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Auto Parts Store



This happened to me when I was working at an auto parts store in my town as a delivery driver. I was twenty one at the time, and had been married to my beautiful wife Patti for two years. I was the youngest guy there, and, I have to be honest kind of skinny and shy, not to mention inexperienced. The owner was nice to me, but the other guys were always giving me trouble, teasing me, and picking on me. They’d all talk about how much they knew about sex, all the hot girls they fucked, and how I was stupid to stay with one girl.


The worst one was Billy the assistant manager. He was in charge when the owner wasn’t in. Billy thought he was God’s gift to women. He would go on and on about how we ”kids” didn’t know anything about women. He said all women loved his big dick, and that he could have any “bitch” he wanted. He said that they never made him wear a rubber either because he would lie to them and say he had a vasectomy. He was greasy with dirty long blond hair and always needed a shave, and I couldn’t see how women could like him.
Billy liked to order me around when the boss wasn’t there, sending me to get him coffee or a sandwich, and he yelled at me a lot. I hated him.
Sometimes my wife Patti would come to visit me at work to bring me lunch, or just to say hello. This made me very uncomfortable because I didn’t want those guys, especially Billy, around my wife. Patti has pale skin, a sexy petite body with long legs, a gorgeous ass, and beautiful but not overly large breasts. She wears her black hair in a bob haircut. She usually wears short skirts, low cut tops, and other sexy clothes and I hate the way those guys look at her.
On the day this happened, I was working alone with Billy. I was just about to go out on a warehouse run, which usually took about an hour, when my wife came in for a visit, she was free for the afternoon and her friend had dropped her off at the shop. I had stopped to talk to her when Billy yelled “what the hell are you still doing here! You have to go to the warehouse!” I told him that my wife had come to bring me my lunch, but he told me to eat when I got back. I was pissed, my wife had come to say hello and I had to leave right away. She told me not to worry, that she would call her friend to pick her up. I didn’t want to leave her alone with Billy but I didn’t have a choice. So I left, but when I got about a block away from the store I started thinking about the things Billy might try while he was alone with my beautiful wife, jealousy took over and I pulled into a parking lot and ran back to the store so he wouldn’t see the car. I had to make sure that nothing happened before Patti’s friend came to pick her up. I didn’t want to be seen so I peeked in the window. They weren’t in the front of the store! I quietly opened the front door and stepped over the electric eye so the buzzer wouldn’t go off, and snuck to the back of the store. I heard Patti talking in the office so I crept through the storage room until I was hiding behind some shelves that I could peek through into the office.
Patti was sitting on the edge of the desk holding the phone. Her long legs were crossed and her short green skirt was riding up high on her thighs. Billy was sitting in the office chair staring at her legs and grinning. “I guess she’s not home yet” Patti said “I’ll try her again a little later.”
“So you get to hang out with me for a while” Billy said, smiling even wider.
“Will Rick be back soon?” Patti asked.
“No way” Billy said. “He went to the warehouse and that takes at least an hour, and he’s so fucking slow it will probably take him two hours.” Patti laughed at this, and I felt a stab of pain at her amusement.
“You don’t like him very much do you?” She asked, and again I was hurt by her amused tone.
“No I don’t.” He answered her.
“Then why are you so nice to me?” She asked.
“Because your so fucking hot.” He said. Patti blushed and turned away.
“You shouldn’t talk to me like that, I’m married.” She said.
“To that little prick.” He said. She laughed and covered her face. “What so funny?” He asked.
“Well you got the little part right.” She said giggling. I was crushed, how could she talk about me that way? I thought she loved me?
“Want to see something really big.” Billy said, he reached down and started to pull down his fly.
“Stop it.” She said. “I have to leave.”
“You don’t have a ride.” He said as he finished unzipping. He unbuttoned his jeans, opened his belt and pulled out his dick. I had to hold back a gasp of amazement, it was huge, at least twelve inches long and as thick as a Coors can. Patti didn’t hold back.
“Holy shit it’s huge!” She said.
