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all nighter
01-21-2008, 09:50 AM
Alana was a very promiscuous girl in her late teens, short in stature but she sure made up for it with her chest. Dark brown hair, large tits - that seemed defied gravity - they are the size of ripe cantaloupe halves, and just as eatable. She had done some work in a topless bar run by her old man. She was never short of tips, either money or fingers.

She moved away from the town, where we lived, then after about 18mths or so she returned, with an addition, 6 mths pregnant, left the father, drop kick druggie with a short fuse, and from what she told people, that wasn’t the only thing that was short.

We would see each other around town from time to time. About a year later she started working at one of the petrol stations, as an attendant, I would stop by once a week to put some fuel in the work car, have a chat, give her hard time, not that kind of hard time, not yet anyway.

As she was working the late shift, finishing just after midnight I’d stop by to see if there was any hastles, I’m one of the local security patrolmen, i'm in my mid 20’s, tall, about 6’3”, a muscular build, and a long cock, that I can support a girl on without holding her. Our banter went on for a few weeks, getting to be almost perverse, in the comments made by us both.

I stopped by one night, in the middle of summer to fill up my V8 coupe, before the servo closed, it was my night off, we got to talking, as per normal, she started to tell me of the dry spell in which she found herself, and I could sympathize, as I was in between female companionship. I asked what she had any plans after work, she replied “no”, just going home, unwind might have a chat to her house mate, who was not a bad looker either. Her name was Liz; she was a little bit taller than Alana. Liz was just as well built in the chest region, with a taught ass that begged to be fucked.

“So no real plans, so to speak” I asked her.

“No”, was her reply.

“So what say I come round and we can have a drink…..? Or something”.

I wasn’t going to be that disappointed if the answer was no. Alana seemed to like the idea, so I let her finish locking up of the servo, and then followed her back to her place. As I am the kind of guy that doesn’t go out of his way to make a seen or be seen, I was grateful that her drive way was dark enough that from the street my coupe wouldn’t be seen, just a small amount of light from the kitchen window. She pulled up under the carport, I parked behind her, walked up to where she was, then noticed that from her place, with no street lights and the lights from the neighbours home being off, as most normal people were asleep.
The clear night sky was easily visible, and being a warm summer’s night, it just might help put her in the mood.

Alana asked if I wanted to come inside. I looked at her and said “not right now I thought we could sit out here and have a look at the night sky”.

I said to her “why not get change out of your work gear, chuck on something else” a sly smile crossed her face, she got the picture.

I sat down on the outdoor chair, and waited. Wasn’t long before Alana returned, in nice light, what looked like a summer dress, but was actually a thin nightie. The sight of her moving past me, to the chair next to me, got my dick growing.

We sat there and chatted for a while, she decided to move and sit on my lap, giving a distinctive wiggle as she settled in. I could feel my prick starting to strain against both my boxers and jeans.

Alana must have felt it too, as she put her arms around my neck and snuggled in. I turned to her and gave her kiss on the cheek, she looked at me then moved in closer, we kissed, small pecks, then our tongues started to wrestle, the locking of our mouths for a deep passionate kiss. I moved my right hand down and ran it gently over her exposed thigh; she shuddered at my touch, not once stopping from our lip locking.

As I moved my hand up her thigh and under her nightie, I found something rather exciting, she had decided to fore go the wearing of panties, and this prospect had made the final hardening of my dick complete. I ran my fingers over her hips and bare ass down the side of her thigh and back, teasing her, to which she responded with muffled moans of pleasure. We parted our intense lip lock and she stood up in front of me, I placed my hands on both her hips, moving the lower part of the nightie up, just to peek at the finely trimmed bush, waiting for me to explore.

I stood up, took hold of her hand and moved back to where her car was parked, the bonnet was still warm from the drive home, I lifted her up onto the front guard and edge of the bonnet, there was just enough light from the nearby kitchen window to see her face a little bit clearer, slowly I knelt down running my hands over her fine body as I went, mover her towards me, so her but was just on the edge of the guard, I raised her legs up and parted them to get a better look at her glistening pussy, the tangy aroma of her wet slit was like the sweet smell of honey.

Being the tease I am, I kissed her inner thighs, slowly working my way towards her pussy, blowing my hot breath on it, before continuing to kiss the other thigh. I could hear her breathing getting heavier, as I went about teasing her, just when she thought it was just another teasing pass, I moved in closer and ran my tongue up and around her moist hot snatch, she arched back pushing her pussy towards my wondering tongue. Her moans were becoming a bit louder as the lick her pussy, I moved both her legs back together and lifted then up, making her lay back across her bonnet. I spread both her pussy and ass cheeks licking form one to the other, teasing her clit, and gently biting her pussy lips.

“ooooohhhhh god” she moaned, I look up at her, to see her tweaking her nipples through her nightie, wiggle her hips from side to side trying to follow my tongue on its trip down her slit.

Spreading her open a bit more I stuck my tongue into her hot dripping hole lapping, and suck it for all its worth, the juices from her pussy had spilled down to her puckered butt hole, making my index finger wet from her snatch juice, I started to work slowly into her butt hole, testing the reaction, she seemed to respond to this digit enquiry, so I continued. Tonguing her hot wet hole & working my finger in her ass at the same time was sending her through the roof, I knew that she was close to coming, the heavy breathing, clawing at my hair, with one hand, squeezing her tits with the other.

