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Christian Men
By Mitchell Knight

Moving back onto campus brought a sense of sadness
mixed with joy to my heart. I would be graduating at
the end of this year after spending three years there.
It was at this school that I'd had my first homosexual
experiences. It was here that I'd felt the most alive.
It was here that I'd found love and acceptance.

The fact that I would leave this place at year's end
was a time I both looked forward to - the end of school
- and dreaded - all those cute guys I would miss.

I was moving back into an all-male dorm where I had
lived the previous three years. There were lots of
good memories here: sex in the showers in the middle
of the night, the whip cream adventure in Reid Jacob's
room, and of course, my first time.

As I was moving in on the sweltering first day of
check-ins, I ran into Bryan Thompson. He was a
sophomore I had befriended last year. He was extremely
attractive, but unfortunately for him, straight. (The
things I could teach that man!)

He was moving into a room a few doors down from me. I
could tell he had arrived a while before I had because
he'd worked up a good sweat. He had taken off his shirt
and his broad, hairless chest was beaded with sweat.

"Hey, Bryan!" I called out when I saw him.

"Hi, Lance," he replied, flashing me a broad, genuine
smile full of perfect white teeth.

He was a really nice guy and one of the few straight
friends I had. It was actually strange to me that we
were friends since he wasn't really the kind of guy I
usually hung out with. He was very religious, some-
thing I'd done away with a long time ago, and he was
really into playing all kinds of sports, something I

Yet there were enough things about us that we had in
common, that we were able to develop a good friendship.
He'd just plopped himself down at my table for lunch
during the second week of classes, and we'd hit it off.
He was a very outgoing and kind person. Combine that
with his freshman energy, and that's who I'd met. I
just couldn't resist these characteristics along with
his fantastic body.

We talked about our summer for a few minutes before we
parted, so we could get back to work. We made plans
for dinner that night.

By the time I'd moved in, set up things in my room, and
called friends, it was time for dinner. I ordered
pizza with Bryan and a few of his friends who belonged
to the same Christian athletes group that Bryan did.

It felt great to get back into the college atmosphere,
and we talked for quite a while that night before I
returned to my room. I called up Ben, a gay friend of
mine, and we go together and went to a bar.

* * *

A few weeks later, the trees were all turning color and
their leaves had started to fall to the ground. School
was in full swing, and I was on my way to lunch after
getting out of my history class.

I spotted Bryan sitting with a couple of his gorgeous
athlete buddies, so I went over to their table and
joined them. They were talking about raising some
money for their church, and they were all throwing out
possible ideas. The subject didn't interest me much
so I dug into my meal and allowed my eyes to casually
wander over their lean muscular bodies.

Later on that night I remembered their conversation and
an idea struck me which caused my dick to get rock hard.
I told myself to settle down because I realized the
chances of having them go for the idea were slim, but
I decided to run it by Bryan anyway.

He was studying in his room alone; he welcomed me and
told me to have a seat. I was still a little nervous,
and I swallowed once before I began.

"You know this afternoon when you guys were talking
about raising some money?" I asked.

"Yeah," he answered.

"I have an idea, but it's kind of 'out there,'" I said.

"What is it?"

"You could do a calendar," I answered.

"What kind of calendar?" he asked, intrigued.

"A nude one. You could get some guys from your group
to pose for it and then sell it to raise the money," I
told him, the whole plan rushing out at once.

Bryan considered this for a moment. "I like it, but
I don't know how the guys would feel or what the church
would think."

"Well, it's for a good cause," I pressed. "You're
going to build..." here I was lost for words. I hadn't
really paid that much attention to their discussion.

"We're going to build an addition to the youth center
and remodel the rest. We'd also like to build a fund
for the youth retreats," Bryan filled me in.

"That would sure make a lot of money. People do this
kind of thing all the time for charities," I continued.

"Do they?" Bryan asked.

"Oh, yeah," I said, but I really had no idea.

