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My wife and I were going out for an evening and needed a babysitter. It was last minute and our normal babysitter dropped the ball on us at the last minute. She left us with three hours to find a babysitter.

“Hey babe,” I said to my wife. “Remember how well John John got along with your cousin Allison (You might remember Allison from the Eighth Crazy Night (http://www.bluestories.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3056))?

Why don’t we give her a call? I think that she would love to babysit for us.”

So we gave Masha, her Mom, a call to see if Allison was available. As luck would have it, she was available but she had a friend hanging out for a sleep over and wanted to know if the friend could come as well. Being so desperate for a babysitter, of course the answer was yes. So I left to go pick her up.

She lived an hour away from us and I knew that I could get there and back with enough time to get dressed and leave for our cocktail party.
When I got there I received some news.

“Allison and Gabby are going to spend the night at your house. By the time you and Hannah get back from your party, it will be too late to bring them back home. Hannah and I worked it all out.” Said Masha.
So I picked the girls up and headed home. My wife and I got dressed, gave the girls all of the instructions and our cell phone numbers, and went to the cocktail party. We had a great time. Of course, my wife had called four times to check in and make sure that everything was fine with John John, which of course it was.

It was 12:30 AM when my wife and I finally got home. The girls were still up and watching movies on television. My wife took a shower and went to bed. I took a shower and went into the girls room to hang out. As I walked towards their room, I could hear the girls giggling. As I opened the door, Allison jumped, grabbed the remote, and turned the channel really fast.

“Hey, what were you girls watching?” I asked.

“Nothing,” they both said at the same time.

“You both look a little guilty.”

Before they knew what I was doing, I sprung forward and grabbed the remote out of Allison’s hands. Wrestling ensued. The girls were all over me trying to grab at the remote. Initially, the wrestling was playful but quickly a sexual energy filled the room. At one point, Gabby’s hand ran across my cock. At another, I had Allison pinned underneath me and my cock was nestled in to her tight little ass. This went on for about five minutes until I was able to push the “previous” button on the remote.

Then the DirectTv box switched to channel 225 and a show called “Shop Erotic” was on. If you have never seen it, you have missed a treat. The host is a beautiful half White, half Asian girl who I would absolutely love the chance to fuck. She co-hosts the show with another cute girl and they sell erotic toys. Right when the change happened, they were showing a 10” dildo to which Gabby said, “Wow, that’s big.”

“So, this is what you girls were watching and giggling about?”


“You guys want to watch this show?.”

“Is it okay?”

“Yeah, but you cannot tell anyone I let you do it. I could get in trouble letting two 13 years watch this in my house.”

Right then Allison asked, “What’s that?”

I looked at the screen and they were showing a double dildo.

“How should I say this to you guys? That is for two ladies. So if you and Gabby were messing around, you could stick on end in you and one end in her and ride it together.”

We went on to watch more gadgets being shown on television. By this time, we were all laying in bed watching the show. The sexual energy was so thick in the room that you could cut it. Then Allison says, “You know Uncle Al,
Gabby has never seen a man’s penis.”

Gabby turns and shoots Allison a wicked look. “Allison, I cannot believe that you said that.”

“Well, you are the one who said that you wanted to see a man’s penis and that you were tired of the boys at our school.”

“Shhh. Shut up, Allie.”

“Gabby, this is your chance. This is who I was telling you about. If you ask, I know he will do it because of what we did.”

“Allie, I thought we talked about it and you said that you would not tell anyone about Hanukkah.”

“I wasn’t Uncle Al until we started talking about boys tonight. I didn’t tell her who you were. But as we have been watching the show, I can tell you that Gabby is horny. I know how she acts when she wants it and she wants it right now.”

I knew something was up because Gabby had been acting more and more flirty as the show went on. So Allison was just confirming what I was already starting to clue in on.

“So Gabby, do you want to see a real penis?” asked Allison.

“Yes, I would.” Gabby said as she hid her face from embarrassment.

“Uncle Al, turn around and lay on your back.”

Not wanting to miss the opportunity and maybe getting some young pussy, I turned on my back. Allison reached inside of the opening of my pajamas and started massaging my cock.

“Gabby, would you like to feel it first before we pull it out?”

“Yes, can I?”

I could tell that she wanted to but that she was kind of being shy.

“Yes Gabby, it is okay if you want to. But only if you want to.”
So, Allison pulled her hand out of my pajamas and Gabby slowly slid her hand in. I could tell that she was nervous because her hand was shaking as she entered my pajamas. She closed her eyes as her hand worked its way in. Then she wrapped her little fingers around my cock.

“Oh, it is so big. This is definitely no boys little cock.”

