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It had been a long day at the store. Holly was dog-tired. She’d been on her feet all day. Damn, if she didn’t need to find a new job soon. Maybe something where she could sit a little…or talk on the phone. Even if some of the people were unpleasant (which was almost always the case), at least it would be better than this…catering to the whims of grouchy girls in full "serve me" mode. No matter how good they looked on the outside (and many of them did look very good…), these were a lot of very ugly girls on the inside…or, at least, that’s how it seemed to her.

It hadn’t sounded that bad when she took the job. How hard could it be to check bags for people trying on clothes. Who knew that she’d have to help with bra fittings, fetching other clothing sizes for half-dressed (or mostly naked) girls who were always in a hurry…and listening to people bitch about how the sizes varied between brands or what wasn’t in stock…blah, blah, blah. It’s not that she minded helping people. She’d always been considered a fairly big-hearted person. But…well…there was just no pleasing some people. And people were so strange sometimes. She’d been hit on my some girls, and some of the ladies over 30-35 made no secret of the fact that they wanted her in the room when they were naked. They would call her back again and again…for no reason, really. People just seemed desperate for attention…and to be told that they looked good.

Holly was kind. She was a hard worker. And, after hours, when no one would even know if she skimped on cleaning out the changing rooms, she never did. She wiped down all the surfaces with a disinfectant…and she ran a sweeper over the floors to pick up broken tips from plastic hangars, etc. It was nice that the store had a built-in vaccuum unit, so all she needed to do was plug in the hose and go. She also had to Windex the full-length mirrors and make sure that there were no more than two broken hanging loops on each of the room curtains. If there were, it was her responsibility to notify maintenance, and they would be replaced before the next business day. She was good about all the details…actually the first person in the job who had ever bothered.

She checked the curtain loops tonight. Sure enough…one of them had six broken loops. She was sure that had happened earlier in the day when Mrs. Ciphers had fallen when trying to lift and hold her leg to step back into her skirt. She had fallen against the wall and then past the curtain, spilling out into the hall. Not anything that could be seen by the public, of course…but, fortunately, there was also no one changing in any of the rooms at that point. Holly rushed to her aid, to find the poor woman tangled up and with a bump on her head. Holly helped her back to her feet, then sat down beside her on the little bench in the changing room. Mrs. Ciphers was not old. Not in the least. Actually, just in her early 30s. And she was quite pretty. But things had changed in her life, as she had shared with Holly recently. She had been diagnosed as being in the early stages of a neuromuscular disease. Her loss of control was barely noticeable, but she was prone to accidents…and she would often break into tears spontaneously. She was a regular customer, and had shared with Holly on her last visit that she was depressed, because her husband no longer found her attractive and seemed to think of her as being "sick" all the time. She didn’t see herself as sick. This was just her life now, and she needed his love more than ever…but didn’t know how to tell him. Holly had listened and held her head close while she cried.

This time, when she fell, she was definitely a bit out of it. She seemed dazed and disoriented. The poor woman was wearing nothing but panties…plus, of course, the skirt on one of her legs. And she just sat and cried, and Holly held her close. She had never been with a nearly-naked grown woman in this way before. Her breasts were mashed against Holly’s arm and chest as she laid against her and sobbed. Holly didn’t think of herself as lesbian or bi…but she definitely felt something with this beautiful woman so vulnerably exposed to her. She gently ran her fingers through her hair and rubbed her hand slowly on her bare back. She noticed that her own nipples had stiffened in arousal at the close contact. She wasn’t sure how to react, so she just filed it away for later consideration, and turned her attention back to the poor woman she was comforting. Awkwardly, Holly kissed her on the top of her head. She just wanted to comfort her and wasn’t sure that words would help. Eventually, Mrs. Ciphers came back to her senses, and Holly helped her dress before helping her complete her purchases.

But that had been earlier in the day, and now, Holly was trying to finish her cleaning. After finding the broken hoops, she called Garth back in maintenance to report the problem. Garth showed up about 3 minutes later, and had the curtain repaired in short order. He had a small boom box (though it hardly deserved the name) that he had brought with him to play while he worked. But before he took off, he explained to Holly that, since the ceiling speakers barely reached the changing room area, he’d be leaving the radio for her. Plans were to install new ceiling speakers in about 6 months, and the problem would be solved then…but, in the meantime, she’d have something to listen to…and everyone knew that people shopped better and spent more when they had music playing nearby to distract them a bit. Holly said thanks to Garth for keeping her in mind. He smiled and said that was very easy to do…then turned and walked away.

Holly gave the radio a good once-over. A kind of soft, new-agey rhythmic music flowed from the speakers. Holly looked to change the station, but the knob was broken. She shrugged. "Guess it’s better than nothing." She headed back into the booths to finish up the last ten minutes or so of cleaning. The song never seemed to end. It changed a bit here and there, but the floating melody got into her head, and she found herself humming along. There were quiet sounds, too…like whispers or the buzzing of insects…but she couldn’t make out what they were exactly…so she just ignored them and flowed with the music.

