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The Sexual Adventures of Britney Fucking Spears:
Visitation Rights
w/ Britney Spears
A TPG short
(MF, anal)

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are easily offended STOP READING! Feel free to send any comments, suggestions and death threats...

3:42pm, Beverly Hills, California

Having spent the entire afternoon shopping in the Californian sun, 26-year-old Britney Jean Spears hurriedly sped through the quiet Sherwood residence, rushing to get home with the paparazzi in close pursuit. As the troubled pop diva arrived home, a multitude of flashes bulbs flickered outside the large gated estate, and despite the huge crowd Britney floored her vehicle, causing a number of photogs to yell out in panic and scramble to get out of her way.

Meanwhile inside the mansion, the entire house vibrated as the loud electric garage door came to life and proceeded to open. Hearing her vehicle approach the house, I grinned to myself. She was an hour late, and today I had gone to extra lengths to sneak into her place without being seen. Still, I couldn’t entirely blame her for her tardiness as the court had finally granted her visitation rights to her kids and Britney was now obligated to see them on the weekends.

Truth be told Britney didn’t care much for her children, and would rather leave them in the care of her ex husband, serial fuck-up Kevin Ferderline. But in the interests of not looking like a complete tramp and self-indulgent bitch, which she was, Britney faked interest and agreed to see them on a weekly basis. With her two young sons strapped securely in the back of the vehicle, the large garage door finally opened completely and Britney hastily steered her white, battered, $200,000 Dollar Mercedes into the spacious garage.

Finishing my glass of champagne, I then swaggered my way into the garage and awaited her arrival, eager to see her. It was then as Britney maneuvered the vehicle into the house that our eyes met and she instantly smiled – clearly delighted to see me. It had been at least a month since our last rendezvous, and I smirked to myself as I realized just how excited and how much I suddenly craved some hot pop-diva pussy. The alcohol had clearly given me a little buzz.

As Britney’s car finally came to a stop, I then stepped over to the driver’s side of the vehicle and impatiently opened her door. Just then, as the garage door finally shut behind us, I suddenly leaned over and greeted her with a long, deep, passionate kiss – startling her. Still chewing gum, Britney giggled briefly before returning the gesture, parting her lips and thrusting her sweet bubble gum flavored tongue into my mouth.

As per usual the one time pop sensation was dressed casually and clad in just a very short flimsy floral print dress, boots, and cowboy hat. In recent times the bitch really had the worse taste in clothes, but despite this, Jesus she could be so hot when she wanted to be. Britney was the type of girl who believe it or not was quite reserved and shy in her personal life – all be it a little gullible and na´ve. But once you hit her buttons and got her going, look out!

Making out right there in the car, I then reached down and groped her large breasts through her sheer clothes, causing her to sigh with delight and kiss me harder, almost encouraging me to go further. With that my hand immediately snaked its way down her body and between her bare legs. It seemed that her dress was so short that in the car it hiked up considerably and gave me unrestricted access to her underwear.

Slipping my fingers between her legs, I then proceeded to grind and rub the palm of my hand against her warm crotch, riling a soft moan from her and causing her legs to instinctively part just a little. Braking our kiss for just a moment, I then proceeded to lay soft tender kisses along her neck, ear, and throat, showing her just how much I missed and wanted her.

Giggling and cooing sweetly, Britney simply sat there with her seatbelt on, and the car still running while I had my greedy way with her and molested her amazing body. In all the commotion it seemed she barely had time to shift the gear lever into park much less turn the vehicle off, and caught up in the moment she took my head in both hands and ran her fingers through my hair as she matched my passion.

“Ohh god!” she whimpered between kisses, while I now sucked on her neck.

“I missed you so much!” she breathed softly, “I need you today. I need you bad!”

That was all I needed to hear.

With that, I then gave her pretty little pussy another poke through her panties and instantly felt her swivel her hips up and against my hand, clearly encouraging me. Aroused, I then bunched up her underwear with my hand and before she could react I pulled her panties to the side to make direct contact with her pussy – watching as she arched her back and gave out a long, deep groan.

