? He screwed me twice, once up my pussy, and once up my ass,
this afternoon--and then he still wanted the cook to suck his cock off for
him! She stifled an urge to giggle. No wonder his cock was soft and
limp--it'd had a very busy day!

A cruel smile crossed Mildred's face. "Well have to see what we can do
about that, won't we, George?"

Doris thought his face turned paler.

"All right," Mildred nodded to Mabel. "Bend over the stool!"

Reluctantly but obediently, Mabel went up to the strange stool, leaned
her flabby body over it.

Doris watched as the fleshy buttocks spread open, and she saw a trickle
of wetness sliding down the insides of Mabel's fat thighs.

Mildred nodded to Doris. "Fasten her hands and feet to the legs of the
stool with the straps."

Wonderingly, Doris did as she was asked, hearing Mabel groan when the
leather thongs pulled her legs wider apart.

"Tighten the leather," Mildred instructed. "I want her stretched tight
as a bow!"

Mabel's bottom moved up higher when Doris tightened the thongs on her
wrists. She glanced at it, feeling a flicker of excitement when she saw
the opening anal orifice. It looked red and wet inside: she restrained a
temptation to stick her finger into the wetness.

The cook's thighs parted more widely when Doris tightened the straps on
her ankles, and the hairy tip of her vulva became more clearly visible

What, Doris wondered, are the other straps on the legs for?

Mildred answered her unspoken question.

"Position yourself behind Mabel, George!"

The chauffeur stumbled forward, stood just inches behind the palpitating
bottom of the cook

"Fasten two straps to George's ankles!" Mildred ordered.

The two straps were longer than the ones which held Mabel in place, and
when Doris had, obediently, fastened them, George was still twelve inches
or so behind the cook.

"Now take the long straps from the front of the stool and fasten them to
George's hands," said Mildred.

Meekly, George held out his wrists, let Doris slip on the leather cuffs,
tighten them so that he was standing, still upright, but stooped forward
though not touching Mabel's naked body.

Mildred stared at the limp, dangling cock, then tapped it with her whip.
"Your wonderful, hungry cock seems very quiet tonight, George!" she

He shivered. "I--I'm tired, Ma'am."

Doris restrained a smile. Mildred didn't know that her chauffeur had
raped her twice that afternoon.

Mildred stood so that she could talk into George's face. "I want you to
screw Mabel's ass, George--I want you to stick your filthy cock right up
her asshole and fuck!" The words spat out, viciously, and George recoiled.

"I--I can't, Ma'am, I can't!" he moaned.

The cruel smile came back to Mildred's face. "Well see about that!"

Mildred hurried to her dresser, opened the bottom drawer, and took out a
small black box that made Doris's eyes open in wonder.

It was not unlike the box that Basil had used that afternoon.

There was a cord which Mildred plugged into a socket in the wall, then
she opened the box, took out a cable--with an electrode on the end.

"Doctor Basil!" Doris gasped.

Mildred gave her a quick smile. "Something like that," she murmured.
She positioned herself behind the chauffeur, holding the electrode by its
insulated end.

"Bend forward a little, George," she said, her voice dry with

"Ma'am," he protested, "please, Ma'am, not that!"

Mildred picked up her whip, slashed him across the buttocks. "Don't
whine!" She bent, chose her spot carefully then lashed between his parted
legs and the whip cut across his flesh-encased balls. A scream of agony
pierced from George's lips.

"Don't hurt him, Ma'am!" Mabel's voice, muffled, came from her hidden

"Keep your goddamned mouth shut," snarled Mildred. She changed her
position, moved in front of George so that she was close to Mabel's exposed
bottom. She raised the electrode, probed between Mabel's buttocks with the
end of it until she found the opening to her vulva; viciously, she stuck
the electrode in.

A wail started in Mabel's throat.

Mildred activated a switch and the electrode jerked in her hand. A high
scream came from Mabel's lips and her buttocks writhed wildly. Mildred
laughed, pressed the switch again. This time, Mabel's entire body lifted
on the back of the stool; fierce shivers racked through her flesh as the
screams shrilled from her throat.

Doris watched as a stream of urine gushed down from the contracting,
spawning vulva.

Mildred withdrew the electrode. "Just keep quiet, Mabel," she said,
sounding calm, as though her sadistic act had appeased her anger.

"It's not the same as Basil uses," Mildred explained to Doris. "This
one shocks instead of thrills," she laughed. "There's quite a difference,
I can assure you." She looked down at Mabel's shivering, urinating vulva.
"Isn't that right, Mabel? It gives you quite a jolt, doesn't it?" But only
babbling moans came from the cook's lips in reply.

Doris was surprised to find that her hand had slid underneath her
baby-doll nightie; her fingers were between the lips of her pussy, gliding
up, down, touching her clitoris, gliding down again. The erotic scene
before her eyes was thrilling her intensely.

"Now, George," said Mildred, "you know what I'm going to do!"

He twisted his neck, showed a white face to his mistress, but kept his
lips closed.

Mildred moved behind him again, hissed into the chauffeur's ear. "I
want you to stick your cock in Mabel's asshole and fuck!"

The cook's bottom was shiveringly open; the red hole between the cheeks
was red and hugely wide, but George's cock was still soft.

Mildred squeezed the end of the electrode between George's buttocks,
then finding the tight hole, thrust it in hard. The chauffeur winced as
the rod penetrated his anus but he managed to stifle his moans.

Mildred switched on the current and the tip of the electrode vibrated
gently inside George's ass. Doris saw his penis tremble.

Mildred sent through a mild shock; George groaned this time but his cock
twitched jerkily. She sent through a sharper shock. George screamed this
time, but his cock moved upward, started to form an erection.

"Jam it in her ass, you fool," screamed Mildred. "Fuck her filthy hole,
George, you goddamned fool!"

The end of his cock weaved as he took a shambling half-step forward; he
staggered, half-fell and his cock squashed against Mabel's bottom. He
dragged himself upright--and Mildred sent through a fierce shock. He
screamed, his body jerked and his cock slithered madly over Mabel's fleshy
buttocks then jammed between the cheeks. As soon as Mildred saw its
position, she sent through a massive jolt--and George screamed his agony,
let his body lurch forward and his cock, swollen with artificial lust, tore
through Mabel's anal tissue. Her screams blended with his and she
flattened herself on the leather top of the stool. George teetered
forward; Mildred jolted his ass again and his cock reacted, pushing in,
tearing between the cheeks of the impinged bottom.

Doris had moved closer in her excitement; now, she was standing beside
Mildred, who was weaving her own body in tune with the tortured lurchings
of George's and Mabel's violated bodies.

"Fuck her, George," Mildred shrilled, jolting him, sending a searing
stab of electricity into his ass. He screamed, jerked forward, felt his
cock throbbing, expanding against the sucking tissue inside Mabel's abused

"Stop!" he screamed suddenly. "Stop it, Ma'am, please stop!"

He was plunging his cock in and out of Mabel's jerking bottom without
any help from the electrode. Mabel was squealing as the stiffened shaft
was tearing in her very depths. "I--I'm coming, Ma'am," George sobbed,
"I'm coming!"

Mildred sent a series of vicious shocks into his body, watching his
bottom shaking and quivering as each successive jolt went in. Mabel's
bottom was like jelly, as the plunging cock pulled out wet tissue, then
thrust it back in with each vicious lurch.

"Doris," squealed Mildred, "help me--please help me!" She was standing
with her legs astride, short leather skirt held high. "My pussy," she
hissed into Doris's face, "please touch my pussy--I'm going to come!"

Hesitantly at first, then more boldly, Doris slid her hand between
Mildred's thighs, moved her fingers up until she encountered warm, wet
tissue that throbbed in her hand.

"Squeeze it, oh, please squeeze it, Doris, you little doll!"

Mildred jerked her legs together, trapping Doris's hand.

A fresh shock stabbed into George's ass, and Mildred moaned with
excitement. "Now, Doris, now!" Her voice rose, and Doris moved her fingers
as she felt Mildred's pussy squirming, jerking and orgasming on her hand.

The electrode was turned off; Mildred let the shaft slide from George's
abused, tortured anus. He sagged down onto his haunches. Mabel lay on her
face, sobbing, as George's thick lust-juice trickled out of her curled-open

"You darling," Mildred whispered to Doris as they stood close together
behind the disciplined servants, "you sweet, lovable doll!" She turned her
head, placed her hand behind Doris's head then kissed her on the lips.

"Oh, Mildred, oh--" Doris quavered when the older woman withdrew her
mouth from hers.

"Don't talk," whispered Mildred, stroking Doris's face. "It was all so
wonderful--especially you, you delicious baby-doll; just don't talk for

Mildred took a staggering step to her bed, sank down on the edge of it.

"Untie them," she said, her voice satiated, quiet; so different from the
lust-crazed voice she had used when she was sending jolting shocks into
George's asshole and watching his cock tear into Mabel's anus. "I feel so
tired," she smiled at Doris.

Dories unfastened the bonds while Mildred sat on the edge of her bed,
rocking herself gently back and forth as she watched.

"Now, you can go," said Mildred to the servants. "Both of you--don't
bother getting dressed here--take your clothes with you, and--" she took a
deep breath, "I hope your taste of discipline has gone you good."

They picked up their clothes with trembling hands, limped towards the
door; Mabel wailing softly, deep in her throat, and George wincing, each
time one buttock pressed against the other.

Mildred smiled at Doris. "It was all so wonderful," she said again.
Doris smiled back at her; she was at such a high pitch of excitement that
she was unable to speak. Now, she supposed, Mildred will do wonderful,
exciting things to me--make me orgasm like I've never orgasmed, make me
come like crazy, blow, blast, cream and rocket into cloud nine or ten or

"I feel drained," said Mildred, "emotionally and physically, Doris doll,
I'd like to take you to bed with me, but it's not possible. Things affect
me this way--take every little last drop of energy out of me. You do
understand, don't you?"

Doris stared at her mistress, feeling her pussy contracting between her
thighs. I don't understand! Her clitoris was stiff, projecting out of its
slot, begging for attention. I want to orgasm, too! She squeezed one leg
over the other, felt the residual waves of electricity vibrating in her
body. The erotic scene had heightened, not lessened her overriding desire.
I want a cock or a hand or understanding lips on my pussy and clit! That's
what I understand--that's what I want!

Mildred's eyes were closing; a drowsy, satiated expression was
obliterating the lines on her face. Doris gave her a sharp, bitter glance,
then turned, stumbled out of the bedroom door. You bitch! You used me to
make you come--just like you used Mabel's and George's flesh--then you send
me away when you're satisfied!

Doris walked blindly down the corridor until she came to her room. The
roaring desire that possessed her body made her every movement unsteady.
Her nipples were stiff, tortured tips of untouched longing and her pussy
pleaded wetly with every pursing movement for sexual satisfaction. She
pushed open the door, staggered into her room, so engrossed with her own
sensuous desires that she did not even notice that the light was already

"D-Doris-doll, nice Doris!"

The garbled words hit her ears, hazily; she forced her eyes open wide,
stared ...

