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The Changeling - Chapter 1
By Gia1978 2007

The Changeling - The Doors

I live uptown
I live downtown
I live all around
I had money, and I had none
I had money, and I had none
But I never been so broke
That I couldn't leave town
I'm a Changeling
See me change
I'm a Changelin'
See me change
I'm the air you breath
Food you eat
Friends your greet
In the sullen street, wow
See me change
See me change
I live uptown
I live downtown
I live all around
I had money, yeah, and I had none
I had money, yeah, and I had none
But I never been so broke
That I couldn't leave town
Well, I'm the air you breath
Food you eat
Friends your greet
In the sullen street, wow
Ew ma!
Uh, ah!
You gotta see me change
See me change
Yeah, I'm leavin' town
On a midnight train
Gotta see me change
Change, change, change
Change, change, change
Change, change, change
Change, change, change
Woa, change, change, change

copyright 1971
Lyrics by: Jim Morrison

That song is six years older than Little Patricia Marie Patterson.

Patricia was the middle child in the Patterson home. Her Mother Connie, secretly loved her darling Tricia most of all. Tricia was the 'runt' of the Patterson family and her sisters never let her forget it. Kelly, who was older by two years, was tall and slim with legs like a gazelle. Amber, the baby had arrived fourteen months after Tricia now had grown past her very quickly.

On the day of Tricia's thirteenth birthday (Aug 10, 1990), her parents took the girls to Chuck E. Cheese for a pizza party. Tricia was not as somber on this day, but still not what could be called happy. The fact was that her baby sister was eleven, going on twelve and sporting a bra. Not a training bra, but a 32A cup brazier and it was a sore point for the precocious teen. Her older sister was now fifteen and a full 34C! Tricia however, was as flat as a board and stick thin.

Life was just not fair!

What made it even worse was that Kelly was now 5'7" and showed no signs of stopping her growth. Amber was a full six inches taller than her, and had now taken to calling her "Squirt" just like Kelly did. It was not said with affection, but rather with a touch of venom. All three girls had jet-black hair just like their mother. The stunning facial beauty was a mix of both mom and dad, but the graceful height and sexy curves that Connie passed on to her first and last child was not showing up in poor little Patricia. All three sisters had their fathers gray/green eyes, and his deep dimples too.

Kenneth Patterson loved his little girls to the ends of the earth. But it was often clear that he did favor the eldest and youngest girls. He called them the 'bookends' and took great pride in their fearsome athletic abilities. Kelly, the Jr. High track and field star, was now being groomed for an Olympic future. Amber was clearly the best forward in her soccer league and would no doubt be an all-state champ in the not to distant future.

Little Tricia, however, was clumsy and lacked physical speed or agility. She was undoubtedly the smartest of the brood, and spent all her time reading and playing music. Her eyes were bad, and she wore thick glasses. The fact was, that she was born a full month premature, and nearly died during her delivery.

She was almost always sick in one form or another, a cold, a flu, asthma, and she missed school every three weeks or so. This did not reflect in her grades in the least. Her younger sister would pick up her school work for her on the days she was home and Tricia was quite diligent in her homework. She was always at the top of her class in test scores, and her I.Q. was scored around 136 when she was nine. It just seemed that Tricia had a hunger for learning, and it was never sated.

Despite her diminutive physical stature, (4'10" and 89 lbs. at the age of twelve) she was a mental giant. By the age of five, she read on a 5th grade level. She was now in the 7th grade and was ready for Uni level classes. Suffice to say Patricia was a 'Brain'.

Whenever Kelly or Amber picked on her, she would simply use her extensive vocabulary to retaliate on them. Last summer, Tricia lost her phone use for a whole month for calling Amber "Ambulatory Fecal Matter" at the dinner table!

Tricia had a deep love for the music of the late sixties and early seventies. As far as she was concerned the Beatles were the greatest band EVER. Led Zeppelin and the Doors were cool, and she really dug bands like Genesis and ELP. But the Beatles were the "Alpha and Omega" to her. The stuff her sisters and peers listened to was "CRAP" to her. Tricia adored her parents generation of music.