"Who would take the pictures?"

"I would," I said, revealing the beauty of the whole
plan. "I'd do it for free, and I'm sure I could
reserve the portrait room for this. Plus I'm sure we
can find a company who would print the calendar really

Bryan knew I was a photography buff. I'd taken a few
classes, and now I was very thankful I had so I could
be in this position.

"Okay. I'll talk to some of the guys and to some people
at the church and see what they think," Bryan said.

"Okay." I said hopefully.

* * *

To my knowledge, Bryan didn't know I was gay. I'm sure
he suspected since I'd never dated a girl before, and
I never participated in the "locker room talk" about
women. I rarely told my straight friends about my
sexual orientation because I was worried about what
they'd think. I'd also not told Bryan for another
reason: his deep religious faith. People like that
easily were turned off to homosexuals.

It was a few days before I heard any response to my

"Hey, Lance," Bryan called from my doorway.

"Yeah?" I said, looking up from my desk.

"Your calendar idea was a big hit, especially with the
girls," Bryan said.


"For the most part," Bryan admitted. "There were a few
people who didn't like it very much, but they're
willing to look at the final product, so we'll go ahead
with it."


"Five guys in the group said they'd pose, and I will
too," Bryan said. He handed me a slip of paper. "Here
are their names and phone numbers. I think you know
most of them."

A quick scan revealed that I did. I nodded.

"Is six okay?" Bryan asked.

"Oh, sure," I answered. "I'm sure I can figure out a
way to fill 12 months with six of you."


"I'll set up some times in the studio and then I'll
get back to you," I said.

"Okay. See ya."

After Bryan left I looked at the list again and smiled.
Three of they guys I was really familiar with. One of
them I didn't think I'd ever met while the other I had
a vague mental picture of. I put them in order by
placing numbers next to each of their names. I wrote
Bryan's name on the list.

Bryan ended up third after much deliberation. I had
thought he should go first to help encourage the others,
but then I decided to wait on him. I'd seen him naked
in the showers already so there wouldn't be any sur-
prises there. I would stick him in the middle.

I set up my studio time for the next three days that
fit into my schedule. That gave me some options with
the guys too.

The first one on my list was Todd Paxton. I gave him
a call and was able to get him into my second time

"Oh, and Todd, bring your glasses," I said.

"Okay," he answered. "Do you want me to bring anything

"Sure. You might want a bathrobe. It might help you
get more comfortable."

"Okay. I'll bring that too."

* * *

I arrived early to set up the studio. I played with
the lighting and set up a cozy sofa scene. I knew
Todd was a really good student who wore gold wire-rim
glasses once in a while. I wanted to play up that
brainy part of his personality.

Todd arrived on time wearing his glasses and carrying
a blue terrycloth robe. He looked very much like
Bryan: he was 5'11" with broad shoulders and a broad
chest. He and Bryan had played football together in
their high school. Todd had brown hair which was cut
very short all around. He had green small eyes, an
average nose, and thick lips.

"You can put on the bathrobe in the changing room," I
told him.

"Take everything off?" he asked.

I nodded.

He left and returned shortly clad only in his robe.
Brown hair showed through the top of the robe where it
didn't come to a close entirely. I had him stand in
front of the sofa and then I started taking pictures,
easing him into the situation. I also needed to wait
until the marks from any tight clothing, such as
underwear or socks, had disappeared.

I had him sit on the couch and read the book I'd
brought as I snapped some more pictures.

"Open your robe a little on top. Let's see some more
chest," I said.

He did, revealing more of his thick brown chest hair.

"What kind of underwear were you wearing?" I asked

"Just jockeys," he answered.

"What color?"


"Hmmm...okay." If they'd been something interesting I
might have added them. "Are you ready to go all the

"I think so," he answered.

"Then go for it," I told him.

