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Title: Nudist
Author: Eskimo1958
Summary: John and his wife Bev are introduced to the world of nudism by
their friends Carl and Debbie. John finds out that there's nothing erotic
about the lifestyle.
Keywords: humour, M/F

My wife and I have a close relationship with another couple that are nudists. Well, one day, he was over, and I just had to ask him if he ever had any interesting times at the local 'burn-your-buns' resort, to which he replied, "No, it's boring as hell!" I then showed him some stories that I've seen regarding adventures at nudist resorts. As he read, he would have occasional outbreaks of laughter.

Once done reading, he asked "Where the hell do they go? Shit, none of this goes on at any place we've been too!"

I asked, "You've never seen anything out of the ordinary, then?"

He shook his head in amazement as he looked at computer screen. "Well, I've seen some thingís that almost got out of hand once in a great while, but management and members always put a stop to it!"

I asked "Oh? So things do happen once in awhile."

He smirked, "Not nearly as bad as that lady across the street from you giving her sixty-seven year-old neighbor blowjobs for babysitting her kids when ever she went off screwing her boyfriend behind her husbands back."

I laughed, "Yeah, that's pretty bad."

"Or," he continued, "How about the time the father of your wife's co-worker had his fatal heart attack on top of his best friends wife? What did his daughter say about it at his wake? 'Well at least daddy died happy.'"

I'm laughing, as I added "And I take it nothing like that incident back in the eighties over in Ft Wayne when that guy brought his girlfriend into ER with full cardiac arrest, after they were using cattle prods 'up' rather delicate areas."

Still laughing, he added, "Yeah, the county prosecutorís office didn't file charges, since she had done it to him as well. He could have claimed self defense."

As our laughter subsided, I asked "Okay, so what you're telling me is, nothing like that takes place."

He exhaled heavily. "Now, I ain't going to say that. After all, humans are just plain human. I can tell you there's a lot less than what people think. As I've told you plenty of times before, nudity isn't just about sex. So no, there is no mass orgy taking place. And we don't switch wives every evening." He sighed, as he heard his wife Debbie calling for him to do something, adding sarcasticly "Although the thought has crossed my mind." As we heard our wives enter the room, he added, "Why don't you come on out and see for yourself?"

My wife heard that, and said "Go where, John?"

Before I could answer, he said "He wants to write a story about a nudist camp, and wanted gory details about our experiences."

Debbie looked at him, crossly, "What experiences, Carl? It's always rather boring there."

My heart sank, now she's saying it too! It must be more than just laying around naked. "That's what I've been trying to tell him, but he won't listen." Said Carl, "He thinks we're hedonistic and have wild orgies twenty-four/seven."

"He would think that." added my wife, Bev. "He always wants to go, so he could get a story out of it."

"Well, I've read his stories, Bev. And although they're pretty damn erotic, none of that happens at the places we've been too. Although I don't go from camper to camper, either." said Carl.

Debbie smiled, as she turned to Bev, and asked "Why don't you two come on up with us next weekend? You won't have to take off your clothes, Bev, unless you want to swim."

"Why then?" my wife asked.

"It's a nudist resort, that's the idea. Helps get people to get into the lifestyle and try it.", answered Carl.

Deb continued, "It takes newbies a while to get use to it, but after you're around a bunch of naked people, you'll feel out of place and want to get naked as well, so you'll blend in."

I was about to say that there was no fucking way we were going to go, as I thought I knew my wife of twenty years rather well. My wife smiled, and said "Okay, we'll give it a shot."

So I was wrong. I must have had a very shocked look on my face, as Carl chuckled, saying "You're letting in flies, John."

I couldn't even speak, as Bev took Debbie by the arm, and they exited the room, with Bev playing one-thousand questions. I finally found the words, "Shit, if I knew it was going to be this easy to get her to go...."

