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02-11-2008, 06:24 PM
When I was 32 years old my husband left me. It came as a surprise -- but not a tragedy. I drifted emotionally for two or three months and then decided to see the world. The first stop was to visit a college girl friend living in Bangkok, Thailand.

Not long after I arrived my girl friend suggested a weekend at the beach. Her office had rented two beach bungalows there and several people were planning to go. Three married couples would inhabit one house and three single women the other. The singles bungalow had only two small bedrooms and I volunteered to sleep on the floor of the living room while the other two women slept in the beds upstairs.

We partied in the local bars until midnight enjoying the racy night life in Pattaya. When we came home the other women went to bed. I laid out cushions on the floor of the living room, stripped down to bra and panties, covered myself with a sheet and laid down to sleep. It was a beautiful night at the beach; moonlight poured through the windows.

I should tell you something about myself. I have a pretty face, large brown eyes, and thick black hair but I'm big and raw boned: 5 feet, 8 inches tall and about 150 pounds. I wear a 36 D bra, my hips are too wide, and, no matter how much I exercise, my stomach laps over my belt. I never once cheated on my husband, even though our sex life was on the mundane side.

I was asleep or nearly asleep on my cushions when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned over in alarm. Kneeling beside me in the moonlight was one of the married men from the bungalow next door. He whispered to me, "I want to make love," and added. "My wife is asleep"

He was more than a little drunk, and so was I, and I looked at him for a long moment and thought to myself, "Why not?" I had not had sex since my husband left me. I put my hand on his shoulder and pulled him down on top of me. My pants and bra were off in a moment and I helped him out of his shirt and shorts.

He penetrated me, lasted about three strokes, let out a long contented sigh, and lay motionless. His sperm trickled down my leg. I was unsatisfied and not ready to call it a night. I let him rest for a minute and then I began to work at getting him ready again. He was reluctant, groaning and half-asleep. I sucked and massaged him back to hardness. It worked. With renewed energy, he climbed back on top of me, stuck a satisfyingly large penis into me, and we pumped away happily for a good long time. I had a very nice climax and so he did he.

We rested a few minutes, lying side by side. He went to sleep. I woke him and told him I wanted more but he didn't respond. My clitoris was twitching. My mouth on his limp pecker didn't accomplish much. Desperate measures were required. So, I rolled him on his back and I sat down on his stomach, facing his feet. From that angle I held his penis in my hand and guided it into my vagina, although he could only achieve a half-erection and kept slipping out. I was determined to climax again; I held his penis against my clitoris and rubbed it up and down and slipped it into my vagina whenever it showed signs of woodiness. I don't know whether it was fucking or masturbation -- but the climax was huge. I shook the room.

I was exhausted; I laid on top of him, my face at his feet, biting his toes in ecstasy. He was already fast asleep, dead to the world -- and both of us were soaked with sweat in the hot tropical night. He would have spent the night there, but I had to get him up and on his way, back to his wife. I shook him awake and we got his clothes on and I shoved him out the door, pointing him the way to the cabin where his wife was. My bed on the floor was a mess. It took five minutes of feeling around in the dark before I could locate my bra and pants. I pulled on my pants and they were instantly soaked with cum, body juices, and sweat. The room had the distinctive sweet smell of sex -- but I was too tired to care and I dropped off to sleep.

The next morning my two girl friends sniffed the air and knew that I had been doing more in the living room than sleeping, but they asked no questions. And when the group met for breakfast, there were only two couples rather than three. "John and his wife had a family emergency," one of the other wives said. "They got up early to drive back to Bangkok."

I never saw my sleepy married lover again. I left Bangkok a few days later.

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Very nice story. Thanks for adding it

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Welcome aboard

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good story

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great stuff hope to read more from you
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Very nice writing style. Thanx.

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Thanks to you all for your kind words.