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by deirdre

(MF, FF, MM, anal, nc, D/s bdsm)

Disclaimer: this is not reality; it is a string of words. The author
does not wish to live out the experiences described. The author does
not wish anyone to live out the experiences described. If you lack the
maturity to grasp this disclaimer, then under no circumstances read
this story without the express permission and guidance of someone more
mature. -- deirdre

by deirdre

A bunch of us from the office had decided to go drinking after work. We
all sat around and talked for a while, and as 9pm rolled around, some
people had left, and more people were drifting out. Pretty soon I found
myself alone at one end of the table with just two people left at the
other end.

They looked like they were in deep conversation, but I decided to scoot
over and talk to them at least for a minute. I wanted to be polite, but
also, they were both women and both very attractive. Sherry is one of
the secretaries--she's about average height, blonde, and has a
spectacular figure. Karen is brunette, a little taller and a lot
slimmer. It is well known that Karen is lesbian, but I did have some
thoughts that Sherry might be interested.

So I slid over and said hello. It turned out that Sherry was leaving
and I ended up sitting there, finishing my drink with Karen. I had the
feeling maybe Karen had been trying to get Sherry interested in a
bisexual fling. As soon as Sherry had gone, on a lark, I just asked
Karen if she found Sherry attractive. Actually, Sherry struck me as the
kind of woman that appealed to men rather than lesbians, but I assume
that different lesbians have their own preferences.

Well, Karen told me Sherry had a great body, and somehow went into a
discussion about sex! I guess we both had had a lot to drink. Karen
revealed some of the things that turned her on and we actually compared
notes as to what sort of female we were interested in. In fact, it was
one of the most comfortable talks about sex that I recalled ever having
with anyone, male or female!

We also got into talking about Karen's lesbianism and whether she could
be attracted to men. And she told me something that amazed me: she said
that she figured that it would be possible for her to have a
relationship with a man, but that there were some kinds of sex that
just absolutely turned her off. I asked her if she were brave enough to
tell me what they were. She said that there were too many little things
that couples do that would get in the way-- that it would be too hard
on the man to avoid them all, and that it could only possibly work if
the man were to refrain from instigating anything and let her call all
the shots. I teased her about wanting to dominate a man, but she
remained very serious and said that wasn't the point at all--just that
there were some sex acts that she didn't want to do.

Well, we must have been plenty drunk, because soon we were observing
that neither of us were attached and talking about the idea of trying
such a relationship. The strange thing is, we both assumed it wouldn't
last--that either I would fail to allow Karen to call all the shots, or
I would grow tired of it. But we seemed willing to try it for a while
out of curiosity and to test Karen's hypothesis.

Well, we left the bar together. I asked her whose place we should go
to. She reminded me that I wasn't going to instigate anything! I
wondered for a second what I'd gotten myself into. Then she suggested
that we both get in my car. Once we were there (sitting in the front
seats) she told me that one thing she *did* like doing was kissing, and
that for our first evening, we'd just kiss for a while--nothing beyond,
no touching or hugging of any kind.

That moment was so weird, setting such stringent limits on the evening,
and leaving absolutely everything up to Karen including whether I put
my hand on her shoulder! But I was ready to try our experiment--we
leaned over and kissed, nothing touching except our lips.

I guess it had been a while since I was kissing someone for five, ten
minutes or more. It started like one innocent, but long kiss. In three
minutes, our tongues were at it, and soon we were taking turns invading
each other's mouths. I got so turned on--it was so tempting to grab
her. We stopped to "come up for air" every few minutes. I could tell
that Karen was really turned on too. We ended up kissing for over half
an hour. Then, once when we paused, Karen said that was a good "first
evening" and that she was going home! She gave me a sly grin and asked
me if I was still ready for this "relationship". At the time I was so
turned on that she couldn't possibly get a reasoned answer out of me.

And she left. I drove home, and masturbated in bed that night thinking
about kissing Karen and wrapping my arms around her!

