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02-10-2008, 10:43 PM
A Sub's recurring dream 2 - reality bites.

It was about three weeks after the exchange of emails where Charlady revealed her recurring erotic dream. A flurry of emails between Master Ray and herself had led to the chance of a weekend away together, for Charlady a chance to prove her dedication to becoming her master's ultimate submissive slut.

Although they had never previously met, they both knew many intimate things about each other and the level of honesty and trust was unsurpassed. Master Ray knew the limits set by Charlady and He sensed deep down that some of these limits were moveable whilst others were set in stone. The secret challenge for him was to test to find which was which.

For their actual first meeting, Master Ray had hired a cabin in the highlands of Scotland, a modern Log Cabin but set in a 48 hectare wooded glade, totally isolated and not overlooked. He knew this would be the ideal location for her to be shackled and naked with out the fear of being discovered accidentally. In fact unbeknown to Charlady he had arranged just that. She would be discovered naked and immobilised by an apparent group of young men. Of course these were friends of Master Ray's, but Charlady would not know this and would assume that it was all by chance.

On the Friday morning, Master Ray phoned the mobile number given to him by his charge, Charlady and when she answered, he simply uttered, "Bear's are active!" On the other end of the phone, Charlady froze and yet her heart raced at the speed of light. Her cunt began to tingle and despite no contact with them her nipples suddenly throbbed and stiffened.

Upon hearing the code words for their play session and having already revealed the location and time of their intended meeting, Charlady managed to mumble a faint yes, master as the phone clicked and went dead. Suddenly her world was a hive of activity as she prepared the arranged luggage she was told she would be allowed, She then phoned the Railway station to confirm her tickets were waiting to be picked up. Meanwhile the owner of the Cabin was busy making final preparations for the hire, as per their instructions the fridge was filled with specific foods and a meal prepared which would just need to be heated up upon their arrival.

Charlady's mind was working over time as the day seemed to drag for her, her train left at 4 pm and she was just killing time till then. However every time she became less busy her mind and body turned to the sexual tension she was feeling from head to toe. Would her master like her body, would she be able to please him as much as she wanted to do, Suddenly panic set in, What if he demanded she do something which she would not want to do! Would he understand if she used her safe word or would he think she was unworthy of his time and effort in teaching her the ways of a slut?

Several times during the day she almost phoned his mobile number to cancel but each time she remembered his words of wisdom and his promise that nothing harmful would befall her and she would only walk away from this weekend enriched in her experiences as a total cum slut. Eventually the clock dragged itself round to 3 pm and she grabbed her coat and suitcase before heading down to the railway station. She breathed a sigh of relief for now she was on her way she knew she was less likely to actually chicken out.

For Master Ray the journey time from London had began at 11 am and he faced an five hour journey to Glasgow before switching trains to the Cairngorms area where a car was laid on to take the pair to the cottage. The plan was to meet with Charlady at Glasgow at 5.30 pm and journey the finally distance together.

On the train, Master Ray, thought about the forthcoming weekend, the reactions from his new trainee slut and the surprises he had in store for her. He suspected that she would be eager to please her master but at the same time she would be sexually excited at exploring new ground. He hoped she would have the courage to dress as he had stipulated as e intended the fun to start on the train ride from Glasgow.

The buffet car on the train had limited choices but it helped pass the time as it sped north bound to Scotland. What with that and a few quick naps he was pleasantly surprised to see that the train was now nearing the Scottish border. Despite his cool clear thinking exterior he was just as excited as Charlady at this meeting, although this was hardly new to him as he had already trained four cum sluts before, but to be honest there was something special about Charlady, something he just could not put his figure on.

Suddenly the train announcer announcing the next station is Glasgow Central distracted his thoughts. He leisurely got up and gathered his things, preparing to disembark the train at the next station. He almost panicked as he thought he had forgotten where in Glasgow he had arranged to meet Charlady, but he breathed a sigh of relief when he recalled it was the Monarch of the Glen public house jut outside the station.