The one other area the Tricia excelled in was her sexual desire. For a girl who's body was so resistant to puberty and development, her libido was as advanced as her reading skills. She had a deep curiosity in both women's and men's physiology as well as a over-active fantasy world. She was a full-blown chronic masturbater, (It would seem that despite her lack of 'feminine' growth, she could orgasm and in multiples to boot!) and a rampant pervert in her own giant mind.

Late at night, she would lie under her covers and stare at the poster of Paul McCartney, jilling her little hairless pussy frantically. She would cum over and over, thinking of her rock idols (mostly Paul) and work her tiny, underdeveloped clit until it was raw and throbbing. Jim Morrison was another favorite, as well as Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.

__________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

So here they sat at Chuck E. Cheese, eating crappy pizza and little Tricia pretending to be happy. Tricia had drank a whole pitcher of iced tea, and excused herself from the table to use the restroom. She walked past the video games and foosball tables to the hall where the restrooms were.

"Why do the call them restrooms?" she thought to herself, "Nobody rests in there."

She smirked to herself, pleased with her wit. She pushed the door to the ladies room open, and it made solid contact with the woman on the other side of it. Tricia gasped as the woman fell backwards onto the tile floor of the bathroom with a loud thud.

"Oh my God! I am so sorry!" she exclaimed.

The beautiful blond looked stunned. Tricia stopped, with a look of awe on her face. The lady on the floor was a dead ringer for George Harrison's first wife, Patty Boyd! She was even dressed like she was from the sixties.

Little Tricia rushed to help the dazed blond, and asked her, "Are you alright?"

"I'm alright little one, no worries!? she replied in a lovely, lilting British accent.

"Gosh, I can't believe I knocked you down, I am so much smaller than you."

The Patty look-alike winked and told her, "You just caught me off guard, luv. Knocked me right off me plates, you did."

Tricia tipped her head to the left, "Plates?" she replied with total confusion.

"Yeah... plates of meat... feet. Never mind." she shook her head and asked, "What's yer name luv?"

The teen blushed slightly and introduced herself, "Patricia Patterson, what's yours?"

"You kin' call me Six. It's absolutely brilliant to meet you Tricia!"

Six stood up, and brushed out her blue and red paisley high collar mini-dress. She had delicious long legs and Tricia gazed at her from the white knee-high plastic boots all the way up to her oversized checkerboard sunglasses atop her perfect 1966 bouffant hairdo. Trish felt a familiar tingle between her thighs as she drank in the view of the 60's styled beauty. Her twelve-year-old nipples began to puff out like ping pong balls on her normally flat chest.

Tricia giggled and said, "Six? That's an odd name", not meaning to offend her.

Six giggled back, charmed by the tiny girls precocious nature, "Odd? Not where I'm from sweetie."

Patricia blushed again, realizing how rude that sounded, "I'm sorry, I said that out of context."

Six cocked her eyebrow, "Quite the vocabulary for a thirteen-year-old, innit?"

Tricia's jaw dropped open, "How... how did you know I'm thirteen?"

Six grinned and pointed to the door, "Err... Birthday Party... Outside?"

The tiny girl scrunched her cute face up, 'of course' she thought, 'DUH!? She walked to a stall and excused herself. Six waved her on, understanding her need.

As Tricia sat down and relieved her bladder she asked Six, "Would you like to meet my family?"

"I would be delighted!" replied the stunning London girl, checking her makeup in the mirror.

Patricia pulled her shorts up, washed her hands and escorted her new friend to the table where her family sat. The Pattersons looked up at the female accompanying Tricia and were all quite taken with her beauty.

Dad saw a woman who looked a little too much like Madonna, Mom saw Rosie Perez from Do the Right Thing's twin, Kelly saw a dead ringer for Kelly McGillis from Top Gun, and Amber thought she looked just like Demi Moore from Ghost.

"Hey you guys, this is my new friend, Six!" Tricia chirped.