“Come over here and take a closer look.” He said. Patti got down off the desk and knelt in front of him. I couldn’t move, I knew what was going to happen, but I was frozen in place. I had a perfect view from the side as Patti reached forward, took Billy’s obscenely huge cock in her pretty little hand with her wedding band and engagement ring sparkling on her finger, and began to stroke him. I saw as she leaned forward with her mouth open. I saw as my pretty wife Patti took Billy’s huge cock into her mouth and started to suck him.
Billy leaned back in his chair, his hands behind his head, and watched my beautiful wife lick, kiss, suck, and utterly worship his cock. Patti pulled his jeans down even more so she could get at his balls, she kissed and fondled them and Billy groaned.
For some reason I can’t explain, instead of rushing in furiously, and starting a fight, I quietly unzipped my pants, pulled out my dick, and started to jerk off.
“Keep going baby.” Billy said as he reached over and picked up the phone. He dialed and then waited for someone to answer. All the while Patti was still sucking his cock like a whore. “Hey Jimmy.” he said, and suddenly I knew who it was on the phone. It was Jimmy from the warehouse. “Yeah it’s me Bill.” he said. “Listen, I got a guy coming down there for a pick up. I want you to keep him there as long as you can, really make him wait… Yeah that’s right… I’ll tell you. It’s because I got his wife here sucking my dick… Yeah I do. Here you can ask her yourself.” He handed the phone to Patti.
“I can’t.” She whispered.
“Come on.” Billy said. “You know you want to.”
Patti took the phone and said. “Hello.” She sounded shy. “Yes I’m his wife… Patti… His name’s Rick… Oh you do… I don’t know, I guess because Billy’s cock is so much bigger… oh it is, is it? I don’t know maybe you can show me sometime. Bye.” She handed the phone back to Billy and went back to sucking his cock.
“Yeah she’s fucking incredible.” Billy said, then. “Wait, I got an idea. When he gets there tell him to call me cause I got to send him somewhere else. Yeah I want to talk to him while his wife sucks my dick.” Patti moaned and sucked him harder. “Who knows, maybe by that time I’ll be shooting my load in her pussy.”
“Oh yeah.” Patti moaned around his cock.
“All right baby, get naked, and get on the desk.” Billy said, and Patti did as she was told. She perched on the edge of the desk and spread her legs as Billy got between them. He rubbed the head of his cock against her clean shaved pussy.
“Oh yeah stick it in!” She moaned, and he did. First a couple of inches penetrated, then a few more. Patti cried out with each thrust, and crossed her legs behind his back pulling him in deeper.
“Oh God! Your so fucking huge!” She cried.
Billy groaned as he slid his last few inches into her.
“Oh yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” Patti screamed.
“Holy shit your so tight.” Billy gasped.
“Am I bigger than Rick?” he asked confidently.
“Oh god yes!” Patti moaned. “His dick is tiny, it doesn’t satisfy me at all. You’ve got a real man’s cock! I love your huge cock!”
He fucked her hard and after a few minutes Patti orgasmed violently. Afterwards she regained her senses a little.
“Don’t cum in me I’m not on the pill and I just ovulated this morning.” She said urgently.
“Don’t worry baby I got a vasectomy.” He said.
Oh no, I thought to myself, that’s the lie he always tells women so he can cum in them. I also knew by the evil gleam in his eye that he knew he would make my wife Patti pregnant, and he wanted to, just to spite me.
“Well, if your sure it’s o.k..” She said.
“Don’t worry baby.” He said. “Unless you want me to stop.”
“No! Don’t stop!” She said. “Cum in me, shoot your sperm into me! Do it, fill me with your cum!”
“Tell me how much you love my cock!” Billy said sternly.
“I love your cock! It’s the best cock I’ve ever had.” Patti pleaded. “I don’t care if you do make me pregnant, just fill me with your cum! Please!”
“I lied to you.” He said. “I don’t have a vasectomy.”
She looked into his eyes and said “cum in me, do it, make me pregnant.”
“You want it baby, you want my sperm.” Billy said.
“Yes!” she screamed. “I want your sperm, make me pregnant please! I want you to make Rick a cuckold! His puny dick doesn’t deserve my body.”
“Oh yeah bitch, here it comes!” Billy groaned as he stiffened and came into Patti’s pussy, filling her womb with his potent sperm, and making her very pregnant.
I put my hand over my mouth to cover my groan as I came.

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Auto Parts Store

Great story :-P

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Yeah very good story....and Hello and Welcome to you wifwat...thanks for joining us here at Blue.....

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