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This might explain why Joy is the sex craved slut which I enjoy so much and love sharing with others.

Joy grew up on a strawberry farm and every day during the harvest season when poor Mexican men were brought into her father's strawberry farm, Joy would see the men checking out her young firm teenage body. Joy wasn't one of the rich white girl's whose father brought her up thinking these Mexicans were beneath her. She was a very pretty brunette, 5'4" tall, tone sexy legs from being a cheerleader, tight firm ass, 34C breast with pretty pink nipples and a flat belly which she liked to show off. They'd always make comments back and forth to each other in Spanish as they looked at her when she walked by. Even though Joy didn't understand what they were saying she knew they were talking about her and every time she'd looked at them as they were talking they'd just laugh.

One night as she was undressing she noticed three of the Mexican help were looking into her bedroom window. She decided to be a little cock tease and give them a show. She was already topless, so they had seen her firm tits which on her thin frame looked very big. Joy then proceeded to remove the rest of her clothes. Once naked she then grabbed some body lotion and began to rub herself down in front of the window. She made sure to take her time and really lingered when she got to rubbing the lotion on her firm tits. Joy figured those Mexicans must be so hard watching her and surprisingly her pussy had gotten pretty wet!

Without realizing it her hand instinctively drifted to her pussy and before she realized it she was masturbating while standing in front of her dresser. Her pussy was very wet! Joy had never masturbated in front of anyone before and it surprised her how erotic it felt to do so. She felt like she was on the verge of a big orgasm and at this point didn't care if these Mexicans were watching her she just wanted to cum.

She opened her dresser draw and pulled out her purple vibrator. She went over to her bed and laid down face down slightly on her side. She was twisted so her crotch faced the window yet her tits and face also faced the window. Joy wanted to make sure the men had a perfect view her tight wet pussy and of her pretty face and firm tits. She reached around from behind resting her forearm on her ass as she pumped the vibrator in and out of her pussy. She was moaning load as her orgasm overwhelmed her and with her window opened she was sure they heard her! She could see the men staring at her and that only made her orgasm more intense. At that point she rolled over onto her back, propped her head up on a couple of pillows, spread her legs wide and with one hand pumping her pussy with the vibrator she used her other hand to rub her clit.

Joy was such an incredible site for the three Mexican men, who were all jerking off outside. Joy was having one of her most intense orgasms ever when suddenly there was a knock on her door. It was her father and after a couple of quick knocks he just opened the door and Joy scrambled to remove the vibrator from her wet pussy as she tempted to pull the sheets from the foot of her bed over her. Unfortunately Joy wasn't fast enough and her dad saw her completely naked holding her vibrator.

He said, "Joy what the hell are you doing!" As if he needed to ask.

Joy blushed and was speechless as her father yelled, "Everyone in the house can hear you! Have some respect for yourself and get dressed!" He then added, "Where the hell did you get that? Give it to me now!"

Trying to cover herself up she handed her dripping vibrator to her father as he scolded her, "What are you a slut? I don't want you bringing sex toys like this in the house again!"

When her father left Joy was just a little embarrassed, it really didn't bother her that she had been caught , but she hated losing the vibrator. Now she would have to get another. As she got dressed she looked out her window and the Mexican men were gone but there was a puddle of cum on the ground and that sight made Joy smile knowing she turned on the Mexican men.

The next morning, before going to school Joy got a long lecture from her mother about masturbating and using dildos on herself. If her mother only knew she smiled to herself. Her mother was also upset with Joy that her father saw her naked and masturbating. Joy was told to be more responsible about how her body affects men, including her father now that her body has fully developed and was quite impressive. Luckily her mom talked her father out of punishing her but she was warned not to bring sex toys into the house and if she had to masturbate do it quietly and under her covers.

After school she went to her friend's house and she didn't get home until dusk. As she approached her house Joy passed the trailer where the Mexican workers stayed. It was adjacent to her house and as she was walking by, one of the workers called out to her. Joy didn't understand Spanish but the guy motioned with his hand for her to come over, so she did. As she got closer she recognized the guy as one of the Mexicans that watched her masturbate last night. When she got close enough he took her by her hand, saying something she couldn't understand and pulled her into the trailer. Inside stood four other Mexican men, all were sweaty, dirty and smelly after a long hard day of work in the sun picking strawberries.

One man spoke English, not well, but enough to understand. He said, "My friends say you play with you pussy for them."