Walking now into the pub, he immediately went to the bar and ordered himself a drink; taking this, he found a quiet little cove where he could see the main door of the pub. He glanced at his watch, it was 5.15 and he would have to wait fifteen minutes for Charlady to arrive, and that was if she was on time. Secretly he prayed that she was not a typical woman and always arriving late. He knew he had only 30 minutes between her arriving and them having to be on the train to Cairngorms.

As he sipped his drink, the door opened and in stepped a young blonde lady, carrying a suitcase. She paused as she entered and glanced around the bar before smiling in his direction. He almost got up to go meet her when a man further back did exactly that and the couple embraced, before leaving together. Inwardly Master Ray smiled, seems he was not the only man on a promise for this weekend.

He glanced nervously at his watch for the umpteenth time and he noted it was 5.28 pm. His glass was already empty as he contemplated getting a refill. Suddenly the main door of the bar opened and in walked Charlady, He immediately recognised her for despite the confusion earlier surrounding the blonde woman, this one now was 6 feet 3 inches tall and although not slim nor was she fat but her striking feature as she faced him were her well defined breasts.

He stood as she approached and meekly she mumbled, "Ray's a smile!" The coded introduction for her to offer to avoid having to call a stranger Master Ray; he nodded and offered her a seat beside him. Her coat was fastened up almost to her neck so he could not see if she had followed his instructions as to dress code but he decided to be patient and bide his time. She declined a drink saying that if she had any more she would need a loo pretty quick.

In a low strong tone, Master Ray said, "You will have a glass of coke right now!" she looked at him almost contemplating defying him but then she meekly nodded and he went off to the bar to get the drinks. Returning he ordered her to remove her coat and to drink the coke in one. Charlady feared that if she did then he would make her drink the refill and would tease her by not allowing her to go to the toilet.

In a split second she decided that the best course o action was to obey his order and hope he would not force her to drink more. She emptied her glass and placed it on the table as she felt his eyes travelling from her head to her feet, stopping for a fair while at her bust line. She slightly blushed at this but said nothing.

She was just about to excuse herself to go to the loo when he rose and announced it was time for us to go. He took her coat and held it out to her, for her to put it on. She was biting her lip as to whether she should ask for permission to go to the loo. She hinted at the need to go powder her nose but he chose to ignore her hint. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders as he whispered in her ear that the train would have a toilet on board and surely she could wait till they were on route.

Picking up both their suitcases he then shepherded her out of the pub and across to the station. Once sat on their train she crossed her legs and pushed her hands deep into the v of her crotch, he smiled and enquired "Do you really need to go that much?" she nodded.

Just then the train started out of the station and Master Ray rose and said "Very well then my dear, come let's go to the toilet, NOW!" Charlady instantly rose and new better of it than to try to prevent Ray accompanying her to the loo; as they approached the loo Ray slipped the door open and almost pushed Charlady inside before stepping inside himself. He then said "Don't worry you will have privacy to do your business, but first I want to check your dress code!"

Charlady's heart sank; she had hoped to ease into this at the cabin for she had not exactly abided by his direction on what she should wear. He had insisted upon no bra and she had felt uncomfortable travelling by train and having her breasts bouncing all over so she had worn a lacy bra just to confine their movements.

First he made her raise her skirt up over her waist and he inspected her lacy knickers, he even push his hand between her legs and made sure to rub her clit and clit ring. She almost lost control of her bladder, as she was so desperate to pee. He made her turn round as he inspected her knickers from the back again he pushed his and inside her knickers this time to feel her anal ring.

He then allowed her to drop her skirt back into place and ordered her to open her blouse, She started to explain about her bra but his curt "Shut the fuck up!" silenced her. Almost with tears in her eyes she opened her blouse and watched his face as she revealed her bra to his gaze. Master Ray never said anything as he turned towards the door, just before he opened it he said "do your business and we will discuss this later!"

With that he opened the door and slipped through it pulling it closed behind him; Charlady, immediately locked the door and used the loo. When she had finished she sat there wondering what now awaited her outside. She took an instant decision that if he wanted her to go bra-less she would and she removed her bra, folding it in her hands she re-buttoned her blouse and slowly walked back to the compartment where Ray was sitting alone.