Carl laughed some more, saying "I've noticed as women get older, they loose their inhibitions, not so self-conscious about their bodies." He sat back in his chair, "That's why most members and visitors are at least in their late-thirties. Most even past forty-five. Debbie and I started rather early, in our late twenties."

The idea of seeing Debbie naked had it's interesting side. She was about the same height as Bev, right at five-six. She was about twenty pounds heavier, though. And I would guess it was all in her chest, as she was definitely a double-d, while Bev was barely a b-cup. John kept going on about the camp they attend, saying such things as it might take some getting use too, and how many people are there, proper towel etiquette...guess we always sit on a towel, that makes sense....and be careful about gawking.

Well, I was convinced that I would enjoy the sights, but, how would my wife react? She wouldn't even talk about it the rest of the week. Of course, I didn't bring it up, either. I did hear her talking to Debbie on the phone one evening, making a list of what to bring, so I guess we're going.

Friday got here, after a terribly long and slow week. I suppose it was dragging due to the anticipation of doing something new this weekend. When I arrived home, Bev said, "Take a shower, Carl & Debbie will be here in twenty minutes, we're going through the drive-thru on the way."

I headed straight towards the bathroom, jumped in the shower, and got all cleaned up. She had laid out a pair of denim shorts for me to wear, as well as a regular t-shirt. I seen the bag she had packed, and picked it up on my way to the living room. Bev was sitting there, and I dropped the bag, came over and gave her a peck on the cheek.

"Nervous, big guy?" she asked.

"Hell yeah!" I exclaimed, my stomach was tied up in all sorts of knots. I asked her "You ready?" just as their car pulled into our drive, she nodded her head yes, as I pulled her to her feet, adding "Good, because they're here." We kissed again, and headed for the door. Threw our bag in the trunk, and climbed into their Buick, me in front, and Bev behind me.

Carl was grinning like a Cheshire cat, as he backed up and made our way out of our sub-division, heading for the interstate. As the girls started yakking away, I asked "Which way we heading?"

"West, it's a thirty minute drive. Sit back and relax." he said, smiling.

Yeah, right. I joined into the girls conversation, as did Carl from time to time, but it was the usual stuff about the kids, neighbors, and of course the daily grind of work. True to his word, after thirty minutes, we were turning into a gravel lane, and a gate. Carl pressed in a code on a numbered key pad, and the gate opened up for us. I was amused, no signs mentioning what this place was, just the initials of it, and the street address. The lane turned sharply to the left, with towering trees and dense bushes along the sides, obviously to screen it from the road. A sharp right, through a cut of an embankment, and we were in a large meadow, heading towards a set of brown buildings. It was sunny and warm, and my first bare ass nudist came into view. Rather, about five of them, a family to be exact. The husband was about my age, forty-three, the wife a few years younger, and three children, all three girls, between five and ten years of age. The mother waved at us, calling out "Hi Debbie!"

Debbie had her window down, returning the greeting "Hey Jo, catch you guys in a bit. We've newbies with us."

Jo laughed, as her husband smiled and shook his head. Carl smirked as well, as I turned red from embarrassment. I said loudly "Newbies?!", causing Carl and Deb to smirk.

Carl said "Don't take it seriously, it's just a polite term we use for people and their first time here."

Deb cackled, "Yeah, and cottontail is another."

Bev laughed, "And what you call regulars?"

"Brownbunnies!!!" shouted out Carl, causing Deb and Bev to howl in laughter, as we pulled up to a building with an 'OFFICE' sign hanging over the front door. We all climbed out, and headed for the door. At least Carl and I were. As I was going inside behind him, I saw Bev and Deb stripping off their clothes. My mouth hung open, as Carl chuckled saying "Looks like Bev is taking this like duck to water."

