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Now when I found this one I was thinking to myself that this story should be in the erotic section................well thats how I felt anyway since this is a fantasy of mine...........................anyway hope you all enjoy the story as much as I did.

Hooter Girl Rape
by: Raymond Pist

There is only one way for a an average joe kinda guy to have sex with a hooters waitress. Let alone anal sex. The fact that no sexy hooters girl anywhere would consent to such an act with a guy like him didn't lessen his craving, in fact, it made his need more intense. What right did they have to determine his sex life? And that is why Derrick found himself hiding in her closet, waiting for her to get home from work.

Of course, he couldn't rape hooters girl from his local hooters restaurant. They all knew him on sight, and by name. And besides, he had grown rather fond of his hooters girls. He'd be very upset if anyone raped them, even if it was him. So he had driven to another hooters, in a far away town, across the state line. He hadn't gone in (in spite of his craving for a 50 piece order of three-mile-island wings) but he watched with binoculars from a nearby parking lot as the place closed and the girls left. He followed a different one home each night until he found one that lived alone in a rural house on a lonely country road. Then he began to focus on her exclusively.

In a couple of days of watching her, he had seen no visitors to her home. Her work schedule was rather predictable, she closed every night. And, living in a no-crime area, she was in the charming habit of leaving her door unlocked at all times. And so he invited himself in after she left for work.

He whipped himself up a meal, watched some of her videos, and read her mail"€¯making sure to not leave any evidence of these activities. In a dresser drawer in her bedroom, he found a playboy magazine, featuring a "girls of hooters"¯ pictorial. She wasn't in it, but a girl from her location was, and she had autographed it "You'll be in the next one"¯.

As the day wore on, he set up his video camera at the foot of her bed. He tied four lengths of rope to the posts of the bed, and then took off his clothes. 320lbs would look fat on most men, even men of his height. But on his football player physique, it just looked giant. Indeed, very few 300lb+ fellas would even be able to find their dicks, but rather than be dwarfed by his bulk, his penis was very much in proportion to his size. He admired his massive body in her full length mirror.
And then he stepped into the closet, still able to see the digital clock on the nightstand by squinting through the slats in the closet door. In fact, the clock was all he could see, it was pitch dark outside, a new moon. And of course, no lights were on in the house. In fact, he had even loosened the bulb in her bedroom so that she would have to walk in the dark.

Right on time, her heard her car pull up, heard her open the door; her footsteps approaching the dark bedroom. "Click"¯ went the switch, but the light did not go on. She opened the closet door, reaching for the string which would turn on the closet light. He pulled it first.

She did not understand. She didn't understand why the light came on before she pulled the string, and she didn't understand what this large object in her closet was, couldn't remember what she had put there that was so big, so bulky, so flesh-like. Even as her eyes adjusted, and it began to look like a man's belly, only bigger, her mind still did not adjust. Only when both of his massive hands fell onto her shoulders, and she looked up, did she realize that this was a man, and he was grabbing her, and that she might be in danger. The hands went into the collar of her hooters shirt, fingertips brushing against the inside of her boobs, thumbs outside the fabric. Then "rrrrrriiiiiiippppp!"¯ the shirt was torn from her body. It must have hurt, but she didn't notice. She looked down, amazed that her shirt was simply gone, but her bra still intact.

Her breasts had always seemed huge to her, but his hands covered them completely as he clenched them through her bra. Then he pushed her hard, but didn't let go of her tits. The elastic snapped and the bra remained in his hand as she flew backward onto the bed. Finally, it occurred to her to scream, but the fall had knocked the breath out of her, and all that came out was a mouse-like squeak.

He stuffed the bra into her mouth, wrapping it tightly with tape to prevent any further scream attempts. He did this so roughly that she decided not to fight him at all. No amount of resistance on her part could possibly do anything more than annoy him, and maybe cause a slight delay in her fate. And he could no doubt kill her with his bare hands without even trying, so there was no point at all in resisting him.
He must have sensed her surrender. Rather than ripping her orange shorts off, which she anticipated as his next move, he pulled them gently, along with her panty hose, down to her ankles. He nearly swooned as the aroma from her crotch hit him full in the face.

Suddenly, he flipped her over. Working quickly he tied a piece of rope to each wrist, then he quickly bound first one arm then the other to the headboard. Tossing the rope aside, he decided to use her own pantyhose keep her legs apart, tying an end to one ankle, running it under the mattress, then securing the other ankle so that she was spread-eagled, face-down, on her own bed.