Without saying a word she stood in front of him, eyes downcast staring at the floor and pressed her folded bra into his hand. She then looked pleadingly into his eyes hoping he would recognise her sorrow at displeasing him so early in their weekend adventure. Recognising this act for what it was, an act of appeasement, he motioned by a wave of his hand for her to sit. She went to sit beside him but his waving hand pointed to the seats opposite told her to reposition herself opposite. With trembling voice she tried to speak, "Oh, Master!" she began but he cut her short before she could complete pleading her cause.

In a firm and decisive voice he informed her, "Nothing you say can excuse the betrayal you have shown me by covering my playthings in this!" he thrust forward his hand with her lacy bra dangling from its open fingers. Not only was she ashamed she had hurt him so but also she was humiliated for at that very second the ticket collector opened the sliding door of the compartment and asked for the tickets. Suddenly he froze in his stance as his eyes took in the fine lacy bra and the blushing face of the young woman.

It was Master Ray who broke the silence as he asked the ticket collector to close the door and pull down the blinds on the corridor side of the compartment.

With a puzzled look but also one of hoped expectancy, the ticket collector did as he was asked. Charlady held her breath for what she was now anticipating; "You have been given this timely opportunity to rescue yourself, Slut!" Master Ray commanded. "Tell this man why I am holding this waste of a woman's garment!" he continued.

"Master, you are holding that garment because I was vain and foolish, I did not want anyone to see my tits clearly wobble as I was coming to meet you! If I had my chance again I would not even consider wearing such an item of clothing, knowing as I did that you forbade me from doing so!" Charlady responded.

"So your vanity of not wishing to show your tits off led you to disobey me and ruin my trust in you!" Master Ray snapped.

Charlady merely nodded her downtrodden head. Master Ray looked at the Ticket collector and smiled, it was a smile unseen by the bowed head of Charlady, "Well my little cum sucking cunt, I reckon that if you did not want your tits to be seen then the punishment is clear!" Ray Chided, "Strip off all you're clothing here and now and display your entire body to me and this stranger, NOW!"

Charlady blushed a deeper shade of red as the Ticket Collector spoke up, "Look Missy, you had better do as your Master says or I suppose it will be worse for you later!"

In silence Charlady stood up and slowly, embarrassingly slowly she removed her clothing item by item, hoping against hope that this would satisfy her master sense of being wronged. When she was naked, Master Ray made her turn this way and that showing her intimate area's to this stranger and just when she thought she had coped with this display she was shocked when Master Ray invited the ticket collector to feel her tits and cunt, pointing out to him that she was sporting a very fine clit ring which she liked having pulled.

Deep crimson was a pale shade of red compared to her embarrassed blush now. Although her breathing and erect nipples betrayed her true horniness. After a few minutes of having her body played with by this stranger she thought she could not be embarrassed further until she heard the dreaded words from her Master, "I think this man deserves at least a blow job for the way he has aroused you, don't you agree my cum slut?"

Knowing to protest would be wasted, Charlady slipped to her knees and expertly removed the ticket collector's cock from his trousers and for the next ten minutes delivered her oral expertise to make him come. As it became clear that he was on the verge of coming, Master Ray ordered her to accept his load in her mouth but not to swallow, as he wanted to see her with a mouth full and she would be better served as a reminder to be obedient if she had to wear the dried cum stains on her tits.

As soon as the ticket collector came, Charlady turned to her Master and opened wide her mouth showing her tongue covered in the white coating of the male of the species sexual juices. Further more she held her mouth open as the thick gooey stuff trickled from her lips on to her chin before dropping down on to her rock hard nipples.

The ticket collector thanked Master Ray and quickly dressed and left, forgetting to even check these passenger's tickets. For thirty minutes charlady sat there naked with drying cum stains on her chin and tits, eventually Master Ray relented and allowed her to clean up her chin before getting dressed. Charlady began to re-take her seat opposite her master when he patted the space beside him, indicating that she was forgiven and now allowed to sit beside him.

