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A Sub's recurring dream 3 : the long and the short of it.

As charlady came down from her orgasm and endured watching Tammy suck clean her master's cock, a job she always enjoyed the act of, she wondered what else this weekend in the Cairngorms had in store for her.

She had always been true to herself in admitting that she was a cum-aholic, wanting, desiring and needing lots of white sticky spunk, in her mouth, her cunt, her arse or even just plastered all over her skin. Although slightly ashamed to admit it she loved being called the cum slut or a cock crazy whore.

Whilst calming down from her restricted sexual gratification, Charlady watched closely the actions of Tammy, hoping that master Ray would now dismiss her out of hand, but fearing to say anything about it. Her heart sank when she saw Ray kiss Tammy passionately on the mouth, she sensed their tongues fencing rather than seeing them. Through green envious eyes she watched as Tammy shimmied out of her clothing and accept the bonds of submission from Charlady's own beloved master.

Despite her promising to feel no jealousy towards anyone whom Master Ray sexually explored, Charlady was powerless to prevent the green-eyed monster from rising with in her. Suddenly her heart soared again as she caught her master's words to Tammy, "Slut, there will be seven men arriving shortly and they will need their cocks sucked to erection! You will greet them as they arrive, naked and on your knees!" Although Charlady could not see Tammy right now, she was pleased that her instructions took her away from contact with Master Ray, neither could she see the cardboard notice he had just hung around Tammy's neck, which read 'I love cocks, show me yours and I will love it with my mouth!'

Master Ray then turned his attentions to Charlady and untied her bonds, helping her stand she immediately saw the knelt figure of Tammy and read the notice around her neck, before she could stop herself she mumbled, "all she is good for an'all!" Master Ray instantly turned and slapped his hand hard against Charlady's pert backside.

He warned her she would pay for that remark later, but continued to lead her over to the sidewall, where he fastened her into a crucifix position. Then blindfolding her, he attached a spreader to her mouth, preventing charlady from speaking but more importantly from closing her mouth. With in seconds of this her saliva began to dribble from the sides of her mouth and drip down her chin before splish splashing on to her tits.

Next he spread her knees and attached an eighteen-inch spreader bar between them preventing Charlady from closing her legs or hiding her clit and its ring. Finally he attached the vibrating nipple clamps but not to her nipples as one would expect but to the right sided cunt lip and the other to the very base of her clit ring, tucking the power controller in between her clenched butt cheeks and warning her that if she dropped it she would be made to suffer even more.

It was not so much what Master Ray said or did but the fact that she was vulnerable and defenceless and his hot breath wafted over her tits as he instructed her. She could feel she was close to another orgasm and yet she had only just begun.

Now the two women waited in total silence, only the haggard breathing of Charlady because she could not close her mouth properly could be heard. Both women united in their desire to be dominated and yet both intensively jealous of each other. Ray contemplated making Tammy lick charlady's cunt for a while but pre-warning her that if Charlady came then Tammy would be punished as would she if He discovered she was not trying hard enough to make charlady cum, and if Charlady faked orgasm she would receive the punishment.

Before he could decide, there was a knock on the door and shuffling on her knees, Tammy opened the door and in stepped the first of the invited guests. He was as black as the ace of spades and clearly taken back by the visions presented to him as he entered the room. He stared across at the defenceless Charlady and licked his lips at her large tits, and he spotted the glint of her clit ring as she stood trembling in anticipation.

Tammy coughed by way of attracting his attention to her notice and he smiled as he acknowledged Master Ray. "Hi, Tobias, welcome!" master Ray offered. With that and without uttering a single word he turned his attention to Tammy. Charlady strained her ears to try to catch a word from the new visitor, she hoped that with this she would be able to imagine an accurate picture of this guest. Now whilst she knew she had no control over the situation she just hoped that this guest was male and not another female to compete with for Master Ray's attentions.