He stood back and admired his work, his eyes blazing with renewed desire as he looked down at the helpless naked girl. Her buttocks glistened with a thin film of perspiration, and he leaned over her again, anxious for a close look at the object of his lust. With no thought of the humiliation he was inflicting on Naya, he pulled her quivering asscheeks apart with his callused fingers and licked his lips as her puckered little hairless anus came into view.

"Man...look at that!" he marveled aloud, feeling his huge cock pounding and throbbing painfully at his groin. "Oh Jesus, look at that beautiful little hole....I'm going to ram my cock right up your ass in a minute, baby!"

He was groping and massaging her smooth buttock flesh with one hand while he quickly stripped off his clothes. When he too was naked he knelt between her tightly bound legs and peeled her buns apart once again. He plunged his heated face down into the valley between her half-moons licking her moist vagina, which in her semi-conscious state immediately began to throb and water, spilling its fragrant nectar onto his lapping tongue. Still in a daze, she squirmed her ass back and up as her pussy responded to the probing of his mouth and lips by throbbing harder and harder as she neared orgasm. But before she could cum, he slid his tongue up to the tiny pink asterisk of butthole.

She slowly regained consciousness. She tried to shift her body to avoid the wet rasping feeling between her buttocks. When she realized she couldn't roll away, her eyes flew open and she became completely aware of what was happening to her. "Oh my God," she thought wildly. "He's licking my bottom!" The thought was so revolting that she felt as if she were going to throw up. "How could he do something like that?"

He released her firm buttocks feeling them clench tightly in an effort to force his snakelike tongue away from her anus. Meanwhile, he worked his hands under her body and began to obscenely massage her big breasts. She groaned as he squeezed her boobs hard, causing her whole body to tense. This time her buttocks sealed the crevice tightly enough to evade his probing tongue. Rather than release her massive breasts and again pry the asscheeks open with his fingers, he simply found her tiny nipples at the peaks of her huge breasts and pinched them as hard as he could, pulling her body back as far as the ropes would allow, mashing her butt back into his face as tears sprang to her eyes from the agony of her abused tits. As he continued to maul her tender breasts and tongue her sensitive butthole, she prayed fervently that she would pass out again and be spared the awful agony that was certain to come.

She felt him pull his hands out from under her chest and began running them up and down her trembling naked back, edging closer and closer to her quivering buttocks. The callused palms scraped over her tender flesh harshly and she groaned when his fingers pulled her asscheeks apart and pressed lewdly down into the perspiring crevice.

"Unnnnngghhhhhh..." she screamed wordlessly as he suddenly pressed his thumb against her cringing rectal opening. Her hips bucked wildly in a vain attempt to escape the probing pressure that was bringing her new agony. Naya was snorting loudly as she tried to breathe through her nose, past the tangled mop of silky blonde hair that wrapped around her face. The tape that prevented her from opening her mouth was so tight that she couldn't even poke the tip of her tongue out.

"Here it comes, bitch!" Derrick said with a deranged laugh as he knelt behind the horrified girl, his thumb still pressing cruelly against her tiny hairless anus. "Get that little asshole ready because I'm going to really ream it out with my fat cock!" For the first time she realized the awful implication of his words. He was going to put his penis in her RECTUM! Her terrified mind reeled from the thought! It was too awful to imagine! She couldn't take him there! It was much too tiny to be able to take the massive throbbing penis without killing her---splitting her apart!

Derrick's cock was pulsating and jerking about wildly, banging into her soft asscheeks as the rubbery tip strained toward her puckered nether opening. His eyes were glazed with lust as he suddenly shoved his thumb brutally into her asshole and felt her whole body stiffen in agony from the unexpected invasion.

She almost passed out from the horrible stab of torturous pain that make her buck and twist wildly. It felt as if her whole body was on fire---a raging searing pain that was mind boggling. His thick thumb was all the way up her butt and he curled it, scraping the warm buttery depths of her rectum raw. She screamed incoherently, fighting with every ounce of her strength to escape the sadistic probing of her anus. The ropes at her wrists and ankles strained mightily but held.