Alana moved her legs to either side of my head, as she continued to writhe around in pure pleasure, I changed tact a little, removed my tongue from her tangy tasty hole, and started to thumb her clit, and finger her pussy with my other hand, whilst still fingering her ass with the other hand. It didn’t take long for her to come, and from the back of her throat came a deep “ooooohhhhh god”, that sounded more like an animal growl, than a girl in the midst of an orgasm, the sound actually made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, what a turn on, that was.

Alana pushed me away still trembling from her first orgasm, kissed me, then dropped straight to her knees. She made quick work of the button and zipper on my jeans, they were lower just enough to give her hand room to help my, rock hard 9 inch dick out from my boxers, pre-cum dripped from the tip, as she pushed the elastic tops of the boxer under my seed heavy ball sack. I moved around to where had been and leant up against the car, all the dick my dick in her hand, her thumb spreading the pre-cum over the head, in a circular motion.

Not once did she take her eyes of me as she tongued the head of my knob, occasionally blowing air on it, returning the teasing, I had given her. She took the head in her mouth, still with the circle motions of her tongue. Finally she took as much of the length as she could, some 3 inches shy of the base, working most of the length in & out her hot mouth, left hand cupping my balls, she sucked me off as if it was her dying wish. She allowed my cock to leave her mouth and ran her tongue down the sides, the kissing, licking, and then taking one ball in her mouth.

I reached down and helped her up, gave her a kiss, a somewhat salty kiss. I, turned Alana around and had her lean up against the support pole of the carport, and raised her right leg up, so she was side on but balancing on one leg, with support from the pole. I moved in just letting the tip of my twitching dick enter her, I heard her suck the air in through her teeth as I just moved a fraction of my length in, once I was sure she was used to my girth, I jammed all 9 inches in, in one full hard thrust.

“Oooohhhhh… Oh my god!!!!” she groaned.

Still moaning as I worked my length in and out. “Ohhh yesssss”.

I tell you for a 20 yr old who’s had a kid she was tight.
Her pussy took a few strokes to stretch around the girth of my cock; without too much of a problem, but felt so god dammed good, it was mind blowing.

I continued fucking her hard then slowed down, allowing the tip to leave her stretched opening then back in. Teasing the sensitive pussy lips I could she was on the verge of another orgasm, just fucking her slowly only the tip and maybe an inch or 2, had her begging for the whole lot.

I wanted to savor this for as long as I could.

(Having a female beg you to stick it in and not get her wish is, well from my point of view, a real turn on.)

After a few more short strokes she was off again, I let her calm down a little bit, the occasion twitch of my dick sending aftershocks through her.

“You’re such a fucking tease, just fuck me………. FUCK ME HARD you prick”.

“So you want to be fucked hard, now, do you?” I looked at her with a sly smile.

She just shook her head and was about to have a go at me, when I jammed my shaft back into her.

“Fuck yeah” was her reply.

I started to pump her as hard and as fast as I could, my balls slapping against her ass cheek, as I pistoned in and out of her. Alana moaning “oh god”, “oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me……fuuuucccckkk mmeeeeeee”.

I was fucking her that hard and fast the carport was moving and shaking every time I slammed back into her, I could feel her pussy muscles starting to clamp around my cock, and I knew that she was going to go again, and it was gunna be big.

I grabbed her leg and placed my left hand on her hip, for a better bit of leverage, and pounded away, Alana let out a scream, bit her lip, her body shaking her pussy tightened around my cock, as she came, and came she did I felt her juices running down over my balls, as I still slid my cock in and out.

“Oh god, please….. I can’t….. take anymore, but it’s so good”

I was on the verge of fire a load in her; I angled myself up a bit and continued to fuck her, “oh… here we go my turn”

She looked back at me, wide eyed; “oh shit I'm going off again” was her reply.

“here we go………here…we……..gggoooooooo”

As I shot a huge load up into her pussy, Alana had her second multiple orgasm in a matter of minutes. Once I had finished pumping the last wads of cum from my balls, we stayed joined, letting her right leg down so she was just bent at the waist we leaned back against the car, with my arms around her waist, just hugging her close.

Sweat was running down my face, we were both breathing heavy, as though we’d just run a marathon. Alana turned slightly towards me smiled; I leaned down and kissed her, our tongues darting back and forth.

Something caught my attention; I moved away from her mouth, looked around, it was then, I noticed, we weren’t alone. Liz was standing in the off to one side of the path, with one hand holding the front of her nightie up and her other hand working away on her pussy.

My throat was a little bit dry, but managed to get out “been there long?”

She was silent, the I noticed her shudder, thinking to myself ok, she’s done.

Alana was shocked and seemed a little embarrassed, but not able to move as I still had my arms around her waist and my still semi hard cock in her cum filled snatch.

Again I asked, Liz “been there long”

She finally answered, “yes, long enough to see one hot fuck, that’s not on a porno”

I just smiled, and replied “glad you liked it”.

Alana and I parted, a slurp as my semi hard cock fell from her cum fill pussy, and I noticed some cum drop out of her on to the path as she walked towards Liz, then over to the rear door to the house. I followed her my cock still hanging out the front of my pants. I stop next to Liz, she was enjoying the sight of my sperm & pussy juice covered member. I asked her if she could get a towel to wipe it off, she instead went one better, bent over, and sucked the mixture of juices off. Alana just stood at the door shook her head smiled and said “why don’t you 2 come inside and then finish cleaning up”.

We both headed inside, It would seem, to finish what was just restarted.

To be continued……….

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good story cant wait for the rest

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Thanks for the addition all nighter.....;)