Well, the next day at work Karen told me to come over to her house for
the evening. She had made a gourmet dinner and we had wine, then she
drew me into her bedroom. I just stood there awkwardly--I really felt
out of my element. She had turned out all the other lights in the
apartment and she came in and shut the door. She told me to sit on the
edge of the bed, then she turned out the light. It was totally dark--I
couldn't see the hand in front of my face. I heard her come back to the
bed and sit on the other side. She told me to take off everything but
my underpants and undershirt, then get under the covers. I complied and
I could hear her taking off clothing too.

Once we were both under the covers, she told me we were going to kiss
again for a while. We found each other, and once again we kissed. She
told me to go ahead and touch her face and she touched mine. It was
lovely torture again. But this time she had more ideas.

After several minutes (it was hard to say how many--there wasn't even
an illuminated alarm clock in the room), she told me to lay down under
the covers face down. After I did that, I felt her hand touching my
side, then resting on my back, under the covers. She told me to
continue lying still. Then she slipped her hand onto my back under my
tee-shirt and started rubbing my back softly. She told me to do the
same to her. I found her under the cover and rubbed her back softly. I
could feel that she was wearing a bra and panties and nothing else. She
would slip her hand through the band of my underpants too sometimes and
rub my back all the way down to my ass cheeks. I followed her lead and
did the same. We did that for a while, each squeezing each other's
cheeks. Then she slipped her finger into my crack right to my rear hole
and started to finger it. Inside, I was going insane! She told me to do
the same!

I took my time, still squeezing and massaging her cheeks. I slowly
moved into the crack of her ass and found her rear hole. I heard her
breath catch! She started pushing her finger into my rear hole! "Do it
to me, too," she said. Soon we each had one finger in our asses. She
moved closer. Soon I felt her lips on my face, then they found my lips.
In seconds, we were invading each other's mouths again. It was still
absolutely dark and I couldn't see a thing.

Then the light came on--she had turned on a lamp by the bed. It was too
bright and I couldn't see anything. She pulled away, taking her finger
out of my rear and I followed her lead. In a minute, I could see what
she was doing: she had a jar of K.Y. Jelly and was putting some on her
finger. Then she took some under the covers and I saw her hand go to
her own ass. She gave me the jar and told me to cover my finger and my
rear hole. Before I was done, she turned out the light again. In
seconds, I felt her hand back in my underpants and her finger finding
its way into my rear hole! "Put it in me again!" There was a desperate
edge to her voice. She started kissing me again. I found her rear hole
and pushed my lubricated finger in. She was slipping her finger back
and forth in my rear and I did the same. Even as we kissed, I felt her
breath harder and harder, and we had to stop the kissing. She whispered
in my ear "Does it turn you on?"

"Yes!" I said through clenched teeth. She seemed to redouble her
efforts and her body started really moving--I could tell she was about
to come.

"Yes! Yes!" she blurted. I could still hear hear breaths coming faster
and faster. My cock was lying flat on the bed underneath my body and
even though it had received no attention, I was on the verge.

When it was over, I more-or-less collapsed and lay there. Karen turned
on the light again and pushed the covers off--she wanted to see if I'd
messed up her bed. "We'll have to figure out some way to prevent that"
she said with a sort of clinical interest. I wasn't certain I liked all
the possible solutions.

She gave me a robe and put on one herself and we got up and had a cup
of coffee. She asked me how I liked things so far and I said it was
different enough to be interesting. I ended up going home that night
without wearing underpants--I had to carry them home to be washed.

The next day at work, Karen told me to pack some suitcases that evening
and come over to her apartment. We ate late, out at a chain restaurant
after we had made room in her bedroom for my clothes and put them away.
When we got home, she wanted to go to bed and we both stripped down to
underwear again, but this time with the lights on. Then she showed me a
double-ended dildo. It was quite long though not too fat. She smiled at
me and got out K.Y. Jelly and covered it with it. Then she told me to
stand in front of her, facing away. She lowered my underpants and
applied K.Y. Jelly right to my rear hole. Then she had me sit on the
edge of the bed and she stood in front of me and had me do the same to
her. Then we both got on the bed and she told me to lie on my side
facing away from her. She slipped a finger into my rear and then a
second one, then a third one. Then she pulled them out and put the
dildo right up to my rear. I felt the hugeness pressing. She told me to
relax. I did my best and soon felt it filling me. It was such an
embarrassing feeling. I heard and felt her shifting. I glanced back and
she was laying right next to me, facing away from me, guiding the other
end of the dildo into her own rear. Then she scooted around so our legs
were interleaved and our shoulders were way apart. She told me to push
back on the dildo, hard. "Now!" she said. It pushed right into me--the
feeling! Our rear cheeks bumped. "OK, back and forth: make it fuck you"
she added. It didn't quite work until she reached back and held it. She
told me to hold it too and our hands were touching. "OK, harder!" Once
again, I could hear her breathing. Soon we were both coming.