As she turned to sit at the right hand of her master; She felt a mixture of emotions coursing through her body, She felt elated that her master had forgiven her indiscretion, she exhilarated that she had shown her body to a stranger, she felt used that she had given that stranger a blow job and not been rewarded by Cumming herself, she felt humiliated that a stranger was aboard this very train probably thinking what an easy lay and a slut she was. Strangely though the over whelming emotion she felt at this moment was love, Love for a man who knew how she wanted to be treated, love for a man who would protect her as she indulged her passion for being a wanton slut. Yes love for her Master and an undying desire to make sure she never betrayed his trust again.

As the got off the train, at the station in the Cairngorms, there was the ticket collector by the station exit. As Master Ray approached he slipped him a note and shook him by the hand thanking him for the best work shift in his entire life, but more than that he hugged Charlady and thanked her for an expert blowjob. Master Ray suspected that part of this hug was to cop a feel of her tits to see if she had replaced her bra and Charlady confirmed when asked if the ticket collector had groped her tits, "yes Master he had a good feel of them!"

Stepping out of the station the hire car and chauffeur was waiting, handing him the bags, Master Ray climbed in the back of the car, as Charlady was about to follow him, he whispered something to her and she looked from her master to the driver and smiled as she nodded.

She then went to the driver and asked if it would be all right for her to sit in the front with him as she explained that I had a headache and wanted some peace and quiet. Readily the driver agreed to the chance of having this sexy lady sat beside him upfront.

Charlady climbed in beside him and sat half turned towards him and Master Ray, as arranged she had made sure her skirt had ridden up enough for the driver to see her panty gusset. She was to act as if she was unaware of this all the way to the cabin. I think the driver sussed that she was showing him deliberately by the time we entered the long driveway from the main road to the cabin. He looked in his rear view mirror and smiled in Master Ray's direction. He simply smiled back and nodded.

Master Ray could not see what was happening in the front seat but he could guess from the reactions of Charlady. The driver had slipped his hand on to her thigh and was probably now stroking her inner thigh close to her bubbling wet cunt. Once or twice, Charlady looked back towards the smiling Master but never said anything.

As the car pulled up at the cabin, reluctantly the driver and Charlady separated as Master Ray exited the car. There to meet them was a youngish woman around mid forties in age. She introduced herself as the owner of the cabin and her eyes flew wide open when she saw the dishevelled young Charlady exit the front of the car. Master Ray leaned forward and kissed the woman's cheek bring a touch of jealousy to Charlady's eyes. What she did not see though was the whispered comments between Master Ray and the woman.

As soon as they entered the Cabin, Master Ray sent Charlady to her room to unpack the luggage; of course this meant the driver went with her as he was carrying the bags. Master Ray quickly invited the owner to come back to the cabin tomorrow afternoon around 2 pm if she wanted to see some real wildlife...

The owner looked at the disappearing sight of Charlady and nodded in her direction, Master Ray just laughed and also nodded. With that the owner of the cabin left and master Ray stood awaiting the return of at least the driver. Twenty minutes later he suspected that something unplanned was happening and went to investigate.

When he entered charlady's bedroom, he could clearly see that she was fighting off the driver who was trying to get his hand inside her knickers. Ray immediately grabbed the driver and spun him round sending him crashing into the stone outer wall of the room. Master Ray threatened to have the driver arrested for attempted rape, unless he apologised to Charlady and promptly left never to return.

The driver snarled that what was wrong with him having some of the cunt that had teased him all the way from the station. Calmly but firmly, Master Ray pointed out that if he had been teased as he said all the way from the station then why would Charlady now fight so hard to defend her body. Master Ray suggested that the so-called teasing had been all in the driver's head and not actual.

The driver suddenly realised that even if it was the case he could never prove it in a court of law and even if he successfully defended the case of attempted rape, shit sticks and he would always be referred to as he who got off the attempted rape charge, not he who was innocent of the charge. He knew he was beaten and apologise most earnestly to Charlady about miss-reading the signs.

Master Ray spoke quietly to the driver and pointed out that it would be a shame if he found it necessary to inform the hire company that the driver had tried to rape one of the passengers, Master Ray pointed out that if there was no trouble from him over this weekend then there would be no need to request a change of driver for their departure on Sunday night.

