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The last of the soldiers had exhausted themselves and had left by the time
the sun was rising over the tent tops. Now, having collapsed themselves, Gen
and Sherry were still naked and sleeping outside several hours later. Draped
languidly over the bales of hay, the warm sun had dried most to the cum that
covered their bodies, leaving only moist areas between their thighs where the
silky, smooth cream still oozed from their pussies and asses when they moved.
Gen awoke first and stretched, running her hands over her body. She was
still proud of herself and the way she looked, with very beautiful, full breasts
ending in dark,silver dollar sized areolas and constantly hard, long nipples. Her
tummy showed a little roundness and her legs and ass were firm. She had trimmed
her pubic hair so that it was quite short, showing off her full, pouty pussy lips and
above them , her large pearly clit. Having seen her sister naked, Gen knew that
her own clit was much larger than Sherry's and when she was aroused, it stuck
out like a miniature cock that she loved to have sucked. In the last three day the two
girls had experienced more than in their entire short lives. Gem was only slightly
older than Sherry, and thought to herself, "Well, today is my birthday. I'm nineteen
and definately have been kissed."

She raised her legs, placing her feet on the bale she lay on and letting her
legs fall outward, she opened her thighs and pussy to the warmth of the
sun. Moving her hands downward, she spread the full, engorged lips of her
pussy and felt her hardening clit glide from its sheath. Flicking her two
fingers across her pearl, she arched her back and enjoyed the sensations.
Gen continued to caress herself, occasionally slipping a finger then two inside
her wet slit until her breath came in short, rapid gasps and she again orgasmed.
Pushing three fingers into her spasming pussy, she quickly brought herself to
a rapid succession of orgasms.Totally oblivious to her surroundings, Gen now lay
back on the hay, feeling the warm sun caressing her trembling, naked body. Eventually
the young woman looked over to her sister also still lying naked , her arms and legs
dangling over the sides of the other bale of straw and found that they had quietly been
surrounded be a large group of their former servants. She and Sherry knew many
of the men by sight and name, having grown up with them working their fields. On
occasion, the two girls had even hidden by the river and watched them bathe,
marveling at the size of their manhood as a group and wondering what it must be
like to be fileed by one of those huge black rods. Now they were being the ones
watched and at first startled and a little frightened, Gen soon found herself becoming
aroused yet again. Assessing the men, Gen saw the ranged from late teen to over
sixty years old and she knew some by name. Seeing Goliath and Samson in front
pleased her, because she had always treated them well and had always been
impressed by the two giant brothers. Each of them stood almost seven feet tall, well
muscled and as she had remembered, with especially long, thick cocks. Behind them
was Old Jim, the eldest at over sixty years and Big Moses, the gentle house servant
that Gen and Sherry had known all their lives. Gen had seen Moses naked before
and knew his manhood was well over a foot long and appeared too thick for her to
get both hands around. Almost two dozen men , in total , were now watching them.

Sitting upright, her legs spread over the sides of the bale, Gen fondled her
full breasts and pinched her huge erect nipples as the men watched. Gen tossed
a handfull of straw onto her sleeping sister, rousing her from her sleep. Sherry
was now awake and looked at Gen with a smile and slight wink that indicated
the two women were probably sharing the same thoughts. Almost in unison,
the women sat up straighter and let their legs dangle from the bales of hay.
Opening her legs slightly and cupping her full breasts, Gen tossed her head
backward and looking at the men, asked in her best southern drawl, " Any of you
still want to please your old masters?" The men tentatively glanced at one
another and then grinning collectively began to shed their clothing. Quickly, Gen
and Sherry found themselves surrounded by twenty two willing naked black men.
"God," moaned Sherry as she stared at the huge dangling cocks in front of her,
some hanging almost to the men's knees. Sherry pulled the closest man to her
fondling the ebony rod hanging between his legs and cupping the mans full balls
as she flicked her tongue the length of the quickly growing shaft of flesh. Leaning
forward , the girl let her lips slide over the bulbous head and in one motion pulled
herself onto the foot long rod until she felt the massive head deep in her throat and
her chin rested against the man's balls. Pulling fully off the glistening , black shaft,
Sherry looked up into the man's eyes before she again fully engulfed him with
her hot mouth. As he began to move his hips in rhythm to her, a half dozen other
of the younger men surrounded her, cheering her on as the fondled her heaving
breasts and explored her body. After only a couple dozen strokes, months of pent
up seed could no longer resist Sherry's coaxing and as the man , in reflex , grabbed
the back of her head, burying the entire length of thick rod in her throat, Sherry felt
spurt after massive spurt of hot, sticky fluid course through the man's jerking cock
as he moaned loudly, and pushed even deeper. The girl laughted as she pushed
off the still hard cock, licked her lips as a rivulet of white cum dribbled down her chin
and purred, " Come on you black bucks...I want you all, now."

