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12-24-2007, 10:48 PM
Toby had never expected his Summer
vacation to be filled with such wonders as he
witnessed while staying with his Aunt Emma.

His parents had been a bit reluctant to let him
go at first, being an artist they felt her Bohemian lifestyle
might be the wrong influence for Toby.

Toby's father finally convinced his wife that the boy,
now having turned sixteen was on the cusp of becoming a
man and was not as impressionable as she might think.

One afternoon Toby decided to sneak into his Aunt's
studio to see what new project she was working on.

As the teenager entered the studio he was shocked
into speechlessness seeing his Aunt reclining on her
lounge chair, her body form fitted in sleek black leather
and her nipples and cunt exposed through openings in
the material.

She held two huge cucumbers in her black rubber gloves,
the rounded tips of them probing at her fleshy cunt folds.

The cucumbers each being nearly eleven inches in
length and their diameter almost half as large were a
glossy polished green.

Toby watched as his Aunt undulated her hips working
her hungry cunt over the rounded tips of each one.

Emma's eyes rolled back into her head as she pressed
the cucumbers past the tight pink ring of her vagina,
the lips slick with lubricant and cunt cream helping to
guide them inside her.

"I know you're watching me Toby, I want you to,"
Emma moaned.

Toby was shaking with a mixture from the fear of
discovery and a sudden rush of arousal as he watched
his Aunt.

"I didn't mean to, I'm sorry Aunt Emma, I was only
wanting to," stammered Toby.

"Shut up and get over here you little fucker, get your
ass over here and stand beside me right now,"
Emma demanded.

Toby moved toward his aunt who was now twisting
both massive vegetables inside her churning sex channel,
her pussy making wet sucking noises as they plunged into
her lusty liquid slick center.

"Pull your prick out and jack off on me, shoot your spunk
all over these big fuckers so they'll get even sloppier,"
she commanded.

Toby's penis was straining at the front of his jeans as
he watched his Aunt in her lewd display of carnal

Like an automaton he pulled his penis out and began
massaging the smooth pink skin of his six inch erection.

"That's a good boy, jack that fucker off real good for me,
let's watch each other cum off," Emma groaned as her gaze
settled on Toby's young cock.

"I wanna feel that warm sweet juice shooting out and
splashing my cunny as I fuck myself for you."

Toby's fist clutched the base of his shaft pulling the
spongy skin back and forth along the length of his penis.
His rounded cock knob seeping clear droplets of precum
and helping to lubricate his stalk as he pulled and twisted
it with a steady rhythm.

"Oh, fuck I like watchin' you fuck your pussy
Aunt Emma, It's stretched wide open and it's so pink
and sticky in there," Toby groaned.

"If you're a good boy you just might get to feel the real
thing before you leave here this Summer," Emma teased.

"Keep jerkin' it baby boy, squirt as much as you
can on my pussy and watch me as I shove your
cum up my fuck hole on these hard bastards."

Emma's hips began rising off the leather chair, her legs
sprawled open obscenely as he thrust the cucumbers
deep into her suctioning fuck slit.

"Fuckin' hell, I'm gonna cum Toby, Auntie Emma's gonna
cum off just for you," she hissed.

"Shoot it for me, pound that sweet sticky load
right down my cunt hole Emma gasped as she rotated
her pelvis to accomodate more of the rigid green intruders.

"I'm gonna blow Aunt Emma, I wanna squirt all over you,"
Toby groaned.

The boy's legs started to tremble, his pants around his
ankles making it difficult to keep his balance.
Toby's fist became a blur as he pumped himself time and
again, his firm young ass tense as the muscles rippled
with each thrust of his hips.

Emma gazed hotly at Toby's penis as the first dribble of
pearly white seed came bubbling through his piss slit.
Her teeth biting down hard on her plump lips as she
fought her orgasm to match time with his.

Toby's penis erupted on the next stroke, his fingers
twisting the cock tip brutally with a desire born purely
of lust. A spiral of semen flew through the air, like white
string still attached to his prick and landing over Emma's
pubic mound.

Toby jerked furiously as Emma's gloved hand smeared
the sticky seed over the cucumbers.
Her cunt felt the raw heat of his semen as it dripped
down the smooth green stalks and dribbled into her
dilated opening.

"I can't stop shootin', It won't stop commin' out,"
Toby squealed.

"Beat your fuckin' meat off baby boy, give Auntie
Emma every drop of that hot potent seed," she gasped
as she continued to smear her nephew's load over herself.

