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07-17-2006, 10:37 AM
I’ve decided to write a story from the opposite sex. And this is the first time I’ve written a group story. Feed back wanted ^-^

It's short, and i wasn't sure where to put it. hope you all enjoy


Today I confess my sins my name is Deborah. But when you read this and touch yourself I want you to moan Debbie or Debs. I’m a slut always have been. I lost my virginity at the tender age of 14. And at 15 I was sexually aware of males. I have never had the same sexual partner for more than a month. I’m 19 years old. This is the story of my first, and defiantly not last, group sex. We had the builders over they were redecorating our bath room, with a new shower, bath, sink, toilet etc.

There were five men on this job. The main guy Mr Jones, is about 45 and is the ugliest bugger ever. He’s fat bald, yet hairy every where else, his son (about my age) worked with him. He got the good looks in the family. There was a coloured man, who didn’t say much but was very strong and muscular, which got me going. There was a man about late 20’s I’ve never seen a sexier person in my life. And then there was the young kid on an apprenticeship. He was about 18 and looked Chinese.

Every morning they were there at 9 I got up to watch them enter the house then got my self off thinking of the black man, or the 20 year old. I found out there names and the colour guy was Dom and the 20 year old was Jay. Then I would walk past them in just a shirt, one button done up covering my big breasts and French knickers. I could feel them watching me each time I passed, that always got me going when I was eyed up. When I would shower I know they would be watching so I would give them a show I would rub my hard nipples and moan. Then I would shave my myself knowing that they enjoyed it. Two days into it, Jay started to flirt with me. Telling how good I looked. And about three days into it they started to walk in on me on the toilet or in the shower and say it was an accident. I loved it

The job was almost done and I knew this would be their last day. So I made a real effort. I wore a black and grey mini skirt and a bright red thong, which was my lucky fucking thong. And I forgot my bra and wore a pink t-shirt. Oh yeah I haven’t described myself. I’m as tall as women come I’m about 6 foot 5 maybe 6 foot 7 at a push. I have 34 dd breasts and long, thin well shaped legs. I run a lot and do loads of activates, which include getting regular cock. I like to have my downstairs shaved and bare. Even though I sleep around I have never been able to call my downstairs anything else except my little flower. And because of that I have a rose tattoo when my hair line stops. One thing I love to do is to rub my big breasts. I like to tweak my nipples and rub the whole breast. And I did it more knowing these builders were watching.

On the last day I spent the whole day watching them, teasing them all even the ugly man. I could see I made them all aroused. As they finished I went up and phoned my friend telling her that I was going to try and bed Jay. So I tried. And he turned me down. My mum had gone too work and my dad had left us when I was 3, if only he saw me now. And I was an only child. I went down stairs to try and talk to jay. But they had all packed up. I was a bit upset, but I shrugged and moved on. I went to try the new shower. As I went to reach up to turn it on. I was grabbed from behind. One had over my mouth and one hand on my crotch. And I was dragged out of the bathroom and into the garden. The good thing about my garden is that it’s enclosed with trees and you had to be 10 foot high to see in. good for sunbathing naked.

As I went out side kicking and trying to scream I saw the worked. And stopped. They were all naked, but only four. I tried to glance up and noticed Dom was behind me. He threw me on the floor and then they circled me.

“you’ve teased us so much” said Mr Jones “now little girl you will give us all pleasure”

I looked around and saw they were all well hung. The Chinese boy was the biggest even though he was the youngest. He was about 10 inches long and 6 inches wide, damn that made me hot. The smallest was the coloured guy at 7 inches so you can think of how big the were. They were all stroking their hard dicks. My eyes were wide open looking at the big dicks hoping that they were for me. Someone had reached down and lifted my top up. Revealing my braless breasts.

