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This is my first attempt to post a story. I wasnt sure where to post this story. Davesmistress, you can move this story to the appropriate category. Please be gentle, I am still a Posting virgin trying to lose my cherry.

The Change

We were coming back from a long week at the coast. My sister, Anne, 13and I, 15 were in the backseat. My sister was asleep as she usually does on long drives. My mom, Mary, was in front seat with my dad, Ben, who was driving. I had just started to fall asleep when I heard the brakes squeal and then the was a loud bang. After that, everything went silent.

I woke up to a beeping sound and found myself laying in a bed with the sheets pulled up to my chest. I saw an IV pole with an IV connected to my wrist. “OH GOD! There was an ACCIDENT!!”, I thought. I started to get flustered when I saw a nurse come in my room and said “Oh, you're awake, welcome back.” I tried to talk but my throat was too dry for anything to come out. The nurse came to my bedside and poured me a glass of water. I greedily drank it and said hoarsely “Wheres my family??” The nurse than said “Ill go get the doctor” I became more panicked and waited for what seem like forever when the nurse came back with a middle aged man who I assumed was the doctor. “I'm Doctor Hibbard, welcome back, you gave us all a scare.” I gave him half a smile and said “Wheres my family??” He replied “I'm sorry, they didn't make it” The tears began to wall up into my eyes. The doctor then said “All of you were in a car accident, and you were the only survivor, barely” Still trying to hold in the tears, I gave him a questioning face “Barely??” I questioned. “Yes, you have been unconscious for two months.” Getting back to my family, I asked “Can I see them?? Can I say goodbye??” He replied, “No, they have been buried for almost 6 weeks now. That was it, I started crying like a two year old. The doctor then said “I have to finish my rounds, I will send in Social Services to come and talk with you.” “Great, a shrink who doesn't know me is gonna come and try to tell me that I need to go on with my life.”, I thought. Lunch and Dinner was delivered to my room but there was no way I could eat knowing what had happened to my family. The counselor from Social Services came and told me what I knew she would and then mentioned that my moms sister, Jane was flying in to see me. My mom and Jane hadn't talked in over 4 years, after having a fight over money or something. The nurse came back and inserted a needle into my IV and from its effects, I assumed it was a pain killer. I started to feel real warm and finally I fell asleep .