Willis was standing in the middle of her bedroom; his pants open,
ever-ready cock in a gross state of erection. He was holding it
delicately, between a finger and thumb, pointing it at Doris's belly.

"I've come to fuck your cunt!" he said, slavering, grinning and letting
saliva drip down onto his chin.

Doris took a deep breath, reached behind her and slammed the bedroom

Chapter 9

The baby-doll nightie was tangled around Doris's neck; her legs were
split in an impossible angle as she lay, spread-eagled, on her bed.

Willis grunted as his thick torso writhed between her open thighs.

"Ooooh, Willis," moaned Doris, "oooh!"

His massive cock squirmed inside her stretched-open pussy; each time he
drove inward, Doris felt thrills vibrating on all parts of her vaginal
walls; the thick shaft titillated her clitoris each time it dragged over
it, making Doris draw in her belly then thrust up her pelvis to meet the
next wave of delight.

"Ugg," said Willis, "soft little cunt." He screwed his organ up to the
top of Doris's sexual cavern, let it swell there then dragged it slowly
down. "Nice cunt," he mumbled, "hugs my big cock so nice."

Doris lifted her feet in the air, felt him penetrate even more deeply.
The twisting, writhing snake was appeasing some of the screaming demands of
her charged-up, electrified body.

Willis jerked his body as Doris's pussy undulated against the sides of
his cock. He drove in, pulled down, drove in again with panting energy.

"Doris-doll, Doris-doll, like I said I would!"

"Yesss," she hissed, wetly, feeling the sensuous throbs spiral from her
vulva to her belly, "you're f--fucking me!" She drove her heels down into
the cheeks of his bottom, and he reared deeper into her like a horse that
was given the sputa

"With my cock," he panted, "fuckin' you with my big cock!"

"Uuuum," a delicious ripple of sensuality was rolling up Doris's thighs
and blending and blasting at the apex. "Oh, yes, Willis--you're fucking me
with your cock." She sighed, felt herself filled to capacity, "Your big,
big cock!" she breathed.

"Oh, Doris--I--I'm gonna shoot off!" His movements became more frenzied
and Doris's body responded; she felt her orgasm near. "My stuff'll shoot
into your cunt all sticky, Doris-doll, all hot!"

"Oooooh, Willisssss!" Doris squealed; she felt the huge organ swelling
inside her, trying to drag its increased size down her hugging sexual slot.
"I'm coming, Willis, I'm coming!"

She gripped him with her legs, entwining them round his thick body;
pressing her pelvis up, hungrily, increasing the contact between her
gyrating clitoris and his pulsating, jerking cock. "Eeeeh, Willis," she
screamed, "fuck--keep fucking!" Her fingernails raked his back as she threw
her arms around in a frenzy. Her bottom pressed into the bed, bounced up
against his writhing body. He drew grating gasps of air into his lungs,
felt his huge organ starting to spit its load. "Now--all my stuff, Doris
all my hot, fucking stuff!"

He howled like an animal as he spurted his steaming load into Doris's
undulating pussy. Her head jerked, her mouth opened, closed--then her
teeth sank into Willis's shoulder.

"Coming, eeeeh!" she squealed, writhing herself wildly, "Oh, my God--I'm
exploding inside my cunt!"

Their bodies twisted, orgasmed, locked together and sweated on the bed;
gradually, their sensual gyrations reduced in intensity.

Doris turned her head, pressed her cheek into the pillow. He was still
inside her; his penis softening and sliding slowly down her pussy. "That
was good, Willis," she whispered. "I came and it was good!"

"Nice Doris," he said, "nice little doll. Sucked all the hot stuff outa
me--made me shoot off all sticky again!" He reached up, touched her face as
though she was a china doll.

"It was real nice," he said, stupidly but tenderly. "You've a nice
little cunt, all tight and it hugs my cock good." He sighed then startled
Doris by adding: "It was even as nice as with Mama!"

* * *

Doris lay on her face; her baby-doll nightie still around her neck.
Willis sat up beside her, touching her skin, stroking, caressing, gently,
delicately. He stared at her bottom then drew his fingertip up the
sensuous cleft.

"Nice little ass," he mumbled, squeezing the satiny cheeks.

"Be careful, Willis," she said softly, "I'm very sensitive down there."

"Nice and soft," he said, prying open the cheeks with his thick fingers,
"and red and wet inside!" He leaned over her, stared into her anal hole.

Doris thought about what he'd said. "Do you shoot your hot stuff into
your--your Mama?" she asked, using his words.

He grunted, then said: "Sometimes, but I'm not to tell--Mama told me not
to tell!"

"You--you fuck Mama?" Doris whispered.

He lifted his hand, slapped her bottom, lightly. "Not nice to say that!
Mama says it's not nice!"

"But, do you?"

He made a whimpering sound. "Mama'll be mad at me if I talk about it.
Mama says not to tell--not anyone. Mama'll hurt me, beat me, do bad things
to me if I tell!"

Doris kept her face hidden in the pillow. "Do you stick your big cock
in Mama's cunt?"

Willis jerked. "Ya--my cock fucks Mama!" He touched Doris's buttocks
again, roughly this time. "Wanna fuck you, Doris-doll. Wanna fuck you

Doris felt a flicker of surprise. So soon! He's just spurted an ocean
of sperm into my pussy and now he's ready to screw, fuck and squirt again!
What a man--or an animal!

Her pussy reacted sensually to the thought, and she felt her clitoris
twitch. The thick juice was still trickling out of her vulva, making it
feel sticky and causing the lips to cling together each time she wriggled
herself. She wriggled herself now.

"Wait until I turn over," she mouthed, huskily.

"No!" He pressed a heavy hand on her bottom. "I'll get on the
back--fuck you like that!"

Doris wriggled, frantically. Having George stick his cock up my ass is
one thing ... But Willis--Willis and his monstrous organ is something
else! He'd split me open like a walnut!

"No, Willis," she mumbled, squirming herself, "I don't want it like
that--it'll hurt my bottom."

He held her in her face-down position without any effort.

"Not up your ass, Doris-doll--up your cunt from the back!"

"Oh," she relaxed, "oh, that!"

He climbed between her thighs as she spread them open. She raised her
buttocks, dragging her knees up the bed, crouching so that the mouth of her
vulva was high.

He pressed his body against her and she could feel his hot breath
hitting the back of her neck. The thick thatch of hairs on his belly
tickled the cheeks of her bottom as she thrust herself back against him.

The head of his cock felt bigger, thicker and hotter as he inserted it
between her open vaginal lips; but her pussy felt bigger, too, stretched
open wider as she crouched in her waiting position.

"Now!" He drove in with all his strength and she felt her body driven
forward. She pushed back with her hips, felt him thrusting in deeper, so
she rotated her hips and bottom. Deliciously, the cock throbbed against
all parts of her pussy. She reached under herself, spread her lips open
with her fingers so that her clitoris could slide out; then she pressed the
small spire against his cock as he ploughed it in and out; the vibrating
sensation was delicious.

"Oh, Willis," she purred, "that's nice!"

Her nipples felt like daggers of desire so she writhed them against the
bed, leaning herself down from the waist, rotating her body.

Willis was heavy on her back; she felt his hands go under her, slide
high, find her breasts and pull them.

"Not like that," she whispered. "Tickle my nipples!"

"Hot tits," he mumbled, searching for the stiff tips then squeezing
them. "I'll pull your hot tits!"

"Oh, yes," she sighed, "do that!"

She strained herself backward to increase the tension on her nipples,
and as though he understood, Willis gripped them harder.

His cock was jerking, erratically now. "Gonna come, Doris-doll, gonna
come!" he panted.

She pressed her fingers down harder, jammed her clitoris against his
swelling, vibrating cock. "Oh, yes, Willis, me too!"

He was so deeply inside her pussy that she imagined he was probing in
her belly. "Now," she said suddenly, urgently, pushing back with all her
strength, "I'm coming now--push in deep, Willis, fuck me real deep!"

"Ug, Doris--shooting off--ug, Doris-doll!" He rocked himself wildly,
making Doris's body jerk up the bed then wriggle down again. His cock was
so swollen that Doris parted her knees to make the opening bigger to
accommodate his width. "Eeeeh!" she squealed, orgasming, violently and
continually. "Eeeeh, Willis!" Her legs straightened as his juice spurted
into her, and he let his thick body lie limply on top of hers as his cock
finished spurting and his intense orgasm gradually waned.

"Fucking good," he mumbled, "fucking good cunt, Doris!"

She smiled, tiredly. Her desire was appeased at last. "Fucking good
fuck, Willis," she whispered, "fucking good cock!"

He rolled off her back, and she felt the warm, thick fluid flowing out
of her pussy and she felt relaxed, appeased and satiated. Her eyes closed,
drowsily, and she wondered if she was dreaming this time ...

* * *

Doris was sound asleep when Willis rolled himself off her bed and
dragged on his clothes. He stared at her for a moment, his half-witted
smile on his face, as she lay with her thighs apart, pussy curled open with
the thick dregs of juice drying on her skin, then he moved to the door,
clicked off the light and stepped into the corridor. He hesitated for a
moment, then moved in the direction of his mother's bedroom.

* * *

Mildred was lying on her back, in much the same position as Willis had
just left Doris; the bedroom light was still on, too.

Willis closed the door behind him, moved into the room and looked at his
Mama. She was still wearing the leather skirt that she had donned for her
sensual session of discipline, but it was rumpled around her waist now; her
belly, pubic hair and vulva were exposed.

The leather boots were discarded at the bedside and the flimsy halter
was dragged up, revealing firm, pointed breasts with enlarged, dark red

Willis sank down, heavily, on the foot of the bed. The slight movement
wakened Mildred.

She blinked in the light, then recognized him. "Ah, Willis."

"Ya, Mama," he mumbled.

His eyes went from her face to her breasts, then down across her belly
to her vulva; silently, he stared at the thick, red lips.

"Well?" Mildred murmured.

He lifted his eyes, moistened his lips. "Mama, I fucked Doris-doll!"

She smiled at her son. "I thought so, dear."

He stared at his mother in silence.

"Did you enjoy it?" Mildred's voice was soft.

He nodded, vigorously. "Soft cunt, nice fuck, Mama."

Mildred looked at her son's face. "She didn't--" she searched for the
word, "object, I mean, try and stop you?"

He grinned, shook his head. "Like you said, Mama, she was all ready!"
He wet his thick lips. "Doris-doll pulled up her baby-doll nightie, Mama,
lay on the bed an' said--fuck!"

"Just like that!" Mildred raised her immaculate eyebrows.

"Um, Mama--maybe not just like that, Mama, but like that anyway!"

Mildred smiled. "I know what you mean, dear. She was all ready."

"Ya, Mama, ready."

She smiled at him and he gave her a sheepish smile back. After a
minute, he bent his head, kissed her bare feet.

Mildred sighed. "You're a dear boy, Willis."

His tongue slid out and he licked the insides of his mother's legs. She
sighed again, changed her position.

Willis's head moved higher; he tickled the flesh behind and above his
mother's knees with the tip of his tongue.

"Oh, Willis," Mildred sighed once more, "d'you like doing that?"