Afterward, she was giggling but I don't know what she was amused about.
She wanted to lie next to me and kiss, which we did for 15 minutes.
Then we changed the bedsheets and she told me to get some condoms when
I got the chance. We went to bed, but nothing happened through the
night. In the morning I woke up to feel her fingering my rear hole.
When she saw I was awake, she told me to do the same. She was giggling
again. We kissed a bit too, but that's all that happened.

That night, we went out to a movie, then came home and did some of the
same things. The next day, though, was different. In the morning, Karen
came into my office and told me to come with her. It was in the middle
of work, but she told me to take off a couple of hours. She drove me
across town to another office building. We went in the office of a law
firm where she talked to the receptionist for a minute, who directed us
to one of the offices.

This office was beautiful, obviously one of the attorney's offices. A
woman came in--she looked to be in her forties and was very attractive
with light brown hair tumbling down to her shoulders. She was dressed
rather conservatively and I realized that she was an attorney and this
was her office. I felt a little inferior and I noticed that Karen was
being very reticent and shy too. The woman sat down in her office chair
and Karen took my hand and led me around the woman's desk to where she
was sitting. Then pulled me down to kneel in front of the woman! I
looked up at the woman. She was looking down on us without an ounce of
humor. She pulled up her skirt which was pleated and raised easily. She
was wearing garters and no panties! Karen immediately went right
between her legs and put her face right up to the woman's crotch. I
glanced up at the woman--she wasn't looking at us, but looking out her
window. She had a thoughtful expression on her face. She idly put her
hand on the back of Karen's head and in a few seconds, I could tell she
was pulling. Karen pulled out in a minute though, then she whispered in
my ear "Lick her".

The woman was looking at me too and I approached and she grabbed my
head and pushed it right into her crotch. I started licking. In a few
seconds, I heart the woman laugh. Then she said "Not bad, but you still
have a lot to learn." She pushed my head harder into her crotch and I
licked faster and searched harder for the spot that would please her.
Then she pushed me away, and in a flash, Karen was licking again. Soon,
the woman was sitting on the edge of the chair with her legs spread
wide, with both Karen and me squeezing in there to lick. We did manage
a little licking at the same time, but mostly we took turns as the
woman alternately pulled me and then Karen to do the work. Finally she
came. Karen indicated to me to keep kneeling there while she caught her

When she finally did, she immediately ordered us to strip. We both did
so immediately. I hadn't seen Karen nude before, but didn't get any
chance to stare. When I looked back at the woman, she had her blouse
open and her breasts were exposed. She had us both kneel in front of
her and each take a breast in our mouth. In a minute, she pushed Karen
down to eat her again. Then she was having us take turns eating and
sucking and licking her nipples. Soon she came again and we ended up
kneeling again while she caught her breath. When she did, she buttoned
her top and headed out. As soon as she was gone, Karen told me to get
dressed, quickly. As soon as we had, we left. I glanced at the
receptionist and even though she was looking at her typing, I swear she
had an amused look on her face.