The next morning I woke up and saw the doctor and the nurse at the foot of my bed looking at at chart. “Good morning, son” said Doctor Hibbard said quite cheerfully. “Your aunt is here” he added and motioned to the nurse who left the room and came back with my Aunt Jane. She was as I had remembered from four years ago, short curly brown hair, great looking deep blue eyes, and a very athletic looking body with perky medium sized breasts. My aunt came to my bedside and gave me a big hug, then looked at the doctor. “While you're both here together, we should talk about Tim's condition.” the doctor said, “ We had a fight on our hands when you came in. You lost a lot of blood and you were really battered. As we were trying to stabilize you, we had noticed that some how your genitalia were severed from you body.” With that I threw up the blanket and sure enough, instead of a penis, a small tube was coming out from underneath white gauze and tape where my penis should be. My eyes opened as wide as I have ever had opened them. The doctor continued “The tube is connected to your bladder so that you can urinate.” I had a hard time catching my breath as my heart was trying to beat its way out of my chest. He then added “We need to talk about future treatment. There are two way of possibly going with this, one is to leave the tube in permanently which will be connected to a catheter, or you can have reconstructive surgery to create a opening in which you can urinate from” Looking quite confused, I looked back at the doctor and said “Opening??? What are you talking about????” The doctor took a breath and continued “Well, since there isn't enough skin to reconstruct a penis, it would be similar to the vagina of a female.” Now I started getting really nervous, hoping this was all a big joke, and said “Are you talking like preforming a sex change operation on me????” The doctor hesitated and said “Well, pretty much so. The way I look at it those are you two options. If you stay with the catheter, the problem is that the area where the tube leaves your body may become infected and either require large doses of antibiotics or even surgery to remove the infected tissue. Also, you will have limited movement since the tube will have to stay connected to the catheter. It can be attached to your leg, but the as the bag gets full will get heavy to carry around. If you go with the plastic surgery, would be able to normally use the bathroom without chance of infection. Also, either way you go, you will have to have hormone replacement therapy. Since long term used of testosterone based therapy can cause brain damage, cancer, etc, I would recommend hormone therapy based on ********. The only major side effect would be that you would develop female characteristics.” I replied “So in a sense, I would become a female, with breasts and everything.” “Yes” said the doctor. Noting the fear my voice, my aunt squeezed my hand in a reassuring manner. “Now you need to make your decision. I will give you some time to think about it.” the doctor said and then left the room with the nurse.“Oh fuck! What am I gonna do??” I asked my aunt who replied “well, think of it like the doctor said, weigh the pros and cons” “But if I do that, they will turn me into a girl!!” I said sort of disgustedly. “Well whats wrong with girls?” my aunt replied. I started to say something but then shut up. At this time, breakfast was being delivered and I ate a little of it while my aunt sipped on some coffee. “You know that I am now your guardian” my aunt interjected, “besides all of these changes, you will have to get used to living somewhere different.” With that I pushed away my tray and started worrying intensely. “What the fuck am I gonna do??? The moving to my aunts house is pretty much written in stone, but what about my treatment? What the hell am I gonna do??” I thought. A few hours later my aunt kissed me on the forehead and said she needed to get some rest at the hotel since she had been up all night in my room. I halfheartedly smiled, told her I loved her and said goodbye. As she headed toward the door, she looked back, smiled at me and told me she would be back tomorrow. For the rest of the day, I flipped on the TV but wasn't really watching it, but worrying what I was going to tell the doctor.

The next morning another counselor came to my room but she wasn't from Social Services (Thank God!!). For a good part of the morning, we talked back and forth about my choices. Then my aunt arrived, and she joined the discussion. By the time lunchtime, the three of us had come to a conclusion, the surgery and hormone therapy were the best way to go. After this was decided, we called the doctor in and informed him of our decision. “Honestly, I think its the best way to go” replied the doctor. “You will begin the hormone treatment immediately. After a few months, we can set you up for surgery”

Each morning from that point on, a nurse would come in with my therapy which consisted of 4 pills and a IV. The anxiety I had about the whole thing began to subside as my body on the outside began to change. At first, my facial stubble began to slowly fade and the hair on my chest disappeared and the hair on my arms became thin, light, and very soft. The one thing that bothered me the most was the weight loss. The doctor informed me that was a side effect of the hormones. My breasts began to grow and my nipples began to become more sensitive. Three times a week I would meet with a life counselor who dealt with this type of situation. We discussed what was happening to my body, what to expect, and how to deal with these changes. Also we discussed changing my name to match my body.

Six months into the treatment, my breasts stopped growing and measured to be a size 34B. My weight had gone from 240 to 185. I looked totally different. The boy named Tim no longer existed and become a girl named Samantha. The only problems that existed were that due to the weight lost I had a lot of excess skin. Also there was the waste tube but that would soon be taken care of. The doctor suggested a tummy tuck but I didn't think that I could afford it because I had practically gone through all of the money inherited from my parents on this extended hospital stay. It was at this time my aunt came forth and offered to pay for the plastic surgery. It was also at this time I learned why my mom and my aunt stopped talking. My parents owed money on the mortgage on the house and my aunt went ahead and paid off the mortgage without informing them.