He lifted his thick lips off her flesh. "Ya, Mama." His head went down

Mildred leaned back, pressed her head into the softness of the pillow as
the wet tongue snaked up her body.

"Mama!" Willis had stopped licking. "I wanna stay here all night,

Mildred's lips moved. "Oh, Willis, dear," she murmured.

"Can I, Mama? Can I lie between your legs and suck your nice cunt all
night?" His voice was hoarse and wet with desire.

Mildred opened her eyes, looked down her body until she met her son's
eyes. He was staring at her with his mouth open, tongue hanging out. She

"Very well, Willis," she whispered. "Lock the door and turn out the
light, then undress." She smiled, a tender, maternal smile. "You can do
what you crave, dear. You can suck and lick my soft sensitive flesh the
way you like!" Her own tongue slicked out, wet her lips, as though she were
thirsty for love, hungry for sex and consumed with desire again.

Willis scrambled off the bed, locked the door then dragged off his
clothes. His organ, outthrust and weaving, had swelled into a fresh
erection. He looked at it, then at his mother, and an idiotic smile
creased his face. "Nice cock," he mumbled, his eyes flickering from his
body to his mother's. "Nice cunt!" he shambled across the room, clicked
off the light then climbed over the foot of the bed and squirmed himself
into position between Mildred's wide spread limbs.

His mother took a deep breath as Willis buried his nose in her lush
pubic hair, then his tongue slicked out, found her clitoris and he sucked
it, soothingly but sensuously as low gurgles of pleasure came from his
throat like when a baby sucked at a bottle.

Mildred let out her breath, opened her thighs a little wider, then felt
herself drifting into a hazy, sensuous dream-world of incessant satiation
as the gentle thrills throbbed up her body.

Chapter 10

Doris opened her eyes, blinked sleepily. Someone was tapping at her
bedroom door. "Come in," she murmured, drowsily.

As the door opened, Doris glanced down at herself. Her baby-doll
nightie was still around her neck as she lay on her back. She made a
half-hearted effort to drag a sheet over her nakedness then lay back,
limply, when she recognized Mabel.

The cook was carrying a small tray with a cup and saucer, sugar and
cream, on it. "I've brought you coffee, Miss," Mabel mumbled, putting the
tray down beside the bed.

Doris glanced at her face, curiously. Her eyes were puffed and swollen
as though she'd been crying, and her skin was white with red blotches.

Despite herself, Doris asked the unnecessary question. "Did Madam hurt
you last night?"

Mabel's voice was bitter. "Yes, you saw it!" A hard edge came into her
tone: "It hurts to be tortured with electric shocks then--then have a hard
thing stuck in--into you!" She looked at Doris, coldly, then asked,
viciously: "Did you enjoy watching, Miss--did you orgasm like Ma'am, too?"
"No!" Doris snapped, feeling angry. "Don't blame me for what happened

to you. Madam was punishing you for something you'd done!"

The spirit sagged out of the cook. "Yes, Miss. I'm sorry, Miss." She
turned to the door, asked: "Is there anything else you'd like?"

Doris started to shake her head, then changed her mind. "Yes, tell
George I want to see him."

Mabel looked startled. "Now? Here?"

"Yes," said Doris, putting sugar and cream into her coffee then sipping
it, "right away."

The venom came back into Mabel's face. "Yes, Miss," she mumbled, then

Doris tensed then relaxed her belly; the muscles felt sore. Willis and
his long cock poking up into one! He must have reached to my belly-button.

She felt, delicately, between her thighs. The lips of her vulva felt
tender; she caressed them very gently. The inside of her pussy was sore.
That huge cock must have stretched me! I've never had anything that big in
me before!

Doris's eyes flickered towards the dresser, where she had placed her
array of body creams. A soft, soothing cream up my pussy would be nice!

There was a light tap at her door.

"Come in!"

George entered, hesitantly. "You wanted me, Miss Dainton?"

Doris had a crazy impulse to smile. He always calls me Miss Dainton!
Even when he's raping me he keeps calling me Miss Dainton!

"Yes, George," she searched his face with her eyes. He didn't look hurt
and abused like Mabel had. "Did you enjoy yourself last night?"

He winced. "I'm so sore, Miss Dainton," he wriggled, "all the way up--"
he hesitated, then: "my asshole!" He gave her a wry grin.

"Serves you right," said Doris, smugly. "You had your fun with me in
the afternoon--so you deserve what you got from Madam at night!"

He shook his head, then a worried expression crossed his face.
"You--you didn't tell Madam about--you know, about what happened?"

"No," said Doris, slowly. "You said you'd do anything I wanted if I
didn't tell hearse I didn't!" "Thank you, Miss Dainton," he murmured,
dropping his eyes. "I meant what I said." He moved, uncomfortably; the
young, vibrant flesh lying so nakedly on the bed was disturbing him.

Doris's hand moved down her body, and he followed it with his eyes.

"My pussy's very sore inside, George," Doris said, casually, touching
the open vaginal lips with her fingertips.

"I--I'm sorry, Miss Dainton," he muttered, hoarsely.

"Not just because of what you did to it," said Doris, meeting his eyes.
"There was something else, too. "

George took a jerky breath, and Doris saw a small movement at his

"I want you to push some soft, cool cream into my pussy, George, smear
it all over and then," she moistened her lips, "suck it out of me with your
mouth!" She finished in a whisper.

George's body stiffened, then he clutched at himself, gripping himself
very tightly at the crotch. "Yesss, Miss Dainton," he hissed.

Doris jerked her head to the dresser. "The cream's over there, get it!"

He moved jerkily across the room. "The big jar at the end," Doris told

He picked up the jar, moved to the bed, unscrewing the cap as he sank

Doris dragged a pillow down the bed, pushed it under her, then plunked
her bottom down on it so that her pelvis was raised.

"Push it in real deep," she slurred, "then use your tongue to spread it
around, all over my pussy and--and on my clit, don't forget my clit!"

"I won't forget," he promised, scooping a fingerful of cream from the

Doris's Hands slithered over her belly until she was holding the lips of
her vagina; carefully, she spread them open; parting her thighs, bending
her knees. George bent over the bed, stared into the pink opening; as the
slit opened, the tiny clitoral spire became visible. The hardness at his
crotch increased and his lips became suddenly dry.

"Now," said Doris, "start creaming my pussy now!" She half-lifted her
buttocks, pointed her pelvis at his face.

His finger trembled as he moved it to the tender, waiting tissue. Doris
flinched, slightly, when the cream-tipped finger touched her labia. "So
cool!" she murmured.

He smeared it, thoroughly, with loving care. Doris squirmed very gently
as he touched the sensitive parts. George took a fresh scoop, ploughed it
into the orifice; pushing it in deep, massaging the inner walls and each
time he withdrew his finger, he dragged it upward so that it touched the
stiffening clitoris and Doris would let out air, twitch her belly.

"Now fill it," Doris slurred when he had smeared cream for several
minutes. "Fill my pussy completely; use all the cream you want--use all of
it, push it all inside me--then suck it all out!" She hissed the last
words, and George saw her tongue slide out, flick at her lips, quickly,

He filled the palm of his hand with cream then squashed it against
Doris's pussy, pushed it all up.

"Like that," she whispered, lifting her buttocks, making the vaginal
opening larger. "Right in!"

He repeated the process until the vulva was overflowing.

"Smear it over my clit!" Doris hissed.

He did as she asked, and she jerked her body. "Again!"

His finger squirled in a tiny circle, tickling and thrilling the bobbing
sliver of flesh.

"Oh that," moaned Doris, "that sends me!" She screwed her eyes shut,
moved her lips as though she was chewing.

Suddenly, Doris lifted her legs in the air; exposing soft white buttocks
then reaching under herself, pulling the cheeks apart until the red orifice
of her anus appeared.

"Cream me in there, too!" she muttered, her voice lower.

George's hand trembled as he smeared cream on it; gently, he pushed a
creamy fingertip into the tight hole.

"In deep!" Doris said huskily, lifting her legs higher, "then suck it
all out!"

Her eyes opened, and she stared between her upraised legs at George's
startled face. "You fucked it," she told him, "so you can suck it, too!"

The color drained from George's face, then he started to lower his head
onto the bed. "D'you want me to suck it outa your pussy first, Miss
Dainton, or outa your ass?" he mumbled. "Suck my ass!" she sneered.

He lifted his head, turned his face to hers. "You'll hafta turn over,
Miss Dainton--lie on your face. I can't suck the cream outa your asshole
when you're lying on your back!"

There was a whirl of flashing white flesh and Doris lay on her face,
buttocks protruding, thighs slightly parted. "Like that?"

George pressed his face against her bottom. "Like that is perfect," he
mumbled before his tongue slid out, found the tight, creamy hole and licked
it, sucked it and dragged out a mouthful of cream.

"Uuum, George, that's nice!" Doris drooled, squirming her buttocks
against his face. "Push your tongue in deeper!"

He took a gulp of air then pressed his mouth on her anus again. The
tiny hole seemed to open and close under the touch of his tongue; he drew
out cream, felt it dribbling down his throat and gagged, moved his mouth
off her flesh.

"Don't stop!" she snapped. "Keep sucking!"

He forced his lips down again, squeezed his tongue into the narrow
canal, tasting cream, saltiness and a familiar female flavor.

"Like that," she whispered. "Keep doing it like that!"

The anal lips pursed open under the manipulations of his tongue; Doris
pressed her body back, moved her buttocks from side to side with slow,
sensuous movements.

Suddenly Doris panted; air hissed from her mouth, then she gasped:
"I--I'm getting a feeling that--that I've never had before!" She pressed up
with her bottom, down with her breasts then writhed.

George could feel the tiny asshole throbbing under his tongue; then it
squeezed closed, Doris gasped again, pushed back and the opening became
wide. He sank his tongue into the mushiness as far as he could and Doris
jerked. "It's like coming, George--like coming in my bummie!" She jerked
again, panted for air, then wrenched her bottom away from George's mouth,
twisted herself onto her back. "Now, my pussy," she commanded, urgently.
"Suck my pussy!"

Her pelvis lifted and lowered, slowly and temptingly, in front of his
eyes. George flattened his lips against the cream-filled pussy; tasted the
thick creaminess again, sank his tongue into it, sucked the stuff out.

"Oooohh, like that," Doris moaned, writhing slowly from side to side.
"It's soothing the soreness out of my pussy--making the ache go away."

George swallowed cream, sucked out another mouthful, swallowed again.
The vaginal tissue seemed to throb beneath his lips.

"My clit, too," said Doris. "Don't forget to suck that!"

He slithered his tongue up the slit, touched the stiff spire, teased it,
nibbled it, then sucked off its creamy coat.

"Do that again," Doris groaned. "Just like you just did on my clit!"

He repeated the sensuous action and Doris made a panting sound. "I'm
going to come, George--keep on doing that--it's making me come. Eeeeh,
George, I'm orgasm--orgasming--eeeh!"

Her clitoris weaved like quicksilver as he gripped it with his teeth;
his tongue moved, tickling the tiny tip, exciting it, rousing it to new
heights of sensuality.

