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all nighter
01-21-2008, 09:08 AM
School swimming carnivals were a pain, the only up side to them was being able to see the girls in their, tight or sometimes one size to small one piece swim suits. School issue of course but still, enough for the able mind of a 17 yr male to envisage the tantalising wonders held in place, by the sometimes tight, blue lycra material.

It was the senior section of the college, that was having the carnival, which meant that it was years 11 & 12, due to the VCE finals soon, we didn’t have to worry about the lower years making the day longer. Looking through the crowd of my fellow students, that had bothered to involved in it, I was able to pick out several faces and their respective bodies I had, had the pleasure
of sampling over the past year, it was in some cases, the odd feeling of a breast, the circling finger on a outer pussy lip, a few who had no problems with a full digit insertion, oh the memories.

The girls involved with the said mentioned playing, most from the 12 group, were either looking at me or, trying to coyly have a peak without letting on to their boyfriends that sat next to them, totally oblivious to the fact I had done more to, and for their girlfriends, than their girlfriends would let them do themselves. If you follow my meaning.

I’m quite tall for my age, 17, around 6’6”, was always know as a “freak”, when I was younger, seems that my long tongue, not Gene Simmons long, but still way longer than the other guys & a fair size dick around a smallish 8 ½ to 9 inches, ok for someone still in year 11. Had gotten more than the odd “oh my god, is that real?” or the more pitiful from the jealous and very unsure jocks, “hey did someone call the fire brigade” as for my overall physique it, was of a fairly athletic build, so the P.E teacher keeps telling me, not too sure of him, the thought of him still makes me shudder. I don’t work out, weight training or that, just have a natural talent and physique, which really piss’s off the so called sports heroes of the school. Knobs most of them.

I got bored with the swimming, mainly coz the guys were swimming, not interested in puffed up tiny tims in small Speedos, trying to impress some girl in the stands that’s not even looking. I headed off to the change rooms, no-one around and stood under an ice cold shower, properly not a good idea, as cold showers have the opposite effect on me, as might be suggested by someone from the clergy. As I was wearing ¾ length board shorts, not school approved swimming attire, which was mainly not to give too much away in the middle leg region. It was ok to have a cold shower, as long as I didn’t think about ice cubes, I’d be fine, and for once I was.

I just left the change rooms still dripping, when one off the girls in my class, who I have had my eye on for most of the day, Kate, bumped into me, dropping her walkman, she looked a tad shitty with me, but I was surprised when she turned around in front of me bend over, letting her ass pass straight over the length of my short covered dick, she stayed there for a few seconds, stood up smiled and walked off. I watched her head off to her friend Jodie, another of my classmates who never seemed interested in me in any way shape or form.

Now Kate is at a push about 5’7” tall, slender build, narrow waist, big hips with a really nice ass, and a descent sized set of tits, shoulder length light brown hair, who really likes AC/DC, but hey who doesn’t. As for Jodie she is around the same height, dark brown hair, fair size perky tits, hips nowhere near as big as Kate’s, but still a very nice ass.

They both looked over gave a little wave, giggled to themselves, and turned away. I headed back where my bag of stuff was, all the while thinking about Kate’s firm ass, I knew I couldn’t think to long about it, as the pants python, was on the move and a tent pole in the front of ya board shorts, really ain’t a good look. Put my dark tinted sunnies on, which is always a good thing to have as no-one can see where your eyes are looking. I could be staring you in the face but my eyes, may just be giving you the once over, which is what I was doing.

The rest of the day was as boring as it began. With all the events done and dusted, we were allowed to leave early, so headed for the buses parked out front, Kate & Jodie were one of the last to get on the bus, headed down the back and sat on the seat in front of me, sly smiles from both as they sat down.

They waited til most of the others had left, to make it around to the long back seat with me. Kate sat near me, Jodie one seat over to Kate’s left.

Kate looked at me said “so, how was your day”

I looked at her and replied, “Not too bad, bit bored, a bit.....teased, but ok”

A shy smile crossed her lips, which is not to say she’s a shy girl. By this time Jodie had turned to face both Kate and I, that’s when I noticed that she was sitting with her legs slightly apart so I had a clear view of her creamy thighs and the unobstructed view of her pussy, she had changed but left her panties off. Such a tease. I turned my attention back to Kate, not that it was easy with Jodie moving her skirt up every so often.