He then thrust two fingers into her moist pussy. He pinched his thumb and fingers together and pulled upwards, trying to lift her butt up off the bed using only his grip on her guts. He managed to pull enough of her weight up so that he could stuff the two bed pillows under her writhing stomach with his other hand so that her bottom was raised slightly in the air. All the while his huge throbbing cock was pressed firmly against her soft buttocks, adding to her fear and degradation.

With her ass elevated, he released his agonizing grip on her crotch, pulling his hand away. He then slid both of his pussy juice coated fingers into the opening where his thumb had just been.

Deeper and deeper the invading fingers pushed, stretching and tearing at the velvety inner rectal flesh and sending new jolts of electric agony through her. She prayed as she had never prayed before. The torture had to end before she lost her mind---it just had to!

Tears of pain and humiliation ran from her cheeks as the awful enormity of what was about to happen hit her again and again. He really was going to force his penis fully up her virginal rectum in an act so unspeakable and disgusting that she didn't even know it existed. This was the ultimate humiliation as her unwilling body was being punished and used in the most obscene and degrading way possible. She would never live through it---wouldn't want to live through it. She could never again face the world after this horror of subjugation. Surely she would die.

She made one last attempt to pull away from the pain-filled fingers that were stretching and scouring her back passage, but it was no use. He rammed them in all the way. He dug brutally into her rectum, expanding it mercilessly as he prepared it for the coming assault by twisting and spreading the thick fingers.

"Get ready, cunt. Here it comes!" he whispered.

As suddenly as he had shoved the fingers into her rectum, he yanked them out. They seemed to slip out reluctantly, the elastic ring of her anus clinging to them until they slipped out with a slight sucking sound. He forced her legs a little wider with his knees, and dropped a wad of spit into the ravaged crevice, moistening the tiny pink hole in preparation for the entry of his enormous cock.

She felt his hands on her hips, jerking them up until her buttocks were high in the air behind her, waving as if in some obscene invitation to the cruel ravagement that was about to begin. Her anus throbbed in abject helplessness. She was completely at his mercy and she groaned in helpless frustration.

His hands tightened on her buttocks and she felt the long thick dick impress itself in the moist naked slit of her behind. She gasped from the contact. It seemed huge and scaldingly hot! She could never take that in her rectum---NEVER! She jerked forward again, pulling away slightly.

She was punished for her action by several hard slaps on her upturned buttocks. "Stop it! Goddammit...STOP IT! Lay still or I'll whip you with my belt! Derrick shouted, unable to control his raging lusts any longer. He wanted only to shove his pulsating cock deep into Naya's asshole and fuck her as she had never been fucked before. All of his patience was gone and he would have beaten her ass to a bloody pulp if she had frustrated his lusts any further.

He laid his body onto her back so that she couldn't move. She was wide and helpless before the unnatural onslaught of the depraved rapist. She could feel the heated pole of his cock probing hard between her upturned thighs and forcing itself into the damp crevice between her buttocks.

His hands pressed down over her soft asscheeks, his thumbs pressing on either side of the tiny moist pink anus---stretching it wide. Then, she felt a probing between the thumbs that was hard and rubbery at first and terrified her with its scalding warmth.

"NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO! OH GOD ... NO! " she screamed soundlessly in a soul-shattering but incoherent groan as she felt the tight resisting pressure-filled nether ring giving way before the unyielding male penis, the tip popping suddenly inside with a jerk.

She was groaning and screaming in earnest now, but the sounds were lost in the tight tape that covered her mouth. There was no one to help her. No one in the world. All that existed was the excruciating torture of her anus from the animal behind her and the cruel hands, which had now released her buns and found their way back to her sore breasts. There was no escape from the horror and degradation of the depraved attack on her utterly helpless body. The blunt intrusion of his thick cock vibrated through every nerve in her succulent young body, pushing the soft rubbery flesh inside her widely stretched after passage in great waves of pain before it. She moaned again and again as the sadistic torture continued and he pressed forward, shoving his penis further into her with excited gasps of pure ecstasy.

Her reeling brain was filled with flashes of exploding pain as she struggled frantically to pull her buttocks forward away from the terrible agony crammed between them. Her tight and narrow rear passage clutched and throbbed around his cock. With a final shove, he was all the way inside her. The smooth pink ring of her cracked anus gripped the base of his shaft.

After nearly a half-hour of the terrible thrusting, he planted his cock deep and came inside the violated virgin ass, semen gushing from his throbbing swollen head, spurting deep into her vitals.

