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It was ten minutes to noon and Penny was sitting at work having a hard time keeping focused. She was day dreaming a bit, thinking about the hard fucking her husband had given her the night before. Visions of his hard dick slamming into her tight pussy floated through her mind. Mason would be here in a few minutes, then they would be off on their lunch date. She didn’t know what he had planned, but she wanted the chance to go somewhere private with him. She had worn black thigh high nylons and garters and knew that a peak of her legs would drive Mason crazy. She dreamed of the chance to tease him a bit, show a little bit of her body off to turn him on. They had been screwing like crazy the last several days, having sex in every room of the house. It was like they were totally addicted to each other. With only a few minutes to go she watched the door for Mason to come walking through. As soon as he was here she was ready to go.
Then the door swung open and Mason came walking in, her heart nearly jumped she was so excited to see him. Penny grabbed her purse and was heading toward the door in a hurry. She had been looking forward to this hour with Mason her entire day. They jumped in his car, Mason leaned over grabbed her head and kissed her as soon as the car doors were closed. A tingle shot through both of their bodies from the sexual tension and a small moan could be heard coming from them both.
“I packed us a lunch, I have a spot I thought we could go to and eat, “ Mason said, with a slightly naughty glint in his eye.
“Someplace special I hope,” Penny said as Mason started the car and pulled out of the parking lot.
It was a short drive to the park on the lake shore. As they drove Penny started to pull her skirt up a bit higher, flashing the tops of her stockings to Mason. He kept stealing looks, distracted from driving by the sexy sight of his wife’s smooth thighs.
“Something the matter over there,” Penny asked innocently while running her fingers up her soft legs.
“Oh, what, nothing, I’m fine, but you’re going to get us in trouble acting that way,” Mason replied, his eyes torn between the sexy show next to him, and the road ahead of him. “We could have an accident or something,” he started to say, trailing off as his wife unbuttoned the top few buttons of her blouse and exposed a bit of her cleavage.
Mason was totally distracted by the creamy white skin next to him as they pulled into the parking lot of the public park near the lake. He nearly jumped over the seat before getting the car into park and started to frantically kiss his wife. First a hard kiss on her lips, then several softer ones before trailing kisses down her jaw and onto her neck. His right arm was pinned to the back of her neck gently pulling at her hair, while his left had was running up her thigh, playing with the straps of the garters she had worn.
Penny broke the kisses, grabbing his head and pulling it out from between her round breasts. “Hold on there, slow down, we have time, what’d you bring for lunch?”
“Oh, the usual, sammies, veg and dip, a picnic blanket and a surprise,” Mason said, “but I think we need a little more room, lets head down to the beach and set out the blanket.”
They got out of the car, Mason grabbed the picnic basket as Penny straightened her skirt. They walked down the path toward the beach, breaking off onto a small side trail into the woods. As they walked Penny switched her walk a bit to swing her hips, the feminine sway of her ass made Mason smile, and reach out to take a little pinch. The trail moved down the side of a hill to a small clearing near the beach. It was a semi private spot. From the woods you could see the water lapping at the shore, and hear the seagulls. It was a perfect picnic spot.
Mason pulled the blanket out of the basket and started to toss it out, Penny grabbed a corner and helped get it laid out on the ground. With her back to her husband she pulled up her skirt a bit so show him some more of her legs. Bending over a bit further she hiked the skirt up even more letting the black lacy cheeky panties she was wearing be seen. A groan could be heard coming from Mason as he started at her beautiful ass. His hand was at his groin, pressing at his swelling cock.
Penny let her skirt drop back down and sat on the picnic blanket. She leaned back, supporting her weight on her arms, her legs were parted slightly and bent at the knees. The cool breeze from the lake blew up her skirt onto her hot pussy. She shivered from the cool breeze and sexual tension at the lake shore. Only fifteen minutes ago she had been at work dreaming about doing something like this.
Mason didn’t miss her cues, he kneeled in front of her, between her spread legs and lean in for a kiss. His lips gently brushed hers, sending shivers down her spine before he grabbed her hard and starting kissing her the way she needed. His lips were warm and soft and she felt herself practically swoon with desire for him. As he kept kissing her she gently flicked her tongue over his lips causing him to moan, then slipped her tongue into his mouth driving him crazy. Mason grabbed her hair, pulling her mouth hard into his, her tongue touching his making him squirm.
His left hand busy grabbing her hair as they frantically made out, Mason slid his right hand down her body, and slid it up her skirt. Mason’s hand parted her legs and pressed against her crotch. Her pussy was warm and wet as Mason firmly pushed against Penny’s clit. The pressure on her sensitive clit caused Penny to moan loudly into Mason’s mouth as they continued the kissing and heavy petting.
As the kissing grew more frantic thoughts about lunch were disappearing. They were consumed with a different hunger. Penny lifted herself up, throwing her arms around her husband and tearing his shirt off, throwing it aside she quickly began to kiss his chest and suck on his nipples. She flicked her tongue over each of his nipples and began to unzip her husband’s pants. Mason wriggled against her mouth as she licked and tickled his sensitive nipples with her tongue. He wrapped his left arm around her tighter to pull her in and reached up into her shirt with his free hand to unsnap her bra.