" Ooooth, George--oooth!" Doris panted; twisted herself frantically,
almost dislodging George's grip on her clitoris, then let herself shiver
and shake as her orgasm shattered through her flesh, spiraling from her
blasting clitoris to the walls of her pussy, undulating, throbbing then
arcing into her belly.

* * *

Slowly, tiredly, George withdrew his face from her body. She writhed,
the movements gradually slowing down, then she opened her eyes, which she'd
screwed shut as soon as her orgasm began, and smiled at him. "That was
nice, George, real nice!"

She stretched herself, luxuriously.

"Is that all, Miss Dainton?" he asked, huskily, his eyes on her luscious

Doris stared at his face without speaking, then her eyes went down to
his crotch. "I suppose you're all hard!"

George nodded. "Yes, Miss Dainton."

"Let me see it," Doris said, casually. "Open your pants!"

He tensed, then did as she ordered. His organ projected like a finger
of desire.

"Um," murmured Doris, "your cock's all big and hard. Does looking at me
make it get like that?"

"Yes," he groaned.

"You like having it sucked," Doris murmured, "that's what Mrs. Wynton
caught Mabel doing to you yesterday."

"Yes," he mumbled, reddening.

Doris drew her finger up the slit of her pussy, then asked: "Is that
what you like best? Having your cock sucked?"

George swallowed, shook his head.

"Fucking?" she asked with raised eyebrows.

He nodded. "You, Miss Dainton, fucking you!"

She smiled at the compliment, then asked, "Why?"

George's mouth worked with his emotion. "Because, Miss Dainton, you've
got the tightest, snuggest little cunt that I've ever fucked!" His penis
reared as he spoke.

Doris smiled again, then her expression became quizzical as she
remembered the night before and Willis ... Willis and his monstrous cock!
Is my pussy still snug and tight?

She looked at George's face; his expression was tense and strained.
There's one way I can find out!

Her hands slithered down her body as her thighs parted, hugely. Her
fingertips pulled on the lips at the top of the slit so that her clitoris
oozed out. "All right," she said, her voice very low, "fuck it!"

George trembled as he dragged down his clothes, then he staggered to the
bed, dropped onto it, covering Doris's small body with his.

She reached down, touched his balls, imagined she felt a churning
movement inside as though there was a motor or an engine at work. The base
of his shaft thickened, then he thrust the head up, found the still-creamy
lips, plunged in between them.

The air hissed from Doris's lungs as the throbbing cock drove up her
pussy; she felt her vaginal walls clutching at the organ, caressing it as
it careened up its sexual path.

"Sweet fuck!" George gasped, screwing inward, dragging out.

Her clitoris was still aroused and she pressed down with her pelvis so
that she could savor the delicious pressure of the stiff shaft gliding over
her clitoral tip.

"I--I can't hold it, Miss Dainton," George sobbed. "You've got me so
worked up I'm gonna blow my load!"

My pussy's still snug and tight! The thought flashed into Doris's mind
as George worked madly towards his orgasm. I've gotta be small and snug if
I can make his cock blow so fast! A laugh rippled through Doris's belly,
and the vibrations ran down to her clitoris, bringing on her own orgasm
with unexpected rapidity.

"Oooth, George, oooth!" she squealed, orgasming, rocking herself and
feeling the hot blasts from his spitting, spurting cock inside the depths
of her pussy.

"Miss Dainton," George gasped, "you're the most--the fucking most!" His
exhausted body lay limply on top of Doris.

Slowly, George rolled off the body of his mistress--for that was what
she was, now that he had to obey her every command.

"I--I suppose you want me to go, Miss Dainton," he mumbled.

She didn't answer him directly. "Well?" she said, questioningly.

He looked blank.

She squirmed with irritation. "Is it still snug and tight? My pussy, I

A slow smile spread across his face. "The snuggest, Miss Dainton, the
tightest, sweetest fuck!"

She smiled back at him.

"I'm glad you're here," he said. "I hope you're going to stay."

She nodded.

"Is there anything else you'd like, Miss Dainton?" he asked, still

"Yes, there is," she surprised him by answering. "There's some
massaging-cream over on the dresser, and I'd like to be massaged all over.
A real massage, I mean--not a sex massage--" she let her eyes smile at him.
"You can rub it into the cheeks of my bottom, of course, and over my
breasts, but not up my pussy not inside my bummie, I just want a good
massage. I take very good care of my body, George, very good care."

"It's a luscious little body," he mumbled.

"I want to keep it that way," she murmured. "Now, will you massage me?"

He nodded, swallowed. It would be a thrilling pleasure just to move his
hands over that delicious, little-girlish body that excited him so wildly.

"Yes, Miss Dainton," he said, moving to the dresser, finding the cream
she'd mentioned. "It'll be a pleasure to massage you any way you like--any

He poured some lotion onto the palm of his hand then began to rub it
onto her back.

Doris lay on her face, smiling, feeling pleasurably relaxed and sexually
appeased. The caressing, soothing motion of George's hands on her back was
lulling her to sleep.

"Is that the right way, Miss Dainton?" George asked, massaging soft
cream into her even-softer body. He sneaked a glance at his wrist watch:
Eleven o'clock! Downstairs, they'd be wondering what had happened to me.
He grinned: Let them wonder--I don't care!

"Yes, George," said Doris, drowsily, answering him, "that's exactly the
way that I like it!"

She liked what he was doing--and the way that he was doing it. Doris
smiled: There are a lot of things I like around Romily Manor--and then she
wondered: When am I going to start work?

Chapter 11

Doris started to perform her duties at Romily Manor soon after she'd
finished her leisurely brunch.

Mrs. Wynton was still in her room, Mabel informed Doris as she served
her grilled ham, fried tomatoes and omelet; the low-browed Willis was
nowhere to be seen.

Doris was sipping her second cup of coffee when Mildred came into the
dining room. "Good morning, Doris," she said quietly, smiling. "I hope
you slept well."

Doris looked up at her employer; Mildred was neatly dressed in a
country-tweed suit, hair carefully brushed and face lightly made up. It
was hard to connect this well-dressed, well-bred woman with the erotically
sadistic female who had performed perverse acts upon the hapless bodies of
her servants in her bedroom the night before.

"Good morning, Mildred," said Doris. "You look very well, very

"Thank you," Mildred laughed. "I've been lying in my tub for almost an
hour; that always relaxes my body."

Doris smiled; there was no reason to tell Mildred what method she had
used to obtain complete relaxation.

"You look as fresh and pretty as ever," Mildred sighed, enviously. "Are
you ready to start work this afternoon?"

Doris laughed, finished her coffee. "I think it's about time."

Mildred rang the bell for Mabel, seated herself at the table. "I'll see
you in the office at two," she told Doris, picking up her morning mail
which Mabel had left on the table.

* * *

"And this is a list of the tenants," said Mildred, "with their address
and monthly rent."

Doris peered over Mildred's shoulder at the hand-written list of names.
"Their houses all have names, not numbers," she murmured.

Mildred laughed. "This is Maine countryside, dear. The houses and
cottages are scattered all over--not neatly laid out in streets like in the

"How do they pay their rent, by check?"

"Some of them, but others are so old-fashioned that they like to pay in

"Do they come to the manor?" Doris asked.

Mildred shook her head firmly. "Never. We collect from them in

"You?" Doris looked at Mildred in surprise; she couldn't imagine this
aloof woman knocking at cottage doors and collecting rents.

"Usually," said Mildred, "I used to send Willis sometimes, but--" her
eyes became vacant, "the dear boy always seemed to have problems ..." she
broke off, looked at Doris. "Where is he, by the way?"

"I haven't seen him at all today," said Doris, feeling her face blush as
she remembered the sensuous episode in her bedroom the night before.

"Probably walking about the grounds," she sighed. "He loves the
outdoors." She looked at the list of names again: "Well, Doris, it'll be
your job to collect rents now--that's one of your duties here. Let me
see," she scanned the list, "you can walk over to Mister Macallister's this
afternoon; he always pays in cash and his rent's due right now."

Doris looked at the address. "Three Hills Cottage," she read. "Where
in the world is that?"

Mildred got to her feet, strolled to the window. "Look!" She pointed to
the end of the grounds; there was a gap in the line of trees and three
small hillocks were visible. "It's on the slope of the middle hillock,"
Mildred explained. "You can't see it from here; it's a small stone

"What's he like?"

Mildred looked at Doris. "Barney Macallister?" she laughed. "He's an
elderly eccentric--lived at Three Hills for as long as I can remember."

"He lives alone?"

"Mostly," said Mildred, thoughtfully. "He has relatives and friends
staying with him from time to time. Well," her tone became brisk, "you can
walk over there, Doris; take this small receipt book, collect his rent, in
cash, then come back." She smiled. "That'll be your work for today."

Doris smiled at her employer; it didn't sound like a big day's work.

* * *

The cottage was a thirty-minute walk from the manor, and Doris was glad
that she was wearing low-heeled shoes, even though they looked out of place
with her tiny mini-skirt and nylon blouse, which was all she needed on this
pleasant, balmy day.

She approached the heavy oaken door, looked vainly for a bellpush, then
rapped on the wood.

Instead of the door opening, a voice called out loudly: "Who is it?"

" I--I'm from the manor," Doris called, nervously. "I've come for the

"Then come in," the man's voice shouted. "The door's not locked!"

She turned the big handle, pushed, and the door swung open, soundlessly.
Doris stepped inside, staring about her, nervously and curiously. The
cottage was well-furnished in a massive, old-fashioned way. The front door
opened onto the main room, and in the center of the floor, a frail, elderly
man was sitting behind a large desk.

He fixed his eyes on Doris with a piercing stare. "You're someone new;
I haven't seen you before!"

Doris approached him, diffidently. "I--I've just started working for
Mrs. Wynton; I'm going to be looking after the rents and things."

He smiled. "Well now, you're a change from Mildred!" He drank her in
with his eyes. "Pretty as a picture and soft as honey and cream," he

Doris smiled, flushed at the compliment.

He slid open a drawer, took out a small pile of bills, counted some off
and put on the desk-top. "Here's the rent, Miss--" he paused, "you didn't
tell me your name."

"Dainton," she said, "Doris Dainton."

He nodded, "You've got a nice name, too." He waited, then: "You'll have
to come and get the money, you see, I'm paralyzed."

Doris drew in her breath, noticed the crutches beside his desk for the
first time. "I--I'm sorry," she mumbled, moving forward, "I didn't know!"
She picked up the money, counted it, pushed it into her small purse. "I'll
give you a receipt."

"Don't be sorry," he said, "it's just my legs the rest of me's all
right." He laughed. "I get around; you'd be surprised how I get around."

Doris moved beside him, bent over his desk to make out the receipt then
felt his hand on the bare flesh of her leg at the back. She flushed,
squirmed herself, slightly, but went on filling in the amount on the

"Nice, soft young flesh," the old man murmured, stroking the roll of
flesh on her inner thigh.

Doris squeezed her legs together. "Mister Macallister--please!"

His hand went on moving, slid up to her silken pantyleg. "Barney," he
said, "everyone calls me Barney!" His finger moved inside the tight
pantyleg and he stroked the crevice of flesh where the swell of her buttock
met the top of her thigh.