They all extended their greetings, saying nothing about how much she looked like Patty/Kelly/Madonna/Rosie/Demi. They chatted for a short time and then six excused herself.

"It was absolutely delightful meeting you all, but sadly I must go."

She bent down and gave Tricia a kiss on the cheek. "Happy Birthday, luv."

She hugged the tiny girl and whispered in her ear, "I will see you again... very soon."

Tricia gasped and felt her tiny pussy spasm as she touched Six. The hug lingered on and now she was getting wet for sure. Her nipples now clearly pronounced on her otherwise flat chest. The tingle was quickly spreading through her entire little undersexed body.

She shuddered and breathed back to Six, "I can't wait!"

Patricia had no idea what made her say that, and she blushed. As Six stood back up, she flashed her panties to Tricia, and the birthday girl just about creamed herself!

Six turned and walked out the front door of the pizza palace. The whole family made comment about how nice Six was, and went back to celebrating the twelfth year of Patricia Marie Patterson.

__________________________________________________ ______________________

When they got home Tricia watched a little TV with the folks, then announced she was tired and went upstairs to go to bed. The truth was that Tricia could not wait to get into the tub and frig herself senseless thinking about Six. While she filled the tub, she grabbed one of her books about the Beatles from her room and sought out a picture of Patty Boyd.

"There she is!" Sure enough, it had to be the same woman, but that was not possible! The picture was not a close-up, but they looked so much alike. Tricia turned off the water, undressed and slipped her tiny body in the hot water. She poured through the book looking for another shot of miss Boyd. On page 102 she found what she was looking for. There was a close up of Patty and George, with Brian Epstein and Patty was dressed differently than Six was today, but it was her! Right down to the hairdo and funky glasses!

Tricia set the open book on the toilet lid, next to the tub and began to pinch her bulbous nipples. Her right hand fingers reached down to her tiny slit, seeking out her miniature clitoris. She began to stroke herself, as she gazed at the picture in the book. She turned the water back on so no one would hear her thrashing in the tub as she hit the first of several climaxes this evening.

After cumming four times in the tub, Trisha decided to move this to the bedroom where she could stretch out and really do herself right. She popped the drain and dried herself off. She put on her big fluffy white robe, and with her book under her arm, she silently padded down the hall. On reaching her bedroom, she discarded the robe and climbed into her bed with the book open to the picture of Patty/Six.

As her small hands roamed her body, something screamed inside her head! 'What th... My body feels way different!' Sure enough, Tricia had little breasts under her palms. She jumped from her bed, in front of her dressing mirror on the sliding closet door. Her eyes were as big as plates! 'How could this be?' She was as flat as she was at birth this morning, now she had little half-apple boobs. This was not possible! She glanced down and got a further shock. Pubic hair?!? NO WAY!

She reached down to feel the downy soft black hair that had sprouted from nowhere. This was incredible! THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER! Tricia began to dance around her room in shear joy! She put on her mix tape of her favorite Beatle songs and climbed back into bed to enjoy her 'new' parts. Tricia licked her right hand fingers, and eased them between her labia. As she drew them up, she found another improvement had occurred. Her normally tiny clit had grown as well! It was now the size of a pea. As she stroked it a wave of pleasure gripped the tiny girl like she had never known before. 'WOW!' she thought, 'I think that I'm gonna be doing this even more now'.

Tricia pinched her swelling nipple, which now fit between her fingertips and began to make small circles on her swollen clit. Her breathing quickly became labored and a flush set across her chest and cheeks. As a naked and shining Six ran through her mind, Tricia surged into what could be called her first real orgasm. She had cum often and in strings of multiples, but never like this! Her stomach began to spasm and her urethra opened wide, as her entire body rocked in climax. Juices shot out from the little teen and soaked her bed sheet.

