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01-13-2008, 10:34 AM
Ok on bluestories lately peeing has been a popular subject so I thought why not have a contest about peeing. Now there has been lots of talk and lots of pics going up of people peeing. So here are the details and the rules

1) Find a pic (it can be 1 pic or more) of a person (male or female) going pee. Now it can either be a person going pee by them self’s, in a group or even peeing before, during, or after intercourse (or all of the above). Any pic entered must have peeing in it.

2) Write a story of the pic (or pics). Now the story must go with the pic (or pics). The story can be short and they can be long that is up to you to decide.

3) You must still follow the rules of bluestories

4) Any bluestories member can enter. Deadline for entries is 1-19-08. Voting will begin 1-20-08 and end 1-27-08. Good luck and have fun.

01-13-2008, 10:55 AM
Sounds like quite the wet and wicked idea you've got
there cum4me.

If I can manage it I may give this a go as it sounds
quite fun.

I really like your idea on this, something new, something
creative and that's just what a site needs to keep
members interested.

Great work!!!

01-13-2008, 03:12 PM
Wow this does sound great! I will cruise my archives and try to find something filthy! :D
I like the idea behind it too, find the pictures, then make the story. I've never done that before, should be a fun and interesting ride!

Thanks cum4me!

01-13-2008, 04:24 PM
Nice! I know that I will love the entries in this one... hahahaha!

01-13-2008, 10:40 PM
Very interesting idea indeed

Looking forward to the entries

01-14-2008, 05:18 AM
I am glad eveyone here is intrested in this contest, I can't wait to see the storys.

01-14-2008, 05:28 AM
http://www.shareimages.com/images-r/thumbs/0/0/0/13842-qpeWmpedk5.tmJyWmQ-peeing.jpg (http://www.shareimages.com/image-r.php?13842-qpeWmpedk5.tmJyWmQ-peeing.jpg)

Ashley was not invited to her boyfriends 20th birthday party so she decided to get back at his family. She went through the back gate and sat in one of the family's lawn chairs to decide how to get back at them.

"Lets see I could toilet paper the house. Na to expensive" She thought to herself.

Just then her boyfriend's dog ran over to the corner of the yard and took a piss. A light bulb went off in her head.

She got up and walked over to where the family kept the grill. She pulled it out and walked between the walls and pulled down her panties from beneath her skirt and bent over and start peeing all over the pavement. Her mom was always saying that her pee stunk up the bathroom for days on end. Even Febreeze could not contain this odor. "Let's see Mr. Gary handle this smell." She thought to herself. She pulled up her panties, straighten her skirt, and went back home.

When she came through the door to her house the telephone rang, it was Nate, her boyfriend. His parents and he had discussed it and decided that she could come along after all to "Olive Garden" for his party. After all they had been going together for about 2 years now. She hung up the phone and thought about what she had done. "How am I going to get that cleaned up?" She had no clue what to do. She couldn't just go over there and say "Yeah I got mad that I was not invited so I peed back here." Then she would never get invited to anything ever again. She thought and thought. She went to bed and tried to sleep but her mind would not go away from thinking about what she had done. Finally her body gave in and she fell asleep.

She woke up the next morning and decided she was just going to have to tell them. She took off her night gown and climbed into the shower. The hot water felt good against her body. She lathered her lumpha sponge and began to wash her hold body. Rinsing off she decided to go ahead and wash her hair. She got out and wrapped her hair in a towel and her body in another. She went back to her room and picked out a special dress to wear. Just as she was dressed her Mom knocked on her door.

"Come in." Ashley said.

"You may want to bundle up dear that snow we were expecting came in." Her mom told her.

She took the dress back off after thanking her mother. And proceeded to her dresser. She grabbed a black pair of nylons and sat down on her bed to put them on. As soon as they were on she pulled a nice pants suit from her closet and put on the pants. She then put on her black bra and put on the shirt and overcoat. She looked at herself in the mirror. She looked good she thought to herself. She then grabbed her snow boots out of the bottom of the closet and made her way to the kitchen where her mom was.

"I'm off to Nate's house Mom." Ashley said.

"Okay have fun." Her said back.

She started walked and before long she was at Nate's. She was a bit hesitant about going in the front door so she went through the back gate. She sniffed and could not smell anything. She even went to where she had done the deed and it did not smell. "Maybe the snow took care of everything, I could only be so lucky." She thought to herself. Just then Nate peeked around the corner and threw a snowball at her. Startled she screamed and threw one back at him. Just then he ran over to her and hugged her.

"Hey you, glad that I get to spend my birthday with you after all." Nate said.

"Yeah me too." She said back as they made their way to the back door.

