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A very sexy young lady, asked me to post this here on her behalf, and i was happy to do so as it is a heartfelt story.

A Sub's recurring dream.
By Charlady.

Hello Master Ray, I have been experiencing this same dream now for the last three weeks. Every time I close my eyes it starts an before long my fingers are exploring my body as my mind's eye witnesses all the action. I have written my dream down for your observations and hopefully you can help me through this passage. Master these feelings are engulfing me every night.

I come to meet you for the first time in the bar you told me to be at for half past eight. I walk down the street huddling my body to keep out the cold with my belly doing butterflies with every step I took, I see the sign for the bar and turn to look in the shop window, next to me and check my reflection to make sure I look as good as I can for you. I tweak my hair, pull my coat down and carry on walking, not believing that we were finally going to meet. I get to the door and stop take a deep breath knowing that when I come out of here I will be a changed woman.

I step inside and look around but I cant see you in the dimly lit bar, so I go towards the bar and take a seat still looking around for you but not being able to see you, I order a drink and as the barman gives it to me I hear a voice behind me saying put that on my tab and my heart skips a beat as I know you are here, and then the words follow me were whispered In my ear and I feel your lips brush my lobe as you pull away, I turn round as to see you and cant help but smile then feeling your hand on my lower back I make moves from my perch and follow the way you are leading me over to a very low lit corner of the bar.

You stand behind me and start to open the belt on my coat whispering again that you hoped I had followed all of your orders, as you say it I feel goose-bumps rise all over my body and manage to get out the words "I hope so master", your hands then reach for the buttons and then as you slip it from my shoulders you see that I have indeed wore exactly what you asked, a sheer black blouse with no bra under it and the tight skirt that clings to my butt and comes just above my knees with the stockings you asked for as well and the patent high-heals. When you place my coat on a chair, I then feel your hands roaming my hip and from what I can tell, your checking if I had any panties on and much to your pleasure I'd managed to do everything so far that you had demanded.

I feel my body begin to blush and a cold sweat breaks out as I feel everyone present is watching your hands exploring my hips. It seems as hundreds of eyes are burning into my body from all areas of the public bar and I almost feel that they are fully aware of my lack of underwear beneath my thin layer of clothing.

You turn me round to look at me straight on, for the first time I can properly see you and your smile disarmed me and I felt myself melt in to your gaze and I was glad for it made me know I had made the right choice to meet you, Yours eyes travelled over my body which I found hard to take but managed to stay still while you completed your viewing. "I am very Impressed my dear I'm so glad you've managed so far", I blush under your praise and thank you. I notice that your eyes keep travelling towards my extremely prominent and already erect nipples and every time you do I can feel my pussy doing what can only be described as leaps of joy as I feel my self get slick between my legs from your stare.

You tell me to sit and as I do I notice you watch me sit before joining me and as you do so, I cant help but move closer to you and I see your sly smile as you notice my action, as I moved along my skirt had risen up and I go to move It back down, "don't even think about It, leave It alone to show off your legs my dear." I do as I'm told but feel slightly uncomfortable in case everyone can see the tops of my stockings now clearly showing, and as If you can read my mind, "no one can see my dear and even If they do your going to need to get used to it, I will get us another drink shall I", you get up and start to walk away and then turn" don't even think about pulling It down whilst I'm gone", you smile as you go off to the bar.

I'm left with my own thoughts for a few moments, my mind racing with what might happen later tonight If I continue to please you and everything goes well, my nipples ache with their hardness at the thoughts running through my mind and Despite my pussy getting slicker by the second, I am determined to be your very best obedient slut.

You come back and as you turn to pass me my drink your arm lightly brushes my right nipple making me stop breathing for a few seconds before a silent gasp escapes my lips, "they are very responsive dear, I can't wait to test them more thoroughly and do more to them" Again, I go a shade of red at your comment and mumble a thank you as I try to control myself, you smile at me and tell me that if I want, we can leave after this drink and go back to your place, my belly and pussy starts doing somersaulting butterflies again as I tell you that would be lovely, you assure me Its a long drive back to yours but it will be worth it.

As I waited in anticipation of you telling me we are leaving, I am surprised when you tell me to go to the ladies toilet and to finger fuck my pussy until I am on the verge of Cumming but I am warned not to cum or you will punish me. You hint that the punishment may well be a public one and I instantly contemplate being spanked in front of the pub crowd. I hurry off to the ladies and return with my fingers sticky with my cunt juices and a throbbing in my clit as I am almost on the verge of orgasm. You immediately take my hand and tell me to straighten my fingers as you raise my hand as slowly but deliberately lick my juices from my fingers. You purr into my ear that as you suspected my cunt tastes delightful.