It seemed that with all the recent dramas and pressures in her life she desperately wanted to be touched, fucked, and played with – and I was more than eager to please. To my delight I immediately noticed that Britney had recently shaved her cooch, in anticipation of our meeting, and was now totally shaved clean. Without waiting a single moment I then grinned to myself as I abruptly thrust two of my long fingers deep inside her searing bald cunt – making her moan out loud for the first time and shove her long wet tongue deep into the back of my throat.

Right away Britney’s knees parted and her legs spread wide while she leaned back hard into the seat and rolled her hips in a circular motion. Meanwhile mauling her throat I then left a noticeable love bit on her neck and began to finger-fuck her sweet snatch right there in the garage, pistoning two then three of my long digits in and out of her burning slot. As expected, her pussy was sopping wet!

“Nnnnghh yesss...” She moaned into my ear before sucking on my earlobe, all the while I finger banged her fervently right there in the car.

Only later did I fully appreciate just how disturbing the scene was considering her infant children sat quietly in the back, strapped to their seats and watching intently as their 26-year-old mother was molested in the front. Still, her sons were quite young and I assumed, and hoped, they wouldn’t remember anything. Fooling around, it was then I felt Britney reach between our bodies and glide her hand across my pants, eagerly caressing my hard-on and making quite clear what she wanted.

Realizing just how hard I actually was for her, we then looked into each other’s eyes briefly and I watched as a sly grin began to form across her face, as usual she was more than impressed with my package and wanted some cock, NOW! Without delay I then snatched my fingers away from her sopping cunt, noting the soft groan of disappointment in her voice, and proceeded to unzip my pants and reveal my thick trouser snake.

Without wasting a single moment Britney then shamelessly leaned out of the car door with her head and hungrily took my throbbing member into her warm mouth. Gripping the base with her fist, she then sucked and slurped on it noisily, feverishly – just like the true cock hungry little whore I had always known and loved her to be. Pausing for just a single moment, Britney then reached back to undo her restraints, and having slipped off her seatbelt she quickly proceeded to blow me in earnest – using both of her hands to cup and stroke me.

With that, I then grabbed the back of her head and watched in delight as she sucked me keenly – now bobbing her head up and down enthusiastically. Reaching down to her dress I then let one of the thin straps fall off her shoulder, and finding her braless underneath, smirked to myself as I freely exposed and groped her large breasts – tweaking and playing with her thick brown puffy dark nipples. They truly were unique.

Pulling my member out of her mouth, Britney then pointed my prick up towards the ceiling and proceeded to fervently lick and suck the length of my shaft and balls, only pausing to spit and drool all over it. Smearing her warm spit all along my shaft, she then glanced up at me mischievously as she proceeded to stroke my shaft with her hand while taking one of my balls into her mouth – eagerly slurping on it.

“Nnghh yeah, you’re such a good little cock sucker, Brit!” I told her, “A real dirty little cock sucker!”

Hearing this Britney responded by winking up at me appreciatively, and teasing me, she then slowly leaned back and skillfully formed a long rope of saliva which trailed from her lips to my cock. The vision was breathtaking and turned me on so much that I groaned with delight and impatiently grabbed hold of the back of her head and thrust my prick into her hot mouth, immediately thrusting it into the back of her mouth.

Squirming about initially, I held her tight as I then proceeded to fuck and deep throat her face – teaching her a lesson. Shoving almost all of my manhood down her gullet, I then watched in awe as her face turned red, then blue. Falling quiet for just a moment, I then watched in wonder as her pretty brown eyes began to roll into the back of her head and a number of veins appeared in her neck and forehead – from the strain and lack of oxygen.

Suddenly, Britney gagged, coughed abruptly, and drooled and slobbered all over my tool.

“NNNGGH—AAHH!!!” she panted, wiping her chin of spittle while her eyes flooded with tears.

It was disgusting, yet incredibly exciting to see this cock hungry bitch almost pass out on cock. She really loved cock! Chuckling evilly to this display, she then grunted and attempted to pull away, desperately gulping for fresh air. Then to my amazement Britney didn’t waste another moment, and willingly, repeated the entire process again – apparently enjoying the tortuous action of making herself choke and gag over my cock.

Once again, she fell quiet and seemed to stop breathing as my member slid all the way down into the back of her narrow throat. It was an incredible feeling, and from her talented technique, I guessed this wasn’t the first time she had tried it. She was quite the gifted little sword swallower.

