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Title: Meadow View Court- MF, FF, mature, orgy, virgin
Author: Eskimo1958
Summary: The monthly party on Meadow View Court get interesting, as the neighborhood
pitches in to show some young, inexperienced lovers how to please one another.
Keywords: MF, FF, mature, orgy, virgin

Let's go back a few years, to the summer of 1999. A rather nice summer, plenty of sun and hot temperatures. As like today, my wife lived at 215 Meadow View Court, here in Greenwood, Indiana. At the time, I had just turned forty, and my wife of nineteen years had turned forty-nine a few months before. Yeah, an older woman. The story of when we first met is an interesting one in itself, but suffice to say, that's not what this story is about. Instead, it's about an incident in July of 1999. Saturday, July twenty-fourth. A very sunny day here in central Indiana, as it has been most of the summer.

And, as in the past seven years, it was our turn to host the monthly street get-together. Our house sits on the end of the cul-de-sac, named Meadow View Court, and there are only seven homes on it. But we're rather secluded from the rest of the subdivision, as after you turn off of Summers Street, you go a good thirty yards before you cross the bridge, which is about twenty yards long, and then you reach the first home after another thirty yards. So, we are off the beaten path. And, there are no other houses behind us. I have no idea why they built the bridge to accommodate the construction of these seven homes, but I was never one to argue.

Pam and I moved in two years after we were married, in 1982. The house, as well as the other houses, were about twenty years old by then, being built during the construction boom in the early 1960's. And like us, the other street residents were middle-class workers, with mundane jobs, and mundane lives. I work for a small construction company, while Pam works in an office type setting. Of course, our street had the usual turnover. We saw neighbors come, and neighbors go. A death here, divorce over there, the usual happenings in life. So, let me tell you more about us and our neighbors. I'm tall, thin, but still have a head full of hair, which in summer time I keep cut short. Pam is, for a lack of a better term, well-rounded. A good foot shorter than my six-four frame, she has me out-weighed as well, probably by thirty pounds at two-ten. But, she has always carried it well, and I don't mind. Hack, those forty-four double-d's she has are my favorite two play things. As for children, we tried. After the third miscarriage, and her second OB/GYN, we discovered she had a tumor. It ended up being non-cancerous, but she had a hysterectomy because of it. This didn't diminish her sex drive then, nor to this day, as we still enjoy what each other has to offer on a rate of three to four times a week. I know, it sounds unbelievable, but we somehow manage.

Next door is Ron and Betty Paige. Ron is my age, Betty a year younger, and they have two girls, Amanda, at the time she had just turned eighteen, and her younger sister Sarah, who was all of fourteen, but one heck of an attitude. Ron is short and stocky, and Betty, she has the same body shape as my Pam. Amanda at that time had blossomed into womanhood rather nicely, long dark brunette hair like her mothers, and a very nice figure. She definitely had her mommies boobs. Unfortunately, she had her daddy's face. Amanda a redhead, was already rivaling her older sister's bust size, and she was the more adventurous one. I could tell stories about Sarah.

This family had moved in right after we had, so we've known them well for years. Ron tends to drink a bit, spends ours sitting in his garage, away from his household of women, tinkering on something mechanical, while sipping an adult beverage. Many a time we've sat and shot the shit while drinking away after work.

On the other side of us was a single lady. Melanie Zink is her name. Mid-thirties in age, wears her blonde hair short. At the time, sort of a loner. She works at the headquarters of a local bank as a secretary. We see her daily, but seldom speak. But, she does attend our monthly gatherings. And we have noticed that even if she's drinking, she really won't open up and talk much. She amuses both Ron and I to no end. As far as body, it's cute. She's smaller than our wives, and both Ron and I have gotten in trouble for watching her a bit too closely as she mows her lawn.

On the other side of Ron and Betty, at 208, lives Ben Knowles and his kids. Ben is a few inches shorter than I, but almost Pam's age, maybe a year or two younger. He's divorced, but he has his two sons living with him, both of which are in their late teens. Their good boys, named Gary and Brian, and are always around when us older guys need a hand doing something. Both boys were attending college nearby, and living at home with their father to save money. And, they looked like their old man. Although they did have more hair. Ben works in the city as a building inspector. Ben and his ex-wife bought house number 208 in 1988.