"Don't," Doris whispered. "That's not right!"

The drawer in his desk was still open; he reached in with his free hand,
took out a bill, pushed it across the desk to Doris. "A small gift for
you," he said, softly. "Does that make it right?"

A fresh flood of color suffused Doris's face; she stared at the bill, it
was a ten!

His hand was on the back of her panties, where they stretched so tightly
across her bottom. He drew his finger up the silk-covered cleft. "Take
them off," he whispered. "I just want to stroke it, caress and feel it!"

Doris stood very still, staring at the bill and trying to think
straight. He isn't hurting me! But ...

"I'm just an old man," murmured Barney Macallister. "I'm here by myself
most of the time--I don't get much fun!"

His hand was high under her mini-skirt, pulling at the waistband of her
briefs, sliding them down her legs.

Doris squeezed the cheeks of her bottom tightly together to impede him.
He felt the muscular contraction. "Don't do that," he pleaded. He reached
in the drawer again, took out another bill, placed it with the other.

Another ten, Doris saw. Her buttocks relaxed and her panties slid down
to her ankles.

He squeezed the soft flesh with lecherous pleasure. "Sweet little
bottom," he mumbled, "as nice as I've ever felt!" His finger slithered
through the cleft, touching the small anal orifice, lingering a moment then
moving on. "Lean over the desk," he murmured, his voice shaky. "I want to
see it as well as touch it. Bend forward, Doris, let me look at your soft
little ass!"

Her face was burning but Doris leaned forward, propping her chin on her
hands as she leaned over the wide desk, letting her bare, rounded bottom
project just inches from the old man's face.

He stroked the soft flesh lasciviously, making drooling sounds of
pleasure. He squeezed the pliable rolls on either side of the cleft with
jerky, excited movements. His hand slid lower, touched the crevice at the
top of her thigh--then moved inward.

"No!" Doris tensed herself. "Not there--you didn't say you'd touch me

His fingertip found the wet lips of her pussy, tried to slide in. Doris
tightened the cheeks of her bottom; squeezed her thighs together and his
finger was trapped.

"Let me!" he panted, struggling to move his finger. "Let me feel inside
your cunt!"

"No!" Doris moaned, gritting her teeth, jamming her buttocks together.
"Just--just my bummie--you said you wanted to touch my bummie--not my

"Here," he gasped, breathlessly, "have this--and this--and this!" His
hand shook as he reached in the desk-drawer, took out bills and added them
to the two in front of Doris.

She twisted her head down, watched in wonder. One, two, three, four,
five ... She gasped; there must be seven or eight bills by now--and all

She relaxed her buttocks, parted her thighs, waited breathlessly for his

His hand had moved off her flesh; he was doing something that she
couldn't see, in his lap. She could hear the rustle of clothing, then he
spoke. "Now do what I want--any goddamned thing I want!"

Doris screwed shut her eyes. He's paid me! "But don't hurt me!" she

"I won't hurt," he promised. "Stand up and turn around!"

Startled, Doris did as he asked, then stifled the sob in her throat. He
had unfastened his pants at the front; now a long, slim penis projected
straight up as he slouched back in his armless chair.

He grinned at her expression. "Squeeze your wet cunt onto that!"

Doris felt a crazy blend of fear and fascination.

The old man reached to her skirt, dragged it up at the front, stared at
her pubic thatch.

"Brunette," he mumbled. "I like brunette hairs round a young, juicy
cunt!" He licked at his lips, then mumbled, "My granddaughter's brunette!"

"Your granddaughter!" Doris's voice was shocked.

He nodded. "As pretty a little sixteen-year-old as you ever saw."

Doris's mouth sagged. "You--you do this to your granddaughter?"

He gave a cackling laugh. "Every month when she comes to see her poor
old grandfather." He wet his lips, "She's got the tightest little cunt I
ever fucked!" His penis twitched as he spoke.

Doris stared at him in horror. "You monster!" Her eyes were round,
angry. "Doing that to a little girl--you awful creature!"

He cackled again, then made his voice wheedling. "What else can a
lonely old man do?"

"You--you--" Doris broke off, sighed. He's a lecherous old man; taking
advantage of a young innocent girl and now, trying to do the same thing to
me! She moved her lips, indignantly, then had a crazy impulse to smile.
He pretended to be so helpless, sitting paralyzed in his chair, but he'd
managed to find a way to get his erotic thrills by doing awful sensuous
things to young girl juicy young girls, he said! She sighed again. He has
some kind of courage--and determination ... and, he's paid for his fun!

"Now, take your skirt off," he said, impatiently. "Step out of those
cute little panties and straddle me with your sexy young thighs--I wanna
fuck!" He gripped his penis at the base, and Doris saw the head swell. "My
cock's all ready," he mumbled; he met Doris's eyes, added: "I've paid for

Slowly, averting her eyes, Doris unclasped her skirt, dropped it on the
desk-top; daintily, she stepped out of her panties and took a nervous step
toward the old man in the chair.

He stared at her belly and thighs as she got closer to him; there was a
sheen of sweat on her skin, making it glisten, appear more sensuous,
erotic, desirable.

He wet his lips, reached forward, gripped her round the buttocks and
pulled her closer. "You'll have to do it all," he told her. "Like I
said--I'm paralyzed." He watched the ripples run across her belly and the
thick pubic hairs seemed to bristle with electricity.

Doris felt herself trembling; more with anticipation than fear. The
things that had been done to her--that had happened to her--in the last few
days were keeping her body in a constant state of sexual arousal. Just the
sight of the slim cock waiting to penetrate her pussy was exciting her

"Stand with your legs on either side of me," he instructed, his voice
hoarse with excitement. "Then lower your bottom until your cunt's over my
cock, and then--" he took a rasping breath, "jam it down all the way down
on my cock!"

Doris shivered as she took a jerky step into position; moving awkwardly,
with her feet apart, inching herself forward, one leg on either side of
his. He moved his hand down, under her crotch, felt at her wet vaginal
lips. She jerked, made a low sound and felt the muscles in her thighs
aching as she held them in the unnatural position.

"Now, let your cunt slide down!" he panted.

She bent her knees, feeling her legs trembling, lowering herself slowly.
He gripped her buttocks, guided her until she was over his cock. Her pussy
felt stretched open, her belly stiff and strained as her body went down.

"Aaaaah!" The long sob oozed from his lips as her vaginal lips opened on
the head of his cock, let the organ slide inside. "Press down," he

She relaxed her legs; her cunt slid lower, enveloping the stiff,
straight and slim cock completely. "Aaaah, that's good," he sighed. "Now,
you'll have to move up and down--I--I can't help you, Doris; you'll have to
glide your cunt on and off my cock. Just bend then straighten your legs!"

The breath panted from Doris's lips as she started to do as he asked.
It was new and strangely delicious feeling to be able to grip his stiff
cock with her pussy, move it as fast or as slowly as she liked. She
rotated her bottom gently, squirming her pussy from side to side, letting
the slim cock touch all the special spots inside her bubbling cunt.
"Oooth," she groaned, "oh, ooth!"

He lay back in his chair with his eyes closed and a tense, excited
expression on his face. He let a smile cross his lips when he heard Doris
softly groan. "You like it," he whispered. "It's different, isn't it,
Doris--it's nice!"

"Ooth," she moaned, raising herself slowly, feeling the cock sliding
against the sides of her sucking pussy, "so new!"

Next time she pressed herself down, Doris leaned forward, her face
moving close to the old man in the chair, as she forced her clitoris to
make contact with his stiff, throbbing but unmoving cock; the erotic
friction raised her to a new height of excitement.

"I--I can't move my cock," he mumbled, "but I can play with your nipples
if--if you'd like it!"

The breath panted from her mouth as she felt spasms rippling from her
clitoris to her pussy as she rubbed it against his shaft, then she moved
her hand from the back of his chair, where she'd placed it to steady
herself during her sexual exercise, and groped at the front of her blouse.

He helped her unbutton it, then cupped her braless breasts with
trembling hands. "Sweet little tits," he murmured, then he forced his head
forward, took a nipple between his lips, sucked at it as Doris raised her
body, lowered it, increasing then decreasing the tension on the stiffening
tip of her nipple.

"That," she hissed, "oooth, that!"

The muscles in her thighs were beginning to ache from her strained
position and constant raising and lowering action, but the thrills, running
from her nipple to her clitoris then spiraling inside her belly were making
her throat contract with sexual excitement. This is different, thrilling
and excitingly new!

He let his mouth slip off her nipple. "How'd you like it?" he asked in
a hoarse whisper. "I'm not fucking you, Doris, girl--you're fucking me!"

A ripple of excited laughter ran through his body and Doris felt his
cock swelling, swelling!

"I--I'm going to come, Doris," he gasped. "Your tight little pussy is
hugging my cock so snug that I--I--Doris, urgh--urgh!"

She jammed her body forward, felt the swollen organ gyrating against her
clitoris. His mouth groped, blindly, for her nipple, found it and bit.
She squealed, feeling her orgasm starting.

"Ooth, my pussy," she gasped, "my clit--ooth--my breast!" She shook her
whole body, wildly, pressed down with all her strength and felt the head of
the cock jam against the top of her pussy, jerk, spurt and explode.

"All over me," she squealed, orgasming, opening and closing her legs;
bending and straightening her knees. "Right up my cunt all wet, all hot,
ooth!" Her buttocks contracted, opened, jammed closed again and the walls
of her vulva sucked at the jerking, spurting cock until all the juice was

The old man sank back in his chair; his lips slid off Doris's sensitive,
bitten nipple. "You juicy, young cunt," he mumbled in appreciation. "You
sweet fuck--you've the sexiest cunt of the lot!"

Doris rested her cheek against the top of his head, still straddling
him; her legs limp now, as the warm wetness slid down from inside her pussy
and saturated the base of his softening cock. She dragged in a gulp of air
and said, "I've never done that--anything just like that--before!"

He reached behind her, stroked her sweating bottom. "But you'll do it
again--" he smiled, confidently. "At least once a month--probably more,
Doris--so much more!"

She drew her head back, looking into his face. "I--I don't know," she
murmured. She turned, saw the small pile of bills on his desk. It has
been different and thrilling and wonderful--and he paid me for it, too!

"You'll come again, won't you?" he asked.

She giggled, blushed. "I'll have to collect the rent each month,
anyway," she admitted.

"Maybe I'll start paying weekly," he said with a smile.

She laughed. He is an old devil!

His face became serious. "I want you to come and see me at least once a
week, will you?" He glanced at the open drawer with the pile of bills in
it, "You won't be sorry," he added, softly.

She blushed again. It wasn't just the money ...

"All right," Doris said, "but not just because of that." She nodded to
the open drawer. "But because you're a lonely old man with nobody to help
you except, maybe, your granddaughter, and ... who else?" She looked at
him with raised eyebrows.

He gave her a sheepish grin. "My--my niece--my young niece!"

Doris drew in her breath. "You devil!" She tried to look shocked. "Has
she got a nice, tight pussy, too?"