I shrugged, as I went on inside, shaking my head in astonishment. If that sight wasn't enough, what next was really interesting. A lady in her late sixties stood up from behind the counter, saying "Hello Carl, this must be the newbie that Deb called about?" She looked over my shoulder to our wives. "And that must be his wife?" I couldn't answer, my mouth was catching flies. This lady was old enough to be my mother, and she was stark naked. Well duh, we're in a nudist resort. She was about five-five, weighed in a good two hundred pounds, and her breasts hung down to her navel. This is most definitely going to take some time to get use to!

Carl answered for me, "Yeah, that's Bev out there, and this is John." He turned, and said to me, "Get out your drivers license, John, so we can register."

That broke me out of my stupor, sort of. "Oh yeah, right." I nervously fumbled for my wallet, as my stomach churned worse than the Atlantic during a hurricane. I saw the lady smile, thought for sure she was going to break out laughing at me any second, as my wife and Deb came strolling in.

Carl said to Bev, "We'll need your drivers license for ID, Bev."

She smiled, saying "Oh shoot, it's in my purse in the car." She turned and walked right back out, naked as the day she was born, but thankfully a lot more developed. And looking at Deb, so is she. I was right, definitely a set of double-D's.

Deb giggled, saying "Come on John, get a good look, then no more gawking."

The lady behind the counter and Carl broke out laughing, as I wanted a place to hide. John turned to the lady, "How much for non-members, Lilly?"

Lilly said "Deb said you guys will be staying through Sunday, and they're staying with you guys in your camper, that'll be just ground fees of three days for a total of one-forty."

Well, my mouth hit the floor again, but not because of seeing nudity. Wow! That's a lot to pay to get naked. Carl seen my shock, saying "What about members discount?"

"That's half off the first two days, so it will be down to one-hundred."

Regaining my composure, "You take MasterCard?" She nodded her head yes, as I handed her my card, as Bev came back in and handed her ID.

Bev scooted up next to me, saying "You're over dressed big guy."

I shot back, "Can I pay first?"

She chuckled, as I got my receipt, signed it, and handed it back to Lilly, this time making sure I kept my gaze above her neck. She handed me my card back, and the guys started out the door, with me following. Once outside, I more or less said, what the hell, as I peeled off my shirt, then sat on the step, took off my shoes, then stood back up and pushed my pants and underwear down to my ankles and stepped out. My wife sarcastically started to clap, and I just smiled, and kicked my clothes up into her mid-section, setting her off in laughter, as Deb and Carl were laughing as well.

Carl said "Feel any different?"

"Yeah," I chuckled, "Naked!"

More laughter, as we got into his car, and Carl drove out of the parking lot. Man, what a sight! People everywhere, and they're all naked! We passed the clubhouse, and the pool. Winding down a lane with campers on both sides. The camping area was lightly wooded, and a few sites after a bath house, we parked next to a large fifth-wheel. "Well, this is our home away from home." said Debbie, as she opened her door, and we all got out.

I'm still nervous as hell. Shit, just realized I didn't even get a boner. Which is good, or I would have been even more embarrassed. And people were just walking around, bare ass naked. The evening was a blur. Really, it was. I was very self-conscious not to look around, and Carl was razzing the shit out of me the whole damn time.

Finally, it was time to hit the sack. Debbie and Carl went to the bedroom area of the camper, and pulled the sliding door shut, leaving Bev and I alone. We looked at each other, and my wife said "Well, it's a lot easier getting ready for bed, isn't it?"

Carl had already opened up the couch into a bed, and the girls had made it, as Bev and I climbed under the covers. And I was surprised, as the first thing she did, was grab my pecker, and tug on it, saying softly, "I'm fucking horny!"

I had a hell of a time to keep from laughing, as she went to making a tent out of the bedding, as she sat up, and inhaled my limp member. That's when trouble started. She sucked and sucked, but all the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn't get my pecker good and hard for her fun.

From the light coming in from outside, and the covers now thrown off of us, as she had gotten hot underneath in more ways than one, I could see the glare she was giving me, as she was sitting up, and tugging on a partially hard cock. I shrugged, and whispered "Must be from sensory overload."