She cursed herself, "Surely Tobias is a male name"; She muttered as best she could what with the mouth spreader. Suddenly through the eerie silence she heard a familiar sound, as sound she had learned to recognise many times in the darkness, usually the back rows of cinema's with her boyfriend, it was the sound of a zip being undone. This was quickly followed by the slurping sounds of what was clearly a cock being sucked. In Charlady's mind's eye she saw Tammy drooling over a large white cock maybe eight or nine inches in length, it never entered her head that it would be am eleven-inch black monster cock.

The sounds overpowered Charlady's senses, until suddenly she heard the door bell yet again, her ears now strained to here who the new arrival maybe, she hoped against hope that it would not be another woman. It seemed her prayers were answered as Master Ray bade welcome to Tom and John. Because of the blindfold, Charlady was oblivious to the fact that the newest arrivals were Adonis type twins. Although the new boys were twins, they were not identical especially when fully undressed. Seems that John had got the brains and Tom the manhood in the deal.

John exposed his five-inch thin cock to Tammy and to be honest she almost burst out laughing at his offering until she saw the amount on offer from his brother John. His was a good nine inches and as thick as your forearm. Soon the resumption of the sucking noises filled Charlady's ears and she froze as she smelt rather than sense the clear sweat odour of a man. Suddenly she felt him as his fingers closed around her erect nipple and she groaned as it was sharply twisted. Although this was a shock to her it was not a painful shock more like little electric currents dancing through her clit.

Soon further people joined the party as in all Charlady heard the door bell on five occasions and in total seven men arrived, most were stripping off their clothes and waiting for Tammy to service their cocks with her mouth. After which they wandered silently over to charlady and lightly teased her body, she knew not how many hands sought out her clit or her now rock hard nipples but she knew that much more of their manipulations would result in her not being able to prevent her rapidly approaching orgasm.

Charlady rightly feared cumming without her master's permission and she sensed he was in no mood to let her off lightly, so she tried to think of the most mundane of things to stop her mind adding to the heightening need to cum.

Suddenly she felt the mouth spreader moving and she sensed she could at least move her mouth now. Her jaw ached from the equipment designed to stop her closing her mouth, although master Ray discovered long ago that it also served as a silencer for his bitches.

Charlady exercised her jaw to get the feeling back before she felt the wet contact of a tongue across her already inflamed nipple, She let out a low moan as she felt the tongue flick her nipple and the lips close around her tit flesh.

Soon her other nipple was receiving similar licks and sucks and the hope of fending off her approaching orgasm disappeared; she began begging her master to allow her wanton slut the right to cum. A polite but firm No shocked her a little as Master Ray added "Cum without permission and you will not only be punished but you will have to endure watching the bitch Tammy take on all these expectant cocks"

Charlady suddenly found extra incentive to avoid cumming, she was not going to share these cocks her master mentioned with any other woman. Charlady bit hard on to her lip when all else failed to distract her over excited body.

Suddenly all the touching, feeling lips, tongues and fingers disappeared and she sigh a little in frustration; she then smelt a familiar smell, it was Ray's de-oderant, she could sense him close by her. He gently nibbled her ear lobe before gently whispering in her ear, "Well done my cock teasing cum slut, for all your efforts are about to be rewarded!" he then added "You may now climax my fine young whore, cum bucket-fulls for your eager audience."

With that he reached between her legs, took her clit between his thumb and finger and gave it a sharp twist and pull. The shock took Charlady's breath away but also launched her soaking wet cunt into untold spasms, this resulted in her experiencing a really hard orgasm that displayed itself in long forceful squirts of cunt juice shooting hard from her cunt.

Suddenly the room exploded in to a calamity of applause and cheers. Although charlady could not see her audience she figured that they could not only see her but had just witnessed her most public of hard climaxes. Now deeply embarrassed and blushing she felt herself being ridiculed as a squirter, but in fact nothing was further from the truth as all the males present stood in awe at this most sexual of female displays.

Master Ray stepped forward and untied her bonds, she was immediately grabbed by several pairs of hands and lifted, carried to what she assumed was another room but was in fact the centre of this one. She was placed face down on the wooden floor and stool was slide beneath her stomach leaving her legs draped over one side of the stool and her tits hanging on the other side.

