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Persuasive Workmen (asian/white, gay, reluc)
By Svensyn (address withheld by request)


A straight white guy is surprised by a group of Philipino
construction workers and leads to humiliation and a


Persuasive Workmen

It was another balmy night in the Philippines and I just
wanted to stay in my cottage and do nothing after a hectic
day of work. Turning on the shower, I went into the bedroom
and undressed completely.

Completely naked now and walking back into the bathroom not
worrying about what to change into after my shower, someone
starts knocking on the door. Quickly grabbing a towel and
tying it around my waist, I opened the door slightly when I
saw that it was a group of Filipino workers sent to repair
and service the air conditioners I was complaining about.
Because there were eight of them standing there with parts
and supplies and I not knowing if they would be back, I
opened the door for them to come in.

Closing the door behind me, I could tell it was going to be
some time before they would be finished. As I walked by the
bedroom door to turn off the shower, I could see my clothes
still on the bedroom floor. Do I draw everybody's attention
to the fact I am naked under the towel or just go about my
business until they leave? Thinking the latter, I went back
into the living room. As one of the workers had an air
conditioner half way out of the wall, I could see he was
having trouble. Offering to hold the machine while he
tightened this bolt and that bolt, I didn't realize how
heavy the machine was until he let go and I was holding it
by myself. If I let go, the machine would fall.

The other guys just seemed to be standing around where l
was holding the air conditioner. The longer this went on,
the more suspicious I got of these guys. Sometime during my
holding the machine, it donned on me that here I was
holding this air conditioner naked except a towel wrapped
around my waist and these guys had to know it.

I could feel the towel slowly loosening. Not knowing what
to do, and knowing I couldn't just drop the air
conditioner, I continued to stand still. Even standing
still, I could feel the towel continue to loosen around my
waist. I slowly looked around the living room and the eight
guys were pretty much focused in my direction. I tried to
ignore the group of guys hoping they would go back to work.
Feeling the towel loosening more, I knew it would only be a
matter of time before the towel would fall off.

My next thought even surprised me. I wanted the towel to
fall off! It would look like an accident. But in my mind, I
wanted the towel to fall off leaving me completely naked in
front of these eight Filipinos. Setting my plan into
action, I made several quick moves as though I was
adjusting to the weight of the air conditioner and as I had
hoped, the towel loosened up completely and fell to the
floor - exposing me completely naked in front of the guys.
None of them made an effort to pick up the towel.

Although I knew they were checking out my body, there was
nothing I could do to stop them. After all, is this what I
wanted to happen? In order to make it look like an
accident, I asked one of them to pick up the towel for me.
I would slowly turn my waist so my cock would sway from
side to side and each time I would see their interest grow.
Having trimmed my pubic hair only days before, I knew they
could see everything pretty good. It was then that I came
up with the idea of making a deal so good for them that
they would go along with it not knowing I planned it.

To them it appeared I had no choice. Offering to pose in my
jockstrap for these guys later that night if they would
allow me to get dressed now, there was no response. Seeing
that this idea was going nowhere, I finally offered to let
them come back later in the evening at which time I would
pose naked for them. The guys finally took hold of the air
conditioner and let me get dressed after I had agreed to
let them come back later that night and take photos of me
in the nude.

At the agreed upon time later that night, all eight
Filipinos arrived at my cottage. Having second thoughts, I
told the guys I didn't think I could go through with the
arrangement. Seeing that I was trying to get out of the
earlier promise, I was told if I didn't pose for their
cameras, they would make up stories about me and make it
difficult to remain in my job.

Knowing I had no choice now, I was being blackmailed into
humiliating myself in front of eight strangers. Going into
the bedroom and closing the door behind me, I couldn't
believe I was really going through with this. Trying not to
think about what I was doing, I slowly undressed till I was
totally naked. Opening the bedroom door, I walked into the
living room where the guys were waiting for me. I felt like
I was going to faint. I walked around till I was standing
in the middle of living room and then turned around facing
all the guys. Nobody said a word - it was an awkward moment
for me.

As I looked around, I could see their eyes traveling all
over my body. The more I stood there, and the more these
guys stared at my nude body, the more uncomfortable I got.
They had me move around so they could take frontal
pictures, side views, and standing with my back to them.
They had me posing nude laying on my back with my knees
bent and feet on the floor, they had me laying on my side,
they had me laying on my stomach.

Standing back up, one of the guys stripped down to just his
thong. He stood next to me and had someone take pictures.
Three more guys joined him beside me in just their thongs
and lots of photos were being taken of us. Not trying to be
obvious, my curiosity got the better of me and I snuck
looks at the guys in their tight thongs. They were all in
good shape mostly from all the manual labor. Their ages
ranged in the twenties and thirties. From the bulge between
each guy's legs, I could tell they were well endowed. One
of the guys taking pictures had the idea of me lying down
at their feet.