The day of the surgery had come at last after a 11 month wait. I was really nervous. My aunt waited with me until the orderlies came to take my to surgery. I was only in the operating room for 5 minutes and it was lights out. Waking up a few hours later, I saw that I was back in my room and my aunt was there. “Hey there”, my aunt said “How are you feeling?” I kind of moaned since I was just coming out of the anesthesia. My aunt had informed me that the procedure went fine. The next morning the doctor came back to see me when I was fully awake and not under the influence of the anesthesia. “Well, how are we doing today”, he piped “Are you excited to see the results?” He came to the side of my bed and helped me out and walked me to the mirror in the room. He then removed a large bandage from my waist and there I was. I looked into the mirror and there I was, a full blown woman. My vaginal area was a little swollen but the doctor told me that would lessen before the next surgery. “Next surgery???” I gasped. “Well its more cosmetic than anything else” the doctor replied. “Only three more procedures and you can go home” The catheter didn't look so bad anymore because it was coming out of my vagina. I climbed back in bed and sighed.

A couple of days later a nurse came in when I was alone and said she needed to test my new vagina to make sure everything was neurologically alright. She pulled off my sheet and pulled a short white object out of her pocket and I new instantly what it was. She turned it on and it began to hum and vibrate. She placed the vibrator near my pubic mound and I started getting really sexually excited from the vibrations. She then put the vibrator on my clit and I tensed up and moaned. “Very good, everything seems alright.” she said. “What the hell was that feeling” I asked and she told me that I had my first female orgasm. I then asked her why I was all wet and she politely said “Sweetie, thats the fluid that comes out of woman when she orgasms. It lubricates the womans vagina so that the man can put his penis inside.” I was floored. I had masturbated as a male and it seemed totally different from what I was used to.

Three months later it was time to go home. My aunt and I flew back to Missouri where she lived. She had a great condo and I had my own room. It was plain white but my aunt said that we could fix it up anyway I wanted. I knew in my mind that there wasn't going to be any frilly curtains or pink paint in this room. A few days later we went clothes shopping. “We need to get you some new clothes and support garments” my aunt said to me. She took me to a place called “Intimate Dreams” which was a boutique where my aunt got me fitted for a bra. The clerk asked me if I wanted a front or back hook, in which I returned a totally confused look to the clerk and then to my aunt. “Lets start you out with a front-hook until you get used to wearing one” I felt weird wearing it, like I was still a male cross dressing, but actually I was a woman wearing the appropriate under attire. The clerk then asked my aunt if I needed anything else, and she replied “Well if shes (yes, she said she, it sounded real weird) going to wear dresses or skirts, she will need some leggings” Once again I looked totally lost and the clerk then asked “Ok, pantyhose or stockings?” My aunt said “Lets start her off with some stockings....and a garter belt. It will be easier to get used to the stockings than the pantyhose” (It turns out my aunt had leaked my situation to the clerk over the phone before we went to the boutique. The clerk also turned out to be my aunts personal shopping assistant at the boutique.) My aunt bought me several pairs of stay-up stockings and a few lacy garter belts and stockings. My aunt suggested I should wear one of the garter sets out of the store so we could go clothes shopping in case we get you a dress. “No dresses” I said firmly to myself. She also bought me some panties, which honestly felt weird but kind of exciting.

Next we went to Macy's to get some new clothes. Instinctively I headed to the mens dept. but my aunt asked where I was going. I stopped and busted out laughing and followed my aunt to the womens department. We bought some jeans and shirts along with a few blouses and skirts. And.....yes..you heard me right....two dresses!!! Actually the dresses felt nice because they fit loosely on my body.

I started seeing a therapist recommended by my doctor because I was having nightmares about the death of my family. I would wake up in the middle of the night screaming “MOOOOOM” and my aunt would rush in and hug me until I calmed down. The therapist recommended that I spend some time in a place for girls who have gone through traumatic experiences in their lives.