01-14-2008, 05:41 AM
great stuff philly thanks for the storie

01-16-2008, 12:00 AM

Colleen had no choice but to indulge both Shaun and Patrick’s
perversities after they’d hacked into her private ****** journal
and seen the pictures of her knotted tightly with the German

Last Fall on her vacation she’d visited friends in Holland and
had indulged herself in one of her long time fantasies by joining
them on their numerous trips to the Kennel Bitch Club.

It was exclusive club that catered to the exploration of both
the sexual desires of men and women to share with canines
of both sexes and various breeds.

When Shaun had hacked into her ****** journal with Patrick’s
help, her most guarded secret had now been brought to light
and the pair wasted no time in confronting her with the
forbidden knowledge they had acquired.

Her ordeal had begun early that afternoon as they’d
demanded she accompany them to the local pub a couple
blocks from the office.
For nearly two hours they’d ordered round after round of
mixed drinks, Shaun and Patrick drinking mostly Appletinis
between them.

Their drinks consisting of Smirnoff’s Green Apple Twist
vodka and DeKuyper’s Sour Apple Pucker schnapps.
Her favorite indulgence that of J.J. Vincent Pouilly-Fuisse
Propriete Marie-Antionette Vincent 2005, a pale yellow
wine with that elegant but subtle white flower aroma.

They had both told her in no uncertain terms that working
for her as they had these past three years had been like
having teeth extracted with a pair of rusty pliers with no
anesthetic to deaden the pain but now the worm had
most definitely turned. She would pay them their due.

After their drunken spree at the pub they’d forced her to
use her private key to unlock the corporate spa and forced
her to strip as they stumbled out of their clothing
and attempted to masturbate their alcohol numbed pricks.
The only items of apparel she was allowed to wear, her suntan
sheer silk stockings and black garter belt.

With both men naked they reclined back in the lounge
chairs placed around the heated spa and had her walk
between them so they could grope her body as they fondled
their cocks attempting to get them hard enough to penetrate her.

“Please, at least let me go and pee first and I’ll not try and stop
either of you from doing what I know you want,” Colleen said
brushing a wisp of her auburn hair from her forehead.

“Listen bitch, you’ll piss right here and make no complaints about it,”
growled Patrick as he reached up to slap her hard across her firm
round bottom.

“Better yet, straddle me and piss on my cock, I want to feel it on
my dick and watch it as it comes right out of your pussy,” Shaun
ordered as he gave Patrick a sly wink.

“Well, get moving cunt, spread it open real wide and pee on my
mate’s knob,” Patrick chuckled as slapped her hard across the
buttocks again, leaving an angry red impression where his hand
had met supple flesh.

Colleen slid one leg over the lounge chair in which Shaun lay
prone and pulling at his slowly growing erection. With her
hands she spread the plump folds of her vagina and exerted
pressure against her bladder to begin the process of voiding

It didn’t take much with the amount of wine she’d consumed
before the tiny droplets that started to leak out turned into
a powerful stream of amber colored warmth.

It felt wonderful to relieve the pressure that had been building
for the last hour since they’d arrived at the spa and in another
way it felt quite erotic for doing something so taboo.

“Fuck; that feels so damn warm, my cocks getting hard by
the second, keep pissing on me bitch,” groaned Shaun.

Patrick stood up and pressed himself against colleen, his hands
on her hips as he began to grind his rapidly growing penis against
her bottom. One hand snaked between her thighs as his fingertips
dipped into the potent stream of urine spraying out.

“Damn, she’s hot alright, her pee smells almost like that fancy ass
wine she was drinking,” Patrick sneered.

“Maybe you should give her a taste of it,” Shaun replied as he
jerked his cock beneath the heated torrent of Colleens urine.

Taking his well soaked fingers Patrick began rubbing them over
Colleen’s lips, forcing them open and shoving them in her mouth
as he demanded her to clean her own pee from them.
Not wanting to make this any worse than it already was Colleen
complied with his demands and began to lick her own pee from
from Patrick’s fingers.

Surprisingly the taste wasn’t nearly as disgusting as she’d have
thought, it carried that faint hint of the wine she consumed and
although a bit salty it wasn’t all that unpleasant.
The more Colleen sucked and tasted, it was like something
dark had come over her, she began to want to taste more
of this forbidden nectar.

As Colleen continued to empty her bladder she became
aware of another pressure building now, this one inside her
pussy as she became more and more aroused by the lewd act
she was performing for these two men.
Her inner thighs and stockings were soaked in her own pee
as she tried to direct the rapidly dwindling stream over
Shaun’s penis.

