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02-25-2008, 03:38 AM
Chat rooms have changed a lot recently since the biggest chat provider of them all shut down their teen chat rooms. And teens, of course, are the ones who chat the most. A lot more chatting now happens on instant messengers…but those are lousy ways to meet people. So people meet wherever they can (usually, in rather unpleasant environments, where girls are treated like pieces of meat…or worse), and then they meet up again on instant messengers to continue the conversation…but now, with the ability to trade pictures, watch each other’s webcam and even talk thru microphones to each other.

But at the same time, shows like Dateline have both parents and kids really wired about security. We’ve all heard the stories about girls going out to meet men for sex, and the bad results that sometimes come of it. This has also put a major damper on conversation, and most kids are warned about how much personal info they can give out on-line. This can make for rather boring, stilted conversation…because who we are, what we do, where we live, who we’re related to, what we do with our spare time and what we’re really passionate about are all vital to who we are as people. Because of this, the most popular kind of on-line communication for "good girls" has become the RP, or roleplay. This allows the person at each end of the line to indulge their fantasy and imagination by creating a scenario and walking it out…like a part in a play…and the person who starts gets to set the tone. Usually it’s the girl…and she can start with a relatively platonic situation…but since she’s at the controls, if the guy is able to capture her imagination…whether through humor, romance, imagination or whatever other means, she’s more likely to open herself to his attempts at on-line passion (aka "cybersex").

While this can be a lot of fun, and very interesting…even fulfilling on some level, given the right person…and the right chemistry, it’s ultimately fairly unfulfilling…because you end up knowing nothing about the real person at the other end…since much of the time, what they present in the fantasy doesn’t have that many of their own traits.

I had heard about trojans (the code, not the condoms)…programs which allowed you to "tunnel" into the computer at the other end (usually for the purposes of stealing a person’s personal information). But I wasn’t a hacker and knew nothing about programming. So, while the concept of being able to investigate someone more deeply was intriguing…it wasn’t something that I ever indulged in…although I knew it sometimes occured during chat room interactions.

Things changed a bit for me one day, when I discovered that one of the major IM clients now permitted one "chatter" to request that the other "chatter" be allowed access to their computer. Not only to see the same thing they saw on their screen, but actually to control their computer, if desired. The purpose, of course, was to assist with technical matters. But that didn’t mean that’s all I was limited to…

Interestingly, this development came at a time when I had been studying hypnosis and other forms of mind control. One of my experiments had been to create a beautiful screensaver…flowing, pulsing wisps of color. Its non-stop motion drew your attention completely…and woven within the shapes were subliminally-presented words about relaxation, peacefulness, acceptance and surrender. For those who had their audio switched on, beautiful warm new age music would fill the air, with reinforcing words on the same topic softly whispered beneath the music. It was quite effective at inducing a mild trance, as I found out when I tested it on several friends.

Chelsie and I met in a chat room one night. We talked for a bit, but as usually the case with young girls, she was awkward and self-protective. Girls are so used to being disrespected on-line that they always have their guard up. But she warmed quite a lot as I told her about my screensaver project (although I conveniently left out the part about the subliminal messages). I told her I was happy that it had turned out so beautifully…and that my friends were all asking for it for their computers as well. She said that it sounded wonderful and she wished she could see it. I was able to convince her that she should switch over to an IM client so I could show it to her. I "requested her assistance" so she could see my screen display….and I just let her watch it without interruption for about 2 minutes. Finally, I asked if she liked it…and I knew from her response that it had had the desired effect: "Very much. I want that on my computer." (this was the keyphrase built into the programming)

I told her to "request my assistance" and I could install it for her. She gave me control of her screen, and within 60 seconds, she had a new screensaver…one which couldn’t be turned off, and had no uninstall mode.

