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02-17-2008, 03:25 PM
My really memorable dream.

A true dream as related to me by my submissive little cum slut, Charlady.

It always begins after a full day of me being subservient to you my lord and master, and usually results in me being hog-tied over the end of the bed being spanked with my favourite leather paddle.

So with a red arse, I am released and allowed to sleep beside you my beloved, as we sleep we end up cuddled up all close and cosy like. Because I feel so safe in your arms, I sleep so deep and soundly that I did not wake as you disentangled yourself from me.

I never noticed you were gone, but as you returned to bed, you decide that my mouth lacks something. With a glint in your eye you gently touch my lips with your semi erect cock. Without waking I instinctively open my lips to the gentle pressure I feel there, and my tongue is slightly depressed into my bottom of my mouth as your cock moves ever so slowly into my mouth.

Suddenly as you cock reaches the back of my mouth, my airway becomes restricted and I gasp for air in my sleep. It is this more than anything else, which makes me stir from some wonderful dream where I am giving myself to you once again. As I stir you whisper, take my cock, slut and as I try to reply, I feel your cock slip into the entrance of my throat, my nose now pressed to your pubic hair.

The very process of trying to reply causes the muscles in my throat to quiver sending delicious sensations deep into your prick and may I confess deep into my stomach too. It seems my throat is directly connected by electrical impulses to my cunt and clit; for as my throat muscles quiver my cunt tingles in equal proportion.

I seek to take you all the way into my stomach, as my throat and mouth muscles milk your cock. I begin to sense the throbbing impending climax now building in your cock. I redouble my efforts to receive your sperm into my eager mouth and just when I think I have done enough, you pull your cock out and blast the load all over my face.

It spurts into my eyes, my hair and plasters my face in a mask of white stringy cum; through bleary eyes I looked up to see my master smiling. I suddenly hear you instructing me to rub the spunk into my skin and you instruct me that I must not wash it off today. You tease me that I will be able to smell your spunk wherever I go and will know I wear your mark no matter who looks at me.

To make my day even more special you then give me a list of places and chores to do, stressing that I would have to display my master's mark at each place. I was a little concerned about some of the chores as to flash my cunt without panties to various people whilst being out and about could potentially put me at risk, however you gave me a safety out of not flashing and accepting six spanks with my leather paddle instead.

I thought to my self, that not only does my master love and cherish me, but you also trust me to be open and honest about my exploits. I know I could lie to you about whether I completed your tasks or ducked out of flashing as required. It would never enter my head, Master, to lie to you in these matters.

AS we rose and prepared to get dressed, called me over and had me wank your cock into the inside of one on my bra's, I thought what a complete waste as I would have preferred to swallow your load and carry it inside my stomach as my food of love.

Then I realised why you had me do this task as you fastened the cold slimy wet bra on to my tits and fastened it behind my back. You told me that now I would feel your spunk drying slowly against my sensitive nipples, I knew I would feel the sticky mess slowly heating up to my body temperature as it dried and the bra would stick to my nipple and be a constant reminder of you. I also knew that come time to remove my bra, it would tug against my nipples and I could not wait for you to remove it this way.

Finally, as I pulled up my short skirt, I turned to kiss you before you left for work, but I almost fell as you spun me round and raised the rear of my skirt. You then forced me over your knee and ordered my legs spread. Without hesitation I obeyed and felt your finger spreading my anal cheeks. I tried to look back over my shoulder to see what you were planning to do until your stern voice ordered me to look straight ahead.

I then felt, what I initially thought was your finger pressing against my anal ring, until I realised that it felt like rubber and suddenly it dawned on me that it was a butt plug. You informed me that this was to stay in place until you removed it tonight. However you allowed me the concession of being able to remove it if I needed the toilet, but on condition that it was replaced as soon as I had cleaned myself up.

By the time you kissed me goodbye I was already on the verge of the first of many climaxes as I thought about the chores you had set me and I could not wait for your return tonight.

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Thanks for the New addition

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very nice short and right down to some action
keep em cumming!