Lying back on the improvised bed, Gen had motioned a dozen men to her. As
she stretched seductively, they surrounded her and as she waved them closer,
they lifted and laid their huge flaccid cocks on her pale white body. The contrast
of black on white further excited the men as well as Gen and their hands were
soon caressing every crevice and curve of her willing body as she pushed into them.
Standing on each side of the girl were a dozen muscular, black men, their huge cocks
draped across her body.One man, Big Moses, laughed, saying, "Miss Gen, you
never whipped us, but we gonna whip you..." . Continuing to laugh, the man lifted
his massive , flaccid cock and waving it in front of her staring eyes, lifted it upright
and let it fall with a resounding "smack" on her heaving breasts dragging it across
her jutting nipples. Others followed, "whipping" Gen from throat to knees with black
flesh. As she relished the feel of the hot, black whips slapping against her , the girl
now laughed too, pulling herself up, facing the closest man to her, grabbing his dick
and forcing the mushroom shaped head into her mouth, stroking the length and
marveling at the thick veins the pulsed harder as the man's cock grew in breadth
and length until her hands could not fully encircle it. As the pole filled and grew in
her mouth, she tongued the soft underside, and tasted the drops of pre-cum already
flowing. Pulling him deep into her throat , his balls slapped against her chin and as
other mouths found her heaving breasts and sucked her erect nipples, she felt hands
under her legs, lifting and spreading them and gasped as a hot, sinewy tongue darted
across her erect clit, down between her engorged pussy lips and buried deep into her
dripping cunt. Sucking Big Moses' cock deeper into her throat, Gen felt dozens of
hands all over her body as Sam the man between her legs continued to fuck her with
his tongue.Pausing briefly, Sam's mouth slid up to her clit, sucking it in and flicking his
strong tongue over it repeatedly, Sam pulled away briefly , saying "Damn, Miss Gen,
you got your own little dick", before he again began to suck and tongue the girl to
orgasm. As she arched her back , a wave swept over her and all she could moan
was "yes..yes..yes" as Sam's talented tongue and thick fingers worked magic on her
throbbing clit and pussy. In her throes, she also felt Big Moses' pole tense and then
shoot a half dozen massive loads of hot, jetting seed into her mouth and throat. As
his cock softened and slid from her still sucking lips, the young girl did somehow
manager to look over to her sister, to see Sherry sitting on the edge of the bale,
sucking cock after cock as each was offered to her willing mouth. Sherry's legs
were spread widely and a young man knelt between them, his mouth on her hot
pussy as a half dozen more men surrounded her, their hands covering and stimulating
her young body to orgasm time after time.

Gen waved to the next half dozen men in front of her and said," Come on boys,
I'll help you out." As they encircled her, Gen greedily devoured one huge flaccid cock
after another, reveling at the feeling of them stiffening and growing in her mouth.
Sucking one and jerking off one in each hand, Gen felt the men's hands roaming
over her body . As the cock in her mouth stiffened and shot a massive load of sticky,
silky cum into her throat, Gen felt a new orgasm building as Sam's nimble tongue
played across her erect clit. Hands were on her breasts, cupping them, pinching her
nipples. Others hands were on her belly, throat, back and now, between her thighs.
She felt long thick fingers push deep inside her own wet slit and she moaned around
the black cock filling her mouth. Looking over, she saw Sherry on her knees, straddling
a huge cock that was being worked into her wet hole. Another black was half kneeling
behind Sherry, his thick, foot long cock, still wet from being sucked, being eased into
her ass hole. A man standing in front of her filled her open, moaning mouth with a
monstrously thick cock and she squealed around her new meal in pain and pleasure.
Soon all three men worked into a rhythm that kept the girl , barely supporting herself on
trembling, weak hands and knees, skewered between them bouncing her back and
forth, always keeping at least one cock buried deep inside her. Hands cupped her
swaying breasts as others wandered over her belly, back and quivering legs.