“rub my tits” I said without thinking. i was shocked at my self but I didn’t care. Someone had gotten down behind me and was kissing my neck and playing with my nipples. I was Mr Jones’ son. His hands were rough and large. I couldn’t take it I took the cock that was in front of me and stuck it in my mouth, which was now wet with saliva. It happened to be the ugly Mr Jones. I could see why he had a wife and two mistresses. He was massive must have been 8 inches. The biggest I’ve ever had up to this point was 7. So I was in heaven. His gut stopped me from deep throating Mr Jones smelly dirty cock. I just sucked his cock and reached out both hands and started to stroke Dom’s and Jays cock’s. I felt my arse being lifted, I refused to stop sucking this dirty yet tasty cock. I was my arse up cock in mouth and hands. I could feel my thong being removed

“I’ve never see a pussy so wet” said the Chinese boy “wow girl your loving the dick ain’t ya”

“Shut up and eat my pussy” I said taking the cock out of my mouth but not my eyes off it.

I could feel my arse cheeks separated and one person licking my arse crack and one licking my pussy. Wow I was in ore. I let out a moan and I came on Mr Jones’ son’s face.

“she’s a gusher” he shouted. I loved to cum I knew I was a squirter for years. And my fuck buddies lover it. When I came I sucked harder making Mr Jones’ cum in my mouth. He pulled out and I swallowed all his hot tasty cum. And I didn’t have time to breath as Mr Jones’ son came around and stuck his cock in. it was strange they looked exactly the same and tasted exactly the same and were exactly the same size. Well like father like son. Dom and Jay seamed to cum at the same time covering my hand in hot cum.

With four behind me I knew I was going to be getting cock soon

“who do you want first” asked Mr Jones

I replied with out thinking “Dom”

I turned around to watch him enter he took one thrust at my overly wet pussy and I took it all in. I loved it. My first black cock. He must of pumped about three times hard then he stopped I watched him lay down underneath me and place him on me. Then the very well hung Chinese boy got on his knees.

“your going to hurt now bitch” the Dom and the Chinese boy stuck their cocks in me. Dom had my pussy and the Chinese boy had my arse. Wow he just tared it open. I could feel myself bleeding. 6 inches must have been in me. I sucked the cock in front of me harder and harder biting a little bit I moaned and moaned 6 inches in my pussy and 6 inches in my arse. I sucked one more time making the boy cum in my mouth I swallowed and moaned

“stick it all it boys” I became angry as the pain and pleasure mixed “fuck my body, someone get in front I need to suck more cock” jay and Mr Jones were stroking their dicks. Jay came and stuck it all in my mouth and I took it all. I moaned into his balls as I was fucked in all three holes. I came the same time as all three did. Once they all came I was mounted by father and son. They didn’t seem to last as long. Then once finished the found just stoked their dicks. I looked at jay still rock hard and he didn’t wait he got on his back and I got on top I rode him as my tits smacked my face. I rode him like a pro the other just stood and watched me bounce up and down on his stiff hard cock. Moaning for more. They stood around me and jacked off.

“when you …. CUMMMM” I shouted as Jay started to buck his hips “say your name for me”

As I said that Mr Jones came

His cum covered my face with my eyes closed

“Dom” “Sui” both the Chinese boy and Dom came over me My eyes still closed taking it from Jay and the cum all over me

“Jay” he moaned cumming in my pussy

Some one grabbed my head and shoved my mouth over their cock and he moaned

“Chris” his load shot at the back of my mouth shocked I swallowed it all

“Wow” they all said getting dressed “that was fucking amazing”

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE” I heard a voice. I was limp on the floor and the five men stood there all naked and hard. I looked at the house and I could see my mum in hot pants and a bikini top. My mouth dropped open. Holy shit I thought!

To be continued….

Feed back wanted ^-^ hope you all enjoyed

09-30-2006, 04:02 PM
wow . if the ending is as nice as this i would like to see ...it may not be everyones cup a tea ,but was good..

09-30-2006, 05:18 PM
Sweet story.. great josb for hit it from the other side!
i look forward to reading more of this and the other stories you try!

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oouch.... good story...

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Yes Im back....bumping up older stories that are still good reads.....:)

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Back to spread some Holiday Cheer and bump some stories.....;)

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Good story, need more anal stories plz

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I like to bump up stories that get in the back of the line-up for new folks to enjoy....:)

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very good story
keep em cumming

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great story well told, thanks for sharing it here.

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i hv come all over your face...hope you hv enjoyed !!!

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Good job, I enjoyed that one!

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