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02-07-2008, 08:05 PM
Jennifer got home very late that night. She had spent much time simply lounging , naked in her office, recounting the way the men had fondled, and caressed her as she was being repeatedly fucked to oblivion. All those hands on her flesh had only intensified the fullness of the pleasure she had received. Absently mindedly, her fingers slid in and out of her still wet, swollen pussy. She leaned her head back , sucking in small gasps of air as she orgasmed again at the mere thought of her experience. Her breasts heaved with her convulsions, nipples hard and seeking the cool air. She had never felt so relaxed and calm. Today was a new day and she planned to make the most of it. Only partially dressing, Jen tossed her panties, bra and slip into the trash. Leaving her dress unbuttoned to the waist, she turned off the lights , locked the doors and walked slowly to her car. As she drove home, she half hoped someone, anyone would see her and want more. "Let them see", she thought, "I'll even show them more." By the time she arrived home, one shoulder of her dress had slid completely off exposing her full, rounded left breast to the brightness of the streetlight as she climbed the steps and unlocked the door.

Like most nights, Jennifer's husband had already gone to work by the time she got home. Letting her dress slip from her shoulders as she walked through the house, Jen went to the bedroom and found two of the largest dildos she had. Walking naked onto the patio, she dropped into a lounge chair and casually draped her legs over the arms. Leaning back, she looked at the almost full moon and star filled sky and again thought of her adventure this night.

Without even touching herself, Jen felt her pussy tingle and moisten. Grasping the longest, thickest dildo, she rubbed the massive, slick head over the pouty lips of her pussy and with one stroke, plunged it deep inside. A wave of renewed orgasms swept her as she rapidly fucked herself. Now inserting the second dildo into her already filled pussy Jen arched her back, her breasts heaving as she let herself go. As she withdrew and repeatedly plunged the cocks inside her, she could only think of all the men that had done the same to her earlier and as she moaned a low animalistic cry , felt herself convulse as waves of pleasure swept her into unconsciousness.

The next morning, as she prepared to go to work, Jen thought of all the fun she could have through the day. As a secretary, she was expected to dress professionally, but with the steady stream of men she saw daily, Jen decided that today she would try something different. As she showered, Jen shaved her pussy totally clean and sliding her hands between her thighs wondered why she hadn't done this sooner. Jennifer had decided to wear a blue , double breasted dress that she had always been complimented about. The overlapping lapels always showed a little too much cleavage, she thought, and she had always pinned it together to keep from showing too much. Today, however, would be different. Jen slid her legs into a pair of thigh high hose and garter belt only. Today she wanted the feel of the cool air on her shaved pussy, so no panties at all. Finding the sexiest demi-bra she had, Jen posed in the mirror and noted her cleavage was much more profound than she had imagined and her perpetually erect nipples stood free of the under cups supporting her. Donning her dress, she noted that by turning just so, her right breast would be fully exposed to any casual onlooker and the bottom of the dress would gape open to reveal her stockinged thighs and naked pussy. "I may not even make it to the guys tonight", she thought. Getting into her car, Jen was ready to start a new day in her life.

Working in a high security facility was often a challenge in itself. Since the recent terrorist attacks, security had been increased tremendously and frequent security checks were the norm. Today, as she entered the parking building was no exception. Guards at the gate were checking ID badges and as she was stopped, Jen make a concerted effort to show off for the guards. Draping her right hand over the steering wheel and extending her left hand with her ID, gave both guards a full view of her ample breast and dark,erectnipple and she grinned to herself as they asked her to pull over for a search of her car. Parking beside the guards office, Jen waited until two of the men were at her door before sliding out. As she placed her left foot on the ground, her dress opened to display her smooth pussy to them and stepping out asked casually," Do I need to be searched?"

The two men had seen her often over the last few months and her sudden willingness intrigued them. One stated simply, "Yes Ma'am, I think we will." Smiling, the two escorted Jen to the office that was used by security and Jen noted that several more officers were busy signing on and off shift at this time. Loudly, Jen announced, "Don't go away guys, I may be dangerous", and placing her legs wide apart, leaned her hands onto the office wall. Doing so, pulled her dress hem upward and above the tops of her stockings. Pushing her hips back slightly more pulled it above the globes of her naked ass. Jen now heard the door lock behind her and felt hands on her thighs easing upward.