His squeezing hands now relaxing on her throbbing boobs, he lay flattening the lovely curves of her voluptuous young body. She lay there, dry sobs convulsing her as his pulsating penis stopped moving inside her wet, sperm-flooded anus, feeling soiled, dirtied forever by the rapists vengeful attack on her small asshole, her bowels gurgling slightly from the heated pool of cum he had hosed up into her. Suddenly, more warm liquid was rushing into her large intestine. HE WAS PISSING! PISSSING UP HER BUTT! The additional humiliation caused her mind to reel and her vision to blur, as her stomach bloated from the gushing urine.

When she awoke several minutes later, she realized that he had placed his disgusting limp penis in her mouth. She immediately tried to spit it out, but her resistance only excited him. She felt the cock began to stiffen as she struggled, the huge head reaching for her throat. Her widely stretched lips were pressed firmly into his groin, and as the penis grew, it became obvious that he wasn't going to pull back, but was instead going to let her gag on it. Her gag reflex caused her throat muscles to milk his huge pecker while her body writhed in convulsions of agony. Without ever sliding his cock in and out he began to ejaculate into the warm tightness of her suffering mouth. Only after she had swallowed every drop of his hot come did he pull back and let her breath freely.

"Let's make a deal, cunt. I'm gonna play with your ass some more, and if you promise not to scream, I won't gag you again."¯ She nodded, defeated. Maybe she could reason with the insane rapist, talk him out of hurting her any more.

"What are you going to do to me now?" She asked.

"I'm gonna stretch that tight little ass out a little more."

"No. Please. I'm too sore. If you have to put your penis in me again, put it in my pussy."

"I'm afraid my 'penis' needs a rest. I'm going to fuck you with my fist! Right up your ass!" With that he pressed his clenched fist between her buttocks and began pushing hard.

"NO! WAIT! YOU CAN'T! I CAN'T TAKE YOUR FIST UP MY BUTT! YOU'LL KILL ME! OH GOD! THIS IS GONNA HURT!" She cried as she felt her dry, tight sphincter muscle being pushed into her body.

"Keep your voice down or I'll gag you again. Of course it's gonna hurt. That's the whole idea. It's gonna hurt plenty! And that's just too fuckin' bad!

Even though he was pushing with all his strength, her still tight asshole was yielding to his clenched fist only a fraction of an inch at a time. But her agony at this perverted and sadistic act doubled with each millimeter until finally he was up to his knuckles in her inhumanly stretched rectal ring. Then with a suddenness that took them both by surprise, his hand went half a foot into her bowels, and her ass-ring closed onto his hairy forearm. She gasped in horror and shock, arching her back and snapping her head up. Then she went limp, falling into a state of delirious semi-consciousness as he began punching his fist in and out of her ruined sphincter.

After several minutes of this obscene torture, he yanked his arm out of her body, watching with twisted amusement as the gaping hole slowly sealed itself. He remembered how tiny that hole had looked when he had first laid eyes on it an hour before. It would never again squeeze anyone's dick as tightly as it had his, he thought as he squirmed his body under her limp form. Her big breasts felt nice mashed against his chest as he inserted his worn-out hard-on into the pussy of the unconscious beauty. He settled in for a nice long comfortable screw.

His rage and violent lust had been sated for now, and his movements were gentle almost to the point of tenderness. He worked his cock in and out of her wetly clasping snatch, his hands roaming from her buttocks to her breasts and back. As soon as she began to come too, he kissed her passionately thrusting his tongue into her hot mouth, and was surprised to feel her return the kiss. Her body began to move with his thrusts, her pussy gushing so much juice that it began trickling over his balls and down the crack of his ass. She moaned into his mouth as she began humping wildly, impaling herself on his upright organ, frustrated that the bonds prevented her from taking longer strokes. Sweat began to pour from her body making it harder for him to grip her voluptuous boobs.

Suddenly, she tensed, squealed and came. The clenching of her wet pussy around his deeply buried cock sending him over the edge. He spurted what come he had left into her hot pulsating vagina as she collapsed over him, a look of satisfaction on her pretty face.

He loosened her bonds so that she would be able to free herself after he left. He yanked the phone cord out of the wall just in case, but he knew she wasn't about to tell anyone. He smacked her hard on the ass as he turned to walk out of her life forever, knowing that neither of them would soon forget their time together.

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