Next door to Melanie lives Susan Smith. She owns her own dance studio here in town, and is thirty-six years old. She has a daughter, Naomi, that's Amanda's age, and those two are always together. She also has a son, named Jacob, that's the same age as Sarah. Susan is well-built. Same height as my wife, but half the weight. And a set of little perky breasts that look wonderful in her spandex dance outfits she is constantly wearing. Naomi is a late developer. Thin as a rail, long arms and legs, and a few inches shorter than her mom. Surprisingly, Susan and my wife get along great. Sort of a mother/daughter relationship. She moved into the neighborhood in the mid-nineties, after her divorce.

In 204, at the time, lived Doug and Marie Stevens, and her young sister, Vicky Sanchez. He is aloud, obnoxious jerk, while she's a small, sweet Mexican thing with a very tight body. Marie actually owns the house, buying it in 1996, as she works in management for a factory, while Doug worked whenever he could get a job, which wasn't often. Marie was thirty-one and Doug the same age. Vicky is a cute thing, in college and studying to be a nurse. She's a bit smaller than her older sister, but cheerfully happy all the time.

The last house belongs to Miss Mollie. Sixty-seven years old then, and full of spunk. She was always a blast to have around, a retired, widowed school teacher, she was a terminal smart-ass. I'm sure in her day, lots of school boys had some rather wild fantasies about Miss Mollie.

So anyway, the weekend. Pam had me getting the backyard ready the whole damn week, as she wanted the flowers at their best, and everything cleaned up. She even had me wash the camper where it sat along the side of the yard, next to Melanie's fence. We have a nice backyard, fenced in with a high privacy fence. This serves the purpose of allowing Pam and I to enjoy the warm , sunny days in the nude. Our neighbors don't mind, and Ron kids me about it from time to time. There was more than one instance when one neighbor or another looked over the fence and got more than they had bargained for. Of course, that was before Shawn arrived.

Shawn is my twenty-four year old nephew. My older sister's boy, he came down from my hometown in northern Michigan a few months before to work for a trucking company as a diesel mechanic. We were allowing him to live with us, until he got a place of his won. Of course, Pam was thrilled to have the young man in our house, which surprised me. As she was always making sure he was well taken care of. And, there was someone else that was wanting to make sure he was well taken care of, and that was Ron and Betty's oldest child, Amanda. After two months, it was pretty obvious that she had eyes for Shawn. He's a good looking boy, about six foot in height, and carries his weight well. Filled out nicely, from what my Pam says.

The attention that Amanda was showing wasn't lost on the boy for long, for soon they would be seen together, walking about the streets in the early evening, before he returned her to her home, with the glare of Ron directed his way. Now, I knew for a fact that my nephew was inexperienced, as he freely admitted this to me. And since I was a temporary father figure to him, we talked it over. Of course, the first thing I did, was pint out the over-protective father of the girl. I'm not sure what was holding Ron back, but I'm pretty positive that it was Betty. Naturally, I divulged our little talk to Pam, who I was sure was going to talk to Betty.

We did have one incident that week, which should be noted. And that was Doug. Or, the lack of Doug. Wednesday evening the cops came, hauling Doug away for attempted robbery. The dumbass tried robbing a liquor store, and left his drivers license there at the scene. Needles to say, Marie was a bit shook up over the incident, and we were rally surprised when she showed up at the party.

Yeah, the party. It started at three in the afternoon, with beer for the guys, wine coolers for the ladies, and plenty of steak and grilled veggies on the grill. It was a rather subdued affair, what with the incident with Doug, and with Shawn's and Amanda's blossoming romance. Anyway, after everyone had their share, all were sitting around the back yard. It was the adults in one group, and the younger ones on the lawn, sitting in the grass.