He unstrapped the robe and pulled it off. His chest
hair ended at his pectorals and then formed a line
right below his pecs right down the center of his
torso. It went into his furry belly. His crotch was
a mass of wiry brown pubic hair. An average size dick
sprang from this. Underneath were a hefty pair of fuzzy

I had him sit and then lay on the sofa wearing only his
glasses and pretending to read the book prop.

"That's it," I announced once I'd felt I had enough.

"How did I do?"

"You were great. Get dressed," I urged, smiling

I packed up my equipment and headed back to my room.
Throughout the whole experience I hadn't gotten an
erection. It had remained a very professional
experience. Now that I was back in my room though, I
stripped and pounded my hard cock for all it was worth
as I thought about the photo shoot. My orgasm was
powerful and quick.

When I called up Jon, he asked if Jason, the guy who
was fourth on my list and whom I didn't know, could
come along.

"You mean photograph you together?" I asked, confused.

"No, we just wondered if we could watch while the other
did it. Like moral support," Jon explained.

"Sure, that's fine."

Anything they could do to make it easier for themselves
was fine with me. I really didn't know Jon too well,
so I wasn't sure what I was going to do with him, and
I didn't know Jason at all.

When I arrived at the studio I just unpacked my equip-
ment and looked at possible set ups. I saw few things
I could try and then they showed up.

Jon Nelson was about 6'2", thin but well-proportioned.
He was all wiry muscle and angular in look. He had
black straight hair which he let grow a little long in
back. His eyes were small and brown. He had a long
thin nose and thing lips in a long, thin, but attrac-
tive face.

He undressed first and then Jason went and changed.
While Jon had changed, I'd set up a scenario I thought
would work. It was a black and white checkered back-
ground and I placed a black stool in front. Black shag
carpet completed the picture.

Setting Jon in the scene pleased my eye very much. His
skin wasn't as white as I would have liked, but it was
still pale and fit in with the contrasts. His angular,
lithe body fit the starkness of the setting. I had him
pose with a very serious expression.

Jason joined us in his bathrobe as I took Jon's picture.
Jon was hairless all over except for a small patch of
black pubic hair above histhin limp penis. His balls
were tight against his body in their exposed condition.

I had Jon lay on the floor in various positions before
removing him from that setting. I put together a faux
nature scene from the available materials. I didn't
like its fake appearance, but I couldn't do any better
on such short notice. I didn't realize Jason was going
to turn out to be a nature god.

He had blond hair, a lighter shade than my sandy blond,
and he wore it long so it covered his ears but didn't
quite reach his shoulders. It was straight and
feathered. He had large brown doe eyes and soft skin
with soft rounded features. He was about six feet and
had an average build.

I took some photos of Jon in the nature scene, but they
were only for practice. I let him dress once I put my
nature boy in the scene. He had defined pectorals with
a swirl of blond hair around each nipple. His belly
was lightly furred and his crotch had light brown pubic
hair. His penis was small and thin with average size
hairless balls.

To my eye he seemed perfect in the fake nature setting.
I just wished I could get him in real nature, but I
knew that would be too much to ask and a risky

The photo shoot went well for so little preparation. I
went home feeling satisfied and horny. I beat off
thinking about Jon and Jason having sex before my eyes.

* * *

With Bryan I chose to do a shower scene. I just knew
I had to have one. Something about water cascading
over the nude male is so poetic to me. Plus he would
be the perfect candidate because we could take the
photos in the dorm when the opportunity presented

We chose a time late Saturday night when most people
were asleep or out at a party. Then we slipped into
the shower, he took off his towel, and I started
snapping away.

The water sprayed the flesh of his taut chest and then
trickled down his sturdy 5'11" form. He had a
hairless chest with muscular pectorals and nipples that
rested just on the edge, almost turning down. His
crotch was a modest patch of brown hair over a thick,
short, limp cock and balls with just a little hair.

Then I shot some film of him drying off and just wear-
ing a towel. We left the showers after this, and I
returned to my room to masturbate and pine away for a
sexy man I couldn't have.