We finish our drinks and get ready to leave and you help me with my coat and just before I button it up you reach for my tits and cup them gently though my blouse and roll my nipples in between your thumb and finger from just that you hear my breathing getting quicker and a series of low moans escape my lips. You laugh and as quick as you started it you stop close my coat and whisper "just delightful" and I smile as you usher me towards the door, your car Is outside waiting for us and we both get in and you tell your driver home please, then a shutter goes down between us and the driver, you reach over and pull me closer to you and looking directly into my eyes, your never going to look back now my Slutty Charlady and before I could say anything you were kissing me hard my tongue dancing with yours.

I feel yours hands travelling over my body my coat sliding off my shoulders and bunching up behind me on the seat. Your hands reach the back of my neck as I feel you doing something there, then I feel something closing round my neck and as you pull away and break our first wonderful kiss and my hands instinctively reaches up to feel the band around my neck and then I realise what it is. It's a very thin choker, no I felt it again and thought its not a choker, its a collar, my collar. I look at you and you have a smile showing on your face and I start thanking you profusely. But you place a finger over my lips indicating to be quiet so I do. Slowly your hand travels down to my top blouse button and you open It and as you continue to undo the buttons, you tell me how I'm not to wear this when we are alone or this as you pull down my skirt leaving me sitting there in just my stockings.

You see and sense my fears of being seen in your car, naked but for my self-supporting stockings, but you also see that my nipples are betraying my true feelings. I have never known them to be so hard or erect before and you slide your fingertips over them lightly as further grasps escape my dry mouth and lips.

My hearts going two to the dozen as I feel your feather touch on my bare skin, my mind racing not believing I'm sitting naked in a car with you, my pussy getting even more excited than it was when we left the pub, and continue to get ever more excited by the second I nearly stop breathing in anticipation. Your hands travelling down my arms and then I feel something softly slip around one of my wrists and then the other, all the time your kissing my body pre-occupying me from looking at what you'd done.

Your kisses raining all over my body you're your hands now telling me to open my legs as you lightly trace a finger over my cunt-lips and feel the heat there for you, the wetness glistening on your finger slightly.

You lift my legs up kissing all the way down from the top of one to bottom and you fasten something soft around my ankle and then you repeat this on my other leg placing the anklet in place. Your tongue lightly running down my legs till I feel it establishes contact around my pussy but not going directly to it properly. I raise my hips and you give a little laugh, "all in good time my captive slutty Charlady" I start to beg you a little and you Ignore my pleas as you keep moving up my body and then I feel you lips wrap round my nipple and I feel you tongue reach out and flick across It and I give yet another low moan, my hands reaching up to your head not wanting you to leave.

You pull away and take my arms to my side before a couple of slight clicks invades my ears and my arms are locked by my side, by the cold feeling chain between the two wrist cuffs, preventing me from touching you and more importantly preventing me from covering up my now fully exposed fully erect nipples. Your mouth returns to my aching nipples and resume flicking lightly across the nipple, this causes my hips to resume moving up to try meet you to no avail. I am so wrapped up in your oral ministrations that I didn't notice but the car has stopped and suddenly you stop everything your doing, "Come Charlady we have arrived," you announce.

As I look out of the car, I am nervous of stepping outside in nothing but stockings hands bound to my side, but the look on your face tells me not to take long, you have your hand out to help me and then when I'm standing you come up behind me and then you place a blindfold on me, I barely got to see your house. Once you secured it I felt you tap my bum and told me to walk forward, I do so ever so carefully scared I might fall until you reassure me that you would not let me hurt myself and then press the bottom on my back and lead me, I momentarily feel the cold circulating air and sense I am vulnerable but then quickly I am surrounded by heated wafts of air and realise we have entered your house.

My shoe-heels click with every step I take, although I'm listening for anything that might be said but I am led in silence. The only thing I could hear was my heart beating faster and faster, it was deafening to my ears and the click of my shoes on the hardwood floors. "Stay here", Is all you say and I hear you walk off and when you come back I sensed your approach before I heard you near me. I then hear keys clang together and then a door being unlocked and opened and you guide me into what must be another room.

Its much colder In here and I get pushed towards something, it feels cold and plastic, and you tell me to lean over as far as I can, of course I do as I'm told but I am still scared that it may not take my weight but excited at the same time about what's about to happen to me. You release my arms and then move my legs further apart and I hear something scraped along the floor I stay still trying to work out what's going on, even though In my heart I knew and I realized you would never seriously hurt me. It was cuffs you had put on in the car; my ankle ones were being attached to what I rightly assumed was floor mountings.

