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http://www.bluestories.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=17681&stc=1&d=1203525835Mary McLellan had always wanted to go to Ireland. She was Irish, and it had never meant much to her until her grandmother died and at that time, she had become interested in researching her geneology. She had found many relatives in Ireland, and for two years had planned a trip there to meet them. She was so excited!

Her relatives were all either in or around Limerick. She had exchanged emails with so many of them that she felt that she already knew them. Her cousin Colleen was setting up meetings with many of the family members and there were parties scheduled for all but three days of her two week stay. This was going to be a whirlwind visit and she could hardly wait to get there.

She arrived the day before St. Patrick's Day. Colleen and her husband met her at the airport and took her directly to Colleen's mother's house where a small gathering of relatives awaited her. She fit in immediately and loved all their sweet faces. Only a few had that gorgeous Irish Setter red colored hair. She had always loved that shade. Hers was a lighter, strawberry blonde shade of red. They all made her feel welcome and loved and she listened to their stories until way into the night, then Colleen and her husband, Brodie, took her back to their house to spend the night.

The next morning Mary awoke to the smell of breakfast cooking and the sound of bagpipes playing. She hurried downstairs to see what was going on, and Brodie, Colleen's husband, was all dressed up in his regalia and was playing "Danny Boy" on his dudelsack. When he finished it, they all applauded and he played "Londonderryaire" and again they all applauded and cheered. Then he began playing "The Irish Washerwoman" and marched into the kitchen, and they all followed in mock solemnity. Mary asked if she could help make breakfast, or set the table, but she was told that she was a guest in their house, and guests do not work.

Colleen told Mary that she had a surprise for her for St. Patrick's Day. Her cousin Corin was coming over soon to take her for a drive around the countryside to show her the beautiful scenery and some ancient sites that she was sure Mary would be interested in. Corin arrived about 30 minutes later and Colleen introduced them. He was blonde-haired with bright blue eyes and just a sprinkle of freckles on his handsome nose and across his cheekbones. He never stopped smiling and was full of jokes, and Mary knew that she was going to like him a lot. They both said good-bye to Colleen and climbed into Corin's truck and they were off on their big adventure.

All day they drove over hill and dale, investigating mounds and ruins and he had stories for everyplace they visited. She had never laughed so much in her life and she soon realized that she was very attracted to Corin and fond of him, as well. As the sun set, he had parked the truck at the top of a knoll to watch the sun dip below the emerald green hills, and he took her in his arms and kissed her thoroughly. His hands travelled to her breasts and hers moved to his crotch as they oscillated their lips in a passionate embrace. He started the truck and backed up quickly, leaving her stunned by his fast termination of their kiss. Then he looked at her and grinned.

"Don't worry Mary," he said in the sweetest Irish brogue she had ever heard, "I'm taking us to one of my favorite spots. It's supposed to be magical and what I'm feeling between us is magic."

She smiled and snuggled up close to him, happily anticipating what would happen at their destination. The sky was still red and the light was fading as they pulled up to a stop. They got out and Corin took her hand and led her down the hill and up a larger one. The grass was unbelievable green in this light and when they reached the top of the hill, her breath was blown away by what she saw.

It reminded her of Stonehenge in England. It was obviously a place of worship and was a large ring of stones. Inside the circle was a stone slab resembling an altar. Mary saw something laying on the altar and picked it up. It was a woven wreath of twigs with flowers and pretty sprigs with dried berries tucked into the weave. The flowers and sprigs were all dried out, but it still was so pretty. Corin took it from her hands and placed it on her head like a crown and annouced that she was as beautiful as a queen, then he kissed her and she thought it would go on forever.

By now the sun had set and the moon was rising. It looked enormous it's low position in the night sky and they were bathed in it's luminescence. Suddenly Corin said, "I know! This is a site to worship the fertility gods, let's take off all of our clothes and give ourselves as a sex sacrifice on the altar! We will make love and give this act to the gods in veneration of their sanctity. We will do it for their blessings. What do you say, sweet Mary?"