That night, Karen and I stopped for a bite to eat, then she drove me
out of the city into the suburbs. We stopped at a house and knocked on
the door. A guy answered the door and let us in. Once in the living
room, another guy came in the room. I notice right away that they both
must be body-builders: they were both tall and about as muscular as I
had ever seen. Karen told me to kneel and knelt next to me. One of the
guys came right up to me and stood in front of me, the other, Karen.
She immediately unzipped his fly and started pulling out his cock. The
guy put his hands on her head. She looked at me and gave me a little
nod. I realized that I'd gotten a lot more than I bargained for here. I
watched Karen for a second. She immediately took the cock into her
mouth and started sucking and moving her head back and forth. The guy
standing above me put his hand on the back of my head. I took a deep
breath and started. I unzipped his zipper and pulled out his cock and
put it in my mouth. It didn't do a thing for me, but somehow it wasn't
as gross as I might have guessed. I imitated Karen's motion. The guy
grabbed the side of my head and started working his hips. I saw that
Karen was getting the same treatment. She just sucked with her eyes
closed and let the guy have his way with her. I finally did the same.
It was so weird with my eyes closed to feel that cock slipping in and
out of my mouth. He was so strong, I knew there was no escape even if I
wanted to. And I had gotten him so excited that there was no stopping
him. Soon he was going faster and faster and finally I felt gobs of cum
streaming into my mouth. I knew I was supposed to swallow.

I opened my eyes. Karen was giving the other guy's cock little licks
and kisses--it was obvious that he had come. I mimicked her. In ten
minutes, we were driving away. When we got home, she got out the
double-ended dildo and we repeated our performance.

The next morning we kissed for a while, then got up and had breakfast.
It was Saturday so we took our time. Karen told me she was impressed
with how well I stayed with the program. Then she told me she'd see if
I were up to the next step. She had an evil little grin on her face.
After breakfast, she told me to come on and we went out to her car. She
drove us to the local university. We parked on fraternity row and
walked up to one of the houses. A college kid let us in and took us to
a bunch of guys in the living room. They seemed to be expecting us and
gathered around us. Then a bunch of them grabbed me and I felt a gag go
into my mouth. I looked at Karen--they had grabbed and gagged her too
and she was struggling. She looked at me and I could tell she was angry
and scared. I started struggling to get away, but there were too many
of them. They tied our hands behind us and carried us downstairs into
the basement. There they tied us to a ping-pong table, bent over so our
bodies were laying face down, our legs dangling, and our asses on the
edge. Then I felt them cutting away my clothes. I looked at Karen--they
were doing the same thing to her. Soon we were both nude. I felt them
lubricating my rear hole! Karen was struggling. There were lots of guys
there, and they were laughing. Soon I felt a finger in my rear, and
another. In just a minute, they pulled them out and I felt a cock at my
rear. The guy told me I'd relax if I was smart. I had no choice. Soon
the guy was fucking away. Karen was getting the same thing.

The two guys were done pretty soon, then two other guys took their
place. I couldn't believe this. Soon I was laying there without
struggling, trying my best to take it as best I could. They slammed
into me. I could see Karen's body jarred with each thrust. After them
were more guys. And more.

After a while, they were done. And they left us. We both struggled a
bit, but didn't make any progress getting away. We lay there for
minutes on end, hours. Then they came back and did it all again. They
talked about whose turn it was to do which of us. And then they left us
a while and came back again. This went on all day, and then all night
too! Between sessions, we could hear them partying. Just after dawn,
once when they came down, I heard the voice of a girl with them. She
was amused and they gave her a little demonstration of what they had
been doing. They asked her if she were interested in doing anything to
us. She laughed. She asked them if they had a leather belt or
something. Soon she was whipping my ass. One of the guys found a real
whip. She practiced on us, and was soon giving us strokes like a pro.
Another girl came down and soon we were getting simultaneous whippings;
they were taking turns using the whip on me and the belt on Karen, and
vice versa.

Then the girls left and the guys untied us. They took us outside to
Karen's car. I still remember being out there, nude, for all to see.
They left us in the car. We had no clothes, though they left us our
wallets (all the cash gone) and our keys. Karen got down on the floor
and I drove. I drove out to a deserted country road where we waited in
some abandoned barnyard until well after midnight. Then we drove over
to Karen's apartment and made a dash to get inside. We both showered
and went to bed. We lay next to each other, speechless, not touching or

The next morning we kissed. Karen didn't talk about our experience.
That night, and every day that week, all we did was kiss. On Friday
evening, Karen told me to dress up for dinner. She was cooking away,
obviously going all out, and I noticed that she had set four places.
She was dressed to kill--I'd never seen her so sexy.