Suddenly Patrick began moving her toward the spa, his hands
on her shoulders as he forced her to sit down on the edge and
began wiping his now erect cock over her lips and cheeks.

“Suck me off slut, suck it real deep down that whore throat
of yours,” Patrick growled as he punched the large dome of
his cock between her lips.

“Shaun, get over her now and piss on this bitch, I want her to
taste your piss right off my cock as she blows me with that
slut mouth of hers,” Patrick raged.

With his erection bobbing up and down and flinging
droplets of Colleen’s pee from the slick stalk, Shaun
stumbled over to the spa to lend a hand to his best mate.

Colleen began sucking feverishly on Patrick’s cock
stalk, her thoughts that if she could make him cum quickly
that maybe Shaun would follow suit and this ordeal would
soon end. Her hands cupping Patrick’s firm ass cheeks she
buried her lips over his saliva slick shaft and nestled her
nose against his groin.

“Fuck honey, that’s it, that’s the way, swallow my dick right
to the balls,” Patrick groaned.

“Suck my load out you filthy piss whore.”

“Piss in her face mate, piss all over my bloody cock,” Patrick
groaned as he looked toward Shaun with a growing lust in
his eyes.

Holding his piss slick erection Shaun aimed his penis at
Colleen’s face and began to squeeze down and apply a steady
pressure over his own bladder. Pissing with an erection wasn’t
all that easy as he’d found on many a morning waking up with
heavy wood and having to unload the nights drinking down
the toilet.

As Colleen continued to nurse Patrick’s swollen member, Shaun
began forcing the honey gold flow of his urine up his sex tube
and began spraying it over Patrick’s erection now fully buried in
Colleen’s sucking mouth.

With each stroke up and down over Patrick’s lust engorged member
Colleen could taste the faint traces of vodka and apple mixed with
the bitter saltiness of Shaun’s urine. Her tongue burned slightly and
her taste buds seemed to sharpen as she allowed the liquid to roll
over her tongue and found herself slurping more and more of it from
Patrick’s meaty cock stalk.

Shaun aimed his heavy stream over Colleen’s face, her hair now
saturated as she closed her eyes to prevent them from burning by
the salty mixture and twisted her lips about the head of Patrick’s
cock to coax out his load so that she could consume it.

Her breasts and belly were drenched with the heated yellow
streams jetting out of Shaun’s penis, her pussy soaked and
throbbing with a building lust merely from the perverse nature
of what she was now taking part in. Without warning Patrick
groaned and bucked his hips upward as a torrent of thick
semen blasted against the roof of her mouth.

Colleen whimpered as she felt another pulse of seed ripple
up Patrick’s member and splash against the back of her
throat. With each stroke between her warm sticky lips,
Patrick’s cock continued to pump spurt upon spurt of
the milky mixture that Colleen sought to swallow down.

Shaun’s piss flow now slowing was directed toward
the swollen knot of Colleen’s clit and instinctively her
fingers flew to strum against the throbbing button as it
was being pelted by the stinging urine.

“Look at that bitch gobble up the piss and cum, she’s
really getting off on it,” Shaun laughed as he shook the
last drops of urine from his erection to splash over
Colleen’s nylon encased legs.

“I want you to do the same thing for me mate, but I want
you to piss on my cock while I fuck her cunt and fill her
with a hot load of juice,” Shaun told his mate.

With Patrick’s prick knob wedged between her lips, Colleen
continued to nurse up and down the length of his cock,
relishing the tangy taste of his semen and Shaun’s pungent
pee still slippery upon it.

Her mouth filled with the taste, she lashed out with
her tongue against the spongy tip and groaned as her
own orgasm pounded through her loins.

She knew she would take whatever the pair had in
store for her and satisfy their lust driven needs until
they were fully spent and satisfied with her degradation.
She also knew that she would satisfy herself and perhaps
at some point these two would share a spot in her private
****** journal with images of them all sharing in these
same wicked perversions.

01-16-2008, 12:11 AM
Dont normally like pee storys but some more like that and i might change my mind

01-17-2008, 03:25 AM
Would someone send me a personal note on how to upload the picture to go with the story? I haven't done that before. If there are directions somewhere in the membership discussion, please just direct me to them. Thanks! I'd like to try to come up with something for this contest...

01-17-2008, 01:21 PM
Hi Fyre! I think you need to use the "Post reply" button and not the Quick reply" option...
hahah - someone surely did PM you about it by now anyways. Good luck - looking forward to more pictures :D

01-17-2008, 04:29 PM
Jasmine's Captivity

Jasmine hung from the shackles holding her wrists limply, hoping that by not putting too much pressure on her hands, that they wouldn’t swell up again. Her boots slid on the slick surfaces of the granite scattered below the cliff. She twisted, looking up. Almost time, he would be coming then, and he would let her down again.