After you finished with my legs, I tried to move them and I was prevented in doing so by the fastenings, this proved I was right you had tied me to this cold padded thing. I could not help but admire your attention to detail, as the cold padded bar pressing against my lower stomach must have been measured to perfection for what was about to happen. I was bent over it and realized it was about 24 inches wide and padded in the same cold plastic material.

I then feel you run your hand down my right arm before you take it and then stretch it out before clipping it to the fastening preventing me moving my arm, exactly the same as with my legs. This was repeated with my last remaining limb and I now had the over powering feeling of helpfulness and there I am for you, in a position I can't get out of or can not prevent you doing what ever you wish with my captive body. You knew this was how I just loved it and you had often told me of your loving your slut bound, blindfolded and even gagged.

The padded bar across my stomach as now warmed slightly with my body temperature and is serving its purpose of making me form a bridge over it presenting my arse at a convenient height for spanking, whilst preventing my head from being raised too high to look around.

After an eternity of complete silence and with me almost suspecting that you had left me, because I had not even heard you breathing and you had not touched my body; you pull my blindfold off and as my eyes adjusted to the light I finally get to see your cock inches in front of me and open my mouth for you, "not yet my cum bucket of a slut, Charlady, but oh you will get too it, don't worry." I tried to look up to see you but found It hard from my position but I did see all these things in front of me when you moved, all different types of whips and canes etc and a glass fronted cabinet filled with objects I could not describe and would have difficult thoughts to simply imagine them.

You look at me and then to where I was looking and again I hear you say to me "all in good time but we are starting with this first dear cock teasing bitch." I look to see what you have in your hand and it's a soft leather whip like a cat on nine tails with no hard balls at the end.

You ask me "Are you my slut!" and I meekly answer yes, master! You then ask if I am feeling horny and on a scale of one to ten just how horny am I feeling right now.

I responded with a grunted yes and an almost apologetic mumbled 11.

"Tell me slut, do you think you deserve to be punished for being such a nasty slutty girl who flashes her stocking tops and her near naked ass in a pub?" you demand.

I gulp as I realize why you told me not to adjust my clothes in the pub now, I offer a meek yes, master.

You then ask me in my opinion how many would spanks cure a slut cum bucket like me.

I hesitantly offer you the right as my master to choose the amount and level of my cure.

You run The cat o nine tails right down my back letting me feel each and every one of its lengths lightly against my soft skin and then I felt the first blow of it on my ass and oh it felt so good, a mixture of stinging pain and spreading warmth, so good in fact I let out a loud moan type scream, I hear a big exhale from you, which I hoped was from excitement and not from annoyance. I feel the whip come down again and I can't help but moan from the feelings it is generating in my cunt and the heat it generates on my ass cheeks.

I then feel your feather touch on me and I get goose-bumps again as you finger travels from my anal opening right round slowly to my clit ring as you give a little tug on it and then as you come back round you let your finger linger around my anal ring my hips try to buck back out to force your finger into my arse. I hear you give a laugh as you pull away back up to my anal opening as you lightly press on it then pull away and give my ass a hard slap with your hand, I could not help screaming at the shock of this hand slap and was sure you'd left a hand print. I hear you mutter "this really wont do" and I see you walk to the cabinet and when you turn round I try to see what you have In your hand and before I could even promise I'll try to stay quiet the ball gag was In my mouth and tied behind my head.

My pussy started fluttering even more and as it hovered just on the brink of a massive orgasm, I could not believe my reaction. I really didn't think I'd get so much pleasure from being gagged and helpless but it seems like I loved being so vulnerable.

You started circling me telling me how much of a slut I looked right now and how you always wanted me this way, how from now on I was your cum drinking little slut and I'd do anything you told me to, with no questions asked, no hesitation and promised It would never be to harm me at all. But just to open me up further to you and as you kept talking you started to whip me again and occasionally you would hit my pussy sending me ever closer to that raging fire I desperately needed to reach to cum.

I simply couldn't reach my goal and I knew that if I did without your say so you be unhappy with me, maybe even so pissed off with me as to send me home and have no further dealings with me. I really didn't want that but everything you were doing and saying kept me on the edge so much and all I could do was to try not think about Cumming and that's then I felt you finger tracing down from my anal opening to my clit and you spent much longer teasing me there this time, teasing me with your words also, "oh I know your needing it my dear slut but not yet you have to hold on," as you said It, I feel your fingers slide easily inside me and as you pull out feel my juices running down my leg'

"Oh my sexy little slut of a whore, Charlady you slut, your so ready for my prick to fuck you, that your cunt is red hot and dripping all over the floor. Maybe will I just take you now my Dear horny cunt,"

You taunting me and what with me begging through my gag to let me cum, "oh my god It's so hot seeing It run down your legs like a slutty piss queen, Oh my God It's about to drip right down to the floor, maybe I should go get my camera and post some pictures of it on the internet", "then you would be a famous horny cunt leaking slut!" You continued.