* * *

I went to the studio very early for the next session
because I wanted to start developing some of the film.
Sam showed up just as I was finishing.

"Can I have a look?" he asked.

"Sure," I answered.

I showed him my contact sheets.

"These are really good," he complimented.

"Thanks," I said. They were good. I only had one
regret and that was that I hadn't shot Jon in black
and white too. That might have been an interesting

"Go ahead and get into your robe and I'll set up," I
told him.

He went into the changing room, and I put up the gray
tarp. I was running out of scenes.

Sam came out in a red silk bathrobe. I took some
pictures of him in this. He was my height: 6 feet
with an athletic build. He had brown hair and blue
eyes. He had a small, slightly upturned nose that
looked really cute. His lips were thin and sensual.

"Okay, now take off the robe," I said.

He tossed it aside. His body was trim and firm. He
had a little patch of hair between his pecs. Then he
had some hair at the base of his average sized penis.
Once he was naked, I noticed that there seemed to be
some movement in his crotch, but I ignored it.

As I took some pictures, his penis continued to thicken
and lengthen until I could ignore it no longer. I was
committed to doing a tasteful calendar and erections
had no place in it.

"Uh, we have a problem," I said.

"Yeah, I know," he admitted, blushing as the issue was
brought out.

"Why don't we just talk for a while. Maybe that will
help get your mind off this shoot," I said.

He nodded. We sat down on a couple of chairs and
chatted for a while about our classes and the usual
college small talk. I glanced at his dick occasionally
to watch for any progress, but none was forthcoming.

"This just isn't going to work. I'm sorry, but the
idea of having my picture taken in the nude is too
exciting for me."

"That's all right...Maybe there's something else you
could do to get rid of it..."

He caught my gist and nodded. "I know. I thought of
that. I'll go try it."

Sam got up and headed for the changing room, but turned
at the doorway.

"Can I do it out here?" he asked, a blush coming to his
cheeks at his request. I didn't know Sam very well. I
had only met him once before, but I was now very
intrigued. It appeared as if I had a little exhibi-
tionist on my hands.

"Sure I don't care," I answered, my heart racing.

"Will you take pictures?" he asked.

I shrugged, trying to indicate that I didn't care one
way or the other as I moved towards my camera. He sat
down on the gray tarp and started to slowly stroke his
meat. He spit on his hand to create some lubrication
and then stroked faster. My hand found its way to my
crotch where it started to stroke my own erection
through the fabric as I watched him.

He closed his eyes and threw back his head as his pace
grew more furious. I snapped away eagerly at this
spectacle, pleased with the private photo collection
these would make.

With little effort he came, gobs of semen jetting out
of his cock onto his chest and abdomen. I grabbed
some tissues and brought these to him so he could wipe
himself off.

"Grab your robe and go to the bathroom and clean up,"
I told him.

He nodded.

By the time he returned, I had set up a couple of
Greek columns against a blue background, a phallic
image. I thought it was appropriate considering the
show he'd just given. My erection had subsided.

I photographed him between these pillars, and we didn't
have any problems with his cock for the rest of the

When I got back to my room I had a great orgasm.

* * *

Tom Karel was a couple years older than any of the
other guys I'd photographed so far. He was 22 and a
senior. He was much more muscular than any of the
other guys and I knew that he lifted weights a lot, so
I told him to bring along some dumbells to model with,
and if he had some tight shorts that he used to lift
in then he should bring those also.

By the time Tom arrived for his photo shoot I had set
up a weight lifting bench and my backdrop.

"Hi, Lance," he greeted me boisterously.

Tom was a very energetic man who was something of a
practical joker. Out of all of Bryan's friends, I got
along with him the best. He wasn't quite as narrow-
minded as the rest of them, and he was very cheerful
and tried hard to make everyone happy.