Immediately she was re tied in this new position and she sensed her cunt, arse and mouth were now at the right height for the men around her. Suddenly a cock was thrust in her face and Master Ray commanded her to suck it, she felt someone beneath her and a cock press up to her cunt. Her cunt was so wide open from desire that the cock slipped easily in to her depths. As she grew accustomed to the rhythm of these two cocks fucking her she froze as another cock began to press against her anal opening. She had never experienced the thrill of taking cocks in all her holes at once, but if her master wanted that she was more than willing to try. She swooned as the cock pushed passed her anal ring and she could not help but climax again. She hoped her master would make allowances for this and not hold it against her later.

Soon the cock in her mouth spewed forth it's seed and she felt eh thick liquid covering her tongue and throat. There was so much she was unable to swallow quickly enough and some escaped from her lips and dribbled down her chin.

She felt the cock in her cunt begin to throb as it neared its climax and she was buzzing a little as the two cocks buried in her cunt and arse suddenly spewed forth their loads within milliseconds of each other. Every single scalding hot spurt was etched in her brain as she climaxed yet again. No sooner had the cocks finished cumming than they were replaced with fresh cocks and the process resumed.

The results were similar only this time the cock in her mouth pulled out and sprayed her face, hair and tits with its load. The cock in her cunt felt much bigger than the previous one and seemed to be pressing for entry to her womb after forcing its way through her cunt linings. She felt a little discomfort as a larger cock pushed to gain access to her anal chute. It was so tight the guy decided to wait a little and merely slapped his cock against her arse cheeks.

By the time all the men had shot their first loads on or in her, Charlady was awash with the stringy white strands of sperm it was on her hair, face, tits, arse and back. Because of the blindfold she never saw the flashes of the cameras capturing the scene.

Suddenly the light hurt her eyes as the blindfold was removed, she quickly adjusted to the brightness and glanced around. She had no idea who had fucked her when or where but she did spot that several of the cocks were already hard again for more action.

The guys then formed a line behind Charlady and at the word go, the first in line slipped his cock into her cunt and fucked her hard for five minutes before pulling out and moving to her face. The second in line now fucked her choosing either her cunt or her arse as the first guy had his cock cleaned by Charlady's over active mouth. Five minutes later they changed again as the first guy joined the end of the line.

So this continued with Charlady never getting a moments rest until one by one the cocks added to the now white spunk coat being worn by Charlady, she was dazed and incoherent as the last cock was cleaned by her aching mouth. Tammy then appeared and lovingly licked Charlady's face clean sharing all the spunk she took into her mouth between them.

As the guys started leaving they all came over and complimented charlady on being such a wanton cum bucket of a whore. As they left they made sure they had a real long feel of her rock hard nipples. When all that remained was Tammy, Charlady and Master Ray, Tammy was told to dress and go home, mean while Ray slipped away to run Charlady a bath whilst Charlady herself rested still tied to the feet of the stool.

In the bathroom, Master Ray joined Charlady in the bath and lovingly bathed her sticky body and kissed her passionately on the mouth complimenting her on her obedience and slutty actions.

Later after a late supper the two slipped in between the silky sheets in the master bedroom. It was seconds later that Charlady fell fast asleep in the arms of her master and lover.

It was late Sunday Morning when the couple stirred, and Master Ray woke to find Charlady lovingly licking his erect cock and without waiting for permission she swung her legs over him and sank his cock deep inside her cunt. Master Ray pulled her forwards towards him and planted a hard spank on her arse; although he made no attempt to remove his prick from its warm wet hiding hole.

As charlady bounced on his cock, he reached up and pinched her nipples making her pull her own nipples as she rose to release his cock. Later after depositing his load deep inside her cunt he made her lean over the edge of the bed and spanked her for not obtaining permission for her fucking, how ever this spanking was not whole hearted in its force.

Reluctantly the couple had to part-company at Glasgow Central later that day as Charlady headed north and he headed back to London. Charlady was a little sore but contented as she recalled the fun she had endured at the hands of her great Master Ray.

Meanwhile Ray could only admire his new ward and was sure she would make a fine submissive little cum slut.

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good story