All she could think to say was, "You better be more thorough than that!" Instantly, a hand slid up between her parted thighs and brushed against the lips of her wet pussy. As her knees slightly buckled, Jen groaned and turned around bracing her back against the wall. Opening her eyes , Jen now saw what she had hoped for. Eight men , of various ages and sizes stood before her and with one hand she undid the three buttons on the side of her dress and let it fall open. Hearing the men moaning and whispering among themselves Jen felt herself begin to tingle in anticipation. "Come on boys", was all she had to say. Instantly her felt hands and mouths all over her naked flesh. Her dress and bra were instantly stripped away, but her garter belt and hose were left. Grabbing at pants and belt buckles, Jen wanted frantically to see what she was to soon feel.

As the men stripped out of their uniforms, Jen walked among them, tugging at their cocks and rubbing herself against them. Groaning loudly, Jennifer dropped to her knees and grabbing two cocks in her hands, sucked a third one deep into her hot mouth. As it instantly stiffened and filled her mouth, Jen's eyes widened as the man bucked against her and sprayed her mouth with a huge load of hot cum. Sucking furiously, the man's cock was soon drained and flaccid, slipping from her lips. "That's fine, sweety. More later" , was all she said before popping another cock into her mouth. By now, six more of the men had erections ranged from small to very large and Jen wanted them all. One man, though stood with his back to her and continued to stroke himself. Over his shoulder, he said, "I don't think you'll want me ,Ma'am." Wheeling him around, Jen gasped as she saw the thing in front of her. Still flaccid, the man's cock was at least a foot long and lifting it, she could not get both hands to encircled it fully. Catching her breath, Jen looked into his eyes and said, "I want you last!".

Clearing a desk, the men scooped Jennifer up and lay her on her back, outstretched legs on one side of the overhang, willing mouth on the other. Fingering her pussy, Jen pulled one man to her and lifting her legs onto his shoulders, grunted and then squealed as he lunged his thick, ten inch dick fully into her. As her mouth opened wide, sucking in quick breathes, a thick cock slid past her lips and she began to suck and lick. With hands on her stomach , throat and tits, fingers pinching her nipples and stroking her erect clit, Jen began to orgasm as the two men pushed deeply into her pussy and throat, rocking her back and forth between the two of them as her massive tits bouncd and flopped wildly. Jen groaned, grabbing the cocks of two of the men standing to her sides, jerking them off as she was being fucked to repeaded orgasm, After another ten minutes of the cocks pounding her throat and cunt the men simultaneously thrust as deep as they could into her, and their throbbing cockserupted with streams of intensely hot , silky cum filling Jen's mouth, throat and pussy.

After a couple minutes, Jen recovered enough to tell the men what she really wanted, two hard cocks in her pussy at the same time.Looking at her in disbelief and men smiled broadly and decided to comply. The first man that had cum in her mouth was once again erect and sported a nice thick eight inch cock. As she lay him back on the desk, she sucked him briefly, displaying her ass and full, pendulous tuts to the others and moaned as their hands probed her gripping pussy and ass. Pulling away from the fingers inside her, Jen climbed onto the desk and straddling the man with her back to him, lowered her dripping pussy onto his waiting cock. Leaning back, she savored the feel momentarily and then looking around the room said, "Who's first?"

Grasping Jennifer's stockinged ankles, the nearest man lifted her legs upward and outward and placing his hard cock against her partially opened pussy lips, lunged into her , feeling the cock already inside her shift slightly to allow him entry. At the feel of the dual cocks fucking her pussy, a guttural moan escaped Jen's throat as she pushed against them. Waves of orgasm saturated her and she could only squeal and quiver as they pounded into her. Her breasts bounced wildly as the men pounded her and a third men mounted the desk and pushed a cock into her gasping mouth. Sucking and fucking the three cocks was all she her imagined and Jennifer orgasmed constantly as the top man in her pussy drained his seed into her and was replaced by another , thicker cock. Unable to control herself, Jen slipped in and out of consciousness as cock after cock double fucked her swollen pussy and hot mouth.