Joy didn't know how to respond and suddenly she was surrounded by the five Mexican men. One was behind sliding his hands up the front of her shirt and started to fondle her tits. Another one began to undo her denim shorts.

She protested but the man told her, "What will your daddy think if we tell him you like to play with your pussy for my friends?"

Joy was already in enough trouble with her father and since he caught her masturbating she figured he would probably believe them. As she tried to figure out what to do her clothes were quickly removed and next thing she knew she had two big fat dark brown cocks in each of her hands. She had a guy on each of her tits sucking and biting her nipples. Another guy was standing behind her rubbing his hard cock against the crack of her ass as he sucked on her neck. She also had two then three fingers pushed into her pussy. It was all happening so fast!

The guys were talking among themselves, occasionally laughing as Joy had hands and mouths all over her body. Having her body manipulated by so many hands and mouths was overwhelming! She couldn't believe these Mexican workers that her father hired were using her like this. She was excited at the thought that they were probably planning on fucking her, and Joy had no plans on stopping them. Maybe it was because she was afraid they'd tell her father about last night, but she thought how intense her orgasm was as she masturbated in front of them and deep down this stuck up teenage girl wanted to get fucked by the "help".

Soon Joy was pushed to her knees and all the men were now naked. Joy was amazed at the size of their cocks. All five were thicker and darker than the thin white cocks she was use to seeing, not that she had many cocks but she had sucked off a few of the football players from school and fucked a few of them too. The shortest of the cock was probably 6.5'' while the two biggest cocks looked around 8'' long.

As soon as she was pushed to her knees she got one of those 8'' cocks pushed into her mouth. Joy had never suck anything this big and found herself very turned on to have such a big cock in her mouth. She instinctively began to bob her head on the big cock and this really excited to men as they began to laugh and cheer Joy on.

Joy was really enjoying sucking off this Mexican man but after five minutes the others wanted a turn and for the next forty minutes they each got a turn to have their cock sucked by the white teenage daughter of the man that hired them! These men worked Joy as hard as her father worked them. She constantly had a cock in her mouth as they would switch off after a few minutes then a new cock went right into her mouth.

Finally, Joy was pulled to her feet and as she was lead to a bed the man that spoke English said, "Does your daddy know how good you cock suck?" Then he broke out laughing.

Joy knew they were going to fuck her now and that she was eager awaiting it. Her pussy was very wet at this point and she really wanted to cum.

They laid her on the bed face up and the guy that spoke English got on top of her first and pushed his cock into her wet pussy. He was the oldest looking of the men, probably in his 40's and he seemed to be the leader of the group. His cock was a good 7'' long and thicker than any cock she had in the past. It hurt at first, not only because it was the biggest cock to ever fuck her but because she hadn't gotten laid in a number of months. The man smelled and looked gross and Joy couldn't believe this old Mexican guy was actually fucking her! He held her wrists down as he drilled her young cunt hard. After about ten minutes he pulled his cock out and squirted a big load of cum on her tits and flat belly.

No sooner then he finished the next guy hopped on top of her. He was one of the guys with the 8'' cocks and he was very ugly and unappealing. As he pushed his huge cock into Joy he stretched out her pussy like never before! He immediately was fucking her full throttle and Joy winced in pain as she tried to adjust to his girth. His sweat was dripping off his body onto Joy, which grossed her out. As he continued to pump her pussy Joy felt a big orgasm building and soon she was cumming as hard as he was fucking her! Before she finished her orgasm the sweaty Mexican pulled out and he squirted his load all over Joy's body even hitting her in the face with two streams of his cum!

Joy was now covered with cum and the third guy, the one with the smallest cock if you can call 6.5'' small, turned her around and had her on her hands and knees. He was the best looking of all the guys and Joy was actually feeling very attracted to him and wanted to fuck him, maybe it was just because she was in the middle of a huge orgasm.

He grabbed her by the hips and standing on the floor at the edge of the bed began fucking her from behind. Joy picked up her orgasm where the other guy left her off at. The guy that just finished fucking her was still hard and put his 8'' cock in Joy's mouth and held her head with his hands. She could taste her pussy juices as well as his cum as she sucked him off. She was getting fucked at both ends now and this put her over the edge! Her moans were muffled as she cumming hard. The guy fucking her pussy slapped her ass repeatedly.