Kate went on to say, “you know, I have always heard that you were a big boy but after that brief encounter I have to say I misjudged you”.

“Really”, was all I could say to that! I was going to ask her what she wanted to do about seeing the it uncovered when Jodie leaned in and asked point blank “can I see it......... as in now”, well Kate's eyes light up, “yeah ...... come on, whip it out”.

I had a quick look up the bus no one seemed to be interested in us at the back so I discreetly slip my boardies down, so my bare ass was on the seat and my cock was over the top of the waist band. Both girls in unison gasped when they saw it. Jodie was pushing Kate closer to me in the vacant seat so I was boxed in, by the both of them. Without a word they both ran the long slender fingers up the length of my shaft and taking turns small circles on the top. The girls then both lent in a bit closer and wrapped their hands around the shaft, feeling it growing more and more in their hands. Here I was having a double hand job, of sorts, by 2 girls, down the back of a school bus, really was a head spin, the one on my shoulders not the other one.

Jodie moved from her spot on the outer, to my right, so with girl either side they continued stroking, and caressing my fully erect dick. I noticed Jodie have a look down the other end of the bus, then slid down onto the floor, leaning over my lap and start to flick the tip with her tongue. Kate hissed quietly “you bitch, you bet me to it”. I decided to move into the corner and turn towards where Kate sat, Jodie moved passed my leg, so she was now in between my legs licking the underside of my shaft and balls, Kate now had a chance for a taste, herself.

Not wanting to be out done, Kate opened her mouth as wide as she could and did her best to take the length in one go, gagged, and thought better of it. I just sat back and let them take turns at polishing my knob, now covered in a combination of pre-cum and saliva from the 2 of them. I t was a bus ride that would take around 25mins til we were to depart, Jodie and I; Kate’s stop was before ours, so we still had time.

I asked a question of them both “so if I’m to blow is it gunna be a shared job, one mouth them the other or is one of you going to swallow the lot?”
In between the quiet slurps, they worked out it was to be shared. Hey, I don’t care as long as it ain’t left to dry on my short fronts. I do have priorities.

Now this would be a bit of a test for me, as I usually don’t blow, if I receive a head job, so having a tandem chewie would soon see if I do. I looked out the window to see where we were, and as we were only 15mins from our drop off not that I was timing it, just wasn’t going to get caught with my pants down....again.

And I was no closer to launching, I asked them if they wanted to wait and continue when we got to the bus stop. This was a problem as Kate; as if Kate was to stay on til Jodie and I left she had no way of getting home. So I made a suggestion, that Kate stays at Jodie’s this weekend, and I’ll drop by they can finish what they started, without any hastles, and there would be more room to stretch out. They looked at each other, and for a moment I thought that this was just a mega tease from them, Kate said “ok, we will organise it” followed by Jodie’s demand “that once you do come to see us, you will have to fuck us both”

I just looked at them shook my head and replied “well........ If I have to fuck you........ then I will just have to FUCK!!!! You”.

I helped Jodie up off the floor; she licked my cock on the way up.

I looked at them one at a time and casually said “so who gets it up the ass first?”

They looked at each other, and then down to my lap, shook their heads as if to say “like fuck that’s going in my ass!!”

“My demand is that you BOTH, and I mean BOTH get an anal fucking, just remember the lube girls”

I pulled my shorts back up, sat back with a, I guess it was a smug cock sure look on my face.
We sat in silence for the last couple of minutes before Kate left, “see ya Saturday Kate” we both called out to her.