"No nicer than yours," he assured her, stroking her bare bottom.
"You're it, Doris--the sweet, fucking most!"

"What a thing to say," she protested, but she didn't really mind his
words. "And who else is there?"

He shook his head, didn't answer.

Suddenly, a thought occurred to Doris. "Who used to collect your rent?"

"Mildred or Willis," he muttered.

"Willis?" Doris sounded surprised.

He nodded. "Yeah, stupid idiot--can't do anything right!"

Doris was quiet, thinking about the previous night. She wasn't so sure
that Willis couldn't do anything right!

"What about Mildred?" she asked, curiously.

He tried to move himself. "Let's not talk about her. I'm glad you're
here, Doris, and that I'll be seeing you often."

Doris lifted herself. His limp cock was still inside her pussy; now, it
slipped out, slowly and sadly.

"You've got a wet pussy now, all right," he said, watching the fluid
drip out of it.

"Your stuff," said Doris, edging herself back and reaching down for her
panties, "--you shot it all into me."

He watched her take a tissue from her tiny purse, wad it then wipe at
her vaginal lips. "And very nice, too," he said. "Juicy cunt, luscious

She dragged on her panties, then wrapped her tiny skirt around her

"I can suck you off if you'd like it sometime," he informed her. "D'you
like having your pussy sucked?"

Doris dropped her eyes. "Maybe," she whispered, coloring, "but not
now." She picked up the small pile of bills, stuffed them into her purse
with the rent money. "I'd better be going--Mildred will wonder what I'm
doing all this time." She gave an excited giggle.

"If she knew what an oversexed kitten you were, she wouldn't wonder," he
said slowly.

"D'you think I'm oversexed, Mister Macallister?" Doris asked seriously.

"Definitely," he answered, "and I like it."

Doris was thoughtful. "I don't think I am, not really. It's just that
things have been happening lately--"

He nodded, smiled knowingly. "I can believe that!"

Doris turned to the door. "I'll see you next month, Mister

"It's Barney," he said. "Don't you think you know me well enough to
call me Barney?" He grinned at her expression. "And I'll see you before
next month--some time next week I hope!"

Doris looked doubtful.

"I'm always here," he added. "Please come, Doris; I'll be waiting--and
looking forward to seeing you."

"I'll try," she promised, opening the door. "I'll try, Barney," and she

She saw Willis before he saw her. He was standing behind a low bush
with only the top part of his body visible; his head was thrown back and he
seemed to be staring at something in the sky.

"Willis!" Doris called, moving toward him, "what are you doing here?"

It was only ten minutes since she'd left Barney Macallister's cottage.

Willis started, then a slow smile spread over his face when he saw

"D-Doris-doll," he stammered, "I--I was waiting for you."

"Waiting for me! But how did you know where I was?"

He grinned, idiotically. "I saw you going to old Mister Macallister's

"And you've been waiting all this time?" Doris glanced at her watch;
she'd been inside the sensuous old man's cottage for nearly two hours.
"What did you want to see me for?"

He licked his thick lips, moved out from behind the bush. "Fuck," he
said. "I wanted to fuck your cunt, Doris-doll!" And she looked down, saw
the immense shaft projecting from his open pants. As usual, his cock was
in a state of erection.

Doris's face paled. "But here--" she panted, her eyes flickering around
them, "not here, Willis!"

"Ya, here," he nodded eagerly, "nice soft grass, Doris-doll; soft and
smooth to lie on." He moved up to her and she took an instinctive step
back. "Lie down, Doris-doll--open your white legs, let me fuck your cunt!"

"No, Willis, no--I don't want it!" Doris panted, moving back.

His face looked unhappy and angry. "Last night, Doris-doll--last night

"That was different," she cut in. "Don't think you can just grab hold
of me whenever you feel like it," her breasts shook with indignation, "just
because your cock gets hard doesn't mean you can rape me!"

His face set in a stubborn expression. "Wanna fuck," he said like a
peevish child, "wanna fuck your cunt, Doris-doll!"

"No!" she snapped.

He pushed at her and she almost fell. "You're my doll--my Mama said
you're my doll!" He pushed again and this time Doris lost her balance, fell
onto a grassy hillock on her back. Her skirt was around her waist and
Willis stared at the tightly stretched panties, still damp at the crotch.
His words had startled her. "Your mother said that!"

He was staring at her crotch. "You're wet there, Doris--all wet!"

"What did your mother say?" she asked urgently.

He grinned. "Mama said I can fuck your pussy!"

Red spots of anger appeared in Doris's cheeks. What do they think I am?
"Well, your precious Mama's wrong!" she snapped.

Willis dropped down beside her, and a long fingernail ripped at her
panties, splitting them open at the crotch.

"No, Willis, no!" Doris panted.

He pressed his hand into the opening, found her saturated pussy, clawed
inside it, clumsily, painfully.

"You're hurting me," she panted, wriggling out of his reach.

He looked at her, breathing hard through his nose. "Wanna fuck!" he


He rolled himself toward her with surprising speed; before Doris knew
what he was going to do he had twisted her face down on the grass. She
felt him lifting her skirt and felt the cool air on her bottom; he moved
the torn panties off her buttocks then brought down his hand in a slap.

"Owww!" The startled gasp of pain shot from Doris's lips. She was
startled as much as hurt.

He slapped down again and his hand sank into the soft flesh, leaving a
red mark on each palpitating cheek.

"Don't," she moaned. "Owww, don't, Willis, don't!"

He slapped again, watching her buttocks wriggling about as she squirmed
herself, trying to get away. He spanked her bottom more viciously and she
opened and closed her thighs in pain and frustration.

"Stop spanking me," she pleaded. "You're hurting my bottom!"

He laughed. "You're my doll--I can do what I want with my doll!"

He spanked her bottom again.

Frantically, Doris twisted her eyes sideways. He was sitting beside her
while he administered his punishment. His cock was huge and she saw it
swell and twitch each time his hand slapped onto her helpless flesh.

Stealthily, Doris stretched out her hand touched the massive organ.

Willis flinched, made a sound of surprise, then his hand spanked down
onto her red and throbbing bottom again.

Doris curled her fingers round the swollen cock. "Urgh!" Willis groaned
deep in his throat and his legs seemed to tense. He slapped her bare skin
again, but not so hard this time. Doris barely made a whimper--but her
hand moved on his cock. It was slimy with its own secretion and her
fingers glided gently up and down. Willis pressed himself back and his
shaft seemed to grow longer, thicker. Doris drew the skin down from its
head, watched the red ball slide out. The sight excited her; her hand
moved more quickly.

He spanked her again, but she was hardly aware of it. Her bottom was
deadened by the series of slaps it had received. Her attention was riveted
on the throbbing organ within her hand. She squeezed, slid her hand down,
up again. Willis made an animal-like sound. She turned the head of the
organ so that she was staring into the slitted lips in its head; it was so
long that it seemed only inches from her face. She massaged it, watching
the lips spew open, squeeze closed, then open again. A sound of pleasure
oozed from Willis's throat and his hand rested on a cheek of her bottom,
not moving, not spanking any more.

She massaged his cock sensuously; slowly then quickly, hearing the
grating sobs pant from his throat.

"Urgh, Doris--" he gasped. "Urgh, Doris!"

Her hand moved more quickly; she felt the veined walls expanding,
contracting and the pulsating inside became fiercer.

"I--I'm gonna shoot!" His voice went up high.

She squeezed as tightly as she could; felt the cock squirming, jerking
in her hand--then thick spurts of juice shot from the open slitted lips,
hitting her face--then shooting again, thickly, sickeningly, obscenely.

Willis had dropped onto his back; his hand had slid off her abused
bottom. Now he raised and lowered his buttocks as the dregs of his lust
flowed down his cock, squirted from the lips onto his Doris-doll's face.

Crazily, Doris felt her clitoris jerking wildly when the thick droplets
of juice hit her mouth. She slid out her tongue, tasted the thick fluid.
The taste repelled but excited her at the same time.

She looked at Willis; his eyes were open and he was staring at her.
"I--I'm sorry, Doris-doll," he mumbled.

His words reminded her; she reached to her bottom, felt the bruised
cheeks, tenderly. "I--I'm all sore. My bummie's so bruised!"

"I--I'm sorry, Doris-doll," he said again. Now that she had appeased
his lust by masturbating him with her hand, he was quiet and apologetic.

"It'll hurt me to walk, I'm so sore!" Doris mumbled, exaggerating.

He scrambled to his feet. "I--I'll carry you. You're my little
doll--I'll carry you through the bush!"

Before she could answer, he stooped, picked her up in his arms as though
she was a baby, then started to walk through the bush, carrying her in his

After the first moment of surprise, Doris found it wasn't an unpleasant
sensation. Willis, you'll put me down before we get to the manor."

"Yes, Doris-doll," he answered. "I--Ill do anything you like!"

"Why did you spank me like that?"

"You're my Doris-doll," he mumbled. "I wanted to fuck your cunt!"

"But why?" she persisted.

"Nice tight cunt, sucks my cock!" he answered.

Doris wriggled with impatience. "I don't mean that why do you think you
can--can fuck my pussy any time at all!"

"Because you're my doll!" he answered, simply.

"Why d'you keep saying that?"

"Because Mama told me--"

"Told you what?"

"You're my doll--she got you for me to play with!"

Doris gasped. "What do you mean?"

"Mama bought you for me for my birthday." He smiled into her face. "I'm
twenty-five years old. Mama always said she'd buy me a doll--a real live
doll--for my birthday!"

Doris's face was white with shock. I am a doll! Solely for the purpose
of amusing, being fucked by, this half-witted man-boy! It's crazy, crazy,

He put her on the ground when they were a hundred yards from the manor,
and Doris walked the rest of the way in a kind of daze. Willis supported
her, tenderly, carefully--just as he was supposed to: she was his own
little doll and he had to look after her. He knew. His Mama had told him!

Chapter 12

Mildred sat on the edge of her bed and looked at Doris with that cool,
self-possessed expression on her face.

"What Willis said is partly true, Doris, but--" she shrugged her
shoulders, eloquently, "you've seen enough of Willis to realize that he
fantasizes, imagines things, exaggerates--"

"He--he thinks I'm a doll," Doris blurted, "just for him--to do what he
wants with--use and abuse--"

Mildred gave her a piercing stare. "No one abuses you!"

"He spanked me," Doris muttered, "--ripped off my panties and spanked

"I saw him carrying you toward the manor," said Mildred carefully,
"holding you protectively as though you were something very precious, very

"That--that was after," Doris mumbled, her eyes downcast.

Mildred glanced at a pile of bills that lay on her dresser. "I was
counting the money," she said, softly. "Mister Macallister gave you eighty
dollars too much!" She fixed a penetrating gaze on Doris's face: "Why is

The color flooded Doris's cheeks. "That money's mine," she blurted.
"I--I mixed my money with the rent money."

Mildred smiled; a slow, knowing smile. "Barney gave it to you, didn't
he, Doris?"

The color drained out of Doris's face. "Well--I--" she stammered.

"You don't have to explain," said Mildred, coolly. "I know all about
Barney and the things he likes." She made her voice very soft. "Did you
enjoy it? Eighty dollars for doing something you liked is all right!"