It turned out that I would live at the “sanctuary” as the people there put it. It was setup in a dormitory style setting and I would have another girl as a roommate. My roommate was named “Kerrie” and was about five foot five and had short red hair, blue eyes and very perky. I said goodbye to my aunt and Kerrie helped me carry my things to our room. Since all 12 girls at the “sanctuary” were approximately the same age, we were in a sense “home schooled” every day. Time for individual therapy and group therapy were also scheduled early in the afternoon. I felt bad going into my first group therapy because the first step is to explain why you are a the “sanctuary”. Since there were two other new girls, everyone had to explain their individual situations. It turns out that Kerrie had first lost her close girlfriend Jane to a high school shooting, then the death of her father finally pushed her over the edge and she tried to commit suicide. She even lifted up her arms and show us the scars on her wrists where she had cut herself. Anther girl, Laura, was molested daily by her father and younger brother, and sometimes at the same time. When her mother found out, she also began abusing Laura, making her eat her pussy, even after the father and brother had fucked the mother and filled her pussy with their cum. Laura never was on the receiving end of any of the attention, just the one who pleasured everyone else. When Laura became pregnant, the mother kicked her out of the house, calling her “a cum slut” who was trying to take the father and brother away from her. She then came to the “sanctuary”, and now was seven months pregnant.

After a few weeks at the “sanctuary”, life began to seem better. It was still kind of strange (and exciting) taking a shower and seeing other half clothed and naked girls coming in and out of the communal shower. I was constantly surrounded by other girls, either in the cafeteria or in the classroom. Kerrie turned out to be a great roommate and we got along great. We both liked certain types of music and the such and being with her was like having another sister. One night, I had woken up with the same nightmare that I always had. I remember waking up shouting and crying. All of a sudden, I felt as if my mom had come to my bed and was calming me. I could feel my head resting against her chest and she was saying “Its alright, everything is ok, just relax” The next thing I remembered was that I calmed down and fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning, I was in my bed on my side with someones arm around me. I slowly turned to my other side and there was Kerrie. I stared at her for a few minutes until she slowly woke up, opened her eyes and said “Good Morning, feeling better?” I then realized that it wasn't my mom who calmed me down last night, it was Kerrie. My faced turned a bright red of embarrassment and I said “OH GOD, I am so sorry!” She replied, “Don't worry about it , I know how it is to lose someone you really love.” My nightmares still came and went, and when I did have them, Kerrie was always there to calm me down and console me. I started to see Kerrie in a whole new light.