The guy fucking her mouth began to erupt, shooting thick globs of cum in her mouth. Joy loved the taste of cum and had always tried to swallow all she could. He quickly filled her mouth with cum and then Joy tried to swallow every last drop. This caused an eruption of cheers to break out. Meanwhile, her pussy was being jack-hammered unmercifully. When the guy in her mouth finished ejaculating the guy fucking her removed his cock and then Joy felt warm cum landing across her back and in her hair. He was moaning loud as he jerked off and before he finished her ass was covered in cum!

Joy was exhausted from the huge orgasm that she just had and from being used nonstop for the last hour and a half but she knew she still had two more guys to fuck.

She said, "Its getting late my dad will start looking for me if I don't get home soon."

They didn't seem to care and the leader said, "Don't worry slut we're almost done with you but you have to fuck all of us." He squeezed her cheeks firmly and continued, "Then you can go home to daddy and you better not tell him anything!"

She nodded her head, smiled and said "Don't worry". She was then told to mount the guy now laying on the bed next to her. He was the other guy with an 8'' cock. This guy looked to be in his 30's, was slightly overweight and was ugly. Joy took his big thick cock in her hand held it straight up and lowered herself down on the Mexican monster. It filled her cunt completely and she slowly moved up and down on the big cock enjoying his girth and savoring the fullness.

The guy was squeezing her tits and rubbing the other guys cum all around her tits. He would pull on her nipples hard which would make Joy's pussy get wet. Joy thought after fucking three guys there was no way she could handle this massive cock but she was enjoying the slow pace and fucking him for a long time when suddenly she was having another orgasm!

As her orgasm hit her Joy tilted her head back, closed her eyes and began bouncing on his cock much faster. The other guys cheered Joy as she started to ride the cock faster. With the increase pace and her cunt clamping tightly around his dark brown cock the ugly Mexican exploded and Joy could feel his cock pulsating in her pussy as he filled her with so much cum. They were both cumming together and moaning very loud. It was one of the best orgasms Joy ever had!

She was stilling riding that big cock when the fifth and final guy hopped on the bed and got behind Joy. He took some cum off of her back and ass and used it to lube his cock. He then squatted behind her and pushed his fat 7'' cock into Joy's virgin asshole! She screamed in agony as she felt like her asshole was being torn apart!

The leader was talking in Spanish to the guy that had his cock buried in Joy's asshole then said to her in English, "The two of you were fucking so long Pablo got tried of waiting. He says your asshole is so tight. You ever get cock in your asshole before?"

Barely able to speak Joy replied, "No" in a cracked voice. She moaned, "It burns…oooh…he's killing me!"

The man repeated this back to the other men in Spanish and there was loud laughter as Joy felt utterly humiliated. The man then gave instructions to the two guys fucking Joy and they both started fucking her harder! The guy fucking her pussy began thrusting his cock up into her very hard and deep. The guy fucking her asshole was sliding his cock in and out of her ass very fast. Joy was sandwiched between the two Mexicans and felt completely powerless and at their mercy, which they showed her none despite her pleas!

For fifteen minutes she was double teamed. She felt the guy fucking her pussy begin to cum again inside her. It was another big load and Joy continued to ride him as he squirted his cum into her young body! Meanwhile the Mexican fucking her asshole began to cum and he pumped his gooey load in her ass. As he was cumming he was jack-hammering her asshole causing her immense pain.

Finally they finished using her so they pulled her off the bed, lead her to the door and tossed her out of their trailer still naked. She was covered in cum and begged to guys to let her clean-up before she went home. The leader came out and lead her by the hand around back to a garden hose. He turned it on and began to hose her down. It was humiliating but at least she was getting cleaned off. When she was soaked but clean they threw her clothes on the ground and left her there.

It was dark and she was very late. She knew her parents would be furious. As she dressed she tried to think of a good excuse to explain why she was so late and soaked and wet. Joy could barely walk from the gangbang she just received. When she limped in the door trying to walk as normal as possible her parents immediately began yelling at her and questioning her.

She told them she met up with one of her girl friends on the way home and they went to the lake and ended up going swimming. Her father asked "With no bathing suit? What did you going skinny dipping?"

Joy replied "Um well yes…it was kinda spur of the moment…it was dark and nobody was around."

Her father yelled, "First I catch masturbating with a vibrator now you are going skinny dipping in public! Were there boys there? Are you even still a virgin!"

Joy denied there were any boys there or that she has had sex. "That's why I was masturbating." She claimed.

Joy ended up punished for a month, but she needed that time to rest and get ready for the next gang bang with the Mexican workers that she was planning.

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