Both Master Ray and Charlady breathed a sigh of relief when they heard the front door slam as the driver left and both swore that in future they would only involve people who knew what the score was and would agree to the rules.

Master Ray left the bedroom whilst Charlady continued to unpack. Ten minutes later he returned and instructed Charlady to undress; then leading her by the hand, he escorted her to the large bathroom. Here awaiting her was a complete bubble bath. Master Ray invited Charlady to indulge herself with a long refreshing soak in the bath.

Whilst charlady soaked, Master Ray apologised for the oversight of not anticipating the reaction of the driver and reaffirmed his promise that no harm would come to Charlady. As she chilled in the bath she closed her eyes and relaxed, only for the sights of her travel to the cabin to replay vividly in her minds eye; meanwhile Master Ray slipped from the bathroom.

There was the guy who carried her bags to the Main station in Glasgow and all for the flash of her knickers, oh and a quick feel of tit flesh as she kissed him a thank you. Then meeting Master Ray, and those almost hypnotic eyes that seemed to see into her very soul. The way his voice haunted her brain and even a whisper sounded like cannons going off. Suddenly a notion entered Charlady's mind and no matter how she tried to shake it, it returned stronger than ever. She now found herself having to admit that she loved her master with all her heart and soul. Confused by this and finding it difficult to decide whether if love was reciprocated by Ray, charlady could not come out and ask Master Ray, nor could she declare her love for him verbally.

She decided that the only way was to prove her love in actions and see if Master Ray reacted the same. One of the things that confused her was the speed at which Master Ray could simply give her body to strangers, not that this offended her as she always found this act far more erotic than a quick fumble with someone she knew. It was as if she craved the unexpected actions rather than the predictability, which inevitably comes with familiarity.

Like the erotic images flashing through her mind right now, as she naked knelt before the ticket collector and used her mouth and one hand to release his six-inch slim cock. Followed by the indescribable feeling of its smooth head nestled on her tongue or the feel of the veined shaft slipping through her parched lips and the feeling of her throat stretching to accommodate the head as it tried to penetrate to her stomach.

Without even touching her own body, the telltale signs of her arousal were clearly visible. Her nipples were already stiff and poking straight up, her clit already poking out from her hood was just beginning to tingle. As her mind recalled the moment when the ticket collector started spewing its thick creamy seed into her mouth, her body actually began to climax without a single touch or feel of her cunt.

Suddenly her solace was disturbed by the knock on the bathroom door, startled she called out to enter and in stepped Master Ray. "Oh master why did you choose to knock on the door when I am yours to command and have no privacy from you?" she asked.

"My dear, Sexy slutty Charlady, your mine to command only during our playtimes, at all other times you are my equal and as such would be offered all the courtesies of a lady." Master Ray responded.

"It is in deed playtime from now till we retire to bed at midnight tonight!" master Ray continued, "so I have laid out your outfit for you to wear, its on your bed! So when you have finished with your bath, go get ready and present yourself in the lounge at 1.45 pm!"

"Yes, master!" Charlady replied.

Charlady rose from the bath and made her way to the bedroom assigned to her, she was heavy hearted thinking she would have been spending the nights in her masters bed and surprised to find this may not be so. She searched the bed and could find no clothes at all laid out for her, the only thing she found were a face mask and her wrist and ankle cuffs.

She thought she better check in her master's room to see if she was being tested for ingenuity, but found nothing there either. Quickly she put on the cat like face mask and snapped the cuffs into place, walking down stairs and knocking on the lounge door.

"Come in!" she heard her master demand.

Opening the door, she stepped inside, through the limited visibility afforded her by the face mask, she saw only Master Ray sat there on the sofa. Walking slowly and sensually towards him she stopped only feet from the sofa and waited his next command.