The individual and group therapy was helping and its was a great environment for me to learn what it was to be a female and how to act as one. I found myself mimicking the other girls by giggling or pouting when I didn't get things my way. I also was really looking up to Kerrie as a role model. One day I had gotten into a small fight over a TV program with another girl named Debbie when she looked at me and said “OH go cry to your family! Wait, they're dead!” I started crying and ran to my room and flung myself into my bed. A few minutes later Kerrie came into the room and asked if I was ok. I replied “Shes such a bitch!” Kerrie then walked over to my bed and laid down next to me and said “I couldn't put it better than that.” and we both busted out laughing. She then gave me a big hug and smiled at me. I stared into her eyes for a moment and the next thing I know she kisses me. I kinda flinched and recovered. She then kissed me again and I returned the kiss. I felt her tongue rub against my lips and I opened my mouth and she inserted it in my mouth and we began French kissing. The world all of a sudden became silent, and Kerrie and I were the only two people in that world. I felt her hand caress my left breast and she ran a finger across my nipple which made me gasp slightly and we continued to kiss. She removed her hand from my breast, placed it under my shirt and underneath my bra cup and tweaked my nipple. I gasped again and we stopped kissing and sat up. Kerrie then said “Its really been hard for me, Ive had a crush on you since you got here. I did not want to say anything because I did not know how you would react, but by that kiss we just had, I think you reacted how I hoped you would.” I smiled and initiated another kiss. We kept kissing and I felt Kerrie starting to pull up my shirt, and the next thing I know, shes pulls it over my head and off. She then removed her shirt and we started kissing again. I felt her hand cup my breast through my bra and then her hands moved to the front of my bra, unhooked it, took it off me. We kept kissing and her right hand began caressing my left breast and rubbing her finger over my nipple. I started to breathe even harder and she squeezed my nipple between two of her fingers. My hands left my side and cupped both of her bra covered breasts and I lightly squeezed them. Kerrie pulled away from me, put her hands behind her back and unfastened her bra and took it off. We started kissing again, our tongues returned and continued to dance in between our mouths. I took both of her breasts in my hands and lightly squeezed them and then brushed my finger tips across her nipples. Kerrie then said “I want to make love to you.” She laid me back on my bed and went for the button on my pants. She slowly unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down to reveal my light blue and extremely wet panties. She kissed the crotch of my panties and licked the wet spot with her tongue. She started lapping at my cunt through my panties and I really started to moan. She then stood up, removed her pants and equally wet panties, revealing a totally bare pussy. She then reached for the waist of my panties and slowly pulled them off and then moved in between my legs. Slowly she brought her mouth to my wet pussy and quickly and lightly licked my cunt. I saw stars. From that response, she lowered her mouth more and devoured my pussy. Her tongue danced back and forth over my clit until she drove it as far as she could get it in my cunt. I moaned out load, realized that I had done so, and grabbed a pillow and put it over my mouth. She was a bitch, she kept bringing me close to orgasm, then retreated and repeated. What I said next still surprised me, “Damn it, stop teasing me and make me cum already!!!” She obliged and within seconds, I orgasmed, moaned on the top of my lungs into the pillow, and blacked out. A few seconds later my eyes open and Kerrie is laying on her elbow next to me smiling, her face full of my cum juice. “You squirted my face baby.” she said and I smiled. I then kissed her and began licking my own cum from her face. I couldn't get enough of the taste. We kissed again. I knew what I wanted. I sat up and pushed her to the bed. I ignored her breast cause all I wanted was her cunt. I wanted to taste her cunt. I dove down and began licking at her clit like a dog who hasn't had water for weeks. She moaned and bucked her hips against my mouth. I speared my tongue into her juicy pussy as far as it could go, sucking up all of the cum out of her pussy. She tightly grabbed my hair as if she were going to rip it out, and I attacked her pussy. She came, oh boy, did she cum. She came so much that I swore I was drowning, but I didn't mind drowning in her pussy juice. I drank as much as I could and couldn't get enough. Finally she calmed down from her orgasm and I laid back down next to her and kissed her. She brushed a piece of hair out of my face and said, “Are you sure you haven't done this before?” Kerrie asked. I smile and said “Nope , but I hope its not my last. We both fell asleep in each others arms till morning.

It turns out that Jane, her close girlfriend, was her first lesbian lover. The were only going out a few months but were intimate regularly. Like Jane, Kerrie was also a virgin. Kerrie confided to me that she never thought she would make love to another girl again until we did. I was in heaven. Kerrie and I were inseparable, we did everything together. A rumor was spreading around that we were a couple and it didn't bother Kerrie at all. One day while taking a shower, Debbie and a two other girls cornered me in the shower room and demanded that if I didn't want to get hurt, I should get on my knees and eat them out like a good little lesbian. Out of nowhere, Kerrie pushed Debbie off her feet and Debbie flew into the wall, bloodying her nose. Kerrie then announced “Hey! Leave my girlfriend alone!! Or you're gonna have to fuck with me!!” Kerrie held her hand out to me, I took it, and she walked with me out of the shower room. From that point on, Kerrie and I had no problems with the other girls about our relationship.

Two months later, Kerrie “graduated” from the “sanctuary” and went back out into the real world. She would come visit me on the weekends, although we really couldn't make love to each other. Our relationship also consisted of raunchy phone sex while we both masturbated on each end of the phone. The intimate contact had its toll on our relationship, but we remained together and in love. Unfortunately all of the time without her gave me time to dwell on the fact that I was holding back a big secret that could ruin our relationship.
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Interesting story. Knowing what I know of the world, it has probably happened somewhere and it is good that you brought it here. Thanks for
popping your story cherry with us. Good job.

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Thanks for the story...I think its ok here.

My only suggestion is a bit more paragraph breaks....makes it flow a bit easier.

Keep it up

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Great story...hope to read more from you soon. I would recommend making a new paragraph when a different person speaks...takes longer but is easier to read :)

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Great Job jackknife!