After two more hours of laughter, and drinking, even Melanie was opening up somewhat, the topic finally got to Shawn and Amanda, as Pam looks over to the couple, saying "Oh, aren't they cute?"

I smirked, and I heard Ron grumble. We all looked the way of the two young love birds, both sitting on the grass, with him behind her, his arms around her waist. Susan giggled, saying "Yeah, they do look nice together."

Betty was all smiles, saying "Well, I'm pretty sure Ron don't think so. He's afraid that the boy will hurt our precious daughter."

Pam laughed, saying softly for the other adults to hear, "Well, he'll have to learn how first. He's never really been with a woman before."

Melanie was giggling, before snorting out softly, "You mean he's a virgin?"

I butted in, as I saw Ron's eyebrows raise up at that question, defending my nephew by saying "He's inexperienced, but not entirely no experience."

Ron blurted out, "Well, he better learn what heís doing, before he started doing my daughter."

All of our mouths dropped, as we looked at him, but soon we were laughing away, as Ben stated "Gee Ron, you going to show him how?"

Now, at this point, the women were all well lit. My wife had had three drinks already, two and a half over her limit. Betty normally never drinks, and she was on her second. I think she was trying to keep up with Pam. Melanie had a few in her, and was rather fucking happy. Susan and Marie were the two drinkers of the fairer sex in attendance, as they've kept up to us men rather well. So, they were quite jovial about the whole thing.

So, being a smartass, Miss Molly, who was sitting there taking it all in, and quite sober I might add, said "Well hell, why don't Susan or Melanie show the boy? Or you Maria, now that youíre available."

Of course, the place erupted in pandemonium, what with Ben and I egging the girls on, the girls shouting no back at us, and Ron sitting there with a dumb fuck look on his face. Finally, I raised my hands, and quitted them down, by saying "Hey, he's a young enough stud, he could probably do all five of you women. Repeatedly."

Now, in the back of my mind, I was thinking that this was all good nature joking. No way did I suspect that this would go any farther. Until I saw my wife's face, as she smiled devilishly, looked at Betty, and asked "Well?"

I glanced to the younger set sitting on the lawn. All staring in disbelief at what we were talking about, as I guessed we had stopped talking softly a while ago. Even the two youngest, Sarah and Jacob, were sitting there, watching us supposed adults, with shocked looks on their faces. I also noticed the two youngest were sitting in rather close proximity together, but more on them later.

Betty, after a long, painful pause, rolled ere eyes, shrugged her shoulders, and said "Oh fuck, why the hell not."

I heard Ben mutter something, as did Melanie, as she stood, came over to Ron's chair, and whispered something into his ear, before coming to my wife, and taking her hand. She turned and pulling Pam to her feet, she said "Ladies, we've a chore to do." All save Miss Mollie stood, and followed my wife and Betty into the grass, where upon Betty reached her hand down to Shawn, saying "Come on boy, we've some training to do."

I was in shock. Hell, I'm pretty sure everyone was, including my nephew. He looked like he was on a different planet, as he stood and held tightly onto Betty's hand, as the six of them marched into my house. Ben was the first to speak, saying "Damn."

I looked at Ron, questioning him with my eyes, and all he did was sigh. Then a smile, as he said "Before we got married, she caught me in bed with her sister Janet. She always said she would pay me back."

I heard Amanda moan out "You slept with Aunt Janet?"

Ron snorted, a smile coming to his face, as he nodded his head yes. I had a funny feeling that it was more than once, but I didn't press for details. I then heard Naomi blurt out "That's not fair."

I wasn't thinking, as I said "What isn't fair?"

Vicky explained in a sweet voice, "Well, Shawn gets to be shown how to make a woman feel good. And us girls won't necessarily get an experienced and caring lover. Hack, we possibly won't know what's good for years."

Now, how to handle this without it getting blown into a full scale orgy. Ben's son Gary laughed, saying "Well there's three very experienced men right there." That, was not what I had in mind.