Doris didn't answer.

"But you don't have to be so goddamned smug!" Mildred shot out.
"Complaining about poor Willis when you've just been jerking your hot pussy
up and down on an old man's cock till he came." Then she added, softly,
"For eighty dollars, of course, I'm sure that that made it right!"

Doris jerked to her feet. "Stop it! What makes you think you can talk
to me like this?"

Mildred looked surprised.

"You're an employee of Romily Manor, Doris." Her voice was soft. "I can
say what I like to you because I'm the mistress of the manor. You work
here--and do what you're told!" Her voice rose sharply on the last words.

"I don't have to stay here," Doris snapped. "I can walk right out ... I
don't have to put up with your half-witted son trying to rape me whenever
he feels like it. I don't have to--"

"You don't have to do anything, do you, Doris?" Mildred put in coldly.
"You can do whatever you like, can't you? But you liked it well enough
when Willis was waiting for you in your bedroom last night--you didn't come
crying rape then!"

"You planned it that way," whispered Doris. "You--you got me worked up,
watching what you were doing to Mabel and George, then you made me please
you, satisfy you--then you left me up in the air--way up high and dry--"

"And dear Willis was waiting for you in your room--with his huge organ
all ready, no doubt--he was just what the doctor ordered, wasn't he,
Doris?" Mildred spoke quickly.

"You planned it all!"

"But you enjoyed it!" Mildred's voice was sharp.

Doris was silent for a long moment, then: "But, I don't have to put up
with being abused all the time. I--I--"

"D'you get paid enough, Doris?" Mildred's voice was sugar-sweet. "Would
you like more?"

"It's not the money," Doris muttered.

"Any extras you get--like from Barney, you can keep, of course--that's
all yours!"


"You have a choice," snapped Mildred, "staying or leaving; punishment or

Doris jerked her head up. "What d'you mean: punishment or pleasure?"

"I'll show you," said Mildred, giving Doris a Mona Lisa smile then
touching the bell-push beside her bed.

Doris stared at the self-possessed woman in mingled confusion and shock;
then there was a tap at the door.

"All right, come in," called Mildred.

Mabel and George entered, looking as though they'd been waiting for the

They must have been outside the door all the time, Doris thought with
fright. This is all pre-planned! Is everything Mildred does so very
well-planned beforehand?

"Fasten her to the punishment stool," said Mildred, casually.

Doris's eyes jerked open wide. The stool!

"No!" she screamed, "I won't do it--no, no, no!"

Mildred lit a cigarette while Mabel dragged the strange stool from its
place in the closet.

Doris made a lunge for the door, but George blocked her, regretfully but
stolidly. "Relax, Miss Dainton," he murmured.

Miss Dainton! She felt like laughing hysterically.

They stripped off her skirt, removed her shredded panties then tied her
face down over the leather-covered stool. With vicious pleasure, Mabel
tightened the straps that held her wrists and ankles in place.

"Get me the strap," said Mildred, and Doris's mind careened wildly. It
isn't possible! This can't be happening to me! I've seen this happen to
Mabel ... but me, Doris, it isn't real!

"No, no, no!" she screamed. "Stop it--I want to go--I'm not staying
here--Yiiiiiiih!" The high sound of fear spiraled from her lips.

"Please, Doris," said Mildred, patiently, "if you persist in screaming
I'll have to gag your mouth--the sound is hurting my ears!"

"Relax, Miss Dainton," said George in his level voice.

She screamed again, and the sound seemed to excite Mildred. "See how
her bottom squirms each time she screams," she hissed.

"Is this the right strap, Ma'am?" George asked.

"Yesss," Mildred hissed. "I don't want to break the skin--this two-inch
thickness is perfect."

Petrified with fear, Doris heard the rustle of movement behind her;
heard Mabel draw in her breath with an excited sound of anticipation ...
then the strap whistled through the air. The sharp pain cut through her
buttocks, piercing from one sensitive cheek to the other then throbbing all
over her bottom.

She screamed again--with rage as well as pain. That they should do this
to me!

The strap slashed down again, and she screamed again.

Again, the slap of the leather then the shrill sound from her lips.
Hazily, she remembered how Mabel had urinated when Mildred had punished her
and as the thought ran through her mind, she felt wetness between her
thighs and knew that her bladder had reacted under the stress and pain.

"Oh, pleeeeze, " she moaned, "no more--please!"

Miraculously, the slashing ceased.

"Such soft young flesh," Mildred whispered; then she felt fingers
pinching her bottom, squeezing abused flesh cruelly but sensually and
something stiff but narrow stabbed into her anus. "Hot little asshole,"
murmured Mildred. "She's a delicious piece of flesh. How could I ever let
her go?"

There was a rustle of movement again, then Mildred snapped, "Is Doctor
Basil here yet?"

"Waiting outside, Ma'am," said George in his deferential voice.

"Have him come in," Mildred snapped.

Doris heard the sound of the door opening, then Mildred spoke to Mabel.
"Get the box from the dresser."

"Yes, Ma'am," said Mabel, eagerly, and Doris knew from the tone of the
cook's voice that she was looking forward to jabbing an electrode into her
sensitive anus, then sending in searing shocks.

"No," she moaned, "please, Mildred, not that!"

"Be patient, dear," said her mistress. "Punishment before pleasure!"

Mabel's voice was hungry. "Shall I stick it in her, Ma'am?"

"No!" Doris screamed, "oh, no!"

"Proceed, Mabel," said Mildred, her voice calm, "don't hurt her more
than you have to!"

Doris felt as though her bottom was protruding up to the ceiling; she
wanted to draw the cheeks in, contract her buttocks and make her small anus
even smaller.

Mabel probed at the wet opening; Doris felt the cool end of the
electrode touching the inner tissue, then Mabel stabbed it in, deeply,

She screamed again; racked with pain but hopeless.

"Now turn on the current," said Mildred.

The jolt made her flatten her belly against the leather-covered stool;
an agonizing pain spiraled through her anus and into the base of her belly.

"Again," said Mildred, "just watch the water squirt from her pussy--it's
a most exciting sight!"

The fierce current throbbed through her flesh again, making her squeal
with agony, bite at her lips and urinate again.

"Just one more," said Mildred.

This time Doris jerked herself up until only the straps kept her body
from twisting off the stool. The shocks throbbed all over her, paralyzing
her throat so that she couldn't even scream any more.

"That'll be enough," said Mildred. "We don't want the poor girl to
faint--we have so much more in store for her." Then she laughed, a
sickening sadistic laugh.

"What are you doing?" It was Doctor Marston's voice.

"Ah, Basil," said Mildred, "you've brought your appliance--your magic

"Yes," he answered, "but what're you doing to this poor girl?"

"Make them stop!" Doris screamed. "They're torturing me, Doctor, make
them stop!"

"It's just an experiment," said Mildred, coolly, "just like your tests!"

"My tests!" He sounded angry. "Release this young girl immediately--my
tests provide pleasure, not pain!"

"That's why you're here, Basil; you're going to provide the pleasure!"
Mildred spoke soothingly.

"I'll have nothing to do with it," Basil's voice was harsh, "I'm
leaving--unfasten the girl and I'll drive her to the station!"

"Basil!" Mildred's voice was like the crack of a whip. "You're
forgetting something. I give the orders around here--not you! You do what
you're told, Basil, exactly what you're told, or else--" She stopped,

Doris heard the ex-doctor drawing in his breath, then when he spoke, his
voice was strangely subdued. "What do you plan to do?"

'That's better," Mildred murmured. "Just excite her anus--gently,
Basil, bring her to a state of relaxed eroticism and then we'll untie her
before we proceed any further."

"I don't like this," he muttered. "I don't like any part of it!"

"But you'll do it," said Mildred. "You know very well that you'll do

Doris felt another hand touching her buttocks; gently this time,

"Oh, Doctor," she moaned, "don't hurt me--I've been hurt enough

"Don't worry, my dear," he whispered, "this won't cause you any pain."

She felt a slim tube being inserted up her sore asshole and jerked

"Just keep still," he murmured. "You'll like this, Doris, really like
it!" He pressed the electrode in more deeply, then she heard him step back.

In a moment, a soft, soothing current flowed into her anal opening,
veered gently through her flesh, making it feel warm and causing her to
forget the pain she'd suffered.

She drew in her thighs, squeezed them closed, trying to grip the tube
with her pussy; it was thrilling her now, sending exciting stabs of
pleasure zooming through her bottom.

"Oooth," she moaned, "oooth!"

Mildred laughed. "She likes it; her sexed-up pussy's getting happy

"Leave me alone for a minute," Basil's voice was gruff. "I'll get her
in the state you want in a few minutes but I want to do it without you

There was a moment's silence, and Doris waited, feeling the soothing,
sensual current pulsing into her body; thrilling her gently, relaxing her
and making her fear diminish.

"Very well, Basil," said Mildred. "Make sure you get her into the right
state." She laughed shortly. "We'll leave you with your guinea pig. Come
with me." And Doris heard movements as Mabel and George exited with

She could hear him breathing before he spoke: "Feel better now?"

"Yes," Doris murmured, moving her bottom very slowly and feeling the
electrode send out its magic throbs, "but--but why--why do you do anything
she tells you?"

Basil sighed. "There's nothing else I can do, Doris--she knows
something about me; something that happened a long time ago, but she could
use the knowledge to ruin my life if she wanted."

"Blackmail!" Doris hissed.

He gave a dry laugh. "More subtle than that! Very genteel pressure,
veiled threats." His voice dropped down. "I can't afford to take a chance,

She was silent, thinking about what he'd said: that explained some
things that she hadn't understood. Mildred can force him to do anything
she wants!

His hands went onto her buttocks and he lifted her higher on the bench.
"Relax your pussy," he murmured. She did as he told her, then the familiar
electrode was slid between her vaginal lips.

Doris drew in her breath when the first sweet shock rocked into her.
"Oooth," she murmured, "that's nice, Doctor."

"Don't call me doctor," he muttered, "don't remind me--just call me

But Doris was paying little attention to his words. The sensuous
thrills were throbbing into her vulva, making her clitoris jerk and pulse
with excitement. She wriggled her bottom, felt the thrilling current run
from her anus to her pussy.

"It--it's going to make me come!" she hissed, her voice going high.

"Doris," Basil said tensely, "would you like me to--to get inside you?"
He drew in a sobbing breath. "Would you like me to fuck you while you're
electrically aroused?"

"Oooth, Basil," Doris moaned, almost delirious with excitement, "you can
do anything--anything you want!" She pressed back with her buttocks and he
saw the red orifice of her anus expanding round the tube.

His hands trembled when he ripped open his pants, let his erect organ
burst out. He stood close behind her naked, writhing flesh then withdrew
the tube from her pussy. Carefully, he steered his cock into the wet
opening, feeling her vaginal walls close around his shaft, hugging it. His
hand went to the knob that controlled the current flowing into her anus,
and he turned it very gently. Doris made a wet sound of pleasure, and
Basil stood very still, feeling her pussy contracting as the mild shock ran
through her flesh so that the soft walls hugged his cock more firmly. He
increased the power; her pussy jerked closed, tightening its grip on his
cock, then expanding, closing again.

