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03-04-2008, 11:49 PM
I have posted this on another site but thought I would see what you think?

I have had a thing about my sister in law, Janet, for a long time but never thought I would get the chance to enjoy her sexy body. Janet is 5ft 8”, brown hair, a very shapely size 14 with pert if a little small breasts but a very nice round ass.

I was about to go out with some friends one evening about a month ago when Janet phoned and asked if I could go over and have a look at their satellite system as it had stopped working. Her husband was away for the week and the kids were playing up because they could not watch the cartoon channel. When I got there she was very angry but looked gorgeous in a long white skirt and red vest top showing bits of a lacy white bra beneath. She had had enough of the kids and had sent them to bed. She carried on clearing up as I started to look at the satellite system, after a while I noticed the aerial wire had been pulled out of the connector slightly, so I pushed it back in and everything started working fine. I went into the kitchen just as Janet was bending over picking up a toy off the floor, god she looked good. “What are you looking at” she snapped, “I am glad I came round to help” I replied. Janet apologised and said she had had a bad day and asked if I wanted a drink as a thank you. I said as she was so ungrateful there was not a lot of point and turned round to leave. Janet came after me pulled me round and said “Sorry, stay and let me make you a drink to make up for it”. I think due to a mixture of seeing her bending over and her snapping at me I grabbed her arm pulled her towards me and told her there was only one thing I wanted and started to kiss her. Janet struggled, pushed me away and ran into the kitchen. I caught up with her and pushed her against the dinning table and she started to scream. I put one hand over her mouth and told her she was going to do this like it or not.

As Janet was bent back on the table I put my other hand up her top and started playing with her left breast, pushing myself between her legs. As she struggled I pushed her top up so I could see her pert breasts. Looking down at Janet’s belly and lacy bra covered pert breasts made my cock, which was pushed against her pussy, twitch as it became hard. I told her if she didn’t want to get hurt she had best lay back and take what was coming to her. With one hand still over her mouth I stoked her breasts in turn and slowly made my way down her belly. All the time my cock was pushed up against her pussy twitching and straining to be released. I slowly took my hand off her mouth as I reached the top of her skirt and began slowly pulling it up around her waist. What a sight she looked laid across the table with her red vest top pushed up showing off her breasts and her skirt up around her waist showing off her sexy thighs and white French knickers. I thought I saw something on her knickers but I must have been enjoying the view a bit too much as she took the chance to push me to one side and run off to the living room.

I caught up with her just as she reached the sofa and pushed her over the arm and pinned her down giving her a slap to the back of the head. I told her this was her last chance to be a good girl. I reached down and pulled her skirt up so I could see her sexy shapely ass which gave me an even better idea. Moving to the side I told Janet she had had her chance to have it the nice way but now she was going to have it the hard way. I unzipped my trousers and let them fall to the floor and took my cock out. “Please don’t” Janet begged, it is too late I said holding her head towards me I told her “If you don’t want this to hurt more than it has to you had better make my cock very wet”. She started to beg some more but got as far as plea. . . before I pushed my cock into her mouth making her gag. The sight of her sexy ass over the sofa and my cock in her mouth nearly made me cum. I slowly pulled my cock out and told her she either played along or I would throat fuck her until I cum or she puked. She nodded and took my cock in her mouth sucking and licking it. I reached up to her ass, pulled her knickers down and stroked her peachy ass. I took my cock out of Janet’s mouth and went round behind her. She looked back towards me and said “Please don’t do this I will suck you off if I have to but please don’t fuck me”. I pulled her leg apart, she tried to keep them together so I slapped her ass very hard and asked if she wanted to puke on my cock.

Slowly her legs opened to revel her bum and trimmed pussy. “Please don’t cum in my pussy I don’t want to have to explain a baby she begged”. “That will not be a problem” I told her as I licked two of my fingers and slowly run them down her bum crack. When my wet fingers reached her bum hole and I started to push one in Janet almost jumped off the sofa. “No, no not there” she begged, “Why did you think I wanted my cock nice and wet” I told her. I pushed her back down with one hand, rubbed some more of my spit around her bum hole then slowly rubbed my cock along her bum crack. I could see her bum hole covered in my spit and pre cum and could not wait any more. I lined my cock up with Janet’s bum hole and pushed. At first she tried to resist and screamed as the tip of my cock went in. I stopped to enjoy the view of my helmet being in Janet’s bum. “Please no” she begged but I pushed my cock in another inch, then two, pulled it out slowly then rammed it is as hard and as far up Janet’s bum as I could. She bucked, kicked her legs back and lent up on her arms. I reached round and took a breast in each hand pinching the nipples whilst slowly thrusting my cock in and out of Janet’s bum. With her tight virgin bum there was no way I was going to last long and after about a minute my cock twitched and shot my spunk up Janet’s bum.

After what seemed an age I pulled my cock out of Janet’s bum and looked as my cum started to run out of her bum down her right thigh. It was nearly enough to make me stiff again. I picked up her knickers and noticed what I thought I had seen in the kitchen – a wet patch on the crotch. By now Janet had stood up I reached over and put my hand up her skirt, slowly moving up along her thighs until I reached her very, very wet pussy. . .

But maybe more of that another time

03-05-2008, 08:02 AM
Yes please continue this story it is so hot and naughty.

03-05-2008, 05:52 PM
Thanks for posting this with us.....:)

03-07-2008, 12:11 AM
great stuff here I love r@pe stories
keep em cumming

07-29-2008, 10:42 AM
That was quite intense.