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Jennifer, waking slightly to the sensation of fingers probing her swollen
pussy lips and flicking across her stiff, erect clit was surprised to find
Stan's semi-flaccid cock still filling her aching mouth. Sucking slowly and
deeply, Jennifer felt the man's massive rod start to swell with blood as her
tongue worked around the massive head and down the long ,thick shaft. In
moments, her mouth was stretched to capacity with the cock she had sucked
like a pacifier as she slept. Tasting drops of cum in her hot mouth, Jen, was
now fully awake and enjoying the finger fucking she was receiving and she now
realised that Stan had fucked her constantly through the day and had not
orgasmed. Rising to her knees, Jen positioned herself beside Stan to allow
him to continue to slide his thick fingers into her dripping cunt and fondle
her pendulous tits as she sucked him deeper into her throat.

As she became more excited, she sucked him harder and deeper, using her
tongue to further stimulate him. Grasping the shaft with both hands, she
slid them up and down his pole as her saliva mixed with his slick pre-cum,
lubricating him with the warm , slick mixture. With her mouth devouring his
cockhead and both her hands encircling the thick, footlong shaft, Jen began
to suck more furiously as Stan inserted first three then four fingers deep
inside her dripping wet pussy, probing and stroking her hole and flicking
across her aching clit and his thick thumb probing her ass. As she moaned and
sank deeper onto his cock, her nostrils flared and her breathe came more rapidly
as his hand filled her cunt. Feeling his fingers slip across her erect clit
caused her to push back against him as her tits swayed against his thigh, her
erect nipples further stimulated by his touch and then pushed her mouth farther
down his thick, rock hard shaft.

Pulling her mouth from Stan's swaying cock head, Jennifer moaned loudly as
his hand slid deeper into her cunt. Stan now shifted his position and Jen
found herself devouring his cock as Stan's mouth and tongue worked over
her pussy, sucking her full pussy lips into his mouth, then fucking her slit
with his tongue. She squealed and writhed against his mouth as he sucked her
erect clit, and flicked his tongue across it. Wanting to feel this monster
inside her aching pussy, Jennifer quickly stood , straddling the man , her pussy
dropping her hot,wet juices onto him. With an animalistic growl escaping her
throat, Jen sank onto the huge cock under her and parting her full pussy lips,
impaled herself on the towering rod with one swift plunge until she felt his
balls pressing against her ass. Groaning in pleasure, she began to fuck him
rapidly, pulling herself almost totally off this monster before plunging again
and again upward and downward, enveloping him in her hot, slick love trap.
Continuing to impale herself, Jennifer felt the man brgin to buck under her and
felt her own juices squirt around his cock head each time she withdrew. Unable
to speak, her breasts heaving, she groaned and gasped and after a few more
hard , deep strokes dropped herself onto him one final time as her body shook
violently in a spasm of intense pleasure that lasted forever. Grinding her tits
into his chest, she pushed herself down onto him feeling her contracting pussy
filled to capacity with his throbbing and spewing foot long rod.

Jennifer now pulled herself free one last time and enveloped Stan's cock
with her gasping mouth. Sucking him deep into her throat Jennifer tasted
the salty, slick sensation of his cum mixed with her own salty juices on
her tongue. Stan, now almost ready to explode again, grasped her hair with
one hand as his other hand found its way again deep into her slit as he
forced himself deeper into her mouth. Jen, feeling his cockhead swell,
grabbed the base of his cock firmly with one hand, holding back the flow
of cum as she increasingly used more of her tongue to lick and caress his
cock head. Rapidly jerking him off as she both sucked him deeper and stifled
the flow of his eruption had Stan groaning deeply as he plunged his entire
hand inside her gushing, spasming pussy. As she was being fucked by the
man's thick hand Jen felt herself again erupt in orgasm and she sucked
Stan's cock savagely as she continued to hold the base of his cock firmly as
she slid the other hand up and down the entire shaft rapidly. Finally, when
Stan finally was near screaming, she buried his cock deep in her mouth,
released the grip on the base of his shaft and sucked and stroked him
furiously. Jennifer, caught up in her own orgasm, still felt the huge wave of
cum slam through Stan's manhood to fill her mouth and throat with spurt
after creamy spurt of silky, hot juice. Sucking and swallowing to keep from
losing any of his load, Jen felt his hand clench inside her and felt the man
buck and spasm against her as she sucked every drop of his essence down her

As he moaned, "No more," she buried his shaft deep in her throat as she
slid her hands up and down the slick shaft. Jennifer had never experienced
a single load of cum that had filled her mouth so fully. Swallowing
continually, she bobbed her mouth up and down his shaft as he spasmed
constantly and moaned her name, " Jen, Jen, Jen..". As his voice trailed off
in one last groan, Jennifer sucked his now flaccid cock into her mouth one
last time before letting it slip from her lips, savoring the faint smacking
sound Stan's cock made as it fell onto his thigh. Jen's lips trailed the length
of his cock, onto his belly, chest and upward until her still erect nipples
dragged across him. Flicking her tongue across his lips, Jen kissed him
deeply before she stood on shaky legs and walked across the room. Slipping
her skirt on, Jen walked topless across the parking lot, and retrieving
her blouse, she climbed into her car without ever putting it on. Looking
back to the shop, Jennifer saw Stan, still naked standing in the open
doorway, his flaccid cock dangling almost to his knee. Laughing, she spun
the tires of her car as, still topless, she drove toward home.