As the last of the seven men pulled out of her, Jen , dazed by the continual fucking over the last few hours, lay limp and physically drained over the men's desk. Hot sticky cum covered her belly and thighs and she absently mindedly rubbed her hands through it as she lay there, feeling rivulets of cum draining from her still gaping pussy. Looking up, she now saw the eighth man, the one she promised to fuck last. Grinning down at her, his massively thick sixteen inch cock lay on her left breast. "It's okay if you don't want to fuck me",he said," I just enjoyed watching."

Looking into his eyes, Jen picked his cock up with both hands and was amazed by the sheer weight of it. Sliding it across her lips, she licked the underside and sucked slightly on the huge head, unable to get it into her mouth. Licking and stroking him to full, hard erection , Jen smiled up at him."No", she said, "I really want this." Pulling him between her thighs, Jen reached down and began to work the massive width of the his cock head into her pussy. Hearing his groan of pleasure gave her incentive and by arching her back and placing her legs on her shoulders , opened herself a little more. With a steady push, he inched into her ,pushing past the engorged lips and then withdrawing slightly. Jennifer had never felt such an intense fullness and as his cock pushed past and over her clit, she orgasmed again. This time harder, deeper than ever before. She could not breathe, only grunt out short animalistic noises as his cock filled her.

With a final push, a foot of more of this magnificent tool skewered her and he began to pump deeply in and out. Jen felt cum squirting past him from the previous men and lost herself fully as the man reached around her, picking her off the desk and impaling her as he bounced her up and down on his cock. Jennifer now felt another man behind her, his hard cock poised at her ass. "God..yes.." she screamed as he impaled her ass with ten inches of rock hard cock. Bouncing up and down between the two cocks, Jen moaned lowly as other hands caressed her body, cupping her heaving tits and piching her erect nipples. After fifteen minuted of this savage fucking , Jennifer felt the cock filling her ass lunge in to the hilt and fill her with squirt and squirt of hot, sticky cum. Dimly , she heard the other men cheering as, finally spent, she went limp skewered on the two cocks, her legs and arms dangling loosely at her sides and her head falling back, her mouth and eyes half open. Her breathing was coming in short, quick gasps as she felt herself in one continuous orgasm. The guard fucking her ass pulled free, watching his load of cum ooze and seep out , dripping onto the floor. Backing her against the wall, with one final lunge the last guard buried his cock to the hilt in Jen's pussy and groaning loudly, the man shot load after hot load of slick, hot cum deep inside her. Carrying her to the desk, he lay her back down and stayed deep inside her, relishing the feel , until his cock softened and slid out, leaving her hot, red pussy gaping open from the sheer size of his member. Leaving Jen unconscious on the desk from the many orgasms she had experienced during the constant fucking over the last four hours , the men dressed and left her. Jennifer would rouse briefly , still convulsing with involuntary shudders over the next few hours, as the men would return and bringing others would continue to gang fuck her repeatedly, laughing as she , nearly unconscious, would still writhe and buck, beggining for even more as orgasm after orgasm overwhelmed her.

Several hours later, Jen vaguely remembered finding herself alone and naked on the desk, her body covered with smears of white , sticky cum and puddles of the same under her and oozing from her gaping pussy and ass. Still naked exept for her thigh highs, she walked on wobbly knees to her car, trailing her dress behind her. Realising she was outside, she draped the dress over her shoulders, leaving it totally open, Jen looked around to see the guard with the massive cock standing at the door, watching her get in her car. He smiled broadly as she turned, showing herself to him one last time. Leaving her dress undone, her body exposed and relishing her new found sense of power over men, Jen drove back home to clean up and reflect. Tomorrow she would have a treat in store for anyone she encountered. Besides, the electricians were still there a couple more weeks