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My wife was gone on vacation, which left me and my daughter to fend for our own. Not that it was all that difficult, we loved hanging out together. We had the kind of relationship were we could talk just about anything. I said just about, I reserved the sexual conversations for her mother. The only thing I knew was that she had gone on the pill and as a dad there are some things about your daughter you just don’t want to know. In this case, ignorance is bliss.

Later on that afternoon when she had gotten home from school, my daughter approached me.

“Dad, can I have a slumber party tonight?”

“I don’t know honey. Did you finish all of your homework?”

“Dad, it is Friday. You know that I do all of my work on Sunday nights. Anyways, I got all “A’s” on my last report card.”


“Anyways is not a word, I know Dad.”

“Well, honey, considering how well you have been doing in school, I guess you have earned the right to have a fun night.”

I have to admit that I had ulterior motives as well. My daughter was on the cheerleading squad which consisted of some wonderful eye candy. What better than to have a bunch of teenage girls running around the house in bikinis?

So the evening came and my daughter had invited four of her friends over to hang out for the night. All of them were beautiful to look at and as much as I hate to admit it, my daughter was the hottest of them all.

There was another girl that stood out from the crowd – Tiffany. She was a very flirtatious girl. Anytime she came over, she would find a way to be alone with me and tease me. This girl knew how to work a man.

I went to the other side of the house to check on the steaks that were on the ‘que. This gave me a good vantage point to check out the young flesh that we now laying around my Jacuzzi. Man, these girls were hot.

“Do you like what you see Mr. Johnson?”

I had not realized that there was one less body with the girls and now my daughter’s friend, Tiffany, stood behind me. Having been caught there was only one thing left to do.

“Yes Tiffany, I think that my daughter has some beautiful friends.”

“You do not think that Lily is hot.”

“Yes I do, Tiff. But she is my daughter and Dad’s should not look at their daughter’s that way. However if you have to know, I do think my daughter is beautiful.”

“mmmm Mr. Johnson, this is a good spot. From where my friends are, no one can see me do this.”

Tiffany reaches around my body and under my apron. She grabs my **** and starts to rub it. This girl was already an expert at 16. I close my eyes to enjoy the moment. I whisper in her ear,

“Hey Tiffany, do not start what you cannot finish.”

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nicely done, makes me want to

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Good choice for this week.

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