Soon after starting toward home, Jennifer noticed a custom designed bus
stopped on the roadside ahead of her. A young man was standing beside it
waving his arms frantically, obviously in need of help. Still topless, Jen
thought, "This will be fun," and pulled to a stop in front of the vehicle.
The man ran to her car, and seeing her naked breasts fully exposed, said,
"Well.. umm.. you.. well. " Jennifer laughed and fondling her left nipple
to erection asked if he needed help. Finally, still intently staring at
her chest, the man was able to say, " Yeah, the bus is broken down and my
phone is dead. Do you have one I could use? A phone, I mean.. "

Smiling broadly, Jen told him she had one in her purse in the back seat.
Pretending not to be able to reach her purse, Jen got out of the car and
bending over the seat back, was able to get it, and give the man a full
view of her naked pussy and ass under the short skirt at the same time.
Handing him the phone, she leaned against her car parting her legs and
caressing her nipples as he fumbled through the buttons on the phone and
was soon talking to the auto club. Eventually he handed her the phone and
said, "Looks like it will be a couple hours before they can get a wrecker
big enough to tow this beast in. If you have time there is something I
think you'll enjoy on the bus while we wait." Leading Jennifer up the
steps of the bus, the man opened a door behind the driver's compartment to
reveal twelve of the largest men Jen had ever seen. The driver said simply,
" Ma'am, meet the Manhattan Diplomats. They are an exhibition basketball
team who play against the Globetrotters around the country. " As the men
looked her over and began to laugh and talk among themselves, the driver
said, " Boys, meet the nice lady who saved us today. Please show her your
thanks. "

Looking the men over, Jennifer realized the team was a mix of young black
and white men ranging from mid twenties to early thirties in age, each
athletic and well muscled. Most were in excess of seven feet tall and she
noticed their hands here huge with long fingers. At the mere sight of so
much oppertunity, Jen's nipples hardened and her pussy began to get wet.

Quickly Jen was surrounded by the men and was amazed that at her own height
of only five foot three, she only stood to mid chest on most of them. Gasping,
she felt a dozen pairs of huge hands immediately caressing her body and sliding
the short skirt from her hips. As the men undressed, Jennifer assessed them. All
their cocks were proportionate to their heights with most at least a foot long
and many very, very thick. Grabbing the closest man, Jen pulled him toward her
and watched in amazement as his huge, erect cock jutted toward her mouth.
Grasping it with both hands, she sucked the massive head into her mouth as
the other men cheered and shouted. Jen now felt herself being lifted from
the ground and still holding the cock in her mouth, was turned onto her
back. As she was being held in mid air, hands separated her legs and with
one motion, her pussy was filled with a thick, sixteen inch long cock.

The impact pushed her mouth yet farther onto the cock filling her mouth
and shoved it nearly into her throat. Skewered between the two, Jen could
only attempt to squeal in pleasure as the men fell into a rhythm that
pulled both cocks out of her then back into her hot, wet pussy and mouth
simultaneously. After another twenty minutes of this airborne fucking, as the
other men caressed her heaving breasts and mouths found her erect nipples
her body shook in a quivering, spasming orgasm, the cock filling her mouth
bucked and she heard the man groan as he pushed deep into her and
filled her throat with pulse after pulse of hot cum. Gulping furiously, Jen felt
the cock pulled from her mouth and she was suddenly lifted upright, being
totally impaled by the sixteen inch cock in her pussy. " God, " she screamed
as she felt her weight shift and the man still fucking her, dropped back onto a
low table with Jennifer still skewered on the man under her, squealing, "oh God,
yes...yes....yes", as she felt the thick,horse sized pole of hard flesh buried
to the hilt in her stretched, dripping pussy.

With her knees on each side of his hips, Jen tried to pull herself off the
man to begin fucking him. Instead she felt hands on her back and now felt
another man's feet standing on the table on the sides of her knees. Her first
thought was that another cock would be filling her ass and in anticipation of
being double fucked, in a low deep voice purred, "yes baby,fuck me, yes, fuck
my ass please.." which was all she could say before a huge cock head instead
shoved into her already filled cunt. As her mouth opened in a surprised squeal
of pain and pleasure at the feel of two long, thick cocks fucking her hot,
dripping wet pussy at the same time, another hard cock filled her mouth again
and she could only groan around it as her nostrils flared and her breathe
came in short gasps. Her mind was reeling as the cocks in her battered
pussy stroked in and out, sometimes alternating, sometimes together as she
worked her tongue over the massive cock head filling her mouth, knowing
another massive orgasm was imminent as a dozen more huge hands found
her heaving, swaying tits and hungry mouths sought out her erect nipples,
back, neck and throat .