The doorbell rang and when I answered it, I was in for a shock. There
were two of the most gorgeous ladies I'd ever seen--identical twins!
They both reminded me of Sherry--tall, blonde, hugh chests, perfect
figures. Karen introduced them to me as Mary and Marge. They were
dressed in identical tight little dresses and they both wore some of
the highest heels I'd ever seen. Karen served drinks and then pulled me
into the bedroom. Once we were there, she showed me a strap-on dildo
and gave me an evil grin. I had a good feeling about the evening.

We ate and talked, and soon were drinking an after-dinner glass of
wine. Mary (or Marge?) made a comment about what we might do next.
Karen said she and I had a little game that we play with female guests,
but that they wouldn't be interested. I knew she was up to something.
They professed that they were interested, and Karen described this game
where the women each draw a card, and the woman with the lowest card is
tied to the table and I fuck her ass! Believe it or not, they both were
intrigued, and soon we were in the dining room shuffling cards! One of
the twins (Mary?) got the low card. Karen had her strip, and lean over
the dining table. She blindfolded her and tied her so she lay on the
table in the vulnerable position. Then while Karen and Marge watched, I
proceeded to do her ass. Karen provided K.Y. Jelly and I got her ready
with my fingers, but was soon going to town. And was my cock ready! I
had had a lot of sex since the last time my cock was inside a woman!
She was something, too, wriggling the whole time, obviously enjoying
every second.

Karen didn't make any move to untie Mary when I was done. Instead, she
shuffled again, and picked again with Marge. Karen got the low number.
I gave her a silent, questioning look, and she gave me an imperceptible
nod. And she started getting undressed! So Marge and I tied her to the
table next to Mary. And then I was faced with the task of fucking
Karen's ass. And I must admit that it was an inviting task--she didn't
have the body that Mary had, but I had been panting for that body for
two weeks now. My cock didn't have any trouble getting up for the task
even though I'd just finished with Mary. Somehow, I knew I might not
ever get another chance like this. Marge just watched us, a combination
of anticipation and glee on her face. I prepared Karen's ass, then
started pushing my cock in. She felt so good. I gave her long, slow
strokes, then started picking up the pace. I felt her body moving and
soon she was doing her best to push her body back into mine! I held her
hips and continued fucking. It was so beautiful--I wanted it to last
forever. I reached under and touched her clit. I could feel her body
shudder and soon we were both coming. Marge just stood there,
transfixed at the sight.

After a minute to recover, with Karen and Mary still tied up, I thought
about what Karen wanted me to do now. Finally, I shuffled the cards and
Marge and I each drew one. She drew the higher card. We both laughed
and tried again. This time she had the lower card.

After I had Marge blindfolded and tied to the table, I immediately
untied Karen. She was so excited she looked like a kid at an amusement
park. She quickly went upstairs and came back down with her strap-on
dildo. She quickly put it on, and took care of Marge herself. Then she
did Mary while I did Marge.

That night Karen took one of the twins to bed with her while I took the
other twin to the guest bedroom. The twin I got did absolutely
everything I asked her to. We did it so many ways that night. In the
morning, Karen informed us that the twins were staying and there would
be some rules: both twins were to be called Girl and when either Karen
or I asked for Girl, whichever was closest would come. They would stay
in the apartment all the time, nude. They would obey us exactly, keep
the apartment clean, do the cooking, and each night, one would stay
with each of us.

And that's how its been ever since. I can't tell them apart physically,
and Karen seems to want to keep them interchangeable, but I did notice
that one of them seems to like me--she seems to go out of her way to
stay closer to me in case I call, and seems to go to extra trouble when
I have her in bed. I told Karen and she has me seeing if I can get the
woman to break the habit: I punish her for no reason and show
favoritism to her sister, while Karen is sweeter to her. The woman
still seems to like me no matter what we do. Karen doesn't seem to mind
too much as long as they both remain obedient.

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