She had grown quite accustomed to her routine. Hung ‘to dry’ as he called it each morning, just before the sun came up, being taken down for ‘play time’ sometime around noon. She didn’t like play time, not at all. They made her do such filthy things, degrading her in every way possible.

Jasmine wriggled her bottom against the rocky outcropping and wondered if he would know if she went pee now. If he would smell it when he came back and punish her. She hated being punished more than she hated play time.

Squinting into the sunlight to assure herself one more time that he wasn’t coming yet, she let out that first tentative squirt of piss, it hit the hot rocks with a hiss and made her need to go all the more urgent.

Jasmine tilted her head back, letting go of her bladder muscles, releasing a hot and heavy flow of sweet nectar colored piss. Just then she heard steps on the rocks, a twig snapped. Startled she tried to gather back her control but her bladder was at it’s fullest and could not be contained anymore.

“ You little whore, did you waste all that sweet piss on the rocks?’ Jarrod tipped back his head with a cruel chuckle. Hands on his hips, he was a very large man, broad-chested and muscled arms that were made for working…or whipping.

“Well, that’s alright. But you’ll have to be punished for that little no-no.” He chuckled again, his mind already on the sweet prize awaiting him. He could have taken that prize any time he wanted, but he was a man of scruples, He wanted the little bitch to fuck up before he punished her good.

Jerking Jasmine cruelly from her bonds, he began dragging her down the grueling path back to the house. Back for playtime.

Inside the house, Jarrod’s son Wade waited. He knew his father was bringing the whore in to play, and couldn’t wait. This would be his first time to be allowed to participate, and his cock was aching more powerfully than it ever had before. Standing nearly 6’5” at 15, he was a big boy, guaranteed to be every bit as large as his father one day, his eyes scanning the horizon through the bay windows in the old ranch house.

Just then the door flew open and he hurried to help his Dad drag in Jasmine.

“Hey Jasmine” he whispered, softly brushing his fingertips across his step sister’s cheek.

Jasmine’s mom had died the year before, leaving her daughter from a previous marriage to Jarrod and Wade’s cruel games.

Seating himself on the large metal chair in the laundry room, Jarrod pushed Jasmine to the floor.

“Kneel bitch, like a good little doggie. C’mere boy! Time for you to be a man!” Jarrod’s deep laughter echoed through the house.

Wade sat in the floor next to Jasmine, pulling her on his lap and chuckling as she wiggled. Stripped bare, there was no doubt as to how much of a man Wade already was. His body was covered in a light dusting of jet black hair and his cock was a restless monster of full grown proportions.

He lifted Jasmine easily in one hand as maneuvered his cock to her puckered ass ring.

“You’ve been a bad girl Jasmine. You have to take your punishment.” Jarrod preached as he rubbed his own cock, aroused by the show.

Wade pushed against Jasmine’s tight rectum, stretching the ring so that it bulged around the head of his cock.

“Ohhhh” he grunted, feeling her asshole grasp him like a velvet glove.

She whimpered pathetically and wiggled. The slight wiggling must have aroused Wade all the more because he lifted his hips off of the tile floor and jammed as much of his cock that would fit, up her tender ass.

“AAAAH!” Jasmine screamed in pain and fear, her bladder letting loose with a mind of it’s own. Piss flowed down over Wade’s cock and balls, coating them with the hot sweet substance.

“Oh fuck! That’s right you dirty whore, piss on my cock, get it all nice and wet so I can ram it up that ass some more!” Wade punctuated each word with a thrust, penetrating her inflamed shit tube even further.

“Hahha, guess the little bitch didn’t get done pissing outside!” Jarrod cackled standing over the pair.

“Might as well add some more fuel to the fire!” With that, he let his own stream of dark yellow piss flow out over the fully mated couple. His piss struck Jasmine’s splayed cunt with enough force that she moaned, the hot stream adding to her sensory overload.

“Mmm, you like it don’t you Jassie” Wade grunted, and grasped the pipe above his head for better leverage as he thrusted furiously in and out of Jasmine’s asshole.

“Awww fuck! Oh oh, I’m gunna cum! Shit!” He yelled as he released stream after stream of burning cum up her butt.

Finished with his very first turn, Wade pushed Jasmine to the floor where she promptly curled into a tight ball.

“Good girl Jasmine, now it’s time for Daddy!” chuckled Jarrod.

01-18-2008, 10:25 AM
Oh boy... seems like Lady Raven has posted a burning hot contribution here...
Wow.... strong favourit of mine :-D
*licks Lady raven's neck*