As the bus headed to our stop I placed my hand on Jodie’s inner thigh, then worked it up to her bare pussy, so very moist, and her lips were open for a fingering, which I obliged her. Sliding it up and down her slit, flicking the entry to her love hole with my finger, watching her work her hips up to my finger, teasing the entrance with just a flick or a gentle circling movement, watching Jodie’s eyes roll back into her head, her breathing was getting quicker, as where her hip upwards thrusts. I moved in so I was side by side to her, placed my index finger one side of her slit and my ring finger the other, I gentle spread her pussy lips apart and slowly worked my middle finger into her wet hot pussy, slowly moving in and out, her hips now in a rhythm with the digit insertion, I could tell she was getting so very close to going, I looked forward and noticed that we were only 2 streets from our stop, her younger brother was already moving from the middle of the bus to the front.

I jammed my finger right in, as far as I could from this angle working it around in circular motions in her hole, getting her right to the point of blowing. Then I removed my finger without warning, bend down picked up my back pack, looked at her and said “hey......... you coming....... or what?”, the look I got would have killed, had looks meant to be dangerous, she gave a lil snort of disgust, grabbed her bag and we both left the bus. As we walked over to where her mum was waiting, I reminded her of the stuff we will need for “our lil experiment on Saturday, some extra shouldn’t ....hurt”, gave a smile, and walked off.

I know I’m playing with fire, but sometimes it pays too. All I have to do know is get through Friday and Saturday will be my first ménage et trios.

To be cont........... on Saturday....... well It was.........


Friday was just the usual school day, a couple of maths classes, study sessions, really a bludge in the library, I saw Kate & Jodie, on the bus that morning, not much was said, still was getting daggers from Jodie, can’t think why. So I had come to the conclusion that Saturday get together was just a ploy, to see the python, oh well! Their loss!
That was until I opened my locker and found a note, which read;

I will be staying at Jodie’s, tonight, her folks & brother will be out all day, cum, around in the morning, about 10:30am
We hope you will join us.
P.s – we got the supplies.....

Having a quick look around so there were no sticky noses, I pocketed the note, shut my locker, and made the decision to leave early.

I got up around 9 am, Saturday morning, had nice long cold shower, always puts me in the mood, went back into my room and put on a sleeveless t-shirt, black army pants, studded belt with Jim Beam buckle, no boxers, I prefer it that way when not at school. Black basketball boots, for easy on & off, threw on a flannel shirt grabbed some change off the side table and left. It is a 30 minute walk to Jodie’s place, or a 15 minute bike ride, I decide to use the bike a 15spd mountain bike and stop off for a quick bite to eat on the way.

I finally arrived at Jodie’s place about 5 mins after the time put forward, didn’t want to seem desperate to shag them. I headed up the driveway, leaving my bike under the carport, knocking on the door. It was a few minutes before Jodie answered, and the sight before me was breathe taking, she had on a light dress, that finished just above her knees, the neck line was low, not a tight figure hugging fit, but graceful.

“Hi ho.......” I was cut off, by Jodie’s short, “you’re late”.

“Nice to be missed”. Jodie just cocked her head to one side and said “get in here”. Ok, that’s not the greeting I expected, but it could have been worse.

Jodie's parents place was nice, large, but had a cosy feel to it. I followed Jodie down the long hallway to the family area, where the two doors off to one side lead to Jodie & Michael’s bedrooms. Kate was sitting at the breakfast table; she got up wondered over to us and gave me a nice tongue filled kiss, followed by biting my lower lip. She just looked at me and said,”the bit was for being late”. Geez talk about being shitty, I think they got up on the wrong side of the bed.

I went over to the table and sat down. I looked back at the two of them stand next to the breakfast bar. Kate in a pale blue skirt, that stopped just past her knees, with a split up the side, looks like a wrap around, and a white sleeveless top, that allowed a view of the side of her breast, when she turned side on.

“We wondered if you got our note” Kate said not looking at me.

“Guess I did”, I replied. I looked directly at Jodie and asked her, “do you have any ice-cubes... you know.....ready to use”?

The girls just looked at each other the Jodie replied; “Yes”, but still unsure of why I would want ice-cubes.

“Could you put about 8 in a container, with just a small amount of water in the bottom, please”? Jodie nodded ok, and moved off to get the cubes & container; Kate was till trying to figure out my motives. As Jodie moved past the window I noticed that her dress, was somewhat see through in the sunlight, and from what I saw Jodie was sans panties. This got me thinking, had Kate gone same way.