I could feel your breath on my clit and I was begging like mad through my gag for you to lick it, suck it, do anything to my pussy that would make it so I could cum.

"I know you want it my pet but I want to test your mouth first," you announced.

I felt your breath move away from that area and then again I see the first thing I saw when I got my blindfold off but It was much bigger now, the gag came off and a lot of saliva came with it but you left the saliva on my face saying how It made me look even more like one of your cock hungry slut subs from previous sluts you trained.

Pressing your cock to my lips, I eagerly accept it knowing if I do a good job, you would return the favour and a good one would be done on me. You pushed your cock right down my throat in one movement till my nose was at your pelvis, "mmmm Impressive my slut girl" you then pulled back up and let me get some air before I was wanting more of you again and I greedily lick your cock from base to tip, then I sucked hard on the tip with my tongue flicking all over it before taking more and more of you, till you were back down my throat again and I tried to swallow to make It even tighter for you, before you came back up.

"Well you didn't lie when you said you could sure suck cock, did you my cock swallowing slut girl, now I think for that I should give you a little in return, but I'll need to do something before I do that." you walked away from me and when you came back you approached from behind me, so I could not see what you held. Your hands headed for my boobs, suddenly I felt your hands working on them again and the need to come became even stronger but then a sharp pain was brought me crashing back to earth.

A sharp pain attacked my nipple, like I had slammed it in a door and as soon as the same pain attacked my other nipple, I realised you had clamped them. Then you attached a chain pulling them down and added a little weight to this, you quickly flicked a little switch and I nearly screamed the house down. My ears were filled with the buzzing of the vibrating nipple clamps and the tremors rocked the weighted chain pulling gently on my nipples. It was agony but soon the vibrations coursing through my tits fed my need to cum and over powered the initial pain.

I started begging at you again "Master please let me cum I need It so badly I've never needed It like this before please master," I felt your hand come down hard on my ass but soon realised you at the same time had pushed your cock deep inside my hungry cunt and I felt my much needed relief start as you began to pull your cock back from my soaking slutty cunt. As you pulled back I feel my orgasm wash over me and begin to hit me like never before and it swamped my cunt as you slammed back in. I then felt your fingers on my clit, as you pinched my clit between your finger and thumb, I clamped down so hard on your dick with my orgasm so hard that you could hardly get It out, I was screaming thank you master at the top of my lungs as I came so hard you kept going as well till you were just about to come then I felt you leave me still needing more orgasms.

Then I feel your fingers at my clit working me up again so I'm Cumming moaning so much then your finger enters me as I cum and start to work on my g-spot. Working it so much I get that feeling, you know the one I hate and when it happens you start to make me squirt and oh my god you don't stop rubbing till I'm nearly unconscious with the strength of that orgasm and I see your hard cock at my face once more and I don't even need to be told, with the last life I have In me, I manage to capture your prick in my mouth and I suck your cock till you cumin my mouth. You tell me I'm not allowed to spill a drop and If I do I'll have to clean up my mess with my tongue so I do my best, and I don't spill any of it, after you finish spurting and when your satisfied with my actions, you let me swallow it.

"Mmmm very good my pet, I know your going to make me very happy but If you think that's It for the night your wrong."

You leave me there, bound over your padded stool, letting me calm down after the wonderful things you have done to my body. I lay limp and exhausted from your work on me, before I finally drift off to sleep there as you ignore me.

When I wake up you have moved me over to a padded table again bound to it, only this time on my back, my arms and legs spread open like a star and pinned down. I remembered this was how you'd described to me as the position you love so much in a previous email, wallowing in the fact that it leaves your sub helpless.

I hear light footsteps around me but I cant see you, "I see you've woken my Slutty Charlady," hearing you makes me jump and so does your hand that touches my face which runs down the length of my body making me shiver with anticipation. I strain to see you but find it hard. "Don't move Charlady, you just lie back," You chuckle at your joke and as you do I feel your hands cup my breasts before one of your fingers begins tracing little circles around my nipple making it stand rock hard.

You also hear my breathing getting a bit quicker and as I feel your hot breath near my nipples I let out a moan and arch my back up as to try to get them in your mouth.