With the prompting of all of them, I laid down at their
feet facing the camera as though they had just captured an
animal. Flashes were going off from different angles. As
one of the guys standing above me yelled out "how about one
like this", the guy quickly pulled off his thong and was
now standing above me naked. As I looked up, I could see
his cock hanging between his legs supported by huge
testicles. Even soft, his cock was several inches longer
than mine when hard. Within a few seconds, the other three
pulled off their thongs and were now standing above me

Looking at each one, I felt my cock harden to its full 6
inches. They couldn't help but notice my reaction to their
nudity. As the four of them stood naked over me, I was
instructed to get on my knees. As I did so, they moved
around me so one was on each side of me and two were behind
me. Many pictures were taken of this pose.

During the photo shooting, I had the opportunity of
sneaking peeks at the muscular guys at my sides. As I saw
each guy's cock hanging between his legs, my erection was
stirring. Somewhere along the line, they had gotten me to
put my arms around each of their waists and pulled them in
tighter to me. In this position, their cocks were only
inches from my face. I could see their cocks growing in
length and thickness - the older guy's cock had to be at
least 11 inches long and 4 inches thick while the younger
guy had to be 10 inches long, 5 inches thick, and wide

It was at this point that I didn't know if there was any
turning back from what must be on their minds. With them
having their hardened cocks only inches from my mouth, I
could imagine what was going through their minds. One of
the guys standing behind me was now standing directly in
front of me with his cock pointing at my mouth. I could see
the guy move his hips toward me. It was at this moment that
I felt the tip of his cock touch my lips and I knew then
that I was about to suck my first cock.

With his continued pushing the head of his cock on my lips,
I opened my mouth allowing him to slide his thick eight
inches into my mouth. I could feel the knob of his cock
touch the back of my throat. He slowly pulled his cock out
of my mouth until just the knob was in my lips and pushed
his hips forward again so the knob of his cock was in the
entrance of my throat.

As the night wore on, I gave each of the eight guys
repeated blowjobs swallowing their loads down my throat.
One of them just put on his thong briefs and said he was
going to spend the night.

After the other left and as I was about to put my clothes
on, the guy staying with me told me to remain naked. As I
walked around nude, the guy just sat on the couch watching
me. Looking down once in a while, I could see his cock was
starting to harden again. Now it was my turn to tease him.

Each time I had the chance, I made sure he got a good look
at anything he wanted. I passed in front of him on purpose
to give him plenty of views. I even made it a point to bend
over in front of him a few times so he could see my ass
cheeks separating. As I was bent over in front of him, I
knew his eyes were locked on my ass and my testicles
hanging between my legs. Standing back up, I saw his thong
he was wearing all of a sudden being tossed at my feet. He
was now nude also.

As I turned to face him, I could see his huge brown cock
sticking straight up from his crotch. His balls were now
drawn up tight. As he instructed me to get on my knees, I
took hold of his cock and started jacking him off until he
started moaning. His cock was now twelve inches long and
thick as a baseball bat. The knob of his cock had to be at
least four inches round. Licking my lips, I placed my mouth
over the head of his cock and slowly worked my lips over
the smooth knob until I could swallow his thick shaft.
Letting him fuck my mouth, his cock seemed to be getting

Before he shooting his load, he had me stop and stand up
and turn around so my ass was facing him. As he pulled me
down on his lap, he took hold of his immense cock and aimed
the head at my rectum.

As I came down on his lap, the entrance to my ass came in
contact with the head of his cock. Because his cock was wet
with a mixture of my saliva and his pre-cum, the head of
his cock finally popped into my rectum as I was forcing my
hips down. I now wanted to take this guy's huge pulsing
cock in my ass. As I was pushing myself down on his lap, I
could feel his thick shaft sliding in between my virgin ass
muscles until I felt the head of his cock hit my stomach

I was completely full of his cock and still I was not
sitting completely on his lap. Now lifting and going back
down on his slick twelve inches, I gently rolled his
testicles in my fingers hoping to get him to empty his load
into my ass. It didn't take long before I felt his warm
juice spurting against the inside lining of my stomach.

Now satisfied and completely drained, he insisted I clean
him off with my tongue. Knowing I didn't have a choice, I
slowly stood up feeling his still throbbing cock sliding
out of my ass followed by globs of his semen.

As he got dressed, he told me he was bringing four of his
black friends over next week so I could do them and that I
would need a large supply of condoms. Pulling out his
wallet, he threw five dollars at me for my services.

After he left, I laid there naked on the carpet still with
the taste of his cum on my lips and a warm burning
sensation in my stomach. Rolling over, I fell asleep where
he left me.


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