"Hey there, Tom. Are you all ready to make history?"
I asked.

"You betcha!"

"The changing room is right over there," I indicated.

"Okay, I'll be right out," he said.

When he walked out of the room he was completely naked
which surprised me for a second, but then I realized
that that was just like Tom to do something as unre-

Tom was 5'6", shorter than all the others, and very
muscular. He looked like he could be in a weight
lifting competition. He had sandy brown hair cut very
short so that it hugged his scalp. He had bright blue
eyes which sparkled with his impish personality. His
nose was short and squat like the rest of his body and
he had thin lips which were usually stretched out in a
big smile which he wore right now.

His broad, very muscular chest had a thin coating of
light brown hair. He also had very small nipples. He
had a sparse collection of brown pubic hair at the
base of his...uncircumsized cock. It was a short,
thick penis with large hairless balls underneath.

"You're not circumsized," I said aloud.

"No. My parents weren't Catholic. I only recently
discovered my faith and haven't bothered to go under
the knife yet," he explained with a chuckle.

I nodded. "I see."

He padded over to the scene, and I began shooting with
him and his dumbells. Then I had him slip into his
tight red shorts before the shoot was completed.

When I got back to my room I fantasized about giving
him a blowjob and playing with his foreskin.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized I
really wanted to reshoot Jon and Jason. I called up
Jon and asked if he'd be willing to come back in and
let me shoot him in black and white. He agreed to it,
so I was able to get those pictures and they turned
out really great. I decided that I would for sure use
one of them in the calendar to add some variety.

Then I found a secluded park which I thought would be
ideal to shoot Jason, my nature god, in. I called him
up, and it took some convincing, but I got him to do
it. I promised him a really quick shoot since I knew
he wouldn't be able to stand the cold for too long
since he wouldn't be wearing a thing. I was quite
happy with how those pictures turned out also.

The call from Sam came just before I had planned on
going into the darkroom to develop the film from his
shoot with me. The photos were due to the publisher
in two weeks, so I wanted to make sure I had plenty
of time, so I would meet the deadline.

"Hi, Lance. I was wondering if you'd developed the
photos from my time," Sam said.

"Oh, no I was just going to do that today," I told him.

"Really? Would you mind if I tagged along?" he asked.

"No, that's fine. Would you be willing to help out?"
I asked.

"Sure that would be fun."

I met him in the darkroom and we got to work. He
seemed sincerely interested in the whole process so I
ran off at the mouth about all I knew about the dark-
room and developing. He became really interested when
the first pictures from when he'd masturbated started
coming through.

"Oh, wow. You caught it all," he said.

"You bet."

"Can I get a souvenir?" he asked.

"Sure," I answered.

"What are you going to do with all these others?" he

"Oh...I don't really know. Just thought I'd develop
them and see how they turned out. I'm curious about
how I did on these... action shots. Then I'll probably
just burn them," I lied.

Sam nodded. "Just looking at them is making me hot

I turned and looked at him with a smile. He surprised
me with his frankness, but after masturbating for me
and letting me take pictures of it, that was probably
just part of his nature. I wondered what his next
surprise for me would be. I didn't have to wait long.

"I really want to jack off right now," he said softly.
His hand strayed to his crotch where he began to
slowly rub himself.

"I won't take pictures this time," I replied playfully,
confused as to where this was going.

"Oh, that's okay. Why don't you join me?" he asked.

"What?" I asked, taken totally off guard by the

"It's okay. I won't tell anyone. Will you have sex
with me?" he asked softly, moving towards me so that
his lips were right by my ear.

"Are you trying to tell me you're gay?" I asked.

"I'm not really sure. All I know is that I've wanted
to have sex with you since that photo shoot, and I
knew that you would probably be interested," he

"How did you know that?" I asked, defensive.

"Let's just say I've met a friend of yours," he

By this time my penis had grown into a full erection
and the idea of having sex with this firm Christian
man was making my temperature rise.