As she finished up, she switched off the lights over the changing room, and headed over to pick up her stuff before leaving for home. She didn’t notice Garth walking up behind her, and it didn’t really even register in her conscious mind when he said, "Ventriloquist dummy." But she froze. She knew she was supposed to, although she had no clue as to why. Garth leaned in and whispered, "Holly, I am a customer of this store. It’s very important that you meet all my needs. Like they teach you in training: "The customer is always right. Do you understand what I’m saying?" "Yes, I do." "Good girl. Now follow me back into the changing area. We’ll leave the lights off for now, since we both know where we’re going. Follow me…silently."

Holly followed Garth back to the changing rooms, and into the second one on the right. He sat down. She did as well once she had been so instructed, and Garth picked right up where he’d left off: "I am an important customer. In fact, the most important of all customers. My money keeps this store in business, and keeps you in a job. You can see why it is so important for you to keep me satisfied. Whatever I need, you must do…for the sake of all those who work here, and for your own welfare. Do you understand?"

"Oh yes, of course. I must do whatever you need me to do."

"Good girl, Holly. Let me explain how this is going to work…but while I do so, I NEED you to take off your shirt and bra." Her hands immediately went to the top buttons, and started unfastening the shirt. No protest, no further thought. This was what the customer, a very important customer, needed her to do.

"Holly, I get bored very easily when I come to this store. And when I get bored, I want to leave without spending any money. You can see how this is a bad thing. I NEED you to take it upon yourself to keep me entertained at all times. In fact, I will give you a sign when I am bored…letting you know that I need you to favor me with your attentions. I will say to you the following words very softly: "Very bored, Holly". And you will know what this means. It’s important that I get every ounce of your attention at a time like that. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir. I must keep you from being bored."

"That’s right, sweetheart. Unfortunately, I’m bored now. What can you do to entertain me?"

"I could finish getting naked and dance for you."

"Yes, you could. Let’s start with the getting naked part. Hmmm…very nice. Quite an amazing body, really. Come and rub yourself up against me. Yes…very, very nice. But I’m still a bit bored. I need more of your attention. Show me that you can read my mind, and make me happy right now."

Holly bent down and unzipped Garth’s pants. Gently, she reached inside and slipped out his cock. She hadn’t really been attracted to Garth. He was nice enough looking…but he was an older man. He had to be 25-30 years older than she was. There was no reason that she should give him a second thought. But…well, he was actually quite distinguished-looking…especially for a maintenance man. And, oh my…she was quite impressed with his physique. Not that she had known what to expect…but not this. He was practically solid muscle. But, at the moment…only one muscle was on her mind. She slipped her lips over the tip of it, and began to suck gently, just like her former boyfriened Brett had taught her to. He’d been such a rude guy that she had never enjoyed it with him. But this was different. She wanted Garth, the customer, to be pleased with her. So really threw herself into it.

She finished him up in a few minutes. She didn’t even think twice before swallowing his seed. She knew he would want that. He might even be pleased that she read his mind.

"Holly, listen carefully. I know that some of the girls who come in here hit on you, and I know that you are very good with turning away their advances without making them feel rejected…but that has to stop now. If a girl wants to come on to you, I want you to go along with it, right here in the changing room. But…I want you to guide them into Changing Room 5, where I have a two-way mirror installed so I can watch. Here…put this pager in your pocket. Whenever you sense that a girl is coming onto you, and you’re going to go back with her, push the little button on the side to buzz me so I can come watch. Also, even if the girls aren’t coming onto you…if they are spending a lot of time trying on intimates, swimwear, etc…or just being mostly naked, I want to see that, too. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir. I must keep you entertained with things to watch in the changing rooms."

"That’s correct, Holly. I am easily bored…and you’re in a position to sacrifice yourself to keep everyone’s jobs here…especially your own. And I’m sure you’re eager to do that."

"Yes, sir…I am."

"Good girl. Thank you for your service this evening. Finish getting yourself together and head on home. Oh, and one more thing…"

"Yes sir?"

"Just leave the radio on all the time. 24/7. There’s very little electricity used, and it will help keep the atmosphere nicer around your work area."

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. It was a pleasure serving you this evening."

"Snapback, sweetheart."

Holly looked around as if she didn’t know where she was for a moment. Oh, yes…she was putting on her coat and heading home. Garth had just fixed the curtain and was heading back to the maintenance area. But…what was that taste in her mouth? Vaguely familiar, but…she couldn’t quite place it. Maybe her lunch hadn’t exactly agreed with her. Right now, she just wanted to get off her feet and watch a movie and sip some wine. She grabbed her purse and headed for the door.

Garth watched her go and then grabbed his own coat and slipped it on. This was going to be a very interesting next six months. Not only would he be getting a lot of personal satisfaction, but his hidden camera work from behind the mirror was going to make him a very wealthy man. It didn’t really matter to him whether he made his money from the porn web sites who were hungry for voyeur stuff…or if the subjects of the videos would rather pay him directly to keep it from being seen. But, for right now, he was completely spent. He flipped off the last of the lights and locked up the doors. He was in the mood for a good stiff drink and a nice soft pillow.

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Thanks for the story. I look forward to another chapter.

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great story, looking forward to more.

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That's IT? Oh, you have to do at least another chapter. You CAN'T leave us readers hanging like this....
Did I mention that I liked the story?