Basil closed his eyes; felt the sweat streaming down his face. This was
the ultimate thrill: standing motionless; feeling a juicy young cunt suck,
grip and hug his organ.

"I--I 'm going to come," Doris mumbled, squirming.

He could feel the head of his organ swelling, growing thicker and
thicker until the walls gripped it like a snug velvet glove.

"Aaarth!" he gasped, starting to orgasm. "Doris--oh, Doris!"

Doris felt as though she might faint again: her pussy was vibrating,
squeezing on the delicious cock that filled her hot, wet vulva. "Eeeeeh!"
she squealed, "I can't stop myself. Eeeeh, Basil--I'm blasting!"

The orgasm rocked through her body, making her pussy palpitate, sucking
every last drop of the hot, spurting juice from Basil's spitting cock. He
turned the power up high, sending strong sensual waves jolting into her
asshole--then flowing through her body to her pussy until the current was
transmitted to his cock.

The sex-juice drained out and he leaned forward limply. She was still
writhing herself, squirming her buttocks and letting the soft, wet sounds
drip from her lips.

"That was--was like heaven," she whispered. "Please do it again!"

* * *

The voice hit her ears like a thunderbolt. "I think you've had
sufficient of Basil's cock for now, Doris." Mildred gave her dry laugh.
"It's as I suspected, Basil; you wanted to sample her young pussy
yourself." She added, "Again. Now," her voice became brisk, "complete the
preparations on her body!"

"No," moaned Doris, "you're not going to hurt me again."

"Don't worry, Doris dear," said Mildred, "you've had your
punishment--now it's time for your pleasure, as I promised."

Dazedly, still experiencing a sweet sensation from the residue of the
electrical treatment, Doris felt Mabel and George unfastening the straps
which bound her, then leading her to the bed.

She was completely nude now, her blouse having been removed at the start
of the punishment session, and her breasts felt heavy, the nipples stiff
and demanding.

They had sat her on the edge of the bed; now, she dropped onto her back,
passed her hand across her nipples.

Mildred stared at the naked, sensuous flesh, then she licked at her lips
with quick flicks of her tongue.

"Her body's still hungry," she whispered. She moved up close, reached
down, touched the top of Doris's sexual slit.

She flinched when Mildred's finger touched her clitoris.

"Ooth, " she moaned, "ooth--I'm on fire all over!" She touched her
breasts again, then squeezed at the nipples.

"Mabel!" Mildred snapped. "Eat her nipples!" She leaned over Doris.
"There's no one, absolutely no one, my dear, who can lick nipples as
exquisitely as Mabel!"

The cook moved onto the bed; lay at the side of Doris.

Doris looked into her face with momentary fear. "You--you hate me,
don't you?" she mumbled.

Mabel smiled. "No, Miss--" Her lower lip quivered. "Maybe I'm envious
because you're so young and enticing." She moved her face over Doris's
breasts, then added, "because everyone wants to do things to you--to your
luscious, young body--" her eyes went onto Doris's as she added in a
whisper, "even me!" Then her mouth went down and she drew a nipple between
her lips, sweetly and sensuously, and tickled the tip with her tongue.
Doris sighed; then felt someone doing something between her open thighs.

"It's all right," said Basil's voice when Doris jerked. "I'm inserting
the electrode." She felt the tube sliding into her vulva and opened her
thighs wider, sighed with pleasurable anticipation.

Mabel's mouth was doing delicious things to her nipples now; switching
from one to the other, keeping them both at a throbbing peak of excitement.
When she wasn't kissing one, she squeezed it with her clever fingers, then
reversed and repeated the process.

The electrode was gradually increasing the strength of its thrilling
waves inside her pussy and Doris was experiencing a euphoric, all-embracing
sensation of sensuality in all parts of her body. This is worth waiting
for--this is pure heaven! The thought flickered in her mind and she
squirmed herself, feeling every part of her body alive and aware.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" Mildred murmured as she seated
herself on the bed and looked into Doris's face.

Doris jerked open her eyes and a momentary haze of fear shielded them.
"Why--why are you doing this to me?"

"Don't you like it?"

"Oh, yes," Doris sighed, "but why?" She moved her breasts, felt Mabel's
soft lips caressing the nipples with delicious persistence.

"Because I want to show you how nice things can be. I want you to see
that you can have a lot of pleasure here ... because I want you to stay
with us."

Doris blinked, thinking about the strange, sensuous but exciting woman's

"Do you want to stay at Romily Manor?" Mildred asked.

A deep throb jolted from the electrode to the top of her vulva and Doris
felt her clitoris vibrate. "Ooooth," she moaned, "oooooh--ooooth!"

"What are you thinking about now?" Mildred asked.

Doris screwed shut her eyes, considered the question. "My--my pussy,"
she whispered at last. "How it's throbbing ... it keeps coming to
the--the brink of an orgasm, then dying down, then rising up again. It's
wonderful--and my breasts are on fire, all throbbing at the tips!"

"What else would you like? What else is in your mind? What do you see
when you screw shut your eyes?" Mildred hissed into Doris's face.

The color heated Doris's cheeks. A cock! I want a cock in my pussy!
She squirmed. A thick, massive cock!

"I--I want," she stammered, "a--a cock!" She opened her eyes; watched
Mildred's expression.

"Can you see it in your mind? Can you see what you want?" Mildred's
voice was tense and tight.

Doris closed her eyes again; drew her eyebrows together in a frown of
concentration. I can see it! A huge, monstrous thing with red and purple
veins and it keeps swelling, getting bigger while the ball at the end gets
redder! The thrills seemed to flow through her flesh with renewed
intensity. I want it now! I need it--I want to be fucked--right now!

Doris kept her eyes closed; seeing the massive balls behind the thick
cock--then above them, high up, the face of the man ... a slavering, idiot
face ... She jerked open her eyes.

"Is this it?" Mildred asked, pointing the huge penis at Doris's face.
"Is it Willis's cock that you want?" And the thick-set young man grinned
down at Doris, slavering, drooling and rolling his eyes while his mother
held his cock so delicately and pointed it at the face of the girl she was
going to let him fuck.

"Yes!" Doris whispered, "that's it!" And she opened her legs wider, felt
Mildred pulling out the electrode, then Willis dropped onto her belly and
the massive shaft drove into her, thrilling her and bringing her to an
intense, throbbing orgasm while Mabel still sucked her nipples.

* * *

"You see," said Mildred afterward, "there are so many things here that
you like." She smiled at Doris. Willis had left the room with Basil and
George while Mabel was busy, smearing a new, exotic kind of cream on every
sensual part of Doris's still-naked body.

"Yes," Doris murmured, "I can see that." Her eyes clouded, momentarily.
"But I was frightened, Mildred, when you did those terrible things to me!"

"But they thrilled you in the end!"

"But they hurt me, really scared me!"

"Punishment before pleasure," Mildred murmured, "but the pleasure's
worth all that goes before." She paused, then: "But that won't ever be
necessary again, will it?"

"I don't think so," whispered Doris.

"So you'll stay here!" There was relief in Mildred's voice.

Doris drew her brows together. "I don't think there's anything else I
can do," she squirmed, "the way I feel--all sensuous and aroused ... I get
worked up so quickly that I have to have relief!"

"It's always available here," murmured Mildred.

"Yes," said Doris, "I can see that!"

"I've wanted to have someone like you with me for a long time," said
Mildred, "but I doubted that I'd ever find the person I wanted."

Doris stared at her mistress.

"You're very much like me, you know," Mildred smiled down at her.

Doris's mouth dropped open in surprise.

"And you'll be much more so when you're older!"

"Why do you say that?" gasped Doris.

Mildred smiled. "I can tell." She took a deep breath. "I'm not as
young as I was--and I worry about Willis sometimes. If I wasn't here, God
knows what might happen to him--they might even put him away in some
institution. The poor boy'd really go out of his mind then. Of course if
you were here--" she looked at Doris very intently, "--as a legal guardian,
in charge of the manor, there wouldn't be any problem."

"Don't talk like that, Mildred. You're all right--what makes you think
that something'll happen to you?"

Mildred smiled. "Nothing really, I'm just thinking out loud--and I want
to know how you feel about the idea."

Doris moved herself gently as Mabel massaged a very sensitive part of
her body. "I--I don't know what to say, Mildred. I don't even like to
think about it!" Her eyes were troubled.

"That's all right," Mildred reassured her. "I intend to be around for a
long time yet--but I want to be sure you'll stay!

"I'll stay, Mildred, I promise. I want to stay--there doesn't seem
anything else I want to do!"

Mildred hesitated, then: "And Willis--what about him?"

Doris stared at Mildred. "You--you mean him being after me all the
time, trying to get into my pussy?"

"That's what I mean," Mildred said.

"I don't mind," said Doris. She giggled. "In fact, I'm beginning to
like it!"

Mildred smiled. "I thought you would, " she whispered. "You're a dear
girl, Doris, a very sweet girl!"

Doris smiled back, then a dreamy expression came onto her face. "Willis
has got a--an amazing cock!" She giggled.

Mildred nodded. "I know just how amazing it is!"

Doris looked at her face slyly. "I'm sure you do!"

Mildred laughed. "And it's always in a state of erection; always

"So I've noticed."

"Just a glimpse under your skirt--just one little hair of your pussy
makes him want to masturbate."

"I guessed that!"

"He even masturbates at the dinner table!"

"I've seen him," Doris admitted.

Mildred looked at Doris, fondly. "I think you'll fit in perfectly

Doris nodded. "I'm beginning to think that, too."

"The money," said Mildred, "you can save just about all I pay you--and
then there are extras--"

"Like Barney Macallister?"

Mildred laughed. "Like that--and I'm sure there'll be more if you want

Doris was thoughtful, then: "And Doctor Basil?"

"He'll always be here," said Mildred, "whenever you want to see him,
he'll be ready." She met Doris's eyes: "He'll do anything you

"That'll be nice," murmured Doris. "I like him."

"He's downstairs now," said Mildred. "I'd go down and invite him to
stay for dinner."

Mabel's hands did delicious things between Doris's thighs.

"And Doris," said Mildred, "tonight--" she hesitated.


Mildred took a deep breath. "Would you like to have Basil stimulate
both of us, and after--" she wet her lips, "we'll spend the night together
in my bed?"

A new kind of excitement throbbed through Doris's body. She had never
really experienced the delights of another woman's body.

"There are some--some new things I could show you," murmured Mildred,
her voice strangely unsteady.

"Oh, yes," hissed Doris, "oh, Mildred, yes!"

Doris followed Mildred with her eyes as the older woman left the

Mabel massaged, silently, thoroughly.

"Deeper!" muttered Doris, squirming her young flesh. "Dig in deep, keep
me aroused, touch every throbbing part of me--make me come and come and
come because I can never have enough. The more I get, the more I want.
Appease me, Mabel, now!"

And Doris twisted herself onto her face as the cook's skillful,
experienced hands did voluptuous things to every sensuous part of her
erotic body.

The End

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