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01-06-2008, 02:16 AM
I watched them approach me, my heart in my throat, my eyes roaming between them, taking them in, comparing them. I could not have selected two better men for this encounter, my last adventure, my last bad girl act before I became "boring". At least boring as defined by Hef.

I smiled at the memory of the last time I had seen Bob, so brief, yet filled with an unspoken promise of what could be if only time, and opportunity, had allowed. I loved his height, at 5'7, I am far from being considered short, yet standing next to his 6'3, I had felt small. I enjoyed his wit, his ability to keep my mind engaged, to keep my interest in him strong even though we hadn't seen each other in so long. I wanted this man.

And Hef; bitter-sweet memories surrounded me, both of the last time I had seen him and the last time I had touched him. The desire I felt in response to his smile removed any illusions I had about him. I believed myself "over" him, but my body remembered, and craved his touch.

Yet they were the perfect pair for me, for this. Both men were intelligent, articulate and well traveled and both men excited me beyond belief. I had no doubts to whether they would like each other, I knew they'd get along well. I also had complete faith in their ability to gang up on me, which is why I'd refused to allow them to meet before tonight. A fool I am not.

Bob reached me first and, rising to greet him, I felt a flush cross my cheeks as a brief image of him, naked and straining beneath me rose in my mind. Smiling, he folded me in his arms, kissing the top of my head. "Hi stranger", he murmured, releasing me only when the waiter began to repeatedly clear his throat.

"Well, I see we have a new addition to our party, would we like something else from the bar"? he asked.

Now he appears, I thought, to myself, laughing. "Well, we would like another 7/7, Bob, what about you"? I asked.

Before he could reply, I heard Hef's voice behind us, "Nothing for her", he said, shaking his head at me, "I remember how you get when you've had too much of that, so I ordered a bottle of Pinot Noir'. He paused a beat and flashing a wicked smile, added, "I also remember how you get with wine".

Oh yes, I thought, recalling a highly charged bathroom scene I'd shared with him, I remembered how I got with wine as well. Warmed by that memory, I leaned into his arms and whispered my old stand-by, "You're not the boss of me".

"That's only a matter of time", he replied, giving me a tight squeeze before releasing me and turning to greet Bob.

"Ah, the infamous Hef I've read so much about", Bob said, his hand outstretched in greeting.

"I don't know about infamous", Hef replied, taking Bob's hand, "but one of her characters for sure".

"I'll just go get that bottle of wine then", the waiter sniffed, ignored by us all.

"Shall we sit"? I asked, shifting to allow Bob to slide into the booth first, before I sat down, Hef on the other side.

Not the first time I'd be between them tonight, I though, a nervous giggle slipping out before I could stop it, causing them both to look my way, making me laugh out loud.

Two hours and two bottles of wine later, they seemed to be the best of friends and my nerves had almost completely disappeared when I noticed a look pass between them. Placing money on the table, they silently slid out of the booth, both standing in front of me. Hef held out his hand, his question unasked, waiting for me to place mine in his.

"Well Jef", Bob said, holding his hand out as well, "Shall we"?

I search their faces for a moment, took a deep breath, picked up my purse and placed my hand in theirs, smiling.

"We shall", I said, leading the way to the elevators and up to my room.

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good start cant wait to read the rest

01-07-2008, 12:18 PM
Great new chapter for your story, look forward to the next one.