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01-14-2008, 05:32 AM
"Honey, lets fuck the babysitter" (MF, Mf, Ff, ped, oral, size, squirt
By Gia1978 2007

Just when I thought I could not cum like this one more time, she sucked my swollen clit between her puffy lips again and I felt my entire lower region begin to cramp once more. My ******* tried to push Chris's **** out as I started to squirt across her pretty face for the sixth or seventh time that night.

Not too bad, since I had only regained my interest in sex in the last two months or so.

I guess that's a weird way to introduce myself... let me start over. My name is Theresa Mary Carlton. Well, it's been Carlton for about four years now. Before that, my last name was Camesi. Anyway, I got pregnant when I was 24 by this guy... ok... my husband. But he was just some guy I was fucking at the time. Christian had just turned 30, and damn was he hot! A couple inches over 6 feet and really buffed up. Not like "steroid" buff, but "way too much time in a gym" buff.

Sorry, I get scattered... and I have a lot of info to give you in a short time. So, I met Chris in a bar downtown, on a fetish night. I got drunk, we fucked, and I ended up with a new boyfriend. Shortly after that I ended up preggers. I told him no way to an abortion. He proposed, I said maybe. Eight months later we got married, and a month after that, I had Sam.

Now that is the start of this great stories here on bluestories her is a little more that happens a little later in the story.

I woke up as Chris climbed into bed with me. I looked at the blurry clock and saw it was almost one in the morning. I rolled over to kiss him and the smell of ***** hit my nose. Fresh ***** juice! I sat straight up, and felt sober instantly!

"You ****** her, you *******!" I barked at him!

"Teri, hang on... let me explain..." my husband stammered as he pulled away from me to stand next to the bed.

He was naked and his **** was half hard, and still shining with ***** juice. A sixteen-year-old girls juice!

"What's to explain, you prick? You just ****** a child!" I snapped at him, pointing at his half limp ****.

I was not angry, but I was sure as hell sounding like I was. Why wasn't I angry? ****.. what was I feeling? Oh ****! I felt left out! I felt jealous! I wanted to **** her too! I felt a flush of embarrassment as it slammed through my fuzzy, drunken head.

Chris stuttered out a pitiful explanation of how Nicole made the first move, of how she was relentless in her seduction on the way to her house. My ***** began to drip as his story unfolded. My nipples stood straight out and betrayed my true feelings, as I tried to act like the scorned wife!

Then it happened. Chris grinned at me. He looked at my nipples standing away from my tits and he grinned and pointed at my little tattlers.

"You ******* bitch! You're turned on right now! Oh my God, You want to **** her too!"

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