She started building more confidence and begin to stroke my cock making it grow even bigger in her hand. Now it was my turn to close my eyes. It felt so good to have my cock rubbed. My wife has not touched my cock in a while because she is pregnant and has not been in the mood. Do not worry she only drank orange juice at the cocktail party. We were mainly there just to hang out with friends.

“I have to see it,” said Gabby.

So she took her other hand and opened up my pajamas and pulled out my cock.

“Oh my, oh my, oh my.” She said.

Then Allison chimed in, “I have been wanting to try this.”
I felt the bed shift. Gabby held up my cock while I felt a mouth going around my head. I opened my eyes and Allison was taking my cock into her mouth.

“Oh, I want to try that too.”

And the next thing I knew, I had two tongues on my cock. They took turns taking my cock in their mouths while licking and sucking my cock. It was truly a dream come true.

As they were sucking my cock, I put my hand up Gabby’s night gown and begin to finger her cunt.

“That feels nice.” Gabby said.

She stopped sucking my cock and let me finger her. Meanwhile, Allison was doing a mean job working the head of dick. This got me so horny that I grabbed Gabby’s legs and pulled her over my face. I moved her panties to the side and took her clit in my mouth. I had to make myself busy or else I would have exploded in Allison’s mouth and I wanted to save my cock for fucking Gabby.

As I sucked her clit, I worked two fingers into her cunt. It must have felt great because Gabby started rocking on my face.

“Allie, you have to do this. He is good.”

“Why don’t you guys switch places except Gabby do not suck my cock, I want you to sit on it with your pussy.”

“Are you sure?”

“Gabby, do you want to feel it in you? If not, then stay where you are and I will have Allie ride it.”

You should have seen how fast Gabby moved. Allison pulled her panties down and came up to straddle my face. In the meantime, Gabby got up and started to slide my cock into her tight wet cunt. It was so tight that it felt like I was fucking someone up the ass. She moaned as she slid down my cock.

I pushed my tongue into Allison and she started to ride up and down on my face. She and Gabby were facing each other and I heard both of them giggle.

“I cannot believe we are doing this.” Said Gabby.

With that, she worked the rest of my cock into her tight little cunt. Once she got it all inside of her, she just sat there for a moment.

Allison looked at Gabby and said, “I am going to cum on his face.” Upon hearing that, I pushed my thumb up into her cunt and started to fuck her clit with my mouth. This must have inspired Gabby because she started riding my cock harder. Pretty soon, they were both riding at the same pace and matching stroke for stroke.

I could feel my cum starting to build and I knew that I would not last much longer. So I picked up the pace with Allison. I wanted to make her cum so then I could grab Gabby and fuck her like the little slut she was.

Now that Allison was opened up, I slid three fingers up her cunt. “Oh god, Oh god, yes, yes, yes. I’m cumming. I’m cumming.” Allison’s body started jerking on my face and based on the increase of her wetness, I knew she had gone over the edge. I pushed Allison off of my face. Sat up and pulled my cock out of Gabby. I picked her up and rolled her onto her stomach. I aimed my cock at that precious tight little pussy and entered her from behind.

“Oh god, it’s too big, it’s too big. It hurts. It hurts.” At this point, I did not care. I was going to fuck this little tart so good that she would remember it for the rest of her life. I grabbed her hips and rammed the rest of my cock in her.

“Owww,” she screamed.

I started to pound her little pussy like there was not tomorrow. I looked over and Allison was rubbing her little pussy while watching us fuck. This only made me more horny and I started pounding Gabby even harder.

I fucked Gabby right up until I was on the verge of cumming. I did not know if she was on the pill so I did not want to risk getting her pregnant. I walked over to Allison, flipped her on her back, lifted her legs, and pressed my cock right into her cunt. I knew that Allie was on the pill and I wanted to reward her with a quick fuck as a thank you for the night.

“Give it to me Uncle Al.”

“I am about to cum Allie.”

“Yeah, Uncle Al, cum in my tight little cunt.”

I lifted her legs further so that I could go deeper.

“You ready Allie, here it cums.”

I picked up the pace of my fuck session and rammed my cock in her for all that she was worth. This was enough to send me over the edge.

“Oh Uncle Al, I can feel you cumming in me.”

“Give that big, black cock to me.”

I came gallons inside of her. My cum started leaking out of her even while I was still cumming. Then Gabby, got behind me and went up underneath us.

She started licking the cum off of Allison’s cunt as my cock slid in and out of her. This was the first time that I had seen even a hint of lesbian action between the two and what great timing for it.

We went on to clean ourselves up and hang out for a few more hours before I went to bed. I can tell you that I went to bed a very happy man who was extremely grateful for my wife’s cousins.

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Very good story keep posting Thank you;drool;om

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Great to see you as always

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Lucky man. Look forward to some more family outings.

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