She hissed, "Well god damn it! I need it!"

Now in twenty years of marriage, it's been a long time since my adorable, huggable wife has exclaimed that she needed it. She didn't waste any time for me to think about it, as she swung around, straddled my face and lowered her wet bush to my face. Another rarity! I couldn't even remember the last time she was on top in a sixty-nine, or we were even in a sixty-nine! Of course, I knew what my job was, and I was quickly licking pussy. I had a pair of fingers in her spasming cunt, as I licked her clit hard and fast, as she went back to sucking my still far from erect pecker. This was embarrassing, and I was having a hell of a time concentrating on the job at the tip of my tongue.

She wasn't having any of my laziness, as soon she literally was grinding her cunt down on my lips as if she was trying to put out a fire. In a way, I guess she was. When she came, I was very glad she had my cock in her mouth, as I'm sure the whole nudie camp would have heard her howls of pleasure. And I swore I could hear the chuckles of Debbie and Carl, but it was hard to hear with Bev's thighs clamped up against my fucking ears.

I started to stop plunging my fingers in her cunt, but she released my meat from her mouth, hissing out "Don't stop! I want something in my cunt, and if it's just your fingers, so be it! Damn your ass!"

I was snickering, as I went back to fucking her cunt with now three fingers, stretching her cunt wide, as I licked her little hooded man. Her next orgasm took longer, about twenty minutes, and she was just intense as the first one. And, she surprised me again, by having one after another, as I felt her twat trying to dislocate my fingers from my hand.

I was actually enjoying her juices, lapping them up as they flowed out of her hole around my fingers, when she said "About fucking time!"

She spun her body around, damn near taking my fingers with her, and she grabbed my now very hard cock, and impaled herself on it. Wow! I'm hard! Not thinking about it had the desired effect, as soon she was rising and falling, clenching her tight cunt muscles as she rode.

Her hips were soon slamming down hard, shaking the whole damn camper, and finally, as the cum raced up out of my balls, she locked her lips onto mine, and with one final lunge by both of us, she wailed into my mouth, as her whole body stiffened. My very abused pecker discharged, feeling like I was going to blast it up and out through her throat, my whole body feeling like it had been totally drained. That was the last thing I remembered for the night.

In the morning, I woke to the soft talking of my wife and Debbie. Opening my eyes, I sat up, and Deb chuckled, "You look like you could use a shower, John."

Hell, I felt like shit. That was the best fuck Bev had given me in years, even though it took my pecker a while to respond. Carl was now in the room, and said "Come on, we'll go take a shower, while the women get breakfast ready."

Another great thing I discovered about a nudie camp. You donít have to worry about taking clean clothes to get into after taking your shower. Better yet, you don't have to get dressed to go, either. We weren't even onto the lane on our way to the shower house, when he said "So, Bev jumped your bones, huh?"

I laughed, "Sorry, guess we were a bit loud."

Grinning, he said "No problem. We enjoyed the sound effects."

I accidentally said "Yeah, it was nice when I finally got a woodie."

He said "Ahhhh, that happens. A guy sees all that naked female flesh, and when it's time to perform....." He lifted up his fist, and pointed his thumb down, as his mouth made a rather obnoxious sound.

I laughed, saying "Yeah, why is that?"

Laughing, Carl answered, "Hell, wish I knew." We came to the shower house, and we entered. A young redhead was washing herself and her ten year-old daughter. She smiled, saying hello as we turned on the shower and took our turns. She soon left, and a couple about our age came in, saying hi to Carl and I, then as we finished getting cleaned off, we all talked. I was now feeling more relaxed, my second day in a nudie camp. I was just wondering how my wife was reacting.

We made our way back to the camper, and I was happy to see my wife flipping pancakes inside, totally naked, her little boobies bouncing as she carried on a conversation with Deb, who was turning the sausage links. We ate, went to the pool, swam, sunned, went and had lunch at the camper, swam and sunned some more, played horseshoes, guys against the gals, and then for supper, us guys cooked steaks on the grill, as well as grilled veggies, as the girls got a salad ready.