Earlier, I had asked her if she had a webcam, but she responded the way most girls do: "No, sorry. It’s broken." This is almost never the case. It’s just a defense mechanism. Now that she was under my influence, I simply told her to turn her webcam on. This bypassed her natural defenses, and about 15 seconds later, her image popped onto the screen. She was young, and remarkably beautiful. It was smart of her not to turn on the webcam normally. Guys would be buzzing around her like flies if they’d had any idea what she looked like. She was blonde with soft features and blue eyes. Her shoulder-length hair seemed to have a natural gentle curl. She was wearing a tube top, and her skin was exposed from her neck down to the top of the tube. Quite the sight. Using the controls built into her screensaver on my end, I closed the self-view webcam window on her end, so that, should anyone walk by, it wouldn’t be obvious that the webcam was sending a picture.

I had her turn off her speakers and put on her headphones so that I could speak to her softly and reinforce the trance. I whispered to her gently and told her the rules by which she now must behave. I was her master, and she needed to make time every day to touch base with me to find out her responsibilities for that day. I told her to make sure that she always left the computer monitor on in her own home. It was OK if someone else turned it off. She wasn’t to get mad…but rather to simply turn it on again as she walked by. She was also to log on immediately anytime she was alone at home, to see if I had need of her to do anything.

Chelsie had been called away from the computer by her mother to finish the after-dinner dishes shortly after she’d been given her marching orders. But she was back a couple hours later, and the room around her had grown noticeably darker. Apparently, it was nearing bed time for good girls with school the next day wherever she was located…but she had felt the clear impression that she needed to check in with me before bed to see if I needed anything else from her first. I told her that I felt that regular checkups were very important for good health…both physical and psychological, and that she should have at least a quick one before bed.

I told her to sit up straight and smile like she’d just seen the cutest boy she’d ever seen. When someone is in trance, their face tends to go slack, because they have almost no awareness of themselves at all, except to the degree that they are instructed to do so. As she smiled, her entire face lit up, and I couldn’t believe how beautiful she really was. It was a complete transformation. I told her to roll down the top of her tube top and show me her breasts. They were a full B cup, and just as perfect as I had ever seen in my life. I told her to cup them in her hands and squeeze them for me so we could check their firmness and resiliency. She did so, and within a few moments, her nipples had stiffened and she began to gently tug and twist them. I had her slip her shorts down and turn around for me…she was impeccable…clearly athletic and toned. Then I asked her about her personal habits. Did she enjoy masturbation? She said she had touched herself before, but she didn’t know that much about it…seeing as how she was still fairly young. I asked if she’d seen a boy naked before. She said yes…once, her cousin had been over for the day to visit…and she’d accidently walked in on him in the bathroom as he had left it cracked open when he went in. He was apparently proud of his equipment…and told her not to leave. After he finished relieving himself, he closed the toilet lid and had her sit down. He’d squirted some hand lotion on it and jerked himself off while she watched. She was only about 10 at the time, and he was 13. But that was her lone experience to date. I figured that he didn’t have much size at 13…so I took control of her screen for a moment and popped up a window showing my own webcam. I asked if she was curious about what an older guy looked like naked, since she’d only seen a young boy. She said yes, and I unzipped my jeans, pulled them down just a bit, and let my manhood loose. She asked if I could do what he did while she watched, and I said, "Yes, but only if you touch yourself while you watch." She slipped her shorts down around her knees and proceeded to rub herself for about 3 minutes while I gave her a show. I told her that her job was to go to bed now…but to remember what she had just seen…and to touch and rub herself anywhere that felt good while she thought about it, until she fell asleep.

And to be sure to leave the monitor on.

