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02-28-2008, 06:54 AM

Now when I first met Samantha she had only just been born,and I was less than 13 years old. I was friends with her brothers and being a boy of that age had no interest in her at all .Time goes by fairly quickly and then Sam (Samantha)went abroad with her folks I did not see her for at least 8 years but as I stayed friends with her brothers I knew what was happening with her and her folks.

Eventually she and her parents returned to the country. Now I know you all are thinking that she was now a babe and I grabbed her, but it was not like that. It was her mother who first got my interest. her name was Jenny. She had married young and had her first child at 17 . I was now 22 so she was 37, and boy what a 37, her figure to be honest was a little round ,Rubenesk is probably the term. Jenny was not tall ,about 5ft,5 but she had the most wonderful breasts I had ever seen. She had known me so long that I was treated just like one of her sons, so at night time she thought nothing of taking a shower and then wandering around the house in her nightie being only 22 at the time, my hormones used to race around like mad at the sight of her, that old trouser snake of mine was straining to get out and have some fun. the one evening with out realizing it she stood talking to me as I was watching TV .Her legs were slightly a part , and with the tv behind her ,and me in a chair ,all I could see was this beautiful bulge of her pussy outlined through her nightie .Shit! It was nearly impossible to contain myself. That night I went home and had the best wank of my life.

I now started to make excuses to spend more time at my friends house ,and the sight of Jenny's double EE breasts with their large pink nipples seen through her nightie, or the thought of that sweet pussy of hers kept me in night time fantasy land for a month or two. However if you not getting any of what you most desire , you eventually get bored, and I did. Then one day I overheard Jenny telling Sam(who was now 13) that all women should shave there legs and cunts as this is the most hygienic way to do things. My first thought was “WOW” Jenny must have a shaved puss ,and my interest in her was revived for a week or so. Then this little peanut of a brain of mine started to work, who was she talking to at the time. Sam! Now I had not even thought of her, but just the idea of her little pussy being shaved, even though she probably did not have any hair anyhow, started giving me a hard-on.

Next time I was around I made a point of having a good look at Sam , and sure enough this young girl was beginning to develop. She seemed to have a favourite pair of pink silk Pjs that she liked to wear, and these would gape at the front on occasion, giving me a fantastic view of her maturing breasts, tipped at the end with dollar sized pink nipples. As delightful a view this was I never made a move on her, but was quite content to watch this flower bloom. It was a huge turn on to see this young body taking on the shape of a sexy teenager. Her breasts grew larger every week, and watching her in a bathing costume at the pool gave me many a late nights entertainment.

Then Sam turned 15. Her hormones now seemed to be jumping around. Instead of me having to sneak a look here and there, it appeared that she was now proud of her new form and would “accidently” show-off her body. For instance the once she got off the sun bed after undoing her bikini top to tan her back ,and I was rewarded with the view of her now 36 DD breasts in all their naked glory. It was a good 5 seconds before she covered them up in mock shock.

A couple of days later I popped over to her house to see her brother. When I got there I found everyone except for Sam was out,I had no plans of staying around but Sam begged me to keep her company while she was sunbathing.She was looking very cute in a little green and blue bikini so there was no way I was going to say no. I quite happily took off my shirt and joined her by the pool. We sat around in the sun for a hour or two just talking general bullshit and drinking the odd beer .Eventually feeling the heat I went for a dip in the pool , Sam jumped in after me and we started fooling around in the pool ,splashing and chasing each other around. I popped my head out of the water and looked around for Sam ,but could not see her anywhere. Next thing I know my shorts are down by my ankles with Sam tugging hard at them, and sure enough due to my surprise she managed to get them off and took off down the pool holding them over her head as a trophy. I of course gave chase but instead of grabbing the shorts,I grabbed the bow at the back of her bikini top and pulled it undone.Sam in mock outrage tried to duck me under the water, far from being unpleasant this was great as my head ended up between those now bare DD tits. At the same time I slipped my fingers under her bikini bottoms and pulled them down and off. It was now my turn to take off up the pool with Sam chasing me. I let her catch me by the steps where she started to wrestle me to get back the bikini bottoms, the feel of her young naked body against mine was unbelievable and my prick was the first to take note and started to swell with enjoyment. Sam's nipples were next and I felt them harden against my chest, she suddenly slowed down and instead of the rough and tumble of before, both our movements turned in to caresses .I slid my hands slowly up from her waist and cupped those beautiful breasts ,at the same time letting by fingers roll her hard nipples around. Sam's breathing got a little shallow and with out prompting she lent forward and started to kiss me passionately ,if maybe inexpertly.

My cock while not the biggest(about average 6”) was now rock solid and being trapped between her body and mine was beginning to twitch in anticipation . I slid my right hand down from her breast and over her curvy butt , and then between us to that long dreamed about pussy . Shit I nearly came as i touched it ,for it was as smooth as silk, Sam must of taken her mothers advice. I then gently eased my cock into her perfect young cunt expecting to find a little resistance , but while I was sure I was the first cock there, I realized something else had been in before me. Sam gave a small gasp , and then her breathing got heavier, and, heavier . Suddenly her virginal muscles started to spasm and she came in seconds.(talk about premature)however I was so turned on by this young fantasy body ,with its tight little cunt I was only seconds behind. My orgasm seemed to last for ever ,my cock spurting cum into that tight virgin hole. This was heaven and I wished it had gone on for ever , but I knew that this was a one off experience. I have fucked Sam since but it has never been the same.

Portions of this story are true.
I will leave you to decide which.


02-28-2008, 08:10 AM
Well I suppose being the second one to have her young pussy is not to bad. The first person must have been thrilled to get a very tight virgin.

02-28-2008, 06:01 PM
Welcome to the Forum...thanks for the story.

02-28-2008, 06:01 PM
Welcome to the Forum...thanks for the story.

02-29-2008, 10:00 PM
Interesting, ever score with the mom?