Master Ray stood and beckoned for Charlady to follow him, until she was stood before a large solid wood coffee table. She was ordered to lay face down on this table and soon found her legs secured at one end of the table and her wrists secured at the other end. Master Ray then spoke and for an instant her heart sank, "You disobeyed me today by wearing this!" he thrust her flimsy lacy bra into her face, "you thought that behaving like a slut and sucking some cock would save you from your punishment!" he continued, "But I tell you this is not the case, the only punishment that will suffice for your betrayal is for you to be spanked using this!" hold up a leather paddle, about 6-inches long and three inches wide.

Knowing to complain would result in further punishment, Charlady merely nodded as she said "Yes, master, as you see fit!"

Suddenly from somewhere behind her she heard a knock on the door, in an almost comical way Master Ray said "Don't go away now, my little slut!" she heard the sound of feet travelling towards her on the wooden floor. She swore the sound was familiar and then she recognised it. It was the sound of high-heels on a wooden floor, so who could this woman be and why was she here.

Just then she saw the only person she was able to see from her current position; Master Ray stood before her and he announced, "You remember the lady who owns the Cabin, well Tammy here has agree to assist in your punishment!" Charlady was about to protest but suddenly thought better of it after all as another test she was determined to pass with flying colours if possible.

As she took in the sight before her, it suddenly dawned on her that Master Ray was naked just inches from her face and sporting an impressive seven-inch rock hard cock. Straining her neck she managed to plant a kiss against the bouncing underside of his cock. Not expecting this it took master Ray by surprise but as it was a nice surprise he said nothing.

Suddenly the peaceful scene was disturbed as a sharp crack rang out and a split second later the pain registered across Charlady's already reddening arse. The shock of her first spank had not quite registered in her brain as the second one hit, now her right cheek matched the deepening red shade of her left.

Charlady suspected that there was more than a hint of jealousy in the two spanks delivered by Tammy, but again she was shocked when instead of receiving a third spank, she felt the cool hands of Tammy stroking the warm area where the redness flushed the skin. An even bigger surprise followed as she swore she could feel the wetness of a tongue licking her ass cheeks. Without master Ray saying anything, Charlady felt the tongue move slowly and deliciously over her skin towards her anal crack, then her buns were being forced apart as the tongue licked its way down to her anal ring and began teasing the pluckered entrance. Never forcing anything and yet always teasing and tickling the ring, Charlady found herself powerless to resist the building pleasure.

In a moment of weakness she relaxed her control and her sphincter muscle also relaxed and allowed the tip of Tammy's tongue to enter her anal chute, seeing this as a sign of acceptance, Tammy wiggled her tongue inside the entrance and also pushed a little harder. To Charlady it felt so good and just like a small penis trying to enter her colon, in fact despite her restricted movement she actively tried to push back on to the tongue, small grunts of pleasure erupted from Charlady's mouth.

Master Ray reached down and took hold of charlady's blonde hair and pushed his cock towards her mouth, instantly Charlady opened her mouth and sucked the cock slowly into her. She remembered thinking if this is what being spit roasted was all about she would take to it like a duck to water. As Master Ray drove his cock into Charlady's throat he also pulled on Tammy's Auburn hair, pulling her head up and away from the clutching anal ring of Charlady.

He indicated to Tammy to continue with Charlady's punishment and raised two fingers to indicate the next number of spanks. Of course this was behind Charlady's head so all she knew was the delightful tongue that had been invading her arse was gone and suddenly she knew why. Crack, crack two spanks rained down on her cherry red buttocks and the delicious pain combined with the heat of flushing flesh returned to swamp her mind.

Soon the tongue was back tickling its way back into her anal ring and twice more just as she was about to orgasm it disappeared and the pain swept her body, before on the last occasion the tongue slipped further down her anal crack and tickled her clit ring causing a shuddering climax to shoot through Charlady's body. Although Charlady tried to scream out her orgasm her mouth and throat were still full of Master Ray's throbbing cock and she merely managed to massage it further from her constrictions in her throat as the silent scream erupted.

A few seconds later a big thrust from Ray had his cock pumping its baby making seed deep into her mouth and throat. Master Ray withdrew his cock and Charlady was left to re-cooperate, although through glazed eyes she felt a little jealousy as she saw Tammy licking clean Ray's dwindling cock.