With her tits free from the bra’s constraints Mason reached up into her shirt and began to squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples. Penny squirmed from the attention and began working her hand into Mason’s pants to grab onto his hard dick.
“I want you to suck it,” Mason moaned, “please, suck on it.”
“Alright, take your pants off, quick.”
Mason stood up and pulled his pants down, shaking his shoes off and pants in one quick motion. With his wife still sitting on the ground he stood over her and grabbed her head. Holding her head lightly he pressed his throbbing hard on against her lips and waited for his wife to suck it into her hot mouth. Instead she grabbed the root of his shaft and licked the underside of his prick from the base to the head, then blew a cool stream of air against it.
Penny then parted her lips and slowly drew the rigid shaft into her mouth. She continued to take it into her mouth deeper and deeper until her mouth was filled. Mason groaned with pleasure as his wife’s mouth worked on his dick. The sensation of her tongue on the sensitive bottom was driving him nuts. Then she pulled back up and began a steady rhythm, bobbing up and down on his stiff rod. She grabbed his ass and used it as leverage to help maintain her speed, then pulled his body toward her, stuffing his prick nearly all the way into her throat.
Pulling his dick back out of her mouth she ask, “do you like that?”
“Oh hell yes, once more, please, do that again.” He said as she plunged his dick back into her mouth again.
Mason then stepped back pulling his dick out of her mouth. He dropped down onto his knees, Penny got the message. She turned around lifting her skirt up to her waist. The sight of her stockings, garters and panties was a huge turn on for her already excited husband. He grabbed the crotch of the black underwear and pulled them aside. Her pussy was dripping wet.
“You want to lick that don’t you?” She asked her horny husband.
“Can I, just one?”
“Fine, just one.” She said.
Mason leaned down and pursed his lips, lightly kissing her clit before giving her pussy a long lick. The taste and smell made his head swim. The sensation made Penny clench up, pushing her husbands head out.
“Can I have one more?” he asked.
“No, we don’t have time for that, just stick it in me, no holding back.”
Mason opened the picnic basket to grab one of the surprises he had stashed in it, a bottle of lube. He poured a small amount onto his dick and spread it around. The rest he rubbed into he wife’s wet hole making it even slicker. Then he pushed his cock into his wife’s warm, wet pussy.
She grunted as he started to set up a steady speed. Plowing into her at a regular speed, he started to thrust faster. Her ass was shaking with each thrust as his hard dick jabbed deeper into her body. Mason was speeding up, faster and faster making her ass quiver.
“Spank me!” She moaned.
Mason didn’t need to be told twice, he reached across her ass with his right hand and swung at her ass cheeks. Meanwhile he used his left hand to grab onto the waist of her skirt and us it as leverage. He pulled hard at her skirt thrusting his dick deep into her hot pussy, smacking her ass with his thrusts. Each time he pulled out Mason could see his wife’s cream on the root of his cock. Her pussy was practically drooling she was so turned on by her husband fucking her.
“Oh that’s good.” Mason moaned, “so good.”
“That’s it, keeping it up, harder, harder, harder!” Penny moaned.
Mason stopped spanking his wife’s now reddened ass cheeks and used both hands to grab onto the waist of her skirt. He started thrusting as fast as he could drive his prick in and out of her dripping hole as fast as he could. Penny moaned as the stiff dick fucked her hard and his balls slapped against her engorged clit. Her pussy leaked even more cream onto Mason’s hard dick as it rammed in and out of her.
“Oh, that’s it, I’m going to cum, any second now.” Mason grunted out between thrusts into his wife. “I’m coming!”
Mason thrust into Penny’s tight snatch one last time before he pulled out and shot his load onto her ass. Several jets of his cum splashed against the cheeks of her ass and her black panties.
“We have a few minutes yet, you want to see my other special surprise?” Mason asked his turned on wife.
He reached into the picnic basket again and pulled out two vibes. She knew what he was thinking and grabbed the toys. She turned on the vibe and began to rub it against her swollen clit. She handed Mason the other, he turned it on after rubbing it with a little more lube.
Mason pulled her black underwear aside and stuck the plastic dick into her. Turning it up to top speed he began to jam it in and out of her moist pussy while she rubbed her clit frantically with the other toy. Her breathing was coming in short gasps as she neared her orgasm. Her vibe was moving faster and faster. Then she suddenly grabbed the vibe from Mason’s hand and took over with both the toys.
“Grab my tits!” Penny gasped as she edged closer to orgasm with her toys.
Then with a sudden burst Penny’s orgasm swept over her. Her body stiffened and a moaned escaped from her mouth before she completely relaxed from the pleasure of her sexual release.
“Here, I brought you a change for those too.” Mason said as he handed her a fresh pair of undies from the picnic basket.
“Hey, this is a thong.” She said.
“I know, and I’ll spend the rest of the day thinking about your ass in that little thing”. He responded.
“Fine, do you have the time?” She asked.
“ Oh crap, we have to get you back to work, guess we’ll have to eat in the car.”

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What a way to spend your Lunctime

Thanks for the new addition

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very nice story
keep em cumming