Mary was caught up in the spell and she smiled and began to unbutton her blouse. Corin pulled his shirt off over his head and Mary was pleased with how his lean muscles rippled during this swift action. She slipped her blouse off of her shoulders and hesitated for just a second, feeling a little shy. But Corin's smile eased her doubts and she let the blouse fall to the ground. They both were wearing jeans and Corin called out to her, "Let's race to see who gets their Levi's off first!" Then like two speed demons, they unbuttoned, unzipped and yanked their pants down, only to be stymied when they both realized...at the same time...that they hadn't removed their shoes. The roared with laughter and Corin picked Mary up and sat her on the edge of the stone slab and removed her shoes for her. She was so touched that she waited for him to sit beside her and kick his shoes off, then she slowly removed her jeans at the exact same speed has he did. It was a tie.

Mary then stood up on the slab/altar and began to do a slow, gyrating, sexy dance as she slowly pulled her panties down. Corin grinned broadly as he watched her little show, his cock swelling with a life of it's own. She turned her back to him, as she bent down to remove her panties from her feet, giving him a beautiful shot of her sweet ass and pussy. Corin got to his feet and pulled his shorts off and pressed his hardness against her hot little ass. She wiggled back against him, loving how good his hot cock felt between her legs.

Corin began calling out a sort of liturgy, invoking the names of gods of sex and fertility.

"In the name of Branwen the goddess of Lust we fuck for thee!" Then he pushed his cock inside her throbbing hot canal.

Mary cried out, "Oh yes Branwen, Lust goddess...see what we do for thee!" Her voice trailed of to a shrill utterance as Corin began pounding his cock into her pussy in earnest. They slammed together like this for several minutes and Mary thought that she was going to pass out from the intense feelings she was experiencing and because her legs were shaking from passion.

Then Corin cried out again, this time his voice was filled with lust and he spoke mostly through his teeth, "Andarta...Goddess of Fertility...I am offering my seed to you in the form of this woman. I am going to fill her as full of my cum as I can muster in your name!" He reached around and began to rub her clit in rapid little sideways motions. Mary was moaning and whimpering and crying out in passion. She wet her fingers and began to pluck at and pull on her nipples. She could feel her pussy clamping on his cock and grabbing it like a fist would have. She pinched her nipples and dragged her fingernails across the tips of them, leaning back into his thrusts to take the full force of his fucking. She looked back at him to see his face and his face was flushed, his teeth clenched and his lips slightly pursed. He had a vein bulging on his forehead and he locked eyes with her. He looked so fucking hot that she let out a cry like a roaring wildcat and began to cum. He grabbed her hips and began to ram his cock home. As she came, she swore that his cock was penetrating her up as far as her bellybutton, and she shook with a violent shudder and came again, howling like a wild animal. Her legs began to buckle and Corin grabbed her around the waist and thrust into her and his body went stiff. Then he jerked as he came deep inside her.

They remained locked as he shot ropes of cum into her well-fucked hole. Corin bent down and peppered kisses on her back and stroked her hair. Then he pulled out of her and helped her get down off the slab.

He pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. They dressed and kissed again. In the distance, Mary saw lights gleaming in the darkness. She asked what they might be, and Corin told her that their sex cries had woken the little people and they were coming to join in their ceremony of lust. At first Mary believed him, then she saw the playful look on his face and she began to laugh. He said that they were just large Irish fireflies and that the ancient Celts had thought that they were fairies.

"Well, fairies," called Mary loudly, "I love you all and I hope you liked the show!" Then speaking to Corin she said, "But, Corin, we better get back to the house. Colleen and Brodie will be worried and put out with us."

As they walked back to the truck, hand in hand, it occurred to Mary that she had just met Corin this morning and they ended the day fucking like animals on an ancient altar to a sex god. She had to admit that this place WAS magic and that St. Patrick's Day would always be special to her from now on. They hurried back to celebrate St. Patrick's Day evening with the family and they both knew that this was only the beginning of their wild sexual adventures.

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good story

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Quick and hot, thanks.

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Damn, I love a red head. Thanks for the story and the pic.