Jodie inquired as to where I wanted the container, I told her to put it in her room. Whilst she was doing that I moved over to Kate, and gently ran my fingers up her arm, around her neck, ear, and down the middle of her back, she gave a little shudder, as I did went. Stopping deliberately at the base of her back not touching her ass, as much, as I really wanted too. Jodie had returned and was standing behind me, I felt her hand slide around my waist, and talking around the right of me, “starting without me are you”?

I looked down at her and replied, “Wouldn’t dream of it”, Kate & I said in unison.

I moved my left hand behind me, so I could run could feel Jodie's waist, she moved in close, I could feel her tits pressing into my back. Both of her hands were around my mid section, moving up under my t-shirt. Kate had moved her ass back to meet my crotch and was lifting herself up on her toes, so her butt was sliding up and down my growing member.

I extracted myself from this erotic sandwich, moving over to the couch, the girls followed, half a step behind. With Kate on my left and Jodie on my right they went to work on my belt, and the buttons on the front of my pants. Jodie had opted to kneel in front of me, while I started to gain entry into Kate's top and her ample tits that are hidden within. I noticed that Jodie had succeeded in getting the buttons undone and was lowering my pants to the floor, followed by a quick push, and I was sitting down, Kate knelt beside me, I cupped one breast in my hand gently squeezing the nipple, while sucking on the other, her hands moving along my thigh and brushing close to my balls.

Jodie had been working the full length of my cock, with her tongue, before taking the tip in her mouth. Kate was enjoying the treatment I was giving her tits, she had taken her top off and dropped it on the floor, I moved my right hand down her thigh, lifting up her skirt and squeezed her butt checks, her breathing had quickened, and she gasped as I lightly brushed passed her pussy lips with my finger.

Jodie was working the tip of my cock in her mouth, flicking it with her tongue, and going at it as though it was her dying wish. Running her tongue up the underside of the shaft, circling the tip and then engulfing half the length. She had tried to deep throat again, made it a bit further, than on the bus, but couldn’t do it without gagging. Kate had decided to move to the floor and have a taste as well. Jodie moved onto the couch, kneeling in towards my saliva cover cock, putting her ass in the air, I moved to the left, so I could reach her ass without any trouble. I lifted her dress up kissing her thighs and giving her butt cheeks a squeeze, with one hand and the other worked on the buttons down the front of her dress, to play with her tits.

“Oh my god...Kate” Jodie exclaimed.

I looked down to see Kate had taken just over two thirds of my cock down her throat, I could feel her tongue searching, flicking, then she stopped, removed my cock from her mouth, spit dribbled down her chin. “Hhmmm...... Just need to get that last 3 and a bit inches” she said,

“Well don’t do what Cinderella did when she got to the ball” I commented to Kate.

“Oh and what was that”?

“She choked”

“Careful there wise guy I’ve got a hostage here”, taking my dick in her hands circling the head with her finger nail.

Jodie laughed, but was soon distracted by my exploring fingers; I moved slowly my fingers around her cute little ass, working my way to her slit, which was far more trimmed than the other day. I gave her clit a flick; she shuddered, looked at me and whispered, “You owe me”

“You’ll get paid... and then some”, blowing her a kiss and smiling.

I made the suggestion that we should move to Jodie's bedroom, slowly the girls got up, Kate lingered, not wanting let my dick go from her mouth, but she eventually did. We moved off into Jodie's room; mind you I had to pull my pants up to walk a bit easier. Once in her room, we helped each other out of our clothes, the girls had taken the time to wax their pussies. Not just a quick shave or pluck, they had been a bit adventurous, Jodie was sporting a diamond shape thatch of hair; while Kate had trimmed hers to look like a landing strip, and I was soon to find out that their lips were as bare as their ass’s, and tastier.

I had found were Jodie had placed the ice-cubes, and moved them to a spot within reach. Standing, with both girls either side of me, both with one hand stroking my cock, their other squeezing my butt and caressing my lower back.