What happened next seemed to take place in slow motion. Vicky was the first to rise up, un buttoning her blouse as she got to her feet. Her long, curly black hair dancing on her shoulders as she walked towards where Ron was sitting. I watched her, not paying any attention to the others, as she reached him, straddling his lags and sitting on his lap. her face went to his, and it was erotic as hell watching his white face kissing her darker skin. His hands went to the front of her blouse, pushing it open to show her bra encased breasts. I smiled as I saw his hands expertly go behind her back, undoing her bra quickly, pushing it as well as her blouse off her body. I heard Ben say "Oh my!", which got my attention, as I spun my head around to see his lips latching onto the small left teat of Naomi. He was making sloppy slurping sounds, as something caught my eye. And there she was. Amanda, her face hidden from view temporarily as she was busy pulling her shirt off over her head.

She reached behind her back, damn near ripping her bra off, as she straddled the lounge chair upon which I was sitting, and lowered her ass onto my groin. I groaned, as I reached up and cupped her big breasts, kneading hem gently, as she smiled. She lowered her face to mine, and we kissed, before she moved her head to the side of mine, asking me "Can you teach me?"

I sighed, not sure what I was really thinking, as I felt her tight, young denim covered ass wiggling on my growing male member. I said softly, "Let's play a bit!" as my hands massaged those full tits of hers, my tongue getting a taste of her nipples. I looked to my right, seeing that Vicky was now squatting between Ronís parted legs, his short, but very thick meat inhaled by her mouth, as she sucked away.

Over to my left, Ben was getting orally pleased by Naomi, but some\what sloppily. I was sure it was her first time swallowing cock, and soon Miss Mollie surprised us all, by going and sitting next to her, saying "Here, grab the base like this."

Ben and I giggled, as I felt Amanda move down my body, and she too was soon gobbling my cock down. My hands were in her hair, as I ran my fingers through her brunette mane, enjoying the feeling of her tongue as it danced around my shaft. Something was telling me that Shawn had been giving her lessons in this aspect of sex. I had my head back against the lounge chair, my cock throbbing, ready to douse her tonsils, as I heard Ron groan, as Ben quickly did the same, signaling their launching their cum into a warm, wet mouth.

I was almost there, when a hand touched my shoulder. I opened my eyes, and for a second I thought I was dead meat, as there was my wife looking down at me. Her smile was reassuring, as was the fact that she was totally nude. I asked "Done so quickly?"

She giggled, as I suddenly involuntarily stiffened, a soft moan coming form my mouth, as Amanda gagged while my hot payload filled her mouth. Pam spoke, as I recovered and Amanda nursed the remnants out of my shaft, saying "We got him off once, Betty went next door to get Ron's bottle of ******."

I jerked my head around, looking at Ron, who had a sheepish grin on his face. I just chuckled, saying "Well, looks like poor Shawn is going to be busy."

My wife laughed, "He already is, right now he's going down on Melanie." She then said to the girls, "Ladies, aren't you forgetting some other guys?" Amanda started to get up, but Pam stopped her, as Vicky and Naomi got up and went to Gary and Brian, both wearing smiles. It was then that I noticed that Sarah and Jacob were missing, but I didn't have time to think about it, as my wife laid down next tome, saying to Amanda, "You might as well learn something else, young lady. If you're going to take care of a man orally, you had better do the same to his wife."

Both Amanda and I looked t her father, who just laughed and said "You heard her, young lady." My wife had her right foot on the ground, her left leg draped over my legs, as she leaned her head back onto my shoulder. I watched the young lady moved cautiously to Pam's shaved snatch, and when her tongue hit Pam's pussy lips, my wife sighed. I had my left hand on her left tit, kneading it gently, as I saw Miss Mollie whisper something into Ben's ear. HE looked somewhat out of it, not sure what to do, until she stood up, grabbed his hand, and pulled him out of his chair. As they walked by, I heard her say softly, "It's been almost twenty years since I've had a good fuck. I'm over due, young man."