Now, wanting more herself, Gen lay one of the men with the longest cock
on his back with his head toward Sherry. "Now," she thought, "I can watch
the show." Standing on the bale, feet on either side of the Samson's hips, Gen
knelt, easing herself onto the monster pole under her. Another man positioned
himself behind her and also watching the spectacle in front of him, knelt
slightly and, to Gen's shock, began to guide his hard ,fourteen inch cock into her
already filled pussy. As he pushed into her wet pussy beside Samson's dick, Gen,
her mouth wide open in surprise and the sensation of being so filled she hardly
noticed the third cock that popped into her mouth. Sucking furiously Gen felt the
man's cock grow slowly as she sucked him further and further down her throat,
and working her supple tongue around his member until he stiffened, burying all
twelve inches into Gen's hot silky mouth and throat, the man bucked wildly as his
cum filled her until it gushed around him onto her chin. Gen was now cumming again
from the feeling of two cocks fucking her pussy at the same time, filling her almost
past capacity and she pushed harder back against them as they continued to ram
their twin poles to the hilt into her spasming slit. Still furiously sucking the now limp
cock in her mouth, Gen felt a new wave of orgasms eminate from her swollen clit
and sweep over her entire boby as the flaccid member slid from her still sucking lips.
At the same time Samson and his partner sensed their own orgasms and
simultaneously slammed their sixteen and fourteen inch long poles deeply into Gen's
sloppy wet pussy, sending twin jets of searing hot sticky cum into the quivering,
moaning daughter of their former master as Old Jim filled her now empty mouth with
a fresh hard cock.

Looking forward, past Jim, Gen was shocked to see a third man positioning himself
behind Sherry. She was straddling one huge cock that filled her pussy and had
another fucking her ass. Pulling her mouth off the cock in front of her, Sherry practically
screamed, "Yes, yes....more..." The third man, Goliath, Gen knew had a slender cock
at least a foot and a half long. Kneeling slightly, he positioned himself between he first
two men and pushed his way into her already occupied pussy. As she screamed
again in pleasure as much as pain, he lunged farther in and quickly,all three men took
up a rhythm of fucking her. With two thick, long cocks in her pussy, one in her ass and
one in her mouth and with a dozen other hands caressing her full bouncing tits , her
back and upturned ass, Sherry could do little more than allow the waves of pleasure
to sweep over her and she spasmed and orgasmed for what seemed like hours. As
she lost consciousness, Sherry was still being quivering and moaning as the men
came in unison, filling her with ass, pussy and mouth with four huge loads of salty,
sticky hot cum.

Gen, by now was beyond control and could only groan and babble incoherently
as the two cocks in her pussy spurted hot sperm into her. As Samson pulled his still
rock hard dick from her dripping hole, Gen heard a faint sucking sound, like a foot
being pulled from sticky mud and giggled to herself at how this must sound and appear.
Still barely aware,Gen felt herself being turned onto her back across the bale. With
her legs held up and apart by the first two men, cock after cock fucked her now gaping
pussy , churning each additional load of cum to a clear, white milky froth, and with her
head hanging over the other edge of the bale, cock after cock filled her open mouth
with another dozen heavy loads of silky, salty cum. The constant movement causing
her full breasts to bounce in rhythm to her fucking and as she drifted into blissful
oblivion she felt mouths still sucking and licking her erect nipples and hands caressing
her belly, throat and face as the mutiple cocks filled her pussy and mouth in rapid
succession. Shuddering and spasming almost continuously now, Gen continued to
suck each cock dry, almost by reflex. Each time a new cock entered her soaked, sore
pussy and ass, Gen could vaguely feel cum ooze around it and she would orgasm
again. Hands still roamed over her body and mouths still sucked her supple tits as she
drifted off, hard cocks still in her mouth and pussy.

Sherry wakened slightly, turning slightly to the side to watch the show still going on
around her sister . She uttered a low gutteral moan, her hands drifting over her ample
breasts to fondle her own wet slit as she watched the next hour. Gen was on her back,
moaning stightly and shuddering almost constantly in one continuous orgasm as the
huge black cocks in her mouth and pussy continued fucking her furiously. Gen's arms,
quivering, hung loosely off the sides of the bale and Sherry watched sleepily as her
sister's full, beautiful tits bounced rhythmicallyas she was being fucked by the mob of
black studs. Absent mindedly, she counted 22 men around her sister and wondered if
that number had fucked her too, as she drifted off to sleep.

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