I grabbed an ice-cube, and placed it in my mouth; making sure is was warm enough to drip, but not cold enough to burn. Removing the cube, I held it in my closed hand just over Jodie's right breast, just as a drip dropped on to her nipple, she recoiled from the cold, her nipple becoming erect, I repeated the process on her other nipple, getting the same reaction, Kate noticed a glint in my eye, and commented to Jodie, “I think we are in for a treat”

“Or frost bite, that’s cold, Mark!”

I got Jodie to lie down on the sleeping bag on the floor, which I’m guessing is Kate’s. I sat on her right side Kate on the other, I put the ice-cube back in my mouth, this time I leant forward and started to lick and suck her nipple. The combination of my warm breath, and the cold ice-cube, had her lifting her breast up to meet my mouth.

“Oh wow... that’s great” she purred.

I had Kate put one in her mouth and do the same to Jodie's left breast. Jodie seemed to be little unsure of having another female sucking on her tits, but I think it was more that, I was seeing something they keep secret, and was soon enjoying the attention she was getting from both Kate & myself. I had moved my left hand down to her pussy, working her slit, flicking her pussy with the tip of my index finger.

She began to work her hips around in a circular motion to meet my exploring finger, her breathing became more rapid, I recognised this from the other day, I knew she was about to come, I quickened the pace of my fingers, as well as the nipple licking, Kate had also sensed the impending climax and had followed suit. with one quick movement, taking her by surprise, I inserted my middle finger, right to the knuckle, in her hot wet hole, sending her off on her first orgasm of the day, she sat up a bit her stomach muscles tensed as did her thighs, she clawed at the sleeping bag below her, her mouth open and a sound that was almost prime evil, that seemed to resinate from the back of her throat, came out, she shuddered, then lay back panting, finally inhaling deeply, “Holy shit!”, she exclaimed, still panting and her eyes rolling back in head, “oh yeah... that was great”

The last of the ice-cube I had, I placed in her pussy, doing so sent an aftershock through her, a look of you evil sod passed her face. Kate saw the funny side of it, and had a bit of a giggle.
Switching places Kate had the same treatment as Jodie had, her orgasm was somewhat quicker than Jodie's, and just as intense.

Kate wanted to try the ice-cube in the mouth routine on me, like I was going to stop that from happening. As I lay down Kate, ice-cube in mouth working away on my cock, again, I had Jodie straddle my face. I started to slowly lick her slit, and inner pussy lips, parting her outer lips with my thumbs for better access. I worked my way to her hole, the cool water slowly dribbling out, I lapped away at it, her hips moving from side to side front to back, trying to keep up with my tongue. I stopped and had a look past Jodie's snatch, to Kate, working my cock in & out of her mouth. Licking the shaft from balls to tip, with - I’m a horny slut look on her face. I smiled back at her, and then continued with the pussy feast at the tip of my tongue.

Now neither Kate nor Jodie knew about my long tongue, which is something they will. I teased Jodie's hole for a few minutes more, then inserted it a small way, licked around, much to her delight, then I inserted the whole length, fucking her with my tongue. I found the container of ice, felt around for a small cube, and grabbed it, still tongue fucking Jodie.

Kate had had enough of sucking my dick, she decided that she wanted to ride it; she had taken the ice-cube from her mouth and stuck it in her pussy, then moving up, straddled my waist, then with one hand holding the tip near her waiting hole she slid down onto my cock. Gave a little wiggle then slowly, moved up and down the length.

“God this feels better in my pussy than it did in my mouth” she said.

So Kate's getting off on my dick, Jodie's getting off on my tongue, and I’m trying not to get off just yet in Kate's tight pussy, as good as it felt I tried to block the wild sensations of her pussy by returning to the job at hand.
I slowly pushed the ice-cube into Jodie’s asshole, it slipped in easily, the cold, sending her off again into another orgasm, much bigger than her first, some much so I had my head squeezed by her contracted thighs, and her nails dug into my bare chest, leaving small welts, a couple baring blood.

I had noticed Kate had stop sliding up and down my dick, thinking that she was watching the orgasm of her friend, but not so. At first I thought that it was the head squeeze, which caused me to see a flash of light. NO!! It was Kate with a disposable camera, taking some fond memories photos. A close up of Jodie straddling my face, her coming, and after Jodie slid off, a couple of my crotch.