I heard Ron trying to hold back a laugh, as I felt my wife chuckling inside, before she moaned long fully as Amanda worked away on her snatch. I nuzzled my wife's neck, her breathing getting heavier, her large tits thrusting up into the air with each breath. And the sight on the lawn. What was I thinking a few minutes ago? About this turning into an orgy? Well, it's there. Ron was out of his lounge chair, behind Vicky who was on all fours. He was licking her cunt from behind, and her muffled moans were showing her pleasure of his oral feast, as she had Brian's thick, long pole in her mouth. And from the way her throat was bulging, the girl was taking it deep. And Naomi was on top of Gary, his head my way, her blonde snatch visible as his tongue slid into her vagina. Seeing the action of her shoulders and back of her head, she was sucking his cock voraciously, as I then saw him insert a finger into her poop-shoot.

And of course, in my sort of drunken mind, I still was having second thoughts about this. Even as my darling wife cried out, her skin feeling as if it was rippling as she had her hard cum. My cock was hard as all get out, laying straight up against my belly, as Amanda raised her head, a smile on her face, as well as Pam's cum. She moved over to be on top of my lower legs, and reached and grabbed my meat. She had a hesitant look on her face, and asked "Why is it bigger than the other guys?"

Yeah, my head swelled, the one on my shoulders, as the one at the end of my cock I don't think could get any bigger. Pam opened her eyes, a smile on her face as she turned to Amanda and said "Suck him for now." She eased her body up, as Amanda wrapped her warm, wet mouth about the head of my cock, while Pam added "And I'll get you ready for him."

My wife moved off the lounge chair and squatted down behind Amanda's upturned ass. We smiled at each other, as her face disappeared behind Amanda's butt, her hands on the young girls hips. I felt Amanda's moan on my cock, as my wife worked her hole with her tongue, getting the girl help in the lubrication department. I guess she was more aroused than I thought, as I felt her lips suck hard on my cock, as she had her own sweet cum, thanks to my wife. As Amanda got up, I took the free chance of getting my shorts off the rest of the way, as I watched her swaying breasts. Now nude from he waist down, I kept my shirt on, she smiled as she straddled the lounge chair, and put her hands on my chest. I grabbed her hanging tits, as my wife, behind the girl still, reached down and grabbed my cock, positioning it for entry into paradise. The head of my cock slipped into her opening, and I was shocked, as was Amanda, as my wife quickly grabbed her shoulders, and pulled her down hard on my stiff meat. The young lady's eyes flew open, a sharp cry coming from her mouth, as she was now thoroughly deflowered. I pulled her body to mine, suckling her left teat, as she moaned, saying gibberish nonsense, as I felt her hips starting to move back and forth.

My wife joined her on the chair, right behind her, reaching her arms around the girl in a tight embrace, whispering go-knows-what into her ear. Both were now sitting upright, my cock throbbing deep inside of her baby-chute. I just closed my eyes, put my head back, and smiled and enjoyed the ride. And it was a long ride, as I would open my eyes from time to time to see my wife frigging Amanda's clit, getting the poor girl off about six or seven times before I finally felt the cum racing up to drench her womb. Both women climbed off, and my wife bent over and sucked my cock quickly, cleaning it of it's cum coating. She then brought her face to mine, and we kissed, our tongues slipping into each others hot mouths.

Breaking the kiss, she said "Well, I'm going inside, I want to see how they're doing on Shawn's lessons. I chuckled, as Amanda turned and went out onto the lawn, to join the others. I saw all were laying about, save Ron, as he was gone. And of course, I still noticed no sign of the youngest two of this street. Interesting, to say the least. The young ladies on the lawn were now in a daisy chain, sucking the loads out of each others hot cunts. As I watched Brian and Gary, each stroking a hard cock, I wondered who was going to get who's cock in their hole. I sighed, deciding I had best check on Ron. No need for him to get cold feet, and cause a scene.

I entered the house, and the first sight I saw made me smile. There was my wife, face down on the kitchen table. She hadn't gone far, as our neighbor Ron had a firm grip on her hips as he pounded his cock intro her willing cunt. I kept on going, chuckling as I patted him on the back, saying "She tight enough for ya?"

He laughed, saying in between grunts, "Hell yeah." As I rounded the corner into the living room, I heard him add, "And get a pill from Betty, you might need it."

