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12-11-2007, 09:32 PM
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I ventured out of the house, just to see if I would
be brave enough to find someone to fuck.
Deciding that secrecy was more important than
boosting my ego, I wore a knee length denim
skirt with a tattered slit in the front. I wore a loose
eyelet white tank top, as the weather was
already scorching hot. Easy access should I find
that special man, but not so easy that I got

Strolling into the one fashion clothing store in
this little crappy ass town, I looked around at the
clothes they had for sale. I always wonder where
this store gets it's ideas about fashion. No one
has wore jumper overalls since the 80s.

While I was shopping, I noticed an odd figure
towards the back of the store. In a black
trenchcoat, big black boots and a dusty hat, it
was immediatly clear that this was not a townie.
Following along as closely as I dared, I tried to
get a peek at the man's face. He was so tall, and
his hat blocked the view, so that I couldn't even
make out the side of his face.

Deciding that I could get out of trouble by
screaming, should he turn out to be a weirdo, I
nonchalantly followed him into what I prayed was
a deserted men's restroom.

As I rounded the corner facing the urinals, I got
my first look at his face. His eyes were a deep,
dark midnight blue, and the look in them was
ruthless. His hair was straight and black and I
could see wisps of it sticking out from beneath
his hat. His face would have been handsome,
save for the long jagged scar that crossed one of
his high cheek bones, disappearing beneath the
hat. Something I hadn't noticed while following
him, he was clearly an Indian. His skin was a
burnished copper that only a native could have.

This certainly took things to a new level. I had
been raised a proper southern girl, we didn't mix
with other races or cross breeds. But God he
looked good, and mean. I wanted his cock in me
so much that I could already feel the slickness of
my arousal on the tops of my thighs.

Coming full face with the mirrors above the
urinals, I was pleased to see that it was just the
loner and myself in the bathroom. His head
jerked as I walked slowly in, our eyes capturing
each other in the mirror as he finished pissing
and began to zip up his jeans.

Swaggering slowly towards me, he never took
his eyes off of mine. When he reached me he
stopped, and placed his giant hands on his hips.

"Can I help you Agiya? You seem to be lost."

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