“Uuurgh nnnnghhh! AHHH!!” she grunted, spitting and spluttering noisily.

Drooling uncontrollably, a number of thick strands of spit now dribbled down her chin and over her breasts and body, even soaking her panties. Admiring her sluttish handy work, it was then I grabbed her roughly by the head, cocked her head back abruptly and causing her to whimper, and with her mouth hung open I then spat right into her open gullet – degrading her. To my astonishment, this action only seemed to rouse her more, and shocked she moaned and fidgeted in her seat, grinding her pussy into the leather seat.

“Urgh—OHH!” she whimpered wantonly.

“Mmm yeah! You’re suck a sexy little cock sucker, aren’t you!” I told her, “A sexy little cock hungry whore!”

Britney moaned and whimpered around in her seat, seemingly aroused and incredibly excited – dropping a single hand between her legs and casually rubbing her crotch. With that I then grabbed her roughly by the arm and hauled her out of the car. Hiking her short dress up to her waist, I then yanked her soiled panties down to her ankles and spun her around – bending her over by the side of the vehicle and directing her to stick out her bare butt.

With this Britney simply mumbled, “Mmm yeah, do it!”

Bent over, Britney’s panties now pooled around her cowboy boots as I lined up my cock and impatiently impaled her. Giving her thick round rump a playful slap for good measure, Britney shrieked briefly as I then tugged on her long mane and proceeded to fuck her steadily from behind. Fucking her mercilessly for several moments, I suddenly found myself laughing, finding the entire scene amusing as there through the window I could clearly see her two young boys innocently staring at mommy outside – as she was being fucked for dear life!

Little did they know the life they had ahead of them, I thought, knowing that despite their mother being one of the most famous celebrities on earth, she was also a drug addicted, fame obsessed, cock-hungry crack whore! I almost felt sorry for them, putting them through such a depraved show, then again they were way too young and would most probably not remember a single thing – I hoped for their sake.

Tugging on her hair some more, I then slapped her luscious ass once again and fucked her roughly – now driving into her hard and fast. Britney seemed to really get off on this and gripped the vehicle in front of her to steady herself.

“Oh yeah!” she moaned, “Come on, uurghhh... fuck me!! FUCK MEEE!!!”

Pumping into her fervently, Britney moaned out loud before my cock suddenly slipped out of her slick chasm, making us both groan in disappointed. Sticking it to her once again, I soon slipped out. It was then I finally took matters into my own hands and without warning took her by the arm and hauled her into the house, straight towards the bedroom. Incredibly aroused, Britney stripped as she walked, leaving her clothes strewn all over the hall.

By the time we arrived to her bed she was totally naked and immediately took charge. Pushing me onto the bed, with a sly grin on her face she then impatiently straddled me. In an instant she then aligned my cock between her legs and impaled herself, stuffing herself with my meat. Riding me hard, I then watched in awe as her large excited breasts bounced freely above me – her thick brown nipples standing at full attention.

“Ohh uhh urgh uughhh yeah!” she moaned repeatedly, her eyes closed as she gripped my chest.

Just then, Britney suddenly stopped what she was doing, and clearly riled up, proceeded to pivot in place and change position, sitting up straight and turning her back to me to ride me reverse cowgirl style. With that she then leant forward slightly and proceeded to shake her hips once again, fucking me steadily and grinding her sweet snatch over me.

Gripping her hips, I then watched in amazement as her luscious round ass repeatedly swallowed my tool. It was then Britney picked up the pace, and a lewd loud slapping sound soon rang out. I just couldn’t believe how wet she was!

“Urghh nnghh nghh uuughhh!” she grunted as the crude slapping sound grew louder, faster.

Aroused, I then slapped her fat butt firmly, making her shriek, before floating my fingers towards her alluring little butthole. Feeling my probing finger wander around her backdoor, Britney seemed to go into a sexual frenzy – arching her back aggressively and flicking her head wildly from side. It seemed she yearned to be fucked, and just the mere thought of any ass play turned her on immensely.

Without wasting another moment, I then carefully slipped my finger into her searing tight sphincter – watching as she winces and thrashed about before me.