“Happy snaps huh!”

“Why not” was Kate's reply?

“Well put the camera down and get your pussy on my face, Jodie's done for... for a while anyway”

Kate moved up and sat her pussy on my face then laid down to continue sucking my cock, I pulled her ass cheeks part, and worked finger around her rose bud, she seemed to enjoy this, I didn’t wait, as I did with Jodie, before sticking my tongue in her wanting hole, her moans of pleasure only stifled by the mouth full of dick.

Kate come again, but instead of letting her move away from me, I held in place and continued to stick my tongue in, Kate had another orgasm, followed by several smaller ones, I removed my tongue, continued to lick her slit. Again more flash’s, Jodie was taking more picture. I was slightly blinded by the last one, a shot of just my eyes peering out from between Kate's ass cheeks.

I released my grip on Kate's waist, moved over to Jodie, turned her around on her hands and knees; I slid my cock up her slit, before plunging into her tight pussy. I worked the just the tip in her, teasing, light pokes, the slamming the full length home. Kate had crawled underneath for a better view, and some exploring hands, on both my balls and around to my ass cheeks, also Jodie's clit. The pleasure Jodie was getting made her go weak in the arms, so she lowered herself down, Kate parted her legs, and moaned as Jodie's tongue made contact with her, clit. I could feel a load was building; I spread Jodie's ass cheeks and pounded away.

“You two wanna share this first load?”

A muffled “oh yeah” from Jodie, followed by a “dam straight” from Kate.

“Ok then get ready”

I pulled out of Jodie, stood up, as the two girls scramble to get in front of me, their mouths wide open, tongues hanging out, I stroked my cock another dozen times.

“O...ok... here..... We....go”

The first wad went into Jodie's mouth, the second into Kate's, then as I spurted out more I moved from one mouth to the other. The two of them, mouths wide open, full of my spunk, kneeling there, pressed cheek to cheek, with a few strands of jism, tying them together. I reached for the camera, and snapped off a couple of quick shots.

They swallowed their mouth full of cum; they licked the rest of each other’s lips and cheeks. I moved in closer and they cleaned up the spunk still on the end of my knob.

“Well that was fun, we need to do it again sometime”, commented Jodie.

“You sound as though, we have finished” I replied.

She just looked at me, then to Kate, “you...umm... you still want to keep going?”

“Maybe a drink, then back into it, or we can just keep going now”
Kate's eyes lit up, nodding approval to Jodie, and willing her to continue.

“Well if you think you have the stamina than”, replied Jodie, throwing down a challenge. It seems she has read one too many Cleo mags, about eggtimer; fall asleep after three quick pussy pokes, type of guys.

Well.... she was in for a shock then.....they both were.


I thought I’d give the girls a breather, for a few minutes, but thought forget that. I had them lie on the bed, with their rears just at the edge; I knelt in front of them, and started to rub their pussies, occasionally licking one then the other. Whilst I licked one, & was rubbing the other, with my free hand, I grabbed two ice-cubes. I put one in each hand, and slowly moved the cubes up and down their pussies, across their ass cheeks, then in between their cheeks, inserting one ice-cube each, into their ass. Both the girls gasped, at the coldness of the cubes as it went in.

“Mmmmmm” they purred in unison.

They were both starting to squeeze their tits, and even each others. I was still fairly hard, not quite iron bar, but getting there. The sight of their pussies and asses on display like this was making the stiffness return quickly.

My finger followed the ice cubes into their asses, slowly, working it in & out, stopping so they could relax, and get used to the sensation. I only had the index finger on each hand, up to the first knuckle, not wanting to just jam the finger in & ruin any chance of partaking in these two delights. Then, only after
I felt their ass muscles relax a bit did I go in deeper. Twisting my finger in a clockwise motion and back out, using the melting ice-cubes as a quick lube. I had asked Jodie where the lube was, she said she’d get it. So I removed my finger from her ass, letting her get the tube from where they hid it. Kate was really getting off, having her ass fingered. She wanted more but I told her to wait for the lube.