20 minutes later, out of the dark, a younger face appeared. Kati was Chelsie’s younger sister. Cute, with reddish hair and freckles. She apparently liked to sneak out of her room at night after everyone else was in bed and chat with her friends. I watched as she came closer to the computer, and watched the swirling colors on her face as she drank in all the screensaver was teaching her. After a time, her blinking patterns had changed, and I knew she was completely under. I had installed a new module in the most recent edition of the screensaver, and this seemed like a good chance to test it out. I typed in some new words…very short phrases. The words would appear on the screen…almost unrecognizable as words…and almost like they were written in smoke, and then dissipated. I went for something short and something I knew would be familiar to her. "It’s getting hot in here" and "take off all your clothes". A girl as young as Kati held no real sexual interest for me. She had not yet really begun to develop. No hips, no breasts, no pubic hair. Those things would begin for her very soon. But, in the meantime…hey…a naked girl is a naked girl. Still always a subject of fascination. After having her turn around a few times and then sit down while we chatted, I suggested that she was getting cold, and that she really belonged in bed.

She disappeared into the darkness…leaving the monitor on.

I was working on other things in the background, and about 20 minutes later, I noticed what appeared to be someone opening the refrigerator in the distance. She seemed to be pouring a drink, closing the fridge and then I saw a faint shadow cross the room. Probably the ever-diligent Mom, coming to save a few pennies on the electric bill by turning off that computer. The kids were always forgetting. As she got closer, she sat down to take a look at the hypnotic colors and shapes coming from the monitor. It was, in fact, Mom. She was an attractive lady, especially considering that she’d had at least two kids…and was probably in her mid-30s. She was a brunette. Not too skinny, but not fat, either. Very full breasts (one of the great things about a lot of moms), and she was wearing a robe with a nightie underneath…the robe was hanging open. She seemed very tired…which was good. A tired mind can be one that is more open to suggestion. She took another drink and set the glass down as she stared at the moving shapes. Her blinking patterns changed, and she was mine. I had picked up from Chelsie that her mom was single and lonely…so I decided that it was time for her to get a little attention. I typed "put on the headset" and waited about 30 seconds for her to absorb the words and obey the command.

"You’re an attractive woman," I whispered. "Don’t cover up your beauty. Pull up your nightgown and show me your breasts"…which she did. Large, dark nipples…and probably a full C cup. "Play with your nipples and make them feel nice." She did…they grew stiff almost immediately…and she took her large breast in her hands, and began to suck on her own nipples. She was enjoying it. A woman being pleasured (even at her own hand) is a thing of beauty. One of her hands slipped between her legs as she rubbed herself there. She had a neatly trimmed bush. I whispered softly to her: "My tongue is between your lips….licking you softly…can you feel it?" She grunted, "Yesss…." Her legs parted and she slid two fingers inside. "I am squeezing your butt cheeks…you love this feeling." She moaned softly. "My warm breath is on your neck as kiss and nibble you there." She moaned more loudly and began breathing huskily now…moving her hips in rhythm. "Oh god…", she said. I whispered, "Feel my thick warm cock deep inside you…hammering you hard…you can hardly catch your breath." Once of the advantages of hypnosis was that she COULD feel it…just as if I was there. She grew more and more intense for the next few minutes, and then climaxed hard…collapsing against the back of the chair for a good 2 minutes to catch her breath. "No woman should need to feel so lonely," I said. "We’ll talk again soon. It’s getting late…"

"And, be sure to leave the monitor on…"

The next day, I instructed Chelsie was to become an evangelist for my screen saver. She was to tell all her friends about it…how beautiful and peaceful and relaxing it was…and to get them to download and install it. Within a week, I had 37 girls in her grade at school alone who had become a part of my little network…and the number was growing every day. Slowly, but surely, girls all over the world were installing it. Girls of all ages…girls with younger and older siblings…and mothers. I was able to pick and choose from a restaurant menu of every flavor of delicacy. Asian girls, beach bunnies, the proverbial farmer’s daughters, Brazilian girls, even the very conservative cultures…like Indian and Muslim girls…all were available to me, day and night.

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Interesting story

Thanks for the addition

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Very interesting. Are you going to take this to another level? A personal meeting perhaps?

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good story would like to see more of this

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great so far, could make a series with this.