I chuckled, thinking that he was right. I walked down the hall to my bedroom, as thatís where the sound of sex was coming from. Moans, actually. And when I looked into the room, I saw Melanie on her back, her legs pushed up against her big, heavy tits, and all that could be seen of Shawn was the top of his head. I asked loudly, as Melanie squirmed, moaning loudly, "Hey boy, how you doing?"

Shawn raised his head, and started to say "Just fine, Uncle Ma.."

He didn't get to finish my name, as Melanie grabbed his ears, pulling his face back down to her snatch as she blared out "Nooooo, don't stop, damn you!"

Melanie and Susan, who both were sitting off to the side, ready to give him his next lessons, roar4ed with laughter, as did I as I gave the advice "Keep youíre head down, until she sings, boy."

Susan stood and came walking my way, a grin on her face that signaled what she wanted. We embraced, and our tongues danced in each others mouths. My cock sprang to life, and soon I found myself on the floor on my knees, my hands on her hips as she was on all fours, taking my cock in her hot cunt. It was a long satisfying fuck, as I drilled her with slow strokes. I reached underneath and cupped her luscious, full breasts, enjoying the feeling of them in my hands. When I came, we came together, collapsing on the floor in a pile. I looked over to see that Shawn was laid out on his back on the bed, with Melanie astride his hips, a smile on her face as she rode his pole, and Maria had her cunt on his face, enjoying his new found oral talents from the sounds she was making. Yeah, Maria. A soft chocolate skinned beauty. I was longing for my chance to have my pecker expand her vaginal walls.

But for now, I was spent, as I untangled myself from Susan, and got up to leave the room. I found my wife, as she was in the next bedroom with Betty, as my wife was eating her first pussy ever, while Betty's husband Ron looked on as he sat on the bed next to them, stroking his shaft, somewhat limp from already dumping two loads this fine evening. Exiting the house, I found the orgy was continuing on the back yard lawn unabated. Amanda was sitting in a chair, watching glassy-eyed while strumming herself with her fingers, while Gary was sliding his meat in and pout of a moaning Naomi. And Vicky, her beautiful naked Hispanic ass was on top of Brian, giving him a hard ride.

I took a seat next to Amanda, just as Ben came strolling back into the yard. He was smiling sheepishly, as I asked "How'd you do?"

He snorted out, shaking his head as he replied "That old lady has some fire down there."

I laughed, as I asked "Is she coming back over?"

He replied "Not at the moment. She fell asleep once we were done." He looked around, asking "Where are the others?"

I pointed behind me, saying "In the house, fucking each other silly."

He moved towards the patio doors, saying "Well then, I might as well join them."

I laughed as he departed the patio, and turned to enjoy the show that the younger set were giving. Amanda had a pouting look on her face, and I reached over and grabbed her hand. She smiled, coming over to sit on my lap, my cock twitching as it felt the young flesh that was now on it. We kissed, as my hand felt her titties, as I said "You can probably go inside now. I think the women have trained him enough for you."

She smiled, and we kissed with open mouths. I found the taste of sperm on her tongue, as I wondered if it was mine from earlier, or someone elseís. She climbed off, and went on inside the house. The fuckers on the grass were temporarily sated, as they snuggled enmasse. I sighed, getting up to find the missing pair. I had a hunch where they went off to, as I went to my camper, and around to it to the door. Opening it quietly, I heard the soft murmurs of talking. I smiled, as I stepped inside and walked to the bedroom. I cleared my throat, and two heads jerked around to look my way. The pair of fourteen year olds tried covering themselves with their hands, as I laughed, saying "Relax, I figured you two decided to find someplace to be alone."

Sarah sniffled, her red hair was a mess, as I admired her young body. A body that had blossomed into womanhood at a young age, what with those large, firm breasts. She asked meekly, as she cowered up against Jacob, "You ain't going to tell my parents, are you?"

I laughed, saying "At the moment, your parents are in bed with my wife. No, I won't. However, I'm going to leave you two be. Why don't you guys lock the door so you won't get interrupted again."