“Fuck this feels great, I’m ssoooo glad you wanted to continue”

“The best is yet to cum” I replied.

“Oh fuck... it gets better....oooohhhh fuuck” moaning and wiggling her hips.

Jodie returned with the lube, I pulled my finger out of her ass, and had some lube squirted on it, then more in between Kate's ass cheeks, I re-inserted my finger it in her ass, all the way in, to the last knuckle, Kate moaning all the while, I worked it in. I adding more lube as I went, Jodie watching from over my shoulder, again with the camera, clicking away.

Once my finger slipped in and out of Kate's ass without any trouble, I started to work a second finger in, then four fingers, two from each hand. Then I carefully stretched open her asshole, all pink and wet, whilst it was open I asked Jodie to squirt a good amount of lube in, Kate was still moaning, as Jodie, had gone back to playing with Kate's tits, with her free hand.

Removing my fingers, I had Kate move off the bed and kneel on the floor, leaning over the edge of the bed. I placed some lube on my top side of my dick, spreading it around, then asked Jodie to part Kate's ass cheeks, holding them open as I lined up her anal entry with the tip if my dick. I slowly inserted my cock into Kate’s rectum, Kate pushing back to meet my probing member. Jodie's eyes wide open as my long fat cock slowly disappeared into Kate's stretched asshole.

I took my time inserting it in a little at a time, waiting for her to get used to the size of my intruding member. Kate, however wasn’t in the mood for waiting, she took over, rocking back and forward, working her ass along my length, grunting as she reached the base and my balls slapped her pussy. She moved a hand between her legs and started to play with herself, and rubbing my balls, Jodie had let go of Kate's ass cheeks, and was playing with herself, while watching, she placed some lube on her finger and started to finger her ass, “wow… you’re right Kate it does feel good, the deeper it goes in”

“mmmm…..yeah” was all Kate muttered, busy increasing her pace, her butt cheeks making a slapping sound as they hit up against my body.

Jodie had climbed onto the bed lying next to Kate, lifted her legs so we had a good view her plunging two fingers into her pussy and working the second finger into her ass. Kate reached up, with her free hand, and started to rub Jodie’s clit. The combined sounds & sights of these two hot, girls, playing with each other, was the hottest thing I had ever witnessed, let along been a part of.

Kate was really giving Jodie's clit a working; it seemed that these two had played that little game before. There were more secrets being revealed, that I would normally not have ever known, it was turning me on even more, and the thought of other hidden facts waiting to be brought out in the open was, making my mind work on the possibilities, but for now I must concentrate on the task at hand.

I could feel Kate's ass clenching around my cock, and before I had a chance to brace for it, she backed up hard, onto my cock, cumming very hard, the force of her backing with such force, knocked me back to a squatting position, with her on top. Her weight adding to the sensation, sending more aftershocks through her body, yet she was still trying to pump my cock in her ass as she came again and again.

“Oh I don’t ever want to have your dick removed....never” she moaned.

“Excuse me” Jodie replied, “So I'm to miss out am I”, she continued, rather indignant.

Kate still rocked up and down, my cock, buried so deep in her ass, that it felt like she was trying to get my balls in there as well. She finally moved off, a long slurping sound as my lube covered member was released from her no-longer virgin ass.

I had asked Jodie if she was ready for her, butt plugging, she gave a little nod, still unsure if she could handle it. I reassured her that she was in control of entry, and re-entry if it popped out. Jodie got on the floor in front of me, Kate was at her side, gave her a kiss, and said, “trust me, he is gentle, and it is one of the best sensations you’ll ever know”

Kate spread Jodie's ass cheeks, I gave her freckle a squirt of lube, some more lube on my dick, placed the head of my dick to her ass entry, then pushed forward, the tip popped in, and there I stopped. Jodie was breathing as though doing an anti-natal breathing course; I could feel her tensing up. So I reached around her to get at her pussy, and began to play with her, hoping this might relax her, Kate could see she was tense and used her own method of calming her. Kate reached under Jodie and started to work her nipples, stopped, so she could slid under her, legs spread allowing Jodie to get access to her clit and still squeeze her tits.