“Ooh ohhhhhh!” she let out – her entire body stiffening and glistening in sweat.

With that Britney then leaned all the way forward, rubbing her chest and nipples into the mattress in front of her all the while she continued to wiggle and shake her heavy hips and butt over my rod – repeatedly engulfing my cock. Sinking most of my index finger deep inside her searing butt, I then wiggled it about inside which caused her groan and shudder wildly.

It was then she glanced over her shoulder to flash me a sexy stare – her forehead covered in a sheen of sweat as a wicked grin formed across her face. Britney just loved to get nasty and really got off on anal. Fingering her sweet asshole while I fucked her, Britney then proceeded to move slowly, relishing the double penetration. In turn the sensation of her tight hot sphincter twitching and milking my finger firmly caused my cock to throb and grow further inside her.

Incredibly aroused, it was then I suddenly withdrew my probing digit and pushed her forward – off my now slimy tool and onto the mattress below her. Throwing her about, Britney could only respond with giggles, knowing the affects her devious body had one me.

“Hmm, you like that don’t you,” she giggled, “You love playing with my ass.”

Ignoring her, I then kneeled up directly behind her and grabbed her roughly by the hips – pulling her back towards me and positioning her on all fours, and in an impromptu doggy style position. Placing her in her favorite stance Britney immediately proceeded to contort her spine, grunt and buck her body back against me, almost begging for me to take her. It really was a sight to see, even after all her troubles and weight gain. As I admired her I couldn’t help but think she was truly born to be fucked this way.

Without further ado I then fulfilled her craving wish and stuffed my cock inside her from behind, filling her completely. Moaning out loud, I then gripped her by the shoulders and proceeded to fuck her steadily from behind, hard and deep. A moment later Britney then began to blush brightly as a lewd and vulgar sucking and quaffing sound emanated from her sopping wet cunt.

Initially embarrassed, Britney soon shut her eyes and thrashed about violently, grunting loudly and drowning out the crude sounds of her body with her moaning voice. Flicking her hips intensely, it was then I abruptly pulled out of her sloppy cunt, and without warning proceeded to rub the end of my juice coated prick against her searing backdoor.

Almost immediately Britney jumped with apprehension and attempted to move away but I held her tightly in place. A moment later Britney gasped and her eyes shot wide as I invaded her glorious backdoor. Biting her bottom lip she then gave out a long low anguished moan, as I then grabbed her roughly by her mane and proceeded to fuck her mercilessly.

Filling her ass adequately, Britney grunted, “Urrghhh fuckkkk!!! Nnnghh yesss!! Fuck meee... so good babbby!!! NNNNGHHH YESS!! Fill my ASSSSS!!!”

Pumping her ass for all I was worth, it was then she proceeded to shriek out loudly as she apparently approached her orgasm. Bathing my tool with her hot juices, I then lost control and proceeded to cum and paint the inside of her anal passage in hot white sticky jizz. Blowing chunks deep inside her tight anus, I then reluctantly pulled out and watched in awe as my goo slowly oozed out of her twitching asshole.

Exhausted, I then fell beside her on the mattress, trying to catch my breath. With that we both just lay looking at each other and chuckling hysterically, still reveling in our shared sexual bliss. Just then, we were then both startled out of our day dream as we heard a very loud bang! It seemed in all the commotion, Britney and I had totally forgotten about her car and the kids, who as far as we knew were still strapped in tight in the back of her car!

It seemed that while we enjoyed ourselves inside, the car had slipped out of gear and slowly rolled back into the garage door – crash into it.

“Oh fuck! The car!” she yelled as she hopped out of bed – not a stitch of clothing on her.

As she rushed out of the room, her sexy ass jiggling down the hall, I lay giggling to myself finding it amusing that the first thing she was apparently concerned about was her $200,000 dollar Mercedes, and not the children.

“Yep, that’s Britney fucking Spears for you.”

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Great to see you back again

Thanks for the new story

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nice story gald to have you back and posting, its always nice reading your story's
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Thanks guys. Yep, with all the daily dramas going on in Brit Brit's live, I'm hoping to start this as a series...

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makes u wonder lol good story cant wait to see the series