Feeling it building deep inside her, Jen ground her hips back against the
two men fucking her aching pussy as she sucked harder on the cock fucking
her mouth. Moments before she knew she would be overwhelmed by this
growing sensation, Jennifer felt the men shift slightly behind her and now
dimly heard a voice ask, "Was this what you wanted?," as yet another cock
head was pressed against her ass. Lubricated by the loads of cum coating
her ass and pussy ,with one thrust, her ass was filled with fourteen, thick
inches of meat as the two other massive cocks continued to slide easily
in and out of her slick, dripping pussy and her mouth and throat was
filled by a fourth pistoning rod. Screaming around the manhood filling her
mouth, Jen arched her back and ground her massive tits into the man under
her and fucked and sucked the four men like a wild animal, knowing her own
orgasm was only moments away. Now, with one swift motion, all four cocks
pulled out of her and paused for a mere moment as she emitted a low,
guttural moan, her body shuddering in an intense orgasm. Now, again with
one motion, Jennifer's wet, dripping pussy was refilled by both thick, long
cocks as the third fourteen inch long shaft slammed, full depth into her now
gaping ass and the fourth foot long throbbing sausage was buried deep into
her hot, gasping mouth and throat.

It was now the orgasm hit fully. She had never been so full of so many huge
cocks and Jennifer's mind reeled, she drifted to another place as the waves
and shudders overtook her. As the men pumped faster and began to orgasm
themselves, Jen felt each hard cock stiffen, veins bulging and pulsing as
their huge loads of hot, silky smooth cum shot through their long lengths,
filling her pussy, mouth and ass almost in slow motion. She felt the hot,steamy
rivulets of cum swirl deep inside her and felt it being frothed to foam by the
rapid pounding of their cocks pumping deep inside her. Their fucking motion
bounced her back and forth and with her body, now limp from the sensations,
shuddered continually from the constant orgasms racing through her with
each thrust of each hard cock.

Barely conscious, Jennifer felt herself being rolled into her back on the table
and felt a hot mouth envelope her pussy and a long, sinuous tongue slide into
her wet slit, pulling the loads of salty cum from inside. Looking downward, she
saw a buxom, naked woman, kneeling between her legs as a huge black man fucked
the woman from behind, causing the woman's pendulous breasts to drag across
Jen's quivering thighs. Jen had never been with another woman before, but now
she was too spent to argue or care as long as it felt good and for as long as
her orgasms continued. Mary, it seems had been traveling with the team for some
time and now planned to enjoy herself along with the men. As Jen watched, other
men joined them , mouths and hands finding stomachs, throats, mouths and
breasts. As the man continued to pound in and out of Mary's pussy, it bounced
her mouth and tongue against Jennifer's pussy, and licking and sucking Jen's
swollen clit as she fisted her pussy, and the men fondled her willing body, Mary
soon had Jennifer cumming yet again. As Mary pulled her dripping hand from
Jen's spasming cunt , she moaned,"now she's ready for more..", and the men took
over again with cock after thick, pulsating cock filling Jen's drenched, gaping
pussy and open mouth and ass with loads of pent up cum. Silky, frothy cum
oozed from her pussy and ass and Mary used her talented tongue to clean every
drop from her as Jennifer lay, limp on the table,her arms and legs draped
languidly over the edges of the table.The men surrounded the two women, hands
caressing them as mouths found their way to swaying breasts, hard nipples and
aroused clits. Jen felt mouths on hers, and tongues and long , thick fingers
probing her orally, vaginally and anally. Now, in groups of two,three or four at
a time, the rest of the men and the driver fucked Jen's limp body, filling her
dripping wet cunt, ass and mouth with dozens of more loads of cum before the
thirteen men and one woman had exhausted themselves. Only an occasional moan
escaped Jennifer as the men fucked her and Mary continued to lick her pussy and
ass clean between penetrations, while her own orgasms continued almost non-stop,
her body reduced to a quivering mass as wave after orgasmic wave swept over her
as she was being fucked and sucked by the fourteen until she slipped into a
state of unconsciousness.

Jennifer awoke later lying naked on the front seat of her car, her left leg
draped over the back of the seat, her pussy fully exposed, her nipples
erect from the cool night air. Pulling herself upright behind the steering
wheel, she felt gushes of still warm semen squirting from her reddened pussy
and ass and she savored the taste of salty, silky cum filled her aching mouth.
Rubbing her hands over her body, she noted dried cum from her tits to her knees.
The bus was gone and only a note was left on her dash saying, "Thanks for
everything. The bus was even repaired for free after the three mechanics
joined the fun and triple fucked you. We will be playing our next game on
Saturday. Here is a locker room pass for you to use. Hope to see you there."

Gathering her wits she realized the sun was rising which meant she had
been fucked and pleasured with many, many orgasms for almost eight hours,
Jen stepped out of the car briefly to stretch her aching legs and to pull on
her skirt, but remained topless as she drove home. She realized she was
beginning to enjoy the feel of the cool wind on her hard, jutting nipples and
the feel of her full breasts swaying and bouncing with each bump and curve of
the road, the convertible top still down as she drove and Jen even took the long
way home to savor it fully. Besides, with all the lonely truckers to notice her,
she just may find another big cock or two to satisfy before she got home.

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