After a few minutes I noticed that Jodie was moving slowly back toward me, as she was giving Kate's pussy a lapping, she had started to let my cock slid in her ass. I carefully moved my knees forward, trying not to push my cock in, just let her slid onto it, which seemed to be working. I stopped tweaking Jodie's pussy, and placed both hands on her ass cheeks, parting them, as I did; Jodie looked over her shoulder, and pushed back.

“Hi” she purred. “Now I think I'm ready for you to fuck me”

“Well I'm aiming to please”, I replied

“Well your aim is very pleasing”

I started to pump her ass, pulling out til the head of my dick showed then pushing it back in. I thought I’d see how well she was taking it, by pulling out all together, still spreading her cheeks allowed me to see her wide open asshole, the sliding back in. Kate was lost in the throughs of another orgasm; dam this girl can cum. I started to pick up the pace, slamming into Jodie's ass as if my life depended on it. Jodie was meeting my thrust by backing up onto me; I let her cheeks go and grabbed her hips instead. Thrusting harder and harder, her tits bouncing off one another, she was grunting, and muttering something I could quite hear.

Kate had regained her composure, moved out from under Jodie and was now leaning against the bed, watching the ass fuck going on in front of her. I was moving my hips as fast as I could, my balls slapping into her pussy, sweat was running down my back, into my ass crack, sweat was dripping down my forehead onto my nose then onto Jodie's ass.

“I'm gunna cum in your ass” I told her.

“I don’t care where you cum, just as long as you fuck my ass harder.”

I pushed her shoulders down, so her ass was in the air, fucking her, as hard as I could. Who would have thought that this quiet girl could go from sexually curious to a cock loving, ass fucked she-devil? I could feel that telltale pings in the ball sack that denoted the time to fire was at hand. I called Kate over to spread Jodie's ass cheeks again while I grabbed her hips tighter.

“I have something else for you” I informed Jodie.

“Harder.....harder....stick it ALL the way in....” Kate was helping by pushing Jodie's hips back towards me.

“Oh...oh crap... I'm...I’m...I’m... ooofffff” Jodie bucked her ass clamped down, as a huge orgasm rocked her. I still kept up the pace.

Then I grabbed her hips thrust then to me as hard as I could and came, wad after wad of hot cum in her ass, the feeling of this sent Jodie off with another orgasm. I was still shooting my load in her ass when her legs gave way and we fell to the floor, me still in her ass, the odd dick twitch as the last few wads of cum shot out, and her ass squeezing, relaxing, like small electrical pulses were shocking the muscles. We both lay there breathing heavy, sweat mingled from our bodies, I moved her hair from the back of her neck and kissed it.

“Whoa....” still trying to catch my breath, “that was....”

"Sen-fucking-sational” Jodie cut in.

“I’ll say”, Kate muttered, as she sat there next to us.

“Christ, Mark... your dick is still hard”

“And your ass is hot, what’s ya point”

We lay there for about 5mins, and then finally decided to part, I slowly raised up my arms and legs shaky, my cock about half the size, slipped out of Jodie's ass, with a loud fart sound following.

“Sounds like you ass ate too much” I joked.

“I’d slap you if I wasn’t so totally fucked”, she replied.

It took another, 20 minutes for us to clean up a bit, Kate was kind enough to get a face washer for me to clean the lube & cum off my dick, before I put my pants on. Still we groped one another as we got dressed, which is proberly why it took so long. The girls, finally were able put their dresses back on, just to see me off, it was around 2:30pm be time I left. Jodie's parents would be home just after 3pm, so the girls had time to shower, and regain some kind of composure.

When we caught up with each other on the Monday, we discussed the weekends events, then decided that we would keep our little trio a secret, and that we should continue as long as we could, agreeing not to stray with anyone else.

As it turned out after the final exams were held and school had finished, our career choices meant that we, each had taken jobs that was in the same area, so we rented a place, enabling us to continue our relationship.

For how much longer.... well time will tell I guess.

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Keep em cumming!

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