"Where do you want to go?" I asked, not caring who had
told him, just wanting to ravish his body right now.

"Let's do it here," he answered, a puff of air expelled
into my ear at the end of his sentence. I shivered
upon contact.

I moved away from him and went to the door. I put up
a Reserved sign and then locked the door so we wouldn't
be disturbed. When I returned, Sam had removed his
shirt and was unbuttoning his pants. In the light from
the dim red lights of the darkroom, I could see his
toned chest with the patch of hair nestled between his
pectorals. I had to kiss him.

I pulled him into my arms and planted a passionate kiss
upon his lips. He returned it with equal fervor and
then broke away.

"Get undressed. I don't want to wait any longer," he
whispered forcefully.

I pulled away and stripped as fast as I could. Then
we pressed our naked bodies together and kissed,
opening our mouths to exploration. His mouth was warm
and sweet, and I tasted deeply of him. Our erections
pressed against each other and I rubbed against him,
enjoying this sensation.

Sam began to kiss his way down my body: my throat, my
chest, my nipples, my navel, and then he engulfed my
erection. I groaned as I felt my penis touch the back
of his throat. I wondered if this "friend" of mine
had showed him how to make love also.

"Hold on," I told him, pushing him away.

"What?" he asked.

"Lay down," I told him.

He laid down on our pile of clothes and I crouched over
top him with my mouth at his erection and his at mine.
He was exactly my height, and there wasn't any way I
was going to let this chance slip by.

I gently licked my way down the length of his pole and
sucked on each of his balls. Then I stuck a finger in
my mouth and got it good and wet before I slowly
inserted this slowly into his anus. I heard him moan
around my penis as it went in.

He continued to suck on my dick as I put his back in
my mouth. With my other hand I stroked the length of
it as my mouth went up and down his erection. My
finger slowly slid in and out his hot little hole as
I sucked him.

Sam was doing a pretty good job on his end. He must
have had some lessons or else it was just beginners
luck. I knew I could keep from coming though. I wanted
to taste his load before I would come. I was really
curious as to who this "friend" of mine was, but I
would find that out later.

To make him come first, I picked up the tempo of my
finger thrusting in him and also my head and hand
motions. His dick was very slick with my saliva by
this time and my hand glided easily over his length.
I paused a couple of times to fondle his balls, but
then I would return to the stroking.

I could tell he was about to come when all motion on
my cock stopped. He just lay there breathing and
moaning as I worked him towards conclusion. He came
with a loud yelp and grabbed the backs of my thighs
as his semen spurted into my mouth. I swallowed it
all and then caught the last little bit off the head
of his penis before turning around to smile at him.

"Like that?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah," he answered, grinning.

Then he reached out and took my erection in his hand
and prepared to bring it to his mouth.

"I thought that should go somewhere else," I said.

"Where? Oh..."

"Yeah," I said. "Have you ever...?"

"No," he answered. "I'm not sure--"

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing. It will feel
great," I said.

He still seemed a little uncertain, but he was willing
to roll over and prop up his ass for me to get a clear
shot. My dick was already lubricated with his saliva,
but I decided to add some soap and water from the sink.
Then I lined my erection up with his tight little red
hole and slowly inserted it.

Not hearing any complaints from him, I continued until
I was fully embedded. Then I began to slowly make love
to his hot virgin asshole. It didn't take long for me
to have an orgasm. I shot loads of fresh gay sperm
into his ass.

We cleaned up and then started to get dressed.

"Would you be interested in getting together again?"
I asked.

"Sure. Maybe next time we can do it somewhere a little
more private," he answered.

"Good idea," I agreed with a smile.

"By the way, who is this friend you were talking
about?" I asked.

"Bryan," he answered.

Bryan? That answer sure took me by surprise as well
as provoke a lot of questions I couldn't wait to get
answered. I realized it was time to take another look
at my favorite Christian man...

The End

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