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01-18-2008, 03:14 PM
I'm Karen, a 28 year old single woman living alone at a small appartment. This is what happened a few weeks ago.

During Christmas holidays my cousin came to visit me after she went Christmas shopping. I didn't expect her, and because I just came out of the shower, I only wore a bath wrap when I opened the door. It was quite some time ago since I last saw her, so I was glad to see her again. She is 16 and start looking like a real woman. I let her in, apologizing that I just came out of the shower, and offered her a drink. We talked about our life and family.
When I refilled her glass, I bent over and she could peek into my bath wrap. She smiled and said that I had beautiful breasts. She was hoping that hers would still grow because she found them to small right now. I said that they looked firmly and well-shaped, as far as I could see under her clothes, but she wasn’t really happy with them. She asked if she could have a better look at mine. I warned her that I didn’t wear any panties, so if I opened my bath wrap she would see me completely naked. She didn’t had a problem with that, so I opened my wrap. She looked at my boobs and at my shaven pussy and said I looked wonderful. She would like to have some breasts like mine. Then she asked if she could touch them. Because I was already quite excited by showing her my body, I allowed her. My nipples reacted immediately and got hard. She smiled and asked if I liked her touching so much. I had to admit it was a nice feeling.
Then she asked how and how frequently I shave my pussy. She doesn’t shave and she wanted to know how soft it was. I said she could feel it if she wanted. So she put her hand on my pussy and started caressing it. Now I really got excited. I opened my legs so she could better reach it. She noticed that I was getting wet and asked if she should continue. I almost begged her not to stop. A few moments later I got an orgasm. I was embarrassed and apologized to my cousin. She only smiled and said it was the first time she made another woman come. I said she knew very good what to do. She admitted that she was practising quite often on herself.
Unfortunately she had to leave then, otherwise her mum would get worried. She asked me not to tell anything about what happened to her or my mum. Of course I wouldn’t, I’m not crazy. When she left, she said she should visit me more. I could only agree.

01-18-2008, 05:07 PM
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