Dinner was fine, and as was the camp fire after another visit to the pool. And all during this, we were bare ass naked, talking to Deb and Carl, and lots of other people as well. As for women, I saw all shapes and sizes, probably a good hundred different women. And for the campfire, three other couples joined us, as we talked.

It was late when we finally turned in. The evening, and for that matter, the whole weekend was a real eye-opener. I heard some hilarious stories about everything on being a nudist, as well as stories of past happenings, like the nudist that fell backwards into the campfire. Or the time a bunch of drunk nudists tried to play butt-bowling. I was howling as they described how someone came up with the idea to squat and pick up a rock with the cheeks of their ass, and then walk over while holding that rock in their butt crack, and dropping it over a bunch of bottles to see how many they could knock over. Needless to say, once everyone sobered up, it was decided that this was not a good game to play in a family environment. And the fact that one of the bottles broke, causing one of the contestants to slice her foot open, resulting in a run to the hospital and twenty stitches.

They also told me stories about swingers coming into camp, and finding out that they're lifestyle really didn't fit in here. I chuckled when Carl said some even decided that this was better than swinging. He said one converted couple mentioned that this is more laid back, and no real pressure to make anyone happy.

And of course, I was the talk of the camp, as they harassed me unmercifully about my first visit to the club. I found that my second day, I never did find myself gawking, and I kept my gaze above the neckline when ever I was talking to the opposite sex.

Once the fire died down, we all went inside the camper, and as Carl and Deb made their way to the back of the camper, Carl grinned, saying "Better luck tonight, John."

I was about to say something nasty back to him, but Bev replied, "Sure the hell hope so."

I turned to glare at her, and she just smiled, sat on the edge of the pulled out bed, reached over and turned off the light, as Carl and Deb closed their door, with both of them laughing at me. I started moving to Bev, but her hands on my belly stopped my progress, as did her very warm and wet mouth, it finding my tool and gently suckled away. I sighed, yeah, this is good. And I was very happy to see that my meat was coming to attention, throbbing hard between her lips.

Once hard, she stopped sucking, and moved back on to the bed, making room for me. She had lifted the covers, and I scooted in next to her. She lifted her leg, giving me the space to lay on my side, and enter her hot box. She moaned, as I snuggled her ear, saying "Well, no problems tonight, huh?"

She giggled, as my fingers tweaked her hard nipple, "Thank god!" She responded, adding "Deb said that it happens sometimes. Even Carl has problems because of it."

"Guess us guys get desensitized from seeing all that naked flesh." I laughed, as I gently eased my cock in and out of her softly bucking twat.

She turned her face and kissed me, each searching the others mouths with our tongues, before she broke and said "You know, there's a trailer here for sale."

"Hmmm, sounds like you've taken to this rather nicely." I said, and then asking "So, you like it, what makes it so enjoyable?"

"Oh, I don't know. The freedom of without clothes, that may be some of it. And everyone is friendly, even the woman with the store bought titties."

I chuckled, "The what?"

"The one with the boob job. God, they were just too perfect. Deb says it cost her a mint."

Now I was a bit miffed, as I didn't even notice it, but I did know one thing "So, you girls were getting catty over some other woman's enhanced breasts, huh?"

She giggled, "Yeah, Deb and I were talking a lot when you and Carl weren't around. And with some of the other women as well. Did you see that redhead's piercing?"

"Do you want to blab, or do you want to fuck?" I asked.

She fell silent, and I felt her hand go to her clit, rubbing it, as she started bucking her hips with a little more power as she said with a tone in her voice of giving a command, "Fuck me!"

I grinned, knowing that we'll do alright in this new lifestyle, and it don't include orgies or swapping wives. Hell, we got each other.


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