"Unnh unnh unnh... oh... OH!.. Unnh!" she grunted as her vagina expelled it's liquid lust. Tricia came so hard, she lost control of her bladder and sphincter. As she squirted, a slight bit of urine mixed in, and on the last spasm of her orgasm, she farted rather loudly and it bubbled with all the juice that had oozed between her tight buttocks. She lay there for a few minutes, completely spent. She looked up at her prized Paul poster and tried to focus. When suddenly it occurred to her she was not wearing her glasses. She reached over to grab them from the nightstand, when it she realized. 'I can see without them. WHAT THE HELL?'

Tricia climbed from under her soaked sheets and stood nude in front of the big mirror again. Yup, she could almost focus with her naked eyes. "What is happening to me?" she asked out loud. She put her robe on and slipped out into the hall, got a clean set of bedding and creeped back to her room. Once it was made, she got in her jammies, climbed back in, blew Paul a kiss and fell into a deep sleep.

__________________________________________________ ______________________

The next morning, Tricia woke up feeling better than she could ever remember. She yawned and stretched her little body. She felt the confines of her pajamas as she sat up. They were tight... really tight. She grabbed her glasses out of habit and walked over to the mirror to look at herself. As the glasses came over her eyes, everything went very blurry. She pulled them off and the room came into sharp focus. Tricia's jaw dropped. 'I have perfect vision?' she thought. She looked in the mirror and saw that her jammies were now at least three inches too short in both the tops and bottoms. She unbuttoned the top, pulling it open and was met with the startling view of a really nice set of B cup titties.

The grin spread across her face, and got even wider as she dropped her jammies bottoms to see a thick black patch of hair that had grown overnight, as well as on her newly well-defined legs and under her arms. She turned to see that she now had a serious bubble butt on her backside. With unbridled excitement, she donned her robe and quickly made her way to the bathroom to shower. Tricia slipped into the stream of hot water and fondled her new breasts. Oh my!... the feeling was amazing. Her nipples stiffened and stood out nearly an inch. She soaped up and grabbed her sister?s razor to shave her legs for the first time. It was harder than she thought, and she nicked herself a few times. She was far more cautious when it came to her armpits, and managed to clear them unscathed.

Now, she would attempt to shave her poonie. 'Hmm... I had better use more soap' she thought. Tricia grabbed the bar and put her right leg on the side of the tub. Her fingers slipped across her thick bush, sudsing them up. Her fingers grazed her clit, and she almost fell over. It was as big as her pinkie finger and it wasn't even hard! She dropped the razor and bar of soap, and began to caress her nubbin. A sigh of pleasure eased from her lips as the electric sensation spread through her groin. The blood flow increased, and her clit swelled out of it's hood. It felt even better than last night, way better! Tricia sped up her stroke, and the tip began to poke through her fingers. She looked down to see that it was now swelled up to the size of her thumb more than her pinkie.

She grasped it between her thumb and forefinger and began to stroke it rapidly. Her brain went on yellow alert! "Unnh unnh unnh", she gasped with feral grunts as her whole body tingled with pleasure. This was all so new and very exciting, and she leaned back against the tile wall. Her climax fell upon her quickly, and Tricia arched her back as she came. A violent jet of cum ejected from her open pussy, mixing with the water on the bottom of the tub. Her eyes rolled back as her head throbbed, with the steady pulse of her ejaculation. She grayed out a little and slid down the wall to the floor of the tub.

Tricia sat there in the stream of hot water, panting as she came down from her massive cum.

"Holy shit!" she gasped.

She stood up when she regained her balance and decided to wait for another time to shave her poonie. She rinsed off and stepped out. She got dressed in a skirt and loose fitting blouse, because she had less things that fit this morning. She went to the kitchen, had a bowl of cereal and milk, and out the back door to take her new bike for a spin. She had left before anyone in the house saw her. As she peddled down the street she felt great strength and more agility in her legs. Tricia lifted her body up on the pedals, and doubled her speed. She headed straight for the Salsbury street park.

She was not sure why, but Tricia had a strong feeling that she would find Six there.

There are three more chapters, which I will be posting soon...
This is perhaps my most popular story to date... I hope you new readers will enjoy it as well!


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