Toby's spunk continued to fly from his cock head,
the heavy sap now splattering the cucumbers and sliding
in creamy rivulets down the bumpy surface as she fed
them into her clasping vaginal chute.

"Fuck, Yessssssssss, I can feel your cum Toby, all that
young sticky spunk just pouring down my hole,"
Emma groaned.

"Before you leave this Summer I want that pretty pink
prick deep inside me and feeling all those ripe seeds
washing my womb."

Emma twisted both the cucumbers violently within her,
her own climax pounding through her groin as she
succumbed to her libidinous desires.

As the pair began the slow decent from their
orgasmic high Toby knelt on the chair between his
Aunt's outstretched legs, his penis leaking the last
milky drops onto the leather material of the chair as he
looked at his Aunt.

"Now get down here and lap that slick shit off my
cunny, taste your own spunk and clean Auntie's
pussy up," Emma ordered.

As if in a trance Toby knelt down beside the chair
and buried his face between his Aunt's soaked legs.
His tongue lashing through the puddles of still warm
semen that had begun to run down her inner thighs.

He sucked the creamy drizzle into his mouth tasting
the tart and salty sweetness of it as he felt it slide
down his throat and his prick began to stiffen once more.

"Gobble it up you nasty little boy, suck it up and come
give your Aunt and nice sloppy kiss," Emma chuckled

Toby scooped up several creamy strands of his own
sperm and held it within his mouth as he moved over his
Aunt's mouth and pressed his lips to hers.

Emma's tongue parted Toby's lips and she left the warm
flood of her nephew's young spunk course down over her
tongue and pool at the back of her throat before
swallowing it.

Pulling his mouth away to catch his breath Toby felt dizzy,
his legs trembling from the lusty act he was now sharing
with this older woman, his first woman and his Father's
own sister at that.

"Auntie Emma, my dick is tingling again, I think I'm
gonna cum some more," Toby squealed as his had
clutched at the now rigid stalk of his penis and began
massaging it rapidly.

"Can I shoot some more, please, can I squirt it out again?"

"Get up here now boy, stand beside my face and jack that
fuck tube off right in my face," Emma demanded.

"I want all you've got to spill, boy, pound that sweet pecker
dry for me!!!"

Toby's fist flew up and down over his beet red cock tip,
the slit spreading wide as his semen began to spew out
and splatter into his Aunt's open mouth.

Toby's hand was slick with the remnants of his first
climax as he slipped up and down the sticky sex root.
His fist pounding back against his tense balls as several
thin streams shot out and landed over Emma's tongue,
her nose and lips.

Emma's tongue raced over her lips and darted out to
catch the creamy expulsions as she watched the milky
jets burst from Toby's cock.

Her cunt blazing with and overwhelming desire to
feel that tender penis shoved fully within her as they
coupled and lusted for the others sex.
Embracing themselves in every conceivable act to
pleasure each other and have no shame in sharing it.

As Toby's spurts began to trickle out he clutched
the edge of the lounger to hold himself up, his stomach
knotted tightly and feeling as if his insides and been
sucked out through his cock.

His felt light headed and weak but also a deep feeling
of relaxation and dreaminess that gave him both warmth
and comfort.

"I never knew art could be this cool," he gasped jokingly.

"Before this Summer is over Toby, we're going to
create one hell of a wicked masterpiece together, you
can bet your sweet ass on that," laughed Emma.

12-25-2007, 01:08 AM
Great stuff thanks Jeff :)

12-25-2007, 01:32 AM
Ohh my! What a filthy little surprise Toby had! I love it, Jeff!

Keep the nastiness rolling! ;drool

More more more I need more hahhaha

12-25-2007, 05:30 AM
Nice job Jeff. You are very creative crafting a story around a picture set.
Merry New Year

12-26-2007, 12:54 PM
Steamingly Hot!
Oh wow.... you know how to set us on fire, Jeff :D

12-26-2007, 06:12 PM
wow, very good

12-27-2007, 12:49 PM
Nice stuff. Very nice stuff. Hope to hear more :)

05-03-2008, 04:12 PM
Would have loved to read your story, but with the yellow font it is impossible to read.

05-03-2008, 07:37 PM
Would have loved to read your story, but with the yellow font it is impossible to read.

Sorry about that...the Yellow showed up with the other layout.....I fixed the color

Poet Tongue
07-30-2008, 12:14 AM
Great story... turned my gherkin into a monster zucchini in a heartbeat. Makes me want to take up art.