She smiled, saying "Thank you, Mr. Jones."

I smiled, and left, thinking that I really would have liked to nail her sweet , young ass. And my cock sure did, as it regained it's rigidity as I walked back to the patio. The yard was empty, all having moved inside. I went on in, and my senses were bombarded by the sound and the smell of sex. The first person I saw was Vicky as I rounded the corner going into the living room. She had her head buried in Ben's lap, sucking his tool. I smiled, and went up behind her, inserting my happy prick into her willing fuck hole. It was a long ride, as I felt her body convulse a few times as her hard body orgasmed. Ben had left soon after I arrived, but he hadn't gone far. He found her sister, and was he fucking her silly. He had her ankles pinned back by her ears on the floor a few feet from us, her titties shaking about as he fucked like a wild man, before both of us came about the same time, filling the girls up with healthy loads of cum.

Pam, by then, had gotten refreshments ready, and we all took a break, save for Amanda and Shawn, who were still going at it in our bedroom, and of course Jacob and Sarah, who no one seemed to notice were missing anyway. It was a long break, during which time us older males each took a pill of Ronís ******. This ended up helping us guys for the rest of the night.. Naomi, Vicky, Gary and Brian made themselves scarce after a while, disappearing down the hall into an empty room. That left Pam, Betty, Marie, Susan, Melanie, Ron, Ben and I in the living room, discussing what had happened. Well, we were still feeling little pain, so we just more or less said we might as well keep enjoying this. I'm not sure how it was decided, but it ended up being Ron going off with Susan to the remaining bedroom in our house, while Ben took Pam and Melanie to his house, and I, along with Betty and Maria, went to Betty's house.

Those two women kept me going for most of the night, sucking on my ****** helped hard cock, while they then took turns riding me. And I enjoyed seeing how each tasted, eating their snatch until they would come a few times. By morning, we were a fucked up mess. And I was sure the others were as well. I showered in Betty's shower, with a giggling Maria, as we soaped each other up, fucked under the water, then rinsed off. Betty was a well fucked little pussy, not even stirring as we left her bedroom once we grabbed some towels and covering our bodies with them, we headed off to my house.

Yeah, what a sight! It reeked of sex, as we entered and looked about the house. In my bedroom, Shawn and Amber didn't even move, just a groan coming from the boy was all I got in response. In another bedroom, I found Brian, Naomi and Gary, with her sandwiched between them, a cock still in her well fucked ass. Oh my, I would have liked to have seen that take place. AS I went to the last bedroom, Pam came home, all smiles, and walking funny. We embraced, and Maria gave her a hug as well. We didn't say anything as we opened the last door, to find Ron with Susan and Vicky sprawled on to of the double bed, barely enough room for the three of them. I'm not sure how they managed to stay asleep, as we left and closed the door.

As the day progressed, people would wake and wander out into the living room, where Pam had a pot of coffee ready. All wore sheepish smiles, wondering what was in store. Ben and Melanie made their way over, as did Betty. And Miss Mollie even came over, a smile on her face. Mostly, they were looking for their clothes, or keys to their homes. It took a while for Betty and Susan to realize that their youngest two were missing, and they went to rouse them up. Oh yeah, the sight of the naked love birds, as they came in from my camper. Sarah was a thing of beauty, as she stood there in the living room, naked as the day she was born, a glow about her, as she smiled, still unsure whether she was in trouble or not, but happily in love with Jacob.

And Shawn and Amber were glowing as well, as they were the last to make an appearance, with Susan jokingly saying loudly to all that this was all their fault. No one bothered dressing that day. And from that day on, it had become an open relationship amongst all. It ended up with Shawn and Amber moving into Maria's house. Maria moved in with Melanie, as those two found that they enjoy their lesbian relationship, with a dash of male cock from time to time. Susan moved in with Ben, while Gary, Brian, and Vicky moved in with Naomi. Of course, the next year proved interesting, what with every woman, save Miss Mollie and my wife Pam, finding out two weeks after the event that they were with child.

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