"Oh how eager you are my submissive cum sucker, I like that so much about you," as you say this, I feel your mouth surround my left nipple making me arch up towards you again loving feeling your tongue as it slides all over my nipple getting it harder and more erect than ever before. Then I feel a sharp pain rush through the nipple as you nip the bud between your teeth but as you move away the pain stays and I know you've re-clamped it then I feel you do exactly the same again to my right nipple and just as I get used to the pain you tug on the chain that attaches them making me scream a little at the sharpness of the pain.

Your hands run over my breasts again squeezing them needing them and playing with the tips of my nipples working me up something else, with me unable to stop you which you know Is getting me turned on to heights I could only dream of.

I can feel that I'm soaking wet and just waiting for you to find out how much you've got me wanting you, hoping you approve "You ok there slut. There is lots more I've got to do to you yet, and I would hate to peak too soon! So are you aright so far?"

'Yes master ray,' I pant to you. "Good" Is all I get back from you before I feel you finger at my mouth and I slowly suck it in and begin working on it as I would your cock, I was wanting to show you that I want to please you. You pull your finger out of my mouth and I feel the wet finger travel down the centre of my body till its just at the start of my pussy lips and I arch up to you once again wanting to feel you there but you pull away.

You walk away from me and I hear you looking for something I try to look at what your doing but I cant get my head up high enough, "Put It down my angel," you say without even looking in my direction. I know you mean for me to place my head back down, so I rest my head back and as I do I feel something at my pussy just at the lips of it and I can feel what It Is, It feels like a rock hard cock but I know its not your real cock as I hear your footsteps as you come round to me and then I see your face. "Now my angel I know in due time you'll be begging me to push this dildo further up that soaking cunt of yours until its embed to the hilt, but not just now you will have to wait, I want to be pleased first."

Before I could say anything the table falls away from beneath my head and as my head falls back my mouth lines up with your erect prize specimen of manhood. Soon my mouth is full of your cock as you push It as far down my throat as you can and stay there and give my chain a tug making me groan round your cock, "oh how I love that feeling my cock sucking submissive slut", you slowly start to work yourself in and out of my mouth just letting me get enough breathe not to pass out, I try my best to bathe your cock letting my tongue get all over your cock as I was not wanting to disappoint you. Suddenly I feel the dildo slide up inside me a little more with great ease and I groan round your cock once again as I feel a little bit more of my pussy becoming fuller. My hips grinding in small circular motions trying to get more dildo inside me all the time, whilst your cock never leaves my mouth. "Easy now slut, you can't get it all at once," Your chuckling as you say it before pushing more cock even further down my throat and pulling on my chain again.

Moaning again over and over at the pleasure building up Inside of me I cant help but try get that dildo further Inside me I have a need for being full you start moving faster in my mouth and as I cant help but moaning the sensations around your cock continue to grow and I feel you get harder, I know your about ready to cum and as you hit the first spurt, you pull out spraying hits all over my face, hair and tits.

Some even falling down into my eyes along with my saliva making me look like a typical well used slut but I can't think of anything else but getting that dildo further Inside of me needing.

It more than anything, I'm begging you to fuck me with it and pleading for you to let me cum but you tease me more, laughing at how needy I've became for a cock, any cock just as long as I'm full and you start to turn the vibrations of the dildo up inside me letting me feel them even more, just ever so slightly pushing it in further and further till I'm full my hips moving with it then all of a sudden you take it away from me and I let out a scream of frustration and start begging you over and over, "please master I need it I'll do anything to feel it inside me again, please master ray," I faintly hear you say "I'll be holding you to that" before I get overwhelmed by you plunging the dildo back inside of me making me full once more and get my cunt gyrating on it like I'll never get a cock again. Suddenly the dam breaks and I am bursting into an orgasm squirting all over you as I do, with the sheer force of it by body is shaking like mad on the table as you keep ramming the Dildo in and out of my hot cunt, not letting me stop Cumming before you rip the nipple clamps away from my nipples which in turn makes me squirt all over you again and I pass out from the exertion of it.

Master Ray, every morning I wake to a soaking wet cunt and my tits ache from the pleasure I inflict on them through my dreams, what can I do?

MY Sexy little slut Charlady, the answer is simple, meet me for that first time and get this fixation out of the way....... I would simply love it.

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Wonderfully story , thank you for posting this Niteowluk2003 and thank you Landychar for writing it.

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Thanks for the addition

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Thanks for the comments Gypsy... and DM... Just so there is no confusion, the original story in rough format was sent to me as an email, I then polished it up and made it flow better but the storyline credit belongs to a rather sexy little sub called Charlady... Although not only did i have her permission to post it here but as I co wrote it so to speak, I too had the right to post it here...

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Well you both did a great job, look forward to more stories .

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very nice niteowl
keep em cumming!