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Jasmine's Captivity

Jasmine hung from the shackles holding her wrists limply, hoping that by not putting too much pressure on her hands, that they wouldn’t swell up again. Her boots slid on the slick surfaces of the granite scattered below the cliff. She twisted, looking up. Almost time, he would be coming then, and he would let her down again.


She had grown quite accustomed to her routine. Hung ‘to dry’ as he called it each morning, just before the sun came up, being taken down for ‘play time’ sometime around noon. She didn’t like play time, not at all. They made her do such filthy things, degrading her in every way possible.

Jasmine wriggled her bottom against the rocky outcropping and wondered if he would know if she went pee now. If he would smell it when he came back and punish her. She hated being punished more than she hated play time.

Squinting into the sunlight to assure herself one more time that he wasn’t coming yet, she let out that first tentative squirt of piss, it hit the hot rocks with a hiss and made her need to go all the more urgent.

Jasmine tilted her head back, letting go of her bladder muscles, releasing a hot and heavy flow of sweet nectar colored piss. Just then she heard steps on the rocks, a twig snapped. Startled she tried to gather back her control but her bladder was at it’s fullest and could not be contained anymore.

“ You little whore, did you waste all that sweet piss on the rocks?’ Jarrod tipped back his head with a cruel chuckle. Hands on his hips, he was a very large man, broad-chested and muscled arms that were made for working…or whipping.

“Well, that’s alright. But you’ll have to be punished for that little no-no.” He chuckled again, his mind already on the sweet prize awaiting him. He could have taken that prize any time he wanted, but he was a man of scruples, He wanted the little bitch to fuck up before he punished her good.

Jerking Jasmine cruelly from her bonds, he began dragging her down the grueling path back to the house. Back for playtime.

Inside the house, Jarrod’s son Wade waited. He knew his father was bringing the whore in to play, and couldn’t wait. This would be his first time to be allowed to participate, and his cock was aching more powerfully than it ever had before. Standing nearly 6’5” at 15, he was a big boy, guaranteed to be every bit as large as his father one day, his eyes scanning the horizon through the bay windows in the old ranch house.

Just then the door flew open and he hurried to help his Dad drag in Jasmine.

“Hey Jasmine” he whispered, softly brushing his fingertips across his step sister’s cheek.

Jasmine’s mom had died the year before, leaving her daughter from a previous marriage to Jarrod and Wade’s cruel games.

Seating himself on the large metal chair in the laundry room, Jarrod pushed Jasmine to the floor.

“Kneel bitch, like a good little doggie. C’mere boy! Time for you to be a man!” Jarrod’s deep laughter echoed through the house.

Wade sat in the floor next to Jasmine, pulling her on his lap and chuckling as she wiggled. Stripped bare, there was no doubt as to how much of a man Wade already was. His body was covered in a light dusting of jet black hair and his cock was a restless monster of full grown proportions.

He lifted Jasmine easily in one hand as maneuvered his cock to her puckered ass ring.

“You’ve been a bad girl Jasmine. You have to take your punishment.” Jarrod preached as he rubbed his own cock, aroused by the show.

Wade pushed against Jasmine’s tight rectum, stretching the ring so that it bulged around the head of his cock.

“Ohhhh” he grunted, feeling her asshole grasp him like a velvet glove.

She whimpered pathetically and wiggled. The slight wiggling must have aroused Wade all the more because he lifted his hips off of the tile floor and jammed as much of his cock that would fit, up her tender ass.

“AAAAH!” Jasmine screamed in pain and fear, her bladder letting loose with a mind of it’s own. Piss flowed down over Wade’s cock and balls, coating them with the hot sweet substance.

“Oh fuck! That’s right you dirty whore, piss on my cock, get it all nice and wet so I can ram it up that ass some more!” Wade punctuated each word with a thrust, penetrating her inflamed shit tube even further.

“Hahha, guess the little bitch didn’t get done pissing outside!” Jarrod cackled standing over the pair.

“Might as well add some more fuel to the fire!” With that, he let his own stream of dark yellow piss flow out over the fully mated couple. His piss struck Jasmine’s splayed cunt with enough force that she moaned, the hot stream adding to her sensory overload.

“Mmm, you like it don’t you Jassie” Wade grunted, and grasped the pipe above his head for better leverage as he thrusted furiously in and out of Jasmine’s asshole.

“Awww fuck! Oh oh, I’m gunna cum! Shit!” He yelled as he released stream after stream of burning cum up her butt.

Finished with his very first turn, Wade pushed Jasmine to the floor where she promptly curled into a tight ball.

“Good girl Jasmine, now it’s time for Daddy!” chuckled Jarrod.

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